Don Koenig starts World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy End Times Depravity Addition Blog

It has been about a year since I stopped posting new articles on my World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy Blog. The physical relocation has taken much longer than I expected. Just about every delay possible became the reality.

I still mostly live at the old place with my dogs. My wife lives mostly at the new place because it is near where she now works.

Even after I make the switch to the new property I still have many issues to deal with before I can sell the old property. However, it should not consume so much of my time that I cannot start writing some articles again.

I do like the name of my old Blog because it is very fitting for the issues that I wrote about. Even so, I do not want to just resurrect that old Blog for many reasons. I decided to go with a new Blog because I do miss the interaction and a Blog with comments is best for that

The old Blog remains up as an archive even through nothing new will be added to it. It still gets about 80 percent of the page views that it did when it was active. Most of these come from keyword searches through search engines. The top 100 posts on that Blog are still being counted and ranked.

The stats say there were 2.25 million page views, but the stats software was added a couple of years after I started the blog. There are probably about 3 million page views by now and counting. I had to change the theme because the old theme was dated and was not mobile friendly. About half of the visitors to this website now come from mobile devices and Google factors mobile friendliness in its rankings.

The name of this new Blog is World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy End Times Depravity Addition. This will be a journal documenting the events ongoing on earth just before the Lord’s return. It will include many topics just like my previous Blog. I believe most of what God said in the Bible about the end of this age will be fulfilled within 20 years.

Keep in mind that it will take some time to get new articles written and until they are written this new Blog is going to be pretty sparse. For topical issues that I already wrote about I suggest that you use the search box near the bottom of website homepage.

This Blog is a work in progress, as articles are added new categories also will be added. They will be found on the top bar. New articles will not be written on any set schedule. I suggest that you sign up to be notified when a new article is posted.

I have decided to allow comments again but read my new comment policy before you comment. That is found from the pull down on the top bar. The big difference from my previous blog is that after your first comment is approved there will no longer be any delay for you to post other comments on this Blog.

The previous Blog moderation delay was annoying for the commentators and it also meant that I always needed to be available to approve the comments. Do keep in mind that I can ban those that will not abide by my commenting policy. Comments may also be removed after I read them. That would occur at my discretion.

You can sign up to be notified of follow-ups on your comments or to be notified when I post new articles. You will see that at the bottom of each post.

I will eventually read all the comments, but I may not respond in a timely manner or I may not respond at all if it was covered by a comment by someone else. I really am hoping that the knowledgeable people joining this Christian community will do most of the responding to others.  I have limited time.

Keep the comments on topic as much as possible. If you want to tell me something off topic, my email address is found from the top bar under author and it also can be found near the bottom of the website homepage.

Let’s keep this forum informative and enjoyable.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Don Koenig starts World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy End Times Depravity Addition Blog — 69 Comments

  1. Hi Hi Don, every time I try typing into the comment box it disappears. I did find I could high-light what I had done but as soon as I tried typing the high light also disappeared. I am doing this in MSWord and will try copy and paste. I did notice my first attempt had the letter H OK but …


  2. I could not fix it so I added this new comment form plugin. I don’t know how it will work out yet. There are quite a few settings for the software and I probably will have to change some.

  3. This is Don. I am just testing. I see there is a little ordeal to go through to log in to comment. Here is what I figured out. When you get the login screen if you are not registered you will have to register.

    That link say register it is below the sign in. Then you will get a new screen that will ask you your login name and your email address. After you submit that it will send you a email with a link. Hit on that and then login with the same name and put in a password.

    Depending on the browser, it should remember your name and password the next time, if you tell it to.

    Anyway, that is what I did to post this. The first time you login it will take you directly to the commenting rules first and I will have to approve your first comment.

  4. Hi Don, Yes I had a bit of a runaround with the initial login but my son looked over my shoulder and guided me through. This particular comment is to show I am now able to comment with no problems.

