Believers can expect the Rapture before 2025

We are a unique generation. For almost two thousand years Christians have waited for Jesus to return but most alive today will actually see that fulfillment. We Christians can and should see the signs of the times. I think all will be fulfilled by the 2030’s (I erred on the side of caution in that 2050 article.)

The Rapture occurs at least seven years sooner than the second coming. There probably is also a gap of a few years between the Rapture and the signing of the covenant that starts the final week of years for Israel. So let’s assume the time between the Rapture and second coming is only ten years. That means if the second coming occurs before 2035, the Rapture would take place before 2025. Keep in mind, that Enoch departed a half generation before the flood judgment. So the gap between the Rapture and the second coming could even be longer making the Rapture sooner then 2025.

The way the world is going I cannot see how the second coming is beyond 2035. Therefore, the Church will probably be out of here by 2025. So should you sell the farm or stop preparing for life? No, we cannot be certain about anything.

There could be a civilization reset that is unforeseen. For example, a new black plague type event could greatly reduce the earth’s population or a nuclear world war could set the world’s advances back a few decades. We can be fairly certain that the end time timeline is correct, because Israel is back in the land, and we can see the stage being set up for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. We also can observe that the world is rapidly going nuts.

The scriptures indicate that believers will know the general time of His coming. We are not blind, so seeing the things happening, it seems reasonable to me to assume that the second coming is before 2035 and the Rapture is before 2025. We can know we are in the general time of the end of the age because what scripture spoke about as occurring in the last days is taking place. By the way, we are the only generation since Jesus left that can make such claims.

There are many signs that the end of the age is upon us. The whole world is focused on Jerusalem just like the prophets said would happen in the last days. The nations of the world have an obsession compulsion disorder over a very small nation in the Middle East. The only reason most of nations of the world hate tiny Israel is the satanic influence working through religion and Marxism.

Another great sign of the end of the age is that most of Christendom has departed into apostasy. Scripture warned us that this would take place in the last days. The churches of the world are teaching a worldly gospel that is no gospel of Jesus at all. They just have religion.

The world also has become like it was before the flood and the days of Lot. There is violence and debauchery everywhere. Men are having sex with men and women are having sex with women and they call it normal and insist that Christians also endorse this evil. Most that are not homosexual shack up instead of getting married. Pedophilia and porn is everywhere. Humanistic foul-mouthed women with vaginas on their head have no shame in protesting the natural God-given order. Deranged Romans One women are aborting their babies by the millions. Islam and Marxist influenced nations are persecuting Christians relentlessly. Everywhere evil is said to be good and good is said to be evil. How can judgment not fall on this evil generation?

Proselytizing is being outlawed everywhere even in the so-called Christian nations. Preaching a Jesus of inclusiveness and all paths spiritualism is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is the purpose of the Church being here if it cannot preach the gospel of Christ in the world? The world is rapidly blinding itself to the truth. Obviously, when there are no more ears able to hear there is no reason for the Church to be here.

The scriptures warn that people who reject God will be given over to a reprobate mind. We can see that insanity taking place. They deny any truth that comes from God. They replace it with fairy tales like evolution and reincarnation. True Christians wonder how the world can get any more evil. Trust me it can. Take the influence of the Church out of the world and you are left with global Nazism on steroids. In case you have not noticed, that is what Islam and the Marxist left is all about. One day very soon God is going to pull the Church and the world will get its evil ways.

Scripture gives us other signs. In Daniel’s vision there were only four beasts that would rule the world. The last beast would trample upon all nations. That beast was the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire did not die. It is the western nations of the world being led by the illuminated (luciferain) world elite. The satanic globalism efforts taking place will not be stopped until Jesus returns and smashes it. The luciferains plan to have global governance in place by 2030 (UN agenda 2030).

The prophecy about Elam is about to be fulfilled (Jer 49: 35-39). It has never occurred in history and it must occur before the Lord returns. Elam occupies the part of Iran where their nuclear reactors are located. The prophecy says the people of Elam will be scattered to all the nations of the world. The evacuation of millions of Iranians most likely happens because that area of Iran becomes radioactive. The people of Elam come back in the millennium. We can see why that happens to Iran in today’s news headlines.

