Shamans and Appeasers are Leading Christendom

As most of you know, I recently moved to a new location. I have been trying to find a biblical Christian fellowship in my area to attend but these days it is difficult to find an evangelical church anywhere that is not led by shamans or hireling appeasers. Should Christians attend a congregation where wolves in sheep clothing and hireling appeasers lead the congregation? I think not.

The Shamans Leading Christendom:

The shamans leading Christendom are the leaders in or that are highly influenced by Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation and Hyper-Charismatic/Pentecostal spiritualism. Just a short time ago the shamans were still on the Christian fringe but today they have infiltrated mainstream Christendom. The shamans now influence or control most Christian learning institutions, most mega churches and almost all the “Christian” media in the nation. The shamans have infiltrated the top levels of every evangelical denomination.

Methodologies or disciplines used to change or shape people to become more spiritual is called Spiritual Formation. Learning spiritual formation methodologies is required curriculum to get any degree in most Bible colleges and seminaries. The Shamans leading Christendom teach that mysticism is the key to spiritual formation.

  • Want communication with God? You need to get quiet and listen for God’s still small voice. Just find a mystical way to go into an altered state to quiet your mind and you can hear God speaking directly to you.
  • Want the Holy Spirit? After you ask God for the Holy Spirit, learn to babble in tongues to prove that you received Him.
  • Want prosperity? Give away your money (preferably to your shaman) and then claim it.
  • Want healing? Confess that you are healed.
  • Want a prayer answered? Just find the right mystical formula or say the right words. If that don’t work, draw a circle around it and just claim it. God honors circles and all man-made three ring circuses.
  • Want Christian unity? Forget about uniting on doctrine. Doctrine divides. Everyone should just join with the Harlot of Revelation 17 and they will find common unity.

I think you get the picture.

Thirty years ago most leaders in the evangelical movement did not venture much beyond what they believed the Bible taught. That is no longer the case. Now everyone is getting their own private revelation from God. The mystical formula to get new revelation differs but the end result is always the same. God is speaking through these shaman leaders and you had better listen up.

The Appeasers Leading Christendom:

We have all heard the appeasers leading Christendom. Every time the appeasers open their mouth nothing worthwhile comes out. These are the leaders that will not take a stand on anything that someone else might consider offensive. They won’t talk about sin or man’s depravity. They also will not say that Jesus is the only path to salvation. After all, someone might be offended.

Appeasers leading Christendom will not talk about the political issues that face the nation and the world because discussing issues and solutions requires taking stands that all might not agree with. These are the leaders that say things like Islam is a religion of peace or that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

What are Christian leaders good for if they will not lead Christian people into truth and making informed choices? You could have Jezebel running on one political party and Elijah running on the other and these Christian appeasers would tell their followers that they do not endorse anyone.

They will be the first to tell you that Christians have a duty to vote. However, they also will tell you that Christians leaders should not be endorsing any political figure or party. Really? Why not? Do they really think that not taking a stand against obvious evil is being salt and light to the world?

I listened to Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend (who I do endorse) interviewing the pastor where Mike Pence attended for 12 years (Pence is the Republican Vice President candidate). I about fell off of my chair when the pastor in this very conservative Bible church talked about the great Christian values of Mike Pence but then repeatedly made it clear that he was not endorsing anyone.

That pastor made it very clear that his church never endorses political candidates. I have news, if you Christian leaders do not endorse those you believe are real Christians and those that are promoting Christian values you are abetting the enemy.

Politically correct Christian “leaders” can be darn right dangerous. Christian leaders not taking a stand until it was too late is how Hitler and Stalin got total control. When the freedom of Christians are taken away, these same “leaders” will blame the dumbed down American Christians for being deceived.

Maybe if these “Christian leaders” showed some leadership and stood for something, Jezebel would not have been elected. Maybe if they take a stand, Jezebel would never get to destroy the people of God in America. That is not hyperbole! If a witch is elected to run our country she will seek to destroy the Church of God in America. Wake up!

Maybe conservative churches of like mind should reconsider their stand? Should Christians only get information on national and world politics from the Marxist media? Where will Christians hear the truth if not from the conservative Christian leaders?

I guess these churches are more worried about being politically correct in the world and their tax exempt status then they are about the well-being of the sheep that attend.