  5. All is not right for me. I am not getting email notifications of new comments. If I cannot resolve some of the bugs I have with this theme I will have to look for a different one. This theme is fairly new but it is not even available or supported on WordPress anymore. Apparently it had too many bugs. Setting up a new theme can be very time consuming…ugh!

  6. Hmmm. I just now received a comment notification by email of a comment posted almost an hour ago. Apparently Yahoo email delayed it. Let me know if you asked for follow-ups and are not getting them.

  7. I get Cardinal’s comments emailed to me but not Brian or my own Crazyman test. I just added a plugin that reconfigure the email on the host server. Lets see if it actually works.

  8. That changed nothing. I will try this one more time.
    Looks like I will have to hunt for a new theme soon.

  9. Hi Brian,

    Your last comment was emailed to me. Maybe that email plug-in is working after all, or maybe the problem was resolved by something else I did, or maybe I will soon find out that there is still a problem. I guess it is too early to say at this point.

  10. I unchecked a box that was asking for people to fill in their name and email address even after they are logged in. I don’t see the point of it if you are already registered. I don’t even see where you would enter that data. Maybe that will help people that are having trouble commenting.

  11. The comment plugin also also had boxes checked that required a user name and email. I unchecked those. So try it again now. I also white listed Catlin wherever possible.

  12. I will keep an eye on it until things are resolved Don. This is just a check comment.

  13. Thanks Brian,

    Your comments are being sent to me by email and also are posting okay here. For some reason Catlin is having problems posting a comment.

  14. That is strange. It posts comments from the box you get when you click on reply but It does not post new comments from the box at the very start of comments. Don’t use that box. Try that Catlin.

  15. I thought about trying this just before you emailed me the suggestion. Let’s see if it works.

  16. Yep, We found the problem. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of that box above the comments. I thought it was in a stupid location in the first place. I Got the email notification as well.

  17. I am testing out a new theme. The new theme does not resolve the commenting problem so it is not the theme. There might be a plugin conflict. I will have to test that out

  18. Hey that worked from the top comment box. So one of the plugins is causing the problem. Now I will have to figure out which one

  19. The problem is with wp super catch. So now I will have to see if I can fix it. If not I can replace it with another plugin.

  20. It appear that the problem is resolved. I think I will leave this theme up for now and try to tweak some things.

    I also am going to use the natural theme comments rather than use the plugin for comments that logs our comments on another server.

  21. I have been told that someone cannot post. So the problem was not resolved. I changed the catching plugin and I also noticed that Jetpack was not fully active although it looked like it was. Now I have to determine which plugin is screwing things up.

  22. There was a lot of duplication of functions in Jetpack that are already coded into the theme. That is probably causing the issue. I turned off all but one, now I will see if I can turn a few of the better modules on.

  23. Okay, I now have on the features that I really want and it seems to post okay. Give it a try yourself

  24. I give up. Nobody can get through this comment login stuff on WordPress. So my comment policy is now changing. Anyone can now comment until they get banned for violation of the commenting privilege. The first comment will still have to be approved by me. The main reason for that is to prevent spam from being posted.

  25. Don’t quite understand all that Don not being a computer wizz, but am sending this anyway. Your other page seemed to have worked but I don’t understand the tie in between the two pages or even if they are both up and about.:)

  26. Ignore that last Don… as I say I am no wizz but both posts are being replied to so I guess everything is OK

  27. Hi Brian,

    The story is that I got too many emails from people telling me that they could not login and even when they did log in they could not comment. I also saw on my logs that other people tried to log in but failed and gave it up. After crazyman (me) got logged out. Even I could not figure how to log in again as crazyman from a different browser. Nothing I tried worked. So I decided that logging in to comment is just not going to fly. So, now everyone is allowed to comment on my posts after their first comment on this blog is approved by me. If people then do not abide by my commenting policy they will just get deleted and if they persist they will be blacklisted.

