Socialists planning violent revolution starting in complicit leftist cities

One hundred years after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia the left plans to bring the revolution to America. I think the left has plans to bring about a violent revolution in America starting in the fall of 2017. The socialist violent revolution will first become apparent in the leftist cities. There really is a conspiracy by leftist globalists to fund radicals to bring our system of government down. They are funding hate and division wherever they can. They hope this will result in a civil war and the collapse of America.

The leftist mainstream media, multinational fascist corporations, billionaire controlled Internet media, many foundations, universities, the Democratic Party, Islamists and most big city mayors are all complicit. They pretty much already control positions of power in this country and they will be co-conspirators in the leftist plan to take over America and the world.

Through lies promoted on the leftist media they are bringing about great division in America. Those claiming to be against fascism and hate are really the fascists and the haters. If you have not noticed, they have already branded everyone that is not of the left as white supremacists. They even brand black and brown people who support President Trump and traditional morality as white supremacists. The radical leaders do not care that what they say makes no sense. They know that if they tell lies often enough many media morons will believe those lies.

Antifa has made its goals clear even if MSM media pretends they are just protesters against far right radicals. That of course is not true. Antifa’s published goal is world communism. The Antifa loons still think they are still fighting the second world war against fascism.  Never mind that fascists are actually socialists. Leftists love to twist the meanings of words and terms. Those on the right are conservative traditionalists; they never were and they are not now socialists. Antifa’s initial goal in America is to make the nation ungovernable. In other words, they want anarchy.

The Antifa, BLM, etc. is not about protesting against white hate groups. They are the hate groups! They have paid agitators and have thousands of useful idiots. These useful idiots are the products of socialist communists that took over our “higher education system”. The paid leftist thugs and the useful idiots are the cannon fodder to bring about a violent revolution. The leaders funding this movement really want Chinese styled global socialism. They claim to be antifascist but they really are against free enterprise and democratic government.

The leftists first intend to take away the First Amendment rights of any that do not fall in line.They know at some point traditional Americans will retaliate. They hope to use any violence that can be pinned on the right to control the narrative. Mainstream media is totally under the control of the left and they will lie about what happened. They plan to bring millions of people into the streets so government will have to kowtow to the leftist revolution and crackdown on anyone opposing the leftist agenda.

The battle against free speech has already begun on the Internet. It is also occurring in many workplaces and on college campuses. The attack on language, traditional families, sex identity, white people and vocal Christians are all coming from the left. They play people against one another to cause division and strife.

A communist revolution under the twisted name of “progressivism” would have been their plan even under Hillary Clinton. Except that with Clinton in power the outcome would not have been as obvious to traditional Americans. They are not changing their plans just because Trump got elected. They just are changing some of the means to the end of total control.  In fact, they are now doubling down because they know the socialist revolution will be thwarted if Trump does what he says. They know it is now or never, so they are going for now.

I think you can already see the plan for violent revolution shaping up. No one on right can have any type of rally or prayer gathering without thousands of leftist radicals being bused in to attack them. Last weekend they thwarted a free speech rally in Boston. This weekend a march against communism rally scheduled for San Francisco had to be canceled because of the violence promised by Antifa. The left claimed that it was planned by white supremacists. That is not true. Actually the leader of the rally was black. A handful of supporters still showed up to make a statement to the press but they were savagely beaten by Antifa leftists while police did nothing to prevent it.

This is now going to happen everywhere. The communists will bus in agitators anywhere where patriots, Trump supporters, or Christians speak in public. They will use social media to lie about the purpose of the rally and to get the useful idiots to attend. This will first happen in leftist big cities because they know the police will be told to stand down and the leftists will not be arrested or prosecuted for their lawlessness and violence.

