Mormon plan to establish a world theocracy from America.

Early last month I wrote an article called Rising Christian Imperialism Fueled by Dominion Theology. The article is mainly about the danger of Far Right Christian dominionists gaining control after the Obama failure brings about a Far Right backlash in America.

Little did I know when I wrote it that there is already a plan in place to establish a world theocracy from America. It is part of Mormon prophetic doctrine. Now some might say that this is just some pipe dream of a cult. However, if you read this article you might not be so complacent. Mormons have been working toward that end for 160 years and they have infiltrated high levels of government especially top secret intelligence positions. One of their own Bishops, Mitt Romney, is still one of the top contenders for President of the United States in 2012.

Is it just a coincidence that Christian Dominionism is rising within the Far Right Tea Party that is being fueled at least in part by the rhetoric of a Mormon named Glen Beck and the membership of the Mormon Church? Is it just a coincidence that the main contenders for President or Vice President in 2012 are still Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney and Christian Dominionist Sarah Palin?

Is this all going to tie together somehow to fulfill Mormon prophecy and are the biblically illiterate Christians in America going to be duped into putting a Mormon or a Dominionist into office thinking that these people represent Christianity or Christ? Then after they stack the deck with their own people who is going to remove them?

I know it sounds far fetched but a few years ago any claim that there would be a socialists running government, appointing Far Left rebels and perverts, would not be taken seriously. Remember, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The reaction to the godless socialism and lawlessness might by a pseudo-Christian theocracy. By the way, under the Mormon plan and prophecy all wealth goes to the Mormon Church and the Church redistribute the wealth to whom the Church chooses in their Kingdom of God, so you still get world socialism.

All roads to the future now seem to lead to god substitutes ruling the earth. I guess all roads really do lead to Rome, in any final analysis. One might even come to believe that all world religion is part of a vast satanic conspiracy where man is led to believe that he can become like God (it is).

Anyway, this unusual article by Ed Decker is extremely thought provoking. Whatever you might think, the Mormons are deadly serious about establishing the Kingdom of God on the earth and fulfilling the prophecy about the United States before Jesus can return. The Mormons are on the similar ground as Protestants in Dominion Theology, The Roman Catholic Vatican, Masons, New Age/New Spirituality and all those in various esoteric systems that think man will bring in some utopia on earth.

I will just quote a couple of clips to give you a taste of the article. The article was written three years ago but everything applies even more today.

Now we jump ahead 40 years to 2007… and the 2008 Presidential election.  A whole generation has passed and the son of George Romney has risen to the top of the list of Mormons who would qualify to take that run at the Oval Office and perhaps be in the right place as President or Vice President   as the Constitution hangs by that foretold thread… and be there to call upon the elders, the Brethren to save the nation and soon usher in the “Kingdom of God.”

Far fetched… I would agree that I sound like a man shouting fire in a theatre, but, as you will read, I am talking about valid LDS end-times teachings…

You will also see that Mitt Romney has been raised and trained for this day. His family has been in the church for generations.  He is the great grandson of polygamists Gaskell Romney and Anna Amelia Pratt.[i]

Mitt Romney is a Temple Mormon, a High Priest, and as such he has sworn blood oaths of sacrifice, obedience and consecration to the church and the “Kingdom of God.”   His perfect obedience to these laws will allow him to become a god in the next life, the literal father of the peoples of a new and different earth.  He is truly a Presidential candidate with an actual, definable god complex.

Mormon leaders call their empire the “Kingdom of God.” However, their “God” is an extraterrestrial from Kolob, definitely not the God of the Bible; and the “Zion” to which their spirit-brother-of-Lucifer Jesus Christ will return to reign is Independence, Missouri.

Most Christians believe, as the Bible declares, that Christ will return to Jerusalem, Israel, to establish His millennial kingdom, whereas Mormons believe that they must establish a worldwide Mormon kingdom dictated from their Missouri base in order to make it possible for Christ to return.

