Conspiracy or lone wolf psychopath? The 10/01/17 shootings in Las Vegas

Only two weeks after the most deadly shooting in modern America it is hard to find anyone on mainstream media even talking about it anymore. Last week the California fires that killed dozens of people took over the news. Who set those fires? This week the big news was the sex allegations against Harvey Weinstein. As if everyone in America suddenly now needs to know that Harvey Weinstein has been a sex predator all his life? Are these diversions from the Las Vegas shootings?

The shooting narrative that we are being fed does not make sense. The line is that Steven Paddock was a lone wolf psychopath that planned and carried out the shootings all by himself. They have little evidence to support that thesis. On the other hand, ISIS claims that Paddock was one of their solders. They also have offered little evidence to support their claims but ISIS almost always never claims killings that they were not involved in. They do not want to lose credibility.

How did Paddock become a firearms and explosives expert in his old age? If he did the shooting, someone must have trained him. Where did that training take place? The lone wolf psychopath theory is not believed by most people who did any serious analysis of what took place on 10/01/17. That of course does not include main stream media because it seems that MSM has lost all ability to do any investigative reporting. They just report what they are told to report.

Mike Adams (Health Ranger) claims that his analysis of the recordings of the shootings prove that there were two shooters at two different distances. One was firing from about 400 yards and the other was shooting from about 250 yards. The analysis given make sense to me but it takes about 20 minutes to explain. You can view Adams explanation here. If someone can debunk what Adams is claiming, I would like to hear it.

Gun bursts that sound louder than others also might indicate that two shooters were involved. Some have said it is because Steve Paddock fired from two different windows. The problem with that theory is that the windows are 50 feet apart. Paddock could not have physically moved between windows in the few second gap between the louder and quieter bursts.

There also were shootings at the Bellagio about a half hour after the firing stopped at Mandalay Bay. In addition, there were reports of shootings at other casinos. Were these subsequent shootings done to divert first responders? Or were the claims of additional shootings not much more than hysteria?

The timeline of the shooting has changed a number of times. Police first claimed that  a security guard (Jesus Campos) was shot in the leg after the shooting from the windows of Mandalay Bay started. They were claiming that this security guard interrupted Paddock’s shootings and then Paddock killed himself. Now they are saying that Campos was shot before the shooting toward the country western concert even began. Why did it take the police over a week to ask Campos and a maintenance worker the sequence of events? Or did Campos lie to the police?

The shooting of the security guard does not make a lot of sense to me. The claim was that Campos went up to the 32 floor to check on an open door alarm on the staircase. He was not checking on Paddock’s room. Why would Paddock open fire on an armed security person passing by his door? Any intelligent person would have held his fire until the threat was gone. Could it be that Campos was complicit and the shot in the leg was all part of the conspiracy? Who knows? The FBI does not seem to be asking the right questions.

There are a lot of questions about the 10/01/17 Las Vegas shooting that need answering.

