America’s second civil war is underway choose sides or be conscripted

The second civil war might not appear to be very bloody yet unless you count the sixty million dead babies. The division in this country is greater than in the first civil war. In those days people were mostly divided on the issues of state rights and slavery. Today people in the nation are divided over many issues reflecting good and evil.

For the most part there are two main divisions in America:

  • People who love their sins, and people who hate their sins
  • People who want a strong nation, and people who want a socialistic world
  • People who believe in statism and collectivism, and people who believe in liberty and individualism
  • People who like rebellion, and people who just want to live in peace
  • People who believe women have a right to do what they want with their bodies, and people who believe life conceived in women’s bodies have the right to live
  • People who worship God, and people who worship themselves
  • People brought up by believing parents, and people brought up by the state
  • People who believe the Bible, and people who speak for God
  • People who love Jesus, and people who hate Jesus without cause
  • People who work for a living, and people who want others to work for them
  • People who want mob rule, and people who want a nation of laws
  • People who believe in free speech, and people who believe only their speech should be allowed
  • People who believe in equal rights, and people who believe in special rights
  • People who believe that self-defense is an inalienable right, and people who want others to submit
  • People who lead through good example, and people who blindly follow their peers
  • People who believe the gospel of salvation, and people who think they can earn their own salvation
  • Pastors who are shepherds, and pastors who are hirelings
  • Pastors who lead their flock, and pastors who mislead or fleece their flock
  • Leaders who serve others, and leaders who are served by others
  • Judges who rule justly, and judges who are politically correct

It goes on and on. It really all comes down to the following statement.

People in America given over to a reprobate mind, and people who are God minded.

We are in the second American civil war, choose sides or be conscripted.

We need to realize that the second civil war going on this country cannot be resolved through the usual politics. We Christian patriots must win this war if we are to remain a nation under God. If we lose, America will become a state under the United Nations where reprobates rule. There is no compromise.

Either the Trump administration helps us fight this war, or Trump helps us lose the war and the left takes over America. Fighting the second civil war means opposing the domestic enemies of America. The left will not stop with their lawlessness and sedition until the leaders of this rebellion against America are locked up. Attorney General Sessions needs to clean house.  The oath of office and the Constitution swears him to take actions against domestic enemies of America.

The Trump administration will make a huge mistake if they try to compromise with the left. The collectivists are like the Borg. They will do whatever they are told for the godless collective cause. They are not going to be appeased.

Trump needs to stay on his high horse. There are traitors in his midst that call themselves Republicans. They voice their support for Trump but they will knife Trump in the back when given the chance. We have already seen such traitors leak information to the leftist press and we are seeing them drag their heals on legislation and appointments.

For example, establishment Republicans are dragging their heals on the repeal of Obamacare and on passing tax cuts. Establishment Republicans are meeting to try to force a carbon tax over the wishes of the people. Certain Republicans are putting the nation in danger by speaking against Trump’s immigration policy.

Conservative Christians need to keep Trump on track. Trump is at best a Word Faith Christian. They have a different gospel. Word of Faith leads gullible people to the gospel of presumption and prosperity. It also is now leading them to fall in with the Harlot of Revelation 17. Trump’s spiritual adviser is Word of Faith huckster Paula White. Do true Christians really think the White chink in Trump’s spiritual armor is not noticed by the enemy?

Why did Trump pick Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme court? Gorsuch is very active in one of the most far-left churches in this country. The church has a female pastor and the church among other things embraces marriage redefinition, gun control, and the theory of man-caused global warming.

If Gorsuch turns out to be a social liberal like some previous Republican picks, we might as well have elected Hillary to the white house. Christians will suffer under the consequences of another Trojan Horse in the Supreme Court until the Lord’s coming. Yet, all we hear from talking head Christians and Conservatives is how good a pick Neil Gorsuch is. If that is the case, and Gorsuch is a Christian conservative, then why is Gorsuch active in an inclusive Episcopal church embracing the far-left agenda? It does not meet the common sense test to me.

