Coming purge of permissive progressive godless socialists?

The international Marxist ideologues and globalists have pushed people in western democracies way too far too fast. The social engineering programs they set up are failing and are falling in disfavor. It looks to me like the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. Are we about to witness a purge of permissive progressive godless socialists? And will this revolution against the socialists begin among those who have strong religious beliefs?

After world war two, social liberalism was promoted by people in the West wanting to evolve the world into a Utopia. All kinds of social justice programs influenced by the teachings of humanistic philosophers like Karl Marx were introduced into western societies. The liberals did not get the desired results so they keep doubling down by giving government more power and money to force people to conform to their flawed humanistic philosophies. To many people it has become abundantly clear that giving more power and money to force socialism does not lead to a liberal utopia it leads to indebted nations and authoritarianism.

Liberals believe that people are basically good when properly educated and managed. That of course is not true. Mankind devoid of the Holy Spirit is depraved. The liberals opened all the closets and freed all the dregs of society kept there by religion. Now most of the western world has been infected by demons that came out of the closets with the dregs. And now the dregs of society are even attacking the religious people and the religious people have had about enough. A purge is coming from religious people that will put the dregs back in the closets so they cannot continue spreading their insanity.

The liberals started the social justice movement but the Marxists took over the movement. They now call themselves progressives but they are cultural Marxists. The so-called progressives are willing to take away liberty and even free speech and free thought from those that do not support their Marxist model for world Utopia. People who believe in inalienable rights given by a Creator are getting fed up with the leftist oppression. A purge is coming by patriots and religious people.

Multiculturalism was promoted by progressives to make the world one race and to end national wars. Instead it led to tribalism and factions within once stable nations. The breakdown of the families and sexes were pushed to make humans all one big happy family. Instead the breakdown of traditional families produced miserable dysfunctional people. Wealth distribution by government was pushed to eliminate the poor. Instead it led to the entitlement mindset, laziness and unsustainable debt. I think sane people are beginning to see the picture. The Marxist policies of the left do not work in the real world. The purge of the progressive left will not be far behind.

Anti multiculturalism and nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the United States. Austria just moved right. I would not discount that being the start of a movement that will spread to the rest of Europe. The Eastern European people are fed up with failed multiculturalism and the leftists controlling the EU. If more immigration is forced on them, Eastern Europe will revolt. Britain is on its way out of the EU and Spain is breaking up. Other European nations are so indebted to EU bankers that people in those nations believe they have lost national sovereignty. The influence of religion is now gaining ground in Eastern Europe and Russia. The leftist policies will bring civil uprisings all over Europe. The purge will come sooner, or the Muslim birth rate means it is sure to come a short time later.

In America, leftists policies also have failed. The Marxist educators, politicians, corporate heads and talking heads are now resorting to racketeering, criminal activity, lies and twisting reality to put on the facade that Americans still want what they are selling. I think religious Americans are rejecting what they are being told. Heartland America wants a purge. That is why they elected Donald Trump.

Americans want Trump to drain the progressive deep state swamping Washington. They want Hillary and all the criminals in the Obama administration locked up. The establishment knows about all their lawlessness and that is why they must continue to cover it up. This is why they have trumpaphobia. If people like Attorney General Jeff Sessions are made to get off their butt and prosecute the law breakers, we will have to build more prisons to hold all the government crooks that need to be purged.

Trump is not an occultist or a Marxist like many in the establishment. He does not have membership in either antichrist club. Occultists or Marxists have been in the White House for decades and even in times before that. The hex was in. Hillary was to be the establishment White House witch. Instead the hex was broken by religious people and the established got trumped. They now must get rid of Trump and Pence by any means  necessary because if information about the progressive conspiracy gets out, many in the establishment will go to prison.

I think the dam may have broken with the new revelations about the Clinton’s treason with the Russians. This is only one of hundreds of crimes among progressives in the last four administrations. Once this investigation gets underway it could lead to a major purge throughout the federal government. My concern is that Attorney General Sessions and high-ranking people in the Senate have known about this lawlessness but they have covered it up. They do not want the inevitable purge that would come as a result of the truth getting out. Nevertheless, with the Internet, I think a lot of the truth will come out. Once all the canaries start singing the noise will be deafening.

Just look at Hollywood, the truth came out about one high level media pervert and now everyone is confessing that they also were victims of Hollywood perverts. There will be many more revelations about these sexual predators in our society and it will not be limited to Hollywood. Americans are now going to find out what their sexual revolution and their permissiveness led to. The dregs with demons that Americans let out of the closet sold their souls to the devil and they rose to the highest levels of society. They are now raping and murdering America’s children. A purge of these bottom feeders is coming.

If the Soros funded America hating communists try to start their advertised Marxist revolution this November by occupying our streets and fostering violence, I think people who just want to live in peace will have had enough. They will force government to label these organizations as terrorist organizations and then law enforcement will come down on them like a ton of bricks. Keep in mind, that leaders of these far left groups say law enforcement will be their first targets. Good luck with that.

Even sports idols are going to reap a purge. They believed leftist lies and got carried away with their own self-importance. Why would the many millions of war veterans support players that disrespect them and the nation that they risked their lives for? Veterans of Americans have had enough. People that play games for a living are blessed to even live in such a place as this. If they do not like it here, why should us Americans support them? Plenty of other Americans are willing to play games.