Therein lays a great difference, which is why the Mormon hierarchy, beginning with Joseph Smith himself, has always had worldwide and absolute political power as its goal.

Mormon historian Klaus J. Hansen has written,

“The idea of a political kingdom of God, promulgated by a secret Council of Fifty, is by far the most important key to an understanding of the Mormon past.”[v]

Mormon writer John J. Stewart has said:

The Prophet established a confidential Council of Fifty, or “Ytfif,” (Fifty spelled backwards), comprised of both Mormons and non-Mormons, to help attend to temporal matters, including the eventual development of a one-world government, in harmony with preparatory plans for the second advent of the Saviour”.[vi]

A disproportionate number of Mormons arrive at the higher levels of the CIA, FBI, military intelligence, armed forces, and all levels of city, state, and federal governments, including the Senate, Congress, Cabinet, and White House Staff. Sincere and loyal citizens, most of them may be unaware of the secret ambition of The Brethren. What could be better than having such patriots as these serving in strategic areas of government and national security?

Unfortunately, as we have noticed in every other area of Mormonism, the real truth lies hidden beneath the seemingly ideal image of patriotism presented by Mormons in public service. In fact their very presence in responsible government positions, particularly in agencies dealing with national security, raises some extremely grave questions

There is every reason to believe that the new President would immediately begin to gather around him increasing numbers of zealous Temple Mormons in strategic places at the highest levels of government. A crisis similar to the one which Mormon prophecies “foretold” occurs, in which millions of Mormons with their year’s supply of food, guns, and ammunition play a key role. It would be a time of excitement and zealous effort by the “Saints” to fulfill Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s “prophecy”:

The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.[xiii]

Not only does Mormonism predict the “saving” of America, but the precedent for an attempted takeover by force or subterfuge through political means has been set by the founding “Prophet” himself.

Going back to our hypothetical crisis, what Mormons unsuccessfully attempted against impossible odds in the past they might very well accomplish with much better odds in this future scenario. Under cover of the national and international crisis, the Mormon President of the United States acts boldly and decisively to assume dictatorial powers. With the help of The Brethren and Mormons everywhere, he appears to save America and becomes a national hero. At this time he is made Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Mormon Kingdom of God, while still President of the United States. There is no provision in the Constitution to prevent this.

With the government largely in the hands of increasing numbers of Mormon [and Masonic] appointees at all levels throughout the United States, the Constitutional prohibition against the establishment of a state church would no longer be enforceable. Mormon prophecies and the curse upon the United States government in revenge for the blood of Joseph and Hyrum Smith would seemingly have been fulfilled. In effect, the United States would have become a theocracy exactly as planned by The Brethren, completing the first step in the Mormon takeover of the world. LDS President John Taylor boasted of it 100 years ago:

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


48 thoughts on “Mormon plan to establish a world theocracy from America.

  1. Don, a timely article, for sure. For the last few years I had been a Glenn Beck devotee. However, within the last few months something in my spirit just told me this isn’t quite right. I’ve known from the beginning that he was Mormon. Until recently though I hadn’t really delved into Mormon study. When I did my eyes were opened let me tell you. These folks are nuts! Have you heard these people?
    My wife asked me, “how come you don’t watch or listen to Glenn anymore?” I said “I’m not wasting my time paying attention to someone that God didn’t give the amount of discernment to that he gave a rabbit.”
    Much of what Beck says makes absolute sense to me. I suppose that’s the problem. When people become so desperate for “change” they’ll hear what they want. The last election is the latest evidence of that. If you listen to Beck in the light of even just some of the statements in Mr. Decker’s article, (“The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.[xiii]”, or, “A crisis similar to the one which Mormon prophecies “foretold” occurs, in which millions of Mormons with their year’s supply of food, guns, and ammunition play a key role. It would be a time of excitement and zealous effort by the “Saints” to fulfill Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s “prophecy”:”), things become more clear.
    It boils down to this (at least for me). See, my wife claims that I’m a pessimist, and she is correct. I’m extremely pessimistic, nay, even fatalistic, when it comes to the ability of us to save ourselves (either the United States or Christians). But I’m extremely optimistic that God can save us.
    Christians beware. Don’s analysis is spot on, “One might even come to believe that all world religion is part of a vast satanic conspiracy where man is led to believe that he can become like God (it is).” Dr. Missler is fond of saying that Christ was the most anti-religious person ever to walk the earth. I’ve come to understand from a friend that recently Beck is saying that people of faith need to come together, regardless their differences, in order to save freedom. You see the danger? Their is truth in that statement. But to what end?