  • Why did Paddock complain to the desk two different times about the noise coming from the suite below him if he was planning for an attack the next day? Why would he draw attention to himself?
  • Why were there 23 guns in the room? Half of those guns could not be used for long-range shooting.
  • Why did he stop firing and kill himself when nobody was an immediate threat and he had over 1000 rounds remaining in the room?
  • Who took the pictures of the room and a dead Paddock? The 32nd floor was sealed off to anyone but law enforcement before and after SWAT broke down the door.
  • SWAT arrive a long time after the first shots were fired. What did the two police officers stationed outside Mandalay Bay and what did Mandalay Bay security do until SWAT took over?
  • Why did the Sheriff say they had to search several floors for the shooter when the wounded security guard and a maintenance worker radioed the location of the shooter?
  • Why is Campos not registered as a security guard in Nevada? It is a requirement.
  • Why does Campos grow a beard like a Muslim?
  • Why did Campos just disappear minutes before the five interviews that he scheduled with MSM on October 13th?
  • Where is the couple that was evicted from the concert for telling people that they were all going to die that night? What did they know?
  • Why did Paddock have explosives in his car?
  • If Paddock had an escape plan why did he not escape? If he did shoot himself, why did he shoot himself when he could have escaped? Campos could not have stopped him, Campos was wounded and unarmed.
  • The supposed suicide happened a long time before SWAT showed up. Could someone in the suite have escaped down the stairwell without Campos or the maintenance worker being aware of it?
  • Has anyone searched and documented the resting place of all the bullets fired? It should be fairly easy to determine if someone was firing from another direction. They also should be checking for shell casings anywhere within range of the concert.
  • How can someone worth only a couple of million dollars gamble thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars nightly on video poker for years? The poker machines are set to win. Even if Paddock were the luckiest man in the world and could make the odds even, statistics prove that it would take a bankroll of millions just to ride out the inevitable losing streaks.
  • When asked if Paddock was working with the FBI, why did the Sheriff say that he can neither confirm or deny it?
  • In the press conferences why does the Sheriff increasingly seem to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
  • Why were independent reporters barred from the October 13th press conference? Why did the Sheriff not stay for questions?
  • Why were laptops and phones of vendors at the concert wiped clean of recordings before the FBI returned them?

Here is what I think. This was some kind of a sting gone bad. Paddock was probably a government informer or undercover agent. All the guns were part of his undercover role. That might explain his secretive life and his life as a gambler with houses in multiple locations near casinos. It is impossible to speculate much further because there are as many possibilities as there are devious minds.

Our government agencies have been infiltrated with enemies of America. I think Paddock was played like a fiddle in a sting and then he was killed and made to look like he did the shooting. Or else Paddock turned double agent for some reason and either he or co-conspirators carried out the will of Islamists or globalist communists that night. I do not buy into the lone wolf psychopath theory. If Paddock did the shooting alone, someone trained him and programmed him (mind control programing might explain his screaming at night).

This attack that night was designed to kill thousands, not just scores of people. This was to be as big as 9/11. The shooter at Mandalay Bay first tried to blow up the airport fuel tanks near the concert using incendiary rounds. If the fuel tanks would have blown, it could have killed thousands. Paddock’s car contained bombs and they would have been used on the Mandalay Bay Casino if given that opportunity.

It could have been radicals in Islam, or it could have been globalist communist revolutionaries or they just could be in bed together. The shooting could have been carried out by someone that somehow became totally deranged but the target was America and it was planned by enemies of America. What happened on 10/01/17 was a conspiracy against America. There even seems to be some occult symbolism involved with the sacrifice occurring right next to the Luxor pyramid and sphinx.

I have the questions and my own speculation about what happened in Las Vegas on 10/01/17 does anyone else have any reasonable answers?


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Conspiracy or lone wolf psychopath? The 10/01/17 shootings in Las Vegas — 32 Comments

  1. Don,

    Any sane rational person would not believe the story put out by the FBI. What I suspect, as you mentioned, was that this was planned to be a massive attack on par with 9/11.
    I think we all can reasonably assume that this was the careful work of either the radical islamists or the globalist communist NWO (or both).
    The fact that the story was buried and the random sudden realization that hollywood types are perverts is not an accident. This is clearly a cover-up. The question is why is this story being shelved??
    I think the answer is either.

    * this was a muslim terror attack and the FBI/POLICE were caught flat footed. They are keeping it quiet to save face and make the accomplices put their guard down and come out of hiding.
    This is possible but it leaves alot of unanswered questions like you have mentioned already.

    * OR this was a false flag attack carried out by members of our own government with the possible help of ISIS or even antifa. 9/11 caused us to invade the M.E. for years and i suspect the vegas attack was meant to justify another war with someone else like Iran, Russia, or NK.
    The question with that is again why is the media burying the story. Whatever the truth is I suspect it is not in line with the MSM globalist agenda.
    Maybe it was all three? Can you imagine the firestorm if it was found that rogue government agents, ISIS, and radical ANTIFA members teamed up to do this evil act?
    it sounds crazy but we might never know the truth.

