If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, why expect worldly solutions?

American Christians who are aware of Bible prophecy should not be surprised or unduly concerned by the lawlessness and insanity that we are seeing in our nation and the world. If we believe Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in our generation why would we now expect America or the world to come up with solutions for a world that will prove to be doomed without Jesus?

Why should we expect the prophecies about what would happen in the last days, to not happen, if we are indeed in the last days? If these things were not already happening before our eyes, I would have to question my own presumption that the prophetic scriptures about the end of the age will be totally fulfilled within a couple of decades. We are living in the times that the prophets longed to see, it is really not a time for panic or despair for believers looking for the Lord’s return. On the contrary, look up for your redemption draws near.

How could Bible prophecy be fulfilled while America remains a beacon of hope, freedom and liberty for the world? Obviously, if Bible prophecy is to be literally fulfilled, America as we have known her will have to cease to exist. According to Bible prophecy the world focus in the end times will be on Israel, the Middle East, the revived Roman Empire area, the Harlot, Gog in the far North, the Kings of the East, and on globalization and general immorality.

We should see that freedoms in America are suddenly being taken away at a startling pace at all levels of government in the name of drug wars, political correctness, environmentalism and national security. America has never been perfect; there have been significant demonic influences in all American generations, but the Christian influence in America in the past put America on a path of correction. Today, there will be no correction because most Americans do not believe what God said.

American Christendom actually leads the world in the latest bastardizations of Christianity. Even most of the American Evangelicals have already become corrupted or influenced by the rising New Evangelicals that are actually theological liberals or Dominion Theology reconstructionists disguised as evangelicals. They define Christianity not through the Bible, but through spiritual feelings or the philosophies and psychologies of a postmodern satanic world system.

America is doomed to receive the same fate as other great nations before it. The fall of America is now already underway and optimists that say there will be restoration again are not speaking from a biblical worldview. Americans elected a man who believes Marxist global government is the answer for the world. He believes the whole American system needs to change and be socialized and controlled by elitists controlling world government. Population control, UN Agenda 21 and climate change fear mongering, are just means toward that end.

Obama’s Defense Secretary recently let the cat out of the bag, when he said that world law trumps the American Constitution. He was just giving this administration’s position. These UN authorized Right to Protect wars are the start of military enforcement of world government. This is all part of a world socialist plan to gain control of the world and at the same time run down America’s super power status through endless wars, debt burdens, and class warfare. They know what is coming will bring riots to American cities, George Sorus even said as much.

You would think our generals would lay down the law for this administration, but apparently they just go along to get their pension or else they are insiders or they have been cowed. Any American citizen now can be detained indefinitely or even killed without due legal process and that is contrary to the US Constitution that all our military people took an oath to uphold and defend “so help them God”. Yet, they know they carry out unconstitutional unlawful orders. So why would God help these oath breakers?

Actually, if you read the executive orders of Obama, you have no rights at all if he declares otherwise.

Even if the Republican Party could somehow take over government, the purposely created race and class divisions and the criminal debt creation will still destroy this country. A house divided cannot stand; a debtor will become the slave of the lender. Christians helping to elect a progressive satanic cult leader is not going to bring a blessing from God on America.

Even if the Republicans successfully do dethrone the Marxist plant, they will only replace him with a Masonic plant. Christians think they can vote for the lesser of two evils and be blessed. They are wrong, and Christian leaders have been wrong on this issue for decades, and that is why we get the same evils to vote for.

I see no political solution to America’s problems. Why would God bless America? Sing that song all you want, but you’re part of the problem if you think God blesses nations that honor Him with their lips but dishonor Him in their deeds.

The political battle in America needs to be about retaining individual freedom and liberty. Will Americans allow government to control everyone and everything (statism and collectivism)? Will they make government god or will Americans fight to retain individual liberties outlined in our Constitution? We are probably the only nation left in the world that has a constitution where individual freedoms and individual liberties trump government, but that train may have already left the station.

Nobody should be under the illusion that sociopathic statists that gain control and establish Big Brother or Big Sister bureaucracies are suddenly going to reverse course and stop regulating, monitoring, and bullying everyone because a few more Republicans got into office. There are sociopathic control freaks in both political parties; our nation could not be where it is now at without them.

All it takes for tyranny is that sociopathic people rise to the top of government; they only need to be a very small percent of the population. Then add the passive yes men, and add apathy by the majority and you have Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. The common people in these nations were no more evil than our own people today, and what happened there is just as likely to happen here when most Americans confess Jesus but live like heathen. After all, Germany supposedly was a Protestant/Catholic Christian nation and Stalin’s Russia was a Russian Orthodox supposedly Christian nation.

If lovers of liberty will not stand up and fight for the freedoms that our ancestors died for, the American Empire will continue on its police state death spiral. When over half of the nation becomes focused on free bread and circus, liberty and justice for all becomes just a side-show for the rich people that can pay the price of admission.

America is lost because repentance from evil is nowhere in sight. Most Americans do not care to reject evil, and the people they elect to political office reflect that. If you need proof that most Americans love evil, just observe what they watch, what they listen to, what they do, and what and whom they support.

Show me a nation that blesses Israel and I will show you a blessed nation. That used to be true of America but even most of American Christendom is now hostile toward Israel and totally ignorant of promises given to Israel in Bible prophecy.

Take out the true believers in Christendom and all that you have left is a religious Harlot. I read about this Harlot in Revelation chapter 17, and I have been seeing this Harlot parading around Rome with her idols. This Harlot takes an image of the ancient sun-god, she puts it on a pole, and parades it around for world adoration as the Eucharistic Christ!!

The Babylon priesthood of the Harlot says some Latin mumbo jumbo and presto they turn a wafer into Christ for world consumption and world adoration with their abominable idol. The satanic high priests of Rome are really mocking the Son of God by presenting a wafer as the sun-god Apollo and Christ, but over a billion Catholics don’t know that the shrine they hold in adoration represents a fallen angel or demon. Likewise, the Roman Catholics do not know that the Queen of Heaven they worship and pray to is not Mary; it is the Queen of Heaven demon that also misled silly woman in ancient Israel to abandon the Lord God of Israel (look it up – it’s in the Old Testament).

What is even more bizarre is that almost as many Protestants do not even know about the pagan practices of the Roman Harlot that they hope to reunite with. Or is it that they do not even care, since truth to them is relative and the Bible to them is no more inspired than the Catholic Catechism or even the Qur’an? Well don’t be shocked – we are in the last days. If the Harlot were not now rising in influence over world religious, we would not be in the last days. We who believe the Bible and believe that the end is near should expect such things to occur. The New Testament explicitly warns us about the evils that will come in the last days.

The great hope of the world is that man will solve his problems and create a utopia through his own efforts, but Bible prophecy tells us that the fallen nature of man will bring about the destruction of the world. You can tell what a person really knows about God’s plan for man by their worldview. Do they believe that God has already determined the future of man on earth and that God has determined that Jesus will return and rule on earth, or do they believe that the achievements of man determine the future of mankind on earth?

You will never find a humanistic socialist utopian that believes that Jesus Christ will actually physically return to deal with evil and manage and restore the earth. They all deny future Bible prophecy. They all make any future work of God happen through men. In other words, they make man God. They all deny that God is in control, even if they themselves give lip service to God and try to present an outward appearance of godliness like some liberal Christians do.