Do we see a trend here with Trump? In his first month he picks a nutty female name-it-and-claim-it spiritual advisor and then he picks a Supreme Court nominee that is active in a far-left female run church. Keep in mind that Trump loves waving the rainbow flag, so any pick of a social liberal might be deliberate.

Trump should have gotten the message when Gorsuch told a reporter that Trump’s remarks about the 9th circuit court judges were “disheartened and demoralizing” knowing full well that his words would be published. Trump should pull the nomination, it would send a clear message to people who think they can walk the line in this civil war.

There is a war of worldviews going on in America. There can be no compromise with the godless collectivists. Those with a Marxist worldview are not going to give an inch to those with a Christian Worldview. Winning the second civil war means taking back our institutions, media, schools and churches. Many churches have also become indoctrinated by the social justice (Marxist) worldview.

One hundred evangelical leaders just bought an ad denouncing Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven very dangerous countries. These are the usual social justice “Christian” leaders. They are blind leaders leading the blind into a ditch. Patriots and Christians cannot win the war by following blind leaders.

I frankly do not think we are going to win this second civil war. It could even turn into a shooting war before long. The nation is too far gone. Christians are just asking to be destroyed because of their lack of knowledge.

The left will do everything they can to make Trump into a buffoon and most Americans will just applaud loudly like mindless barking seals. If Trump and Pence fall, the left will completely take over everything. True Christians and patriots will be persecuted. Even now, only ten percent of evangelical Christians even believe in the five fundamentals of the Christian faith. It is that bad. Most Evangelical Christians in America do not read or believe scripture. Jesus is just their imaginary boyfriend.

If the far-left wins the second civil war, America will become like totalitarian Communist China. This authoritarian fascist rule in China is the elitist model for the entire world. Christians that do not conform to the hive mentality will be stung.

America must remain under God, under the Constitution and under rational limited government or the American right will lose the second civil war to the world socialist collectivist wrong. I doubt if the right can win that war when most Christians cannot even find their armor and have nothing to fight with. Instead, they put their trust in political leaders that historically turn against and persecute true Christians. Those not choosing sides will soon be conscripted by the wrong side!

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America’s second civil war is underway choose sides or be conscripted — 54 Comments

  1. With what I read and hear this is right on the money.

    The parable of the tares and the wheat comes to mind. It is not a matter of one’s position in the field but how you appear.

    At least the ‘wheat’ will be able to recognise the ‘tares’ and know who the enemy is in any conflict be it verbal or physical. So the more clearly the tares define their status the better.

    And of course the boot is on the other foot as well… Hopefully the tares will witness the quality of the wheat.

  2. Hi Don,

    Most people don’t even know their in a war and Christians especially don’t know their in a war and that war is not between flesh and blood.

    That war has been going on from the beginning of time but ramping up ever so fast and about to come to a head now were seeing it in the streets manifesting. We will see a clear separating of the chaff and the wheat play out because of peoples intentions which will become evident in due time.

    Another words folks that don’t truly love the Lord their sin will find them out and folks that do love the Lord will stay the course and will ultimately triumph.

    Fine article.

    PS. Just read Brian Hugget post… wow think we were both on the same thread.

  3. The problem is Trump does not understand what he is up against. Trump believes the opposition is simply incompetent and misguided. He is blind to the fact that the left is a malevolent evil that never sleeps and never stops.
    The MSM is already showing the illegal aliens living off the taxpayer as innocent poor oppressed people who are being bullied by Trump. The administration needs to wise up and fight fire with fire.

  4. Yeah Guys I agree,

    The chronic spiritual war between good and evil has been going on for a long time but I really am talking here about an acute flare up in the United States that will be called the second civil war.

    The outcome of that war will determine the survival of America as we have known it. The outcome also will determines if the Church has to go underground.

  5. Don,

    You’re absolutely right. This nation is completely divided. I sometimes wonder how it survives from day to day. Trump is being opposed at every turn, both by the democrats and his own party. I’d venture to guess that only a fourth of the house/senate are true conservatives, with even less true Christians.

