Obama plays one-on-one with Assad but loses control of backboard

I thought that President Obama would order an air strike on Syria as soon as this Labor Day weekend, but as I completed the first draft of this article, President Obama surprised me and announced that he would seek congressional approval before he ordered a strike on Syria. I previously was thinking that Obama would just ignore the Constitution and the Wars Powers Act and just go it alone against President Basher Assad of Syria and that is the reason for my “Obama plays one-on-one with Assad but loses control of backboard” title.

Now I just read that Obama said he will go one-on-one with Assad even if Congress votes against an attack. If Congress voted against an attack and Obama carried out the attack anyway, that would be unconstitutional. I cannot think of a better way for Obama to get himself impeached if his strike action drags us into an unpopular wider war. When George Bush was in power even Joe Biden said that he would start impeachment legislation if Bush did not get Congressional approval before bombing Iraq. Maybe crazy Joe would even vote against Obama in any Senate removal tie breaker to make himself become President. I would not put it past him.

Obama, quoting Intelligence sources, made what looks to be a fairly strong case that the Assad forces in Syria used chemical weapons. I do tend to believe the Intelligence sources they used, but with an administration full of documented lairs it often becomes difficult to believe anything they tell us. And what are they not telling us?

Even though Intelligence believes they know what happened, you might keep in mind that Intelligence has often been wrong. Some of that error takes place just because of human nature. For example, if I worked for an employer who gets his income from those pushing global warming, I am not likely to deliver information to my boss that debunks global warming if I really wish to keep my job. Much the same takes place in the Intelligence Community. The higher powers tell the analysts what they are looking for and the analysts try to deliver what the higher powers want to hear or otherwise they will never advance their career. If I know the higher powers are working to remove Assad, I probably am going to look long and hard for activities and information that supports that agenda.

On the surface, from what was reported from the Intelligence sources it sounds like a slam dunk, the Assad forces did use Sarin gas. However, what I don’t understand is why Bashar Assad or his brother would order a Sarin gas attack? President Assad is clearly winning the war, so using weapons of mass destruction that they certainly know would bring international outrage and foreign intervention just does not seem logical. The intelligence report says that they intercepted a communication where a high level Assad official was heard questioning the attack, so it just could be that Assad had lost control of one or more of his officers at that weapons site. Why might that be and who may have been behind it?

Further, why would Assad put his neck in a noose so he could be tried at the Hague as a war criminal when he is winning the revolution using conventional weapons? There appears to be no strategic reason for Assad’s military to use Sarin gas against the civilian population center where it was said to happen. What would Assad strategically gain by gassing thousands of civilians? And it was just all too convenient that weapons experts from the U.N. were in the country and nearby at the time of the gassing. It seems to me that somebody wanted there to be a lot of deaths by nerve gas while the inspectors were around. In other words, this has all the makings of a conspiracy to frame Assad. Therefore, it is my view that Assad did not order this attack, so what good will it do to just punish him like Obama plans?

With these things in mind, the most logical questions that we should be asking ourselves might be: Could the gassing have been done by a rogue commander within Assad’s forces that was a double agent for someone else? Could the gas release also have been the result of an accident? For example, there have been reports that Sarin gas was being supplied to Al Qaeda fighters from Saudi Arabia. If that is true, it is very likely that these terrorists were not trained to properly handle this nerve agent or were careless. One or more rebels might also have deliberately released all or most of the gas even though our Intelligence has been led to believe otherwise.

If the accidental or deliberate release of the nerve gas by Al Qaeda was true, then how do we explain the activity at the weapons site? The same reports said they were doing these nerve agent loading activities quite often. Even if the military is not intending to use such weapons, they would have many live drills to stay proficient. Who tipped our Intelligence and made everything that was taking place at that site in the prior three days before the gassing a point of interest anyway?

If President Assad ordering a nerve agent attack really does not add up, then we might ask ourselves who would benefit by foreign intervention into Syria and/or a wider war that a flagrant nerve gas attack would bring? Obviously Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Sunni fighters against Assad would benefit from such intervention and they have even asked for foreign intervention. However, who is behind these Sunni fighters and who is capable of supplying the gas and/or could create the fabrication that Assad ordered the attack? One likely answer is Saudi Arabia, they have the will and the means and they know a lot about how Western Intelligence operates.