Teaching on future Bible prophecy or the return of Jesus is a threat to the socialist worldview where man determines his own fate. That is why tyrannical led socialist countries persecute people who teach on the second coming. Socialists marginalize God to the outer limits of His creation where He won’t impact intelligent people, if they even believe in God at all.

Many of our liberal churches have a socialist worldview, they forbid the teaching of the literal return of Jesus Christ, and that proves that they have bought into humanism. If a church does not teach or allow the teaching that Jesus is physically returning, it would be wise to attend elsewhere, because they certainly will have a low view about what God revealed to man, and a high view on the philosophies and works of men.

Can anyone rationally explain why nations will be willing to go into wars of total destruction just to prevent several million Jews from living in their ancient homeland? This is a demoniacally inspired hatred to destroy the woman who bore God’s Son. Revelation 12 talks about this. Jesus is the man-child that came from the woman and Jesus was caught up to the throne of God. Jesus was the child that the Dragon tried to destroy as soon as He was born (under Herod). The woman who bore the child was Israel (it is not Mary as Catholics claim). Then we see that in the end times the Dragon seeks to kill the woman (Israel) so that there will be no natural brethren for the Jewish Kingdom promised, from which Jesus rules over the earth with a rod of Iron. So there you have the reason why all the demonic people of the world hate the woman (Israel).

If you want to know a person’s spiritual condition, just ask them about Israel or the Jews. If a demon of irrational hatred pops out of this person, most likely this person has never been saved by Jesus.

Likewise, you can know if the world is entering evil times by measuring the antisemitism in the world. There never was a time like today where almost all nations in the world hate Israel. Even in the few nations that are friendly toward Israel, a large segment of the population of those nations hates the Jews. I just read that 24 percent of those in France say that they are antisemitic. I would think it is at least that high through much of Europe. Even here in America, I would say that 90 percent of people who attend liberal churches are antisemitic. The only time in recent history that comes close to this level of hatred was just before World War II. What does that tell you?

Almost all the world hates Israel without cause, or they want to scapegoat Jews and blame them for all the problems in the world. Even apostate Jews hate Israel. The main people supporting Israel today are those that believe in the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So where does that put us on the prophetic time clock? I will give a clue. Remove those Christians supporting Israel in the Rapture and those hating Israel and scapegoating the Jews will totally control world government. Then is it any wonder that all nations come against Israel in the last days?

One proof that we are near the fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy is that we are at the only point in the history of the world where choices of humans can determine the survival of the human race. In the last one hundred years we had two world wars fought over who would control the world. We also had a cold war that almost ended the world. Have humans learned anything since then, and is there any evidence that humans have become more loving?

With human history as our guide rational people should not expect humans to suddenly change their sin nature and come up with peaceful rational solutions to bring in a Utopian age. What rational people do see, is that the world continues to prepare for war with ever more deadly weapons.

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. You can count on it. All indicators point to Bible prophecy being fulfilled in this generation. So don’t be shocked when what the Bible says will happen in the last days, is playing out now. We are in the last days.

Oh, it does not all have to play out over a seven-year period like some think either. The events can actually play out over a good part of a span of a generation (10 to 20 years). When Jesus implied in the fig tree parable that the generation seeing the first signs would not pass away until all is fulfilled, He may have meant just that. The first signs or birth pains that Jesus talked about could even start as soon as this year and if you want to believe the research of Thomas Horn they will. 😯

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


57 thoughts on “If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, why expect worldly solutions?

  1. Hi Don,

    You might want to delete my comment before it goes public. Just a heads up. I think you meant to say “under Herod.” not “under Harold.”

    Another good article. Can’t wait for Jesus to return and take care of this world’s problems!

  2. Don, i have’nt replied or commented on here for awhile but i just happened to be reading a magazine i get called the Trumpet which i remember you commenting about sometime ago somewhere on your page. While i don’t subscribe to many of its beliefs especially that it does’nt invite or let people know they must repent and invite Jesus Christ into their hearts in order to be saved, it does have some excellent writings that speak of the politics of countries around the world and how they play into end times. It speaks of many of the things you talk of here regarding Israel, the Catholic Church, Globalism/One World Gov’t, America’s eventual downfall, etc. The thing i have discernment on is that the publishers all praise Herbert Armstrong as some kind of anointed prophet/saint who was and is the only person God spoke to about the things to come at the end of times. Also the magazine says that America and Britain are part of biblical Israel known as Manassah and Ephraim, respectively and we are/will be punished just as ancient Israel was punished. What is your opinion of this?

  3. Thanks Doug,

    I fixed it along with many other problems that I found this morning. I knew I needed to look at the article some more but it was getting late and I wanted to get it posted.

  4. Robert,

    I do not believe the Bible supports British Israelism. The Trumpet may have some good articles but Christians that read it should be grounded in the Bible or they are likely to be deceived. I also used to read “The Plain Truth” magazine put out by Armstrong because it had some good articles unrelated to theology, but I would not recommend it to ungrounded Christians.

  5. As a former Catholic,I had to laugh at what you say. It is so true. As a child I did believe Jesus cloned Himself thousands of times each day. I used to kneel before the sunburst and pray to the so called host.And people pray to Mary because she can be manipulated easier than Jesus. After all,Jesus could never turn down a request from Mommy.I finally heard a priest explain how Mary can hear prayers when she is not omnipresent. The Holy Spirit relays the request to her,and she in turns relays it to Jesus.Catholics are absurd,but they are not dangerous as Muslims. We are in a war to the death with Islam and this war can only end with one side being victorious. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

  6. First, though I don’t comment often, I read every blog you write. I love the style of your writing and how you don’t worry about offending anyone, telling it like it is. I’d be sorry to see this blog go, if you ever decide to discontinue it. I did want to comment on one thing, though, since it left me a bit confused.

    You say the signs could start as soon as this year so I take that to mean that you don’t believe we’ve yet seen any of the signs that Jesus mentioned.

    It seems to me that a lot of the signs Jesus mentioned are happening today and have been happening for many years (wars and rumours of wars, nation rising against nation, earthquakes in various places, floods, and new/old diseases cropping up), though growing more frequent and more severe, like ‘birth pangs’ as Jesus said).

    If you don’t believe that any of these signs have started yet then I think I’m confused.

    What signs do you think will start this year and how do we know when those listed things start becoming signs, when now you think they are not?

    Having notice that the frequency and severity of these things Jesus mentioned have been increasing over time since the early 1900s, I’d appreciate clarification, especially if I’m watching the wrong things.

    Thank you.

  7. I don’t take anything the Trumpet says as the gospel and have indeed read scripture while cross referencing some articles and they are taken out of context and i believe i am pretty grounded Don. Thanks for your knowledge & insight Don, you are always appreciated by me and others here. Glad to see you have limited your articles to once per week so as not to suffer burnout.

  8. You’re right, Don. The World Wide Church of God used to put out really interesting articles. And not all of them were wrong. But their British/Israelism was. As was their adapting the view that the Church had to follow the Jewish Sabbath and Feast days. But they had some wonderful articles debunking evolutionism. I still have the free glossy oversize books they used to send out. And I sure do miss GTA. What a radio voice! I recall driving from Santa Fe, NM to Santa Barbara, CA in my college days, channel surfing in order to listen to the World Tomorrow broadcast clear through the night, which made crossing the Mojave Desert easier back in the days before air condition was so ubiquitous!

