Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues May 2012

The economic and political picture in Europe is rapidly changing for the worse. The recent elections in France will put the Far Left in control for the first time in over thirty years. That means that democracy has already produced a tyranny of the majority in some European countries. The majority have decided to continue their liberal worker benefits and cradle to grave socialistic program even though there is no way that their nation can pay for them.

It is now clear that the majority of people of Europe will just vote out leaders that try to save them from themselves. People in Europe can choose to live beyond their means today but it will bring economic collapse tomorrow. They will reap the consequences of the inevitable financial collapse. Europe has a very long and bloody history and one thing history proves is that Europeans never learn from their bloody history. I doubt if they even teach true European history in their schools. The inevitable financial collapse that once again will hit Europe will inevitably also bring in the next authoritarian European tyrant.

France has just elected a socialist that thinks that their debt problem can be fixed by just borrowing or creating more money. He thinks the debt will be paid for by more economic growth tomorrow. People never learn that growth is not achieved through Keynesian economics because it was designed to make the capitalist system fail. More debt and tax burdens on the productive does not produce growth it produces a lower standard of living.

Much of Europe is already in a recession and now socialism in France means increased risk of default in many nations in Europe. That means that interest rates will rise for all indebted countries in Europe and make their economic crises caused by too much debt even worse.

Greece is on the ropes, yet the majority of Greeks have decided that they will not abide by the German influenced and financed EU agreements. Therefore, Greece will probably go into default rather soon. Spain and Italy have also kicked their economic problems down the road for about as long as they can. You will be hearing more about their debt and entitlement problems shortly.

This refusal to accept reality is either going to bring the collapse of the European economy and the end of the Euro or it is going to bring in a centralized controlled Europe with an authoritative dictatorial leader. Actually, one will probably bring in the other. I think conditions in Europe are much like they were in the 1930’s when Fascism and Hitler were on the rise.

The Left is still winning the elections because workers do not want to give up anything, but it is interesting that the fastest growing movements in Europe are now the parties of the Far Right. Those on the right in Europe are not the same as conservatives in America that tend to be somewhat libertarian and that want less central government control.

The far right in Europe are nationalistic fascists. that want strong central control and big government. They just think the problem in their country was caused by immigration policies and the failed cultural diversity experiment of Far Left humanists. To a large extent they are correct and that is why the nationalist movements will continue to grow in strength.

Almost all the original natives of these nations will eventually rebel against the immigrants that are destroying their culture and economy. I have said for years that the Muslim invasion in Europe will bring a Far Right backlash that will lead to a bloody civil war. That is looking more inevitable all the time.

In France the Far Right nationalists following Marine Le Pen got almost twenty percent of the vote. Le Pen did not endorse the Center Right against the socialists for good reason. If the Center Right stayed in power they would continue to take no action on the Muslim and immigration problem. Allowing the socialists to win is a brilliant move by Le Pen because the socialists are certain to fail. When that happens the French people will turn to the Far Right for the solutions. Le Pen knows that her time is coming.

The German people are not going to keep throwing their money down a socialist rat hole where people insist on living beyond what they are willing to work for at German expense. The German people will abandon supporting the socialists in France and elsewhere.

When the socialists fail in France Le Pen’s party will have the upper hand. She can then unite with the Far Right that is also rising in Greece, Austria, East Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere and a new authoritative Beast will rise in Europe just like Bible prophecy indicates but as it does you can be sure Islam in Europe will be dealt with. As the blood flows in Europe once more, a great leader will arise with the answers. Let’s face it, all the historical attempts at uniting Europe were just a dress rehearsals for the end of the age revived Roman Empire Beast that will be rising shortly.


The US economy is like a house of cards that has its best suit displayed. However, if the wind blows from any direction the whole house of cards could come crashing down. The unemployment numbers that the public is given is a sham. There are fewer people in the workforce and more people of working age, yet the official unemployment number keeps failing. Jobs were not added so where did these millions of people of working age go? They are not being counted anymore because they gave up, retired or they went on disability. This administration will use any means to get the unemployment rate below 8 percent before the election. The actual unemployment rate is over 11 percent and many of those that lost jobs and found new jobs are getting paid much less.

The recession starting in Europe will impact the United States. Then in January 2013 the tax hikes will finish any chance of a real recovery in America. If the tax hikes are not made the debt will have to be increased and this time just printing or borrowing more dollars will result in nations and investors dumping the dollar as soon as they can.

The collapse of the dollar is taking more time than many thought because there is no safe place in the world to invest without  creating a speculation bubble that would soon make the investment worth less than what it costs. Many nations would love to dump the dollar, but right now there are few alternatives. Japan is on the ropes. Europe is on the ropes. Russia only has energy and the oil nations could soon be at war. Even China is overbuilt. Until that changes the dollar will hold some value.