  2. Americans like what Mormons stand for because they are very patriotic and you will not find stronger family people on the planet but in spite of what they tell people they are not true Christians. Their Jesus is just another man aspiring to be a god of a planet like they can also become if they faithful do what their Church decrees.

    I have an article on some of what the Mormons believe.

    Obviously much of what Glen Beck says is what most of those that live in fly-over country also believe. I am not sure he is a genuine patriot. I cannot even say for sure that he knows the Mormon prophecies. However, I would think a man in his position would have been told them by high people in his church.

    Mormons are much like Masons and they control local governments where they can. If you want to run for dog catcher in these areas of the country you better have connections to the Temple or the Lodge.

    Mormons started publicly attacking Christian doctrine in their church news section of a local paper in this area so I sent in most of that list above in a letter to the editor in protest. Two Mormon missionaries then just happened to be in my area and visited me. I literally lived out in the middle of nowhere but they claimed they did not know it was me that sent in that letter. We did discuss the issues in that list and their argument and intimidated tactic was that I was s c a r e d (either to see the truth of Mormonism or see that what I learned from Christianity was all wrong). They denied a few points on the list because Mormon doctrine changes but most they did not deny.

  3. And, for the “wrath of man” period, along with the scary stuff about socialism and wealth seizure / redistribution, these cults would not only be intolerant to the truth of the scriptures, they would be perpetrators of the persecution of the genuine Christians (Jesus’ ambassadors); I see a world of intolerance and bigotry from both the left and the right;

    Thanks again for a great post;

  4. I am rather disappointed at how few people actually clicked on and read the article. Especially when you consider that conditions in the United States and the rise of religious Dominionism will bring us to a seemingly partial fulfillment of these Mormon prophecies.

    Any theocracy without God’s rightful King ruling on earth will be become a demonic tyranny and will persecute true Christians and Jews even if they call themselves some “kingdom of God” on the earth. We have seen it before in “Christianity” and see it in Islam today. Also Revelation chapter 17 suggests it will happen in the future.

    Likewise, any government where secular socialists gain control and think they have come up with the answers for the world’s problems will also end in tyranny and will persecute true Christians and Jews. We have that in history and we see it on earth today. We also see that now much of the secular world is heading in that direction.

    But, fear more the self righteous dominionists that require others to live by the letter of the Law that do not live by themselves, nor understand.

  5. I sincerely doubt Beck is part of any sort of Mormon Dominionist conspiracy(though I do believe Mormonism is bonkers). Beck is adamantly opposed to social justice, big government and anything that is an affront to individual liberty. He is also committed to the founding values of this country, including individual freedom, responsibility and local government. His calls for a national repentance, regardless of your religious denomination is what this country needs to be saved… that being said, it will not happen. This is where I vehemently disagree with Beck, he is of the mind America will still serve a special purpose in the world. Reading bible prophecy obviously tells us a different story. It’s all over but the suffering.

  6. Its not a conspiracy it is doctrine. Where does Beck’s view that America will serve a special purpose in the world come from? It comes from Mormon eschatology. The headquarters of the Kingdom of God is established in Independence Missouri according to Mormon teaching. Also Mormons believe in universal salvation for those that do not reject salvation in the after life. So no wonder he calls for national repentance regardless of religion. Mormons even Baptize dead unbelievers so they will be saved. Mormon’s think that America under the direction of Mormonism will enlighten the world.