  9. Hi Ronda,

    Glad to hear that you read my posts.

    To answer your question signs are very subjective and I do not necessarily think that we will see any specific signs in 2012. I was referring to Tom Horn’s writings that tie many mystery religion theories together and also ties this into the 2012 Mayan stuff and his conjecture about the last Pope to arrive in 2012. I personally don’t think he has this correct but since his new book is not out yet, I cannot comment on specifics or say that he has the 2012 date wrong. The last Pope may indeed appear this year and not be revealed as the False Prophet until decades later but the signs really relate to Israel.

    One can generally say that Jesus was talking about such things as you mention but if that is true than the greatest wars in the world occurred even before Israel became a nation again and contrary to popular thought what is happening in nature today is not much different than what happened in past times. So it appears that the beginning of sorrows signs have been taking place since 70 AD. If that is true there are no signs mentioned by Jesus that point to the end times until the Abomination of desolation mentioned by Daniel. Yet, even if that is true there are indeed signs of the end times that we can determine from Bible prophecy about Israel. The main sign is Israel reoccupying the land. Others signs are wars against Israel and the alignment of nations that will bring about other latter day fulfillments with Israel. For example, the Psalm 83 alignment and the Ezekiel 38-39 alignment and the revival of the Roman Empire.

    The truth is that I do not know what signs might suddenly appear to enforce our reasoning that the birth pains for the Kingdom have begun. I would put my money on Psalm 83 as being the first major sign and perhaps the destruction of Damascus with Gog not being far behind.

  10. WoW Don,

    This is an incredibly strong article with big impact on where we, the United States are…and the entire world is, as a whole.

    This article makes it so clear that Biblical Prophecy is imminent…that even a liberal or atheist should be able to understand it. Of course, a lib or atheist would fight this article to defend their god, Satan.

    This is an article I will be referring others to read.

  11. Lord Jesus. Please come quickly!


    Thank you for a great article. I agree with David, it is very strong article and it is so true. Many times I slowly walk around my compound with a cup of tea, reflecting on the world situation and my own thoughts with God.

    These walks always end with me looking up into the night sky, and saying, “Lord Jesus. Please come quickly”.

  12. I think Don is totally correct that when The Rapture does occur you no longer have any voice suppoting Israel. I believe that the true Christians in America are to some extent a restaning force against evil. Only God knows who those True Christians are and to whatever extent they may be a restaining force as God Himself is the power behind us . When God decides to take His Church out of the world things really fall apart. I wish people would learn that it’s HIS CHURCH , not our church. We are part of The Church by invitation only , not because we ever did anything to deserve Jesus blood being shed for us. BLESSINGS to ALL !!!!!!

  13. Amen! Amen! it is Christ’s church, not ours, it is one body, not many, and there is so little love or compassion flowing from our churches, it makes one wonder why anyone would be attracted to Christ.

    Or support Israel.

    He said we are the salt- and if salt loses it’s flavor it is worthless.

    So let;s try living as loving, compassionate, caring Christians, instead of just bemoaning the fate of the US. We can still worship-Christians lose their lives for their beliefs in some parts of the world. We still have a voice-though that may not be true much longer. I actually wrote a short story, about this, several years ago….it was for a dog magazine so don;t get too excited. my basic premise is, as we lose more, economically, we will be forced to live in groups, based on a family but including others, and that small home based churches, reading of the Bible, exhorting and helping each other, would occur.That speaking out in public, or carrying a Bible, would get you arrested. or worse, put in a mental institution.

    doesn;t seem so wacky NOW does it?

    Let us pray that the Lord returns soon!


  14. Faith Sisk,

    I agree and I think that if/when we are at that time when True Christianity becomes a hate crime and “home churches” are the new underworld, then at least we will be able to get together in these home churches and know that all among who would risk this “crime” are true lovers of Christ.

    I can see it now, SWAT teams and DEA (Deity Enforcement Agencies) using snipers and tear gas to break up and arrest home churches.

    I have noticed that since I carry my Bible to doctors office waiting rooms, some people look at me like I am carrying a weapon or something…like how dare I bring that in here !

  15. David, hope you continue to take your Bible with you. Thursday, I took my Bible with me to have my 3000-mile oil change. Was reading in the wait room. When I went in, all kind of chatter about “nothings,” but when folks saw my Bible, started a very nice conversation about Christian things and the state of American affairs. I was very surprised to listen to 3 African-Americans taking off against Obama. If this was any indication, I don’t think this Marxist President has the African-American vote completely. Kinda hated that they finished up with my car so soon.

    Don, I just finished reading Jack Kelley’s “7 Things You Have to Know to Understand End Times Prophecy.” You and he see eye-to-eye Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Exekiel 38-39. Such an excellent pattern of events for end times.

    Also, Don, I took your advice about trying to set up a home study group since I haven’t found a local church group that I felt comfortable with due to their teachings, non-traditionalisms, and emphasis on rock-music and deemphasis on worship. Before I place an ad in PennySaver, I asked my restaurant-owner friend if he would let me use his private dining room for one night as an initial place to assemble. He was most agreeable and said he would provide gratis some snacks and drinks. It will be interesting to see outcome–who/what etc. I don’t know why I was surprised.

  16. Good article Mr Koenig. I would be interested to know if you have ever read how the “True Torah Jews” of America feel about the Israeli government.

  17. JerryB,

    Yep, I carry my Bible to anywhere that I believe I’ll have time to read it.

    Cool story about your oil change : )

    I’m going to find some information about Jack Kelly’s 7 also…even though that was directed at Don.

    Hope the restaurant Bible Study is a great success :)

  18. Hi Don.. Nice article.. your trouble is your really need to stop pussyfooting around and say what you think! LOL :-)

    I was interested in people discussing the Trumpet/Plain Truth/Armstrong/GTA etc. I grew up in the Worldwide Church of God and was as mesmerized as many of the others with Armstrong’s views. While I don’t consider everything they did to be wrong – I do believe there was a reasonable percentage of saved Christians in the church (probably as many as their are in the Catholic church) – I do believe that many of the Armstrong teachings (now perpetuated by many of the offshoot churches after WWCOG turned mainstream) are dangerous and probably should be avoided. They did have good articles on some things, but the spirit of misunderstanding is mixed amongst so much of it that in my opinion its better just to avoid it all together.

    Oh and Doug – just for your knowledge – GTA was kicked out of the WWCOG when he tried to depose his father – he then started his own church COG International which he was subsequently kicked out of for sexual and financial impropriety. He died a few years back a broken man. Yeah – he had a great voice, but by their fruits you will know them.

