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Welcome to the World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy Blog archive. This is an introduction to the archive. First let me say if you were used to the old theme, I was forced to change to a mobile friendly theme because Google now adds mobile friendliness in its search results.  

This may be the first time that you came to this Blog so you may need some information on how to find and access the many articles. I am no longer posting new articles for this Blog, but most of the articles in this archive are still very relevant to world and church trends and Bible prophecy.

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The time has arrived to freeze the Blog but not the website

With some regret I am ending new posts and comments on World and Church Tends and Bible Prophecy Blog for reasons that I will explain later in this article. Even so, everything worth keeping on this Blog will remain viewable for quite some time. The Blog will be frozen, but the top 100 downloaded articles on the side bar will continue to be ranked by total downloads.

I hate it when authors just write the same stuff over in different words. I do not intend to start doing that myself. I have already contributed most of what I know on the topics that I know anything about.

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Axis of evil from Islam initiates World War III.

World War III has already been initiated by Islamic Jihadists that are now forming an axis of evil to force everyone to submit to the various Islamist tyrants that define Islam. The nations of the world can wake up to this reality, or they will awake to this reality when terrorism takes place in their own backyard.

ISIS has made more people aware of the threat of terrorism, but most are still not getting the real Islamist picture. There are dozens of Muslim terrorist groups around the world with the common objective of forcing some purist version of Islam and Sharia Law on all others.

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ISIS: Obama’s dithering is letting a good crisis go to waste

The United States has a big opportunity to kill the terrorists that identify as ISIS. These terrorists have made it abundantly clear that they will kill Americans and anyone else in the world that does not accept their version of Islamic rule. Obama’s dithering on dealing with ISIS is just letting a good crisis go to waste.

When the cockroaches expose themselves, and are assembling in one small area, is the best time to let the professional exterminators come in and do the job that they were trained to do.

I do not know why our politicians on both side of the aisle say that we should not put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

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Don Koenig’s World and Church Trends Perspectives Aug 2014

It seems that the mainstream press wants to make the news rather than report the news. They have dropped coverage of most crises in the world in order to make race in America the number one issue this month. And no wonder, the radical Left includes the leadership of much of mainstream media. They are doing all they can to divide America by race and class.

This is all part of the Communist plan to bring social upheavals that will destroy the Middle-Class and force more government changes toward statist Communism. In case you did not get it yet, the far Left in America is either Communist or is a very close socialist cousin.

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“Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved”, review by Don Koenig

I recently received a signed complementary copy of the new book “The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved?“, from Dr. David R. Reagan. After I read the book, I thought it was important to do a book review on my Blog to help get out his message. Others need to get more informed about the history of the Jews and about certain heretical theologies that Christendom has regarding the Jews. This book accomplishes that job.

First, let me say, that Dr. Reagan is the founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries. The ministry has an active website, a TV program called “Christ in Prophecy”, and a magazine named “LAMPLIGHTER”.

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Hey, José, you’re going the wrong way!

An open letter to Latinos that want to come to the United States illegally

José, or whatever name that you go by, you most likely cannot speak English, yet read it, but, maybe someone who can read and translate English will read this letter of warning to people like you that want to illegally invade America. I hope after hearing some facts, you will change your mind about traveling north to the USA.

You do know that many of your women and girls coming north will be raped on the way? You do know that you will be abused by the drug gangs that are running this human trafficking operation?

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The root of America’s problem is its evolutionary worldview

America has been taken over by ideologues of the radical left that very much identify with socialist Communism or Fascism. They can also be defined as statists. They believe that big government controlled by elite “more evolved” individuals with a secular humanist socialistic worldview is the only hope for humanity to have any hope for survival as a species. They would be correct if there were no God, however, there is a God, and He is fully in control of human destiny. The evolutionary worldview is the root of the problems in America.

These secular humanist socialists are practicable atheists. They might give lip service to God but they are always found in opposition to His teachings.

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The American Freedom Delusion

Since nations first formed there never has been true freedom for the majority living in the world. It certainly did not and does not exist in America and the “free world” either to the extent that those using this rhetoric claim. Many in America will say that they live in the land of the free, as if true freedom always existed in America and exists today but that is largely not the case. In fact, true freedom could be called an American delusion.

For thousands of years, nations of the world have been run by monarchies, dictators, aristocrats and those that have most of the wealth.

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World and Church Trends Perspectives July 2014

The main event in world news this month has been the rocket attacks on Israel and Israel’s military response on the terrorists that are firing the rockets from Gaza. Unless there is some new major unforeseen offense by the terrorists, I think the response by Israel will be limited. Israel’s main mission probably is to find and destroy the rockets and the tunnels. I do not think Israel will launch the type of military campaign that would be necessary to take down Hamas.

Iran supplies the terrorists in Gaza with weapons and it is Iran that told the terrorists to reject the Egyptian brokered cease-fire and to continue to fire rockets at Israel.

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There but for the grace of God even true believers fail

I think we Christians often forget that we had nothing to do with our own salvation. It is all by God’s grace that we heard the gospel message at all. We then believed and turned to Jesus to save us from our sins. Many Christians will say they also believe that we did nothing worthy to get saved, but then some will turn down their nose at those living in sin that never had an opportunity to clearly hear the Gospel.

