2016 Marxist choice assures Christian persecution until Rapture

The 2016 presidential election is upon us. Some candidates running for President are basically moral people with Christian values but a couple of the candidates running are evil Marxists that hate Christian morality. You will find them on the wrong side of every moral issue. Bible believing Christian should be evil to discern the difference between good from evil.

If Americans elect a Marxist choice for President again, they will just about guarantee Christian persecution in America until the Rapture. Another Marxist choice would also make it more than likely that America would cease to be a great country before the Rapture. Some possible scenarios on how America could almost instantly be reduced to a third world nation can be found here.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you who to vote for. I have reviewed the presidential candidates in previous articles on this blog. Most of the candidates running are people who have Christian values. A couple of them even have Christian worldviews. Nevertheless, I think it is important for people to know that the leading contenders on the Democrat Party platform are wicked people with Marxist worldviews.

America presently has an evil President with a Marxist worldview. He would not be in office if the majority had voted for those that had Christian values in the 2008 and 2012 primaries and then voted for that person in the presidential election. Mitt Romney did not qualify as a Christian alternative in 2012 because he is a leader in an anti-Christ cult.

After seven years of Obama’s wicked agenda, half of America still supports this Marxist choice. That part of America deserves him. Those that support his Marxist worldview have put America on the eve of its destruction.

America may be given choices again in 2016, but who will Americans choose to lead their nation? Will it be another demonic Marxist choice, or a person that supports Christian values and the Christian worldview? In case you are not aware, the Marxist worldview is anti-Christ for many reasons.

If Americans vote for a President who supports the Christian values that our nation was founded on, then Christians in this country might escape major persecution until the time of the Rapture. However, I assure you, if Americans vote for a Marxist choice again, persecution against Christians will certainly follow.

The American Republic is already hanging by a thread. We have a President in office that supports wickedness and acts as if he is above the law of the land. If the people of this nation are going to continue to vote for national leaders that enables sinful abominations that God hates, they certainly will reap the consequences of choosing evil.

Elect another leader like Obama in 2016 and the Republic will be lost. The Bill of Rights will be lost and active persecution against those that do not support the globalist socialist anti-Christ agenda will most certainly take place.

If Americans elect a Marxist choice again, don’t expect Congress to stop the progressive totalitarian anti-Christ Marxist agenda. They already proved that there are not enough votes in Congress to override Obama’s global socialism agenda. They also proved that there are not enough votes to remove a President that is hostile toward the Republic that our founders set up. Thanks to Obama and Marxist “progressive” cronies, America is about to make the choice to fully subject itself under the UN with its wicked secular humanism and forced collectivism.

If Americans elect a Marxist choice, don’t expect the Supreme Court to stop the totalitarian anti-Christ Marxist agenda either. Five of the nine “justices” on the Supreme Court no longer abide by the Constitution. At least four of the nine have displayed that they already favor all the evils of cultural Marxism. If Americans elect another Marxist as President, at least two more “justices” will be appointed that favor the wicked Marxist worldview. Then there goes any literal interpretation of the Bill of Rights. There goes your free speech and there goes all rights to have guns to defended yourself from terrorists, criminals and tyranny.

If Americans elect a Marxist choice in 2016, government would soon outlaw Christian expression throughout society and try to confiscate all guns. It would result in civil war because some Americans and Christians are not going to submit to Marxist government tyranny.

Most military men will not war against other Americans that oppose federal tyranny. Some might blindly obey such orders, but others would oppose them. And local law enforcement officers in rural areas would generally oppose federal tyranny, as would the vast majority of rural citizens. For that reason, wicked Marxists in government will use or create some crises that will make martial law and gun confiscation seem prudent to the majority. National security would also be the reason to temporarily suspended other constitutional rights. We see that scenario playing out right now in France. However, once the Bill of Rights is lost in America only a violent revolution could restore it.

All this pending tyranny and civil upheaval can simply be averted or at least delayed by electing any one of the Christian constitutional conservative nominees that are running for President in 2016.

That President would not have agendas hostile toward Christians. That President would not embrace the godless evils of Marxism. That President would not appease the Islamic ideology of world conquest. That President would not put America under the collectivist globalism of the UN. That President would not nominate those to the Supreme Court that legislate from the bench or make up things that our Constitution does not say or even imply. That President would not support immigration programs, sexual programs, or any other programs destructive to God ordained civil society.

If a President that favored Christianity were elected, Christians in America would remain free for at least 4 more years. There even would be a very good chance that Christians could remain free in America until Christ comes for His Church.

Godless Marxists took over education, government and media and brainwashed much of our population to believe that evil was good. I do not agree with Christian Dominion Theology before Christ returns, but a little Christian Dominion Theology in the United States might be necessary to restore traditional Christian morality until He returns. A government that favored Christianity in America over other ism’s and destructive lifestyles would be a breath of fresh air. A return to Christian moral values would be in the best of American traditions.

