The prophetic end of the age is likely to occur around 2030 AD.

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I personally think we have about 20 years left before we complete the prophetic end of the age and enter the millennial reign of Jesus. If that is true, I think many things must happen in the next twenty years, so be very careful about what you buy into. If my timing is correct, and Jesus comes for the faithful Church prior to the tribulation, then at most there is ten to fifteen years left to work before the Rapture. If we are that close to the second coming, then the stage for some of the end time prophetic events should already be observable in the world.

For example, we should be able to observe that Israel is back in the land surrounded by enemies; we should see a powerful nation far north of Israel with the military capabilities to fulfill the Gog prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39; we should see nations rising in the Far East that will be able to field the 200 million horsemen army from the East foretold in Revelation 9:16; we should see a group of nations on its way to becoming a world power in the area of the old Roman Empire; we should see technology and communications that will make it possible so that no one can buy or sell without the biometric 666 identification of Rev 13:17; we should also see the rise of apostasy and see a world harlot religious system forming like is symbolized in Revelation 17.

Today Israel is surrounded by Arab enemies and Islam is consolidating against Israel. Putin in far north Russia just announced a ten-year plan to build a modern military and he also intends to form a new soviet-like union. China and India will peak in population with those of military age in the next 20 years and nobody doubts that they will become military and economic superpowers. (Beyond 2030-2040 the Far East will go into depression and decline due to the realities of aborted children and resultant demographics.) Revelation makes it very clear that this huge army was prepared for a specific point in time and we can see the makings of that army forming now. By 2030 there will be a hundred million surplus men in the Far East that will have little chance of a normal family life and they will become expendable. The EU is a rising fascist beast that is increasingly gaining control over once sovereign nations of Europe. It certainly looks like the EU or some spin-off from it will fulfill the revival of the Roman Empire that was foretold in Daniel and Revelation. Computer devices and projected Internet satellite systems will make the Revelation 666 buy and sell system over all people on earth technically possibly within 10 to 15 years. We can also see the Harlot of Revelation 17 coming together through “all paths” theology and we can see Vatican efforts to try to put world religion under their authority.

Everything seems to be on schedule. Therefore, if I have it correct, the start of the final week of years foretold by Daniel would be due to begin around the mid 2020’s. If that is true, all the players I mentioned above must continue to steadily progress so they can fulfill their respective roles in Bible prophecy near that time.

I think Christians that believe in premillennial theology and that are watching should be able to see all the signs shaping up for a fulfillment in our generation. There are of course the overly exuberant among us that tend to want to rush things and force fit things to happen before the time. Nevertheless, all will happen on schedule.

Nobody should be dogmatic about the timings but they should be aware that the complete fulfillment of these prophecies as written within the light of present world realities will still take some years to play out. Events can happen that will speed up these prophetic events or slow them down but there is an observable trend and from that trend we can make reasonable projections of where we are within God’s prophetic plan. Those aware of world events and Bible prophecy should know the general season of the Lord’s return and Paul said that we would (1Th 5:4).

If we are that close to the end, one of the great mysteries is why America is not in Bible prophecy. However, at the speed that America is blindly heading toward the cliff, I think we can surmise that the demise of America as a world superpower is not very far off.

The major  military events described in the prophetic scriptures are rather obvious, so they are fairly easy to track, but religious events are somewhat more difficult. Some want to make Islam the Harlot or the Beast of Revelation, but that is not likely. Islam came out of Christianity and she certainly is a daughter of the Harlot but the Papal System became the Harlot when the Babylonian Priesthood was incorporated into the Roman religious system. Protestantism has traditionally taught that the Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot of Revelation chapter 17 and I have no reason to now think otherwise. Little in the Roman religious system has changed for the better and the doctrine of papal infallibility now makes real change impossible. (I am not saying that the pagan daughters and sisters of this Roman Harlot will not be joining with her in the last days.) Here is a sample of Babylonian priesthood, pagan, and man-made practices that evolved in the Roman Catholic Religion.·                 

·                 Prayers for the dead

·                 Adoration of saints and angels

·                 Worship of Mary with child

·                 The Mass

·                 Priests dressing in clothing similar to pagan priests

·                 Extreme unction

·                 Doctrine of a Purgatory

·                 Worship in Latin

·                 Prayers directed to Mary instead of to God

·                 The Pope as the vicar of Christ

·                 Holy images and relics

·                 Use of holy water to bless someone or something

·                 The canonization of dead saints

·                 The celibacy of the priesthood

·                 Using prayer beads (rosary)

·                 The inquisitions

·                 The sale of Indulgences

·                 Transubstantiation

·                 Adoration of the wafer·                 

·                 Doctrine of purgatory decreed

·                 Doctrine of seven sacraments affirmed

·                 Jesuit order was founded to enforce papal authority

·                 Tradition was granted equal authority with the Bible

·                 Apocryphal books were added to the Holy Canon

·                 Immaculate Conception of Mary declared

·                 Infallibility of Pope declared

·                 Assumption of the Virgin Mary was declared

·                 Mary proclaimed the Mother of the Church

* Most of the bullets have been modified from Tim Lahaye s – Revelation Illustrated And Made Plain – 1977, p44. Lahaye adds dates and some additional practices that I have chosen not to list here.