The tech monopolies have had free rein under the leftists. The monopolies are now even censoring what patriots and religious people communicate. Billionaires are just ripping people off with no regulation and no end to their greed. No competition or decency is allowed. I think a purge is coming. These monopolies will be broken up if Trump remains in office.

A purge will be coming in our educational institutions. Americans are fed up with the Marxists at these institutions screwing over young minds. They do not even teach those attending these institutions skills to get a job. The benefits of a liberal arts degree is not worth graduating $100,000 in debt with zero skills for employment.

Americans, at least those in the heartland, are getting wise to mainstream media. Mainstream media has spouted the progressive socialist line for many decades instead of reporting the news or the truth. Now with the Internet, there are alternatives to get news and information. Mainstream media will increasingly be tuned out. It must go through a purge to even stay relevant.

Government is getting in everyone’s business. Government is surveilling everyone. Our Government does not abide by our Constitution, it does whatever it wants. If this keeps up, there will be a purge or there will be a revolution.

A purge makes sense to me in these last days because the religious harlot of Revelation 17 rides the Beast into power. There cannot be a religious harlot riding the Beast into power if the Harlot does not become the prime director of much of the world just before the Beast arises.

The Harlot will not be very permissive. Religion never is. The perverts will be shoved back in closets. The criminals will be dealt with. Just look at Christianity in historical times and in Islam today. Off with their heads! The purge coming will be perceived to be a movement from the right. That will be true at first but all centralized authoritarianism really should be labeled politically left. The high priests of the Harlot will quickly want to lord over everyone else.

I think the Harlot will show herself to be the same religious system that existed in the days of Babylon. It is pagan spiritualism posing as spiritual enlightenment. The Babylonian system is evident in Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism, Islamic factions and in Eastern and New Age religions.

I thought the Harlot of Revelation 17 would come into ascendance as a result of the next world war and I still believe that is very likely. The purge of liberal permissiveness and Marxists and the religious wars could happen together or in very close proximity. Then after a short time of dominionism by the Harlot, the true Church is taken in the Rapture and then the Beast pops out of the Abyss promoting lawlessness. That is when the kings of the world burn down the temples of world religion and force everyone to worship the Beast as God.

I still think the Beast will claim to be Zeus or more likely the son of Zeus – Apollo. Even so, the world will not get hung up on what handle people label him by. They will just see the Beast as the most evolved God.

It is possible that the world is too far gone for any purge by religion to even take place. In that case we are out of time. The Rapture will occur shortly and then there will be nothing hindering the satanic agenda. The present administration in Washington would soon be abolished and Babylonian occultism will take over in Washington D.C. and the Vatican. True Christianity will be persecuted.

Hillary was the witch they wanted to continue the demonic presence in the White House but they have other demonic people waiting in the wings. If there is no purge, occultism will rule the world almost immediately through the influence of Washington D.C. and the Vatican in Rome. Both cities were founded on occultism.

America could very well be taken out of the picture prior to all of this. So claiming that it has to be Washington is presumptuous conjecture. Washington certainly might not play a role in this if a purge pushes end time events a decade or more in the future. The occultists cover all the bases, they have other places. Purge or no purge by Harlot religion, both of these cities are likely to burn before or just after the Beast takes over.

In the meantime, hope for the Rapture but be aware that another religious purge may play out before the Rapture happens.

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Coming purge of permissive progressive godless socialists? — 58 Comments

  1. Your article has convinced me that the United States will have to be taken out for the religious harlot to ride the Beast into power. The world would be very vulnerable to follow the harlot if the mighty undefeatable Christian world power was no more (EMP, nuclear strike or unexpected event). I do not believe that the harlot can succeed while our nation exists as it does today. A large portion of this country (red states, leaders at every level of government & military that know the truth) would not join this ride of the Beast to power. I believe the event that neuters America would so shock the other nations that they would be very vulnerable to follow the Beast to their destruction. Don, you appear to have some hope at the beginning of this article that surprised me with a possible revival that you have rejected on many of your previous articles. Thanks for the thought provoking article that really did give me new revelation on the future of this country for these last days.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    The revival that I suggested is the rise of the religious Harlot. Religious revival is not the same as a revival of true Christianity. The problem is that most so-called Christians in America would not know the difference.

  3. Don,

    Here are some of my thoughts,

    * We know the truth that globalist marxism is a failed ideology. The problem is many dont know this because one of the most evil culprits, the MSM, is lying to everyone. The lying MSM reminds me of the lord of the rings character Grima Wormtongue who poisoned the mind of the king for years. Once he was found out he was almost killed and driven out. I think once people realize the extent of the media treachery they will do the same.

    * If time is too late and there might not be a religous purge, who is the harlot and what is her role then? You mention occultism. Can you explain this more?

    * As for big tech companies censoring conservatives, how will free speech laws work in a time where much communication is done through private leftist companies? This will only be more true in the future.

    * I wanted to bring up something I mentioned before. I still think 2028AD may be an important year.

