Hillary’s crimes don’t matter to Romans One people and the indoctrinated

Reality in America can be much scarier than any haunting experiences on Halloween. The possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of The United States of America is more scary than fiction.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Hillary’s crimes include willful mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, perjury, bribery, money laundering, pay-for-play, racketeering, and possibly treason, sex crimes, and murder. Such crimes would get her executed in about any other non Western country in the world. However, in The United States, Hillary might instead be elected President.

Apparently Hillary’s crimes do not matter to almost half the people in America. Many Americans have been indoctrinated to believe lies. Many such people can be best identified as the Romans One people. They are given over to a reprobate mind.

Romans 1:28  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29  Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30  Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31  Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32  Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Polls tells us that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to vote for Hillary Clinton. That is because learning centers in America have become indoctrination centers. Over 90 percent of those teaching in colleges and universities have a socialist secular humanist or new age spiritualist worldview. Almost none teach others the Christian worldview with Christian values. That view is not allowed in America’s public fool system. Most teachers in big city America are Romans One people

The polls indicate that Trump is leading by a large margin with men and Hillary is leading by a large margin with women voters. It seems to me that many women in this country have been indoctrinated by radical feminists. Even so, don’t pollsters know that the nation is being told to believe that there are more than two sexes? Where are the PC lawsuits? Actually, where is there any sanity here at all?

Polls also indicate that over 80 percent of black voters will vote for Hillary Clinton. Most blacks have been indoctrinated to believe that Democrat leaders will help blacks. However, in reality, throughout American history, the Democratic Party hindered the advancement of blacks.

Illegal Latinos coming from nations south of the border only know what happened in the country that they came from. There they often were peons of rich land owners and capitalists so they want wealth redistribution. The Democrat leaders in the United States claim to favor wealth redistribution and open borders, so illegal Latino immigrants when they can vote will vote for the Democrats. Even so, in the United States the filthy rich taskmasters are more likely to be Democrats.

Democratic Party policies destroy the middle class. That leaves no way for poor people to advance out of their poverty. Hillary Clinton certainly will not help minorities find a way to get out of poverty. Why should she? Poverty and government dependence keeps Latinos voting the Democratic Party.

Will Hillary Clinton be elected to be our President? If you want to believe the polls as of November 4th, the election is close to being a toss-up. The indoctrinated and the Romans One people will vote however MSM talking heads tell them to vote. However, there are still some rational people in America.

I think Trump will get more actual voter turn out, so he should win. However, the Democrats are committing vote and election fraud and that could change the equation. There is no way to measure the election fraud impact until after the election, if that could be accomplished even then. When people do not have to show identity to vote some will claim to be dead people. They are dead. They are dead to God. These are Romans One people.

One thing I am sure of is that if Hillary is elected she will either become a virtual dictator or else she will be forced to resign or be impeached and removed for high crimes. There is a defacto soft reverse coup underway coming from elements of intelligence agencies and the military. Even if Hillary takes office, I do not think she will stay in office for most of her first term. Of course Hillary could try to start a war to take the focus off herself, but the military may not carry out her orders.

I think people in our own intelligence agencies are the ones leaking information. I believe they are only leaking enough information to try to keep Hillary from winning the election. They believe there would be riots in the streets fostered by the Far left if they revealed information that forces Hillary to step down before the election. They do not want the Black Lives Matter riots threat to become a reality. Sometime after the election the truth will come out.

If Hillary wins, there will be total war between the two factions. The Democrats will have the political power to try to suppress the information. However, they cannot suppress the truth about Clinton’s crimes when it is all over the Internet and on alternative media. The truth will come out.

If the crimes are as wicked as I believe they are, and Hillary is not removed from office, people will take to the streets. I think we are going to find out that prominent people in national leadership and other high places are part of a cabal of people who practice satanic rituals and sex crimes. The proof will come from Anthony Weiner’s computer unless it somehow goes missing.

If Hillary obviously steals a close election through fraud, nationalist Trump supporters will be marching in the streets before Hillary ever takes office. The election results will then go to the Supreme Court. They probably will rule in favor of Hillary or let the lower court ruling stand no matter the amount of evidence for fraud. That will not fly in flyover country.

On the other hand, if Trump wins and the election is close, the Democrats will take to the streets with lawlessness and riots. They also will take the election results to the courts where they are likely to win. They will win because the courts in those states are controlled by Democrats and because the U.S. Supreme court has four far left ideologues that always vote with the Democrats. These far left ideologues in the Supreme Court could be joined by a fifth before anyone even takes office. Obama will push hard to get a “Justice” replacement before the Christmas recess. Some in the Republican party that love globalism and that hate Trump just might let that happen. If Trump wins, the only way that the radical far left sponsored civil disobedience might not take root is if there is a Trump landslide.

I do not rule out anything from Obama. He is quite popular right now which means he is quite dangerous to our republic. It also means that the majority of Americans have been successfully indoctrinated by the “educational” system and the main stream media. After 8 years of this anti-American unconstitutional president over half of the nation still believes Obama is doing a good job. What some also overlook is that Obama enabled Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is at the very top of the list of Romans One people. The main reason that Trump has any chance of winning at all is because no one likes Hillary.

Hillary is mean-spirited. She is a national security disaster. Hillary thinks rules are only for little people. Everyone knows that Hillary will do anything to get elected. She clearly stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders. On top of all that, Hillary is mentally and physically not up to doing the job.

If Obama were allowed to run, he certainly would win. That is because the socialist immigrants, minority racists, government dependents and Romans one people are now the majority in America. With that in mind, the nation is screwed no matter who is elected President. However, with Hillary the realization of that will probably come sooner rather than later.