  2. The enemy controls information flow and puts it to good use. Every article written has to go through several layers of editors that decide which will and can be viewed. Any words or articles they deem unfit are removed and replaced.This allows them to create the perception they want to portray. The American public, laps it up. No motive, and just another gun nut. Las Vegas is already up and running, business as usual for sin city

    A typical pattern as well is to always assassinate the shooter. Sometimes several layers of shooters are used with 2 layers killed to really cover their tracks. Then they have key individuals working inside the various Law enforcement agencies. These individuals are very high up and can quash and redirect what ever they need to. it has happened before so why not again. In one cover up in Omaha the Police Chief was their man.

    They are all useful idiots for the devil, they have fully embraced the dark side. Look for more of the same. Besides our Lord said that it would be just like in the days of Noah. What was the major contributing factor for the flood? Violence. Get away from the big Cities why you still can. I have been reading crime news reports for 37 years. I am also retired LEO.

    We even have parents killing the other parent right in front of their own children. I see this more and more now in the last few years. Usually the one parent just killed the other and sparred the children the trauma from viewing this. Not any more. These children will be basket cases for the rest of their lives. it seems they are also pushing moral relativism, which really is Satanism, Do what though wilt.

    Good article Don. Keep up the good work.

  3. Don, good blog, a lot of unanswerable questions though. No information is really being given to the public so one can draw real conclusions. I have worked on 3 or 4 occasions with people who had been FBI agents. These guys were not the type you see on the TV series “Criminal Minds”. They succeed most of the time because most real criminals are really stupid. I doubt any FBI agent is going to replace Albert Einstein as a synonym for brilliance though. I personally suspect ISIS, no real reason except the guy burned through a lot of cash that had to come from somewhere. The line that he won it at video poker doesn’t fly. One can win a few bucks at a casino, only if one gets a little ahead early and leaves. A former coworker once bragged that his wife was winning a lot of money going to the slot machine tournaments. One day he got called home from work with his house and boat being repossessed. Early reports though, from the sheriffs office, seemed to indicate that Paddock had been converted and radicalized. The hotel had no security cameras in the hallways, amazing, so a second shooter could have just ended the guy and left. I suspect that the shooter(s) knew of the lack of cameras by design.

  4. Don, one more addition You question if a person could escape down the stairwell without the security guard knowing it? Actually, one of my many past jobs was as a fire protection engineer. The NFPA Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, would I believe without referring to it, require two emergency egress routes. Typically in a hotel, like the one in the pictures, there would be a fire escape stair at opposite ends of a long hallway. Often, there is a jog or angle in the hallway and a person in one stairwell cannot see the other, that is why the exit signs have lighting requirements too. Most major cities have adopted NFPA 101 or something very similar for fire requirements.

  5. Phil,

    It could of simply been a couple of terrorists but doesnt really explain all of the inconsistencies Don pointed out.

  6. I think Don has asked all the questions I’ve asked myself plus some but one. Was there any significance to this particular concert? Why was this supposed to be the big one? Did it have anything to do with the expected attendees being Trump supporters, Republicans, Conservatives or Right Wing Patriots? Or was it just a convenient location?

    I never have believed Paddock was a lone shooter or that he shot himself and the security guard’s role is suspicious.

    Hadn’t thought of it as being a sting operation and that’s an interesting possibility. Or mind control which reminds me of The Manchurian Candidate.

    I worked as a Keno Runner on the strip and my thought on getting rich playing video poker is; no, just no.

  7. Caitlin,

    In my opinion, if the shooters were specifically targeting conservative Trump supporters, then it greatly increases the likelyhood of ANTIFA/radical leftists involved instead of ISIS.

  8. Don,

    I believe it’s possible Paddock was working for the FBI to infiltrate ISIS cells in our homeland or something of the sort. I also heard a theory that he was working for the govt in the fast and furious gun running deal.