  7. Jeremy, Agreed. It is not my contention that Beck is “in on” some conspiracy. (unless of course you count the overall satanic conspiracy that deprives mankind of a relationship with God by constantly obfuscating the truths of God, or muddying the waters as it were)
    My only point is that we need to keep in mind the bent from which his ideas flow. Moreover I think we should constantly be asking others, pertaining to their ideas, “to what end?” or “where are we going here?” or in modern parlance, “what’s the end game?”
    As I said earlier. Much if not most of what Beck says makes absolute sense to me. I guess I’m asking, “What’s the end game?”
    If you think about it, wouldn’t the perfect satanic deception be to get as close to the truth as you possibly can and still not be true. That would be a heinous deception indeed and thereby ensnare the very elect, if it were possible.
    This is why I’m in agreement with Don concerning an Islamic Antichrist. Islam isn’t even close to the truth. It’s an obvious satanic deception. And the people in it are already trapped by satan. No, I rather think more people would be deceived by something so close to the truth that they will not even realize until it’s to late.

  8. Hi, I read a good portion of the link, although towards the end I started skimming;

    Is it me, or does every cult seem to have the same kind of end goal theme where only the details seem to change – domination, false solution, here on earth, inclusion of various heresies and practices, etc;

    All over the earth, it’s no wonder nobody wants to hear the real truth;

  9. Communitarianism is the tie that binds all of the disparate groups that have a utopian vision for the planet. The more that I research the belief system, the more I understand how the “Common Good” is going to appeal to all groups, with the exception of Fundamentalist of all persuasions. Mormon principles of Community will be used to move them into the new communal system after the upheaval of the current corrupted capitalist system. I pray often that Beck through his pursuit of enlightenment, will come to the real truth of Jesus Christ. I believe the foundation on which he built his new life is sand, however, I have seen him change his views time and again when presented with new facts, so I do not believe that people should write off what he says without exploring the facts presented. In fact “Trust but verify” every source of information, and do not enter into agreements/covenants with anyone no matter how patriotic.

    My definition of Communitarianism is a system that uses consensus to combine the best ideas from Government, Business, Religion and the Community to find solution to todays complex problems. Sounds great, however, in practice, people are manipulated into solutions that the elite and state have already predetermined. It gives people the feeling of empowerment, however the solution parameters are predetermined before the discussion with the little people ever begins.

    Keywords to look for are: Common Good, sustainability, community, social and economic justice, Common Purpose, Service learning, Corporate responsibility, shared resources, the third way, democracy, and just about anything green.

    These folks are in the middle of the political spectrum and this is a blending of socialism and capitalism with complete elite control in charge of the communal conversation. That is how the green movement was cast onto the american people without any debate or input from sane human beings. It is also why it is so pervasive in government, corporation and religious institutions.

    In consideration of the above, I do not believe that a theocracy is in our future as all forms of government are being nudged toward communitarian principles that are going to have to appeal to the masses. One caveat.. the powers might allow a moment of theocratic rule in order to blame religion on the final collapse of our once free, capitalist state, however, it would be long enough to serve the Common Good.

  10. I think you nailed it and I totally agree that a New Age type Communitarianism is more likely the final order before Jesus than religious theocracy. However, like you also said the powers could allow a theocratic rule for a short period in order to scapegoat monotheistic religion. I think the Bible says they will.

    That is why the woman (monotheistic religion) that rides the Beast and is a harlot with the kings of the earth is devoured by the Beast world system (Revelation chapter 17.

    One other point that you brought up I would like to elaborate on. Those religious “fundamentalists” that will not become inclusive and join the world religious system will be persecuted by the ecumenical self religious woman on the Beast before the Beast turns on the woman. The persecution is written about in the fifth seal of Revelation.

    The great danger of Dominion Theology is not only the self righteous persecution it will bring upon others, it is the inevitable rebellion – the backlash.

