Memo on FISC abuse by DOJ and FBI is just the beginning

It is important to keep in mind that the release of the memo is only the beginning of the disclosure of illegal government activities. This memo only deals with the way a few Trump hating bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI deceived Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judges to allow spying on Donald Trump and associates.

This memo is very important because of what it implies. The DOJ, FBI, DNC and the Clinton campaign were conspiring to deceive the court so they could get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign to try to keep him from being elected. Then after he was elected, top government officials conspired to try to keep President elect Trump from taking office and later to remove him from office.

The officials named in this should immediately be removed from power until guilt or innocence is established. It also would be very naive to assume that President Obama was not being briefed on this and that he and others in the White House were not involved in this spying conspiracy.

There will be other memos coming out on other illegal activity and one way or another they will be released to the public. The short memos are just brief summaries of many thousands of pages of investigative reports by inspector generals and congressional oversight committees.

Astute people already knew that certain people at top level of our government did not want Trump to be President and the Trump Russian collusion was totally fabricated and paid for by the Hillary campaign and pushed by the Democrats. The fact that people in our government kiss up to and break the rules for other powerful people is only a surprise to the ignorant. That is why government has inspector generals and congressional oversight.

What is more important than these memos in the coming months is the recommendations coming from the inspector generals and the congressional committees for criminal prosecution. If much of the illegal activities that took place comes out, hundreds of people in the Obama administration and others will be looking at jail time. That is the real reason that top leftists have Trump derangement syndrome. They claim Trump hatred, but they really fear what is coming on their own head should Trump remain in power.

There is imminent danger here because these people will do anything to get the focus off of all their illegal activity. How much power the black hats in America really have will soon become evident. False flags may be carried out in the months ahead to try to change the news narrative. I can even see some beating the drums for a war to take the focus off of the criminal investigations.

Some Democrats are saying that releasing information to the people will bring about a constitutional crisis. I have news, we already are in a constitutional crisis. If government was abiding by our Constitution, these things would not be happening. Why is it that some think “we the people” should not know what our government is doing? Do “we the people” control government or does government control us? If it is the latter, we have already lost our Republic.

Let’s face it, the Obama administration was unconstitutional. For example, we found out that some in government conspired to deny conservative organizations tax exempt status. Was anyone prosecuted for this crime by the Justice Department of the Obama administration? Why would they; they were complicit. We also found out that people in the Obama administration were running guns. Was anyone prosecuted for Fast and Furious and the unlawful gun running in North Africa and Syria? Why would they; they were complicit. The Obama administration additionally was complicit in allowing illegals to flood into our nation. These are only a couple of examples of the outlaw activities of the Obama administration. Obama and his cronies were subverting our nation in many ways. He was a very unconstitutional President.

We were very close to losing our nation. Had Hillary been elected none of this would have come out and the red/green leftists would now have firm control over our nation. They would have made conservatives, Christians and patriots the outlaws. That would have soon started a hot civil war in America. We are still not out of the woods by any means. They are still doing everything they can to divide this nation and remove the President that “we the people” elected.

We have to insist on full disclosure about what happened in the Obama administration even if it means bringing criminal charges against some very popular people. There is a radical faction in the United States that hates our nation and is working toward bringing America down. I think the Democratic Party at the national level is now controlled by such people. The Democratic Party is not democratic it has become fascist. It is controlled by socialist radicals and it must be cleaned up. Let’s pray that much more information about all this illegal activity comes out so that the Washington swamp really gets drained.

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Memo on FISC abuse by DOJ and FBI is just the beginning — 25 Comments

  1. Thanks for the article Don, It is interesting that Rep Gosar of Arizona is calling for the prosecution of James Comey and company for treason while Sen McCain is chastising fellow republicans who advocated the release of the memo. McCain’s reasoning was that we were helping Putin by doing so. Frankly, I saw nothing in the memo endangering national secrets or U.S. personnel in any way.
    More exposure and shedding light on the swamp rats of Washington is what is needed. Pray that God will continue to protect the President and lead him as he leads our country.
    article for Gosar-

    article for McCain-

  2. Well said Don. I hope we can hold the wolves at bay if not cage them altogether. I’m ready to see charges against these perps. If they aren’t dealt with, they will hamper this president until he leaves office. Hang’em high!

  3. I believe we need to hold ourPresident,VicePresident and his cabinet up in prayer.I think the far left will stop at nothing to silence them and to keep more of the corruption from being exposed.
    I am praying that the Secret Service has not become so corrupt that they would not protect our leaders.