After they have success in twisting the truth in leftist cities, they will move into other cities and attack whatever they choose to label as racist or fascist. They will push people over the edge and eventually get the violent response that they want. Then the leftist MSM will use what happened to brainwash even more minds to get others to join the leftist revolution. They will try to use violent clashes to get martial law actions in the cities to take away arms. Communists always want to take away the arms of the general population so those controlling government have total control over the people. That then makes resistance to the communist revolution nearly impossible.

Think of 1968 and the Weathermen on steroids and you will get some idea about the initial phase of the agenda that is being planned for America. Lest people think a communist revolution can’t happen in America, I will remind them that America has 2.5 million men being radicalized in prisons. Prisons are the most racist places on earth. Every year over a half million radicalized men get out of prison and add to the threat. America now has 1.4 million people in intercity gangs. America has well over ten million illegals that will think they have nothing to lose and much to gain by running with the socialists. Most Muslims want socialism. Half of Americans are either near minimum wage workers or are dependents of the government. Many of these could be convinced that they would not have much to lose with a socialist takeover of America. What happened in Russia, China and elsewhere can happen here.

Police forces and politicians in cities will become targets unless they side with the left. If state and federal government tries to crack down on the revolutionaries, the leftist politicians in the big cities will hinder them. Government leaders and state and federal troops that side with constitutional government will become targets of guerillas. They will even take the fight to their homes.

We have got to the point where only Trump and Pence can stop the socialists from finishing the job of taking over America. However, Trump is already moving away from his conservative base thinking that he can appease those attacking him. That will not work. The left cannot be appeased. They know taking out Trump will bring a violent reaction from the right. They are counting on it! Even if Trump stays in office, the constant MSM narrative from the left could have him so damaged that he could not get reelected. If Trump goes, the Republicans would also lose the House and Senate. Then we will be in a socialist nation and all opposing the socialist agenda would be persecuted.

If riots start in the cities in the fall of 2017, the economy will go south because of the violence and that will produce a very negative spiral. Trump may only have a couple of months to turn this around. To do that he will have to start arresting enemies of our constitutional republic. To keep his base Trump will also have to get programs that he ran on passed.

Trump needs the Christian conservative base to even have a chance to stay in power. Trump’s problem seems to be his poor judgment of people. He appoints swamp leaders, globalists and generals that support the Obama agenda and then wonders why they subvert his populist agenda. Just as Trump picks Word of Faith loons to spiritually advise him, he also picks people who have a socialist, globalist, or neocon worldview to lead the government. They do not believe in the agenda that Trump ran on and they will not back Trump when the left attacks him.

I suggest that Trump clean house. He can start by getting rid of the Clinton, Bush and Obama generals. Also, many bureaucrats need to be shown the door as do his useful idiot leftist relatives. He should put proven conservatives and libertarians in positions of power and get real Christians as spiritual advisors.

I think things are now about as good as they are going to get in America for reasons that I stated.  Trump has only weeks or months to thwart the violent revolution that the communists have planned, but will he? The cities of America are increasingly evil. Maybe God’s judgment will mainly fall on the cities and many in the rural areas will be spared. I know one thing. If there is a revolution, the leftist cities of America will rapidly become hell holes. You will not want to be living in one. You might want to move out of the cities while you still can.

I know there are a lot of good people in the cities but they are not the people controlling the agenda there. As I said, revolution usually starts with a minority, the rest somehow get sucked in. It may be difficult for the communists to take over rural areas of America. So, maybe Afghanistan will come to America. The cities will be held by government leftists and rural areas will be held by the religious people. Even so, 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas.

By the way, starting on Nov 4th the communist Antifa radicals are planning to get millions of people in the city streets over a false fascist narrative. We shall see how that goes. Until then, watch for weekly attacks on people defending free speech or the Trump agenda. I think massive violence is inevitable. For people living in the cities, I think violence may soon be hitting home.


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Socialists planning violent revolution starting in complicit leftist cities — 17 Comments

  1. Amen, Don.

    As for America, all I can say is: “Stupid is as stupid does.” And that also includes Trump. I did not vote for Trump in the primary (Cruz). Trump does not have what it takes on the inside, namely – the Holy Spirit.

