Churches are becoming corporate institutions of feminized men

Real men in America that actually contend for the faith have become a rare commodity in most of the feminized government corporations now called churches. Our Christian forefathers are now rolling in their graves wondering why Christians gave up biblical truth for humanistic social engineering lies.

Church has become big business in America. Most churches in America are now state licensed corporations. These churches feel they must become a corporation and abide by the business laws of the State. Sit in any congregational business meeting and you will see that church business is conducted according to state corporate law and not any biblical model.

Hitler’s Germany instituted such a system on Christian churches and 95 percent of the pastors went along with the State on everything, often teaching a Romans 13 interpretation that Christians must obey government. Don’t think for a minute that this cannot happen here. Pastors are already being indoctrinated. In fact, there is an active government plan and training program that instructs church leaders to use Romans 13 to convince people to give up their guns should the state order it during a national emergency. And it is quite obvious that most pastors would do just that. However, Romans 13 does not tell us to obey unlawful decrees of the government.

Associations that churches are joining are becoming more important than their denominational name. Many of the Evangelical churches in America from all denominations are now in lock step with the Willow Creek or the Saddleback associations of seeker friendly churches. Denomination affiliation is often downplayed in seeker churches because they think seekers might get turned off by the denominational name or the denominational doctrine. They often have little or no biblical doctrine in their services anymore because they claim biblical doctrine is divisive. Good feelings and self-help programs is paramount.

God forbid, that their church actually taught that absolute truths of scripture were absolute, and that those calling themselves Christians but living like pagans were actually denying the faith.

God forbid, that their pastors actually told the truth about leaders in this nation that are promoting evil instead of worrying about their 501 3C tax status. Who do they serve, God and His laws, the corporate state laws or the federal tax laws?

God forbid, that men showed up at meetings and acted like men rather than being led by the nose into another committee overseeing another fluff program. Do you want to know why many men do not attend church? Some men do not want to attend a feminized Sunday ritual or be another peg in some pastor’s pegboard. The thinking on many church boards is just fill the pegboard and have all the same programs as the big churches and the church will grow. However, real men just do not see the importance of feminized fluff programs.

In the great revivals of the world, the converts were not converted in a church building on Sunday. Most true Christians that were converted found Christ elsewhere and then started attending a fellowship. Nothing has changed. Dependence on the Sunday service to save people is not converting America. What did that do for Europe?

The lost find little reason to attend church. If the Church is going to find these lost souls, it has to move out of its comfort zone and out of its four walls. That means teaching the gospel with all its unvarnished truth to sinners and not just teaching some feel good message in a church building on Sunday. We do not gain anything by trying to appease those living in their sinful flesh.

Real Christian men of faith confront the adversary and break down his strongholds. When Israel was in obedience, they conquered their enemies because all physically able men fought for God and country. How would you like to have lived in the days when men were men and often died for God’s anointed and for the God and country that they believed in? Under King David, some of these warriors earned the honor of being called Mighty Men. They risked their life because they knew life in the flesh was not all there is, or even something that should be regarded over God, honor and nation.

Men that attend churches in America often are not mighty because either they have no spiritual weapons, they were not trained to use them, or they cower like women. The church gatherings were never for unbelievers anyway. They were for the already believing saints. The gatherings were training grounds to grow people in Christ into maturity through teaching of doctrine and through using of spiritual gifts. The gatherings were also to learn the physical needs of the members of the body of Christ and for mutual support and fellowship. Today we have made our churches big containers of ritual wrapped in fluff to please all the feminized.

If real men were running the churches today, they would actively take action against the ungodly that are destroying the innocent, destroying the Christian foundations of this nation and destroying their own communities. If we had real men leading, they would stand against the public school indoctrination and the trash on media that is destroying the minds and the souls of their offspring. They would take charge of their communities and not allow disrespect, vulgarity, rebellion, and crime in the streets. These things prevail because feminized men won’t risk a confrontation. They will not stand against evil.