America was the last major hold out against the Marxist worldview. The rest of the world is already pretty much lost. America may already be lost as well. We will find out in 2016. If Americans pick a demonic Marxist choice again, because the majority in America love evil, then Americans certainly will reap the evil consequences.

Don’t be deceived. If totalitarian Marxists take control in America, they will be just as ruthless toward Christians and Jews as were previous Marxists revolutionaries and as are the Islamists. The 2016 election is just that critical. If those claiming to be Christian value their own lives, they better be supporting a candidate that actually favors Christian values.

World religious leaders, multi national corporation heads and “progressive” billionaires are useful idiots aiding and abetting the socialistic global government. However, they will be the first people to lose their heads when Satan opposes their humanistic socialistic “utopia”. Satan is not impressed by those with money and power. He gives riches and power to whomever he wishes and he will destroy whomever God allows when God allows. Don’t envy rich and powerful elitists. The time is coming when the so-called more evolved elitists will find out that they evolved to Gehenna.

The Christian mission for the 2016 election should be to promote a leader that will not persecute Christians and hinder the gospel. You might think this would be a nobrainer. However, many Americans claiming that they were Christians helped elect an anti-Christ to the office of President twice. The changes Obama made in America in seven short years have already placed Christians on the brink of persecution.

Christians must reject the secular humanist brainwashing that prevails in government, education and media. They must make a traditional Christian and constitutional choice in 2016. If those claiming to be Christians in America, help elect another Marxist leader, they will enable Christian persecution in America until the Rapture.

Don’t ask God to bless our nation if you’re going to make a Marxist choice in 2016!

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


2016 Marxist choice assures Christian persecution until Rapture — 26 Comments

  1. HI Don,

    America needs more than a Christian ! America needs a born again child of GOD(YHWH)!
    Here in SA by us ZUMA is a out of control Dictator !
    Who by you is a born again Christian ?
    It seems like Thrump might keep the lead ?



  2. Hi Freddie,

    Any true Christian is a born again child of God. I do not think we can determine for certain those that are saved and those that just have Christian identity but I can identifty candidates that are favorable toward Christianity. Trump qualifies as do most of the rest. As for born again real deals I do not think there is much doubt that Cruz and Hucklebee are real deals.

  3. Hi all,

    I have been a Cruz supporter since before I ever knew he would run. I have been getting his Senate news letter since before his announcement,and it’s because I wrote him about the climate change swindle. I have written may Senators and Congressmen about that subject,sending them relevant information. I also called campaign headquarters and complained about Cruz’s previous position on H1B visa abuses by Disney and many others importing foreign workers and forcing the employees to train their replacements. The list goes on,but you get the idea.

    On a unrelated issue,I found this interesting because of the dates,namely the second one. But is Christmas related,so everyone have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

    NEW YORK (FOX5NY) – It hasn’t happened since 1977. But this year, the moon will be full on Christmas.

    It will be full at 6:11 a.m. EST on December 25th, according to Fred Espenak with NASA. A Christmas full moon will not happen again until 2034.

    December’s full moon is called the Full Cold Moon, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule. The moon is above the horizon for a long time. It has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low sun, according to the site

  4. Trump will assure the godless Marxists Hillary will win the election, maybe by collusion as we know Bill Clinton called Trump before he announced he would run for president. The majority of this nation still depends on man (Gov) instead of God and will suffer the consequences until the rapture in my opinion. I still pray daily for this nation to have the greatest awakening the world has ever witnessed but after the Democrats denied God 3 times at their last convention and still won the election I must admit it I have my doubts. Don, the Pope (Vatican) stated yesterday for Christians not to evangelize Jews any longer as their salvation is assured; please give me your thoughts on this development. Catholics claim Peter to be their first Pope and he spent the rest of his days after the resurrection preaching to Jews, I guess he was wasting his time? If these days do not excite the children of God, you might want to check your salvation.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    If Trump were a mole for the Clinton’s I don’t think he would be biting her in the butt quite so hard. The thought in Bill’s mind when he told Trump to go for it, probably was that Trump would help divide the Republican Party. However, there should be no doubt in Trump’s mind that he can now win this thing outright. I think the thought of being the most powerful person in the world would Trump any loyalty to the Clinton’s. However, if the republican establishment screws him, Trump might be vindictive enough to run on a third party and give the election to Hillary.

    I think Trump is an American nationalist and egotist. He truly believes America is going down the tubes and he believes that he knows how to fix it better than anyone else. Keep in mind that Trump considered running for President long before this race. That is all reflected in his books and by statements from people that know him. Trump ran this time because he thinks America is running out of time to change things and because he believes he has a chance to win. He is correct on both counts.