Keep in mind, that our own CIA agents or Israeli agents might have the ability to infiltrate Assad’s forces and/or could carry off such a fabrication but I certainly am not saying that either did. On the other hand, I do not trust the Saudi’s. They obviously are working very hard and spending a lot of money to remove Assad.

We soon forget that the Al Qaeda agents that pulled off the 9/11 attack on the U.S. were mostly Saudi nationals. Al Qaeda is a more militaristic offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Sunni Muslims are now at war with the Shiite Muslims and Syria is the kingpin. The Iranian led Shiite would have control from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea if Shiite supported Assad retains control over the majority Sunni of Syria. Saudi Arabia has no intention of letting that happen. That is what this war in Syria is now really all about.

Those fighting in Syria are now mostly Saudi supported Sunni mercenaries and terrorists, they are fighting against Assad’s military, Shiite Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon, and Shiite Iranians. The fighting has even spread into Iraq and other smaller Middle Eastern states. This is already an undeclared regional war for domination of the Fertile Crescent.

Sunni Turkey also wants Assad overthrown. I do not think the Turks had anything to do with the gas, but they clearly want U.S. intervention. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Obama are close friends. I think Turkey and the Saudis are influencing Obama to order military action against Syria. Erdogan of Turkey just said that the limited attack that Obama telegraphed does not go nearly far enough. He wants Assad removed. Maybe that is one reason for the sudden change of mind by Obama and the delay. For a stronger response, Obama would need more time to get more forces in the area. Support and funding by Congress would certainly help as well. Some in the Senate are already calling for an attack plan that will remove Assad.

The recent leaked talks between Saudi Prince Bandar and President Putin of Russia is also very revealing. Apparently Saudi Arabia tried to get Russia to dump Assad by offering Putin an alliance with the OPEC cartel, safeguarding Russia’s naval base in Syria, and by promising Russia protection from Chechen violence during the Russian Winter Olympics. The Prince indicated the Chechen terrorists were under their control and implied that there would be terrorist attacks at the winter games if Putin’s support for Assad continued.

Apparently Putin turned down the deal and was enraged by the implied threats by the Saudi’s. This alleged dialogue between Prince Bandar and President Putin, if true, shows just how far the Saudi’s would go to get rid of Assad. There now are now reports that Putin said that Saudi Arabia will be attacked by Russia if Syria is attacked. I cannot verify that the sources for that information are reliable, but you can find this all over the Internet if you do the appropriate keyword search.

I also find it interesting that Saudi Arabia even believes that it has the power to safeguard the Russian base in Syria. Apparently, from what was reported, Prince Bandar believes that Saudi Arabia controls Sunni terrorists. It seems that our Saudi “friend” in the gulf controls the Sunni terrorists that war against Israel, Christianity and the West.

Another dark horse for the gas attack could be Iran. The Shiite cult leaders running Iran just said they expect their Mahdi to come after a wider war spreads from Syria. They could be trying to help that wider war along.

Anyway, the real deals between leaders and nations are often not told to the public. For this reason, diplomatic meetings are almost always done in secret. They are secret for a reason. If the people knew what was really going on behind the scenes they would revolt. The Egyptian military became aware of what the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood leader was doing and planning for Egypt and you saw what happened there. There is always more going on than meets the eye. You might also keep in mind that there are high level connections between Obama and Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists. Who really controls Obama and how does that relate to the coming attack on Syria?

At this point, Obama does not have much support for any Syrian attack and that may be another reason why he moved his ball into the Congressional court. Even after hearing the Intelligence report that fingered Assad forces for the gassing, the majority in the U.S. are still against America taking any military action against Syria. The U.N. is not going to authorize military action because Russia and China will veto it. The British Prime Minister was for a strike on Syria but was overruled by their Parliament. The President of France is still supporting military action but two-thirds of the people in France are against it. So how long will French support last?