What do you think the founders of our nation would do? Most risked their life for the truth that mankind has inalienable God-given rights. They fought so people could be free of tyranny. Yet, today we see these inalienable rights are being taken away by a soft tyrannical government empowered by feminized men who believe that government should be everyone’s nanny. And today the nanny government that they allowed is only one major crises away from becoming a hard tyrannical government. We are under the threat of tyranny because real men that will take a stand for God and our Constitutional form of government, can hardly be found anywhere outside the State of Montana and a few other rural areas.

Can you imagine if the four songs and a sermon ritual found in almost all churches were interrupted by real men in the Church that would speak a message like Dave Daubenmire presents below. They did not want to hear his message in the church that he used to attend and they almost certainly will not hear it in most of yours.

While our nation is killing babies, our schools are indoctrinating Christian-kids in Secular Humanism and truth has fallen in the streets, our preachers are attending church-growth seminars, using ‘self-help” books to supplement the Bible, and chasing after the butts and bucks. They are fiddling while the nation burns, building their church rather than Christ’s Kingdom.

  • Public schools are destroying the faith of Christian children and the pulpits are silent.
  • Legislation is introduced to remove the rights of parents and the pulpits are silent.
  • Children are taught they came from apes and the pulpits are silent.
  • Millions of children are “medicated” to control their behavior and the pulpits are silent.
  • Gambling is promoted to pay for schools and the pulpit is silent.
  • Precious babies are being murdered in the womb and the pulpits are silent.
  • Planned Parenthood kills babies with our tax dollars and the pulpits are silent.
  • Judges make laws and the pulpits are silent.
  • Tolerance trumps Truth and the pulpits are silent.
  • Sodomy is granted legal protection and the pulpits are silent.
  • The institution of marriage is crumbling and the pulpits are silent.
  • Obama says the Sermon on the Mount justifies gay marriage and the pulpits are silent.
  • Government has replaced God as defender and provider and the pulpits are silent.
  • Faith-based initiatives invite the government into the Church and the pulpits are silent.
  • The IRS muzzles the voice of the Church and the pulpits are silent.
  • Taxes are levied to do the work of the Church and the pulpits are silent.
  • The Church locks arms with compassionate-conservativism and the pulpits are silent.
  • Children’s service agencies separate family members and the pulpits are silent.
  • Self-help books replace the Bible and the pulpits are silent.
  • A Purpose Driven Life is elevated above dying to self and the pulpits are silent.
  • G.W. Bush says Christians and Muslims worship the same God and the pulpits are silent.
  • The Constitution is ignored and the pulpits are silent.
  • Pagans pray to open a session of Congress and the pulpits are silent.
  • Our elected officials lie and steal and the pulpits are silent.
  • Private property is stolen by government and the pulpits are silent.
  • Mother Earth is protected more than Father God is defended and the pulpits are silent.
  • Illegal aliens over-run our borders and the pulpits are silent.
  • The entertainment industry celebrates debauchery and the pulpits are silent.

Full article by Dave Daubenmire

Right on Dave! God forbid, that someone actually told the people the truth in our churches and that men in churches actually planned actions to do something about the evils that are destroying this nation, our children, and our churches.

Why is it that Chuck Baldwin can move to a small city in Montana and in a matter of months get scores of real men to attend services at the church he just started, but you pastors cannot get real men to attend your church even with all your seeker friendly feelly designer services? Perhaps, it is because Baldwin is saying what real men in Montana know to be the truth. Most real men see little point in attending a church that does not address and deal with the real problems in our nation or in the church.

What happens in most of our churches when real men tell the truth, even if the truth is not politically correct or popular? Ask Franklin Graham when he called Islam evil. Some of his worst critics were people who call themselves Christians. Ask men who were put out of their congregation for opposing the seeker gospel light feminized agenda in their church. Ask former pastors and church staff that were fired for just telling the truth and standing their ground and not going along with the latest church growth gimmick or the gospel light agenda. Ask Coach Dave Daubenmire what he thinks about our feminine churches.