    The Pope says many things that are contrary to scripture. The claim that Jews do not need to be evangelized is just the latest heresy. The Pope had Liberation Theology connections. He is a Marxist with religion. It is not just this Pope either that bastardizes the true Gospel of salvation and Christian instruction. The Roman Catholic Church continually plays out the role of the Harlot of Revelation 17. It is amazing to me that Catholics that reads the Bible can still believe the stuff that their church peddles. I could write a book on all the evils of the Roman Catholic Church but so many better qualified people have already done that. Even so, is anyone listening? Even many evangelicals think this cult teaches orthodox Christianity.

  6. In America, the bulk of the “born again” Christians are too much spoiled rotten brats to put on the armor and breastplates, let alone rarely-or-routinely make the effort to acknowledge Jesus before men. As for the so-called women of God, they think they are above the scripture and/or reject the word of God to take up the forbidden role of teaching men (as illustrated by posts to ‘rapture-ready’, let alone the emerging harlot.

    Most think they can just pray to God to save them from the mess they find themselves in, versus taking up the armor and breastplate. They’ll trade in their defensive instruments to keep their bank accounts. Shrug, I’m not sure the choice I’ll make, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to get ugly, nationally and personally.

    Yeah, there’s a good biblical reason America is a non-mention in future events, not to mention all the obvious worldy ones.

  7. Craig,

    It will get ugly.
    Even if someone with Christian values gets elected to be president nobody should assume that things would suddenly get pleasant in our land. The other half of the nation that elected Obama and now wants another Marxist would be in full rebellion. The big difference is that the President would not be on their side. There may be peace in rural valleys but there will not be peace in most big cities.

    The next President is going to inherit a lot of trouble. Not to even mention the economic collapse.

  8. Don, I guess you can call me Debby Downer, but I really, honestly believe it doesn’t matter who gets elected. I really, honestly believe we have crossed the Rubicon, and absolutely NOTHING will stop what has been prophecyced(sp?) a long time ago. To quote an old gangster phrase, I really, honestly believe “the jig is up”. Besides, to what purpose would it serve to even try and “postpone” ANYTHING? I am sorry, and I may have said this a coupe years ago here, but why would anyone who “longs for His appearance” want to postpone His coming back? Can ANYONE change what has been written long ago that we supposedly believe must and would happen? Frankly, in my estimation, the sooner it happens the better. In the meantime (sincerely) Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas Michael,

    Of course God will do things on His schedule and nothing we can do will stop that. However, what was prophesied about the end times could be a decade or more in the future. Until then we may have to occupy until He comes. The majority of Americans claim to be Christians. They don’t have to vote for Marxists but they already did that twice and if they do it again they will be voting for Christian persecution until the Rapture. That was the point of my article. The degree of Christian persecution in America very well may be determined by Americans, if we even survive as a nation until the Rapture. I have my doubts about that and that is the reason I gave the link near the beginning of the article.

  10. Hello Don,

    Could the deception that God allows referenced in II Thess. begin prior to the Tribulation period? There does appear to be a continued significant deception that is blinding so many to the truth of where things are heading.


  11. Hi Rod,

    I fully believe that the delusion referenced in prophecy is and has been going on for some time,and has only kicked into high gear these past several years. But there are so many things that could apply you might say. And you would be likely correct on all accounts. It boils down to only one delusion that they all would be governed by. That being the worship of creation,and NOT the rightful worship of our Creator.

  12. Hi Rod and David L,

    I do not believe the departure in 2nd Thes 2:3 is talking about a departure from the faith. It may be talking about the departure of the Church in the Rapture. I wrote an article on that.

    There are other passages that indicate that some will depart from the faith in latter times such as 1Ti 4:1

    1 1 Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    I think that has been taking place and will continue until the end.

    Now the great deception or strong delusion of Revelation is something else. It only takes place during the great tribulation and it is reference to the False Prophet and Antichrist. I think David has the reason correct. It is man believing the lie that the created Antichrist is God. However, this only occurs after the Antichrist rises and appears to be immortal.

  13. Ahh… Ok. thank you both for the clarification. I suppose it also makes sense that the successive approximation effect applies. A gradual movement toward tolerating increasingly deceptive ways of thinking culminating in the rejection of God seen during the trib years. The stage is being set.. That is for sure.


  14. Hi Rod,

    Perhaps, but keep in mind that after the world economic collapse and or world war we could see a Dominion Theology movement. That may be where the Harlot of Revelation 17 comes in until she rides in the Beast.

