Second coming of Jesus still most likely between 2030-2040 AD

I have been writing articles on the Internet since 1999. Ever since I started this ministry I have said that the second coming of the Lord will most likely take place between 2030 and 2040 AD. The 25 world trends series that kicked off my website in 1999 points to that timing and it still does.

Over the last seventeen years, I have written over a thousand topical articles. I mention that because some people who find this blog are not aware of all the other articles. They can be found by doing a keyword search from the search box at the bottom of the website home page.

Back in 1999, saying that the second coming was as late as 2030-2040 was not well received by some Christians. Some of my regular readers still insist that it will occur sooner. Many thought the Rapture would have happened by now. They obviously were over-exuberant. Some are still expecting the tribulation to start before the end of this decade. I think that timing is premature. The tribulation events probably will start to play out in the 2020’s. Until then, the satanic world system remains on the eve of its destruction.

There is a lot of hype on the Internet about the Antichrist coming in the next couple of years but Bible prophecy should not be based on conjectures about full moons, opening portals, the return of Nibiru, Nimrod, the Nephilim, etc. Such conjecture can be interesting, but this stuff really tells us nothing about God’s timing. The second coming timing speculations of writers historically has been consistently wrong. The timing of end time events obtained from extra biblical writings, demons or even from Satan means little. The second coming of Jesus only occurs in God’s timing.

Hitler was a type of satanic Antichrist. He failed to turn out to be the Antichrist because the Church was not yet complete. Satan probably has always had a Son of Perdition in the wings but the timing of the opening of the Abyss for the Antichrist deception is God’s alone. I think the timing of God is best seen in the big picture.

I wrote about 25 world trends that point toward a 2030 to 2040 second coming:

The Jews
World debt
The end of the age
Subtle signs in scripture
A new super state in Europe
Designer diseases and genetics
Nuclear chemical and biological weapons
Islam and the rise of an Arab confederacy
A new world wide green movement
The witness of the Holy Spirit
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Violence all over the earth
The rise of paganism
The harvest is ripe
World government
Sexual perversion
False prophets
Black is white

If these world trends did not continue to support my 2030 to 2040 second coming conjecture, I would change my view. Everything still seems to moving along on schedule. I certainly see little reason to believe that the second coming will occur sooner. It also is difficult to see how it could occur later. The world is clearly on a path to self-destruction before 2040.

Keep in mind, that the Rapture will likely be 7 to 10 or more years sooner than the second coming. That means the Rapture will most likely occur in the 2020’s or in the few remaining years of this decade. Many who believe the tribulation will start during this decade are amillennial or post millennial. They do not believe in the pretribulation Rapture. That is why they either look for the Antichrist or else they have some form of Dominion Theology.

The end time signs are given for Israel. There need be no signs for the snatching away of the bride of Christ. Yet, the bride Church can know the general season of the Lord’s coming based on Israel and based on what the Bible says about conditions on earth prior to His return.

The Antichrist is not revealed until after the Church is removed, so it makes little sense to try to identify that person now. Since the 1980’s, every time there was a new American President, some claimed that this President would be the Antichrist. They consistently were wrong. And President elect Trump is not the last trump 🙄 or Antichrist either.

Back in the 20th century many religious people followed prognosticators like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. Nothing they said came true. They used forbidden occult means to obtain their false prophecy but many religious people believed what they said anyway. There also were false prophets in the Church that claimed spiritual gifts they did not have. They deceived many. Some deceived themselves.  It is no better today – those with itching ears continue to follow people claiming to have received special revelation or some sort of hidden knowledge.

False teachers of Bible prophecy that were consistently wrong in the past are still being followed and promoted by Christians or they would not exist on the Christian media. Their livelihood is selling conjecture to those that find little purpose on earth for being here. They obviously make a good living at it.

