Never Hillary! Trump globalists! Vote for Donald J. Trump!

I think the outcome of the 2016 election either seals America’s fate under the rule of international globalists or it brings back nationalism under Donald J. Trump for a time. Americans have a clear choice, either vote for globalist Hillary Clinton or trump globalists by voting for nationalist Donald Trump.

Neither choice will bring any utopia to America but lying Hillary will surely enslave Americans under the tyranny of globalists. The way America goes on this probably will determine the direction of many other nations as well.

The 2016 election in America probably will determine if globalists take over in this generation or nations remain sovereign for the near future. Europeans will soon be making the same choice that America is making in November. If Americans trump globalists, maybe some European nations will trump globalists as well.

I like what I am hearing from Donald Trump on most of the issues. Some think he will not deliver but anyone that is not brainwashed knows that lying Hillary would mean the end of America as a free nation.

Obama has proved that the Congress will not remove lawless Democrat Presidents that have become dictators. Hillary will prove to be no exception. I think Donald Trump will at least attempt to do what he says. I think Hillary will continue to lie and I think she will continue the international leftist fascist agenda of Obama.

Trump is surrounding himself with some really good people. They are not going to let him off the hook. Frankly, I think they are converting him. Trump is becoming more conservative and he will do all he can to stop the planned demise of America coming from the American hating globalists.

What about a third-party candidate? If you mean Gary Johnson running on the Libertarian Party ticket it would just be a vote for lying Hillary. Even libertarians like Paul Watson and Alex Jones of Info Wars say that Gary Johnson is a social justice liberal globalist and he is not a real libertarian. Jones thinks Gary Johnson is a Hillary sell out. He also thinks Johnson is totally crazy.

Libertarian Alex Jones is all in for Donald J. Trump because Trump will trump the globalists that Alex Jones claims are trying to take over the world. The control freak elite will even start another world war to achieve globalism.

The Two Choices:

Donald Trump is running on a strong military, missile and cyber defense – conservative Supreme Court – enforcement of existing immigration laws – build wall on Mexico border to stop drugs, terrorists, and gangsters – no sanctuary cities – supports police – pro-life – keeping jobs in America – rebuilding inner cities and infrastructure – supports first and second amendment rights – opposes global warming agenda – is pro energy development – lower taxes – limited government growth – jobs for working class – opposes bad international trade deals that take away jobs and national sovereignty – opposes neo-con nation building – understands the imminent danger from Radical Islam, Iran, China, and N. Korea.

Hillary Clinton wants to continue the Obama agenda. This includes a weaker military – Progressive (leftist fascist) Supreme Court – open borders – mass unchecked immigration – support of radical groups like Black Lives Matter and CAIR – federal control of local police – crony multinational capitalism – pro abortion – big government – more government welfare programs – wants modified Bill of Rights – supports global warming agenda – supports UN agenda 21 and UN agenda 2030 – wants higher taxes on middle class.

Trump Globalists:

Maybe you are wondering how Trump could pay for what he wants without our nation going further in debt. It won’t be easy but it can be done if you grow the economy by creating jobs, cut government entitlements, reduce federal regulations, and reduce inefficiencies and fraud.

I worked for government and I saw the inefficiencies first hand. I always said that the same work could be done by eliminating half of the government employees. Whole agencies need to be eliminated or combined and others could take big employee cuts and still accomplish their mission.

Revenues also could be increased by better tax enforcement. If government can find a way to make those that are now working under the table, to pay their fair share of taxes they would raise hundreds of billions in new revenue. I am not saying that Trump will do all that, but it can be done.

I also am not saying that Trump can make America great again. Only God can do that. If Americans are going to reject God and choose evil, I see no reason to expect God to bless America. Even so, with Trump’s people at least there will be people in place that God can work through if He chooses to bless America. With Hillary and her team a revolution would be needed first.

You might also keep in mind, that the person elected might not survive the term. Mike Pence is a very conservative Christian. I checked him out. He attends a Christian non denominational Bible church and his pastors verify that he is a true Christian. On the other hand, Tim Kaine is a self-described, “old-fashioned liberal…driven by Jesuit ideals”. Yes, Tim Kaine did work with Jesuits in Honduras. “Jesuit ideals” has also been called Liberation Theology (global communism under the control of Rome).