    Frankly, I’m not sure what to expect over the next 4 years. Either Trump gives in and falls into line with the world order, or we endure a rough road to reclaiming the Republic.

    Even if we do reclaim the republic, how long will it last? The entire democrat party is Marxist. Most of the Republican Party is socialist. I honestly believe it would take bloodshed to completely retake our nation. I also tend to believe that if we are at the end, then the downfall of America or the incorporation of her into the world order/Beast is just head.

    Anything is possible and it is all done according to his will I believe. God bless.

  6. Hi Jim,

    That is the way it appears. Some say Trump is much more aware of the evils than we think and is setting a trap. We will not have to wait long to find out.

  7. Hi Don, Greetings from Brazil.
    Well, as i see, everything is going to escalate to what the Lord told of what MUST happen on the last days. Here things are no different, but they can test on with more surety because the government here is already a Fabio-socialist state for more than 18 years. If you search Civil War Espírito Santo( Wich is Holy Spirit in english, ironicaly a name of a state here in Brazil) you will see what i’m talking about. Things here are like a hell to true Christians. The Laodicea and Sardis churches are majority there, and sin is something considered “normal” by the majority, and people that condems sins there are quickly shot-down and buried, even on the oh-so-called churches.
    Don, i’m translating your Bible Commentary to my language, portuguese, as i think more people need to hear your concise message about the end times, even knowing that few will hear it there.
    Well, what i ask is if there is any problem in me doing it, obviously i’m already following all your directives like for example putting the credits page and etc.

    That the Lord Jesus have mercy on us all both Brazilians and North-Americans.

  8. Hi Alisson,

    You can translate my Revelation Commentary. Someone translated it in Spanish a number of years ago but the person that was supposed to review it here dropped the ball. I have been thinking that translation software might do the job but I know it still has huge problems. Accurate translations are difficult.

    I know Brazil has had problems for a long time. I hope the people can turn things around there.

  9. I think that many churches and so-called conservative Republican politicians will be soon be shown for the frauds they truly are. If Trump stays strong and continues on the right path we will see people attacking him that we thought were our allies. Obviously this has already happened but I expect it to escalate. Just look at who is opposing securing our borders and enforcing immigration law. Many churches are preaching that open borders and rampant illegal immigration is something we should support because it makes us more Christ-like.

  10. I not only agree that we cannot win this war in whatever form it comes in, I also question if we are even meant to. It would seem to me that the thought of “winning” such a war and “winning the world for Jesus” this side of the Rapture would come from the vast majority of alleged Christians who actually believe He can’t come back until they do. I fully believe and agree that we are to occupy, but winning here is something I can’t find in ANY version of the Bible I have ever read. I honestly believe that adherents of that school really don’t want Him to come back anytime soon, which begs the question WHY? What would compel anyone to try to delay His return, as if we even could? He can’t come back soon enough.

  11. President Trump is seemingly head strong, and so I don’t see him changing the nominees.

    Maybe this is off topic, although not entirely – I am entertained by Milo’s antics and his occasional articles on Brietbart. He (along with President Trump) seems to get the insane left / Democrats / elitists to “freak out” and show who they are (law breakers, sore losers, spoiled rotten brats, insane, hate mongers, disrespectful of others, injurious, two-faced, etc).

    I agree with Michael – what is there for us to win anyway and what does it mean to win. It’s godless people on all sides, including President Trump and Milo (so far).

    Yes, occupy, witness and follow Jesus to eternity. Blessings.

  12. Don, your article, is again, correct as to what is going on. We are in a war but like the “Second American Revolution” that my ancestors supported and some died for, it is not really “civil”. It is way off topic to discuss the first, but I believe that this one is much more deeply spiritual. As discussed above by Bill, I believe that the outbreak in America is a part of the war that has been going on for all time. While, I support much of what our human leaders, here in Texas, and President Trump are attempting, they are human and need serious prayer from us that they do what is right in the eyes of our Lord, despite the Paula White influence.