    Whatever the case, I believe our govt (FBI etc) knows because they were directly involved in some capacity. Maybe there were/are rogue elements inside the Agencies? Whatever the case it’s not good and our nation is in danger.

  9. Jack,

    Very interesting and scary. Especially the black van with the Hispanic woman taunting her as she fled. Something isn’t right at all here. Who can we trust? Is our Government completely compromised? Our elected leaders held hostage by the powers that be?

  10. I have read many disturbing disagreements on the timeline from the beginning to end of the shooting…some say 81 minutes from start until the breach of Paddock’s room.

    Of all things, I wouldn’t have thought the timeline would be so debatable on something like this…nor so lengthy.

    I do have a thought on this lengthy time from beginning to breach…and to help prevent something like this in the future.

    While I hate to encourage a RoboCop Police State, why aren’t big cities implementing drone weapons to take these thugs down quickly and efficiently ?

    A drone snipe could have ended Paddock’s rampage much, much quicker than the assembly of Las Vegas’s tactical team.

    Is it time ? Are we at a time where fighting terrorists mono-E-mono is costing too many police and civilian lives ?

    Of course, if this is an inside job of some sort as some suggest, drones are the last thing the insiders would allow.

    Also, drones would obviously not be effective if the terrorists adjust their tactics and attack from within buildings…so, there is that, I guess.

    Maybe Alex Murphy is becoming a viable option.

  11. Don I have said from the beginning but I thought something was wrong with this I personally thought it was leftist maybe trying to get strict gun control my other personal feeling is that it had something to do with mind control I’m sure they could do it but you may be closer to the truth also it’s very possible that several entities were working together and I wonder why the media is down playing it and not wanting more answers

  12. Hi Don,
    I suspect Paddock was a fallguy who was assassinated before the shooting began. The gunfire was not from an AR15 with a bump stock. Fire came from a belt fed M240 machine gun. An AR15 with a bump stock fires at 14 RPS. The audio of the fire rate recorded was 10 RPS. Many youtube videos, if they are still up, show the difference.

  13. Don I said it was possible it was mind control after I wrote it and sent it to you I thought how crazy that sounds and it does sound crazy but we do know that our government experimented with LSD on people so I guess it’s possible but I don’t want to seem like a wacko or a conspiracy nut but I think there’s something more to this I just don’t know what it is

  14. One answer could be that Paddock became demon possessed? All these mass killings lead to a Satanic agenda. That agenda is a total surveillance society with government being in control of everyone. We know that happens under the Antichrist. The real question is did some human agency influence him or did the demon alone make him do it? Of course some other satanically possessed people might have just made it look like Paddock did the killings and then killed him. My point is that Satan is behind this shooting. Just look at the targets.

  15. Don, yes this killing is inspired by Satan the deceiver but I don’t see how the targets are evidence of that. A crowd of drunken revelers is not exactly where you would expect to find God’s chosen people. Neither is Las Vegas a hotspot for Christian values. Country music has some lip service paid to God, but plenty to Satan as well. Clearly the perpetrators of the attack had more than just killings on their agenda but I don’t know what you are implying by pointing us to look at the targets?

    Yes, the end game is a total surveillance state. Will we (you and I) be here to see it happen? God only knows.

  16. If it was demonic possession then why all the secrecy and mismatched timelines from the police and FBI?

  17. Hi Jonah,

    This was not a satanic attack on the Church. Satan cannot prevail over true Christians. The target was Americana and liberty. As kingdoms increasingly reject God, evil also increases until those kingdoms are brought down.

  18. Hi Jim,

    I think you are assuming there is some kind of conspiracy here among law enforcement. We really do not know that. Maybe law enforcement had to correct the record because they had it wrong. Maybe they first relied too much on what they were told by the security guard? As for all the secrecy, you see what happens when they give out information that turns out to be wrong.

  19. I just saw this: Jesus Campos has a shared SSN with Jesus Quintero, issued in California.
    Campos’s family is under a gag order. Why?