The choice is so clear that if an American cannot see it, he/she/(it?) has already been psychologically indoctrinated to conform to the socialist group think ant farm. Now you know why so many young people are staring into their mobile phone all day long. They are under mind control. The cyber mind control programing will continue. George Orwell could not even make this up. Like mindless robots the indoctrinated will blindly carry out the programing of the global power elite and love it. (See something that does not conform, report it from your app!)

The people today who can still think for themselves need to trump globalists before it is too late. If you do not vote for Donald J. Trump in November, you are asking for lying Hillary and globalism. You will probably get a world war, a police state and a civil war.

Keep in mind that there are sound projections out there that 80 percent of Americans will not survive any long-term infrastructure failure. Any war with any nuclear state could certainly bring that about. Will 20 percent in America even survive to see world globalism if they elect Hillary Clinton? We shall soon see. Or maybe not.

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Never Hillary! Trump globalists! Vote for Donald J. Trump! — 60 Comments

  1. If Hillary is in the white house, then Bill is there too
    when Banki Moon left then Obama is there nex to them
    The EU is falling apart so Obama will join the 2

  2. I respect you very much. However, I will not vote for Trump or Hillary because of their character. They both have bad characters. Hillary is blatantly evil but Trump is hiding things. I’m not looking for the perfect candidate, because perfection does not exist outside of God. However, I cannot vote for someone who goes on the Howard Stern show and degrades women. Just like all politicians, Trump is a liar. He is lying to us and tickling our ears. I don’t believe you can vote for the lesser of two evils. Romans 3:8 tells us we can’t do evil and expect good to come from it. This is my $0.02 but in all honesty, I see Trump winning.

    I’m just hoping the Rapture happens this year to remove us from the chaos. Remember, this world is not our home. I thank God that He promises us true rest.

  3. JohnC

    I understand but we are not voting for a dictator (we hope). We are voting for a leader of an agenda and an administration. Compare the two agendas and compare the people on the team.

    One team will bring down America through move division and class warfare and one team will at least attempt to reestablish some sort of common sense sanity in this nation.

    Unfortunately there are only two options because the third option that you intend to take helps the Hillary Administration take over.

  4. What amazes me are the people who I thought for sure would vote for Trump are voting for Hillary. These are very intelligent, rational people that for some reason cannot see Hillary for who she is. They think just because she’s had experience she’s better suited to be president. They justify everything she’s done wrong. It’s incredible what comes out of their mouths. They really must be blinded to the truth. I can’t really talk to them because we’d end up getting angry with each other. It’s almost like I’ve had to go underground. People look at me like I’ve grown another head when I say I’m voting for Trump. I’m hoping there are enough of us out there who are flying below the radar that are going to vote for Trump. If the Clintons gets in (because it’s both of them) I feel all hope is lost. What is left of this once great country will be gone.

  5. Dear John,

    Mark 12:17. And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.

    He never said we got out of making decisions in this big bad world.

    Not voting means you have abandoned and responsibility for government, and all of our people to terrible unjust government, So even with poor choices,we must try. One thing you can do with a clear conscience is pray for our leaders…all of them,. God is still in charge and will use whom he wishes…

    1 Timothy 2 “1 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior…” -1 Timothy 2:1-3

    what is the intent? that God allow us to live quiet lives and be able to live out our faith.

    Daniel 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

    So pray, and consider voting, there are other races than President;some of these are also crucial, I look for someone who is not a part of the liberal/progressive swarm, who seems reasoned and balanced, I have to say, our other candidates are no help in any of these areas.


  6. Governors and state legislators are very important. If federal government goes off the rails, and tries to force unconstitutional actions we need state and local governments that will stop federal enforcement. I am surprised that so many governors are allowing federal government to get away with so much. And states do not have to obey federal judges if the judges are imposing their own form of judicial tyranny.

    Sovereign states and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution does mean something. The states could also call for a convention of the states to limit federal government and judicial powers.

  7. Don,

    I think you are not seeing the potential Hillary Administration clearly.

    First off, with Hillary as President, Americans will save money by not being able to so easily, if at all, buy weapons and ammo….a cost savings for every American.

    And why would Americans need weapons anyway ?