  11. What is amazing is to see how the Communitarian principles and thought are woven into EVERY federal agency, some of the largest corporations on the planet ie. Ernst & Young, Target, IBM as well as branches of most denominations of every large religious group. Once you know the strategy and terminology, most will realize they have been nudged into believing some of the lies themselves. What makes it is subversive, is that on a humanistic level, it sounds so good and open minded. Even more concerning is the fact that this philosophy is spreading like wildfire throughout the world via the UN, US aid to other countries, volunteer orgs, Religions, and global corporations. There is no stoping it, just learning how to recognize it and not to be suckered into the movement is all that can be done. The amount of money and influence in the movement is staggering as well as the fact that the tax code will be slowly changed to penalize anyone that does not submit to the community program. Both parties political parties are infected and I am beginning to think that it is the root of Potomac Fever.

    Dictionary def of Potomac Fever–

  12. I know, I saw this beast take over government when Al Gore was put in charge to reinvented it and gave early outs for dinosaurs like me that will not “group think” and will not be enslaved by a facilitated consensus. The beast was in some major corporations even before it hit government. Now it is everywhere because it is taught everywhere.

    Even most small churches are run like corporations as if that is the Christian model. They say they do it for tax reasons but that is because most Christian leaders and people on church boards are worldly and they can no longer think outside the collective box they were put in.

    There are very few Christian organizations that are not run like the corporate world and the corporate world is run like the Borg.

  13. I have had a hard time understanding the Mormons and I thank you for your insight. I have a question though. If I were to walk into a local LDS church and start talking about these beliefs, would it be something every Mormon is taught or is it mainly the hard core Utah based LDS? I dont even know if that makes sense? I guess the real question for me is, are there any seperate denominations within the Mormon church, or are they “supposed” to be all the same? I know some Moromons, and talked with them about their beliefs, but never heard anything about a world theocracy. Also, I know some Mormons who claim that Jesus is the Son of God and Salvation is through him. Now I know they believe in good works and such, but do you think because they believe in Christ as Son of God, they could still find salvation?

  14. I think they all know the major teachings unless they are a new convert. Those that grow up in the Mormon religion are very indoctrinated in their religion. I believed they are even required to spend two years as a missionary.

    There are about 100 Mormon denominations but most are very small and all are heretical. The second biggest denomination is the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints now also Know as the Community of Christ.

    This link will tell you of the others.

    Mormons do claim that Jesus is the Son of God and salvation is through Him. That is what is so deceptive. But their Christ is not the Christ of the Bible their Jesus is a preexisting spirit like they also are. Their Jesus came to this planet to become a God of his own planet like they also can do. Salvation to a Mormon is not the same as salvation to a Christian. They believe in universal salvation except for those that continue to reject Mormonism in the afterlife. Salvation just means they continue on along with their family as incarnating spirits with the goal of eventually becoming Adam and Eve of their own planet and becoming God of their own planet. In other words, Mormons are spirits becoming Gods and doing that is a long process of self effort. It is just as demonic and similar in some ways to religious that believe in reincarnation.

    If you read the link I put up to what Mormons believe on the main post you would know much of what they believe and why Mormons are not truly Christians. If you click on the link on the bottom of that article to the “Saints Alive website” a ex Mormon named Ed Decker will tell you all about their beliefs and practices and why Mormonism is not Christianity.

    Mormons are also shape shifters that pretend to be orthodox Christians to Christians. They try to stay on common ground in order to suck in Christians that know little about the Bible or little about the Mormon faith but once you get established in the church it is a hard web to break free of. Mormons will completely cut off friends, family members and business associates that depart from the Mormon teachings.

  15. My comment is this, “What a mess”. Our country is in a mess.
    My sassy comment is that the Mormons will have a hard time
    sucking in fundamental Black Liberation Theology folks in the
    Chicagoland Area. The young guys who come into the Chicagoland
    Area to preach can be spotted a block away.
    I doubt that the folks who believe in Black Liberation Theology
    will believe in Mormon teachings. Although, there are many people
    who lack discernment. Discernment is when something seems great until
    a comment or statement is made that makes a person or group seem
    to be out of line with the Gospel and the straight road to salvation.
    The is one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ the Son of God.