  19. Barring a rapture happening in the next year or so, I don’t see any scenario other than one that involves taking out the continental power grid as being enough to make North America a “non-mention” in revelation. Frankly, even if the rapture happened in the very next moment, I still don’t see any scenario that would satisfy the “non-mention”; Civil war, all the debt issues, class warfare, etc etc are realistic scenarios, and likely to occur, probably sooner rather than later, but I don’t see these scenarios as “rising to the level” (to steal the enemy’s montra) of “non-mention”;

    Even a less than all out CME, causing, say, 66% of the one-second-after scenario, of even a power grid loss of only, say, 6 months, would, in my guestimation, absolutely “shut the lights off” on American influence on the world and most certainly would satisfy the “non-mention”.

    re: gauging anti-israeli / ani-jewish sentiment… Good observation / test. I’ve heard it said all prophecy revolves around Isreal (I forget who said that or where I read that), but I’ve kept that little tidbit on my radar / back pocket. But to have something to that effect written on this blog seems as a bit of confirmation. Jesus said “watch!” and watching as connected to the Israeli nation (not [just] geo-political) seems like a good activity to me.

    I don’t know how much time is left in this “calm before the storm”, but little by little I’m getting my ducks in a row — well, at least to the point that I don’t feel that catastrophic events would catch me with my pants down, so to speak. Anyway, I’m not close to that point, but little by little I’m working on it. One scenario I probably fear more than others is that we have to suffer with complete state control and then catastrophe hits. Because the state will most certainly make every effort to remove the people’s ability to survive in the almost forgone conclusive catastrophe that is going to occur (in my opinion). If that’s the case, then “even unto death”, let’s put it that way. Let God sort it out.

    Now, if catastrophe strikes first (I think it will), then the ability to witness to our neighbors will be to a much more receptive audience. I think that our ability to do so now, to a nation of spoiled rotten brats, is a major challenge – one that I am not having any visible success. But if the Lord puts them on their knees, so to speak, they the truth’s we have internalized are ready and available for those who ask. Right now, nobody is asking.

    As always, “as far as me and my house is concerned, we will serve the Lord”… in His love/truth/might/will (aka, the first commandment).

  20. Bruce,

    I have not read much information about the beliefs of American Torah Jews. I guess some would claim that the Temple has to be rebuilt under the direction of Elijah and the sacrifices have to be restored, and until that happens nothing in the land of Israel has any meaning. I guess others think Ezekiel 38 39 and God’s intervention will bring about Elijah and the full restoration of the sacrifice system.

  21. Don,

    Great post, I have been reading your site for some time and used your commentary on Revelation for my youth Sunday School class. What are your feelings on Doomsday prepping? I tend to think that the rapture will take care the saved and not to worry too much about preparing for global disasters. I agree that the America we know now is in decline and may not have much time left.

  22. Saw this quote on a cartoon in a finacial letter.

    A Nation of Sheep will beget a Government of Wolves Edward R. Murrow.

    I have been expressing to a few I see us in the state of being in a “Last Stand” senario. I agree that we can’t stop prophecy and I don’t believe we are relevant enough to many any significant changes in our respective countries. The focus needs to be on building up and equiping the Body. There is a need to train up Godly leaders Biblically grounded and capable of leading, preaching, teaching.
    As I agree this is not a 7 year deal. This has a generational focus and even if we only have approx 20yrs as you have stated between now and then much can happen to errode our freedom to worship rights. We need these leaders as a prepartion for when we can no longer freely worship. Even further than that maybe we’ll have enough of an impact in our small area that when the rapture does happen we will have left behind many seeds of faith that will take root.

    I am thankful for the country I live and and the upfront support we have for Israel, but I also know that we are but an ‘event’ away from that all going away. Taking nothing forgranted.
    You have alot of thoughts there Don, much to ponder.

  23. Hi Rosewood,

    I believe we should take about the same prudent preparations as generations before us did. They prepared for a tough winter and for a crop failure. Even after World War II this nation had huge national stockpiles of food. Now everything is dependent on just-in-time-inventory. In a disaster or panic, food will disappear from the store shelves in 24 hours with or without looting.

    There simply is no promise that the Rapture is going to save people from supply disruptions and there is no promise that the electrical grid that most of us depend on will stay up. It can be brought down for weeks or even much longer by a solar storm, an EMP, terrorist activity, cyber attacks or a natural disaster like a earthquake on the New Madrid.

    Therefore, everyone should have a rotating supply of extra food products that they will regularly use anyway. It even saves you money in the long run because prices of the food products that you use almost always go up from one year to the next.

  24. I read a number of select blogs and this article seemed to encompass the guts of them all. I will not use the word inspired, but this certainly encapsulates God’s warning to the Church of the time in which we live. Great article Don.

    Many years ago Gore Vidal visited Australia and sneered at the then moral stance here, saying we were 15 years behind the US. I remember thinking how glad I was. With the proliferation of the visual media I am afraid we have willingly shortened that time frame considerably.

    Every dispensation ends in failure and the Church age will be no different. The Bible clearly teaches it and the times in which we live declare it is upon us.

  25. Don, I would like to ask for permission to copy and paste this article so I can share it with my family members. its an amazing article, and I need to remind them that we are in the Last days. If I can’t is ok I will share the link to this amazing article. Thank You

  26. Hi Jean,

    You have permission to do that. In fact, anyone can do that with my articles as long as they provide a link back to where they got it.

  27. If you want to know a person’s spiritual condition, just ask them about Israel or the Jews. If a demon of irrational hatred pops out of this person, most likely this person has never been saved by Jesus.

    There never was a time like today where almost all nations in the world hate Israel.


    This is just so baffling to me…but obviously so true.

    What do people think they are reading about when they are reading their Bibles ?

    So, they hate “The Apple Of God’s Eye” and hate the culture that The Messiah came about in…and then think they have some communion with The Lord ?

    I think this even defies common sense.

    And, I have discovered that when a Muslim says, “we believe in Jesus also”…all you have to ask them is what Don said…ask them how they feel about The Jews and Israel.

    If you still have your head on, after the conversation, you’ll discover from whom their truth comes from.

  28. You said all that to say what? Don. If we don’t love Israel we’re apostates? The Zionist Jews of Israel will no doubt build their third Jewish temple: in which the Zionist’s NWO messiah will come forth to plunge the world into three and a half years of darkness, (Daniel 12:11,12.) But blessed is he who can wait out another forty-five days, (v12). I hope that the Zionist / Kabbalah / Talmud Jews, will become Messianic, according to Romans 11:26. But until then…it helps to understand how Israel will be thrown under the bus for this 3rd world war with Iran, to complete global governance. In the mean time: do a study on Lord Jacob Rothschild, (He’s Jewish.) He is a key piece of this confusing puzzle to the uninformed Christian.

    BTW~ Who are you voting for in this next election?

  29. Gary,

    Obviously you are against Jews living in the land God gave them. You are a little mixed up. Jews still are the apple of God’s eye and they still are his physical brethren. They were blinded in part so people like you could be grafted into the commonwealth, but yet I perceive there is hatred in you for those that preserved the scriptures that you claim and who inherit the promises in those scriptures.

    By the way, the Antichrist will most likely be a Gentile, so to say he will be their NWO Messiah is a bit over the top. You seem to forget that for 3 1/2 years two Jewish prophets will preach from Jerusalem, so many of those that first accepted this world leader as their Messiah will also reject him when they hear the prophets, see the abomination that causes desolation and flee to the mountains. Most of the Gentiles will actually accept this Antichrist as God so they have no room to brag over the Jews. The Judgement of God (The wrath of God) is mainly coming against the enemies of Israel in those last 3 1/2 years, it is not coming against the Jews. You need to learn Bible prophecy.