    -2028 is 2520 years of 360 day years from the kings decree in Daniel.
    -It is 2000 years from Jesus preaching the acceptable year of our lord.
    -It is 80 years from Israel becoming a nation. I think your 10.5 year theory could make some sense here even if you don’t, especially with Moses saying we have 70 years maybe 80 if we have strength. (maybe the strength to endure 10 more years after the rapture to the return of Christ?).
    – The 2 day theory of Christ reviving Israel could begin with Jesus revealing himself at the start of his first coming,and end at his revealing himself at the second coming.
    – It is also very close to your 2030s timeline. Many astute christians are all feeling that time is almost up. I dont think thst is an error or a coincidence, but lends more weight to your proposed timeline.

    Am I far off base here? I dont like to think I am…

  4. Hi Jim,

    The Harlot would still be what she is, but if there is no purge she will take power almost immediately and dominate until the great tribulation. This probably is what would have happen under witch Hillary. In other words, then the Harlot will not come in on the coat tails of religious people being fed up with the leftists like I conjectured in this article.

    The things that can get her into power rapidly would be a world war against Islam or some kind of disclosure by so-called aliens that proclaim to have put us here and preaching all ways universalism. The return of “ascended masters” might also factor in.

    Mystery religion is religious Babylon, it is every form of demonic spiritualism. All religions that have secret rituals, methods and formulas are partaking in it. So is all New Age and Eastern religions. It even includes many in Word of Faith who are really practicing spiritualism not Christianity.

    There will be no free speech if leftist telecom companies continue to have their way. That is why religious people need to get the Trump/Pence administration to break them up.

    Your not off base on 2028AD. For many reasons 2028 as being the start of last 7 years or the start of the last 3.5 years is pretty much the timeline that I see.

  5. Don,

    Your article is heavy on optimism for justice through “the purge”, if America isn’t taken out first, of course.

    I’d love to see “the purge” of justice levied at the true criminal Marxists before I die.

    I view the majority of our U.S.A. as a morally and ethically sunk Titanic with no regard for punishing the true Marxist thinking utopian criminals in our nation who stop at no criminal deed to further their agenda, your article would change that perspective if at least justice was served by those in our nation who have effectively got us to our current point of implosion.

    One side note since you brought it up, all it took for the NFL Players for one team, the Dallas Cowboys, to stand and not disrespect the flag was for the owner, Jerry Jones, to tell the players that if they take a knee or disrespect the flag in any way, they are off the team regardless of who they think they are…all Dallas Cowboy players have stood this season from my understanding.

  6. So if we see a purge you’re saying things could be pushed out 10 years or more into the future?

    And I think Trump is winning the war against the media, a poll was done and the majority of people now believe the media makes up stuff about him.

  7. Captivating blog…articulated and polished many of my thoughts but expanded others and opened a few doors in my mind.

    Don’t have the time at the moment but I am going to re-read and study this then forward it to my circle of Believers.

    Rock solid work Don…you’re the man!

  8. Hi Donovan,

    About a decade fits my timeline for the start of the last 7 years. If there is no purge, the communists and occultists take over almost immediately and a great persecution of true Christians starts in the West. That persecution is already going on in the rest of they world where the demonic rule.

  9. Don, another interesting post. It makes me work at thinking. The comments are, I think very good too. It has been a while since I went through your Revelation Commentary the last time (I’ve read it entirely (first edition and the revision) twice and parts of it for review more than twice). But I seem to recall that you expect (I do too) the Rapture some time before the start of the last seven year period. I note that the year 2028 is mentioned in the comments above. If it has meaning then we are looking a the Rapture within a decade, not soon enough for me. There is a lot of interesting stuff going to happen in a short time period. Antifa is calling out their troops on November 4 and I’ve seen warning not go out to confront them as it plays into their hands. The next 10 years could have a lot of excitement as parts of OT prophecy not yet completely fulfilled concerning Elam, Damascus, and such.

  10. Hi Phil,

    I think the Rapture should happen before 2028. If there is no purge, then I believe persecution of the true Church will prevail in the West before the Rapture. False Christianity can be identified with the Harlot and will be persecuting true Christians. In Christendom it will be phase II of the inquisitions.

  11. I will watch closely for the continuing pendulum swing (and shove it every chance I get). I would relish a wide, deep, relentless and public purge of permissive progressive godless socialists…and all their flying monkeys!

    I know even so the time is short and the U.S. is rushing to its eventual end times God ordained role, watching world and Mid-East events from the side lined bench in the back row of the prophetic peanut gallery.

    Here is one of the ways I’m convinced this blog has covered all Americans (as well as Believers both real and Memorex) will be benched, judged, humbled, tested, sifted, melted and refined.

    I was immersed in the Promise Keeper mini revival of the mid/late 90’s and just a few years beyond. I started and held a PK men’s group in my home for many years. I had an experience that will be hard to describe in its shock and power it had on me on one facet of what is coming based on the simplicity of a single statement.

    It all came from an unlikely and unexpected newbie Christian. A formerly hard living, hard drinking blue collar guy who went to a Franklin Graham crusade in his late-forties and came out a Born Again Christian and matured rapidly. He and I were waiting for the rest of the group to show up and we were talking world events (now this is late 1998). He looked at me with a piercing stare and said: “I believe God is going to judge America through her wealth.”

    I cannot describe the sensation that went through me when he said it and how his words pierced me. There was almost a physicality to the verbal statement that slapped me in a way that words won’t do justice.