  16. The Left along with Marxist Black Liberation Theology would be seen as the enemy so in any right wing dominionist revolution there will be no attempt to even try to include them.

  17. I know a few things about the Mormon religion myself. What you call socialistic or a theocracy is actually called ” consecration” and involves a (completely voluntary) gift of talents, properties, time, and any service that is of value to build the Kingdom of God. It was specifically to be followed by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and never intended to be a (forced) function of the United States by political power or any other means. Nobody has reason to fear The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you would not like to call them Christians that is certainly your right but they will still stand by you in the toughest of times and have you as friends. Their church has no ambitions of domination but only the desire to help this country in every way they can as law abiding citizens. They believe in the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament and in striving to follow his every example. They love him and know that it is only through his atoning sacrifice that they are saved and not by any power of their own. They will be the persecuted as in times past and not the other way around. They believe the same Jesus Christ of the New Testament will come down during a time of great trouble and save Israel as he has before and rule and reign as a King upon the earth. Things that are called crazy, bonkers, satanic, and so on in the LDS church were also said of the early christian churches and Christ himself by many. The fact is that a great many people will not see the truth if it is staring them in the face. These practices much the same as baptism are all symbols of commitment and promise to do good and moral acts. To be faithful to God, your wife, and children, to love and do good for your neighbors and country and so on. The core of that religion is based in very good and constructive values.

  18. “The cat said to the mouse do not fear if you come in here I will not eat you.”

    It does not matter what name you put on a socialistic theocracy it is still a theocracy. The Mormon Church will rule on earth in a theocracy. By the way, Christians believe in a theocracy ruled by Jesus as well. Except those within Christian orthodoxy believe Christians will not rule in a theocracy until after Jesus returns not so Jesus can return like Mormons. The problem with your theocracy is that the Church rules even before the King returns much like the Catholic Church. So then we under your dominion are subject to the decrees of fallible men claiming to speak for God.

    We also have the major problem that your Jesus is not the same Jesus described in the Bible. He is not the always existing almighty God that was always co-eternal with the Father. Again, if any disagree check out my link for more information about what the highly esteemed Dr. Walter Martin said you actually believe about God.

    Obviously in any religion in the United States it has to be completely voluntary but if you do not do what the Mormon Church says your not going to be a member of it very long. The Mormon’s own doctrine speaks for itself. Those beliefs are the reason why astute Christians do not accept Mormons as Christian.

    No one is doubting that Mormons are patriotic and have great family values.

    As for your Jesus saving Israel, you are not just talking the State of Israel in the Middle East when you say Israel you are talking about Mormons and the Kingdom that you believe is set up in Independence Missouri not Jerusalem in real Israel.

    Astute Christians are well aware that Mormons know the right words to deliver to Christians to pose as Christians but your polytheistic doctrine speaks for itself. To say the church has no ambitions of domination is false. It is in your own doctrine and eschatology and that is quoted in the article I quoted and linked to.

  19. The LDS-Mormon church is putting their plan into action for the 2012 elections. It has already been decided that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. They are jumping on the bandwagon that the Tucson killer, Jared Lee Loughlin, is half-jewish and some sort of liberal terrorist as a way to condone their nasty rhetoric. I live right in the middle of these people and I am scared to death. They really believe that they are going to take over the government of the United States. I don’t think it will come to pass, though, because every single one of their previous plots from the Mountain Meadows massacre to their 6B shopping mall in Salt Lake City has been a complete failure. You cannot build a City on the Hill on a mountain of lies.

  20. It might be decided by the Mormons that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee but who the Republican nominee will be has not yet been decided by the rest of America. Their false prophecies about America are not going to come true no matter who gets elected.