Maybe Obama should learn that he should not be drawing red foul lines in the sands of the Middle East. Obama might think that he can play one-on-one with Assad but Assad has quite a reach. Obama will not control the backboard. After he lobs all his sky balls he will have to move in aggressively if he wants to have any victory. However, I just can’t see Obama muscling Assad at the backboard. If things get tough on the court Obama might just take his ball and go home – worse, our enemies believe that he will.

Obama says we must attack Syria because we are the leader of the world. Yet, at the same time he is doing everything he can to weaken our military so that we cannot be the leader of the world. You can’t have it both ways. You cannot disarm your law enforcement and then be the Sheriff of the world.

According to Obama, it is up to America to punish Assad and the way to do that is by shooting some cruise missiles at Syria? Even our military does not think that Obama’s lob and retreat strategy is very wise. A few hundred missile strikes is not going to change one thing with Assad, but if Assad retaliated it could start World War III. It seems that Obama thinks if he slaps Assad just hard enough, but not too hard, that Assad will be a good boy and will not use chemical weapons again and will not retaliate either. That is one hell of a bet! What if Assad attacks Israel, Jordan or Turkey in response?

Besides, our leaders already know from the phone communications questioning the attack that Assad did not order this attack, yet they think Assad has enough control over any future attack that punishing him will achieve their objective. That simply is not logical.

What if Iran attacks nations in defense of Syria. They say they will. What if Russia actually does carry out the reported threat on Saudi Arabia? Are we ready for all the possible contingencies and the possible fallout after the attack with all our military downsizing? There seems to be no end for our leaders to find new wars to fight.

Even if Assad takes our initial attack and does not attack others, that does not mean that he will not find some asymmetrical warfare method for pay back somewhere down the line. For example, do we know for sure that Syria and Iran could not carry out a cyber warfare attack that could cripple our infrastructure? How secure are our ships from sea skimming cruse missiles when they are least expecting them?

Do we know that we can keep the shipping lanes open without a major war against Iran? Is our economy sound enough for $15 gas and 100 percent inflation? It seems to me that just slapping the face of someone backed by Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and China is insane if you are not prepared for the fight. Why even play Russian roulette if nobody has a gun to your head? We really could just let the Sunnis fight their own battles, we do send them plenty of money and weapons, so why do we also have to fight their wars for them?

As for the WMD in Syria, if the world does not want Syria to have WMD then the world ought to do something about it. Policing the world is no longer in our job description. We abdicated that responsibility after World War II when we allowed other nations to develop WMD and set up the United Nations to deal with international disputes and weapons proliferation. We even set up NATO to protect Europe and the North Atlantic from future threats. If Assad’s WMD are a threat to Europe, get all NATO nations involved and not just have America deal with the threat.

If Assad is replaced, the WMD are still going to stay in Syria. The world is not going to control all these weapons from getting into the hands of the radicals without putting a lot of boots on the ground. It will take about 50,000 boots on the ground for years just to secure and destroy all the WMD in Syria. If NATO is not willing to pay that price, then they can blame themselves for the consequences.

A slap in the face is only going to enrage Assad and make him do something irrational. If we want to get rid of Assad, and also control those WMD, NATO should pay the price to remove them, but the price is far more than a few hundred cruse missiles. And the real threat in the area is not Assad, it is Iran. Iran is much more of a direct threat to Europe and our own nation than is Assad of Syria. Maybe we ought to save those cruise missiles for real threats to our own nation instead of just wasting them on empty buildings in Syria that very well could start America’s next war.

Is the reason for the proposed attack really about the use of nerve gas or is the gas just the excuse to support the Sunni Muslims fighting against the Shiite Muslims? Does it even matter? If we attack Syria we will be getting America involved on the side of the Sunni Muslims in either case. Why does Obama want to take us into a fight between two sects of Islam? Some think Obama was given to America to bring about her destruction. No kidding.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


44 thoughts on “Obama plays one-on-one with Assad but loses control of backboard

  1. I have been reading your site (every one of your posts) for a couple years now. I enjoy your unique and solid insight.