Many pastors have everything a– backward. Church meetings are not for reaching lost souls. They also are not for evangelizing the evangelized. They exist for Christian fellowship and Christian ministry. One of the major ministries in the Church is to educate the Church on all issues that impact the members in Christ.

The leading Christendom enigma for our time:

The leading Christendom enigma is where can a Bible believer even attend a true Christian fellowship these days?

  • The liberal churches have a form of religion but they deny God’s inerrant words. They have rebellious women leading feminized men into the pit.
  • The Catholic Church is antichrist in many ways. Don’t be deceived by pious appearances. The Pope is the top false prophet shaman on earth. The Roman Catholic Church has a works based salvation theology that is the antitheses of the real gospel delivered.
  • The Baptists make their pastors idols but their idols will not stand for anything in their churches without first securing a very large support base to prop up their ample butt (and ego). Most local idols are now made in the image of national idols that are mirroring the world or the doctrine of shamans.
  • The Hyper-Charismatics/Pentecostals are being directly led by shamans. Their practices are looking more like pagan spiritualism than Christianity. Assemblies of God at many levels is now in bed with Word of Faith and WOF is in bed with the New Apostolic Reformation false prophets of spiritual presumption and Dominion Theology. Now many of these are jumping in bed with the religious Harlot of Revelation 17.
  • The Church of Christ, Adventists, Nazarene’s, Hebrew Roots, etc, are close to being theological cults.

I’m telling you it’s getting tough out there to find a good church.

I recently attended the First Baptist around here. That week the youth group was running the service and it was fawning all over itself. This is now typical in Baptist churches large enough to have a youth group. It seems that self-pride is now a Christian virtue. Thanks James Dobson!

The story was that they went to the beach over 1000 miles away. I did not hear a Christian message or Christian mission agenda. I guess it was just a trip to have fun. It seemed to me that the highlight of their message was that they had a good time, they sang on the bus and they got a flat fixed without hassle.

The grand finale of the youth service at the church was a five-minute line dance to rap music while all the youth held a look of pride on their faces. Are you kidding me! They are growing up worldly narcissists at that church. Thanks James Dobson! No more Spock babies in Evangelical churches today, just all those Dobson self-esteem offspring.

These kids learn to love themselves in their youth groups, but I fail to see how that prepares them for the real world. Maybe that is why they drop out as soon as their Christian values are challenged in college or in the workplace.

That reminds me of another Baptist church where I was a member recently. They also fawned over the youth as if they were all rock solid Christians. The youth even all got chastity rings and made vows in front of the congregation that they would stay virgins until married. Are you kidding me? How many are now on the inevitable guilt trip of breaking a vow to God? The leaders did not tell the youth about that scheduled trip that they had prearranged. To help them on the trip they will tell them not to get married until they shop around for awhile.

That church needed a reality check and it did not take long at all for it to happen. The self-absorbed narcissistic head pastor had a falling out with the youth absorbed youth director and the youth director took most of the kids with him to the Word of Faith shaman house down the road.

Where were their parents? Who knows? Christian youth groups in many small town churches are now social clubs. Parents do not go to church with their youth to worship God. The youth go to youth services to be with other youth and who knows about the parents?

I am still looking and still am hopeful that there is a church somewhere within an hour of where I live that is a Christian fellowship that actually teaches God’s word (and not magazines, stories and twisted scriptures). Maybe I can find one that even still teaches the soon coming of the Lord and biblical discernment (nah…get real Don). The real trick will be to find a fellowship that is not led by a shaman or an appeaser.

I fully understand why some have given up on churches. Even Brannon Howse said he stopped attending the Baptist church where he had attended and has given up on finding a church. He now just fellowships in his home. Of course, Howse believes that most of the churches have been infiltrated with a Religious Trojan Horse and it all leads to the Harlot of Revelation 17. Howse of course is totally correct. The proof is the shamans and appeasers now leading Christendom.


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Shamans and Appeasers are Leading Christendom — 36 Comments

  1. Fantastic article Don. Christian men have largely become politically correct weaklings. I blame them for much of what has happened in our country.
    I do not attend a church either right now for many of the reasons you mentioned. The last church we were at had bible studies with sports teams and holidays as central themes. Each verse was studied in the context of the theme. It was a very small church and we stayed for only a couple months.