  15. Hi Don, I certainly see what you are talking about happening in most so called free societies. As a Canadian who watches you politics closely it is obvious that Mr. Obama is taking your country on the path to destruction but as in our Nation as well most people who vote for these Godless people are thinking only of themselves. I will be watching the Republican debate closely this evening. In as much as Trump seems to be a nut case, you would not believe the number of people up here that agree with a lot of what he says, and most recently the banning of Muslim’s entering the U.S. at least for the time being. I do see as you have said a number of Godly men running for the leadership of your nation, and do hope that your so called evangelical voters get out and vote, to bring your nation back to the Godly principles it was founded on. This little nation north of you is watching Americans and what is going to happen. I urge your fellow country men and all who read this blog to pray, and let God lead you to whom you should vote for. Your nation has been a beacon, I live in a country that is almost a carbon copy of yours, don’t let the Marxist take away your freedoms, read history, it tells the truth. May God Bless you all.

  16. Hi Wayne,

    Trump is correct. Muslims that are not already citizens of America should not be allowed to enter this country as long as Muslims put allegiance to Sharia Law ahead of America.

    Islam is contrary to Christianity and to our American Republic. No immigrants should be allowed into this country that will not swear allegiance to the United States and our Constitution. That was true throughout America’s history.

    Now that we are entering a time of terrorism on our own soil we cannot be importing people that are a threat to America. As many as twenty to fifty percent of Muslims support violence against America. And some percentage of them would actually carry out violence against Americans.

    It is suicidal for a nation to import those want to destroy their culture and nation. There are about 60 majority Muslim countries in the world. They can take in Muslim immigrants if they really are so worried about the welfare of Muslim refuges. (Most are not refugees at all they are economic opportunists and some of them are terrorists).

    I do not think I said that there are a number of Godly men running for President. I said there are some basically moral people with Christian values running for President.

    I do not think God is going to answer prayer and direct Christians to vote for someone when Christians will not even take the time to read His word to find out what politician has biblical views.

  17. Thank you Don Koenig for your statement on Muslim immigration. I agree 100%.
    I’m in favor of a wartime lock down. I’ve spent all week debating this point to no avail. I’ve never seen such malicious hate as what has come down on Trump and his supporters. There was even a city councilwoman who called for Trump supporters to be killed.
    I’m not endorsing anyone because I haven’t made up my own mind yet; I’m defending someone who is unfairly maligned by a biased liberal media.
    Even my non-practicing Muslim friend in Egypt who supported ousting The Muslim Brotherhood from his government doesn’t seem to understand why America should have a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.
    I suppose if we vote for theological correctness Cruz would come closest to filling that bill. He’s a good man but he doesn’t agree with the ban. He’s more for restrictions on immigration.
    Obama has a year left and there might be some drastic changes before another president has to deal with it.

  18. Hi Caitlin,

    I surmise in that year that Obama has left, views in America will change greatly. I don’t think it will take many more terrorists attacks to change views about Muslim immigration. The same goes for Europe.

  19. Sorry Don your absolutely right on both counts, about Godly men, our pastor stated that his church was Bible illiterate and more people needed to see what God’s Word stated instead of taking his word about it. The debate no very interesting and it is obvious where the most concern lies.

  20. I have read that Russia has her own problems with Muslims. If the US and Europe experience a ‘clash of civilizations’ isn’t it probable that Russia will also do so and by such be an ally to the Caucasian world. If this clash is worldwide Israel would also take the opportunity to clean house (see Psalm 83) and afterward be at peace even with the recent ‘ally’ Russia. Just a thought.

  21. Hi Caitlin,

    Would you please read this article about Cruz? There are many immigration related articles at Breitbart,and will show how Rubio and others are distorting the positions Cruz has stood for. It is a complicated and confusing issue,due to the various legislation and how someone goes about fighting against it.

    And there is a very concise position paper at: https://www.tedcruz.org/

  22. David L, I read the link you shared but I’ve seen it before. A lot of the information I have comes from Breitbart. I’m not a Rubio fan. Still, Ted Cruz said a Muslim ban is not the way to go after Trump made his statement. I can’t share that link because it’s long gone and I don’t remember if I saw it on Breitbart, Mark Levin or Conservative Review. Or maybe Drudge.

    I will vote for either Cruz or Trump in the primaries. Can’t decide because I like both of them.

  23. Please do a little more homework on that issue,because Trumps statement was way too broad,and Cruz was only making a distinction about only banning immigrants and visa entries. Not all Muslim travel,like diplomatic personel,Muslim’s who are citizens who travel for business say,and a multitude of other legitimate reasons. Trump painted with too broad a brush,and did not clarify. Thanks for the engagement on this important issue. Good night.

  24. Before i thank to jesus christ my saviour and my lord and than to pastor don koenig by your article but might our pray to change the prophecy (absolute) because america have better will the rapture very so long so if america bankrufty as soon rapture. I am the body of christ of indonesia

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