Christians should not be affiliated with leftist antichrists

The left as we know it today is antichrist and anti-America. The leadership of the left is now run by Marxists who are trying to divide America and bring America down by deconstructing our biblically rooted foundations and by using identity politics. It should be clear to those knowing the truth that Satan motivates Marxist socialism. So then why do most people on the right think that these leftist antichrists can be reasoned with? They do not care about truth. The left is run by programmed people pushing the demonic socialist ideology.

I watched Fox News the other night and wondered why all the Christian hosts choose to invite leftists to argue with them? It’s not like leftists will actually debate the points that the hosts bring up. They just use the time to attack rational thinking and truth. The hosts might as well argue with programmed robots. It seems to me that inviting people that support the truth would be a far more productive use of air time, than arguing with robotic leftist people that hate America and Christians.

Now I ask Christians who still have the ability to reason, are present day unbiblical philosophies coming from the politically right or the left? Which position mocks or discounts what the Bible teaches? The answer is obvious. Then why do leaders in our churches refuse to take a position on politics? If those on the left are going to dispute what God said, then why do they still call themselves Christians? Maybe those arguing against what the Bible teaches should examine themselves to see if they really are in the faith. Christians should separate themselves from so-called brethren that embrace the satanic philosophies of the world.

The Bible tells us that there are wheat and tares on the earth (Mat 13: 24-30). Jesus did not come to save all people on earth. There are those that will come to believe God and come to Christ to be saved, and there are those who are of the devil and that will remain blinded even when told the truth. Those of the devil can easily be identified by Christians because they are antichrist.

When 40 percent of Americans now do not think sexual identity can be determined at birth. I have to believe that these people have lost their collective minds. They do not live in reality. They certainly do not believe the God of the Bible. It is no small coincidence that two billion people on earth and most people in the West now get most of their information and their mind programing from a collective group think platform called Facebook. It was developed by leftist antichrists to control minds. Facebook and other social media will increasingly be used as weapons of warfare against Christians. Just about all the major media in the world is leftist and antichrist.

The leftist philosophers like Hegel, Marx, Engels and Lenin were atheists and antichrist. Marxist socialism breaks every one of the ten commandments, so who do you think the philosophy came from? So why do so-called Christians support socialism and still call themselves Christian?

Some may say that the left believes in social justice and that is a Christian concept. I think most people on both the left and right believe in social justice. The dispute is what is social justice and how do we get there? Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a biblical concept. The left thinks giving power to government to redistribute wealth is the best way to achieve social justice but where on earth has that worked? It just robs the productive to make a class of government dependents. Leftist ideology just enables statist totalitarianism.

People on the right think the best way to get social justice is to enable people and to give needy people a hand up. That is why people on the right give a higher percentage of their income to charity then people on the left. We should be charitable to others, but Christians ought to know that the only way to actually achieve social justice on earth is through Jesus Christ not the philosophies of Karl Marx.

Those that believe that international socialism will solve all of mankind’s problems refuse to understand that true social justice can only be realized when Jesus and His Church rule on earth. The leftist antichrists will continue with the agenda of achieving utopia through government dictates, totalitarianism and social engineering but their hateful errors will bring the world to destruction.

Scriptures indicate that God’s people will be losing the battle between good and evil on the earth in the days just before the Lord returns. Just look at the world today. Most nations are antichrist. They promote whatever breaks God’s commandments and they increasingly outlaw biblical truth. The messages heard in the nations of the world are antichrist.

Most people on earth are now slaves of their own governments. Their minds are being controlled by socialist programing coming from “educators” and the media. Almost half of millennials in America believe that Communism is better than the American free enterprise system. These people know nothing about Communism, they just repeat the group think programing that they have been fed. Most of the points of Communism have already been instituted in America. The Communist controlled deep state is working on the few points that remain like taking away individual liberties and private property. Only the liberty movement is hindering a complete Communist takeover of America. If the Marxists succeed, a total surveillance society and persecution of Bible believing Christians follows.

Christians indeed are losing the battle on earth and many Christians are increasingly suffering persecution because of it. The salt and light more and more are confined to closets, or in some nations they are being buried.

You can be in one camp or the other but you can’t be in both. Don’t you know that to be friends with the leftist antichrist system is to be an enemy of God? Church leaders that want to embrace the world should be identified and Christians need to separate themselves from them. They are not hard to identify, they promote leftist worldly ways.

