Escape Beast World Order in Ozarks

If you believe that the pretribulation Rapture will take you out of here before the great trial takes place on earth (Rev 3:10), because you know you are in the body of Christ, then you already should know that you will not need to escape the Beast world order in the Ozarks.

However, if you are one of those that believe that the Rapture is a fairy tale and Christians will go through the tribulation like everyone else, you might want to try to escape some of what the Beast world order has to offer you in the Ozarks.

This also applies to non believers because the great trial on earth is designed to get people to change their mind and believe in the God of the Bible. During the Tribulation you will either come to believe in the God of the Bible and in His Messiah or you will believe the Satanic lies of the Beast and his False Prophet. There is no third choice!

This trial on earth will happen just before Jesus returns to set up His kingdom on earth. If you oppose God, by following after the Son of Perdition that the book of Revelation calls the Beast you fail the test. In that case, you will never live to see the Lord’s Kingdom, you will be cut off no matter where you choose to locate on earth. Only those wanting to escape the Beast world order during the tribulation should even think about escaping to the Ozarks.

The tribulation period starts when the Prince/Beast/Antichrist figure that many that identify as “Christians” are looking for (or not) confirms an existing (peace) covenant with Israel and other nations for seven years (Da 9:27). This period is known as the seventh week of Daniel.

If not before, you will know that you are in a world of trouble when this world leader breaks the seven-year treaty after 3.5 years and causes the sacrifice to cease at the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. This starts the time known as the Great Tribulation that is also known as the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jer 30:7).

The two prophets of God had tormented the unbelieving world with their message and those nations that tried to shut them up or kill them brought instant judgment upon their own head. The people on earth will be rejoicing because the two prophets of God that were preaching the soon coming Jewish Kingdom on earth and that were telling the nations to let all their Jews to return to Israel were finally killed.

Many on earth will be saying peace and safety after the two prophets are killed. In Fact, the world will be throwing a great party (Rev 11:10), but sudden destruction will come and they will not escape the great Day of the Lord (1Th 5:3).

After 1260 days of the two witnesses testimony to the world from Jerusalem, God will allow the Beast to kill them. The world will get to believe a lie when the Beast/Antichrist kills these two prophets of God and he claims to be greater than anything called God (2Th 2:4).

That is the time Jesus talked about when he told those living in Judea to flee to the mountains of Jordan for protection (Mr 13:14) from the judgments that are coming. And if you have not done so before this happens, those in America might consider fleeing to the Ozarks from the Beast world order for their own physical protection.

Keep in mind, that this great tribulation period on earth will be the worst time that there ever was on earth and that ever will be again (Mt 24:21). In other words, few will live through it. It will be hell on earth. There will be great wars, famines, pandemics, persecution and divine judgments carried out by angels. All the cities of the world will fall, so probably those that survive through the years of the great tribulation will mostly be those living in isolated rural areas of the world.

I hope that you will trust in Jesus and go in the Rapture and escape the things to come that will try men’s souls. However, if you insist on being a doubting Thomas and staying here during this time you should have a plan B.

So why do I say to those left behind in America to escape to the Ozarks? Only because I live here and know how it is. There are few other places in America that are so well qualified to keep the Beast world order out.

Central government never had much control in the Ozarks. They still made moonshine here long after prohibition. Today Meth and Marijuana are big business in the Ozarks and government can do little to stop it. Remember Snuffly Smith? That cartoon strip and story is about a guy that grew up in the Ozarks.

Not only is there not much law enforcement in these rural parts of the Ozarks people generally do not trust state and federal police agencies. Local law enforcement have friends and extended families that live here, most are not going to be supporting world government agendas of oppression.

The Ozarks have a well-developed gray market economy. Many around here have a wage paying job but they also do side ventures under the table. The incomes here are so low that it would be a waste of effort for the government to try to collect taxes on these unreported incomes. One of the biggest industries in the Ozarks is reselling used goods. That makes a barter system possible when people are told to take the Mark or they will not be allowed to buy or sell on the Beast system.

The Eastern Ozarks have a 95 percent canopy of mixed Oak and Pine. I think it would be very difficult for eyes in the sky to keep tract of movements of people on the ground. Most people in the Ozarks are well armed and they know how to use those arms.

The steep terrain in the Ozarks with its narrow winding roads does not allow for heavy military equipment except for on a few primary roads. Tanks would be almost useless in the Ozarks. The saying “I will see you if the creeks don’t rise” is reality here. After a heavy rain many roads are not passable and the Ozarks get a lot of heavy rain.