    I do wonder if God will step in (e.g., more “natural” disasters). Let’s see Antifa thugs take to the streets in Houston.

  2. I dont really see how this ends well. Conservatives cant leave urban areas because thats where all the jobs are.
    You cant protest because the police will allow the communists to kill you.
    Jeff Sessions is beyond useless and has zero fighting spirit. He wont enforce rule of law so no help there.
    The media will twist reality and wont show the truth. Leftist social media sites control the narrative.

    Trump looks to be floundering with his appointees. Most dont even like him. A new HUAC is out of the question.

    Its sad to say but I think either we have a civil war or we just embrace the nwo and abolish the constitution. The system is broken on so many levels that its irreparable.

  3. I reactivated my face book account so I could get this message out. Not having a lot of luck as only one person reads what I post. And that is so he can debate me. Good. That person is saved but he supports open boarders and is a Trump hater. That is exactly what the left wants from us. That kind of attitude baffles me coming from someone who claims to be saved.

    Trump appointed some to his cabinet against his better judgement but there were those in the GOP who convinced him he needed them to push through his agenda because they knew their way around. They lied to him and stabbed us all in the back. He needs to get rid of them. I wish he could fire McCain, Ryan, Mitch and a few other establishment traitors.

    I’ve been wondering how far the right has to be pushed before we physically fight back. I’m not hoping for it but not submitting to the left either. It’s like ISIS, they should have been stopped before they grew. Now is the time to put down Antifa and BLM before they gain even more control.

  4. I’m not very optimistic. I pray for this country, the Church and our families. God help us is all I can say. Don you are correct, the deck is stacked against us. Short of a miracle, I don’t see a turnaround.

  5. I personally believe that Trump and his generals (minus McMaster hopefully) will keep the country “together” until he is out of office. I also believe Trump gets two terms. After he’s gone is when I think America falls. Just my opinion.

  6. Steve,

    I also feel that the country goes to hell after Trump is out of office. Only my take is that it is because the end times events will kick into high gear close to then.
    I think most of us on here believe the return of Christ is somewhere between 2028-2035AD which puts the rapture at minimum of 2021-2028AD. Of course this is just conjecture, but it was pretty miraculous Trump overcame all the odds to win. I’ve said before he was probably only 1 of a small handful of people who could of pulled it off. If Trump didnt run, Hillary would of won easily. As bad as it is now I see this as kind of a calm before the storm.

  7. Steve, the Communist/Progressive, Michael Moore predicted Pres. Trump will win a second election. With how the deck is stacked against him and anything good in this country, I just don’t see lighting striking twice in the same spot. Whatever does happen, I pray that a real conservative wins and the same for the mid term elections. I hope all the Trump hating Rinos get voted out. He’s not my ideal President either, but he’s all we have right now.

  8. Hi Caitlin,

    If you want to spread the word, or post links to disseminate something, then twitter is not a bad option. Facebook & twitter I use in ways that don’t give away too much personal information. By using third party wrapper apps for both mobile website’s, they can’t easily see my browsing history. But the biggest thing you can do is make sure,especially on facebook, is how to control the multitude of privacy settings. Do a search for many good articles on how to protect your privacy while using facebook. Twitter is useful in that as you follow various people, it makes recommendations to follow others based on who they follow. Helps to find like minded individuals or bloggers.

    Don, if you want to delete this as off topic, that’s fine. I do agree with most of what you wrote, but am hopeful, that the majority which includes those democrats who voted for Trump, will demand these leftist extremists be reigned in, and the leaders arrested, including the monetary backers.

  9. Hi David,

    We can hope and pray that Americans will demand that government reigns in the leftist revolutionaries. However, if the leftists succeed in getting Trump removed I doubt if that could happen peacefully. It seems the only way Trump can stay in office is to turn this around in the next few months. He needs to keep his base but he is wavering. Of course there could be a war with N Korea and a more authoritarian Trump.