The truth of the matter is that America is never going to get the understanding to deal with its dire problems if churches in America just have wimps leading the brainwashed. Who will dare tell people the truth? Would pastors and church boards even allow real men to speak the truth to their congregations? I think you know the answer. They would not. They would think that someone’s feelings might get hurt. 😥  Somebody might even leave and go to the church down the road. Don’t rock the boat here; We like our comfort zone!

They have every PC program that they can cram in, and its all done in the name of doing God’s work…of course. They will tell you, get with God’s (our) program, or get run over! They insinuate that you’re standing in the way of progress. They think this postmodern generation can be reached by a social gospel that is no gospel at all.

They certainly would not want to upset anyone by allowing preaching that someone might think is negative. They cannot let anyone disagree with the latest teaching of one of the Christians gurus that they follow. That is being divisive. They cannot allow anyone to say any politician or party is bringing this nation to ruin. Some in the congregation that voted for these misguided politicians might be offended, or the IRS might hear about it and take away their tax exemption.

Lest anyone think I am being negative and hard on those attending such churches, I will let one woman warrior speak in my defense. And I will let a male warrior taking hits on the front line speak for himself.

Even so…

The beat goes on, the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da

Editor note: This is a modification of an article of mine posted on my old blog on Feb 8, 2011.

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Churches are becoming corporate institutions of feminized men — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!! Because of time constraints I can’t fully comment right now, but will, but I just had to say thank you.

  2. Don, No offense but Chuck Baldwin has really changed a lot in the last couple years, have you read any of his stuff lately? While he denies being in the Replacement Theology camp,… well you decide for yourself. After reading your stuff for years I am surprised you would recommend his stuff now days. Peace, hope I didn’t offend you, Marv

  3. Don,
    Your commentary couldn’t have come at a better time. The church that I have gone to off and on is exactly the type of church you’re talking about. The senior pastor is retiring. While his sermons were usually very good, he was another one who was too afraid of losing the tax exemption status to ever talk about what was happening to society. I even asked him once why he didn’t talk about such things and he said it was because of the tax exemption. That was about the time I stopped going. In addition, they were having to go along with the tenets of the Presbyterian USA adoption of the homosexual agenda so that was another reason to leave. Fast forward a number of years and they had broken away and formed their own faction so I thought I’d check them out again and as it turns out I will be leaving again. Instead of giving a sermon 1 Sunday, the new pastor brings up someone from the congregation to tell us about his drug addiction, failed marriage story. I was so annoyed by the whole thing that I almost didn’t go back, but thought I’d try again. I show up at church and the church is decorated like a campsite. Throughout the entire hour the children’s ministry pastor led the congregation in what were more or less camp songs replete with choreography that the kids used during their camp out. I left early thoroughly disgusted by the whole display and I won’t be back. The pastors taking over are exactly what you were talking about in your article. Nice people I’m sure, but their sermons will be the nicey, nicey feel good sermons that we don’t need. I keep searching for a church that will actually speak the truth without worrying about offending someone or worrying about the tax exemption, Something tells me my search will be in vain. Thank you again for saying exactly what needs to be said.

  4. Hi Marvin,

    I don’t agree with Chuck Baldwin on a lot of his theology. My point for this article was his position on the role of Christian men in America. Also keep in mind that this article actually was written 6 years ago and that is when the link to his site was put up. I have not read anything on his site in years.

  5. Hi Adriana,

    I think pastors use the tax law as an easy cop out. I do not believe the IRS has ever revoked a church exemption because of a sermon. Unless these pastors are totally ignorant they really are afraid of taking a position that might offend someone in their church.

    The camp out church display reminds me of why I decided not to join with The First Baptist around here. Only the youth at this church went to the beach and stayed in a motel. In their “service” about their time on the beach I am surprised they did not sing Beach Boy songs. Even so, all the youths did have a long line dance at the end of their “service” displaying a prideful ain’t we just great attitude.