There was a strange report by Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network this week. Hagmann claims that some very reliable source from inside the Department of Homeland Security called him in the middle of the night and told him that Homeland Security is gearing up for a massive civil war in this country. Basically we are to believe that powers in the Obama administration have decided that there will be an economic collapse and the dollar will become worthless. When that happens, everyone will go nuts so the government will be fighting the people and people will have to turn in their guns for food. The insider claim is that the economic collapse will probably happen before the election, so there may not even be an election.

I personally do not believe that Hagmann’s appearing on top conspiracy sites with supposed insider information gives him credibility. And the accusations of Plagiarism by Hagmann that are found on the Internet makes him even less credible. Anyway, whatever the case about Doug Hagmann’s credibility, his report got him on top end of world 2012 conspiratorial sites, for what that is worth.

Anything can happen in this country including an economic collapse and riots and martial law and civil war. However, God is in control of nations. I am sure in history there were thousands of people with thousands of plans about how they were going to take over some country or even the world, but you never heard of them because their plans failed. Even if what these people claim to have heard is true, successfully implementing the plan is another matter entirely. For example, Fast and Furious did not end the way that the people who planned it envision, nor did events in Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Who in the government would even entertain such a coup? Everyone in government is not totally nuts even through conspiracy sites would have you think so. I think Doug Hagmann’s source got fed what he wanted to hear. Those that set him up are now probably rolling on the floor with laughter. Or else Hagmann is trying to join the 2012 Illuminati conspiracy club for some unknown reason.

Homeland Security might be gearing up for any contingency. However, if Homeland Security was seriously expecting to take over America this Summer or Fall through some Obama led left-wing conspiracy, there would not just be one insider snitching to Doug Hagmann about it in the middle of the night, there would be hundreds of insiders snitching to top domestic and foreign news services and personalities. If they would not do it because they loved America and the lives of their loved ones they would certainly do it for the money they would get for the scoop.


World affairs are in God’s hands and the unexpected often happens. Last week it looked like Israel would have early elections, but at the last-minute they put together a mega coalition majority government. Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu will now minister the strongest political coalition in Israel in decades. This makes an Israeli attack on Iran even more likely before the American election unless Iran decides to stand down. From what I read about the history of the Netanyahu family I think Benjamin Netanyahu is anointed to play a critical role in the end time events of Israel.

I have read reports that a coalition of forces is planning to attacking Iran if they do not stand down, so the idea that Israel will do this alone is getting less likely. America knows it will be dragged into this war in one way or another and Obama can’t take any hostile action against Israel before the election to try to prevent an Israeli attack, so Israel controls the timing of events up until mid November. This war with Iran could be what Homeland Security is really building up for. It could get pretty messy with quite a bit of terrorism and turmoil on the home front.


Even if we do not get into another war I am sure there will be riots in some locations for the rest of the year but I think local police will be able to handle the situations. Anarchists will want to riot in Chicago around the NATO summit in mid May but they might not be able to pull it off. I am sure the crowds will be heavily infiltrated by FBI and the Chicago police force is large and well-trained. Riots this summer will probably be more spontaneous than well organized.

It is a good bet that there will be angry young black people looking for any excuse to loot, burn, and hurt white people this summer but this stuff will be limited to the inner cities. I am not sure if the “Occupy” movement will catch on again or not. It probably depends on other events in this country. The Occupy movement could morph into another cause especially if we get involved in another war. I do think riots will be instigated by the Far Left and race baiters if Obama is defeated.

There are some in the black community that are just waiting for an excuse to riot and loot. If Zimmerman is acquitted, or there are other irresponsibly reporting of incidents like that shooting, there will be riots. Obama and the Far Left have so stirred up race and class division that riots can now start at the drop of a hat. Having one-half of the black youth unemployed does not help matters either.

If a white shoots a black, certain racists will lead people to believe that the whole white race is guilty. However, when blacks continue to shoot each other nothing is said about black crime in the black community or when blacks kill whites nothing much is said about that either.

Because of the Martin shooting there is now a bill in Congress that will cut off certain funds to states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws like in Florida. If this bill passes I think states should stand their ground. This is a states right issue. Sure people get shot because these laws exist. That is because these laws exist so that people can defend themselves and their loved ones and their property from the lawless actions of criminals. These laws are a self-defense weapon against almost unrestrained criminal activity in this country. ————————————————————————————————————————–

There is a huge sun spot traversing the sun for the next few days with the potential to produce X class flares. I only mention it because every time we have a sun spot as potent as this one there is about 1 chance in 300 that the lights are going to go out and stay out. The power grids on earth will continue to play Russian roulette with this 300 barrel atomic revolver called the sun as long as there are long land lines and vulnerable high voltage transformers. Congress can do something about the danger to the United States grid but so far they have taken no action.


The Signs and Wonders IHOP Dominion Theology staff is cooking up strange things again and they ain’t cooking pancakes, they are cooking the minds of kids.  They are having summer camps where your 6 to 12-year-old kid can learn to become prophets and healers. If you want to have your very own budding prophet or healer be sure to send your favorite child to an IHOP summer camp. Better yet, send your Word of Faith pastor’s kids since he/she probably supports IHOP flippancy.

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