  2. I’ve been hearing about crooked Hillary’s involvement in whichcraft & that she is a witch. Doing sacrifices w/ pigeons to Moloch and also a woman claiming that Hillary raped her at the age 12 & her covering that and other instances up about Bill’s rapes.

    I know someone going to a Biblical college now he avoids talking about prophecy of any kind.

    Yea it’s increasingly getting worse, more then likely u will do better finding your church on the internet. It’s getting more like it was in the very beginning of the Gospels just likeminded small groups gathering at someone’s house… so far that is still legal.

    If Hillary does get in look for the internet to be regulated by the United Nations or someone. Then prophecy will be banned from internet, just very watered down gospel if at all.

  3. I don’t buy your pigeons sacrifices to Moloch conjectures. Don’t believe everything you hear on the Internet. The Internet is already being censored by those running the show. For example, all speech is not allowed on my blog or most any other Internet or media site. I would be more worried about people running Google, Facebook, Twitter etc and the Internet website hosts than the UN. Of course dictators could also censor and I suppose they will if our people put them in office.

  4. Yea I hear u.. all I know she reminds me of Kim Jong Un with those stubby little arms. I did however see w/ my own eye’s a reporter asking her of her membership of the illuminati & her responds was she swore a oath not talk about it.

  5. Excellent article Don,
    A friend of mine told me his evangelical church just finished teaching a multiweek sermon on the twelve stations of the cross.
    How about just reading the Word of God.

  6. For those that do not know, the stations of the cross are a big practice in the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics do the stations while saying the rosary.

  7. I agree with a whole heart Don. Most in the church now believe they are saved by there own righteousness instead of the righteousness that comes by faith. They believe they can make themselves good enough to go to heaven and who needs Jesus anyway. It is the Pharisee system of self righteousness all over again. Instead of obeying what the bible says, they give lip service to Jesus and go about trying to establish their own righteousness by works of the flesh.

    If we could make our selves good enough to go to heaven then Jesus died in vain. But most believe they have no sin. I point out first John 1-8 and 10, but they say they are righteous and live without sin.

    And like you say, instead of living a holy life because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, they do good works as a way of salvation.

    Legalism has so infiltrated the church that people are led to believe they are saved by following man made laws and rules. Mathew 15:7-9.

    We left a church we had been in for 18 years as it became apparent that these people were following another gospel. Now we have church at home and on the internet with our believing family members.

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed on things we never even heard about. We kind of live out in the boonies in the middle of Kansas where we don’t get much of what the rest of the world is doing except for TV and the internet. Kind of like to keep it that way.

    Please keep up the good work as we all need help to keep from the apostasy in the church. I hope God will allow you to keep your website up for a few more years. God bless.

  8. Hi Don,
    I have attended numerous churches over the many years and have always felt most comfortable in Foursquare churches. The ones I have attended preach the word, have good salvation calls at every service and teach from the Bible.
    just my two cents worth for your consideration.

  9. You encouraged me when I could not find a church I finally found one,and then they let a new church leader lead..with affirmations to.daddy God.I walked.but my daughter met a pastor’s WalMart! and started going to that entertainment,no choir robes,teaching straight out of the Word .and my grandson, nonverbal,fell.right into the nursery with no problems.a big deal for us.he gets to.go to.his first bible week.I this just to remind you there are other like minded Christians near your new home,and I am sure you will.find them…hopefully soon.i will.pray for you to find the fellowship and worship you seek.

  10. Great article Don! I agree that it is very difficult to find a good church these days. I live in a rural area, and am actually within biking distance of a church; too bad it is a Catholic church. Luckily there are a couple WELS churches within a 15 minute drive of where I live. I have a generally favorable view of them both, and the true gospel of Christ gets preached from the pulpit, however they unfortunately miss on pretribulation rapture theology (and a few other things). Yet, I find those churches A LOT better than many of the ones in my area, especially the one I drive by every few weeks which has a sign on the outside of the building that reads “a better way to do church”… Yeah, that’s not the kind of church I am looking for…

  11. Foursquare is a Pentecostal denomination founded by a woman with mostly small churches that believes it needs to have salvation calls for those attending at every service. That is probably because they believe that believers that sin can lose their salvation or that their prior claim of salvation never took. So they need to keep re-saving the sinners attending. I think I will pass. besides Jack Hayford preaching sounds much like WOF to me. Besides besides, there are no Foursquare churches around here.