  4. They should be arrested I’m going to call my congressman and my state senator these people need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law it will do our country more harm if we don’t do something about this we must pray for our nation but we also must take action top government officials and FBI agents need to be prosecuted

  5. I am also very concerned about what the memo revealed, though tbh its not like we didnt know the Democrats were corrupt. People need to hang for this or else they will continue on their mission to destroy Trump.

    Speaking of Trump, he seemed very nonchalant about all this and simply said they should be ashamed. I dont know if he is just incredibly naive or if he is working behind the scenes to arrest people. This is no small matter. It is much worse than watergate.

    The MSM and the Democrats are already trying to disprove the memo. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these people don’t really believe Trump is guilty of anything. They push the narrative to placate their radical base and because they get paid to do it by people like Soros. Thats my opinion. Either that or they are demonically deceived.

    I expect to see some false flag attacks to divert our attention from their criminal behavior.
    That train accident seemed a bit fishy to me and could of been much worse if it completely derailed. The next few months should be interesting.

    On a side note, look how quickly BLM, antifa, and ISIS disappeared after Obama left office. Just more proof his admin was behind it like we said all along.

  6. Jim I agree. A dump truck parked on the train tracks was suspicious. But it seems like the passengers would have escaped before impact If it was intentional, so I’m not sure.

  7. Why there haven’t been firings and/or arrests already is beyond me. How can these people still be employed at the FBI? I don’t get it. The Democrats and liberals will spin this memo every which way they can. All they need is a twisted headline in the main stream media and all the people who follow them will believe the headline. I have family members who are arguing with me about the actual facts of the memo. They’re telling me how it doesn’t look good for President Trump. What!! Truly, people have been blinded to the truth. It’s as if we’re living in 2 different worlds. I fear for Donald Trump and pray daily for God’s protection over him. The powers of darkness are running wild and they’re out for blood.

  8. I agree with Jim this is far worse than Watergate this should be front page news our media is truly corrupt the FBI is totally corrupt at the top Does Pres. Trump have the power to have these people arrested for (possible I don’t know not treason)but it is definitely a major crime The bad thing is it will get much worse b4 our Lord comes back

  9. If criminal prosecution is not brought to bear, then how can the government ever hope to have the trust of the people? And worse, the vast majority of lawyers at DOJ are likely Co-conspirators. Who will do the prosecutions? The magnitude of government corruption is so huge, I really don’t think it can be fixed, short of a good old fashioned purge. Communist Style. The progressives want socialism/communism, well, they just might get it, only with a military takeover, run by the right. Then at least, military tribunal will be the Court’s. Aaaaanddd, just how reliable would that be? I suspect, not very. Something needs to be done, and soon, to reassure the people, that our government can still abide by the rule of law, or it will be chaos in the streets. Maybe I’m just hyperbolic, but, this tops the cake. Time chill tell. This year’s mid-terms should be a Massive Republican Tidal wave. Then, I might think we have a small chance to turn the Ship of State.
    But, I really think,
    Nope, we are truly destined for a BIG fall. One way or another, life as we know it here in the US will come to a screeching halt, soon enough. I just hope & pray we aren’t here to experience it.

  10. Christopher Steele leaked the Trump Dossier story to the MSM then the coverage was used to help convince the Court to issue the FISA warrant. I don’t know whether this was before or after they found their boy McCain to deliver the Dossier to the FBI. Regardless it was a well planned devious plot we were never supposed to know about.

    There are hundreds, maybe thousands of bots on twitter denouncing the memo and Trump to make it look like Americans disagree with the significance of the memo. Anyone can buy 100,000 bots for 10 or 20 dollars. It’s just another underhanded lying scheme only the Trump haters will believe.

    I am concerned though because I don’t know how this will end. Will there be justice or will they get away with it? Just keep on praying because God knew this was coming and He was ready for it. And don’t underestimate Donald Trump. He isn’t naive and he isn’t going to give away his plans to the enemy.

  11. Wow…the stock market goes down 666 points the day the memo is released.

    Does God have a sense of humor or what!

  12. The Alt-Right on the net is abuzz with speculations:
    – Trumps December Executive Order:

    will be the net he is casting on The Clinton Foundation, many criminal globalists, MS-13 and a long list of corrupt politicians and pedophiles

    – There are over 13,000 sealed indictments

    – Trey Gowdy is resigning to take a key role in the prosecutions

    – Military tribunals will be set up

    – Gitmo is being expanded

    – Planned Murderhood is under serious investigation

    – Bill Clinton is terrified

    – Hillary is losing it

    – Obama and many major Obama admin players are lawyering up

    The list is long. I have no idea what is true or not. I do believe the Deep state is in a desperate panic and a cornered enemy is a dangerous one. Much talk Trump has the Military on his side and his own level of Security as his inner circle of protection, then the Secret Service.