Ground troops would literally have a hell of a time trying to occupy the Ozarks. I call the Ozarks in its long growing season the green hell. If you were in Vietnam, you might get the picture. Some that  grew up here seem to be immune to the nasty creatures of the green hell but most outsiders are not. I think that is because some people here are just too ornery for anything to bite.

If outsiders dare to march through the green hell of the Ozarks from March until December without hazmat suits on, they could end up in the emergency room with third degree bites. And if they use hazmat suits they will die of heat exhaustion.

If the ticks do not get them the chiggers will, and if the chiggers do not get them the gnats will, and if the gnats do not get them the mosquitoes, flies, and hornets will, and if none of the above don’t get them they will reap the side effects of using chemicals to keep them off. They would also have to deal with snakes and spiders. You cannot hike in the Ozarks most of the year without blazing a path through spider webs and you cannot see snakes in the heavy underbrush.

Copperheads are all over the place and big rattlesnakes are not uncommon. Even some common black snakes around here could almost swallow a midget whole. I once seen a black snake span from one side of the road to the other and it moved down that road like a coil traveling faster than any man could run.

There would be plenty of guerilla/gorilla resistance in the Ozarks against the forces of the new world order Antichrist. There are those that would be identified as guerillas because of their resistance to an occupying army and there are those identified as gorillas because they were raised to be animals. Even now, there is no shortage of both species around here.

People in the Ozarks are not very “progressive”. They don’t care much about being politically correct.

If outsiders want to know about transgender bathrooms in the Ozarks, they will be pointed to the outhouse. I know of a fairly well attended church located not too far from here that has a transgender outhouse.

If outsiders want information about the progresses of cultural diversity in the Ozarks, they will be given directions to the nearest Mexican or Chinese Restaurant. They are expanding faster than Dollar Stores in the Ozarks.

Common Core here is the core that is left after the apple is eaten. The common core needs to be tossed.

A gay marriage is a marriage and reception that has a keg hidden behind the outhouse.

A prayer rug is the carpet at the front altar of the Pentecostal churches.

Agenda 21 is a bus trip to the nearest local Casino.

Climate Change always happens in the Ozarks. You can’t avoid it or fix it.

Building and zoning laws are not enforced here. A lot of not so handy men just build and fix things the Ozarks way. That way is the cheapest possible method.

If outsiders want to dishonor Jesus in the Ozarks, some in the Ozarks might think that they should help them meet their maker.

Allah is not God in the Ozarks even in the many Masonic Mosques.

The Ozarks will not be the only place on earth where the forces of the Beast world order might have a hard time gaining total control. Perhaps you know of another place and you want to talk about it? We Rapture believers should have answers for the post-toasties and the unbelievers out there that are left behind to deal with the Beast world order.


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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Escape Beast World Order in Ozarks — 48 Comments

  1. Don. HUSH your mouth! Don’t go invitin’ folks to our backyard. I don’t want my cozy little place down in the holler along the crick overrun by the great unwashed masses tryin’ to escape tyranny and political correctness and building codes! 😉

    A few guinea hens and some chickens take care of most the ticks. A goat will deal with the green vine from hell, if’n you of a mind to let ’em wander.

  2. Hi Doug,

    I know how to deal with some of that problem on my few acres but any NWO Beast forces marching through the Ozarks would not know how to deal with them.

    Dealing with guineas and chickens is a lot of work and black snakes like to eat them. I see you did not mention chiggers and gnats because chickens don’t help there. And goats are called goats for darn good reason.

    Besides, I am trying to sell my old place and need some of those post-toasties to start looking for their hideout.

  3. Chiggers. Ugh! Don’t know how to deal with them except stay out of the forests and tall grass until the first good frost kills them. Actually, except for that . . . and maybe the spider webs spun throughout the forests so that you have to swing a stick when you travel through them, I love the Ozarks, and most of the folks I’ve met down there are real fine people.

  4. Hi Don,

    I am curious as to how you ended up living in such an interesting part of the country? Did you grow up there? As for where I live… Well.. It is in western Oregon… We will certainly welcome the anti christ system with open arms.. Promise free stuff, more government control, more mood altering chemicals, and the masses will gladly sign on. My wife, son and I being believers definitely puts us in the minority. I look forward to the rapture.