    I don’t know what difference this makes, but my understanding is that Assad is not a Shiite, but is an Alawite. Still, he and his are closely tied to the Shiites.

    I have a few ideas that I want to bounce off you, but will wait for the appropriate post so as not to get off topic.

  2. Hi Havey,

    There are some differences in beliefs but the Alawites are part of the greater Shiite movement. For this article it was just best to lump Assad with the Shiite camp that the Alawites identify with and that are aligned with Assad politically.

    For more information read the following article.

    By the way, as you know, I have over 1100 posts in many different categories, surly you can find some post where your questions would be on topic. Also keep in mind that I allow off topic comments on my monthly perspectives posts.

  3. Don,

    I think this article certainly brings up a lot of viable (and probable) possibilities.

    I also think the bottom line is that the “power and control brokers” are mostly interested in money (oil) &, of course, their control. I don’t think they give a damn about consequences or loss of lives…as long as those lost lives are not theirs or their families.

    It’s obvious by the way the world governments have handled everything over the last 30 years that consequences further down the road were not a big concern…so, for any of these people to make good decisions now on a potentially volatile situation, isn’t even expected.

    About your basketball analogy with Obama vs Assad….it’s too bad that Obama couldn’t play it like he plays golf…I’d think Obama with all his high dollar, taxpayer funded T-times, he should be very experienced by now anyway.

  4. I get a lot of links from The Western Center for Journalism and although some have proven to be misinformation a few days ago they reported that Joe Biden has informed Obama he will start impeachment proceedings if Obama strikes Syria without congressional support. I’m sure Biden covets the presidential office. We lose either way.

    Iran has said Israel will be the first victim if the U.S. strikes Syria. I can’t help believe that would please Obama.

    Whatever else Putin is I find myself putting more stock in what he says than in what Obama says. Is that nuts or what?

    The best advice I’ve heard so far came from Sarah Palin. She said since the Syrians shout Allah Akbar at one another before they kill each other let Allah sort it out. I’m for that.

  5. Caitlin,

    On your first point, Joe Biden can’t start impeachment proceedings on Obama. He is not a member of the House. What they maybe should have said is that Joe Biden once said that about George Bush.

  6. The miserable group of cowards and sycophants in Congress would not impeach Obama if he announced he was going to order a nuclear strike on Texas.America is ready to follow this Stupid marxist all the way to hell.

  7. Thanks Simon,

    That comes from info.wars which is not the most reliable source in the world. I also read similar claims on WND and elsewhere. There is enough info claiming the rebels had Sarin gas and there even are pictures of the gas, that this theory should not just be dismissed. Whatever actually happened probably will come out in time. And as I indicated in the article, there is little question that Assad never ordered the nerve gas attack.

  8. i guess we will know the truth soon because i’m totally confused now with all these sites saying it was rebels and some saying it was assad. Even ron paul is on this saying its a false flag attack, I dont even know what to think anymore to be honest. I even heard that assad’s brother launched the missle from a mountain area.

  9. Ya’ know Don,

    I’m with what you’ve said previously and what Caitlin said.

    There is no valid point in launching an attack on or for either side of this Syrian war.

    If Assad didn’t order the Sarin attack, then why would we be going after him ?…even if Assad’s side did betray orders or acted on their own accord, it’s sounding more like an excuse by Obama to do nothing except make the situation worse for us and them….as you pointed out in the end game in your article.

    …if the rebel side did the Sarin attack (the one’s that are being sold to the civilian public as victims by the pictures we are seeing), then what ?…are we going to defend these rebel radicals who would love to shoot every American in the face anyway ?

    I read the report of the Napalming of the school…I would think that had to be from Assad’s order as he is the one with aircraft.

    Assad obviously cares little about other peoples lives but he is also the devil we do know…are we to assume that if Assad was removed that the next devil would be better ?

    I like what Caitlin said quoting Sarah Palin, let their tin god Allah sort’em out.