    I am convinced that the only real long term victory will be when Christ returns to establish his kingdom. For born again Christians, we must continue in this fight until the Rapture of the Church. After the Rapture, I think none of us want to see the America left to the “left behind” leadership.

    I believe that our orders were given in verse 3 of Jude.
    “3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

  13. Christians are not going to win the global war against evil until Jesus comes because that is what Bible prophecy tells us. However, Christians and Patriots can help keep America livable until the Lord returns. Occupy implies taking physical possession and physical action at the location where you are at. Did the patriarchs fight against their enemies? Did God tell Israel to fight against their enemies? We all knows what happens when good men do nothing.

  14. Hi Don,

    I agree with almost everything you’ve written here. This country — and indeed this world — is up against evil greater than the Neocons or Neoliberals. It is indeed spiritual, but the agents of this evil are humans, and many of them reside in government. Ran across an interesting article that touches on this here:

    Where I would disagree is in calling it a 2nd Civil War. This country never has had its 1st Civil War yet. A civil war is two factions fighting for control over a government. The South wanted nothing to do with the Federal government and was not attempting to take control of it. Also, Sovereign States at war with each cannot be called a Civil War. Only a war within a State might be considered Civil. Lincoln knew this. At first he called the unpleasantness an “Insurrection”, but when it got out of hand he was forced to call it a “Civil War”. Congress knew it too. On March 28th, 1928, they officially named it “The War Between The States”. Still not accurate. It was the South fighting their War for Independence. History is written by the victor, and mostly a lie.

    I think we are looking at civil war at least, and maybe a revolution this time. It’s being orchestrated by powers far greater than we can see. And there is not anything we can do about it but pray. None of what is happening is taking Him by surprise.

  15. Didn’t Jesus say His kingdom was not of this world and Paul said we are aliens here, cause our real home is in heaven with Christ…I don’t want to live in a land where I have to worry every second what evil thing will next happen that may hurt my children or our lives, but maybe we (the church) have gotten too comfortable with things in the world and we need to focus on making disciples to follow Him and getting the heck outta here…that’s what I can’t wait for.

  16. Lisa,
    Jesus said His kingdom is not of this age. The millianal kingdom will be on earth. In fact, the example of prayer that Jesus gave said to pray Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

  17. The problem is that you can’t win a war whether that be cultural or on a battlefield, by being on defense all the time. There are only a small handful of people taking the fight to the opposition. Trump is mostly on the right track but it will take many more people to return sanity to the country.

  18. I think if we do become enveloped in civil war, it will be isolated to the big cities near the colleges and or low income areas first. It could morph into an all out class war if the economy and the “good” jobs do not come back. There are thousands upon thousands of graduates every year with no hope of finding a decent job. The college and university system and its impact on our degrading society could be a topic in and of itself.

  19. Steve,

    I’ll quickly comment on the college system. The problem is that most degrees offerered are completely useless. Secondly, you really need a couple good internships to get anywhere. Its very difficult to get internships when you have 100 people applying to every opening. Lastly, tuition is so expensive. This is because imo colleges get so much funding from the state that they become careless with the money. Take away the free money and prices will come down. I read that 90% of these liberal activists live with their parents and a third are unemloyed. No wonder they have the time to riot and loot. I agree that campuses will be a major center for conflict in an uprising scenario.

  20. Kevin in Costa Rica. Greetings,Don. So true that the collectivists cannot be appeased. Just look at what happend to (Brit. P.M.) Neville Chamberland with Hitler in 1939!
    I have a couple of questions for you and your readers that I believe is on topic. But first, allow me to say something else. I am from Ontario and like some other Ontarians, have family connections in your country – specifically in Michigan\Detroit and (at one time) in New Jersey,also. I say this so readers will know that , as both a born-again Christian and a Canadian, I most certainly care for your nation. I was genuinely appaled by Madonna’s comments (ironically, she’s from Michigan!) re burning down the White House and then using the “F” word to both Mr. Trump and the CIA! Too bad the authorities didn’t lock her up overnight, just to teach her a lesson. I have generally always liked Madonna’s music, but this incident has really “soured” me with her work now.
    anyway, to my questions if I may. I don’t understand about the Seattle judge stopping the President’s immigration ban. Judges have this much authority? I know Canada and the States have similar legal systems – but even Canada’s Supreme Court cannot over-rule the will of our Parliament. Our S.C. can make a ruling (which parliament will generally abide by) but the people’s rep’s in Parliament (represented by the Prime Minister) can use a “not withstanding” clause to reject the courts’ ruling. So what can Mr. Trump do now?
    Also, it was said that Mr. Obama violated the U.S. Constitution on numerous occasions – which I don’t doubt he did. So who is supposed to stand up and tell a President that he cannot do this? What mechanisms are in place to counter this? I would appreciate any helpful responses. Many thanks, Kevin.