I am not saying that being on the political right makes anyone a Christian, but if you are a Christian you should be on the political right in today’s world. You can be on the left and be a Christian, but if you are an informed Christian you should not be supporting the agenda of Marxist leftist antichrists.

If you lack knowledge seek it, because affiliation with leftists is cutting the throats of fellow believers. In fact, Christians that support the leftist antichrist agenda cut their own throat in more ways than one. The Bible says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Ho 4:6) and that truth is increasingly playing out in these last days.

The left says there is no absolute truth, but Jesus said He is the truth and knowing Him will set you free. Free from what, you ask? The leftist demonic world system that enslaves people to the lies of the devil. Those that do not wish to know of Jesus by reading the scriptures that speak of Him should not deceive themselves into believing that they are Christians? No one should claim they believe in Jesus if they do do not believe the scriptures that speaks of Him. God’s people need to come out of Babylon. Those that believe in the satanic world system are enemies of God.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999.

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Christians should not be affiliated with leftist antichrists — 25 Comments

  1. great article once again don.

    i saw something online today that was just insane,i think it was in a school somewhere and this woman dressed as a drag queen or some demonic costume and she was telling all these kids how ok it was to be transgender. I was in disbelief and now we have men who are going to be able to have kids because of the womb transplants that are coming soon. what is going on in this world? total demonic actions to the core.

  2. Don,

    Maybe they do exist, however, I’ve never met a leftist who was a real Christian.

    The left tends to be liberal minded which by its very nature, I have found to be a nearly impossible way of thinking to be a Christ devoted person.

    Sure, they will say they are Christian, I’ve met plenty of those, but the ones I’ve met have been Christian in name only, fake Christians, or born into a religion like Catholicism, for example, that they follow out of habit…I have found them to be very lost, uninformed (as they generally know nothing about Scripture other than key phrases to point fingers at others), and legalistic cultural Christian with no true accountability to Jesus whatsoever.

    The one exception I saw to this was right after 9/11…the churches were packed, prayer was promoted and on display even by our left and right politicians…which I think was nothing other than the “there are no atheists in foxholes” scenario as people nationwide were shaken and scared.

    The left by nature doesn’t believe in absolutes except what they themselves deem as absolute, which is a big error…as God Himself and His Word are the Only Absolute.

    The leftists that I have met in my lifetime would give more credence to Oprah, Hillary, and Obama than they would to Scripture.

    Hey, maybe it’s just me and perhaps I’m wrong…I’m just telling you one fellows experience.

  3. Don….Love you and your ministry.
    I Rarely comment and always look forward to your posts.
    You teach it ….like I pray I could. Ten years and running.
    Be Blessed Mister!!!

  4. 126cardinal,

    I saw that story a few weeks ago. You are right, it was a transgender drag queen dressed in demonic looking clothing reading and playing with little children. As a new parent I cant imagine letting my kids anywhere near that monstrocity. People have indeed lost their ability to be rational beings.

  5. I saw a demonically dressed drag queen reading stories to young children in a public library sponsored story time.

    When I was a kid missionaries would visit our church and show slides of the people they were teaching the gospel to. Usually in Africa or Asia. I feel like face book is a mission field now. I was called an idiot last week by a stranger who apparently didn’t like what I said. That was almost polite compared to what I have been called on face book. (Not repeatable.)

    The left doesn’t own it all though. There are some good people writing some good stuff. I was reading News Busters and the author-Dawn something- explained salvation perfectly and simply. People are going to see that.

    And for those who attempt to use Jesus to support socialism they earn a kind correction from me while I yell at my computer screen instead of them.

  6. Hi Caitlin,

    The content on Facebook is certainly not all bad but Christian speech will increasingly be banned on it as being hateful. It will be like a cop listening to everything you say through the filter of worldly group think and laws of political correctness. The other problem is the mind control. Facebook can be an addicting waste of time for most that use it and it enables and appeals to narcissists.

  7. I was just talking about this with my parents about a week ago. We came to the conclusion that we didn’t see how a true believer could even vote for democrats on the left in today’s age, knowing their positions on abortion, homosexuality and transgender issues, and call themselves Christians. Only God knows people’s hearts though. Good article, thanks.

  8. Hi Don

    You wrote: “The other problem is the mind control. Facebook can be an addicting waste of time for most that use it and it enables and appeals to narcissists.”

    There is a good article about this over on The Automatic Earth:

    Even one of the founders of FB is condemning it. Fortunately, I never got sucked into the social media cesspool. Wish my kids hadn’t, but such is today’s world for the younger generation–and even some older ones who ought to know better.