The timing of the Lord’s coming for the Church is not known for darn good reason. Some want to believe differently for all the wrong reasons. I think if the Lord directly told the Church that God was delaying His coming until other people in the world come in, some Christians would rebuke Him. That in effect is what they are doing when they put the Lord in an Antichrist box of someone’s design that set the opening for 2017.

Like the bridesmaids in waiting, let us be astute but let’s not be foolish.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Second coming of Jesus still most likely between 2030-2040 AD — 43 Comments

  1. The article makes alot of sense, as always, thanx don. I wanted to mention that i keep seeing news on my facebook about this RFID chip being installed in every human by 2030, i mean they are really not joking with this stuff, agenda 2030. I also agree 100% that by 2040 the world will self destruct with the prediction that robots will probably think like humans by that point in which the antichrist will be able to use this technology to do anything he wants. Don i honestly think ur spot on with ur predictions its unreal. I just dont understand how some of the other people writing articles like this are so far off its like they have no common sense.

  2. Don, I believe that your dates are about right, though I lean towards closer to 2030 than 2040. There is a convergence of things that I question how long the Lord will tolerate. The technological singularity may occur in that timeframe. Genetic engineering is progressing toward animal/human chimera success. Some speculate, as you have written in an earlier column, that the book of Enoch records the flood resulting from mixing human and other DNA. The rapidity of such stuff spreading these days indicates, to me, that once these changes start they will rapidly spread. God will at some point put a stop to this but 2 Peter 3:9 comes to mind and God will delay as long as possible. I do not think a Christian should be bothered too much if the dates are wrong. We are in the endtimes where God is controlling the schedule. If it happens sooner, good, I will look you up on the way up. If later, we just trust and follow Christ as we are doing.


  3. Given the dates named in this article 2020 – 2030 – 2040 , do you forsee Israel living in unwalled villages somewhere between 2020 – 2030 ?

  4. Awesome article. Loved it.

    Can’t wait but i’ll occupy anyway. Yea 2020+ sometime is not that far off if u think about it. In fact lets say we are raptured in 2027 (just to pick a #) then that’s it! We began eternity basically, I know it officially starts after the thousand year reign & Great white thrown judgment but in my book it starts into the rapture.

    Liked the part about Trump.

  5. Don:

    I think the 2030-2040 timing that you talk about is spot on. It makes sense to me because I highly doubt that the world will last much longer after reaching it’s “Agenda 2030” goal of global socialism (which it could end up reaching before then, although, God’s Will will be done). It seems like America is just going to get worse and worse as the urban/rural divide gets more and more prominent, which might open the way for these events to take place. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out until the Rapture occurs.

  6. Hi Freddie,

    Yes. But I don’t know how it will be fulfilled between now and 2030. A war against Islam is my conjecture. The security could also occur under the protection of the two witnesses in the first half of the tribulation. Most don’t think of that possibility.

  7. re: ” … to those that find little purpose on earth for being here … ”

    Being a member of the genuine bride, I have all senses and spirit inside of me telling the exact opposite – that there’s little time left to witness, so my purpose is clear.

    Unfortunately, almost no one is listening. I have to spend a lot of personal investment in human beings close to me in order for them to feel and hear His spirit calling. Then again, if someone else comes along and reaps the harvest of the seed that was thrown, angels (and myself) shall be singing.

  8. Great article Don. There is so much out there that is hard to swallow. But it sells books and such. The bible is still our only truth, and we have to square everything under scripture. But there are so many without discernment that lead the sheep with no understanding. Most are out to fleece the flock. Some churches now have books and tapes at the back of the church for sale. If Jesus were here I think he would drive them out with a scourge as they are making His house a den of thieves.

    They are in effect stealing from widows and orphans. Just my opinion, but I believe God is about to expose a bunch of these people. We are going to see a whole lot of corruption in government revealed over the next year, and I believe it will also be done in the church. God will not let His people be deceived forever. It may be a time of renewing, or it just may get worse. Only God knows.

