Stormy skies suggest the coming prophetic events of Bible prophecy and Revelation

Bible Prophecy & End Time Worldviews

World current events and Bible prophecy - 25 article series that correlates today's world trends with end time Bible prophecy

Featured articles - Vital end time information

Imminent dangers to the United States - This series gives realistic imminent dangers to America's survival that very well might be the reason why she is not found in Bible prophecy.

Some philosophy, worldviews, and theology of Don Koenig -  if you dare!

Apostasy and doctrines of men - Aberrant doctrine within Christendom and the antichrist views taught by some major cults

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through the Ages" by Donald A. Koenig - Free common sense premillenial futurist Revelation commentary eBook

BLOG World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy Blog - Most of the articles written by Don Koenig between 2007 and 2014 are located from this link to Don's Blog. Over 1100 articles are found here that cover many different topics. Most of the Christian worldviews and theology on this Blog are still very relevant.  Also check out the 15,000 comments.

Jesus is the Messiah and He fulfills prophetic events

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Don Koenig's selection of astute Christian websites and blogs - biblical discernment, end time worldviews, Bible prophecy etc.


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