    I already wrote on Rothschild and that whole issue. You say he is Jewish but more like he descended from the Edomites that were once forced to convert to Judaism. They are anti-Jews.


    I can’t be sure who the nominees will be yet, so I can’t tell you who I will be voting for

  30. Gary ,
    Many like to suggest The Jewish People have no exclusive right to the land. God says otherwise and God has never put out a HELP WANTED sign to run His universe. American Christians are as equally unfaithful as The Jewish People , if not worse. Ezekiel 38 and 39 when read carefully GOD declares it to be HIS land, that should settle any debate about whose owns the land. Don is correct , The Rothschild’s are Edomites.

  31. “Can anyone rationally explain why nations will be willing to go into wars of total destruction just to prevent several million Jews from living in their ancient homeland? This is a demoniacally inspired hatred to destroy the woman who bore God’s Son.”

    I agree with that statement, but I think the situation is more complex than that. Islam acts as a catalyst that allows other nations to destroy themselves. For example, Israel and America are on one side versus Iran, Russia and China on the other side. Two great opposing forces ready to go at each other. Islam acts as the catalyst to set off World War III.

    In this case we have three great powers that destroy themselves thanks to a smaller power – Iran. This might take place in the next year or two depending on when Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

  32. Hi Don Fritts,

    Yeah, that is baffling to me also.

    People who need tangible proof of God’s Hand At Work with Israel and The Jews have to look no further than an accurate account of history…it doesn’t even have to be The Bible for history purposes…that is, if one wants to make it hard on themselves for the research and is afraid of The Gospel.

  33. Gary:
    There are many in Jews in Israel who deserve condemnation, but their unbelief and downright ungodliness will never negate the promises of God to Abraham and his seed.

    I would question your use of the word Zionist. The propaganda of the socialist left and other anti Israel groups have take the word Zionist Zionism etc and have contaminated it. Zionism is simply the desire to once again inhabit the ancient Jewish homeland promised to Abraham by God. It is not a dirty word.

    The desire of Zionism, in the hearts of Jewish people (and Bible believing Christians), is inspired by a belief in the Jewish scriptures and the prophetic words of the New Testament. The objectives of Zionism cannot be fulfilled until the Church age is complete and therefore those of us who look forward to the coming of Christ Jesus for his bride are vitally interested in and supportive of the Zionist movement.

    Most Jews are back in the land in unbelief but it seems evident that God is behind the movement; Zionism is something that God is allowing or even empowering because the giving of the land to Abraham’s descendants is his ultimate purpose.

    In the Bible God makes it abundantly clear that not all Israel are of Israel; a Jew is only truly Jewish in the attitudes of the heart. A Jew is one who believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    It has been estimated that Jews in Israel can be placed roughly into three separate camps, the atheistic, the secular, and the orthodox: We read in Zechariah 13:8-9 that two out of every three Jews will die in the coming time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’. Could there be some correlation to these two statements? It is certainly true that faith alone is the criterion for life in God’s kingdom, whether it be in Heaven or on Earth.

  34. David ,
    People want THE TRUTH to be negotiable because if they accept GOD’S WORD as TRUTH they become accountable to HIM. THE TRUTH is that they are accountable anyway. People want to define to GOD what is acceptable. JESUS declared THE TRUTH , HE never debated it . BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!

  35. Gary ,
    GOD says HIS promises to Israel are guaranteed not because they deserve it , but for the sake of HIS HOLY NAME. Our opinion is irrevelant on the matter. BLESSINGS to YOU!!!!!!

  36. Thanks Brian, and many thanks to Don, and for the link.

    My comment needs some clarification: First, I had no intention of denying the Jews a homeland. My point was to bring too attention the fact that: “They are not all Israel, that are of Israel…” As Brian pointed out.

    Zionism~ is the political movement to restore a Jewish homeland in Israel. But, you noticed I’d added: Kakkalah/Talmud? According to these books, Zionism doesn’t stop in Jerusalem or in the land of Israel. It includes the whole world under a “Jewish utopia” ruled by the “Chosen” elites who believe they are divine according to Psalms 82:6.

    Whether these “Chosen” ruling banking families are Edomites/Jewish or from the tribe of Dan (Dan shall be a serpent of the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward, Gen.49:17) as one researcher believes, is semantic. One thing is for sure, they are the ones driving (financing) the ‘global’ Zionist agenda, and their intent is evil.

    Where does that leave the average Israelite? I believe they are in the “valley of decision” as says Joel 3:14.

    As Brian points out: There are three classes of Israeli; “the atheistic, the secular, and the orthodox.” I would point out that orthodox does not mean “Messianic.” It means Kakkalah/Babalonian Talmud, in other words: modern day Judaism. This is the Judaism that says of my Lord and Savior that he is “boiling in hell in hot excrement” (Gittin 57a) and “the best of the Gentiles should be killed,” (Soferim 15. Rule 10.)

    My point is: The Christian community (especially the Evangelical Christian community) is giving the “Chosen People” a free pass into sainthood because of their bloodlines, when Paul said they were broken off awaiting the time when they will have the opportunity to be grafted back into their own tree,(Romans 11:23-32).

    BUT UNTIL then, they are not in, not chosen, nor saved. And it’s a disservice to the Jewish community to say otherwise.

    Yes, God is able to graft them back in (Rom. 11:23) But till that day, is their salvation, retroactive?

    Was our salvation retroactive? Didn’t we still have to receive Christ and ask him to save us?

    “He is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” Rom. 2:28,29.

    Today, Israel sits under a national flag that has six points, six sides, and six triangles. You do the math. The 666 flag of Israel (a star David never rode under) is not a land that I love because of what it is. It is a people I love because of where God said they’re going. But until they arrive there…I’m no apostate because I point out their sin, the rebellion of Judaism, and the need to be grafted back into their own tree.

    Until that day: They are NOT “The Chosen People of God.” And someone needs too (in love) tell them so…

    God bless.

  37. Wayne,

    Thanks for the update. I knew that GTA and his dad had a falling out and that he moved to Tyler, Texas and started the COG International. He sort of dropped off my radar screen by then as I was growing as a Christian and beginning to see where what he was teaching wasn’t lining up with the Bible. I didn’t know that he was booted from COGI as well. I do remember being saddened when I heard he’d died. He seemed young — early 70s if I recall?? Always thought he sounded a little like, and had the same mannerisms as, Paul Harvey. He was a Charismatic speaker.

  38. Glad to see you have finally formed an opinion Don! :)

    There will be no worldly solution to the current problems of the world. All who rely upon that theory are NOT God’s people. God’s people (born again Christians) do believe that the only way things will be solved are by God.

    Actually another good test of seeing whether or not a fellow “church goer” is a Christian – check if they rely upon “state” or God.

    Very intersting that you added the Godly test of how we treat the Jews – I have recently started using that test myself (with the Muslims, Communists, Atheists, the Roman Catholic church and liberal Protestants against the Jews; with the conservative Protestants and Independent Christians [primarily the new group of African and Asian born agains] for the Jews). Then simply check the level of opposition against the Jews and you get the level of Satanic possession/belief… (remember the Third Reich anyone?)