    However it goes, we know that God is in control of it all and will be done according to His timing. It may be that the organized church will just get worse and worse. But at the same time there could be a great out poring of the Spirit to save many in small groups of bible study. Where two or three are gathered together in the name of the lord, He will be in our midst.

    I would rather fellowship with a few true believers than a whole church full of people that have never known the way of truth. To many are trusting in their works to save them, or they are trusting in their own righteousness instead of the righteousness that comes by faith. The way that seems right to men.

  9. Don,
    Having just read that ex-president Carter is asking for the U.N. to declare Palestine a state and asking Obama to do this before leaving office, would this have any impact on your timeline of events if Obama were to actually do this? Wouldn’t this bring God’s wrath upon us because of Obama dividing Israel?

  10. Carter is a nut case. What the UN does means nothing if it does not get through the UN security council. Even then it would take years for the UN to agree to enforce anything. The UN declaring Palestine a state does not make it a state. Israel could easily occupy that “state” and probably would if it was a threat to Israel.

    It would not have an impact on my timeline. Obama would not be dividing Israel anyway. The secular leadership of Israel do not consider the land they took in the wars to be in Israel. They would be perfectly happy to have a two state solution if there actually could be peace. The problem they run into is that the Palestinians do not want a two state solution. They want to take over Israel.

    God does not stand up for Israel until they acknowledge their Messiah anyway.

  11. Great article Don:

    You have spoken for some time of a backlash against Islam from western societies. The idea resonated with me to the extent that I look at current events in its light; even more than Russia’s presence in the ME, as I believe the Islamic problem must be solved before Gog’s invasion.

    In fact a scenario I wrote on end times has that backlash/war as precipitating future events.

  12. Don, I still DAILY long for the Rapture to occur as soon as possible . That being said, I have to admit that the longer I read your articles the more I agree with your timing. The desire to go home is, at times, all most overwhelming. The Lord apparently has more for us to do,however. I don’t mean to be flippant speaking about Him, but to quote the title of an old tv show (boy, am I dating myself) I guess ultimately, “Father Knows Best”.

  13. For everyone in here, including you, Don, I’m new to this. I’m only 28. I’m still learning. I’ve been reading your past blogs, and I’ve been trying to keep up. You all say time is short. And I’m wondering what is God going to think of me when I’m there…because I’m literally the only believer out of my entire family, other then my husband. When I try to speak about Christ, I get a face full of people laughing at me. That being said, I’ve brought 0 to Christ that I’m aware of. I’m still trying…anyways, can I share your articles? Because they have been incredibly spot on with everything that’s been going on, I would love for some friends to be able to read your past posts, as well. Unjust wanted to ask, first.

  14. Hi Ashley,

    God is in charge of who will received the message and be saved. Some sow and others reap. You are sowing so I think the Lord will say well done daughter.

    Sure, you can share my articles. Anyone can do that. All I ask is those that share my articles on the Internet also provide a link to my site.

  15. Don,

    Hopefully this is not off topic, but in light of all the talk about the breakup of the EU, do you still hold to the belief that the or an Mediterranean Union will be its replacement? Also, I think I remember one of your last articles mentioning Putin wanting to revive the Holy Roman Empire by reuniting the Russian orthodox and Roman Catholic Church? Sorry if I’m wrong on that.

    Also, I just read an article about the EU army that is being formed with British funding no less. So, It almost seems as if many regions are vying to be the next great or last empire. In the end I guess it doesn’t really matter for us Christians, but your timeline would seemingly support the time needed for these wars that would inevitably result and the formation of this empire.

  16. Hi Steve,

    I have not changed my views that a superstate will control Europe, North Africa and the Middle East like the Roman Empire did.

    I do not know exactly what events in Europe will happen to shape this revived Roman Empire but I think they will come soon.

    Russia has its own ideas about Europe. Maybe that is why Russia leads an alliance that eventual comes against Israel. It may not be unlike the Old Soviet Union against NATO.