    The influx of refugees from terrorists nations as Obama has initiated will let ISIS and other Islamic radicals bring “justice” to every American and their household by letting them enforce their Sharia laws in our streets and neighborhoods….again, a cost savings measure.

    Hillary would also be abiding by Pope Francis’ edict that the United States should have no borders or walls…again, proving what a disciplined Pope abiding President she would be.

    With Kim-Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, China, and Iran to name a few are obviously only interested in kind and loving relations with the United States….why do we need a military anyway ?

    Hillary has also proven that she can make federal documents disappear or at least be shredded by a team so we won’t have to worry about all those cumbersome Rules, Laws, Statutes, Constitution, Bill Of Rights paperwork….see, she will be saving tree’s, and preventing Global Warming.

    Also, nobody, possibly in the history of politics can bark like an ankle biting Chihuahua like Hillary…see, she supports freedom of expression.

    So, what’s your problem with a Hillary Presidency ?

  8. This excuse that Christians throw out of refusing to vote even for the lesser of two evils is self-righteousness. Let’s not beat about the bush but that is what it is. The preponderance of politicians are not godly men yet the governments we Christians depend upon need leadership and the lesser of two evils is therefore the better choice.

    Don what sort of shelf life does the present Russian, Iranian, Turkish scenario have? If it dies how long would it take for such a scenario to be reestablished? (A subject for another article perhaps)

  9. Shelf Life?

    That depends on what you think they can stomach. Turkey still is in NATO and is Sunni and wants to join the EU. Russia is not really an ally of Turkey yet and Iran is likely to get their nukes taken out by Israel. So I think the Gog scenario is about two shelves in the future and after the next world war.

  10. Well, I’ve finally come around to the logic of this horrendous election. I agree with most everything you wrote. But I truly don’t believe we will stall the March of progressive leftist/Globalist.

    But, even in the unfortunate event of the wicked witch of the East being elected, I don’t believe she will live long after the election. There is strong evidence she has a fatal illness. Here is a short YouTube video by a Christian, who works in the medical field. She nails it I think.

  11. Faith Sisk, that verse has to do with taxes.

    Don, I agree with you about a Constitutional Convention but I think it’s a very, very bad idea for States to ask for one. Who knows what mess can come of it. I think more harm than good will come out of it.

    God already chose who He plans to be the next President. We just have to wait and see. Either way, neither candidate can be trusted. Again, God raises and removes leaders. I truly believe the Church will be removed by the end of the next decade, probably sooner. So, I want to get to the end as soon as possible.

    Don’t forget, Russia is the #2 Superpower. America isn’t as strong as we think we are. We are going to spread our military too thin and we will be man handled by Russia and China. I’m starting to believe we might be gone before the Ezekiel 38 war. It’s possible the rapture causes it.

  12. The states can demand a Constitutional Convention. Sure it will change the Constitution but when you have an out of control Judiciary and out of control Executive branch and a Congress that will do nothing about it what is your recourse? Only we the people of the several sovereign states can bring things back into balance. Keep in mind, that it takes a ratification of 3/4th of the states to change anything in the Constitution. The conservatives now control most of the states in this country. So a run away convention is not likely at all. What can be worse than another term of lawlessness?

    God foreknows what will happen but we do have freewill. We have freewill to act to elect our own curse if we so choose to do so.

  13. I’ve followed this race closely since it began and I can agree 100% with what Don wrote.

    In Trump’s defense he called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig and Megan Kelly a bimbo. I happen to agree and that isn’t maligning women. He has refined his rhetoric but many of us loved it when he defied ‘political correctness’ and called it like it was.

    It’s very important that the Republicans retain control of the senate so Trump can nominate a supreme court justice that they will confirm. If Trump is potus and the dems control the senate we will end up with the most conservative justice Trump can push through and that justice will lean liberal.

    Donald Trump loves America and the constitution. He isn’t the lesser of two evils and he isn’t evil. He will try to do everything he says he will do. You can disagree but I’ve heard 99% of everything his critics have put out and I’ve heard the flip side of it.

    I don’t understand the point of having elections if God has picked out the president. I just don’t believe that way. I do believe the presidency has been promised to Hillary by the elites that control and we need to do everything we can to overturn that “anointing.” There’s more than enough government and Clinton corruption exposed for anyone with any brainwaves left to know who to vote for.