    My last point – print out Barack Hussein Obama’s recent Executive Order issued March 12, 2012 (sorry – don’t see a number yet). It is about “National Defense Resources Preparedness” :( (Talk about the ultimate reliance upon the state!) You may wish to cover this in another post – but he sets up the various Secretaries with specific powers in Section 201. Agriculture – all food; Energy – all energy; Health and Human Services – health resources; Transportation – all civil transportation (including your car); Defense – all “water resources”!; Commerce – all materials (construction materials in particular) but also all servicea and facilities. How long could life be sustained without those resources being available? Obama set the trigger in Section 103 for these powers to his declaration of need based on “in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States” as empowered under the Defense Production Act of 1950.

  39. Hi Fount,

    I guess if I did not have opinions and viewpoints I would have no reason to have this Blog.

    I agree that we can also see the satanic control within a nation by their attitudes toward the Jews.

    The reliance on the “state” is rather subjective since God works through governments. People were sold a contract by government, that if they paid into a trust fund program like social Security or the Medicare system or paid their taxes that they would be entitled to receive something in return in the future for their investment. After all, they bought it.

    So I do not think that people that rely on a check from government when they made a contract with that government, and paid for in one way or another, are out of the will of God anymore than those that rely on their own personal savings,for hard times, medical costs,retirements, food reserves, etc.

    If we did not have evil people in government robbing the trust funds of the contributors, misappropriating taxes and promoting abortion the entitlement bomb that is coming would not even exist.

    I have already written some about the executive order that was updated and that Obama signed in a previous monthly perspective. Basically Obama can take control of everything anytime that he thinks that he can get away with it.

    I understand that the need of a national emergency was taken out of this latest executive order, so a national emergency is not even required. All that is needed is a presidential decree. Of course if such a decree was made without good cause the president might be removed from office.

  40. Thanks Don for allowing me to post, and the link, (especially the latest link to the Prof. Johan Mala article). Your labor of love, time, in going back into your archives to retrieve this is much appreciated.

    Combining the links/articles strikes the balance between:

    “If you want to know a person’s spiritual condition, just ask them about Israel or the Jews. If a demon of irrational hatred pops out of this person, most likely this person has never been saved by Jesus.”


    “There are some erroneous teachings going around that relate judgments on America to how we treat unrepentant Israel. That concept is wrong. The judgments coming on America today is due to our own sins.”

    That was not clear to me in the current article. I encourage anyone who’s been following this discussion to read through the Prof. Mala article.

    I concur, preaching the gospel in Israel is illegal. I know of a missionary woman who is there under a press visa. She ‘toes the line,’ not upsetting the government by not proselytizing the Israelis. Her ministry is mainly to the Muslims. She has been death threaten by the local Rabbis.

    “Zionism” is going to be as sticky of the subject, as talking about “unrepentant Israel.” It’s because of the programming that has been pounded into our heads by the media. The term has two meanings: One for the elites, and another for the “goyim.’

    To the goyim (Gentile) Christian: Zionism means Israel first; Israel is the chosen people; Israel can do no wrong. And if you can’t see the above: You’re anti-Semitic. (I’ve conceded their right to a homeland.)

    Zionism, to the banking families/Edomites/Jewish/tribe of Dan/Kabbalistic Judaism/elites means: global domination; the divine rights of kings; the right to rule the world because their holy books (not the Torah, Writings, nor the Prophets) say so: that as the chosen of God, and inherit divine nature as being “Jewish…” only they are the rightful rulers of the world.

    But the Goyim is never to know this. Why? So they can work evil in the world as they prepare us for the coming Messiah. Christians know this messiah as the antichrist, or the Son of Perdition.

    Here’s how I think the strategy will work, in the circular reasoning:

    You (Christians) believe in us (Zionist/Isaeli) right? We are the “chosen people;” we want to go to war with Iran. They may not have nukes, anymore than Iraq had WMD. But we’re chosen… So, help us! Give your young people for the war; never mind oil going to $200 or $500 a barrel; and the finishing touches on the collapse of your economy.

    If you “Christian Zionists” don’t help us…don’t agree with us…you’re disobeying God, and the holy scriptures. So get your act together and get behind us!

    We Zionists, want to rebuild our ancient temple in Jerusalem. You will support this…right?
    Now, our “chosen” bankers have a plan to fix the economy. You just slip this chip under your skin, and you can buy and sell in the (our) new system.

    We have a world leader in our new temple: we want to present him now. That’s okay, right? Are you still a Zionist? (But…the Christian protests, the Bible warned us of these evil actions.)

    But you are “Zionist.” And so are we…so don’t disobey God: WE are his “chosen.”

    Thanks to media programming, Zionism is as much of a buzz word as: anti-Semitic and conspiracy theory. Anti-Semitic (has come to mean) any negativity against Jews or Israel no matter what. Conspiracy Theory means, (the media definition) any view or opinions that differ from what the nightly news says. Will we break this programming? My post may not appeal to “a more receptive audience.” But I believe the happy, feel good, smiley message days are over. We are entering a very serious time for Israel, the Church in light of economic world events, and the coming war with Iran. For the sake of “Zionism…” is how the US will be pushed into it.

    I want Christians to understand how the manipulation works. We’re all victims of it. In light of the Prof. Mala article, unrepentant Israel needs much prayer. Mainly, that they are not in the New Covenant and have no special status before God until their conversion.

    So, keep up the good work Don. There is balance in your article when combined with the other artcles/links.

    What the (out of balance) approach to ‘Israel first’ has done is, removed the need for personal salvation/converison to Christ. This is a crime in Israel. And Christian, (Zionists) don’t know that. John Hagee (as pointed out in the Prof. article) doesn’t believe “Jesus is the Messiah for the Jewish nation.” Prof. Texe Marrs points out in his book: ‘Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star’ (page 102) that Billy Graham assured the Jews, that as followers of Judaism, they need not accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I take the risk of pointing this out…even if I’m called “anti-Semitic,” because we’re running out of time too do so.

    God bless.

  41. Gary
    Thanks for your last comment, it was informative. I will look into the Kakkalah/Babalonian Talmud matter, I am ignorant on that particular subject but do understand the evil that pervades the Israeli left and indifference of many others. I am a keen reader of Caroline Glick (a brilliant lady).

    I agree with Don that if you left the “Zionist” out and put in “socialist” you would have a more receptive audience although I am beginning to understand your reasons for its use.

  42. Gary,

    Where you miss it when you say:

    “Zionism, to the banking families/Edomites/Jewish/tribe of Dan/Kabbalistic Judaism/elites means: global domination; the divine rights of kings; the right to rule the world because their holy books (not the Torah, Writings, nor the Prophets) say so: that as the chosen of God, and inherit divine nature as being “Jewish…” only they are the rightful rulers of the world.”

    but then you equate the world bankers and world atheist socialists (Edomites or bad Jews but the vast majority are atheistic socialists) with the people that now occupy Israel. These anti-Jews that are so prevalent in the Media have rabid hated toward Israel and Zionism. They hate the Jewish state and they deny that Israel has any future in Bible prophecy.