    The last President to openly threaten the deep State (downsizing CIA and going around The FED) was John Kennedy.

    I have seen Trump as a reprieve from God and I pray for him constantly.

  13. I believe we are seeing God’s justice across our nation in these last days. Out of nowhere the Me-Too movement is taking down egotistical predators across Hollywood and the corporate world in a matter of hours. We will now see the most powerful individuals at every level of our government handcuffed, humiliated and brought to justice. I believe God is exacting His justice and will not be thwarted by false flags. Our president is not Teflon Don but Trampoline Trump with everything they throw at him bouncing back and sticking to them. Trump will now take the racism labels thrown at him and use his immigration amnesty package of 1.8 million illegals to show that the democrats could care less about immigrants when they refuse the deal. I also believe your Elam Prophecy discussed in your last article will happen after the Olympics. Israel, America and several middle eastern nations will strike Iran and North Korea before this year is over. We are playing possum with news reports that our military is unable to fight wars on 2 fronts while we have out spent China and Russia 10 to 1 for decades. Your time line is proving true with Agenda 2030 already signed by just about every nation in the world. God is offering His grace to all the people mentioned above, once they hit rock bottom, some will find the Lord, repent and receive His free gift of Salvation.

  14. Hi Don,
    I haven’t heard any noise coming from Obama or Hillary since the memo release, have you? Maybe I’m just missing it.

  15. Its impossible to debate leftists cause they just deny any argument that doesnt fit into preconceived notions.
    They dont want the memo to be real so they dismiss it and move on to the next talking point with no second thought.
    You can fix being uninformed but you cant fix being willingly ignorant.

  16. Just for grins I’ll throw in two internet speculations:

    1. The 666 market drop on Friday was intentionally done by Deep State globalists to send a message to Trump.

    2. The massive market drop over 1,000 today (while he was speaking in Ohio on the economy) was a horses head in the bed message to Trump to back off.

    The biggest tactical mistake Trump has made is taking credit for the 2017 market rise. It is a completely rigged casino.

    In my opinion the globalists will pull the pin on the economy if they have to – to distract from what is coming fro the other memos…that and other False Flags are part of their MO.

  17. Just last night my son called because he thought I would be worried when I saw the market had dropped to an all time low. He said it dropped because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates because wages had gone up. He explained more about it but my understanding of how the market works is limited.

    He said the 1939 Wall Street Crash didn’t cause the Depression but the liberals used it to take over the economy. Could this be something similar?

    I read Mark’s link and I don’t know what to think. Does anyone else have an educated opinion? Was it intentional, a message to Trump?

  18. Hi Caitlin,

    The crash thus far is nowhere near the crash of 1929. The market has gone up way too fast it was ripe for a 10 to 20 percent correction.

    The real long term problem is the national debt. To finance that debt interest rates will have to rise and higher interest rates would shut down our economy. When you see 6+ percent ten year bonds get worried (they are now about 3 percent) because we cannot finance our debt at that rate. Because of our debt, a crash becomes inevitable in the long term.

    Trump really should be making government much smaller because we cannot keep running large deficits. Instead he drank the kool-aid of his own hype and is increasing government spending.

  19. Don,

    Yep…there is no way we are going to grow our way out of…or avoid the “Everything Bubble” eventual burst.

    Why President Trump has been whistling past the Every Thing Bubble graveyard while taking credit for digging the economic graves deeper has mystified me.

    With “Deep-State-Gate” (I prefer Deep-Sewer-Gate)getting bigger and uglier and the globalists more and more desperate I believe they are more then capable and and able of blowing up the Stock/Bond Markets and the economy for a massive distraction, blame it on Trump – the media will be their echo chamber, and time it before the Mid-Terms to try and take back Congress.

    There is more soft coup…counter coup going on then the vast majority of Americans realize.

    The good news is truth is coming out and it is undeniable.

    Wearing out the knees of my jeans praying for President Trump and those in power fighting our foreign enemies, but especially our more threatening domestic ones.

  20. and the deep state fires back, claiming Russians hacked into 20 states voter registration databases, they penetrated, a few. whats a few? and that states have not done anything to protect their systems.on NBC. a DHS official. wait, what> old news, repackaged to terrify Americans to force states under federal control for elections.and wasn;t it DHS that tried to break into Indiana and Georgia election databases?this stinks to high heaven, won;t get much notice, just the Portman firing (and if he couldn;t pass a security check why was he still in the White House?) the takeover was 90 percent complete and they carry on with their mission,

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