  6. Hi All,

    My quote I like for this is:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” by Edmund Burke

  7. We need to stop paying these ridiculous pastoral salaries. Find another job and preach because you are convicted to speak the truth. That way perhaps real men can step up and we can get on with true religion. We waste so much money on fluff! For what?! I know a man who spoke out on waste in the church and better accountability to the congregation and he was basically shown the door. He came across “too angry”. He never raised his voice. People like the control they have at church. And they don’t want the boat rocked.

  8. I haven’t figured out yet the purpose of a pastor. They aren’t supposed to be the head of the church-that’s Christ’s position. They aren’t supposed to lord it over the people-we are all supposed to have a gift to contribute. Aren’t teachers the ones who are supposed to help us understand scripture? I don’t mean Sunday School teachers who are given a pre-approved book to “teach” from. The last time I went to church I think the pastor was quoting more from Max Lucado than from the bible. We weren’t Church of Christ either.
    What should be the proper function of a pastor, exactly?

  9. Hi Caitlin,

    The leaders of the Church are supposed to be elders. Problem is that most of them don’t qualify as elders. They are mostly hirelings and not under shepherds. That’s what a pastor would be. In western churches most pastors actually are CEO’s of a corporation.

  10. Don,
    This is the best description of churches I have ever seen in print. I have quit going to church because I came to this conclusion several years back. I just read the Bible now.

  11. I haven’t been able to find a real church since around 2013 or 2014. I have had to move my membership several times (the last three churches I attended were true blessings) but one by one I had to leave because the pastors of each of these three churches moved to cities out of town and each time the pastor left, a biblically unsound, biblically uninformed man would take his place. These lazy self-called “preachers” or “pastors” don’t study their Bibles, and no one can teach what they, themselves don’t know. Plus, they use what I call Bible knock-offs…Bible perversions. Currently I just continue as usual doing my own study, read my KJV and when my eyes are tired I listen to audio Bibles. For personal edification, I come daily to web sites like this to read articles (I just discovered this site tonight around 8 PM EST). It is now 3:04 AM EST and I’m still here!I also go daily to sites like youtube and search for biblical sound sermons. It’s the best I can do! Sadly, Amos 8:11-12 has been fulfilled.

    I can’t even remember how many churches I’ve visited since around the year 2013 or 2014, trying to find a place to fellowship and hear the unadulterated Word of God. So far everywhere I’ve visited, the pastor didn’t know even as much as I knew and I want to be FED!!! Each time, in the past when the pastor moved out of the city, I’d begin my search again. Well, I still am seeking approximately 3 or 4 years now since the last time I was blessed to be in a congregation with a pastor who studied his Bible and brought great sermons.

    Another thing, none of the churches I’ve visited are doing any kind of Kingdom Works. One church I even asked the pastor if we could start an evangelism ministry since they didn’t have this kind of ministry, but he kept ignoring me.

    I apologize for the length of my comment. Please forgive me. But what should I do? Continue staying home, or just give up and start attending one of these apostate churches. I’m about to just give up and stop looking. This is so depressing.

  12. Hi Ms Edrena,

    Welcome to the Blog.

    You should keep looking. I had to resort to attending a back country church that only has about 25 people in attendance each Sunday. The fellowship is what is most important. Today you can find good teaching on the media.

  13. Hello, Mr. Koenig, and thanks for acknowledging your new [desperate] person on your website.

    You advised me to keep on looking; and very honestly, I have been looking, trying many of them out for at the very least, THREE YEARS seeking, to no avail. Now, if,for example, if I liked loud musical instruments, loud rock-style, or the so-called “Christian”contemporary music [CTM], jokes, long personal stories and nonsensical diatribes from the pulpit, silly mimes, women pastors, female dancers dressed like harlots [calling themselves “praise teams”], bunches of people running up and down the aisles using gibberish that they call speaking in tongues, I would have no problems in finding those kinds of “congregations” or being in that type of environment. I can’t stand it and will leave before the end of these “services.” I have walked out in the middle of the nonsense – never go back. This is why, when I visit a new church I sit very close to the back of the church, can leave without calling undue attention to myself.