    This election season has really divided us; friends and families. Some in my own family are Johnson supporters now that Bernie is out and one is voting Hillary. I can’t get through to them so we stopped talking about it. It just scares me.

  14. JohnC, I was where you are at a few months ago. I could not stomach Trump’s lies on reading the Bible with his answers showing he obviously had not. I said if he will lie about Godly subjects he is truly evil. I read Judges and the life of Samson during this time and was awakened to the fact that God will use a man that made Trump look like a saint (Samson murdered 30 philistines over a lost bet of clothes) to carry out His earthly plans. Samson was even famous for his hair as is Trump. If God wants to blow up our political corrupt system there is only one man out of the 20 people that ran for president who will truly be able to blow up this system. I also find it very interesting that Putin is bringing together Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas together in Moscow for peace talks. Boy, would a 7 year treaty be awesome!!

  15. If l was Trump l will promise the voters a few things and he will win. Voters doesn’t think. They follow blandly.
    Because his a business man he can promise and deliver ;
    1. Promise to pay America’s debt off in 8 years, he and Pence knows how to do that!
    2. Promise people they will not loose their houses, as long as they pay the most they can/month,
    this will only result that their periods will extend even till death and then the children will pay!
    3. Promise to create jobs, Pence state is an example and another governor from another state!
    4. Crime can be resolved, send all private security people , wardens , gate wathers, and on and on
    For police training, By this action your police force will double at only the once off payment!
    5. Promise to do as Joe Apaio , he’s a pretty Good Joe was your answer to me.
    6. The list goes on and on. Practical thighs , Possible things ! BUT DELIVERLY PROMISES!
    7. Keep the LORD in the eye by means of the evangelicals !

  16. I think this talk of Trump or Sampson being evil is a little over the top. Sampson was one of God’s elect that was consistently betrayed and mocked under the oppression of the Philistines and Sampson consistently brought down judgment on their own head.

    Trump is just a flawed person that loves his country and is using his own unique style to reached the disenfranchised. Who of us are good?

    If you expect a truly Christian President, you better first convert most of the people in this nation.

    Now the Clinton’s are well documented as being evil.

  17. Let’s not forget just how miraculous Trumps victories so far have been. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I think Trump may have been THEE ONLY person in the entire U.S. that could of gotten as far as he has. Nobody else that I know has the fame, money, toughness, and resilience the he has.

    I think we are being taught a lesson either way. If Hillary wins we will know that nothing short of an armed rebellion will be sufficient. If Trump wins we get an extra 4 to 8 years to prepare. Either way I see a wry dark time on our horizon.

  18. Wow, what to say! This whole thing has been weighing on me tremendously for a long time. I truly fear the Clintons, and if SHE becomes president, this country might as well kiss itself goodbye.

    Trump is not an evil man. He is not a perfect man either. But, my sense is that in his heart he is kind, generous, treats people with respect in his dealings, is a good employer, is a good manager, and despite his flaws, I think he will try to do what he says he is going to do. I think Christians need to look at him a little more closely and quit being holier-than-thou. There hasn’t been a politician yet who measures up to my idea of a true born-again Christian.

    Trump is the one who, out in Palm Springs, went to court to force the city of Palm Springs to allow people of color into HIS resort, so he is NOT a racist. Everything I have read about his dealings with his employees is that they all think he is a great boss. So what if he doesn’t say everything exactly right. You know, I think Trump is intelligent and I think if someone would just sit down with him and explain the gift of Jesus Christ to him, he could see how much sense it makes and be saved. Hillary and Bill Clinton are evil personified. If you Christians don’t vote for Trump, then Hillary and Bill will be back in the White House.

    Now, I tend to agree with Don, in that I think it’s entirely possible that something could happen to void the election, Obama would be able to declare martial law, and keep on being the King. We have George Soros and his billions in the wings orchestrating a lot of what is going on in this country, so beware of his influence. Hillary could actually drop dead either before the election, in which case Biden would run, or after the election and we would end up with her running mate, whatever his name is.