  12. Yeah, I also have attended Covenant Theology amillennial churches when nothing else was available. The gospel of salvation in many of these churches is very clear. You must live in the rural north.

  13. Don, you are part of the “church” I go to now. I had two small churches nearby in my very rural locale, they both went over to the enemy a while back. One making The Revelation a metaphor. The other okays homosexual pastors. Ugh. I study everyday and when the plain truth of the gospel is confirmed by others either here or friends, with the few left, that’s who I stick with. We do have Cowboy churches around here, but I have not checked into those enough.
    By the way I just finished my new CD and I hope it will have some Holy Spirit Life.

  14. Even worse, don’t forget all the [church] politics. That’s just brutal.

  15. Great essay, Don! Finding the right church – a real church – is nearly impossible anymore. We have lived in the Cookson Hills for the last 21 years. I had not been to church for a long, long time because I really got discouraged every time I attended anywhere. It just never felt right.

    Then, about five years ago when I really got started reading the Bible and really started understanding it, I actually had a spiritual reawakening, and I felt moved by the Holy Spirit to visit a little church not four minutes away from where I live. It turned out to be that “one in a million” little church that is really a church; that is, the Holy Spirit resides in the people of the church and therefore God is there.

    On my first day, I hardly had gotten out of my car when I was greeted by a church member right in the parking lot. When I went inside the pastor saw me and immediately came and sat down with me before the service and talked to me. I had never experienced that before.

    Our congregation is a rather old one, the age spread being 65 – 90+ (it’s a retirement community here). We do have a couple of young families. We have a rather young full-time pastor (most of us have kids his age) who is every bit the “Good Shepherd.” He is truly what a pastor is supposed to be. Every single sermon I’ve heard from him over the past five years has been straight out of the Bible. He will start at the beginning of the book (Genesis, exodus or whatever) and preach straight through it to the end, no matter how many Sundays it takes.

    We are a praying church; in fact, people from all over the community who don’t even attend our church will call us to have a loved one or friend put on our prayer list, which typically has over 100 names on it at any given time.

    We are a mission-minded church, giving freely to the major Baptist offerings like Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong. We have an active Women’s Mission Union group and do what we can to support and pray for our missionaries. And, Don, we are lucky if we have 50 people in attendance on Sunday. We are such a small church, yet we really do a lot. And we love each other deeply and care for and take care of each other. I could really go on and on about how great our church is, but this should suffice.

    My prayer for you is that you will finally find a real church like mine.

  16. Don,

    I too have found it quite difficult to find a good church. The last church I attended I had been somewhat of a regular attendee, that is until they decided to show the super bowl on Sunday after service. That just rubbed me the wrong way. I am currently attending an Assembly of God church in my town and have been pretty pleased so far. At least the Pastor is not afraid to bring up current political events. Anyway thanks for the article, good luck and God bless.

  17. Where I live the choices are Southern Baptist or Church of Christ-that’s pretty much it. I’ve never been interested in Church of Christ. I’ve also been an erratic church goer most of my life but I did start attending regularly about 9 years ago. The church broke apart so a friend and I church hopped looking for a different church. My friend died and I looked alone but not for long. I wanted a house of prayer, not a house of programs. I guess I understand most people are more social than I am but where was the prayer?

    The former church had a prayer chain. If someone sniffled the chain was activated. I wouldn’t put my name on it. I wanted a real coming together before God.

    Does anyone remember Wednesday night prayer meetings? We got down on our knees and prayed together. I was just a kid and I’ll admit church was the last place I wanted to be but I did get down on the floor with the adults and sometimes I prayed out loud. It was non denominational. The pastor’s brother was John W. Peterson the songwriter. His songs are still in protestant hymnals. The Christian novelist Joyce Livingston also went there.
    I just name dropped. I must have been looking for the church of my childhood. It doesn’t exist in today’s churches.

    I’m still campaigning diligently against “Jezebel.” I just blasted one of those evangelist who refuse to endorse, on face book, and tomorrow I’m going to have to face backlash from his readers.