  21. Kevin,

    The judges don’t have the power to stop the Executive Branch from doing anything. The enforcement is in the Executive Branch. The judges only get away with it because the executive branch has allowed judges to become Judaical dictators.

    Trump does not have to abide by what the courts decided. All anyone can do is impeach him and remove Him. That won’t happen because they never could prove that Trump broke any law. It is clear in the law that the president can stop any aliens he wants from entering this country for any reason.

    I think Trump will just come up with a new executive order that government workers would have to obey or be fired. The courts might try to stop him on the next one also. However, he could continue to rule by new executive orders until the cows come home.

    The solution is reigning in the Judiciary. Congress needs to set limits and impeach judges that legislate from the bench. Until then a Constitutional majority on the Supreme Court would halt some of this nonsense.

    Even so, If I were Trump I would lay down the law now. And just say that these Judges have no legal authority over the President. If they become subversive, Trump should have them arrested. Yes, the Far Left will scream bloody murder, but you can only win the civil war if you start taking back some ground.

  22. An article on Breitbart News by Paul Sperry said Obama is setting up a shadow government just miles from the White House and is organizing anti-Trump protests.

    Don, You mentioned a “shooting war” and that’s part of the question I wanted to ask. How do you see this war? As an organized military war under the command of generals or more of a free for all shootout anyone can join in? Until of course President Trump has to declare martial law to restore order. Then the left will scream “police state.”

    Is that what the vile left is pushing him toward?

    If I have to fight in a physical war I will and always in the spiritual war. Praying Passionately!

  23. Caitlin,

    How it will play out is anyone’s guess. The vile left will act out their insanity anyway they can. It would not take much of an organize domestic enemy to bring down the grid. After that, everyone starts killing each other. seems to think something like that will happen. They have the population of the US down to 60 million by 2025.

  24. Hi Doug,

    Sorry about that, actually it was whoever they are?

    If you look at the write up under the table, they give the reason for the drop as migration out because of an economic collapse. I do not think the out-migration is realistic. However, a grid down failure would bring an economic collapse and such a reduction in population through death.

  25. Interesting site, Don. I wonder who’s really behind it? Their projections are strange in so far as the countries they’re forecasting growth into due to U.S. emigration — Pakistan-? India-? — seem to be countries least prepared to accept such an influx of population.

  26. Doug,

    If I claimed I knew that a depopulation like that would occur before 2025, I would be called a prophet by some people but would prove to be a false prophet. Even so, it would probably bring tens of thousands of views to my website. Maybe that is the real motivation for the Deagal figures on America.

  27. Don, I would like to thank Kevin in Costa Rica for his question and you for your answer.

    It has always bothered me that the unelected judiciary had so much power. From your answer it would seem it an usurped power, and more shocking still, a terrible weakness on the part of the elected representatives for allowing it to succeed. (Perhaps they have been overawed by ‘superior learning’)

    It seems it is a weakness that pervades the western democracies for all have the same problems with these ‘unelected products of higher learning’. I do not worship at the throne of the god of education so my contempt for its abuse is palpable.

    I trust Trump will lead the way in exposing its fallacious nature.

  28. Hi Brian,

    I think it is happening because many in the legislative branches do not want to be on record for or against the hard issues that divide the people. It is politically safer to let un-elected Judges and bureaucrats take the heat.