    And I have no problem with “small” congregations. My very best and blessed times have been in congregations of about 200 members or LESS! As a matter of fact, the last good congregation that I was an integral part of had about 100 members, maybe a little bit less, which suited me fine! We all knew each other, everybody was on one accord, and there was a whole lotta love in that congregation. Best of all, the pastor preached the Word…unfortunately though, he ended up having to move out of my city…so sad. And I, once again, was back to trying to find a real body of believers with a pastor whom loved the Word, studied God’s Word, and then brought the blessed fruits of his studies to us.

    Anyway thank you for your warm welcome you extended to me. God’s continuing blesses to you and your ministry. You are a blessing to those of us who’re biblical truth seekers. I’ve become a bit depressed with my sad situation as it now stands and keep my sanity by reading and listening to my KJV and reading biblical articles such as your blog and others. Propping myself up, so to speak :- )

  14. Ms Edrena,

    I know what you mean. Years ago I visited a church in Ft. Worth with my brother and his wife. The pastor was out of town but it didn’t matter because the music director had about six of the church men come up front then she put on some music. I’m not sure whether these guys were in a chorus line or a line dance. Imagine grown men letting themselves be exploited that way and in church no less.

    God bless you in your quest. I live in a relatively small Texas town and I’ve stopped looking.

  15. @Ms Lane,

    Ms Lane:
    This is so disheartening, not being able to find a real church so that I can begin again worshiping and being blessed with the pure joy of fellowship with people, the saints of God, who’re truly all about hearing, studying and enjoying the real Word of God and not merely wanting their ears to be tickled. I cry many a day and night, and especially on Saturday nights and throughout the day on Sundays. It’s so sad and so depressing. I don’t know what else to do but just accept that this is the way it is and the way, now, that it will always be and there is nothing I can do. I’m soooooooo tired. Sooooooo defeated in my spirit,especially knowing that this is just the way it is now. We are apparently living in the age of the Laodocean church. Greedy preachers just don’t care any more.

    You take good care of yourself, God BLESS you for reaching out to me, a very weary OLD lady soldier.

    In closing, I want to share this with you: Once I visited a so-called church in my usual weekly quest for finding a REAL church, and on one of my usual Sunday morning efforts in finding a real congregation of Bible believers…the pastor of the church had just purchased one of those devices they now use in the place of a real (“paper”) Bible. He’d come into the pulpit stage area intending to preach from the Book of Jonah. He’d brought two other “pastors” or “ministers” or “preachers” into the pulpit stage area with him, apparently as back up for him, apparently in the event something went wrong…well something did go wrong. His didn’t fully understand how to use his new device, he couldn’t get it to work, he blundered and blustered, posed and tried to wing it without the help of the device, and eventually knowing that it just was not going to work for him, he just sat down, wiping his face, and asking for a glass of water, then he asked one of the men whom he’d brought into his pulpit-stage to get up and preach the sermon. He looked like he getting ready to suffer from what people use to call apoplexy.

    Anyway, the man he asked to continue the sermon got up, but he, too, couldn’t continue because he was just as unprepared and just as Biblically ignorant as the pastor who’d invited him; so he turned to the third man and asked him to come up to the podium and continue the sermon. Welllll…the third man declined and would not even get up out of his seat. I was so down-hearted and disappointed that once again I’d chosen a dud of a church to visit.

    Little children now, and we as well, when we were little children, (years ago for me) knew a lot about the Book of Jonah and that Jonah was, and is one of the very easiest of Bible “stories” for children to undderstand. Scriptures about Jonah and Noah were so easy, even for CHILDREN! Children, as a rule know more about Jonah than did these three SO-CALLED PREACHERS.

    I was thoroughly disgusted, left the building less satisfied as far as being edified than how I felt when I first entered. Sad! GROWN MEN who couldn’t even bring a sermon from the Book of Jonah!!!

    Have a blessed day, my Sister-in-Christ, and again, thanks for your blessed response to me.

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