    Rod in Oregon

  5. Hi Rod,

    I worked in St Louis for awhile and occasionally canoed the wild scenic rivers of the Ozarks. Later my wife found jobs in the Ozarks in her medical profession. She is still working and I am now living on a bluff on one of these wild scenic rivers that I loved.

  6. Good one, Don, I’m still laughing. We don’t quite live in the Ozarks but we’re pretty close by in the Cookson Hills – the foothills of the Ozarks. Our problem is that we messed around and cleared too much of our property (about three of our 18 acres) and now the Google Earth eye in the sky has us recorded for all to see. Rats! Well, whatever. I know I’m not going to be here for the really bad stuff, so thankfully maybe I won’t have to become a guerilla at my age.

    But, I can tell you that everyone in this part of the country has an arsenal and they all do a lot of target practicing and they know how, and are willing, to use that arsenal.

    Yeah, we have our share of copperheads, water moccasins, and a few rattlesnakes, not to mention the dang ticks and mosquitos and those dreaded chiggers. But we’ve learned how to deal with it – no biggie. The biggest black snake I’ve ever seen tried to swallow two of my chicks that I had raised in the house until they were big enough to put outside. They were too big for him to swallow so he just left them dead on the coop floor. Well, he got his due later on after my husband installed an electric fence all around the coop. Big Blackie got hung up in the chicken wire and the electric wire and was fried to a crisp. But, that wasn’t enough for my husband. He ran and got his shotgun and killed the varmint again.

    You’re right. The NWO Beast forces would have their work cut out for them to survive in this kind of country. Forget tanks. We have so many darned rocks, some the size of a Volkswagon, I’d like to see a tank navigate them. And for some reason, the vegetation this year is like a jungle. Well, I guess the NWO bunch could napalm us and burn it all up. Something tells me they will probably stay in the urban areas anyway and leave us rednecks alone. But, as I said before – Praise the Lord – we won’t be here to see it!

  7. Hi Linda

    A fairly big black snake got in the chicken coup one night and ate about a dozen of my wife’s chicks in no time. She cut off the snake’s head with a malachite but that did not help the chicks any. She no longer raises chickens they take up too much time for what it is worth. The Cookson Hills is not much different than here. Probably not as many pines through.

  8. i live in a crowded area in north new jersey. I hope i get raptured or otherwise my head is goin roll of my shoulders in the not too distant future.

  9. Based on your discription of the Ozarks I’m not sure if it sounds that appealing lol.

    Anyway, my question is when the Bible says the beast will control ALL the people in the ENTIRE WORLD, is it meant to be taken literally?
    I find it hard to believe that every last person on earth will be under his control, especially when nations seem to be resisting him in Revelation. It seems he will have little influence on small remote self sufficient tribes in the Amazon jungle for instance.

  10. Jim,

    Not all will be deceived by the Beast but the world system that controls the whole world at his appearing will because of the signs and wonders of the False Prophet.

    All people on earth will also hear the gospel of the coming kingdom of Christ, It will be told by the two witnesses, the 144,000 and finally by angels. What people do with that message is what determines their eternal destiny.

  11. Dear don my sister has become a slave of the ADVENTISTS do you believe it is a cult they have this crazy book conflict of the ages plus an ugly woman ellen white as their guru any insight as to how get my sister out HELP!!

  12. Helmer,

    You’re off topic. I do have a email address for people to contact me, but people might also try the search box on the bottom of my website homepage to see if I already wrote about something. I recently wrote about the Adventists on this blog because of Dr. Ben Carson. One has to be ignorant about many things to still believe that God was giving Ellen White direct revelation. Yes, it can be a cult.

    The truth will sometimes set a person free. Give your sister a critique of Adventist doctrine by biblical teachers. You can find those criticisms on the Internet.

  13. “…This common core needs to be tossed.”

    Well Don, I hate to disagree w/ you here but I enjoy eating the core of the apple. It’s the best part!

    My friend that I would help on his parents farm introduced to me eating the core too, he said city slickers throw away the best part of the apple. I eat seeds and all, it’s the sweetest part.

    Also the milk directly from the farm makes vitamin D taste like skim milk, man I miss that.

  14. Although some of what this Pastor says is true he is just preaching a common false presumption to his audience because it is popular with churches that will not take a stand on the social issues.

