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The green party starts a world counterculture movement?

By Don Koenig

World government will come about by a global movement. The last major world counterculture movement was the hippie movement of the 1960's and 70's. This movement did not quite go worldwide but it was a significant peace and counterculture movement.

The next major movement will be the one that helps bring world government into power. The roots of the movement may already be in place. I believe the green environmental movement that is now growing throughout the developed world is the root of a future global government movement. (I wrote most of this in 2000 and it is coming true)

We have not been good stewards of the earth

Man has caused terrible pollution on the planet in recent years. In some of the more developed countries major cleanup of air and water are underway and there is a start on cleaning up hazardous waste dumps but in less developed countries and in Russia, and China pollution is rampant. Health problems due to pollution is still a real threat to the population in most less developed countries.

Global warming

The number one environmental concern on the planet since the late 20th century is the release of carbon dioxide gases with its green house effect causing perceived global warming. The release of carbon dioxide gases is taught in schools, by government, and by most media as being a primary imminent threat to Earth.

In the final analysis, it does not really matter if man is causing global warming because it is taught as if it were a fact by the educators. This educational thrust rightly or wrongly will soon have most people believing that man is the main cause of global warming and that global warming is a threat to life on Earth. People will believe that every major weather disaster is a result of global warming. A prime example is the finger pointing going on over the recent heat wave in Europe and the hurricanes in the gulf of Mexico. However, weather disasters have been going on since ancient biblical days. Many examples are given in the Bible about storms, droughts, floods and natural disasters thousands of years ago. The facts are that storms are not on the increase on the earth.

If anyone dares to question the correctness of the theories of these environmentalists they are belittled. Most do not wish to consider that by their very own gradualism theory the earth has gone through many such cycles in the past that is unrelated to human activity. There is even scientific proof that the bulk of Antarctica has actually cooled over the last 35 years. The Arctic recently had the coldest temperatures ever recorded, yet all we hear about is the Polar Bears being endangered. Have you heard that Iceland was ice locked in the winter of 2007 for the first time in modern times? I am not saying that most of the earth had not been warming. Scientists know the earth has warmed some over the last century but there is also scientific evidence that Mars and other planets in this solar system have warmed.

What should we imply from all this? With recent new knowledge it might not be unreasonable to assume that the warming has little or nothing to do with man. The earth has either been warming or cooling throughout its history. We have had ice ages and heat waves on earth. We have had warm and cold periods even in the last 500 years. Ever wonder how Greenland got its name? They were farming on Greenland just a few hundred years ago. The earth then went into a mini ice age and Greenland became ice. As I said, there is also scientific proof that Mars is going through a warming cycle as observed by its shrinking polar caps. Did man have a hand in that? The most likely cause for this would be from a solar fluctuation. Certain respected scientists say they have proof that indeed has taken place. The best theories say cosmic dust or sun spots have much to do with the solar fluctuations.

Greenhouse warming might prove to be accountable for some of the global warming on earth but scientists who study the geological record using the theory of gradualism also say the earth is overdue for an ice age. What if we are successful in lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and all of a sudden we run into global cooling? Would the people of the earth rather live in a greenhouse or an ice box? So if the earth starts cooling as some project, is the solution for all countries to change policy and increase CO2? Man really does not know enough about all the climate factors to manage long term climate.

Lets face it - we do not know enough to be fooling around with nature. Let's not be so arrogant as to assume that God did not know that higher population levels on earth would also bring higher levels of CO2. It may even be God's plan to support expanding populations on the earth. Increased CO2 in the atmosphere also increases crop yields. By playing God ourselves to manage the climate without having full knowledge, man may actually bring climatic disaster on himself.

In the final analysis, we do not have enough information to determine the cause for global warming or even if there is long term warming all over the globe. Science and its models say that temperatures on the earth will increase with increases of CO2 gas but there are other factors that determine the earth's climate. There is evidence that CO2 gas was much higher during a period when the earth was much cooler. Scientific theories on this that come from computer models really have not had a good long-term track record. Are we heading for a greenhouse or an ice box? It all depends on which theory you are buying from these fallible men. If it turns out that man is causing global warming, we do not even know if this would be a blessing or a curse in the long run for an expanding population on the Earth.

This however, will not stop those who wish to use this issue as a platform for deception and a springboard for political power. There is a hidden agenda in those pushing global warming legislation. Those who wish to see world socialism are using this issue to help bring about their socialist agenda for transfer of wealth from developed countries to the underdeveloped world and the productive independent rich to the sometimes unproductive government dependent poor.

It also is not just a coincidence that many of these extreme environmentalists also embrace "new age/new spirituality pagan" religious beliefs. There simply is no basics for the panic and the obsession we see over this issue today. Certain people are hyping this issue and brainwashing people for their own end. That is the real inconvenient truth.

If people had any real faith in the God of creation they would not doubt that God is perfectly capable of managing the climate for the benefit of all who trust Him. Since they do not want a God involved in His creation, these groups have bought into humanistic solutions for every perceived problem.

The seeds that will make the earth green

There will be some in the green movement who will use the fear of global warming or nuclear pollution to get themselves in positions of power. As the fear grows so will the global green movement grow. This world green movement started as an environmental movement but other events are likely to broaden the scope of the movement until it becomes a worldwide social and even a religious revolution. This is the real hidden goal of the pagan socialists who push the world agenda for this movement.

Some of the events likely to make the Green movement to grow to become a more widespread world movement are:

(I first published this article around the year 2000. Since that time there has been no additional global warming but what I said would happen is now coming true. Certain men are actively gaining power by selling junk environmental science and using fear tactics. Even the World Counsel of Churches and the post modern Evangelicals have jumped on the global warming bandwagon. Al Gore made movies based on junk science and the dumbed down sheeple do not even have the intellectual ability to check out his facts. Instead they give him an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize and elevate him to the status of a rock star. Like robots most people just repeat what they see on the big screen as if it were fact. Check my references below for the other side of the story if you still have the ability to think for yourself).

Signs of the time

It took about a decade for the last world movement to peak. It will probably take a decade for the green movement to spread, to become corrupted by those within that have their own world agenda, and to become a major political force in the world.

*(It did happen)

It is fairly certainly that there will be a need for a world government in this generation to deal with all the environmental problems that man is creating by poor stewardship. The real question is, who will end up in control of this world government? Will it be sane people who seek sensible management of the resources of the earth or will it be the insane control freak radicals that in reality hate humanity and would like to see far less people on the earth. If past significant movements are any clue, the loony tunes with the biggest mouths will dominate.

Scripture addresses this issue. There is one that is coming who will have all the answers that some will want to hear but the outcome will not be as advertised and he will destroy the earth rather than saving it (the Antichrist).

In the end Jesus will come with the only real solution and He will destroy those who would destroy the earth. Jesus is God's answer to the environmental problems on earth and the only real solution to saving the planet.

GREEN LIES AND AMAZING TRUTHS, By Berit Kjos (documented truths that give the real agenda for the warming hype)

THE NONSENSE OF GLOBAL WARMING, by William Hunt (Global warming is refuted by the facts)

The Greenhouse Myth Thursday, April 20, 2006 by Steven Milloy (why the greenhouse theory is mostly hype)

"The Inconvenient Truth" is indeed inconvenient to alarmists, by Tom Harris, June 12, 2006 (debunks Al Gore's junk science)

Weathering Hurricane Hysteria Thursday, August 31, 2006 By Steven Milloy (puts global warming in proper perspective)

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Testimony on Global Warming, Testimony of David Barton U. S. Senate Hearing (great article on Evangelical views on Global warming. Even a Senator should understand)

Selected scripture References

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