    If your getting your information from Texe Marrs, it is no wonder that your mind has been skewed. Texe Marrs is a raving lunatic. It is amazing that people still read his half baked conspiracy nonsense. He just makes stuff up as he goes along. His facts are anything he wants you to believe.

    Then you take that statement above and come up with your reasoning that is really totally unreasonable. Israel is not dragging the US into a war with Iran. We need to take out Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions for our own sake if they do not give them up. They are more a threat to America and the rest of the world than they are to Israel. God will watch over Israel but America is vulnerable to an EMP. Everybody knows that If Iran gets nukes so will Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and then many others and then you do have an end of the world scenario. Not to mention that they actually want a war to bring in the Mahdi and Islam all over the world.

    Then you want us to believe that this “Zionist” world conspiracy is supporting Israel in all that they do? When they clearly are the loudest voices against Israel and leading the Left and Islam to oppose Israel. Am I to believe that George Sorus and Bill Mather Mouth media types support the state of Israel and are trying to get some Jewish figure to lead the world from Israel? Give me a break!

    The Antichrist most likely won’t even be a Jew. Revelation says he comes out of the “Sea” (Gentiles). Daniel indicates he will come from the people that destroyed the Temple (The Roman Empire). Daniel also says the little horn grows exceeding great toward the South toward the East and toward the Pleasant Land, so how then can the little horn come out of Israel?

    Your problem is that you are relying on conspiracy theories to determine end time events rather than studying and discerning the prophetic scriptures. You have this great unified Zionist conspiracy theory that will bring in the Antichrist but is just the cult fiction of people like Texe Marrs. It sells many books for them. You also imply that Christians are going to be slipping chips under there skin to buy and sell. That is total nonsense. The Antichrist and his Mark is going to be make known to everyone on earth. Nobody is going to going to take the Mark blindly.

    I don’t see demons popping out of you, but I do see that you have been deceived by prevailing demonic lies. Like I said, ask someone about Israel and by the response you can determine their spiritual condition. With you, it seems that you are putting more trust and have more knowledge of the writings of demented men than you have knowledge or discernment of Bible Prophecy. Even if there were some globalist Zionist conspiracy (and there is not, there is an anti-zionist conspiracy by globalist socialists) the state of Israel is not part of that conspiracy nor are Christian Zionists.

  43. Gary,
    This kind of circular reasoning is poor by saying this proves that which then proves the former just doesn’t hold up.
    I am sure Israel would just like to be left alone!! No wars, no nukes, no hatred. Just left alone. They have no aspirations of global conquest unlike their neighbors. If you think they desire this conflict then you are avoiding the obvious. From their history to present day they never have or desire to conquer anything. God gave them this land and a desire to possess it. They are God’s people and God has blessed them in many ways if you think that is an conspiracy then it’s God’s Conspiracy. You should read the Israel Test by George Glider which I see as an objective view of the Jewish people.

    For the rest of it Don said it very well.

  44. My thanks to Gary was for his 12:46 am comment. My reaction to his 5:50 pm was similar to Don’s (Gary slipped in while I was writing).

    I am not much interested in the socialist left’s interpretation but will go with what I have been led to believe over the years. It is the simple dictionary meaning of Zionism.

    1. noun “A movement for the development and protection of a Jewish nation in Israel”.

    2. “A movement for (originally) the reestablishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann”.

    3. “Zionism is a nationalist Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, calls for the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland”.

    This a simple explanation and one that most dispensationalists accept.

  45. Don, my husband voted for the current president because he was concerned about the Republican vice presidential candidate ever becoming the president of the United States. He has been “ringing his hands so to speak” about the current president. My husband is multi-racial and he is not at all against any race. He has received the WWC of God literature for years. Some of it is good and some is very hard to underdstand…..anyway, my food rotation items are not nearly enough-and anyone reading this blog should begin to rotate some very basic supplies at least in the place where they live.

  46. Thanks again Don, for letting me post and share on your blog.

    I receive, accept, humbly, any and all rebukes, admonishments, criticism of anything that I’ve said.

    It reminds me that: no man knows what he ought to know, and knowledge puffs up, 1Cor.8:1,2.

    I do believe that time is short, and we are in the final days of preparation. It’s time to “foresee the evil, and hide, (Prov. 27:12) or prepare.

    Fortunately for all of us…our salvation is not determined by a perfect knowledge of Bible prophecy, current events, or chronology.

    If anything, information like this should have us on our knees in prayer. We are in an end-time drama. Generations of Christians have looked forward to this time. The stage is set. On one side is the Globalist/money changers/ banking families, who through the method of ‘order out of chaos,’ hopes to bring in their long sought for global governance (or NWO).

    On the other side is Christendom, (the Christian community of all denominations, shapes, and sizes) who bicker over the minuet details of Bible prophecy, current events, is the rapture: pre, mid, or post: Where a thumps up, slap on the back, or high five is desirable to be considered in the “know,” or a member of the club.

    In the middle are the multitudes in the valley of decision who don’t have a clue what’s going on.

    Bible prophecy, (unless the Holy Spirit has set down with you and explained every detail) may not be completely understood until it comes to pass. If that’s not true…then, “seeing through a glass darkly, and knowing in part,” is false, ( 1Cor. 13:12) and we are living in a time of perfect knowledge. I don’t think so!

    So…I glean information…I chew the meat and spit out the bones. I try to connect the dotes, so that when I kneel before the Lord in prayer, I may ask: “I’m I prepared, is my heart right before you, I’m I in a position to hear your voice, to understand what my role is in this great drama? To know your perfect will for my life. What will bring the most glory to your name & Kingdom?


    I “GLEAN” information from: Texe Marrs, Alex Jones, Dr. Henry Makow, Craig Heimbichner, and the author of the book ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’ who’s name I can’t recall, and Pat Robertson’s book: ‘New World Order,’ although some have said it was written by a ghost writer.

    Do I believe every word? NO. But if God gave us a brain, wisdom, and enough understand to connect ‘some’ of the dots: to pray effetely for God’s will for each individual in this time.


    I mentioned Texe Marrs, only to make the point that some Christian ministers have given the Jewish community a free pass into salvation. Then off to the races we went over his other works. Texe does have his footnotes, references & bibliography: (But I knew you were critical of him.) Before I could say:”Texe Marrs is a raving lunatic,” I’d have to disprove his (every) sources and bibliographies. I don’t think his critics have done that yet.


    I GLEAN from:

    * Alex Jones: talk about a “raving lunatic,” Who can listen to his endless rantings? But by him, I was brought up to speed on the NDAA/section 1022,unlimited detainment of US citizens. The latest E.O., that gives Obama control of all resources without declaring an emergency. I have seen nothing of this on the MSM, as if they have blacked it all out.

    * Alternative news like: World Net Daily.

    * Texe Marrs hits the NWO from the secret society angle. Again, chew the meat, spit out the bones: Confirm his bibliographies.

    * Don Koenig’s blog. Of course. For the Christian angle of events in light of scripture.


    Bible prophecy places the antichrist at the temple, in Jerusalem, saying he is god, Daniel 12:11. The Two Witness (Rev. 11:3-12) are killed in Jerusalem (Sodom and Egypt, where are Lord was crucified, v8) making Jerusalem the center of something during this time. Maybe they should be in Rome. One researcher points out that Jerusalem sits on seven hills as well as Rome. If the antichrist does his thing in the temple, catches the next flight back to Rome…then we will know the truth of the “seven hills.” What does that mean to the Christian?