    Regarding the Ezekiel 38-39 war, the Church will be long gone before that war takes place. The Gog/Magog war is when God will end His silence and step in and supernaturally protect Israel. He is not going to deal with Israel until the Church has been taken away. So, even if that war doesn’t take place for another 10-15-20 years, you can bet we’ll be gone before that.


  19. I finally have a way of stating what the election means,if you are Christian.By not voting,or refusing to vote for the only candidate who can stop the progressives,you are saying Hillary Clinton is God’s choice and you expect to see our country are allowing evil to that really what you think? Cause God is not hurrying up the Rapture one day because of our personal.bad choices. We just get to live with the consequences.

  20. Since he first entered the race, I was enamored by Trump’s candor. It was so refreshing! While at times he is the embodiment of arrogance, spite, prejudice, and he certainly doesn’t seem at all preoccupied with following Jesus, I couldn’t help but agree with 90% of what he had said in terms of the state of our country, our place in the world, and plans to get America back on course. But I could never shake the gut feeling that Trump might just be a plant by the democrats and elites.

    Not so very long ago he was downright cozy with the Clinton’s and donated considerable amounts to them. His positions on guns, healthcare, abortion, etc were definitely liberal until only recently. That said, it just seems a little weird that he’s saying everything we all want to hear now, clearly, plainly, and without the typical political jargon…almost like it was scripted specifically for those who oppose the liberal agenda.

    I’ve projected from the beginning that Hillary will likely be the next president (if she lives long enough) and I think Trump might be the diversion that gets her there. All he has to do is say one incredibly stupid, unforgivable thing (which he has demonstrated would be no problem for him to do believably) and the race is won for Hillary. I so hope I’m wrong. But bracing myself nonetheless.

    Regardless, anyone who cares about our country in the least should vote for Trump, if we are given the opportunity. As usual, I agree with Don…we might not be choosing between either. Or choosing at all.

  21. Rest assured. Trump is nobody’s fool and he certainly will not be taking a dive for Clinton. With the people Trump is putting around himself he is not going to get away with flipping on the major issues. Nor would a conservative controlled Congress allow that to happen.

  22. Don, I have also had doubt that either candidate would become president. Whether world war ensues, or some other tragedy occurs to delay the election. If given the chance we must vote. It is imperative.

  23. Don,

    I think you and your commentators on this topic have made some great points.

    I think Trump is our best hope to at least temporarily duct tape our nation back together again.

    My challenge is that I don’t think even Trump can get the severe moral decline our nation is so vehemently celebrating in the way of kicking The Lord Jesus out of all venues including prayer at almost all public events, the anti-police attack against our serving men and women officers keeping us from total anarchy, the blindly accepting of the Islamic lies and rhetoric, the LGBT sickness, the blatantly fought for and won satanic rights in our courts, the American Flag that now offends so many, etc.

    How does this toothpaste get put back into the tube ?

    Or, in reality, is a Trump Presidency really nothing more than a weak duct tape job ?

  24. Actually, unregenerate humanity and sin is the norm and it has always been the norm in the world since the fall. There were dark ages on earth in the past.

    Nations exist for God’s purpose. Most of the nations in the world do what is right in their own eyes and God allows it for a time. The same goes for America. This nation has had the worst of times before and we are still here. We are not Israel. God does not deal with Gentile nations like he does Israel. Gentile nations will not be under kingdom laws until Jesus returns to rule the world with a rod of iron.

    If the Trump government is pro traditional Christianity and appoints conservatives on the courts and allows locals to set their own academic agenda, the Pendulum could swing back toward right wing traditional conservative values.

    In other words, the American hating radicals would be the ones that will no longer be politically correct and they will be the ones ostracized. Of course unchecked pendulums swing to the extremes. If it now goes too far right it would bring a witch hunt. In other words, if it happens world wide it could bring the tyrannical rule of the Harlot of Revelation 17. That is a very real danger after the next world war.

    Checks and balances that keep the pendulum from swinging too far left or right is the key to a stable government.

  25. When I saw Ken Copeland, Creflo, Paula White and possibly Benny Hinn praying over Trump, I wasn’t sure if I should VOMIT OR BURST OUT LAUGJING!
    I can’t imagine how I could explain/justify that to THE PURE JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH! I’LL take solace in Book of James chapter 5 verses 1-8.