    It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for these people, I do…I’m sure some of them could still be saved to The Lord Jesus…but I don’t think any strike by the U.S. or an alliance is going to save anyone to The Lord Jesus or do anything positive for that country.

  10. Hi Don. I couldn’t find the original link I quoted about Biden threatening to start impeachment against Obama but I found another one posted by the Tea Party quoting the same words. I read it more carefully this time and it was referring to Biden’s statement to George W. Bush. I have to admit to everyone now that I misunderstood the reference to the president was not meant for the current president. I don’t know whether to kick myself in the head or ask to be paid for the news story I made up.
    Good thing you’re on top of it.

  11. Sometimes I think I must have missed something about the Great Commission to spread the Gospel around the world or I don’t have enough love in my heart or have a big enough urgency for peoples salvation, given the fact that I look for the Rapture every second of the day, but can ANYONE tell me when enough is enough and when it is time to shake the dust off our garments in regards to the worlds salvation? I am referring to what David said about mabey there are people still in Syria that can be saved. When is enough enough prostlysyzing(sp) people who don’t give a rats behind about hearing about the REAL Jesus or the need to accept Him as Savior, OR getting into a pissing match in a war of muslim on muslim? I too have empathy and sympathy for the innocents involved in this carnage, BUT THEY ARE KILLING AND MAIMING EACH OTHER ALL IN THE NAME OF A DEMONIC MOON GOD! I know someone is going to call me a heartless bastard, but this is honestly the way I see this. I never saw the commandment that said “Thou Shalt Beg them and plead with them to accept Me” I truly hope the Lord dosent hold this against me, but intervention either in the physical or the spiritual in this case seems like an excersice in futility.

  12. Michael,

    The people living in the 10 x 40 window are about to go through hell on earth. After that that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations. Most living in these areas have never ever heard the truth since preaching it will likely cost people their lives. Those in this area that survive the next decade or two will get to hear the truth. Most of the rest of the world has heard the truth and they are without excuse if they reject it. Most in the inner cites of America have heard the Gospel and many even go to a church but are the radials and animals in our inner cities really any more moral than the radical Muslims?

  13. Simon,

    They are all looking at the same images. What they are not saying is that there was shelling taking place in this area long before this alleged chemical attack took place as well. Until they find spent Syrian rockets that were made to carry gas there is no smoking gun. And as I said in the article, even if Assad forces carried out the gas attack that does not mean that President Assad was behind it.

    It looks to me like what is going to happen if “bomb bomb McCain” and Obama prevail in Congress is that they will now be gearing up the mission to include the overthrow Assad. That very likely could start world war III and kill millions. People in this country better put a lid on these war fanatics because our own electrical grid is very very vulnerable to cyber attack. Don’t think that we always will watch our wars on TV. The next one could play out right here.

    By the way, ain’t French and Intelligence an oxymoron?

  14. What do you think about this use of chemical weapons being a testing ground for Iran and it’s nuclear program? It appears that the U S of A has been shown to be a paper tiger where this “red line” has been drawn. Of course, the hawks of the R. party may yet convince the President and Congress to do much more than “shoot across the bow” of Syria.

    It looks like WWIII to me as well, with so many heavy hitters tossing around war rhetoric and Israel in the middle as the tiny nation held hostage by their threats. Is the US once again the sword being wielded by the Lord to punish nations, only to be destroyed itself in the aftermath? The one who watches Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. We still expect to travel there the end of the month.

  15. Hi Ammi,

    Obviously from Obama’s past actions everyone has doubts that Obama has the backbone for war. That is not a good spot to put this nation. Now if we don’t attack Syria that view will be reinforced and if we do attack Syria it could start a much wider war.

  16. I believe your comment about the Obama lies is an important part of your discussion. I do not believe that he can be trusted enough to lead this country to war. In fact, I (an ex submarine officer) will not recommend young people to go into the military during an Obama presidency. I do not believe that he will send them to fight for American interests or to protect our homeland but rather to further his whatever his evil agenda pushes.

    That said, I watch, with great interest, everything that happens in the Middle East because I know that the rapture and rest of the endgame is very close. God is the one directing the players there and everything is set to his timing and his agenda.