The big questions that remains is how does this religious harlot come to its fulfillment as said in Revelation 17 in just a decade or so and just how does the religious Harlot ride in the Beast of Revelation?

There are some possibilities that you might not have even considered. Do you realize that Rick Santorum believes and practices all the stuff that I listed above. He is not a nominal Catholic. He is a fervent Roman Catholic and a Knight of Malta from the old school. He even attends Latin Masses. His allegiance therefore, is first going to be to the Pope.

Newt Gingrich also converted to Catholicism but I think Gingrich just caught on to the black light that the Roman Church is the bandwagon that he needs to ride. Anyway, Gingrich says that he finally converted to Catholicism when he saw the majesty around the Pope and became enlightened. Just before this happened, the former prime minister of the UK, Tony Blair, converted to Catholicism and he started his Interfaith foundation. Rick Warren sits on his board and both Warren and Gingrich are members of the good-old-boy globalist think tank called the CFR. So we can assume that besides working for religious pluralism they are also both working toward globalism.

It seems that the goal of Blair’s Interfaith Foundation is to find common ground so people of faith can realize that all believers in a Creator are “catholic” (catholic means universal) because there is only one Creator. This universal all paths to the same God religion is supposed to bring good will, unity and the end of wars. Of course all would have to agree that the Pope of the Universal Church (catholic) speaks for God on earth. The Vatican will never compromise on that position.

Roman Catholicism tolerates almost anything as long as people venerate the Pope. Rome says nothing when Catholics do not even follow the teachings of the Roman Church with their promiscuity, contraception, abortion etc., in the West and where Catholicism mixes with native pagan religions in Latin America and Africa. However, they do attack evangelicals that will not submit to the Pope. That is because their agenda is not about spreading the gospel of salvation or about morality, it is about the Roman Church with its Pope having all the authority of Christ on earth.

When you consider that the Vatican is the most powerful religious entity in the world with their secret societies and influences in the UN and in global think tanks and universities, when you consider the Jesuits and Knights of Malta are all sworn to defeat the enemies of the Pope and bring Protestantism back under Rome, when you consider that the Pope kisses the Qur’an as a Holy Book and has hobnobbed with the Eastern Pope called the Dalai Lama, when you consider that Protestant seminaries have been infiltrated by Jesuits and they are now pumping out disciples, when you consider that there is a fast growing movement in Protestantism where young leaders are leading people toward post modern redefining of the scriptures, mysticism, feeling God, dominionism illusions, pagan contemplative prayer and occult psychological techniques we should see that the world is heading toward a universal Harlot religion.

I believe two major religious revolutions will take place before the end of the age. I think we are very near the first revolution. This is when the religious Harlot rebels against the secular humanism of the West that is now pushing the Marxist worldview on the West and the Islamic Fascist worldview on Muslims.

The next revolution after that will be a counter-revolution. The whole world will rapidly grow to hate the religious Harlot. Revelation 17:16  says the Harlot will be hated by the ten kings that give their power to the Beast and they will burn the Harlot with fire.

Therefore, if all these things are to happen within the next two decades, events need to start playing out very soon. I think the coming world war will bring about the first revolution. I see that happening within a couple of years. It will set up the dire conditions for people to be looking for some intervention from God in order to achieve world peace. I think this will come from Marian deceptions and that will help unite world religions under Roman religious universalism.

Keep in mind that many in and outside of Catholicism believe the 900 year old St. Malachy prophecy that gives a short statement about 112  future Popes. Supposedly we are now on the 111th Pope, so if the prophecy is valid there is only one more Pope before the end and Rome will be destroyed at the end of his reign. This is the way the prophecy reads in English.

112 Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.

The counter-revolution against universal religion will not take long. The Harlot will not solve the world’s problems and people of the world will find the world religious Harlot oppressive. People will then turn toward unstructured spiritualism which will make the rise of the Beast from the pit fitting. Perhaps the straw that will break the religious camel’s back will be the two Jewish prophets that have the power to torment the earth as often as they wish. The two prophets will enforce the Law, so to speak. When they are killed by the Beast that comes out of the pit the whole world will rejoice and throw a party. They will rejoice because they will think that they have arrived to the lawless kingdom led by the god that came out of the pit where everyone can sin without any consequences.