  29. Hey Don: In regard to my post above, I didn’t make myself clear, yes, I agree, Jesus will come to rule His Kingdom in the millennium, can’t wait…but what I was trying to say was do you think perhaps things are partly as bad as they are because the church has gotten too comfortable here on earth and don’t have that desire to be with the Lord and therefore, not really “doing” the great commission. I wonder if we (the church) were living in more obedience to Him and not being as worldly as the world, that perhaps we’ve gotten farther with making disciples for His kingdom and perhaps He would have come for us by now. I know He is sovereign and the Father/Son/Holy Spirit have the plan they’ve laid out in scripture before the foundation of the world and it will be fulfilled as all other prophecy….I’m just sick of being here…seeing friends who know the Lord but are falling hook line and sinker for the progressive movement become so rabid against the church…my own daughter is caught in some of this but I am praying and depending on the Lord to deliver her as He showed me He would. Also, my own past long stint of disobedience has probably caused a lot of the mess in my daughter’s head, so I struggle with the guilt about this. I’ve been faithfully back following the Lord and in church for the past 6 years but now she has turned sideways with all this stuff going on. Please keep us in prayer. I want Him to come get His Church, but I don’t want my loved ones left behind.

  30. Lisa,

    There is the Church and there is the church. They are not the same. A big part of the problem is that we confuse the two. One is those born from above and the other is those that identify with the Christian religion for one reason or another. Ninety percent in Christendom are not in the Church.

    I think the Church is doing God’s will on earth right on schedule. After all, she is Holy Spirit guided.

    True Christians do not become unbelievers. God knows how to bring back His children that wander off.

    The Church has to become complete. God probably is looking for a certain number to come in. When they do, He will tell Jesus to get His Bride.

  31. Don , Thank You for the information about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee , he does NOT sound like a Christian to me as no genuine Christian would attend the so called church he attends. I think your article is a wake up call to some who may be on the fence. People need to understand The Church is not a building , The Church is people who loyalty is to Jesus and Jesus alone. I have never believed Trump is a Christian, he is an opportunist . That being said , he is a far better choice than Hillary. It will be interesting to see if he will defy the courts on his immigration policy. If he moves our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem that will tell me something. Trump seems to relish controversy and feed on it. The press and the left will do anything to get rid of Trump. It sometimes seems to me Trump is his own worst enemy. As a nation I think we might be better of if Pence became President. It will surprise me if Trump lasts 4 years.. The coming elections in Europe should be interesting to watch as maybe Europe is waking up to the reality of the danger of Muslims among them. Some believe Trump creates chaos and confusion to hide what he is really doing behind the scenes. I do have a problem with Steve Bannon being in the White House .

  32. Fritts,

    Why would Trump want to be public enemy #1 and risk his sponsors, business, and personal safety? All to satisfy his ego? I don’t think so. Trump was the only candidate not bought and paid for by the establishment which you should well know by now. As for Bannon, I don’t know the man but he did make Breitbart a massively popular conservative site after he took over. If you hate Bannon then who do you have in mind for a senior advisor? I can’t think of anyone better at the moment.
    I’m sure you all heard about Flynns resignation by now. Not sure what your opinions are on that.

  33. Hello Jim , Yes I have heard about Flynn’s resignation , If Flynn did any of what the media claims then he needs to go. Understand , I have very low regard for most of the national news media. As for Bannon , he is too controversial to be in such as position. I lack the expertise to say who the President should pick for his staff. I agree with you Trump is not part of the political establishment and that’s good , I want ALL of them gone from any role in government , state , federal , and local. I am about as hard core conservative as it is o possible to be , but being a hard core Christian is more important. I do not believe Trump is a true conservative and I am far from convinced he is an evangelical Christian .As I said in my previous post , Trump is a much better choice than Hillary. I think Trump relishes fighting with the media because that’s just part of who he is. He does not ( at least not yet )act in a professional manner. I support many of Trump’s stated objectives . I totally support his immigration ban , except it does not go far enough. I want absolute zero immigration .I want no legal immigration allowed , no work visas , no student visas , accept no refugees from anywhere , no political asylum granted to anyone .I would put the military on ALL borders and use whatever force is required to stop people from crossing. I know that sounds harsh , we need to as Trump says , PUT AMERICANS FIRST.
    Let;s clean up the mess in our inner cities before taking in more people..