    I think the belief that the Soviet Union would fulfill Ezekiel 38 and 39 was very plausible in the 20th century. It seems God delayed the invasion. However, the future alignment could be quite similar. It does seem that it will take about a decade to accomplish such a realignment.

  17. Hi Don,

    There are things I can’t get out of my head:

    According to me, before return of Jesus Christ must be some worldwide waiting for Jesus Christ but He won’t come back, and then:

    [2 Peter 3:4, KJV] And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.

    Moreover, according to me this vers suggest that these scoffers will appear after the reset of civilization “all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation”.

    In Poland, place where I live, 95 percent of people don’t even know that Jesus Christ will return on Earth, they don’t know the Bible beside simple story of Adam and Eve, Noe, Moses, Jesus Christ, they pray to Mother of God (rosary prayer) much more than to God.

    Why Satan will rebuild the Babylon in the land of Chaldea (Shinear) and will give chance to fulfill the prophecy of destruction of Babylon, does Satan is so self-confident?

    It is little off topic but I would like to know what do you think about the Flat Earth theory which according to me is much more biblical and rational than heliocentrism?

    Below, I give some links to interesting photographs:

  18. Hi earthwalker

    It might help if I knew what you were asking. Is this a Polish joke?

    From the little I understand from what you wrote, I do think you are suggesting things that are not said.

    The earth obviously is a sphere.

  19. Don,

    What is your opinion on whether the 2nd coming will occur on a numerically relevant date? For instance, on a Jewish holiday, a jubilee year, or 70, 120, 2520 years etc. from a paticular event?

  20. Hi Jim,

    I think the second coming will occur on a feast day and a Jubilee will be declared after the earth is cleansed. However, from the time that Jesus was cut off until Jesus sets up the physical kingdom there are no Jubilees. Israel is dead to God until she receives her King.

    We are now in the Church age of grace. God probably has a number of souls in mind for the completion of His Son’s Bride rather than a date. Israel will go through their last week of years of chastisement shortly after the Church age ends and the Bride is removed. Israel will receive Jesus near the end of this seven year period.

    Past events cannot be reliably dated anyway. The best of scholars cannot even agree on the year that Jesus was born of Mary or the year that He was crucified. There also are calendar issues about OT events.

    For these reasons all the dating schemes always prove out to be a waste of time.

  21. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. This is all your guess right? A lot have given time frames or projections and they didn’t pan out, it’s all on God’s time.

  22. Its more than just a guess. It is based upon correlating many different trends in the world. Things can change to make the projection wrong but that in itself would mean radical change on earth. For example, there could be a collapse of civilization with a massive depopulation event that slows things down. The last major event like that was the black plague.

  23. Your 2009 or so post had the rapture with the highest probability rate in the 2020’s. Still going with that? I agree with a previous comment, 2027, we’ll 2025-2027

  24. The 2020’s still seems to be the most likely decade for the Rapture to me. I do not rule out the last couple of years of this decade either. We are now experiencing a nationalist populist uprising but the Rapture would put things solidly back in the globalist court.

  25. I think the 7000 year plan for mankind is the biggest indicator that the second coming would occur in the 2030s. I also think there is something to the 2520 years of punishment ending on 2028AD. Idk what event would happen on this date though.

  26. I have heard some claim that it works out to 1948. The truth is that anyone can come up with some year that fits their fancy if they adjust the starting date and ignore possible ancient calendar changes. All of this kind of dating is rather silly. Is Israel rejected before their Messiah is even given to them? The only thing that works out is the 70 weeks prophecy that ends when Jesus was cut off. There still remains one week of years for Israel before the restoration.

    God is not counting years for Israel in the times of the grafting in of the Gentles. When the times given to the Gentiles are fulfilled He will again deal with the salvation of Israel.