    I do not know how many times I have to tell people that 2 Ch 7:14 is not to America. Scripture has to be taken in correct context. The passage is telling Solomon that the problem in Israel was that the people of Israel were being cursed because of their wicked ways, if they changed and obeyed God, Israel would receive blessings. Obedience was the cure for God’s covenant nation on earth.

    The covenant nation of Christians is the kingdom of heaven, not America.

    This presumptious message is not a cure for America. God is not going to heal America just because the ten percent of saved people in it humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. Do true Christians in Christ even have wicked ways??? America is really being judged because of the 90 percent in America that have rejected the God of the Bible even though they still like to identify as Christians. The only thing that can change the lost is the gospel message but few are preaching it.

    Instead, they preach such stuff to the choir about the choir repenting and stop picking their nose in the sanctuary. And we should do this to make America great again? God’s agenda for Christians is not about making America great again. America is not our land. Christians cannot even get into the Body of Christ without first humbling themselves and admitting that they are sinners in need of God’s Savior.

    True Christians are not the problem in America. This passage has nothing to do about healing America so pagans can go right on progressing in their sins. The real problem in our churches is that 90 percent of the “Christian leaders” in America wrongly use the scriptures. They ignore context and they do nothing about learning proper exegesis (understanding) of the scriptures. And if these leaders and their followers are afraid to take a stand on the abominations that prevail in America why would God honor such “Christian” lip service.

  15. I certainly agree that America, Canada or any other so call Christian Nation is going to be healed, we are living in the last days, if anyone reading the scriptures cannot see this, then you don’t understand the bible and God’s message. This entire planet is going to hell in a hand basket, all morality is gone, perversion is now becoming the norm, sexual sin is rampant, sensual pleasure, money and the pleasures it can bring, legalization of drugs. We can no longer function on just being normal we need an escape to a higher level. The young people of today don’t understand what being normal is because they have abandoned the ways of God. My family know that things are winding down, we still hunt and fish and raise our own produce. Those in the large cities are going to feel it first, when food becomes scarce. I pray that I can remain in Christ. You once said it yourself Don, it may not be long before web sites like yours will be not allowed, but in the meantime keep it up for the sake of the Kingdom.

  16. Hi Wayne,

    But Christian leaders want American Christians to believe that if THEY turned from their wicked ways the whole wicked world would just become hunky-dory.

    Facebook and Twitter have already agreed to help the EU censor unpolitical correct speech in Europe. It will come here as soon as the make of the SCOTUS gets a bit more “progressive”. Very soon websites that do not go along with the PC agenda will not be found.

  17. I could just briefly read I kno what ur saying on that part, we r in last days & were not bringing America back for sure.. I’ll talk tomorrow thou… thanks for checking it out. Tomarra 🙂

  18. Actually, I am saying that I am tired of people using 2 Ch 7:14 out of its context as if spouting such nonsense could be the magic pill for America. Meanwhile, they do nothing to try to stop the “progressive” godless agenda in America. God forbid, “progressive” humanists in the pews might get mad! They won’t even preach the gospel. They preach a prosperity or feel good message.

  19. Let me see if I can state this clearly without going off on a tangent.

    Hopefully we’re not getting too off-topic here, except that it does underscore the point that we true Christians just aren’t going to be here for the bad stuff.

    Others would probably call me selfish for not being moved to pray for this country or our leaders. But I simply believe that America has already moved past the point of no return and no amount of prayer will help because God has probably stopped listening. The Laodicean church has seen to that.

    I am actually fascinated by all that’s happening that clearly shows bible prophecy coming to pass. It shows me that God is sovereign and always in control and His plan, which is spelled out in great detail in the Bible, will be accomplished. I have quit worrying about all that happens (although it outrages me to no end) because “these things must happen.” Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in rural areas like the Ozarks and Cookson Hills can hunker down, keep a low profile, watch the rest of the world commit suicide while we bask in the glory of our Lord and His Word.

    We know how it’s going to end. They don’t, because they refuse to take the Word of God seriously. They want to cherry pick it and make it say what they want it to. They want their pastors to tickle their ears. They want the world to continue to go on to the New World Order, thinking that it will solve all the world’s problems.

    Well, I do not. I am anxious and even impatient for the Lord to give His command to Christ to come and get us. I am no longer of this world and could care less about any of it. Someone can come and live on my little plot of land and see if they can make it through the Tribulation.

    The “progressives” are doomed and won’t listen to those of us who can tell them the truth. So be it! Maranatha!