  34. At least Steve Bannon knows the West is at war with Islam (not just radicals) and he also knows global elitists are running the West and he want to bring them down. The guy is a strait shooting realist. If we are going to fight the war against terrorism, and for a return to constitutional government in America we have to identify the enemy. Brannon does that, and that is why he has Trump’s ear. We can no longer play games by putting people in charge that walk the fence on critical issues.

  35. Just asking? Why is it necessary for our president to be an evangelical to uphold the constitution and make wise decisions for Americans?

    Many of our founding fathers were Deists and or Freemasons. Depending on which quote or letter you read by them their “Christianity” is suspect. Not being the topic of this blog I’ll just say research.

    In recent memory we’ve had a number of presidents who claimed to be Christians. Are we better off because of them? Some were better than others but we’ve been in a decline for decades. Obama nearly finished us off and Clinton would have.

    Just as a reminder even Reagan let Nancy bring astrologers into the WH.

    I don’t know if President Trump can turn this mess around. With God’s intervention, yes. But I don’t know God’s plan for this country. Trump has so much on his shoulders; domestic and foreign. Pence isn’t strong enough to carry this weight, in my opinion. No offence to Pence.

    The Democrats and MSM are using Saul Alinsky tactics to bring the Trump administration down.
    Steve Bannon was just one of their targets.

    If Trump was a godsend then God had a reason for sending him. I guess He didn’t go through the church registry to make His choice. If Trump isn’t godsent then it’s just a coin toss. We’ll get what we allow.

  36. To Caitlin , It is not necessary for whomever the President happens to be to be an evangelical Christian in order for them to uphold the Constitution . For me personally , The Bible is a higher authority than The Constitution and I want a President who says so and acts accordingly. If God had a hand in putting Trump in office I have no problem with that. I totally believe that Obama is a Muslim , his treatment of Israel proved that and I would have no problem calling Obama a liar to his face if he denied being a Muslim . I believe that any President who would openly declare that The Bible superseeds The Constitution would have God’s long as his actions reflected that. I want God’s intervention in Trump’s presidency and pray it happens.My concern about Trump is his ego and the lack of a well oiled machine functioning in The White House. It is impossible to govern this country without God’s guidance and I pray Trump will seek that help.

  37. Fritts,

    I disagree about Bannon, and I like how Trump fights the media. Its about time someone go toe to toe with them. I agree that we should have zero immigration of any kind. That would be ideal but will never happen. Lastly, I don’t think Trump is a true Christian either but I’m not electing a pastor in chief. I think the best we can do is hold off the globalist onslaught for a few years and and use the time to get things in order.

  38. Don , I agree that we are indeed at war with Islam. Maybe Steve Bannon is in the right place at the right time to get that point across to the American people. The media will never be truthful about Islam . It is a satanic relegious belief and is as much political as it is relegious. Islam should be banned in America , all mosques and Islamic centers should be torn down , and all Muslims in America should be forced to leave the country. The Muslims who are legally citizens should have their citizenship revoked and be deported by the military. Of course , this is wishful thinking on my part because it is too radical for most people.

  39. Hello Jim , I may be wrong about Bannon and Trump is much nicer to the media than I would be.You make a great point about not electing a pastor in chief, Thank You for reminding me of that fact. Sometimes I need to to step back , take a deep breath and remind myself I am being to emotional . The Pastor in Chief always has to be Jesus . Some may view my comments as hatred toward Muslims , I do not hate them , but rather I hate what they believe. One of my prayer requests is that the Muslims in America have a greater opportunity to hear the gospel in America than they could ever have in their native country. There presence here is an opportunity for ministry to them , I pray we can somehow make that a reality .
    BLESSINGS to YOU !!!!!!!

