The coming purge by the Roman whore of Revelation 17

In a recent previous article I suggested that leftist permissiveness has gone too far and there could be a purge coming from the religious right. What I did not say is that I think much of this purge will take place because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church.

There may be a war with Islam to bring about the rise of Rome, or it could come about through Marian deceptions, or through some other means, but I am convinced that the whore of Revelation 17 is the Roman Catholic Church. It is this woman that rides the Beast/Antichrist into power.

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Coming purge of permissive progressive godless socialists?

The international Marxist ideologues and globalists have pushed people in western democracies way too far too fast. The social engineering programs they set up are failing and are falling in disfavor. It looks to me like the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. Are we about to witness a purge of permissive progressive godless socialists? And will this revolution against the socialists begin among those who have strong religious beliefs?

After world war two, social liberalism was promoted by people in the West wanting to evolve the world into a Utopia. All kinds of social justice programs influenced by the teachings of humanistic philosophers like Karl Marx were introduced into western societies.

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Third awakening coming or persecution or Dominion Theology false revival?

Billy Graham announced a 40 day fast and prayer program that starts before the 2012 election and that ends on November 7th with a special TV crusade.

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Heresies and cults are rooted in Bible passages twisted into allegory

The Bible contains allegory, but when it does it also is evident in the passage. Along with legalism I think there is a strong correlation between the practice of twisting Bible passages into allegory and heretical teachings and cults.

We can look at the history of Christianity since the apostles and we will see a reoccurring pattern between allegory and heresy. The first heretics of Christianity were legalists that wanted to put Jews that found the Messiah back under Jewish law. Soon after, we know that Gnostic heretics became a plague within Christianity. They made scriptures allegorical so it would comply with their old and new mystical beliefs.

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Postmodern Post Bible Postmillennial Christian Pagans of Christendum

Postmodern, post Bible, postmillennial and especially “Christian Pagans”, sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, that happens to be the reality in Christendum today.

Most people today who identify as Christians are postmodern in their thinking. They think truth is relative. They do not read the Bible. And many of the few percent that do read the Bible redefine it to conform to their Kingdom-Now Utopianism. They are much like the postmodern progressives that want the US Constitution to be a living document so that they can change the meaning with the politically correct wind.

They are postmillennial in Theology. They want to believe the Kingdom is on earth now and the world will have no tribulation.

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Christian politicians IHOP into Dominion Theology cuckoo’s nest

At first glance you might think that Christians and politicians IHOP into Dominion Theology cuckoo nest is a rather cuckoo title. Titles have to be short and they need to contain keywords to be found. I think I will first have to define a few things so that the title makes sense.

Christian Politicians – for this article it is Republican candidates for President in 2016 that are claiming to be Bible believing Christians.

IHOP – the International House of Prayer founded by Mike Bickle where one gets fed Christianized shamanism. It is not the International House of Pancakes where you get fed real food.

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The Roman Empire Whore has Dominion Theology.

I do not think that some studying Bible prophecy see the big picture and that’s why they go down various rabbit trails that cannot be backed up through scripture exegesis. One important issue that students of Bible prophecy would be wise to understand is that the end time Beast comes into power with a woman riding on its back. That woman is the Roman Empire Whore of Revelation 17. She represents Dominion Theology and she guides in the global governance Beast.

There were only four Gentile world empires in the dream visions of Daniel chapters 2 and 7. Those four represent the remaining Gentile world kingdoms until God smashes satanic controlled world rule and establishes His own kingdom on earth.

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2016 Presidential Candidates: Fiorina, Rubio and Cruz

In my last article on the 2016 Presidential Candidates I gave my perspectives on the Democrats, and on Trump and Carson. In this article I will focus on Fiorina, Rubio and Cruz. I think these are now the second tier candidates according to latest polls although polls do differ.

Carly Fiorina: Fiorina is conservative on most of the issues but on a few of the issues she is surprisingly liberal. Frankly, with her lack of qualifications for the job I do not know why she is even in the presidential race. Perhaps as the only woman in the GOP race she thinks she would have a good chance of being picked as the Vice President candidate.

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2016 Presidential Candidates: Trump and Carson

I find from experience that long articles are not fully read. Therefore, On this new Discerning and Documenting end of the Age Depravity blog it is my intention to limit articles to fewer than 2000 words. Therefore, I will have to write more than one article on the 2016 Presidential candidates.

I only will give my perspectives on those candidates that I feel still have any chance at all. And I will not be doing perspectives on any Democratic Party candidates. That is because at the national level the Democratic Party has been taken over by Marxists, Fascists, and Communitarianians (all statist socialist kissing cousins).

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