  28. I too can’t login through WordPress and when I tried commenting on your new blog my comment just disappeared?

  29. Brian,

    It is not quite the same as the old system. I am not moderating posts. After the first post is approve by me new comments should be posted almost instantly. Also you can sign up to be emailed when I post a new article. You could not do that on the old system.

  30. How did Brian and Doug get pictures next to their comments? Not that my avatar isn’t cute but–. I’ve searched through the website and can’t find any instructions to tell me how to get my profile picture on here.

  31. Caitlin,

    You will have to upload a picture to the following site.

    You will have to sign up with them in order to do that. Then when you use your email the gravator you uploaded and selected will be downloaded where ever you post.

  32. Thanks. Have to log in through word press and having trouble. I’ll keep this info until I can get things straightened out. Technology woes.

  33. Caitlin,

    You do not need to log in anymore on this blog. Just put your name and email address in the comment box and post it. Update. I guess I misunderstood you. You were talking about logging in to Gravator.

  34. Yes, Gravator. Word Press won’t take my password so I tried to start a mew account and they said I already had an account but they can’t locate it. lol. I’ve been too busy to mess with it.

  35. Hi Don, I did try that. They sent me a window asking for documentation to prove my identity. They asked for the code they gave me and two other things I didn’t understand. I’m sure part of the problem is because I’m such a tech dummy, I don’t understand all the language. I speak tech with a heavy accent. lol I think I still have the original link in my e mail. I’ll see if I can find something there.

  36. I reset my password, entered the new password, clicked ‘log in’ and got “error incorrect password.” I am so done.

  37. Caitlin,

    Are you still talking about on Gravatar or on here? I do not know how many times I have to tell people that they no longer have to login to post a comment. Just put your name and email in the comment box. I am going to delete everyone out of the users sign-in to prevent any more confusion. Unfortunately that might mean that I will have to approve everyone’s first comment again.

  38. Sorry for the confusion, Don. I’m still fussing about Word Press and Gravatar. I’m done now. Didn’t mean your site. I love your website.

  39. Don! Your back!!! Just checked and see your here! I have some articles to read!

    Rod in Oregon

  40. Hi Don,
    I’m writing to you on the Uncategorized tab. I hope its ok.
    I have a huge concern about marriages aspecialy those of the children of GOD. Its no news that devorce is an overwhelming number and fact!
    I myself had to let go after 33 years! All my efforts by numerous councillors, Pastors, and woman has turn out nothing. The main reasoning is the same thinking of how to do for others as you want to do to you. I have then started to talk to everybody I could find that want to talk to and offer their experience . It turned out that everyone says it’s 100%/100% when I say it’s 50/50. On this point I found out that I don’t have 100% to give , i’m just not that perfect . MayBE others is ? like my wife who said and persist that nobody would convince her that she done anything wrong in this marriage! I found the main problem is that people is IN LOVE in the beginning and then LOVE later, wich is the saying by all the people I seen . This saying lead me to the Word of GOD saying that we should not lose our FIRST LOVE, And the marriage is a replica of our relationship with God! Now what I found is that intimacy is ending in most marriages (I have yet to find a marriage where intimacy last)(I hope and know there must be) Examples is my friend 10 years younger than me (50) saying he has matured. My sister in law adviced me that it ends when menstruation ends! I can tell a 100 tales! I have search through my life and understand today that the day I found a letter in my lunchbox saying that we must not pray together , we must pray apart, that that was the day I lost it , because I didn’t knew the answer!? Today I know I should have said we must go back to the marriage alter and promise praying together!? After that everything I done for the Lord in my life and others , I was struggling . I have to reason that it was the enemy. Now I blame myself for being so stupid! I had 3 loves, my Love for the Lord and souls , my love for my wife and my love for extended Enslin family . I wanted to do so much more for the LORD!

  41. Don, l have a question lf l may – ls ww1, ww2, ww3, 1967 war, 1973 war, prophecied ln scriptures?

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