  17. Hi Don,

    I can’t help but wonder what Obama will do when he wakes up one morning after the attack to discover a couple of his aircraft carriers sitting on the bottom of the Mediterranean. Syria has the capability to do it, especially with the Russians covering his back.

  18. Hi Doug,

    I guess Syria could pull that off if the carriers got within a hundred miles of the Syrian coast and everyone on the ship became comatose. Otherwise, Syria would not have the capability to sink a ship with the defenses and the size of a U.S. aircraft carrier.

  19. Wow, lots of great opinions on your blog about what is coming, in my opinion.

    After reading and watching a lot of conjecture over the chem-warfare over the last few days, to me, it really doesn’t make sense that Assad was behind the attack.

    I would think he would be smart enough to know that launching chem-warfare on his own citizens would bring about condemnation, as is happening…I mean, if he really wanted to launch a war, wouldn’t he lob one into Israel or fire whatever towards one of the U.S. warships ?…that would surely bring about a sought after war quickly.

    I do not blame Obama for being the only inept president…we had George Bush II who also brought war to the Middle East and then let it become a politically correct war, that cannot be won. Look at Iraq, it’s right back where it was, or worse, depending on perspective. Not to mention GBII’s failure on our own borders, again, succumbing to political correctness and popular opinion by the liberal idiots.

    Bin Laden’s crew won because they accomplished what they set out to do, we did not retaliate for 9/11 as we could and should have by turning some of those terrorists areas into glass….the only language terrorists understand.

    There is only one way to go to war and that is to go in hard and win quickly and decisively…period.

    But that is not going to happen with this administration or any administration in the future…I don’t see any Ronald Reagan’s in our future.

    Michael Angelo, I mostly agree with you, however, I have been reading that there are record number of Muslims coming to Jesus at this time…is it happening right now in Syria ?…I don’t know.

    Still, I don’t see anything positive that is going to come from a U.S. or alliance attack on Syria. If anything, I think it will put Israel under immediate danger and, of course, bring about more economic and safety problems right here in the U.S.

  20. I can report [truthfully this time] that the underground Christians are getting the gospel out. Maybe not to the multitudes all at one time the way the Billy Graham crusades did but the salvation message is still spreading at a great personal risk to those who dare.
    I don’t have any information on Syria specifically but if the Christians can get the gospel to places like North Korea, Taliban country between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq you can bet they can get it to Syria. There is even a Christian radio broadcast in Baghdad and one in Basra. The pastor reports that many Muslims are contacting him at his church saying they have seen Jesus in dreams and visions.
    This information comes from The Voice of the Martyrs.

  21. Caitlin,

    There are many Christians in Syria but where the Islamic Rebels take over the Christians in the area have to leave or they risk getting killed.

  22. Hi Don:
    I fail to see how a nation who has killed millions of innocent babies has any right to tell another nation how to take care of their business. And how can a nation tell another nation to give up part of their land? May God have mercy on these so called leaders when all hell breaks loose.

  23. Simon,

    All that the Germans are saying is what the other intelligence agencies are saying. They might be convinced that the gas has come from a government site but they have no proof that Assad ordered the attack. If the Germans are so sure that Assad is ordering the use of WMD why don’t they send in their own military for a change to stop him? The main reasons that people of all these other nations do not want to get involved in Syria is because they know that getting involved in this Shiite Sunni war is a no win can of worms. Even our own people say that we should not get involved but many of our politicians think we should be the enforcer of some idealistic world order that does not even exist.