Russia’s military power will peak in power in the 2020’s to fulfill Ezekiel 38 39. China intends to be the foremost world power by the 2030’s  Only in our generation could an army from east of the Euphrates River kill one-third of all men on earth.

Man will soon be redesigning humans that were made in the image of God. People that are no longer human cannot be saved. Genetic modification is a clear sign that Jesus will come very soon. Will humans still be made in the image of God in just two decades?

Only in our time can they control all so they cannot buy or sell without the mark of the Beast (Rev 13:17). We will have 5g communications by the early 2020’s and 6g (666g) by the early 2030’s. 5g will eventually connect all electronic devices to the internet and 6g will connect everything to a worldwide Beast communications system. I think 6g will eliminate the need for communications towers and WiFi. The communications may use something like sub particle neutrinos that can travel long distances through everything.

The fact that America is not found in Bible prophecy means that America is most likely judged before tribulation events. The destruction of America would change the focus of the world back to those nations mentioned in Bible prophecy. America was the greatest voice of Christianity in the world but is now the leading exporter of evil in the world and is ripe for judgment. America still has a lot of Christians so it seems likely to me that God would remove His people before that judgement occurs.

It’s obvious to me that the world cannot continue on its present course much longer. It would self-destruct. Jesus must come back to save a remnant. For the reasons I mentioned and many more the Rapture should occur before 2025. That means true believers should be out of here within just seven years. The hope of the Rapture should encourage believers in whatever difficult days lie ahead.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Believers can expect the Rapture before 2025 — 31 Comments

  1. Blessings,

    Of course, does the rapture occur before the “removal” of America?

    If not, our natural lives here are likely to be cut [even more] short.

    If so, that would explain a lot in terms of the scenarios that lead to the removal of America.

    Since I do not believe in chance, on my personal end, it appears that God has wiped our slate clean / cleaned up loose ends. Suffice to say, God has my attention. From our end, He is on the move. After that, I don’t know what it all means, but I have some work to do that now has every opportunity to get done.

    Blessings in Christ, Craig

  2. I believe it! I feel that the Holy Spirit trying to get us all prepared. But it is harder than I thought. And I have to let go of some things. Who knows what else could pop up. But I have Peace always with Jesus no matter the Failures not to give up. So we can be ready! Blessings to you! Now you are talkin my kind of stuff. I might suppose to be quite. But I don’t think so. Testimonies are important! We need the encouragement from one another. So Comfort one another with those words of our Savior that purifies us with expectations till that day that we see him Face to Face and we become like him!

  3. Scripture says different. If the rapture of the church happens before the tribulation begins, then what Saints would be turned over to the anti christ?

    Rev_13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

  4. It doesn’t seem possible! But I can feel that joy rising up on the Inside! Anyone Else? I’m going up with a shout anyway! Hey!

  5. what a great article full of wisdom and truth and common sense. The thing about people being blind these days is incredibly true because i see it all around me at enormous levels that just make me think how can these people be so blind. I also heard about the 5g coming soon and it will stick around for a while until 6g comes out most likely around 2030 which u are correct don.

    Everything points to the 2030’s no doubt.

  6. Scripture also says 144,000 will evangelize on this earth at that time. And so their will still be believers or Saints here. But they will be Persecuted like never before. And I would not want to be here.Blessings to you, Linda

  7. The promised land is indeed re-established, though it is (properly) populated by the descendants of Judah, those of the scepter promise (Gen 49). Ephraim, the Northern Tribe called Israel of the Birthright promise (Gen 48), is still scattered among the nations. The coming decade should indeed be interesting on all fronts!

  8. Good observations Don, I hope that you are right about a lot of the things. I sort of expect that you are. Turkey, seems to be moving away from its western orientation rapidly. It is now very easy to see an alignment of Turkey, Russia, and Iran to satisfy the Ezekiel War scenario. As you noted, it is easy to see the Basra dispersion. I think that it is not hard to see terrorist and Iranian WMD moving into Damascus with the result of the destruction of Damascus.