  18. Dear don my thoughts exactly churches are these days no more no less than social clubs dating fields feel good sermons verging on the ridiculous prosperity wow you have this that NAUSEATING I read the bible on my own and i am fine with that i have zero tolerance for this suuperficial watered down atmosphere of so called protestant churches pastors making jokes bragging about how entertaining and charming they are political correctnes ISLAM oh well just as the so called president called a maligned religion of peace solidarity with. CRIMINAL PALESTINE BETRAYAL OF ISRAEL ZIONISM PORTRAYED AS RACISM NO DON I CHOOSE MY ONE ON ONE WITH MY LORD I ABHOR WHAT CHURCHES HAVE MORPHED INTO HELMER

  19. I have learned more from Don and the late Jack Kelly then I ever did in church or Sunday school.

  20. When I was young we went to the country chapel. That was a real church! Wednesday night everybody brought a plate of food those were special days as I look back. We all would kneel down at our chairs pray out loud as the Spirit lead, that kind of stuff.

    I’m glad I had that foundation.

  21. I think you have answered your own question re finding a Bible based church Don… start your own at home.

  22. That is not an option. Most people that care anything at all about Christianity already go somewhere and I have four big dogs gated in here. There is no room to park more than a few cars anyway and I own three. If I am going to just have church to have church, I can go just about anywhere.

  23. When you say ‘having church just to have church’ I presume you are meaning doing church by rote.

    I have been to churches like that and decided I would rather have Jesus in our midst, and he is there when two or three (or more) are gathered ‘in his name’.

    I do trust you will find such a group.

  24. Dear Don i concurre with your stand in regards to your notion of not attending or being part of a church that in any way detracts itself from the biblical truth which is to be followed not questioned or argued against in any form or even worse to fall into the diabolical snare of attempting to interpret its SACRED AND PERFECT CONTENTS thus leading astray those that are in spiritual darkness willfully or not i too have chosen to read the bible alone and as much as possible follow its commandments with humility and acceptance howeveri am also going to address the ludicrous and ignorant assertion that you should establish a church in your HOME!!!i find such suggestion cynical and lacking in sensitivity as your plight of not being willing to settle for a church that you know is not the one that in your heart and soul does adhere and follows the biblical scriptures that very proposal ignorant and outrageous of tellin that your situation is solved by your using your dwelling as a church is reflecting the SAD STATE OF AMERICAS SPIRITUAL WELL BEING I BELEIEVE ON MY HEART THAT AMERICA AS A GOD FEARING NATION IS IN THE PAST ITS EMBRACING OF EVERTHING ABHORENT TO GOD AND JESUS WILL BE ITS DOWNFALL NOT TO MENTION THE STRANGE AND PECULIAR ALLIANCE OF THE HOMOSEXUAL AND FEMINIST MOVEMENT WITH ISLAM!!!!if the ROMAN EMPIRE FELL WELL WHAT MAKES ANYBODY THINK THAT AMERICA WILL NOT RUN IYS SAME FAITH I humbly advise you not to deviate from ypur moral and spiritual conviction to choose to congregate in soltude and sanctity on your HOME rather than form part of a church that is not in principle and action loyal and FAITHFUL TO JESUS TEACHINGS I FINALLY WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY AND STRIVE FOR SPIRITUAL PURITY ON MY OWN

  25. Helmer,

    I see no problem with someone suggesting to me that I should start a home Church. I wish someone that would teach the plain truth and that had a biblical worldview (rather than a shaman or appeaser) and the gift to be a pastor/teacher would start a fellowship around here. All churches start somewhere. As for me, I was not given the ministry of being a pastor. I do not believe pounding square pegs into round holes is in God’s agenda.

    The only Church of God is the people that have the spirit of God in them. It does not take a “church” building for the Church to meet. Jesus said not to forsake the assembling together with other believers. He did not say we have to go to the western concept of church to meet with the Church. The early Church and the persecuted Church met wherever and whenever they could. Most often they met in a fellow believers home but when persecution became great it might have even been in a crypt.


    Doing church by rote? It seems to me that is what most of our western churches now do. Going to church is just showing up at a building and going through a program that was copied from local tradition. As I said to Helmer, and as you know, the Church is the people. What I meant when I said I did not want to have Church to have Church was about hosting a church service in my home when God has not equipped me to be a pastor of a Church.

    By the way, home churches can also be dangerous. Many cults start that way. Not all people should be teachers and not all people should be followed. That is why mature elders (plural) were supposed to be elected and those in Christ would critique the ministry given. We all error. That suggests more than two or three should be present in the assembly if that is at all possible.