  27. Exciting article. 2020’s is just around the corner. 2027 is roughly ten years away.

    But I am concerned about the LONGSUFFERING of God mentioned in 2 Peter 3:9 . This one verse compels me to think we have a longer ways to go than 2030. Maybe 2050 – 2060? And that is so depressing to think about.

  28. Hi James3,

    God has been suffering with humans being under the control of Satan for 6000 years. I think that is quite longsuffering enough. The world is now so wicked that it is not likely to survive to 2050. Showing that was the point of my writing the 25 articles.

  29. Don, good point! God has indeed been suffering for 6000 years. 2000 if we consider just the Church age. Both are really long time spans for longsuffering.

    To wickedness, let me add the proliferation of LGBT in society. Some pastors even support gay marriages. How wicked is that?! What will become of children who grow up in a world where same-sex relationships are considered “normal”? How can this wickedness go on any longer?

  30. Don

    Although we have two different ways of getting there, I agree the 2020s are the overwhelming most likely decade for the rapture.

    When Peter said in 30 AD at Pentecost that that date was occurring during the last days, he obviously wasn’t talking about two calendars days. Taking his later teaching that a day for God is as a 1,000 years to us humans – the minimum last days would be two. In the Old Testament, Hosea 6:2 says AFTER two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up.

    I can’t believe that Earth can survive to a third day (another 1,000 years). Two times a thousand years puts us at 2,000 earth years from BEFORE 30 AD at Pentecost – so BEFORE Pentecost of 2030 AD. (My extensive chronological research puts the crucifixion in 30 AD without any “wiggle room” for either an earlier or later date – too much details to get into here but I am very content with that year).

    So for everyone reading this – hold on to your born again Christian faith AND share your witness about God & His Son from now until at least the 20s. As Revelation calls it – be overcomers and you will be richly rewarded by Jesus!


  31. Many scholars would disagree on the 30 AD date of the crucifixion. There are records that probably do not allow for that year. 2033AD seems more likely. If anyone does a Google search about the “year Jesus was crucified”. They will find the arguments.

  32. There is a one world Agenda called Agenda 2030: this started off as agenda 21 in Sept 1992 looking towards the 21st century,
    Callled the environmental sustainability treaty for the coming new lilenia. Then in Sept 2015 it was updated to Agenda 2030 15-25 years and this IS A UNITED NATIONS TREATY called the one world sustainability treaty. This is very real and it fits in line with this page. The Masons are involved with this and the Illuminati so I take note as this could be correct. They try to shut me up with putting me before the courts a and this only gives this writer alot of credibility so zi agree fully with the writer of this article

  33. I’ve done so much research myself and came to the same conclusion, I couldn’t agree more, I’m also new to your blog and love your blogs. Here is something I had found out… there will be two solar eclipses in US, officials say it is pretty rare. First one this year August 21st, second eclipse just 7 years April 8th 2024 forming a huge X on US.

    That “x” lands in New Madrid Fault. In 1811 US had one of the biggest earthquakes if not the biggest. Some people have had dreams that God will divide US if they divide Israel, but the dreams take it lightly because it’s nowhere in the bible, just something to think about concerning the solar eclipses. Because it does say to watch the heavens for signs.

    Also something else will happen on September 23rd -Revelation 12:1–2 And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.

    Let me know what you think.

  34. Hi Tibs,

    I don’t think there is any connection between the New Madrid and eclipses​.

    I will be talking some about the Revelation 12 signs in my next post. They would only be valid if all the astrological signs are the same as on the date of the Lord’s birth.

  35. Iibs, This Tech stuff is just proof that the second coming will be sooner than they can create these things. God is not going to allow humans to be anything other than humans. Jesus did not die to save Trans humans.

  36. I’ve been studying signs from the old testament and came across this diagram of
    draco crossing the lesser sheepfold as an astronomical sign of Bozra. Thought you might be interested. Became close in 2010 and after 2100 will move away. Makes your dates and charts of potential deal breakers very real.

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