  9. Caitlin, Don, and all,

    I typically read alot about information Security, and was reminded the other day about how much these tech giants know about us users. So, I took a deep dive into my facebook account settings, and the ad settings in particular. (First let me say, I only maintain an account because several right leaning News sources I read, switched to facebook comments, and I only use facebook for a couple private groups, like constitutional conservatives.)

    However, what I discovered shocked me, even though I know much about how and what these tech giants collect, and not just from your interaction with them, but they also acquire more info on you from outside sources. Anyone using facebook, twitter, Google, should review ALL your settings ASAP. and turn off, remove, shut down as much as possible.

    And anyone using Android, should take note, if you previously opted out of targeted ads, and had an update to your phone, check that setting again, as it just might revert to default of targeted ads. Google has many controls to your information that you can adjust, and should do a complete review.

    I know it’s impossible to be completely anonymous online, but we don’t have to give away the whole store too!

  10. Hi Don and all,

    Col. Allen West said he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be on face book before they shut him down. I think most of us on the Right are aware of the spying they and Google do on us. Face book has locked me out of my account while they investigated something I said. I haven’t even activated Google on my android.

    I think Franklin Graham, Allen West, Gregg Abbott, Pamela Geller, Sarah Palin, Todd Starns, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and a host of others will be shut down along with all the right wing news outlets so I’ll go down in good company. Until then—.

  11. Hi Caitlin,

    Conservative people are already being shut down on Facebook and this is going on when the leftists at Facebook have to walk softly because of the Trump administration. If the leftists take over the administration, there will be no free speech for those on the right on any of the large social platforms including Google. Social platforms will become very much like those in China.

  12. Yes, censorship of conservative free speech is under assault even as the tech giants are being scrutinized by Congress. Dennis Prager and Prager U have launched a lawsuit against Google & YouTube recently because of this.

    But, there are a few new social media platforms gaining popularity, especially amongst conservatives. is similar to twitter,
    Minds is “like” facebook, sorry, couldn’t resist pun,
    And Vidme is more like YouTube.
    Many people have been cross posting to these other platforms which were developed by conservative or right leaning people who stand for free speech, privacy rights, etc.

    I’ve been trying them out, just to evaluate them, and they are in some instances working well, and of course need work in other area’s. So, Caitlin, you might want to check them out for yourself.

    But, like Don says, if the progressives take over the government, then free speech for conservatives and Christians in particular, will cease to be allowed. Dangerous times ahead.

  13. The problem is that the christian right is always on defense and leftists are always on offense. We should bring the fight to them and accuse them if being Christophobic and let them explain themselves.

  14. Don I agree with you I love your post I have nothing to do with Facebook I also don’t understand the big attraction to it but I am 53 and maybe it’s a generational thing what I notice is that most people on the right and even I in the past would want to try to get along so we would try to see the other side’s point of view you can’t do that with the left there is no compromise if you bring up one thing good about Christianity and I don’t mean in general I mean specific points they will attack it even if you try to compromise and see their side another thing on that same note I noticed that you can bring up God in a general way but if you named Jesus and use it specifically they will become unglued they do not like Jesus they like the Jesus of love the One they’ve made up not the true Jesus yes Jesus is Love and he also hates hates unrighteousness lawlessness immorality idolatry and other things I noticed the left likes to pick and choose in the Bible if they even read it they like to take and pull scripture apart I will no longer compromise and try to get along I will speak the truth I will not look for arguments but neither will I run from them my God is a holy God something that all people should look at is what Paul said we no longer knew him in the flesh speaking of Jesus because he had been changed I can’t remember the exact words right now but our Lord and savior is Holy and someday he will come back and judge the unrighteous and every knee will bow we must stand up for God’s law Don keep the faith from what I can see and read your dead on God bless

  15. I’ve noticed a few comments from people who are very concerned for family members. Well that is exactly why I am on FB.
    All of my branch of family live in states other than Tx. All of them claim to have been saved at one time or another-only God knows-.Some are on the political right but have denied the faith. Some have bought into Sanders and his socialism and one who I love dearly dabbles in the occult. My family-except my son-are confused and wandering around lost. I can talk to them on FB. I can post Christian and right wing news. They may not read everything I send but they see the headlines and sometimes that tells the story. If their friends see my comments then they can benefit too-maybe.