    I knew at the moment in 98 he was right.

  12. theres alot of talk about AI lately and how its gonna reach human level intelligence by 2040 which makes it even more obvious how close we are to the end times and the rapture. How can a living god who made humans ever allow robots to control humans or even merge with humans… its just not possible. To me this is one of the most obvious end time signs out there and we know that the antichrist is gonna set up an image that can talk or even make humans worship it so AI has alot in common with this i believe. I can totally see how the rapture can happen around 2030.

  13. Karl Marx was a satanist. Richard Wurmbrand wrote a book about this detailing his findings that I read. No wonder the rose of socialism is red along with the communist flag. This is the same color of the dragon in Revelation 12:3(Great Red Dragon).

    Trump barely won this last election. If people were truly fed up it would have been a landslide victory. Hillary actually received more popular votes by about 3 million. Most people and churches are Godless and do what ever they want. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

    The family unit has been decimated. How exactly would this grass roots movement begin? Where would it begin?

    I had a discussion with someone about the Bible the other day. He started telling me things that just were not in it. I asked him what Bible he was reading because it surely was not the same one that I read. He told me he gets his theology from different radio stations. He then went on to tell me about the debauchery he was going to pursue that night. I don’t see any purge coming except to further purge any remaining God fearing people from it’s ranks so it can move faster unhinged.

  14. Hi Klaus,

    I think there was a lot of election fraud but even if over half of Americans are not yet fed up with the left, movements never start with a majority. Any purge is not just going to be an American thing either. The Europeans will become fed up with Islam, multiculturalism and EU bureaucrats taking away their sovereignty. People in the West are going to come to see that their cultures are being systematical destroyed. The anti globalism movement is already rising.

    As I implied in the article, all the socialist lawlessness is going to be opposed by those looking toward religion for answers. The religious movement in Europe is now starting in Eastern Europe and in Russia. In the United States the religious movement has already begun in the religious people that are a large part of Trump’s base. Because lawlessness will increasingly be exposed under the Trump administration it will get legs. I do not suggest that those programed by the left will convert to religion. However, the progressives will lose their voice for awhile and failed permissiveness will be reversed.

    For example, Hitler did not rise from a majority. Bad things were happening in Germany after world war I and a minority of people in Germany soon became convinced that a purge was needed. There is nothing new under the sun. The rise of the Harlot will happen similarly but on a world level rather than just a national level. I hope you are not assuming that a world religious revival and a revival of nationalism would be the result of true Christian conversion? The Harlot is institutional religion, not true Christianity. Eventually the Vatican will gain control of this purge and persecute true Christians.

  15. Cryonics: Putting Death on Ice:

    I have a Christian comment on the secular link above, about the only hope for the permissive progressive godless socialists. No debate followed, but my comment there fits parts of this thread. Here it is:

    Hmmm…Cryonics…just another example of elitists and their devotion to their religion…Secular Humanism. (Technology is one of their many gods).
    More evidence why we have surpassed the second Tower of Babble stage.
    More evidence why we are all are living in the End Times, approaching the Rapture, the Tribulation, and the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ…who really represents the answer to the fear of the first death and the reality of immorality (with the Gospel’s simplicity) with Him.

    The wealthy/spiritually poor secular humanists’ need to spend up to $200,000.00…for their only frozen hope.

    Putting death on ice…what could go wrong?


  16. Hi Mark,

    The dead bodies on ice will melt and be eaten by worms.

    Rev 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

  17. Hi,

    I am not able to fully comprehend (or appreciate) the various scenarios described in the blog as to how things may play out.

    I am not able to envision a successful right-side purge taking place, as I cannot see the left allowing that to take place without all out war – so, I guess I envision the war scenario playing out that leads to the rider on the white horse. The scripture surrounding the breaking of the first seal describes a “thunder” (for which Don’s Revelation commentary suggests something getting the world’s attention). In some way, removing America from world relevance (which, in my opinion, goes beyond “removal of super-power status”) might be the “event” that gets the world’s attention and could usher in world acceptance of a “rider on a white horse.”

    I can’t see the scenario in which several more decades (way past 2040 or even later) must pass, as I can not see the world lasting another couple decades in its current state — after all, the last time the right voted for a decent candidate was 1979 and a purge didn’t exactly happen then (Sandra O’Connor? I rest my case). I wonder how the world can make it to next decade before ushering in the rider on the white horse. That would practically require a takeover by the right, not just a purge. At that point, there would be no need for a rider on the white horse.

    I’m thinking this blog was a opening for us readers / observers to weigh in, so I guess I’m thinking the imminent war scenario. The left won’t win, but they will be satisfied in seeing that the right doesn’t win either.


  18. Hi Craig,

    The religious Harlot is not about America. The purge by Harlot religion might not mean that America will survive at all. I think we should still assume that America is taken out of the big picture within a decade.

    The Harlot really rules from Rome. America shares in Babylonian occultism but that does not mean she makes it as a world power to the end.

    Some in America are obviously trying to get this movement going as they get fed up with the left and the lawlessness. Of course Trump/Pence could be taken out and the movement dies there in America or we go into civil war. It is too late in Europe, the seeds are already sown. There will be civil war in Europe and a purge.