  26. A book I read long ago, The Invisible War, mentioned the devil does the most damage right from the pulpit. This is spot on now more than ever. Most people simply feel that pastors are qualified experts on biblical teaching. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What most people do not know is that the most sought after professions among elite practicing satanists are pastors in christian churches and psychologists. make no qualms about it. The churches have been infiltrated by the enemy, the tares. This is where the enemy can do the most damage. Steering people away from Christ and providing false guidance to them. This is why it is imperative for you to know the Holy Bible. Let no man deceive you as our Lord mentions in Matthew 24. Our Lord mentions this 4 times during the olivet discourse. Nothing else is mentioned 4 times.

  27. Thank you for your website. You are so helpful and I like that you speak in easy to understand language. We too are facing a dilemma in the the church we attend and are members. We just moved here a couple of years ago and found a church only 4 minutes away from our home. I thought God had really blessed us, but I can see some emergent church/spiritual formation/seeker friendly techniques being used. It’s a sneaky process. One thing you said and is I think happening is that pastors and others don’t say anything about questionable things because they don’t want to offend anyone. Therefore, the sheep are scattering into all kinds of beliefs because no one keeps us in the sheepfold. We’ll probably be looking.

  28. i would like to make a suggestion that all the believers here who have the same time zone can probably fellowship together via the internet or group messaging. While the internet is still available to us believers.
    i know people who work at homes then they have teleconferences with their group that are in the actual office.
    So maybe we can use the same principle.

  29. Hi Don,

    I did look for the correct topic to post this, it’s really good. Worth listening to so many good points on the error of the catholic doctrine. Loaded with excellent documentation of scripture and proving the fallacy of Mary without sin & how they put her equal w/ Christ…

    There’s really good stuff in here. I’m still listening to it just making notes, I need to listen to it again.

    Wow great stuff.

    PS. The first minute sounds like a static radio interview just push thru it, then clear talking after a min. there’s silence for a second. Then the guy explains.

  30. Hi Bill,

    The sermon is by the late Dr. Walter Martin. He was the founder of the Christian Research Institute and wrote the classic, “The Kingdom of the Cults“. Not many people will point out false doctrine anymore. And of course a lot of new bad doctrine has popped up since Martin died a couple of decades ago.

  31. Don , great article , everything you said is sad but true. There are some good Christian websites , but you miss out on fellowship with others. Have you ever listened to Ben Hayden at He passed away in 2013 or 2014 but his messages are still on the website. Hope you found a church since you wrote the article . BLESSINGS in CHRIST

  32. Hi Don,

    I do not recall his name so I probably have not listened to his teaching. There is very little fellowship in most churches because the church is the people and people attending religious buildings generally do not fellowship with outsiders outside the building walls. It is either mostly learned ritual or show time for the sheep and tares. You can reverse the order in mega seeker churches.

    i still have not found a suitable assembly of Christians in this area.

  33. Don , really sad you cannot find a suitable church in your area. It has been my experience the most significant and lasting fellowships happen in small group Bible studies outside of regular church services. The people who participate tend to be those who are committed . We have several of them at my church.

  34. Don,

    I agree if mature Bible grounded Christians are involved, In fact, that is the real church model. However, there are no small groups that I know of around here.

  35. Today I was listening to this one. It’s the same thing but in video.

    After getting all this down real good I’m eager to go talk to some Catholics lol or just play dumb and start asking “hey, I can’t find it but where does it say Mary is assumed into heaven”??

    As I mutter various things over in my head that I’m learning I play out conversations I could have in the future w/ Catholics and at the same time it really ticks me off that they would manipulate God’s word the way they do. Not the sheep they won’t even read their bibles.

    ps. Actually once I can just bounce off scripture and debunk all the heresy’s I’m going to go make an appointment w/ a priest and debate him.

  36. Hi Don,

    Lately I’ve been listening to Charles Stanley then I put down the scriptures he mentions and I then go back and read them later that day. I was reading Isa 59 and came across the word Cockatrice eggs wondering what that meant so I googled it.

    Here’s what I found.

    With that concept it has helped me with staying focused throughout the day any time a thought came on I Immediately thought of that mystical cockatrice egg growing the more I paid attention to that thought so I found myself tossing out any rubbish as soon as it entered.

    There’s an example of the Lord speaking thru His word when we meditate upon it. I’m sharing this as a testimony.

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