    Every time I think about my family spending eternity in the lake of fire I go nuts. Besides praying I’m fighting for them by sharing truth.

  16. Hi Caitlin,

    Your use of facebook is certainly understandable, and even for a noble cause. Using any technology platforms in the furtherance of the Gospel is one of the good uses.

    But, how will you communicate with them all, when these progressives eventually ban your use of their platforms? Now, would be a good time to explore alternatives. There are many ways you could accomplish sending group, or mass communications. Any email, or SMS/MMS could be one easy way to do it. Also, the newer platforms I mentioned above where you could cross post as well.

    Christians need to get educated about technology, to protect ourselves. And ensure we can still exorcise or free speech. Which is one area that I am actively participating in. Since free speech, privacy, and information security all go hand in hand.

    God Bless you.

  17. Since we’re on the FB theme, and talk about banning conservative users, this item just popped up and I thought it germane to the discussion:

    It made me think, gee what would happen if all conservatives and Christians went out of their way to post non-Facebook correct content in an attempt to get banned. I can imagine the content FB wants to suppress would spread like wildfire simply from curiosity if suddenly thousands of users were getting banned.

  18. Thanks Don,

    I should have mentioned that too.
    I downloaded it directly from their website, because many others who are beginning to migrate, cross post, clued me in back when it happened. I was on the original waiting list for Gab. One caveat though, it’s a little rough around the edges just yet. And some of societies worse elements have gravitated there. So be warned.

    But, the author of the Medium link article wrote, that, once sufficient numbers of the opposition are there, the other side will seek out and attack there too. BTW, near as I can tell, that author is somewhat independent in her thinking, as she attacks the establishment on both sides. It’s worth a read anyways. And I’ve been seeing more traditional libs trying to find middle ground. But, there are just SO MANY factions these days.SSH

  19. Hi,

    Via a link from RaptureReady “news”, I read an article where so called historians scientists (make up your own labels) are emphatically stating that Jesus didn’t exist and is just a fable.

    That pretty much sums up the leftists anarchists position – anything goes, as long as it’s not the truth.

    I contend that the liars can’t prove the existence or non-existence of today, or that A equals A, so they can lie about anything they want.

    I deal with a number of “african american” women that are “babes in the faith” and yet cling to Obama / Clinton / leftist mindset — which violates the entire book of James. I point out that Obama is a precursor to the anti-Christ, which is clear if you study prophecy (emphasis on the word precursor).

    Back to your local station.

  20. Craig P,

    For what it’s worth, here is my two cents on two topics you mention…

    Historians / Researchers point to millions and millions and billions and billions of years ago only to prove an evolutionary standpoint.

    They commonly use Carbon Dating as their factoid backup when in reality, Carbon Dating is a measure that many of these people can flex to mean any time period depending on what measure they use.

    The evolutionary standpoint is used to prove God Almighty’s non-existence and ammunition to say that us Christians are ignorantly avoiding reality and truth…their truth, their false truth.

    Also, these Historians / Researchers are in a competition with one another and are celebrated for finding fossil and ancient records, for example, that prove their truth, their misled assumed truth…these Historians / Researchers disagree with one another, disagree on time periods, and disagree on Carbon Dating conjectures even among themselves.

    These Historian / Researchers have obviously never known God Almighty through prayer, nor have they paid attention to the history of earth that they claim to know so well, nor, obviously, paid any attention to Scripture, however, they have have paid attention to their man-made false conjectures and theories.

    The black community supporting Obama is a cultural phenomenon you might say, there is no way to bring these sheep to water, if you force them, they still will not drink.

    It does not matter what Obama did or did not do, if one says anything against Obama, that person is labeled as a racist.

    Even among the black community itself, some who have spoken against Obama are heavily chastised. We’ve seen this outcry happen to Black Conservative Republican’s Ben Carson and Michael Steele being called, “Uncle Tom’s” and “Haters of their own people” by the black community itself.

    Is this a blind loyalty of culture or a love of liberalism…or a combination of both ?

    A white person like myself speaking against Obama among black folks has ended up with racial tensions almost immediately in the conversation…we had to conclude political topics or there would have been severe problems.

    Bill and Hillary ?

    Liberalism does have its allure, whether it be Obama or the Clintons, to those who will not see or only see what they have been taught by indoctrination.

    My personal view is one cannot be of a literal liberal mindset and be a God Loving Christian as modern liberalism fundamentally goes against God’s Own Scriptural Principles.

    This is my opinion.

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