    Even if the Trump revolution gains ground we still have four enemies that can cut our time short, Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea.

    I am not saying that any scenario pushes the second coming past 2040. I am just looking at the possibilities between now and then. The Rapture is really what allows for the last seven years.

  19. Hey Don,
    Is there any possibility that this place could fulfil the biblically described ‘New Babylon’? Article from Russia Today I.e RT posted 24 October

    Saudi Arabia plans to build $500bn high tech mega city 33 times bigger than NY

  20. My guesses chronologically are:

    1. Economic Collapse
    – Stocks/Bonds/Derivatives/Debt/Fiat implosion
    – We are judged through our wealth – humbled,
    tested, sifted, melted and refined.
    – Petro dollar is gone as well as our reserve
    currency dominance

    2. Massive Civil unrest in the cities

    3. Civil War breaks out in the U.S. and other

    4. International regional wars break out

    5. WW3 and or EMPs (not just U.S.)

    6. Antichrist rises from the ashes

    Not sure on the timing but think it starts anytime before 2024. Also not sure when the Rapture happens but I suspect anytime after 2, 3, or 4. Whats left of the U.S. is then completely hollowed out and the U.S. is not a geopolitical player of any significance.

  21. Hi ce,

    No this will not be Babylon, but it does prove that anybody can build a mega city in short order if they have enough wealth. A while back Egypt made plans for a brand new capitol. I believe they wanted the Saudi’s to fund it. I would not discount that an international city could happen in Iraq at Babylon once it settles down in that nation.

  22. Hi Mark,

    I could agree with that. An economic collapse is just a matter of time and then it will get ugly. The only question is what comes first the chicken or the egg? The take down of our grid or the economic collapse?

    By the way, if there was a civil war in this nation started by leftist city people, does anyone doubt that it would end with a purge from the right?

  23. If you look at babylon on google maps, you will notice that it sits between the city of Hillah to the south, and the small town of Barnun to the north. Urbanization will undoubtedly connect the three into one big urban area in the future.

  24. I believe we are going to see tremendous economic growth during the Trump administration. This could be fueled by war with NK and or Iran. I also doubt we are going to sit idly by while Iran takes over Iraq. Maybe this conflict morphs into the Psalm 83 war and the destruction of Damascus, which subsequently leads to GoG/Magog war. I personally think that from the ashes of Gog/Magog rise the Beast, much like the League of Nations and the UN after WWI and II. Maybe the 10 economic regions of Rome rise at this point? Maybe America surrenders her power to this beast system and becomes the enforcer. Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  25. Don,

    Yep, the stocks/Bonds/Derivatives/Debt/Fiat bursting bubble or a Grid cyber attack (that I left off) or an EMP are all single trigger points or could be even dominoes.

    Steve makes good points on Psalm 81 & Gog/Magog. I believe the Rapture would probably happen before them unless the U.S. had already been completely taken out of the geopolitical/military picture.

    I also believe Steve has a point with a Trump economic surge before world events for U.S. take a End Time turn.

    I also believe you are correct on:

    “By the way, if there was a civil war in this nation started by leftist city people, does anyone doubt that it would end with a purge from the right?”

    That will happen as well.”

  26. Not to get too off topic here, but Iran may have already taken over control of Iraq or at least found favor with their leaders. Here is an excerpt from Pat Buchanan when mentioning the Iranian dominance in the region, “If our victory in the war against ISIS leaves Iran in the catbird seat in Baghdad and Damascus, and its corridor from Tehran to Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut secure, is that really a victory?”

    Maybe the Iran deal had something to do with a larger Iranian role in Iraq during the Obama administration? I say that we, the US, will not allow Iran to take over Iraq. Namely because if Babylon is to be rebuilt and a Western Antichrist does come to power, then I would think Persian control would have to be eliminated. Which it would perhaps in the Gog/Magog war. However, nowhere is there a requirement for America to be a driving force in Israel’s defense. Iran and or North Korea could take us out with an Emp, thus truly requiring God to supernaturally defend Israel. I can honestly see either scenario. One with America still having influence, and the other without. I am just thinking aloud here. Thanks Don.

  27. Keep in mind that after world war one the boundaries of many nations in the middle east were set by the western allies. There is no rhyme or reason for present borders. They will not hold up. Turkey wants a new Ottoman empire. Iran wants to control the fertile crescent. The Kurds want their own nation. The configuration you see today is not going to be the configuration tomorrow. When you talk about Bible prophecy you really have to identify the tribes and not modern nations. Modern borders will change during war and more conform to the tribes.

    I know many modern Bible prophecy teachers want to put the Gog/Magog war before the tribulation but the wording indicates it probably will occurs mid trib or late in the last seven years.

    Psalm 83, if it is a war, is talking about a confederacy of Arab tribes wanting to eliminate Israel. It has nothing to do with the Gog/Magog war. The nations involved in the Gog war are not Arab and there is no indication that Gog comes for any other reason than to plunder Israel. One explanation is that in the tribulation the world will be in famine mode.

    It appears from Bible prophecy that much of Iran (Elam) becomes radioactive for a long time. If that happens before the end, than one might wonder why she still comes with Gog?