  24. We are simply being placated when it comes to international reasons for wars. It is all about the economy.
    I learned from a geologist friend that used to work for Halliburton that just about all the recent unrest (1997 on ward) in the middle east has to do with the proposed submerged pipeline from the Caspian sea to the Mediterranean.
    Some countries have harder rock than others. What we really want is a short straight line.
    From the Caspian through Iran, through Iraq, through Syria, straight to a port in Turkey.
    The countries opposed to this? Iran and Russia.
    All we need is an excuse. 911 was a great excuse, and now of course, so is chemical weapon usage in Syria. In a few years we’ll have an excuse to attack Iran, unless they decide to do business with us on their own.
    I think the excuses have to be legitimate as possible or the general American populace would catch on (although I would not be surprised if we are the ones who prime the pump for war).
    They did something bad, we attack, we get our pipeline and everyone is happy?
    Since we won’t live without our cars and since we won’t drill in Alaska we’ll get it elsewhere…

  25. Nice post Don,
    I must say that I too was confused at how our involvement on either side could be logical. Currently we’re training the same organization that pulled off 911, how does this make any sense. What does the USA have to gain by firing missile’s inland on Syria? Both sides of this civil war would kill us if given the chance.

    So I started following the money and found a very interesting article. http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/syria-pipeline-politics-opec-usdollar
    It would explain how Russia is tied in to this ordeal. It would also explain why the Saudi’s want Assad over thrown and why they mentioned the four letter word OPEC in their offering to Putin. Here is another source on the same subject http://oilprice.com/Geopolitics/Middle-East/Iran-Iraq-Syria-Pipeline-Must-Tempt-Europe.html

    I believe in a former blog you mentioned that the USA would be incapacitated for a middle east war. Or am I mistaken? Some times I get confused as to which site I read that. If this story about the pipeline was to break the petrodollar and our economy tanks. We would be out of the picture since the world currency would no longer be the USA Federal Reserve note we call the dollar. Is our government wrapping them selves in the flag and calling this “chemical” attack atrocious and we must stand up against it? Dead is dead, no matter how you got there. They say 400 children were killed but what about the million plus aborted babies in the United States? Their reasons contradict themselves just like you stated. How can you defund and dismantle your military and then embark on these military campaigns.

    Another idea was the arms deals. Did you know the USA is the number one country for arm exports? Kind of surprised me honestly, http://www.upi.com/News_Photos/gallery/Worlds-Top-5-arms-exporters/3105/ and http://economy.money.cnn.com/2013/06/27/weapons-exports/

    As for the gulf, it is a bathtub that is filling up with ships and is a powder keg ready to go off. Our ships are not invincible as Hollywood has made them out to be. I was stationed on board two different ships during my four years in the Navy. Anti ship missiles are a real deal and down right sobering.

    The Sunburn which does mach 10 made by the Russian have been sold to Iran. http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/the-ss-n-22-sunburn-irans-awesome-anti-ship-missile-the-weapon-that-could-defeat-the-us-in-the-gulf/

    The Chinese built a carrier killer and who knows who has this in their arsenal. http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/chinese-develop-special-kill-weapon-to-destroy-us-aircraft-carriers-us-panic-at-chinas-new-ship-killer/

    From everything I have read, if the USA fires a missile inland that Israel will be attacked. Israel won’t just sit idle and let that happen. This is the perfect storm where USA must serve a consequence for the chemical attack. The Senate announced this morning they are behind a limited number of days attacking. I am guessing congress will also go in favor of this. Even though 90% of the American people believe that we should just stay out of it and let A’la sort it out.

  26. I should add, here’s what Mr. Cheney said about the pipeline in about 1997 (it is a pretty infamous quote by now)

    “the good Lord didn’t see fit to put oil and gas only where there are democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States. Occasionally we have to operate in places where, all things considered, one would not normally choose to go. But, we go where the business is.”

  27. West,

    I do not buy that conjecture at all. Besides, it is Qatar and the Saudis that want the pipeline but they are doing quite fine without it. If we attack Iran it is because they have become a nuclear threat

  28. TheTram

    Guess today is the day for those quoting articles of people who think everything in the world is about oil. In this case, it really is about who will control the Middle East, the Sunni or the Shiite.

    About the only thing I said about the middle east and oil is in an article in my imminent danger series. Obviously a huge shortage of oil will bring economic collapse and wars. http://www.thepropheticyears.com/comments/Imminent%20Danger%20to%20the%20United%20States%20of%20America.htm

    I think we are going to be out of the picture soon as a world superpower whether or not oil is tied to the dollar.