    I personally think that things will progress very rapidly after the Rapture. The removal of the Bride of Christ will open the floodgates, so to speak, of end time sequence. I agree with you that there will be some time between the Rapture and the start of the final seven years. I think that will happen rapidly though. Personally, I consider the time to be 3 1/2 years, so that there is a 7 year time between the Rapture and the Abomination of Desolation. Too many people are rigidly teaching that the Rapture starts a 7 year sequence until Christs return. IMO,the enemy will use that number to proclaim himself as God, though I think you said that or similar in your Revelation Commentary.

    Anyway thanks again. I am dogmatic about none of the above as I make no claim to special discernment. Personally, I hope the Rapture is a 2018 event, I, and I suspect you, are very much looking forward to it.

  9. Hi Klaus,

    You just are not discerning the scriptures correctly. Linda is correct, many will be saved in the tribulation.

    Scripture says that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all before the end comes. The gospel of the kingdom is not the gospel of grace. The gospel of the kingdom tells people to repent and get themselves ready for the kingdom coming on earth. That gospel will be taught by the two prophets, and the 144,000 to everyone on earth. Many will believe and be saved. Those that reject the truth will by deceived by the Antichrist.

    The Raptured Church is just one phase of the first fruits. It is the taking of the bride of Christ. The bride of Christ is not all that attain to the kingdom any more than a queen is the kingdom.

  10. Don

    Glad to see you have moved your possible rapture dating closer to our current date. As one who has followed you and dialogued with you about this for years, I was one of those who felt the rapture would come earlier than you had previously forecast. I was very comfortable with a rapture before 2030 and even before 2025 and I still am.

    I find it very interesting that I come at this earlier rapture dating by a very different process than you have. I am still not willing to publish these methods or findings quite yet… working on writing books that will do that. Yet, I certainly warmly welcome your independent methods and findings.

    A soon rapture is a positive thing for we born again Christians personally. However, it does put a greater burden of evangelism upon each of us towards all of the lost. How many of your loved ones are you willing to lose forever?

    But it’s a good thing overall… Luke 21:28 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
    28 But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!”


  11. It is certainly not a coincidence that astute christians are almost unanimously sensing that the end of the age us upon us. I think it is the Holy Spirit readying us for our soon departure.

  12. Hi Fount,

    I have not moved up any dating for the Rapture. I have always said that I think the Rapture will occur about 10.5 years from the second coming and I think the second coming will be in the 2030’s. Do the math. I document my position in my Revelation Commentary written in 2004 and in other articles.

  13. Jim, I have noticed that too. It means that we need to step our efforts to what we should have doing anyway.

  14. I’ll just expand upon the “many Christians are not true Christians” part of Don’s article by saying that many people who call themselves Christians today fully support homosexuality and boldly (and blindly) claim that the Bible doesn’t say a single word about homosexuality, which is blatantly false, but it’s a popular position that I hear from other Christians nowadays… There are very few Christians today who hold true to the written Word of God, and it’s sad… the rapture can’t come soon enough…

  15. I feel it in my heart too guys/gals. The signs are everywhere. I think even some non Christians are sensing something big on the horizon. A major war or wars seem to be right at our doorstep!

  16. What a hope!What a comfort.Thank you so much.Rapture is my only hope, for myself and all true Christians.There are too many things that make life miserable and unbearable.
    I always had this hope but only on last Tuesday I began to thank the Lord for giving me this hope, and it lead me into a joyful worship time and helped me to forget about everything that was depressing. True joy spread into the whole room making everyone celebrate the love of God. Glory to God.

  17. Don,

    I agree. Thanks so much for the in-depth Biblical logic and amazing body of work.

    I just have to up my witnessing game to so many I love. Tick Toc.

  18. Hi,

    Re: “reset” – The more I think about it, I would discount that there could / would be a “reset”.