    The end-time Christian (only known as “saints” after Rev. chapter 3) will stand in one of several groups.

    * The ones who escaped: Counted “worthy” to escape by paying the price in prayer, and watching, (Luke 21:26). Not all end-time Christians will be here, for this promise is conditional. Whether they leave the planet or fly into the wilderness (Rev. 12:14) remains to be seen. A body, soul, spirit rapture was only done by Enoch and Elijah. The other rapture (1Thess. 4:16,17) happens at the resurrection of the Just, (v16) which is at the “Last trump,” (1Cor. 15:52.)

    * The Martyrs: Those of loved not their lives unto the death, (Rev. 12:11). May include the Rev. 6:9-11 and Rev. 20:4 crowd. Martyrs are not second rate citizens in the kingdom. It’s the highest act of worship and glorifying of the Lord known to the saints, (John 21:19.) And has its own separate crown.

    * Those that come out of tribulation, (Rev. 7:14) I don’t think they are the same as the 1Thess. 4:17 group. Died in the hardships of the trib, (v16) They may or may not include Rev. 12:11 martyrs.

    * The 144,000: Should be considered ‘spiritual Jews’ at least in the New Covenant They could be the ‘alive and remain ones’ that 1Thess 4:17 was always talking about. We shall see.


    Have you asked the Lord where you will stand? I believe I’m in the Rev. 12:11 group. I’m American, I spend too much time (on the Internet) watching the rise of the forth beast of Daniel chapter seven. The NSA no doubt has every piece of information I’ve ever transmitted through the cell phone and my ISP, with their supercomputer (operation echelon). I have not heard the Lord telling me to flee the country or change my citizenship. But..I’m open to it. My theology in light of this makes me a “post-toasty theologist. Don called me that, in another post, (in light of Dan.12:10; Malachi 3:2,3; and Rev. 3:18) so be it. I’m willing to be wherever God wants me.

    If God called you to stand on Matthew 10:28 and pass the test of verses 32,33, COULD you do it???

    That’s my final point, the point of all this is PREPARATION! Whoever you believe, who has it right, and in correct order, has nothing to do with your “relationship with God.”


    Canada: Take my circular reasoning with a grain of salt. You could be watching all of this from heaven. If not, there is a move to make the “Chosen” unaccountable to no one. You’ll know what to look for, if need be.

    Brian: Do check into the “Kakkalah/Babalonian Talmud matter.” It’s a main source into elite/globalist thinking, modern day Judaism, and is the bibliography of many researchers.

    Don: We may agree to disagree on many points. But you are open to hear different/apposing views. That’s a positive part of your character I hope you never lose.

    Blessings to all…

  47. Gary,

    I almost did not post this because there is so much misinformation. Instead I just am not going to waste my time to respond to all the points that I disagree with, which includes just about everything.

    I will offer this suggestion through. Maybe you should do a little more gleaning from the Bible and less gleaning from conspiracy websites. Would you go to those sites and most loons on your list to find correct salvation theology? (myself not included of course.) It seems you have a higher view of what alternative media sites say than what God says. You might read Bible prophecy like as if God gave it to be literally understood, rather than suggesting that because there is disagreement with the replacement theology and supersession theology allegorists that there is no agreement on major prophetic points of scripture. Also, you seem to have a very broad definition of who the brethren are in Christianity. Belonging to a church denomination does not make one a Christian and if one is a pseudo Christian their viewpoint about anything in scripture is just about worthless.

    Keep playing Gary’s guessing games about the meaning of prophetic events and see if it gets you anywhere, but don’t expect me to be refuting all you nonsense or even posting it. I learned long ago that spiting into the wind is stupid.

  48. Jew or Gentile we are all accountable and He who is faithful will judge the world. This does not remove the special place that God has reserved for Israel. Not all Jews will enter into His rest just like not all “christians” will.
    As I read the Bible I find that there is much that God will do in these last days to sift the world (Jew / Gentile) so I don’t see where anyone is getting a free ride.

  49. Israel news today..

    Friday, March 29 (and remember Israel is 7 or more hours ahead of the U.S.), is the 36th anniversary of what Israel’s enemies call “Land Day.” This date has been set for their so-called “Global March to Jerusalem.” (GM2J).

    Terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. and Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan have called for a grass roots “smashing” of Israel’s borders. A call has gone out for demonstrations from inside the so-called West Bank against borders, checkpoints, and fences.

    Flights from Tehran carrying demonstrators have landed in Damascus.

    A mass assault is called for on all borders-Golan, etc.

  50. Hi Margaret,

    I am aware of the march tomorrow. I guess we won’t have long to see how it goes. My guess is that Israel will handle it without much problem but anything they do to defend their borders will be looked at by most in the world as an act of aggression by Israel. That is the real purpose, and I am sure this march will not be their last attempt – just like the attempted breaches of the naval blockade of Gaza continue. These instigators against Israel will not be happy until the world becomes totally insane with hatred against Jews. We are entering evil times. If they really wanted to do something useful they might march on Assad but then they would likely be killed. With Israel the main risk they are taking is maybe getting a early spring shower.

  51. Very nice piece Don. I agree with everything you say except for the rapture. I respect your opinion
    but I do not believe that the concept is in keeping with the spirit or letter of God’s word. If I am wrong I won’t be thrown off the track if I am left behind. On the other hand many who believe in the Rapture will be sorely tested to maintain their faith if no such event happens. Are we who believe really so good as to be spared the trials to come. The only people raptured in the Bible are Enoch and Elijah. Do we really compare ourselves to them? Jesus could have escaped his human death if he allowed himself to do it. However, he wanted to face the problems of human existence just as any other man or woman would have to do. He could not be an inspiration to them in their sufferings if he Himself failed to face His own. No, Christians are to be tested,tried and molded by God during this time of suffering. Out of the ashes will come people “made white” by their experience just as Daniel tells us.

  52. Edmund,

    Thanks but,
    There are biblical proofs that the Rapture of those faithfully watching and working is sound theology.


    Having said that, most people and even most calling themselves Christians will not be leaving in the Rapture and that is why the great number that cannot be counted are made clean through martyrdom for Jesus in the great tribulation.

    The Philadelphia Church was promised to be kept out of the great trial that would try all those that dwell on the earth. Why? because she kept the word of His patience and was watching and ready. There is no need for those already cleansed by the blood of the lamb and given the Holy Spirit to go through a trial of purification. The great trial is intended to make all on earth choose Jesus or the Antichrist before the promised kingdom on earth is established.

    These people of faith already chose Jesus and are covered by his righteousness. It has nothing to do with them being so good that they escape. We who believe are members of His spiritual body. So you are quite wrong.

    As for faith. If anyone had true faith in Jesus they would escape the great trial coming. If people remain here it just proves that they were already faithless. To say that people of faith will lose their faith is an oxymoron. It is an insult to the Holy Spirit that put them in Christ by God’s Grace through their faith.

    Those that remain must endure until the end to be saved. It does not take faith to reject the Antichrist, it takes a willingness to receive the love of the truth and reject the lie of the Beast on earth in order to save one’s own soul for eternity.

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