If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, why expect worldly solutions?

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American Christians who are aware of Bible prophecy should not be surprised or unduly concerned by the lawlessness and insanity that we are seeing in our nation and the world. If we believe Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in our generation why would we now expect America or the world to come up with solutions for a world that will prove to be doomed without Jesus?

Why should we expect the prophecies about what would happen in the last days, to not happen, if we are indeed in the last days? If these things were not already happening before our eyes, I would have to question my own presumption that the prophetic scriptures about the end of the age will be totally fulfilled within a couple of decades. We are living in the times that the prophets longed to see, it is really not a time for panic or despair for believers looking for the Lord’s return. On the contrary, look up for your redemption draws near.

How could Bible prophecy be fulfilled while America remains a beacon of hope, freedom and liberty for the world? Obviously, if Bible prophecy is to be literally fulfilled, America as we have known her will have to cease to exist. According to Bible prophecy the world focus in the end times will be on Israel, the Middle East, the revived Roman Empire area, the Harlot, Gog in the far North, the Kings of the East, and on globalization and general immorality.

We should see that freedoms in America are suddenly being taken away at a startling pace at all levels of government in the name of drug wars, political correctness, environmentalism and national security. America has never been perfect; there have been significant demonic influences in all American generations, but the Christian influence in America in the past put America on a path of correction. Today, there will be no correction because most Americans do not believe what God said.

American Christendom actually leads the world in the latest bastardizations of Christianity. Even most of the American Evangelicals have already become corrupted or influenced by the rising New Evangelicals that are actually theological liberals or Dominion Theology reconstructionists disguised as evangelicals. They define Christianity not through the Bible, but through spiritual feelings or the philosophies and psychologies of a postmodern satanic world system.

America is doomed to receive the same fate as other great nations before it. The fall of America is now already underway and optimists that say there will be restoration again are not speaking from a biblical worldview. Americans elected a man who believes Marxist global government is the answer for the world. He believes the whole American system needs to change and be socialized and controlled by elitists controlling world government. Population control, UN Agenda 21 and climate change fear mongering, are just means toward that end.

Obama’s Defense Secretary recently let the cat out of the bag, when he said that world law trumps the American Constitution. He was just giving this administration’s position. These UN authorized Right to Protect wars are the start of military enforcement of world government. This is all part of a world socialist plan to gain control of the world and at the same time run down America’s super power status through endless wars, debt burdens, and class warfare. They know what is coming will bring riots to American cities, George Sorus even said as much.

You would think our generals would lay down the law for this administration, but apparently they just go along to get their pension or else they are insiders or they have been cowed. Any American citizen now can be detained indefinitely or even killed without due legal process and that is contrary to the US Constitution that all our military people took an oath to uphold and defend “so help them God”. Yet, they know they carry out unconstitutional unlawful orders. So why would God help these oath breakers?

Actually, if you read the executive orders of Obama, you have no rights at all if he declares otherwise.

Even if the Republican Party could somehow take over government, the purposely created race and class divisions and the criminal debt creation will still destroy this country. A house divided cannot stand; a debtor will become the slave of the lender. Christians helping to elect a progressive satanic cult leader is not going to bring a blessing from God on America.

Even if the Republicans successfully do dethrone the Marxist plant, they will only replace him with a Masonic plant. Christians think they can vote for the lesser of two evils and be blessed. They are wrong, and Christian leaders have been wrong on this issue for decades, and that is why we get the same evils to vote for.

I see no political solution to America’s problems. Why would God bless America? Sing that song all you want, but you’re part of the problem if you think God blesses nations that honor Him with their lips but dishonor Him in their deeds.

The political battle in America needs to be about retaining individual freedom and liberty. Will Americans allow government to control everyone and everything (statism and collectivism)? Will they make government god or will Americans fight to retain individual liberties outlined in our Constitution? We are probably the only nation left in the world that has a constitution where individual freedoms and individual liberties trump government, but that train may have already left the station.

Nobody should be under the illusion that sociopathic statists that gain control and establish Big Brother or Big Sister bureaucracies are suddenly going to reverse course and stop regulating, monitoring, and bullying everyone because a few more Republicans got into office. There are sociopathic control freaks in both political parties; our nation could not be where it is now at without them.

All it takes for tyranny is that sociopathic people rise to the top of government; they only need to be a very small percent of the population. Then add the passive yes men, and add apathy by the majority and you have Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. The common people in these nations were no more evil than our own people today, and what happened there is just as likely to happen here when most Americans confess Jesus but live like heathen. After all, Germany supposedly was a Protestant/Catholic Christian nation and Stalin’s Russia was a Russian Orthodox supposedly Christian nation.

If lovers of liberty will not stand up and fight for the freedoms that our ancestors died for, the American Empire will continue on its police state death spiral. When over half of the nation becomes focused on free bread and circus, liberty and justice for all becomes just a side-show for the rich people that can pay the price of admission.

America is lost because repentance from evil is nowhere in sight. Most Americans do not care to reject evil, and the people they elect to political office reflect that. If you need proof that most Americans love evil, just observe what they watch, what they listen to, what they do, and what and whom they support.

Show me a nation that blesses Israel and I will show you a blessed nation. That used to be true of America but even most of American Christendom is now hostile toward Israel and totally ignorant of promises given to Israel in Bible prophecy.