  26. Show me the link! I think you have your facts twisted like unusual. We know that Trump is seen with Word of Faith prosperity teachers among other “Christian” leader flavors. However, Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn were not among the preachers praying over Trump. At least not when Trump was present.

    Word of Faith preacher Paula White invited about thirty preachers to meet with Trump so it should not be a shock that she would invite World of Faith Pope Kenneth Copeland.

    On the other hand, Ted Cruz went to Pope Copeland’s Church where Kenneth Copeland had words over Ted Cruz for quite some time. You see how those prayers worked out.

  27. Trump still has a lot to learn though. I saw where a interviewer asked him about God & it started out like “ha look out there” then he went south with “I bought this land 15 yrs ago…” and all about how he made a great deal & a bunch a money. Never talked about God.

    Trump’s just honestly ignorant but he’s honest. God can work with that b/c he’s got a honest heart.

    Earlier post I meant LGBQ. Got the inside letters backwards, don’t say it that often.

  28. Hey Don: I try to read your blog here regularly and have commented in the past on various topics. This one has my head swimming. I have felt from the beginning that Trump may actually be an elitist schill as well and have mentioned that on other blogs and basically get booed out of the blog. I can’t shake the feeling that he is as in with them as Hillary is. And are you aware that Trump Borrowed $160 Million From Soros and backed Hillary Clinton in the past. We know who Soros is and Hillary has ties to him, but why are more Christian conservative watcher bloggers not speaking out about this regarding Trump or are they just sleeping too?

  29. Hi Don,

    Great article as always! I am expecting some form of confrontation with Russia if Hellary gets in. Bad feeling about her.
    Above you mention “I think the Gog scenario is about two shelves in the future and after the next world war” are you speaking about something like the Psalm 83 war? or a pre-Rapture Gentile war (like ww1 or ww2) ….some sort of US/Russian war prior to the Rapture?

    Also, Jones and the Infowars folks have always been pretty strong in supporting Trump – Jones even had him on the show about 4 or 5 months back.

    Thanks Don,

  30. The short term loan by three Hedge fund groups (only one under the control of Soros) in a Chicago Trump enterprise was back in 2004. Businessmen that need a loan have to borrow money from the sources that lend such loans.

    Trump obviously was Liberal. More of a JFK Democrat than what people identify as liberal today. I think he seriously believes that the country is going down the tubes under the Far Left that has taken over the Democratic Party.

    Keep in mind, that twenty years ago the national democratic party was not controlled by communists. Even Bill Clinton moved right to a centralist position in his last term but Hillary has always been very radical left. Today the Republican Party is more like the old Democratic Party and that is why Trump can identify with it. Reagan also was once a Democratic as was I.

    People can wake up. Trump is putting people around him that simply are not going to allow Trump to do what you fear, never mind the electorate.

  31. My next to last post explains why the Gog war is at least a decade in the future. What happen before that is off the post topic and is probably unknowable at this time.

    I would not say Alex Jones has always been strong on Trump. Even he says that is not true. It should be obvious that those believe the world is being taken over by the globalist elite would gravitate toward a nationalist. Also, keep in mind that Hillary will attempt to take sites like Info Wars down. And she will attempt to take away gun rights.

  32. I keep hoping & praying that Hillary’s health gets really exposed like in a debate where her handlers can’t assist her so much. You all saw in her brief plane interview she couldn’t control her coughing. The videos online are not made up even though the liberal media brushes them off as if they are.

    Glad to see the polls tightening.

  33. The puppeteers will keep her upright and walking and talking until she wins the election. And then before the inauguration, they’ll pull the plug and declare her unfit to serve. Obama will have to void the election and “temporarily” retain office until the whole circus can be repeated. Of course by then we will have been lied into another unnecessary war (as all of them have been since 1861) and Obama’ll be happy as a gopher in soft dirt to remain our beacon of hope for another 4 years. What a great guy! I kind of feel sorry for Hillary, however, even though I’m sure she knows she’s being used-up to advance the cause. Maybe she’s doing it because someone whose name means “an open coffin” has promised a big donation to the foundation?

  34. I hope she falls flat on her face during the debate or cough’s up blood in front of the camera then there’s no denying her failing health and Trump just runs away w/ it.