  20. France is hosting a 20 nation peace deal for israel palestine soon.. hmm will it be the 7 year peace deal or no, if yes then we are getting raptured soon

  21. 126cardinal – I personally don’t think it will be the 7-year peace deal because the Antichrist hasn’t appeared yet and I don’t think we true Christians will see that take place. But. . .I believe that once the world (with the backing of Obama) has divided Israel and Jerusalem, that all hell will break loose, because God is going to curse those who divide His holy city. It’s just more Bible prophecy falling into place.

  22. i thought that the antichrist will confirm an existing 7 year peace deal but i think ur right its to early for that. I agree, i think once the land is divided we are going to see prophecies speed up big time and hell break lose. But does it really say in the bible that isreal will be divided in the last days? Because i think these guys are getting serious with dividing it now

  23. Zechariah 12:3 says “And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.” And I believe that the nations who participate in forcing Israel to divide Jerusalem will be cursed.

  24. Some good topics going on here. I was on the road sense yesterday, now I can catch up w/ u all. Pheww

    Ya, ur so right Don. I do see it now about 2 Ch 7:14 being misinterpreted, it’s not meant for us it was meant for Israel at that time. Although I was getting into that guys sermon, that part about bringing America back I still knew better, didn’t agree to that part because it’s too late for this country. (Rom 1)

    I totally agree w/ Linda, great post. Yea, they’ll divide Israel & Jerusalem especially if Hillary gets in. Her email records showed where she talked about encouraging riots in Jerusalem in order to get the process going. It’s coming! Just think, soon whether it be 5, 10, 15 years from now, we are there!

    We took a break from the road & was walking along this underdeveloped road w/ grass & weeds springing up & I thought it wouldn’t take long for everywhere to look like this & also it started to really hit that we are at the end of the age. We are really at the end of the age & so many people just like in Noah’s time had no clue even though they were warned many times over, when it hit, it was too late. That’s the world today.

    Indeed.. Zechariah 12:3

  25. I am disgusted with all of the joel osteens pat robertson etc and with the entirety of the so called political establishment of the us their sheer arrogance and presumptousness that america the once beautiful is on the rebound NOT!!the tipical american is rendered a true imbecile inbetween the defense of the islam cult the reality shpws the fixation with the beyonces ann madonnas of the whoreworld no america you defied GOD you are no longer ananation under GOD you deified that CHARLATAN OSAMA OBAMA LIKE IT MATTERS FOR 8 YEARS!!!!you betrayed ISRAEL!!GODS WRATH WILL DEVASTATE TE ONCE ALL POWERFULL AMERICAN EMPIRE NEROS ROME AND SODOM AND GOMORRAH ARE NO RIVALS FOR YOUR DEGRADING PRESENT STATE OF AFFAIRS GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED AMERICA INDEED YOU DID REACH THE POINT OF NO RETURN THE ROMAN EMPIRE DID FELL WERE YOU SO LACKING IN WISDOM THAT YOU HAD THE AUDACITY TO PRESUME THAT YOUR DECADENT EMPIRE OF RAP GHETTO MENTALITY JUNKFOOD AND PUTE AND UNADULTERATED EVIL WOULD GO ON AS BUSINESS AS USUAL WOE TO TO YOU BUT NO COMMISERATION FROM ME I AM GLAD I RETIRED AND LEFT CHIRAC OR CHICAGO FOR AN UNNAMED CARIBBEAN ISLAND!!



  28. Helmer,

    True. But, if you find that your Caribbean Island is so much better, don’t you think you should tell left behind people which one? After all, this post really is about escaping the Beast for those left behind. If you go in the Rapture, you will not be there anyways so those left behind will not be crowding you. I do however have to warn people that the Bible says that every Island will be moved out of its place in the tribulation (Rev 6:14).

  29. My ears are ringing. I’d love to move to a Caribbean island, but my wife likes 4 seasons and wants to be close to the grandkids. Go figure. If I did manage to convince her, the island I’d seriously consider is St Vincents. It’s very laid-back and not high on the tourists’ radar.

  30. Don, it look’s like the Ozarks are rugged and beautiful, lots of game and means to sustain one’s self. I live in southern Alberta, 40 miles from the Rockies. By the way our Prime Minister just raised the Gay Flag on Parliament Hill, tells where were going. My spirit is restless these days, for I do believe our redemption is at hand.