    Anyway, don’t get to hung up on present alignments things change rapidly during times of war

  28. We all speculate about this or that. Yet nowhere in scripture does it tell us to do so. We are commanded to watch and pray and not be sleeping as mentioned in (MARK 13:35-37).I notice many Christians just bickering about stupid little things on other sites, some even saying that if you do not use a King James only Bible you are not reading the true word of God.

    Scripture is very clear that we are not to rely on our own understanding. This is the single most important thing I have ever learned. My thinking and my feelings can not always be trusted. I am quite frequently wrong. However I don’t stay wrong because I have a living system that’s called the word of the Living God, Holy Scriptures. So I test my thinking and feelings against the word of God and I pray. Then I understand and only then.

    What I found is that what you see on the surface is not whats going on underneath. sort of like viewing a riptide. The surface seems clear yet their is a violent undertow taking place and will sweep you out to your doom. It’s the same with World events. The entire left right argument has been contrived. Read about Hegelian dialect if you want to understand further.

    Another thing I learned is when the enemy wants to further an agenda, the first thing they do is immediately fund and establish the opposition. Now they control both sides. They have been doing this for years. See there is only one party we are dealing with and the rest is smoke and mirrors. Study for yourself. Above all else, watch and pray my Christians brothers and sister, The Lord returns soon, Maranatha.

  29. Hi Klaus,

    Everything leads to the same end but scripture told us the end from the beginning. It is difficult to see the end through the smoke and mirrors so people wanting to know about end time things should study Bible prophecy and then work back instead of believing that current events explain future prophetic events.

    Perfect examples of that is those expecting the Antichrist to come out of Islam because Islam is a threat to the Western world today. Another is interpreting naturally occurring “blood” moons that the Bible says nothing about and then claiming they mean something prophetically.

    In context here, I am taking the passage about the Revelation Harlot and looking back to her beginning in Babylon and her role though the ages.

  30. One fact with me (I can’t be the only one) that fuels my search to understand the prophetic end time – last days events, their timing and what seems to me the undeniable fact these events are baring down on U.S. …is so many loved ones and friends who are either spiritually lost and or clueless about what is unfolding before their very eyes…because their hearts are not open and or they never open their Bibles.

    I’m using my personal witness, letters, books, and this blog to reach those who I desperately want not to experience what happens after the tribulation if they go through it!

    I think true U.S. Believers who will be raptured (no matter the actual percent) will also be tested, sifted, melted and refined before the tribulation (its called hard times…real hard times) as are many Believers today in much of the rest of the world experiencing.

    We in the U.S. have been living off the blessings of our forefathers for generations and that is coming to a close with a speed that will stun most.

    However, there may be one more bright brief flame before the light goes out.

    I am speculating on the events that full-fills America’s non role in the 66th book…and hoping to be prepared for a pre-harvest before the pre-trib.

    My hope is the Lord tarries as long as possible for the sake of so many I love and care about.

  31. Oops…I meant “what happens after the Rapture if they go through the tribulation” in my second paragraph.

  32. Mark,

    “My hope is the Lord tarries as long as possible for the sake of so many I love and care about.”

    I feel the same. The North Korean people have been on my heart, one of the world’s many put-upon people. I imagine Him holding back and somehow opening that prison up for a multitude to believe in the finished work of Christ and literally jump for JOY after years of real oppression! THAT would be worth waiting for and maybe being a part of (aside from prayer). As He did long ago with Nineveh, I know He cares about them, too.

  33. John, I would venture to guess that there have been and are many suffering in North Korean prisons, having spread the gospel to the North Korean people. I think the most logical source would be from neighboring China. There are millions of believers there, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were led to travel across the border.

  34. John,Steve,

    Yes, for so many the Tribulation has been in full swing for a long time. Believers have been insulated in America.

    I need to get back into tithing with the Voice of the Martyrs. I had my credit card number stolen, had to cancel, then never renewed…they seem to do good work focused on those being severely persecuted. Thanks for the jog.

  35. Not everyone in America has been pampered and lived the Life of Riley. We might not have starved to death but there might have been lean times when we went for days with nothing to eat and couldn’t feed our kids. Do you know what it means to pick up redeemable trash on the side of the road so you can get a box of macaroni and cheese then hitch-hike with the kids because you can’t afford to repair a broken car?
    So I get a little ticked when I hear about how spoiled rotten we all are.

    I stopped reading Voice of the Martyrs because in every story no matter who was murdered, tortured or mutilated someone was convicted by the Holy Spirit to give the terrorists a hug. So while the U.S. is involved in defeating the terrorists for the sake of everyone and losing lives for it the “Christians” just want to hug away. Who was it that said we could defeat ISIS by giving them jobs and hugs? Pelosi, Feinstein, or the Holy Spirit?

    Maybe we can purge the Progressive Marxists through hugs too.

  36. David, An interesting article you shared. It’s the same story that comes out of NKorea from anyone who escapes. I have two books: Escape from Camp 14. Camp 14 is supposedly so heinous that the NKorean govt denies it’s existence. The other book is: In Order to Live. It’s especially bad for women who escape. Once they reach China instead of freedom they are sold as sex slaves. It can take years before they can escape China and reach SKorea.