    The question posed was: Is he an illegal alien?

    Has anyone asked Mandalay Bay employment if Campos was a security guard there or why he was hired unregistered?

  20. In my mind at this point there are endless speculations and possibilities except the one we are being force fed. Total and complete fantasy.

    However, I do know this for certain, the globalists/radical Leftist enemies have to degrade, limit, ban, then collect the semi automatic rifles from the hands of the average American for their end game.

    Expect that formidable modern day Minuteman-Woman weapon to be used in more and more mass slaughters until the gun/people control tipping point is reached.

  21. So why do they want our guns?

    From my understand of past history governments wanted the weapons so that they had all the weapons and power or so they where more powerful

    Truth is today our little hand guns we have would not protect us from them because they have access to such better weapons of war

    So past was sword vs fist so sword better
    Past gun vs fist so gun better
    Today gun vs drone and other advance weapons

    so basically our guns are no more than fist compared to what they have access

    again the idea behind getting the weapons away from us is to make it easier to subdue us but with the weapons they have now we could keep our gun and we would be subdue and out matched

    Now if they want to give us access to drones, new tech weapons, bombs, etc. then we would be back on equal footing

  22. Hi Jeremy,

    They want our guns so there can be no counter revolution against the socialist totalitarian government they will intend to set up to control everyone.

    You may be assuming that the military would just fall in line with the globalist agenda and use its high tech weapons to put down the people. Military people in America are American patriots. Factions would rise that would hinder an all powerful military take over of America.

    Sure, a government could use a loyal military to take over cities but they cannot be everywhere. We see that play out all over the world. The cities are held by those loyal to the government but the resistance comes from countrymen using small arms. Any civil war in the world is still fought and won with the use of small arms. Where there are no small arms there are no civil wars. That is the reason they want them.

  23. Jeremy,

    I just read your post and Don’s reply and I agree with him 100%.
    As a former Marine and infantry combat veteran who fought in over 30 firefights I can tell you a semi-automatic rifle in the hands of a determined and experienced enemy is formidable no matter what other weapons are deployed.

    Don is also correct about a divided military and Police and Sheriff’s department, especially outside the blue bubbles. I can guarantee you the vast majority of good ole boys in my local National Guard and Sheriff’s department would not side with a government disarming of their families, neighbors and friends. I can say the same thing for many active in the military, especially in the Marine Corps.

    If you have never been on the Oath Keepers website check it out. You will find a wide and deep network of Veterans, Police, Sheriffs and Deputy’s and a host of others who have taken the Oath and will defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the death, from enemies (both foreign and domestic) and they will do it mostly with semi-automatic rifles.

    Now, after America is hollowed out after the Rapture and or devastated in other ways, outside of God…who knows?

  24. Before the communists took total control in Czechoslovakia they had their spies deep inside. These spies were located as bartenders, barbers and any place people congregate and talk. they had a complete list of whom they though the trouble makers would be. On the very first night they came for them, took them out of their houses, all 5000 , and then executed them. This happened over 50 years ago and they did not have the technology nor weapons they have today.

  25. Klaus,

    With the excuse of ” potential terrorist key words” compilation by NSA:

    And all the other dark Federal Orwellian pre Anti-Christ interconnected technologies in effect, I have no doubt that we all are being sifted, categorized, labeled and listed for potential future action that will far surpass the Commie round up of those who would have been trouble makers in Czechoslovakia.

    On top of that we are being financially herded into a digital pen that will further increase individual control far past the wildest dreams of Tito and his thugs.

    However there is honor and supernatural protection in being part of the remnant that assault rifles will never provide:

    1 Kings 19:18 “Yet I will leave 7,000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him.”

  26. Even with the government’s superior firepower, a small arms armed militia of sorts would be hard to defeat. Especially when this militia would be undoubtedly comprised of former military veterans, police, hunters, farmers etc. Organization is key. Also, make them fight on your terms. In your neck of the woods. The Russians could not conquer Afghanistan, and neither will America.