  31. Doug,

    A long time ago I saw a TV program that claimed St Vincent has a problem with biting Gnats. I also know a couple that moved to the Ozarks after living there for many years. I guess they just got tired of Island living.


    Canada is about where Europe is on the issues because it also rejects true Christianity. The entire West is now antichrist, so is the East. Come to think of it, that can be said about most of the nations on earth. The Dominic Republic seems to be an exception, there may be a few others.

  32. I will try to make this question as short as possible: I just inherited a large piece of property in the midwest (Ohio). It has plenty of wildlife and a pond that could be stocked with fish. I am the only true believer in the family (sigh). Obviously, I would like to sell my share for financial reasons but I am hesitate because of the coming Rapture and or / EMP. My conservative
    brother who lives on the property has an extensive gun collection. My liberal son -in law definitely knows how to use these guns (4 tours in Afg). My husband/son and I live about 1000 miles away and the daughter about 600 miles.
    How hard would it be to travel to a desired location? Is this article more to get people to move before the fact or to have them quickly relocate?

  33. donni,

    One of the reasons the article was written is to tell people that are left behind after the Rapture where it would be difficult to establish an antichrist global agenda. I am not suggesting that people should move to places like the Ozarks before the fact unless they are one of those that think they will be fighting the Beast/Antichrist in some tribulation that is already starting (that is being taught).

    A HEMP over America is a different situation. That very well could occur before the Rapture. How difficult it would be to relocate after a HEMP depends upon how successful it is at crippling America. Nobody can predict that. Just keep in mind, that if relocation was necessary and easy everyone would be doing it.

    I do not think it is wise to make financial decisions based on Rapture or EMP conjectures. Some people have been doing the former since the 1800’s but we are still here. And the actual future threat against America from an EMP or the damage it would cause to our infrastructure is unknowable.

  34. Dear don the island is puerto rico i would rather live in spain but my pension from the board is so meagre 31 659 anual that for the time i do not see that as feasible my mother left me a house with a lt land in the center of the island it is a mountaineus area this is time of great challenge for myself because the lifestyle i was used to vanished. Don i am also helping my sister take care of my mother she is 84 and through her i became a christian i loathe self pity so discovering your blog has been quite a blessing today is my bithday 58 yrs i am alive i breathe gracefully and miraculously i have never touched nicotine drugs or any mind altering substances but don the classroom environment in
    Chicago was so TOXIC AND DIABOLLICALLY PERVERSE that when i discovered i coyld retire albeit with a penalty i did so it has been a rollercoaster for your humble servant i am a confirmed singleman and have for better or worse become quite a hermit i just cannot abide foos or idiotic people harrassing my mind with their stupidity and sinfull ways such is my lfe i read the bible every day and hope for my soyl and spirit to carry me through but even spain is facing the cursed islamic cancer so for now i am in the tropics rrent free bless you don and all of your sympathizers!!

  35. Hi Helmer,

    Best wishes in possibly what may become our 51st state. Living there makes a lot more sense than living in Chicago. I often wished that I could speak Spanish so I would have Latin America options but I cannot even deal with good English.


  37. Culpeper is small..and we are five miles out,and only fifteen miles from Sperryville,with left turn you headed out to skyline drive.all switchbacks.few people.we used to.have one social worker for five counties!..we.might get left alone.not counting on it!

    The only reason to fight now is to.keep a window open for preaching the gospel,and protecting our children.that means attempting to find sound leadership locally,and perhaps slowing down liberal judges getting things get worse,Christians will truly stand out like sore thumbs,and that is going to be a good thing.God in in control.even if it looks like the devil is winning.

  38. Don,

    The 144,000 witnessing Jews start immediately after the rapture? Right. It’s not half way thru the tribulation that they start. I just heard some idiot say that as they were also saying u can take the mark of the beast & still go to heaven. That’s some bullsh*t right there! But the reference of the 144,000 was a side comment as a matter of fact rationalizing the lie of their point.

    Actually I do kno the answer it’s immediately after but I was like “wait a minute” but before I came across this just now I was thinking of asking u who do u think will be the two witnesses? Elijah & ?


  39. Elijah and Moses. Enoch was not Jewish, and the tribulation is a very Jewish event. Of course, it might be Harry and Wayne. We’ll know when it happens, watching from above, of course.

  40. Sounds a lot like Texas! Great post. Nice to read a Christian with a great sense of humor. Thanks Don!

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