  21. Could I get your permission to post this article on a social network forum? And of course would credit your authorship.


  22. Ann,

    You can post it on a social network there is even a button on the bottom of the post that helps you do that.

  23. To: CC: What was the “6B Shopping Mall” all about? I know about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, but not the 6B Shopping Mall.

    Ken C: Has your situation improved any?

  24. Thank you so much; trying to get profiles on all the cadidates for debates pro and con. I seen the post after I sent that.

    I would never vote for a Morman anyway but it is disturbing how many Christians lately believe that the Mormans are Christians. Not to be judgmental, ( and I am not a very good Christian)but one of the first things in my Christian life was to learn about the cults. And I did read where they have very close owner and leader connections to the Diebold voting machines, 12 similarities to Islam, Las Vegas gambling casinos, ………….

    And appreciate your info on Sarah Palin too, your website and the good fight

  25. Might want to add, I do get reluctant to give out links, since you might get a lot of back lashing. But I’m sure you know that. I get a lot from some supporters who see no evil from their choice of candidates; as if one man/woman is going to be the only saviour of America.

  26. Hey Ann,

    There is a dedicated Southern Baptist guy at my church who has deeply “bought into” Joel Richardson’s Islamic Anti-Christ. In so doing, he also believes Beck is a Christian that just happens to attend a Mormon church. He really believes it because Beck has a similar view of Islam.

    “They walk among us”.

  27. The common threads in all the latter day main revisionisms of Eschatology is Christian Dominion Theology before Jesus can even come and neo-Gnosticism.

  28. Thanks, Bob.

    Confirms (unbelievable) that Christians could believe that Mormans can be Christians. I get emails from The Christian Post and ocassionally check the comments, say anything opposing Beck and the Morman faith and they come on like attack dogs on steroids. (I’m trying to get over calling them a Church). The SB leaders sure are compromising if they are not teaching their members. I have quit a few of their local Churches because of Bible teachers that are Masons, silly social self-help programs and pastors that water down the Holy Scriptures.

  29. Don, just now as I read this article, two mormons came by. I don’t know how to explain, but I just see no light in them. I used to meet up with them before I began reading the bible. Seems like God’s Word is sharper than a two-edged sword.

  30. Interesting article. The problem I have is the fact that with all of this information and concern, Christians still do nothing!

    Satan does a great job of dividing the “good” people. Unfortunately, the same thoughts and concerns exist whether they are Baptists, the Methodists, the Catholics, etc. Have you been to a Methodist Church lately? I went to a Methodist Chapel Service several years ago at St Simons Island at the Methodist Chapel there. All I heard was all of the great things they were doing and no Gospel preaching. 30 Minutes of patting on the back……John Wesley would be totally pissed about what has happened. The fact is, Religion is man’s attempt to reach God, period. So, quit creating conspiracies, and do something, work together to restore the Constitution. As far as I am concerned, the Christian church is pathetic and lacking in leadership. Take abortion for example. Great article today: ABORTION WILL END WHEN PASTORS GET A BACKBONE

    Cry me a river, the fact is, our Church serves fiat money rather than God. What the hell is the difference? The Christain Church has more faith in the Weather Channel and a Fiat dollar controlled by the Federal Reserve, the GOD. What the hell is the difference? At least the Mormons have followed a 160 year plan. Hell, the Christian Church in America, cannot even stop the killing of innocent babies! Sounds like a there is more than 1 cult in the US! You guys beat each other up to the point you are defeated from the start. The reason why the Mormon Church might actually take control of the US, because they are not sitting on their ass! What a bunch of whining idiots.

    Give me a break. While you are pissing on the Mormons, don’t forget about the other cults; the Catholics. Boys and girls….all of us are the infidels! Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, etc. Oh and one another thing, how in the hello do you plan on sharing the Gospel with these Cultists in you continue to attack them behind their back. Hello! If the Mormons try to create a Theocracy, we get the guns out just like we would if they were Communists!