  27. Steve,

    This assumes God decides to prolong the times of the Gentiles, right? When I think of our founding, it seems God opened the door to it and enabled it, through costly struggle. I don’t detect much consensus among believers that He is likely to do that for us again (i.e. against encroaching tyranny) or that the populace is up for such a struggle. As much as I cherish God pulling the rug out from under the rulers and authorities over and over, I hate the thought of us being drawn in to a negative adventure against authority, not blessed by God.

    Should He support us, our small arms will be more than sufficient.

  28. You are exactly right about God allowing it. If this is his assigned time for the end then no militia of any veteran LEO, military or anything else will stop whats coming. As I said before I am retired LEO. I can tell you right now most retired LEO are just beaten down nubs of men and woman who take multiple pharma drugs and guzzle them down with large amounts of alcohol, daily. The military men that I worked with do not fair any better.

    We are up against intelligent, organized evil in the heavenly places. The only thing holding this back is truly Gods grace. Well guess what, the Lords grace is coming to and end and he returns to the God of wrath as the seals are opened on the unrepentant masses. Everyone I speak with is like, “oh no it will not happen anytime soon, it just can’t. Have we become that selfish in our thinking? I say let it come and let it come much sooner rather than latter. The people that are just retiring think nothing of anything except just seeking pleasure for themselves and thats it. Their thinking revolves around, What will I do next for myself and where do I want to go?

    A certain time will come when the harvest of the earth will be ripe. When this point hits the fruit will be gathered, it must or the fruit will perish. Any person with a fruit tree can understand this. Besides this whole entire creation including every single little thing is not ours anyway. We are, always have been and always will be merely stewards. We do not even own our bodies. We come with nothing and we leave with nothing.

    We are commanded by scripture to watch. What better way would it truly be for our Lord to truly test our faith than losing our material items and retirement. How many so called Christians will then still thank God for anything. Some of the so called Christians I know feel blessed simply because they have much material items, good retirement or Job income coming in. Lets see how they truly feel when it is removed from them. Who will then say I am a blessed Christian? I will and I am ready to die for my faith and my beloved Lord Yeshua.

    I truly feel it could not come at a better time. I also feel that if time was to continue that society would become entirely Godless without even a remnant left.

    We are a created being living in a created world for God. we are not here to simply seek our selfish desires of pleasure and entertainment.

    Just look at life of the Apostle Paul. Paul traveled thousands of miles. He was shipwrecked, beaten, and suffered countless hardships. In the end he had his head chopped off. Most so called Christians want this world to go on and they want enjoyment and pleasure until they die.

    The Bible I read says these things Must happen. The bible doesnt say it may or might happen. This new system thats coming is judgement. We as biblical christians are suppose to have faith and patience with longsuffering. Most can not even endure a hunger pang that lasts more than few seconds.

    Any christian that wants this system to continue is living in the flesh. They are putting their selfishness first.

  29. Hi Klaus,

    Well said. Reading your second to last paragraph made me aware of my hunger pains. Since I read that I have been sitting here for at least a minute enduring it. Now I must go stuff my face. 😉

  30. Steve, John, especially Klaus,

    Good posts all.

    I have been convinced for years hard times and even harder testing are both coming for all including Believers until the Rapture and have spent the first 2.5 years of my retirement (and many years before) preparing for them, especially spiritually. I have two cases of Bibles in my hayloft and need to buy more and some appropriate tracks.

    Have developed a tight little circle of Christian neighbors and friends who I think will be able to stay on their knees during the testing without falling over or shaking their fists in the air.

    I agree, there are many unprepared Christians (spiritually, mentally and physically) who will fold like cardboard boxes in the rain.

    For me turning retirement into a modest working farm made sense both to keep from rusting, for self-sufficiency, and to prepare for whatever is coming these last days, weeks, months, years…but I don’t think this system will last another decade, and now is the time to prepare.

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