Take out the true believers in Christendom and all that you have left is a religious Harlot. I read about this Harlot in Revelation chapter 17, and I have been seeing this Harlot parading around Rome with her idols. This Harlot takes an image of the ancient sun-god, she puts it on a pole, and parades it around for world adoration as the Eucharistic Christ!!

The Babylon priesthood of the Harlot says some Latin mumbo jumbo and presto they turn a wafer into Christ for world consumption and world adoration with their abominable idol. The satanic high priests of Rome are really mocking the Son of God by presenting a wafer as the sun-god Apollo and Christ, but over a billion Catholics don’t know that the shrine they hold in adoration represents a fallen angel or demon. Likewise, the Roman Catholics do not know that the Queen of Heaven they worship and pray to is not Mary; it is the Queen of Heaven demon that also misled silly woman in ancient Israel to abandon the Lord God of Israel (look it up – it’s in the Old Testament).

What is even more bizarre is that almost as many Protestants do not even know about the pagan practices of the Roman Harlot that they hope to reunite with. Or is it that they do not even care, since truth to them is relative and the Bible to them is no more inspired than the Catholic Catechism or even the Qur’an? Well don’t be shocked – we are in the last days. If the Harlot were not now rising in influence over world religious, we would not be in the last days. We who believe the Bible and believe that the end is near should expect such things to occur. The New Testament explicitly warns us about the evils that will come in the last days.

The great hope of the world is that man will solve his problems and create a utopia through his own efforts, but Bible prophecy tells us that the fallen nature of man will bring about the destruction of the world. You can tell what a person really knows about God’s plan for man by their worldview. Do they believe that God has already determined the future of man on earth and that God has determined that Jesus will return and rule on earth, or do they believe that the achievements of man determine the future of mankind on earth?

You will never find a humanistic socialist utopian that believes that Jesus Christ will actually physically return to deal with evil and manage and restore the earth. They all deny future Bible prophecy. They all make any future work of God happen through men. In other words, they make man God. They all deny that God is in control, even if they themselves give lip service to God and try to present an outward appearance of godliness like some liberal Christians do.

Teaching on future Bible prophecy or the return of Jesus is a threat to the socialist worldview where man determines his own fate. That is why tyrannical led socialist countries persecute people who teach on the second coming. Socialists marginalize God to the outer limits of His creation where He won’t impact intelligent people, if they even believe in God at all.

Many of our liberal churches have a socialist worldview, they forbid the teaching of the literal return of Jesus Christ, and that proves that they have bought into humanism. If a church does not teach or allow the teaching that Jesus is physically returning, it would be wise to attend elsewhere, because they certainly will have a low view about what God revealed to man, and a high view on the philosophies and works of men.

Can anyone rationally explain why nations will be willing to go into wars of total destruction just to prevent several million Jews from living in their ancient homeland? This is a demoniacally inspired hatred to destroy the woman who bore God’s Son. Revelation 12 talks about this. Jesus is the man-child that came from the woman and Jesus was caught up to the throne of God. Jesus was the child that the Dragon tried to destroy as soon as He was born (under Herod). The woman who bore the child was Israel (it is not Mary as Catholics claim). Then we see that in the end times the Dragon seeks to kill the woman (Israel) so that there will be no natural brethren for the Jewish Kingdom promised, from which Jesus rules over the earth with a rod of Iron. So there you have the reason why all the demonic people of the world hate the woman (Israel).

If you want to know a person’s spiritual condition, just ask them about Israel or the Jews. If a demon of irrational hatred pops out of this person, most likely this person has never been saved by Jesus.

Likewise, you can know if the world is entering evil times by measuring the antisemitism in the world. There never was a time like today where almost all nations in the world hate Israel. Even in the few nations that are friendly toward Israel, a large segment of the population of those nations hates the Jews. I just read that 24 percent of those in France say that they are antisemitic. I would think it is at least that high through much of Europe. Even here in America, I would say that 90 percent of people who attend liberal churches are antisemitic. The only time in recent history that comes close to this level of hatred was just before World War II. What does that tell you?

Almost all the world hates Israel without cause, or they want to scapegoat Jews and blame them for all the problems in the world. Even apostate Jews hate Israel. The main people supporting Israel today are those that believe in the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So where does that put us on the prophetic time clock? I will give a clue. Remove those Christians supporting Israel in the Rapture and those hating Israel and scapegoating the Jews will totally control world government. Then is it any wonder that all nations come against Israel in the last days?

One proof that we are near the fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy is that we are at the only point in the history of the world where choices of humans can determine the survival of the human race. In the last one hundred years we had two world wars fought over who would control the world. We also had a cold war that almost ended the world. Have humans learned anything since then, and is there any evidence that humans have become more loving?

With human history as our guide rational people should not expect humans to suddenly change their sin nature and come up with peaceful rational solutions to bring in a Utopian age. What rational people do see, is that the world continues to prepare for war with ever more deadly weapons.

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. You can count on it. All indicators point to Bible prophecy being fulfilled in this generation. So don’t be shocked when what the Bible says will happen in the last days, is playing out now. We are in the last days.

Oh, it does not all have to play out over a seven-year period like some think either. The events can actually play out over a good part of a span of a generation (10 to 20 years). When Jesus implied in the fig tree parable that the generation seeing the first signs would not pass away until all is fulfilled, He may have meant just that. The first signs or birth pains that Jesus talked about could even start as soon as this year and if you want to believe the research of Thomas Horn they will. :shock:

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