  10. In difference to the things we can prognosticate regarding what man will/may do, such as socialist/hater/fascist/satanic forces are scheming, what I am searching for is watching to see what God does.

    For example, Satan’s forces had a scheme and time table for the Crucifixion (among a number of other events recorded in the new testament during Jesus’ ministry), but God seemingly ran His plan according to His will on His timetable, and the bible records how Satan’s forces reacted. I think most know that Satan would not have crucified Jesus if he had known that it would have condemned him eternally, but that also shows that Satan does not know the plan nor will of God.

    So, with that said (briefly, relatively speaking), I am interested in seeing how God interrupts and reshapes Satan’s schemes.

    As for Trump, my suspicions all along seem to be realized as Trump removes good people from his surroundings, namely that Trump is ultimately an idiot. The biggest problem with that is that we need wisdom (that is, being smart is worthless, being wise is priceless — “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and very very very few of the so called “leaders” [elected or otherwise] have any measure of both).

    I know one thing, just as King Hezekiah laid it out for the Lord, the arrogance and belligerence of the wicked will ultimately be paid back in the fullest (what goes around comes around). The question is how much [colossal] collateral damage has to suffer along the way?

    Watch and pray.

  11. S. Gorka has made it clear that he was not dismissed but resigned because he can do more for Trump outside the WH. He is working with Bannon on a National Security Platform to help Trump. “They are committed to him in the fullest,” stated Gorka. Also, to encourage Trump’s base, Gorka said Trump told him he was sticking to his agenda.

    David L. Got the tip, thanks.

  12. In regard to the social media mediums being a tool for the left and other satanic agenda’s…

    “The battle against free speech has already begun on the Internet…”

    Have you read or heard about YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms who are now censoring what can be said on their mediums ?
    Christian thought and programming is under ever increasing fire.
    I cannot speak of personal experiences on Facebook as I will have nothing to do with it…but I’ve read and have heard from my pastors on what they are facing and WILL BE facing in the short term on all or at least most mediums.

    Many Christian pastors are anticipating extreme censorship coming soon, which is not new news, of course…but happening in real time right before our eyes.

    Of course, Allah and other demonic entities and activities on social mediums is promoted and totally accepted on these mediums.

  13. Hi ~David,

    Yes, I am aware that Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Paypal are already censoring Christian and Conservative sites and articles. They need to be sued by those affected. Government needs to regulate some of them as public utilities. I will not use Paypal, Facebook or Twitter.

  14. Excellent hard hitting blog, insights and comments. I will forward it to as many family and friends as I believe will be interested.

    Personal Snowflake – Antifa experience: I faced about 200 snowflakes sprinkled with Antifa (for aggressive seasoning) at an ACT for America anti Sharia Law rally about 6 weeks ago. I was one of 8 volunteer bodyguards for the main speaker’s FREE SPEECH. A 26 year old fearless former Muslim (who is searching spiritually) he needed bodyguards. Without the city police and state troopers steadfastly in between us there would have been bloody violence. However, we had a corps of former military that were outnumbered but formidable.

    Once the hammer and sickle red flag was waving in front of me I had a vicious visceral reaction (Nam Vet) and came home with a serious check in my spirit over my reaction…for two sleepless nights.

    I agree massive violence is coming…I don’t know if I’ll go to another confrontation. I have been praying about it. Its not the Antifa violence I’m worried about…its my reaction to it.

  15. I believe God is using the weather to thwart the activities you outlined in the article and if Irma hits the US as a cat 5 we will know for sure. I find it very intriguing after all the hoopla the blood moons got that you hardly hear anything about September 23rd. North Korea is heating back up and that could lead to something unexpected (EMP) or worse. Keep looking up Brothers and Sisters!!

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