Keep in mind that if the Antichrist is ruling around 2030, that this burning of the religious Harlot takes place in the mid to late 2020’s. It is not that far off. All this has to happen in just two decades so hold on to your seat. The Woman Harlot that rides on the Beast sits fat and happy in the first half of the seven-year period but the burning of the Harlot occurs in the last half of the seven years.

Let me say a little more about our two Roman Catholic presidential contenders because if Rome is to rise it is likely to get help from world leaders. I am not saying that people like Santorum and Gingrich are not sincere and that they do not love America or that you should not vote for them because they are Catholic. I just want you to be aware of the times that we live in and see the possibilities.

Newt Gingrich said he converted to Catholicism after seeing the majesty of the Pope. On the other hand, Rick Santorum has always been a fervent Roman Catholic and is in the Catholic order of the Knights of Malta. He is a true believer that Roman Catholicism is the only true Church and he believes that the Pope has all authority from Christ on earth. I was a Catholic, so I know about these fervent believers. Unlike about 98 percent of Catholics these people actually do follow the teachings of their church to the letter and sometimes beyond. They are into scapulars, the rosary, Latin masses, Maryology and dead saint intercession and all Catholic religiosity.

Rick Santorum is quite aware of the roots of the Western cultural demise and his answer to that is a return to traditional Roman Catholic values. He has just said that mainstream Protestant Christianity is lost (it is). He did not mention the Protestant Evangelicals because he probably thinks that they will be returning back to Rome.

Did you know that there are thousands of fervent Roman Catholics now praying the Rosary for Rick Santorum all over the world? In case you do not know, saying the the Rosary is pretty much saying the same rote prayer over and over where Catholics are asking Mary to pray for us sinners. Rote prayer like this is nothing but witchcraft and Jesus said not to pray like the heathen that think they will be heard from their many words. Jesus also made it clear that we are to pray only to God.

It is interesting that many Evangelical Protestant leaders are lining up behind Sanatorium and Gingrich. They are not just doing it because Evangelicals and fervent Roman Catholics have common moral values (as do Mormons). Unfortunately, many are doing it as if they believe that Roman Catholicism is Christian. I guess they forgot or ignore the anathemas that the Roman Church has made against all Protestants.  They forget about the thousands of  saints that the Roman Church killed because they would not renounce that salvation comes by grace through faith alone instead of allegiance and obedience to the Roman Church and its Pope. Read again the above Babylonian practices in the Roman Catholic Church and tell me how this Roman religion is the gospel once given by which men must be saved? Roman Catholic doctrine is a different gospel. Paul warned us about this, but who among the New Evangelicals are even reading scripture anymore?

Unfortunately, some Evangelical leaders have come to accept the heresy of pluralism and universalism whether they will admit it or not. Actions speak louder than words. Many now think that anyone that claims to be a Christian is a Christian even if these people have a different path to salvation than the one given in the Bible. Thus, many Evangelicals are now embracing Mormons and Catholics as Christians. Some even think Muslims are saved. I am not saying that Catholics cannot be true Christians but they do not become true Christians through following the heretical doctrines of the Roman Church they attend.

Many Evangelical leaders have lost their minds. Perhaps they never even put on the mind of Christ. They have become blind teachers of the blind and that is exactly why all the latest paths of the New Evangelicals lead Christianity to religious pluralism, universalism, mysticism and back toward Rome.

If we are as near to the prophetic end of the age as I believe, somehow Roman Catholicism has to come back to being the head of world religion. It probably has to happen within 15 years. We see a big push coming from the New Evangelicals with their emergent and contemplative mysticism influences. They are moving young people toward Rome. However, I do not see anything today coming through religion that will make this conversion happen that fast. There will have to be other influences. I can see the possibility of powerful secular Catholic leaders pushing the world toward Catholic dominionism but that could only happen during or after a dire crisis like a world war.

Something radical must soon happen to make the world accept the Harlot as the authority of God on earth. I suggest that there will be a major world war. We have had foreshadows in the past. Some claimed visions from Mary in the other world wars. Millions were praying the Rosary thinking that saying the Rosary was the answer to world peace. I think the next world war will bring much the same things on steroids. Keep in mind that the third most respected person among Muslim woman is Mary and in Eastern religions the Queen of Heaven is a god. Arguably Mary is even more respected than Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church. Many Catholic mystics think world peace will come through the intercession of Mary.

World peace may come through the Harlot, but it will not last long because the Harlot is then burned by the Beast that she rides (Rev 17).

Also, watch for the Eucharistic Christ heresy to continue to spread into Protestantism. I already see plenty of mysticism taking place in the protestant communion service. It is not as big a jump as you might think from believing that Christ is “uniquely present” at your communion service to believing that Christ is actually in the wafer.

The main point is to watch, because the prophetic end of the age is not so far off in the future that we cannot observe that the stage is being set up for end time events right now.




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