    Yep, the good old USA is the number one arms merchant in the world. That is why we should all just comply with our fascist government so that all governments of the world can control everyone, including us Americans with the weapons we make. 😯

    Our carriers can be sunk but not by Syria if they keep their distance. Of course if we are going to put them near Iran when we are waging war against them or an ally of theirs that is another story.

    China will be a big threat to our carriers until we get advanced lasers on the carriers. I do not think they are giving out these advanced weapons to anyone. We might end up with one if they did.

  29. I wouldn’t argue that this conflict isn’t due to the Sunni\Shiite. I was simply trying to give an opinion on what the USA “might” have to gain out of this. I am not buying the gas story, there is no definitive proof. YouTube videos are not proof, to many videos on YouTube have been proven to be computer generated.

    We never made such a big deal when Saddam gassed the Kurds in the North as we are right now with Syria. There is several other instances where countries used gas and we didn’t react as we are right now.

    I didn’t think much of the arms sales either, was just something that I found interesting.

    My suspicion is that Obama is a Muslim (Sunni) and he is using his ability to assist the Sunni’s. Since Muslims want nothing more than to see Israel destroyed. What better position is there to be in than the one were in right now. That is why I called it the perfect storm. Russia, China, Syria and maybe a few other countries have stated that “if” we fire upon Syria, there will be consequences. Some have stated that Israel “will” be on fire or attacked. If he is truly a Muslim than he cannot pass this opportunity. Wrap them selves in the flag and calling out the chemical use an atrocity and that we must act. Praying to mecca that someone fires on Israel.

    Israel stated they will not sit idly by and will attack. Could this then fulfill the Isaiah 17 prophecy? One thing is clear brother, we are living in the end of times.

    ~God Bless

  30. Well, good on Vladi Putin. He wants the smoking gun proof and the UN to be in on any attack decision in Syria.

    At least someone is making some sense before making a stupid attack decision, I can only hope that our U.S. administration doesn’t tempt fate with our soldiers lives, Israels safety, and our tax dollars.

    Really, I don’t see any U.S. attack as being a lob and retreat and it ending there…it might start off that way but it surely looks like it will escalate into much more than that.

    Don, there are articles circulating that Obama is a member of the Muslim Buttheadhood…or a Sunni as Tram said above…what say you on this sir ?

  31. ~David,

    I read those articles. I did not know that they actually gave out membership cards. I suppose when Obama was in Indonesian that he identified with Muslims for awhile. Having said that, Obama has not and does not practice Islam since that time. He drinks and approves of homosexuals and abortion and does many other things that real Muslims would not do. My view is that Obama is an all paths Universalist or an Atheist that believes in Communistic Humanism. Islam is really fascist socialist and represents a forth of the world. This religion is a means to an end for the Marxist globalists. I think people like George Soros bought and paid for Obama and the inner circle that influence him and/or tell him what to do.

  32. I agree God is the One in control and He is allowing America to self destruct by getting involved in a war where we don’t really know the true facts. The Arabs are notorious for killing their own people and blaming the Jews,Americans, or some other sect of Islam. Our days of being able to control the world are numbered. You have to be nuts to get involved with a religious war that thinks nothing of killing others or oneself in the name of Allah. If Obama was reading scripture he would realize until the King of Peace comes there will never be peace in that region. The only war he should get involved in is if Israel who is a democratic peace loving nation has to defend itself.

  33. I think my last comment was misunderstood. I am not unaware of the plight of the Syrian Christians. I was responding to Michael Angelo’s comment on the Great Commission and whether it was time to shake the dust off our shoes because no one seems to want to hear about Jesus. I pointed out that the underground Christians were still getting the gospel to the UNSAVED people in the hot spots of the world and that there is a response from them. Sorry I did not make myself more clear.

  34. Hi Caitlin,

    If you are talking to me, I was just adding information to the points that you made. I was not saying that you were unaware of the plight of the Syrian Christians. Anyway, if people are specifically responding to someone or a number of specific people making comments, the best way to avoid confusion is for them to address their comment to these people

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