  31. Everett,

    Although I agree with much of what you said your kind of broad-bushing Christians here. Obviously there is a lot of apostasy and compromising with the world going on but why put the blame on pastors? Who hires and elects their church pastors? It seems to me that Christians need to get a backbone.

    Christians are not pissing on Mormons by telling other Christians about Mormon Eschatology and their plans for world Dominionism but you are correct that much of Christianity has become a Harlot. However I am sure you would not include yourself, or Dave Daubenmire so don’t include everyone else either. Yes, there is more than one cult in the United States but in general most Christian Churches do not deny the essentials of the Christian faith even if most in them are living like the world. The Mormons deny all the essentials of the Christian faith. So they are quite unique. I also want us to get back to the United States Constitution but everything is not about the United States Constitution for true Christians.

  32. A very good post! I read a book about 30 years ago written by two ex priest along these lines, but I let some borrow it and now I can’t remember the title. This info needs to be read by all voter.
    Thanks so much for posting this

  33. There is an excellent book detailing a plan by the Mormon Church to capture the office of President of the United States and establish a theocratic government.

    Secret Agenda: The Mormon Plan for America is a well documented exposé revealing an ongoing conspiracy, stretching all the way back to the first prophet of the Mormon Church and Joseph Smith’s vision of establishing the Political Kingdom of God.

    What makes this book different from other books on the subject? The author is a seventh generation Mormon with ancestral ties to the ultra secretive Council of Fifty. Secret Agenda pulls back the veil of mystery to reveal the true aim of the LDS Church.

    Look it up on Amazon. Secret Agenda: The Mormon Plan for America

  34. In the video….I am shocked at the claim that an Oval Office replica is supposedly located at their (LDS) Washington Temple. Bill really shows no proof of that… other than a word of mouth report from a security dannite…lol ….BUT that Bill points out that aviation avoids that hot sport because of all the telemetry at the location is interesting….YET that too I am unable to corroborate thru other sources. Who Knows?

    If anyone has credible sources that can confirm the telemetry item – I’d like to know.

  35. Hi Al,

    I believe Tom Horn said the same thing in “Apollonian Rising 2012” but I hardly consider much of Horn’s stuff as being credible either.

  36. I have been inside the Washington, D.C. temple, but never seen that room. Of course I would never be allowed inside despite my family connections.

    The problem I see with this whole subject are what appears to be the “less than credible” claims of some people. I am not saying it does not exist, but where is the proof? It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and perpetuate a story, but this only hurts the credibility of the claim when an author goes too far without presenting any tangible proof. Rumor and innuendo hurt you in the long-run.

    There are a number of talking points I left out of the book, just for that reason. As an author I feel it is necessary to be able to back-up claims when presenting a sensitive subject.

  37. For sure Don.

    I’d like neutral evidence of the telemetry report – like from the FAA maybe. Yet even so – it would only prove that there is a lot of airwave activity – But many other non gov buildings have the same issue – without the conspiracy factor.

  38. Romney is THE end-time Anti-christ!
    Mormonism, established by the snake-oil polygamist salesman Joseph Smith and his Book of Mormon is a Christian blasphemy–Mormonism is NOT a Christian religion!
    Mormonism believes in the doctrine called “LYING FOR THE LORD” (Google the term) which makes all the Mormons conditioned to lie, and thus the Lord they refer to, is none other than Satan The Devil himself

    John 8:44King James Version (KJV)

    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
    He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
    because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of
    his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Romney believes he is the apocalyptic horseman riding on the white horse in the Book of Revelation, and that is the reason why he is OBSESSED in running for the US Presidency, since the Mormons believe America to be the Holy Land, and therefore Romney is putting himself in the role of Christ that will usher in the Kingdom of God on earth, which Mormons refer to as MORMON THEOCRACY! (Google the term)

    It is NOT an accident that humans find Romney CREEPY, same as his fellow creepy Mormon agitator Glenn Beck!

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