    Everyone just pray that her true colors show up in the debate or her evil spirits decide to manifest themselves and her eye’s turn coal black like the black eyed kids that seem to be showing up again.

    God bless Trump.

  35. Here are a couple of verses that might help guide us in our prayers and attitude with respect to Hillary, the election, etc.

    2 Timothy 2:24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, 25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

    Romans 9:17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth. 18 Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. 19 Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?

    20 Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? 21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

    As Christ’s followers, we have every right to be angry and hate the state of our world, now more than ever. And as Christ’s followers, we need to look to Jesus as our example and show our true colors by faithfully and genuinely loving one other and weeping over those who are lost. Because, after all, our salvation was a gift bestowed upon us who were wretched and unworthy. Eph 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins.

  36. The 22nd Amendment prevents any president from running for a third term. On Jan. 20, 2017 Obama is out of office. Section 3 of the 20th Amendment covers what happens if Hillary wins the election but dies or is disabled between the counting of the electoral and the inauguration. The vice president elect becomes president.

    If Hillary drops out before Nov. 8 there are rules to follow to nominate someone else and they are running out of time but the election can be postponed for up to a month.

    Hillary isn’t going to win anyway. No, I don’t have inside information and God didn’t tell me.

  37. The 22 amendment does indeed prevent a president from running for a 3rd term. I think the operative word here is “running”. What about simply “extending” his term due to “extenuating” circumstances? Not saying it can or cannot be done, for unlike our Leader, I don’t claim to be a Constitutional lawyer. I just know who we are dealing with here. Would Obama be opposed to trying? Would our — ahem — gender-less congress stop him? The Constitution is sort of like chicken wire. It’s suppose to keep the hens safe, but that isn’t going to stop a hungry, conniving fox from trying to find a way over, under, or around it to get at those tasty gals. I do believe he’d see it as a challenge. Like trying for a par 3 on a par 4 hole.

  38. I agree with Doug. I am not clear on our laws. Could it be possible that if martial law was declared then Obama would resume office? Also, has anyone noticed that the media has quickly started to turn against Hillary in asking questions about her health? I am thinking this is being carefully planned. She could be declared unfit to continue and then Biden would enter giving him little time to campaign and show his ignorance.
    Hopefully, more people will be for Trump and this will not be an issue.

  39. Doug and donni,

    I’m not an expert either. I have to look up everything I post re: what will happen if.

    I have been seeing dozens of comments on social media about Obama declaring martial law so he can remain president. Martial law for what reason? Does Obama want to remain president? It’s all presumption and speculation at this time.

    I don’t discount the possibility of anything weird happening between now and Nov. 8 but I want to keep my sanity so I try to keep a common sense perspective on all things.

    Have you seen the latest theory? Hillary Clinton was taken to Chelsea’s apartment yesterday during her medical emergency and died. It wasn’t she who came out several hours later feeling better but a body double.

    Strange things are going on but I just don’t want to be carried away with them.

  40. “Have you seen the latest theory? Hillary Clinton was taken to Chelsea’s apartment yesterday during her medical emergency and died. It wasn’t she who came out several hours later feeling better but a body double.”

    Ha! That’s funny. No, I hadn’t heard, but it would make a good story. On the one hand, I can’t believe it’s true because I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to step into Hillary’s shoes. On the other hand, it may indeed be true because shortly after her 911 collapse, I saw a video of Bill laughing and smiling! 😉

    I’m not taking any of this seriously Caitlin because I take comfort in knowing that God is moving the pieces around the board, not the Deep State. Playing the “what if” game is just the way my brain works. There’s little difference between Republicans and Democrats anymore. They are both taking us to the same place, only one moves us along faster than the other, which is why I am neither. Between the two candidates, I agree with Don that Trump would be better choice. If Gary Johnson was a real Libertarian, he’d be the best choice (IMHO), but he’s not, and I doubt that he can win anyway.

    I just read an article by Martin Armstrong that speculates that Trump is drawing Libertarians into the Republican party, and that just might move Republicans closer to being Libertarian by the next election.

  41. It seems that Hillary and WalMart are already getting us ready for Halloween.

    The two parties will takes us to the same place in the end. They take parallel roads but one chooses the low road paved by Darwin and Karl Marx and the other will use the high religious road paved by Rome, Jesuits, Masons and Dominion Theology. The two roads meet at the Antichrist and then continue on to hell on earth.