    My point in bringing this up are the lefties here in the U.S. who tell Trump to shut up and stop instigating a war with NKorea. I’m not for starting wars but somehow that regime needs to be taken out and those people freed.

  37. Caitlin,

    I was talking about persecution for being a Christian not poverty or anyone’s personal hard times. In my view what has been going on in the Mid-East, Africa, North Korea etc. as a Christian in relation to being a Christian in the U.S. is night & day. I have seen the Christian persecution on the ground in Southeast Asia. That was the only point.

    I think Voice of the Martyrs does tremendous work, I suspect God will use their Holy Spirit hugs in ways none of us can begin to imagine.

    I have already confronted Communism with an M-60 machine gun in my hands and 48 years later Antifa face to face on the streets. Trust me, I have no illusions about what it takes to kill or purge this country’s enemies.

  38. Mark Manney, There are comments other than yours that triggered me and not just from this blog. e.g. Years ago I read that Chinese Christians said to American Christians, “We’re handling our persecution better than you’re handling your prosperity.” Up until that time I didn’t know we were in a competition. I’ve donated a lot of money to organizations (including VOM) who help persecuted Christians and prayed for them also, but being persecuted doesn’t make them perfect.

    1. I don’t believe the Holy Spirit convicted them to give the terrorists a hug.
    2. I believe the VOM field workers did.
    3. I understand they don’t have the resources to defend themselves and I don’t believe they would if they did. That’s where we part ways.

  39. Catlin Lane,

    I referenced VOM in a positive way to John & Steve, and the next post, yours, referenced VOM in a different light…and closed a little snarky.

    “Maybe we can purge the Progressive Marxists through hugs too.”

    I have no idea what your past “triggers” are. Sorry if I misinterpreted and thought you were responding to what I said.

  40. I see a strong chance that the United States could break out into Civil War if Trump is charged by the Mueller investigators. Anyone can see that that is a bogus situation and probably will not be tolerated by the Right at this time.
    However, I see even a greater chance if they indict Billary, Obama and/or their henchman.
    Sebastian Gorka floated idea of treason charges against Obamanites and/or Clintons and their stooges.
    Could you imagine how the left would react? Many on the far left are not even remotely law-abiding, therefore we could see immediate acts of resurrection overnight. Don could be more on target with earlier outlines of possible scenarios than any of us really believed this early in the game.
    I’m not ready to say it will happen, but it sure as hell could.

  41. A purge would require 1)that charges be brought against some of the leftist elite, or 2) that bogus charges be brought against Trump. In the second case the Right would have to fight back and arrest those that have got us here. And in the first case, it would require people in power to do more than I expect of them i.e., initiate these charges and arrest those that have broken the law. However that’s exactly what we need to treat everybody fairly under the law. Obama and the clintons, have seen that they can get by with everything, possibly including murder. So to bring them up on charges that puts them in prison would be more then I could expect. I sure would hope so though, cuz I’m getting damn tired of people getting by with things. And they get millions for the very same thing that normal citizens go to prison for.
    Maybe somebody else can take this outline and develop it or challenge it.

  42. Hi ce,

    The problem is that some have been selling America out for the cabal of globalists that want everyone to be their serfs. They must be dealt with because we have almost lost our Republic. Will putting them in prison bring violence? Sure, but our police forces can handle it. If they get back in power, there will be a civil war because they will persecute anyone on the right and that includes real Christians.

  43. This is sort of back on topic, but I doubt that a purge will occur this side of the rapture. I think an attempt to purge the left would result in great violence in the cities and possible civil war. I think the left making a attempt on Trump would result in civil war. In either case, such an event would go a long way to destroy the nation and our financial support of the dollar. In Matthew 24: 37-42 Christ implies that things are normal until his return:

    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

    39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

    I am not going to claim to be an expert on prophecy, you can certainly correct me, but I fail to see how these verses can apply to anything other than the Rapture. While we cannot know the hour of his return, we can recognize the “signs” and the “signs” seem to show the very near Rapture of the Church. Christ’s second coming date to establish his kingdom will be predictable to those who study the Bible.

    I think that the US going in civil war and destruction will change the world for many years, barring the Rapture. The destruction of the dollar would start a worldwide depression.

    That said, after the Rapture, with no restraint from the born again Christians, the US will certainly break into civil war, the US will no longer be the agent of “Pax Americana”, the dollar will fail (along with the many financial institutions holding US debt), and it will pave the path for a new system enforced by the AntiChrist. My OPINION only, I may be wrong and make no plans based on it, one must trust in Christ every day in every way to get by in these very late times.

  44. Hi Phil,

    The Matthew 24: 37-42 passage is not talking about the Rapture. It occurs at the time that the Son of man is revealed. That does not happen at the Rapture that occurs at the start of the great tribulation. The Lamb is revealed in heaven at the opening of the sixth seal in Revelation. Luke tells us very much the same thing as the Matthew passage and it helps explain this.

    Luk 17:30 Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
    31 In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.
    32 Remember Lot’s wife.
    33 Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.
    34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

    The day Jesus is talking about here is the time of Jacobs trouble. It is the day of the Lord the great tribulation. The day of wrath like what fell in the days of Noah and the days of Lot.

    You say things are normal until then?? What is normal? The world has had great plagues, world wars, and kingdoms rise and fall. This period that Jesus is talking about will be the worst period that ever occurred on earth. What happens in America really has nothing to do with Bible prophecy or the timing of the Rapture.