  40. Donald,

    Most Muslims in America do not know what the Quran teaches just like most Christians in America do not know what the Bible teachers. Further, much of what the clerics promote is the sayings and traditions from the hadith collection. Even Muslims do not agree among themselves on that stuff. It is only the Islam purists that wish to overthrow America and Christianity that need to find a more suitable country.

    Last I heard, the First Amendment to the Constitution allows free speech and the right to worship any god by any name that you want. We would not be America if we had state enforced religion. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water.

  41. Don , We agree about the First Amendment . Speaking only for myself , I do not consider Islam a valid religious belief. I view it as an dictatorial political system with a religious component..

  42. Donald,

    That might be true of Islam but it is not a political system for all calling themselves Muslims. Even so, in America we even let Nazis and Communists live here

  43. DON: Have you seen the film about WW2 Medic Desmond Doss? He was awarded the Medal of Honor & he didn’t kill anyone BUT SAVED HUNDREDS ON THE BATTLEFIELD! I saw his documentary over 10 years ago & inspired me to walk his path…. I worked Nuclear Security for ~2 years before I moved up to safety so I received considerable training with weapons. It is not my calling. Safety was a better fit. ANYWAY, as this world I just don’t see myself hunkering down underground with an armoured….. I interface with Moslems trying to convert me and stand my ground by pointing out that allah states at least 3 times in the Quran that he allah is the GREATEST DECEIVER & YHWH states THOU SHALT NOT LIE plus YHWH LOVES THE JEWISH PEOPLES & THOSE WHO LOVE HIS SON & ACKNOWLEDGED HIS WORK ON THE CROSS! (I SAY THIS CALMLY, FIRMLY)

  44. In light of the recent political casualty of General Flynn, I believe civil war/revolution may be the only way America returns to her roots. It seems the conspiracy theorists were right about a shadow governtment. Then again maybe all of us suspected that anyway given our closeness to the end.

    If Trump can survive this it will be a miracle. Him getting elected was seemingly so. I just hope he can find the source of this and have them prosecuted. It is a daunting task, there are enemies everywhere in our government.

  45. Don. Thanks for your response to my question re a judge vs. the President. I probably should have realized that the President of the U.S.A. has the final say! A quick “hi” to Brian in the great country of Australia – enjoy your input also!
    Re this ban on person’s from these countries, why doesn’t CNN (if they have any guts) do a poll of the U.S. population? I would suggest that the “silent majority” of your citizens are actually in favour of the ban. You make a good point. Don, when you say President Trump is going to have to get real tough with some of the trouble-makers. The situation in your country almost calls for Mr.Trump to take a page from Sir Winston Churchill’s playbook. My impression is that Trumps win was not expected (as you have said), Hillery was “supposed to” win. The opposition is now realizing all the implications of their loss – and they don’t like it! Perhaps it still needs to sink in that there’s a new “sheriff” in town!
    I see that my Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) was in Washington, yesterday, visiting the President and his daughter, Ivanka. I’m just happy that Justin looked reasonably intelligent and didn’t say anything stupid! How about that Ivanka – you go, girl!
    As believers, we need to be praying (I’m sure many are) for Mike Pence to stay firm in his faith, and that he will be a good testimony to his boss. Who knows, maybe God will use the V.P. to lead Donald to a genuine faith in Christ. How awesome would that be, amen?! Best regards, Kevin.

  46. Hi Don and Kevin in Costa Rica, us Canucks follow your politics with great interest, to use an American phrase, It’s Time to Drain the Swamp” Mr. Trump, your opportunity now exists with all of the Democrats wanting and an investigation into General Flynn’s activities. They may have opened a door they will regret.

  47. Don,

    Isn’t it true that the only state able to legally secede from the Union is Texas? I think if this happened, you might see a few states decide to go with it. Then again, the unrest created from a cut off of entitlements from the Fed Govt. would probably bring any state to its knees.

  48. Steve,

    I think the Civil War was about that issue. Since the Union won, no state can secede from the Union. Of course civil war can change anything.

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