  42. Before I get to my main point can we mention how absolutely insane Jill Stein and her running mate are? These are a couple of true believers that live in some bizzare alternate reality. How they have any support is beyond me.
    I found this interesting app that shows who it’s users support on a interactive map of the U.S.. There is about 5000 data points on this map so it’s a good size sample. It shows that Trump is polling around 45%, Johnson around 10%, and Stein actually polling higher than Clinton with around 25%. Hillary had only 20% support on average.
    This does not show who will end up voting for who, but it’s interesting how many Bernie fans jumped on the Stein train instead of the Hillary train. It also shows how the media has been blatantly lying about Hillary’s popularity.

    Lastly, I fear that the democrats have some trick up their sleeve in case Hillary collapses physically or in the polls. They have gotten too far to allow Trump to undo much of what they have accomplished.

    Twice now the media has leaked strange comments. One was about what to do if a candidate dies, the other was a news anchor accidently saying Hillary died.

  43. I think that app sample is abnormal.

    You can always assume the Fascists intend to keep power by any means and fraud necessary. Also keep in mind that the Russians claim that Trump’s life is in danger.

  44. She probably was wearing something but the video is also deceptive. They show the previous ear thing that she used a couple of weeks ago and then acted like it also was what Hillary wearing at the last debate. What she had at the debate was not that definitive.

  45. I know now, I was watching some more stuff on all this then saw the exact same pics from that forum she & Trump did a few weeks ago. What a crock. People cant even be honest about dispelling the dishonesty of Hillary. Just to get hits I guess.

    But on the other hand they were being sneaky after the debate w/ grabbing items including a box from her podium. Saw a video of that.

    I think Trump won hands down despite her cheating of any kind. They said in vids she doesn’t wear any hearing aids normally.

  46. I think your guess is likely correct, Don. Looking at the “evidence”, I suspect that box on her hip is a medical pump, and the “wire” running up her back is IV tubing terminating at a needle somewhere in her neck or shoulder. It’s too thick for a wire, and since there would be no two-way communication, the whole thing is unnecessarily large. We have the technology to miniaturize an ear receiver. Heck, she could have a receiver implanted under the skull and connected directly to the auditory nerve if she wanted it. I have a friend, totally deaf, who “hears” this way.

  47. Don

    As to the possibility of a state called Constitutional Convention to amend our USA constitution. This is a possible although not yet likely scenario.

    The Balanced Budget Amendment movement currently has 28 states that have formally asked for a convention. They only need 6 more to have success. Of the 11 states the movement is currently targeting, all 5 remaining Republican trifecta states are being asked to decide to call. (A Republican trifecta state has a Republican Governor, a Republican controlled state Senate and a Republican controlled state House). The other 18 Republican trifecta states are already among the 28 in total that have already asked. If the remaining Republican controlled states do go for it, there would be 33 of the 34 states needed. Very possible for a convention.

    The problem comes up that 38 states (four more) are needed to adopt the change to the constitution. Currently, it will be hard to find 5 more states conservative enough to do so in our near future. Our country may have to slide further into the abyss before this can happen. May God help us all!

  48. Hey Don, I recently heard of a real Christian conservative running for president and he’s the only write-in candidate. His name is Tom Hoefling. Do you think that would be a wasted vote? I am really confused on this issue. First I didn’t want to vote, now I want to because I feel as Christians we are responsible. Should I just pick between Trump and Hillary? I want to know I tried for a true Christian, but I also don’t want my vote to be wasted. Almost no one has heard of him, I just found out about him this week. What do you think?

  49. Nobody even heard of Tom Hoefling and he cannot possibly win. So obviously it is a wasted vote.

    We basically have a two party system in this nation so you will need to vote for the one that has the platform you most agree with. To vote for the Democratic platform at the national level is simply voting for an antichrist agenda. Any Christian that cannot see the difference is either a baby Christian or is a phony believer.

  50. Yes I realize the difference. I pray we get a little bit more time in our nation. And that mercy of God will only happen under Trump. If hillary wins that will definitely be bad especially for Christians. I just wanted a fellow believer’s opinion on a third party vote. Very interesting end times we are living in. Thanks for your input.

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