The final Roman Emperor is Nimrod/Apollo claims Horn/Putnam

The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade is a very long all-encompassing title and the last of five books on the topic of the soon coming Antichrist written by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam (we can hope). They say four books are in the series but it seems to me that they want to forget about Apollyon Rising 2012.

Besides the review of this book, I had already done a review of two of the earlier five books in this series. See Apollyon Rising 2012 and Petrus Romanus. I skipped, Exo_Vaticana : Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R.

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Perspectives on 2016: A world full of crisis.

In spite of Obama’s rosy State of the Union message, from my perspective 2016 will be a year of crisis for the United States and the world in a world full of crisis. Instead of Obama ending his term gloating about his accomplishments, he may end his term with dung on his face when everything falls apart before he leaves office. The fall of Obama might be much like the fall of George Bush on steroids…or laxatives.

Economic crisis in a world full of crisis:

One world crisis that is looking increasing likely in 2016 is an economic downturn. There are indicators that already point to a recession in the United States.

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Are Americans scared to death of terrorists?

During the December 2016 Republican presidential debates Chris Christie said, “people across the country are scared to death of terrorists” and Mike Huckabee said “Americas are just plain scared”.  Both of them implying that Americans are quaking in their boots because of San Bernardino terrorist attack. WRONG!

We sing in our national anthem that America is the home of the free and the land of the BRAVE.  I guess Christie and Huckabee think differently. They say we Americans are “plain scared” and “scared to death”??

America has 22 million military veterans? Are these warriors scared to death of terrorists?? There are many millions more Americans that know how to hunt and shoot guns.

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Where are the God-fearing American men?

Americans have allowed depraved Marxist’s and depraved racist radicals to rise to power in government, educational institutions and most media. These people hate traditional Christian America and they are doing everything they can to destroy the nation built by the mostly white Christian builders. Bringing in millions of darker skinned migrants is part of their racist plan to change America. Where are the God-fearing American men that will stand against them?

These haters with influence in our nation also want to change America by bringing in more people who hate Christianity. I do not know why Americans cannot see that bringing in Muslims is just part of the hateful agenda to destroy Christianity in America.

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Islamist tipping point consumes European natives

With the bombing of  Russian airliner, the attack in Paris, the slaughters elsewhere and the Islamic invasion of Europe, I believe the Islamist tipping point will consume Europe, Russia and much of the world. I have warned that a native nationalist backlash against Islam will arise in Europe for a long time, but the timeline for that has suddenly been accelerated by these barbaric attacks.

The backlash against Muslim migrants by the right was already growing in Europe but now it will become a full-blown rebellion against the leftist ruling elite with their Utopian globalist secular humanist multiculturalism.

The ideology of these globalists blinds them to the real world facts.

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Catching Up On A Few Major Issues In The Age Of Depravity

A lot has happened since I stopped blogging about a year ago. I will just document six major issues in this age of depravity post. Keep in mind that any complete discussion on these six issues in this age of depravity could not be accomplished in any reasonably sized article.


1. Trumping up the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump for president? Ha ha ha ha. Who would have thought his present poll numbers were even remotely possible? After what the Obama administration did, and the Republican Congress has failed to do, I do understand why American’s are fed up with politicians.

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