The old statement, “there but for the grace of God go I” when we encounter a person living in a worldly or unfortunate lifestyle is just the plain truth.

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Many calling themselves Christian join a Revelation Harlot

Most people who claim to be Christians in this postmodern generation say they follow Christ. However, their world views and beliefs display that the Christ that they claim to believe in, is not the Jesus Christ that the Bible defines. These pseudo Christians have worldly humanistic world views. They do not have a biblical Christian worldview. They are usually found on the wrong side of most moral and biblical positions.

Christianity is just a religion that they were brought up in or talked into. They follow teachings of religious men, but do not follow the teachings of God. They do not even know what God said, because they show little interest in learning the Bible at all.

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Preparing for coming global cooling may be critical to survival

I could get on the bandwagon and tell you that there will be global warming in the future, but even if it actually happened it will not have much of an impact on most that live on this planet today. Global cooling, on the other hand, does really matter to those alive on the earth today. If the earth cools, world food production will fall and many poor people would starve to death.

If the temperature falls just 3 degrees Centigrade, global grain production would be reduced by one-quarter. The U.S. would no longer be an exporter of grain and many nations of the world would be living in famine.

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World and Church Trends Perspectives Jun 2014

The unforeseen election loss of Eric Cantor is one of the biggest political upsets in American history. The Republican Majority Leader was dethroned by a conservative unknown named David Brat. Cantor outspent Brat $40 to $1. He was still expected to win his primary by a landslide just days before the Republican primary election but Cantor lost by a landslide. David beat Goliath.

Apparently, people in Virginia were heavily influenced by the headline news of the dumping of thousands of children from Central America on our southern borders and Cantor’s insistence that amnesty and immigration reforms had to be pushed through the House this summer.

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Aww…Poor God!

Some claiming to be among Christianity would have us think that the universe that God spoke into existence for His own purpose is not really under His control. They have a God that dwells in creation wringing His figurative hands just hoping that someone will love Him and be His friend. Aww…poor God!

Although many “Christians” may deny that they see God in the above terms, their theology and what they say about God indicates otherwise. I will give a few examples but it certainly will not be all-inclusive because this anemic concept of God is exceedingly widespread and is subtly interwoven in “Christian” concepts about their Creator.

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Internet ministries don’t get no respect from local churches

The late great comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to set up his brilliant self-deprecation comedy routine with the line I tell ya, “I don’t get no respect”. Dangerfield actually did get a lot of respect from those that appreciated his humor. I suppose independent Christian ministries that write articles on the Internet are respected by some of their readers but generally few get any respect from their local church congregations.

Think about it, people like me often sit in front of computers 250 to 350 hours a month keeping our websites and Blogs going but we don’t get no respect. In fact, we often get just the opposite from Christian pastors or other Christian leaders that think that what we do is not filling some slot in their local pegboard.

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A few recent interesting emails answered by Don Koenig

I am studying the feast period between Pentecost, Trumpets and Atonement.  Specifically,  I am presently focusing on the day counts and prophetic implications between Trumpets and Atonement.   
Messiah Yeshua fulfilled the Spring feasts to the day.  It seems that the day count ended with Pentecost and that the period between Pentecost and Atonement may be days of years as in the case of Daniel’s 70th week. 
There are 10 days between Trumpets and Atonement.  Most expect that Daniel’s 70th week will occur prophetically during these 10 days/years.  Mainstream biblical scholars (pre-trib/millenialists) say that Daniel’s week happens here.   
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World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy Perspectives May 2014

As most of you know, I have been doing these monthly perspectives newsletters for a few years now. The title change this month was made to reflect the Blog name rather than my own name. It will continue that way. The newsletters will remain monthly until people that know that they will be going in the Rapture this year send me the million in cash that they will not be needing anymore. I would then hire creative staff to publish daily perspectives about world and church trends and Bible prophecy.

No, this is not a 501c3 tax exempt website and probably never will be.

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American Oligarchy rules nation with police state enforcement

You might not yet even realize that you are under police state control, but you will soon. Americans are now ruled by an Oligarchy that controls an increasingly powerful police state that has Big Brother surveillance capabilities.

Everything you do will be regulated and if you do not abide by the rule of the elite and their police state enforcers the little liberty and freedom that you still have will cease to exist. The huge growth of armed federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security and the militarization of almost all local police forces and the control of them by directives from Homeland Security ought to tell you something about where we are heading as a nation.

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2Th 2:3 and other teachings of Paul indicate pretrib Rapture

Those crusading against the pretribulation Rapture really need to get a life because their arguments do not have a biblical leg to stand on. Every week I get emails or comments from some crusader wanting to inform me that the Bible does not teach a pretrib Rapture. They tell me that my pretrib Rapture teaching will send people to hell, so I need to repent of my teaching or I will be going to hell myself.

They make the unfounded claim that those teaching a pretrib Rapture are leading Christian people to hell because they think that many Christians that were expecting to be taken in the pretrib Rapture will then lose their faith when they find themselves under persecution in the tribulation.

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