  45. Does anyone believe that Trump is attempting to release this JFK information to protect himself? Much of what has been leaked shows the willingness of the CIA to conduct clandestine operations against our own citizens or at least innocent peoples, and I firmly believe our own government or the CIA had much to do with JFK’s assassination. I honestly do not trust our government institutions anymore, though I do believe there are some good people within. I still think Trump survives, I just hope that he can succeed in bringing down the corrupt people and the offices they hold. We may not have much of a government left if he can successfully accomplish this, then again, we do not have much of one now.

  46. Steve,

    Legally, he has to release it, or else find a very good reason not to. I think if he were trying to protect himself, he’d find a way to play the CIA’s game and keep them hidden from the public, as has been going on for the last fifty years. I just wish he would have released them all, with orders that there’d NO redactions.

    Is this off topic? So many comments on this post that I’ve lost track of where we all started.

  47. Don,

    On the Civil War and purge possibilities and your earlier closing statement on October 25, 2017 at 6:22 am:

    “By the way, if there was a civil war in this nation started by leftist city people, does anyone doubt that it would end with a purge from the right?”

    My short answer is a resounding NO.

    I have given the Civil War possibility a great deal of thought and became convinced it was coming long before Trump was elected (to my surprise and giddy glee). I had assumed Jezebel was taking back over. I upped my preps accordingly and named my farm “Manney’s Last Stand.” An interesting book (that fueled my assertion) that was published in 1996 was “Civil War Two” Subtitled: “The Coming Break Up of America”. The book has a cult following on the Right (it will cost you for an out of print copy on Amazon) as so many (not all but most) of the authors political and cultural predictions have come true. His final prediction was a full-fledged Civil War by 2020. I believe the author put too much emphasis on race and immigration as I see both as just tactics of the Marxists Progressives, not their entire strategy, but the globalists must have us taken out one way or the other. It was an engaging read adding fuel to my Civil War thoughts.

    Having been to many Promise Keeper, TEA Party, Oath Keeper gatherings, and the spectacular Franklin Graham rally at my state capitol just before the election (I realized at that rally Trump had a chance) and watching all the Trump rallies on TV, as well as having contacts with two other under the radar Good Ole Boy networks in my area, there is not a doubt in my mind (outside the military & police) the Antifa & Snowflakes best keep their violence and anarchy restrained to the blue bubbles – mostly in the blue states as in my part of fly over country they would be met by well-armed, determined, loosely organized but highly experienced (many combat Vets of four wars) Americans who the word “trigger” has a completely different connotation.

    Plus, with the generals Trump has surrounded himself with and the reversal of the PC military leadership purge the Communist Community Organizer led for 8 years in full flip back…the military will back the President and the Constitution.

    On the Kennedy revelations…I wonder if Trump is using the 180 day release of the real juice against the CIA…who like Steve I believe is an attack dog off its leash for generations. I don’t even want to get into the NSA and their files sifting through every single one of U.S. I think we can only speculate on the coups & counter coups and intrigue going on behind the 17 alphabet soup curtains.

  48. Hi Doug,

    We are talking about the coming purge of the progressive socialists. That purge might start with the new revelations. Off with their heads!

  49. Hi Don

    Yes, that’s where this began. I just couldn’t remember how the rabbit trail led to the JFK documents, but I do see a connection. The purge might (ought to) include the CIA because of all its dark activities in this country and around the world. Of course, flushing that toilet could very well suck Trump down the drain with the swamp poop.

  50. i think trump is in the nwo and they are psyopping us.strong delusion in usa.I know because my wife gets fighting mad when i question trump.lets trust the Lord and not worship any man.

  51. Worshiping Trump does not apply to anyone on this blog so I guess you’re speaking about someone you know.

    If Trump is really part of the deception, Christians have no influence in this country and we might as well give up trying to be salt and light. You know what the Bible says when that happens.

    it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

    Better take cover.

  52. Ed,

    “Lets trust the Lord and not worship any man.”

    Amen. I put in my American lot with PawPaw Trump a while back. He’s more consistent with an earthly agent of God’s wrath than Obama, being hated much by all the right people.

    The thought of “what if Trump is a deceiver” did cross my mind, but believers always have a side-eye out for any man due to what we know by revelation (His Word). He is not a savior, but I can believe he is an agent of wrath used by God to purge this wicked hive of its honeyed insects!

    Still, it all comes down to what the Father wants to do.

  53. Now the Church Of Sweden has told its clerics not to refer to God Almighty as “Lord or He”…to be all inclusive.

    These trends seem to eventually spread, I’m wondering when we’ll see this nonsense imposed by churches on our U.S. shores…I bet Pope Francis is excited by the idea.

    Just like we saw the U.S. follow Canada’s lead on making it a criminal act to refer to a male as “he” or a she as “she”, if that person thinks of themselves as the other…I do not know if our U.S. has actually officially enacted and prosecuted this yet, I have only read of this U.S. legalality proposal.

    I have read plenty of times of our U.S. public school system discouraging the pronouns of “he” and “she”.

    The good news about crap like this is it’ll make it easier and easier to identify the apostates among us.

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