    Unlike the church age, which doesn’t resemble a breakage of prophecy, I see the book of Revelation as not eluding to a “reset” scenario because that would imply cycles of periods such as what we are experiencing currently (which is somewhat post Romans chapters 1 and 2).

    Yes, there is the book that John swallows and the pronouncement(s) during the [great] tribulation, and, yes, there are the “ages to come,” but I don’t see any prophesied cycle of 1 or more resets.

    I’m pretty sure “this is it” (pretty much everything Don says above in the blog).

    What boggles my mind, even though it is prophesied, is “Christendumb”. It’s just amazing the numbers of people who flock in droves to the anti-christ and yet claim some connection to Jesus. While they completely ignore the wickedness of those “handles they pull” and things such as google’s purge of Jesus. Amazing.

  19. I still feel Trump has or has had unbeknownst some part to play in all this. God has certainly been with him the last couple years.

  20. the antichrist could very well be some form of an advanced robot AI… in the 2030’s we will have robots that are smart as humans if not smarter so maybe the mark of the beast could be some form of a computer chip that connects us to the artificial technology beast

  21. Hi Cardinal

    The image set up in the Temple that speaks probably represents an AI system as well as the Beast, even if there is an evil supernatural spirit behind it.

  22. hey don i think ur definitely right… i also wanna mention that a new movie is coming out called 2nd coming of Christ in march and a new passion of christ movie is also coming out soon in which mel gibson said its gonna be one of the best movies ever made… sorry if i’m off topic.

  23. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Matthew 24:15
    I think this abomination that causes desolation could be the black stone that Nimrod
    received from Satan as his
    representation to invoke Satan’s power and presence.
    This black stone was taken to Pergamum (Rev

    2:13) and to the serpent temple in Vatican and then to Mecca and is kept within the golden doors waiting to reach its ultimate goal in Jerusalem.

  24. Thanks Don for the Article. Very Informative as I replied recently. I do have a question however. If the Judgment of Our God were to occur on America before the Rapture what do you think would happen?

  25. Don do you think it’s possible that America could be the head of the beast govt? Maybe America isn’t mentioned because she is the epitome of revived Rome, and is lumped in with the other nations that Rome was initially comprised of. After all we are made of of the many peoples from Europe.

    It seems, at least for now, that Israel wouldn’t even consider a treaty unless America was involved. Even though our military isn’t quite what it used to be numbers wise, it is still the most capable. Anyway I’m just brainstorming here. Thank you for this blog!

  26. Hi Steve,

    I still think that there will be a revived Roman Empire in the same area as the old Roman Empire. European elite inspired by Satan have been trying to put that back together throughout history. With just the last two attempts being Hitler and the EU. I think after America is taken out of the picture the revived Roman Empire will come together rapidly.

  27. Thanks for putting your ideas out here for discussion. Thought provoking, as usual. The idea that the U.S. is removed before end time events really ramp up may or may not be the case. There are a lot of countries that aren’t mentioned in end time prophecies, it could be that those countries simply don’t have a prominent role. Additionally, Israel being given the “wings of a great eagle” could be referring to the U.S. in some way.
    Have you given any thought to the role of cryptocurrencies in end time prophecies? I have been researching this market sector recently and there are many fascinating projects that really are not in the mainstream as of yet. Existing government structure seem to be rather nervous about the rise of Bitcoin and many other crypto’s that could threaten their monetary systems. Meanwhile the crypto community seems intent upon disrupting existing protocols. Many of these cryptos are actually templates for systems, governmental structure, etc. As with any new technology, there are many exciting potential benefits from some of these projects but when looked at through the lens of end time prophecy, there are some things that are very troubling. The very nature of this market sector fosters an environment where a project could develop over a period of years almost unnoticed and within a very short period of time become widely known and universally accepted. I encourage people to research and become knowledgeable concerning this topic.

  28. Hi Dave,

    I know most other nations are not in Bible prophecy but I think the point is that America is the world’s foremost superpower. If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled anywhere near my timeline America should play a central role but she does not. It suggests that the focus of power in the world will move from America.

    I think the economic systems of the world will soon go digital and that cryptocurrencies will play some sort of role in that.

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