Vote your conscience on November 8th 2016, if you actually have one. Romans One people do not qualify.

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Hillary’s crimes don’t matter to Romans One people and the indoctrinated — 65 Comments

  1. The problem is that most Hillary supporters see Trump, and Christian conservatives as the biggest threat to the earth. They think Trump will start WW3, and that us climate change deniers will cause TEOTWAWKI.

    I’m not even kidding a little bit.

    This is exactly how many deranged liberals think. To them Hillary’s corruption and crimes pales in significance to the whole world being destroyed by nuclear fire and high CO2 levels.

    If a fair election were held I think Trump would win, but we are not dealing with honest people are we? Even Assange says he doesn’t think Trump will be allowed to win as the entire radical left has their agenda dependent on Hillary winning.

    I agree she will not make it through her term but all she has to do is quickly appoint radical justices to the SCOTUS and legalize millions of illegals. Creepy clown Kaine can do the rest.

  2. I don’t even discuss political issues with the insane ppl that surround me daily.these things were all told to us in the Bible and there isn’t a thing that can be done to change that. I vote my conscience knowing that at this point it will not make a huge difference.

  3. wow your article is right on point!!! i just can’t understand why anybody would vote for that evil spirit hillary. Just like u said don the majority in this country are romans one there is no other way to explain it, they have all been brainwashed its sad.

  4. Don, I really believe Trump would win if, like you said, it is a truly fair election. However, I will be shocked if he actually takes office. If he does it will be divine intervention in my opinion.

    Also, like you said, I believe this nation may be too far gone at this point for any president to have a significant impact. It will take another world war to reverse the globalist agenda that is so firmly entrenched. And America could be seen as Nazi Germany if that war did occur.

  5. Don, sometimes I wish I could call you wrong. Sadly, I do not want to understand the mindset of a Hillary supporter. They seem so self righteous in their evil. I suspect that is Trump should get past the vote rigging, and media and win that the government will not allow him to take office. Obama cannot afford to have Trump do special prosecutors.

  6. I watch Fox News, I do not watch CNN…so is what I’m seeing biased ?

    I did recently see an interview of a gentleman formerly in Hillary’s camp and he said that Hillary is a totally different person behind closed doors as opposed to her camera presence.

    He described her as a tyrannically mean person who commonly yells at people with vengeance, including Bill who is said to know when to walk on eggshells around “Shrillery”.

    Don, from what I gather, you are correct, Hillary is very mean spirited…nothing new here, I know.

    I did see with my own eyes how Hillary laughed in the courtroom at the allegations against her, No, she really did literally laugh more than once….Benghazi and the eMail Scandal are big jokes to Hillary, showing total disregard for the justice system, and of course, that the laws of justice don’t apply to her, in her opinion.

    I have also heard it said by people familiar with “the system” that Obama on his way out can pardon Hillary for most, if not all, of her indiscretions….and even Hillary, if she were to be elected as POTUS, can pardon herself for most of her past actions which then leaves impeachment….but where did that get our nation with Bill ?

    I have heard it said that if Hillary is elected, she will enforce the “Separation of Church & State” nonsense against the Christian Church to an extreme in favor of Islam, of course. Hillary is said to be even more Islamic biased than Obama. Hillary’s Aide is a Muslim.

    Hillary will side with UNESCO against Israel.

    Hillary will be pro-3rd trimester abortion, and of course, agree with the UN & The Pope, for wide open borders, and will fight against Americans bearing 2nd Amendment rights.

    I do not love the idea of Donald Trump as POTUS, however, this is simply a lessor of two evils by a wide margin in my opinion. Trump at least is a Nationalist who will back Israel !

    Perhaps, through my own lack of understanding on how things work, I still do not understand how Bernie Sanders won a state via the people’s vote, but Hillary still won the delegates according to the DEM’s electoral process.

    Don, maybe you or someone else can educate me on this ?

    It seems to me that the only way this can happen is the “powers that be” made it so, which makes me wonder what REALLY happens behind the scenes for every electoral process including the Trump votes.

    Obviously, Bernie Sanders was just a bad joke put in position by the DEM’s to make Hillary look good.

    Are “the powers that be” making sure by whatever means necessary that Hillary is elected ?

    And will there really be any recourse if it is found to all be illegally done ?

  7. I feel like I’m in a real life version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. People who I thought were rational thinking people aren’t who they seem to be. A very devout Catholic person I know is voting for Clinton. How can that be? I thought Catholics were completely against abortion. Clinton is for late term abortion! It’s as if a vast majority of our country has gone mad. They indeed have been given over to a reprobate mind. The only solace is knowing that Jesus Christ is with us who trust and believe in him. I can’t imagine how bleak things would be without that knowledge.

  8. ~David,

    It all has to do with super delegates that are picked by the party and not by the majority voters in the respective states. Keep in mind that the party makes the rules. They fixed it for Hillary before the primaries even began.

  9. This is the best piece of commentary I’ve heard about this election in a long time.

  10. I’ve just read a piece by Joel Rosenberg on why he has changed his mind and will vote for Donald Trump. He wrote about 1 Samuel 8 – 12, where the people of Israel want an earthly king instead of God.

    An extract from Joel’s writing:
    ‘Finally, I have been studying I Samuel chapters 8 through 12 as I’ve been wrestling with the question, “Can I vote for a candidate for whom I have serious reservations?” In this fascinating passage, the Hebrew judge and prophet Samuel is grieved by the direction ancient Israel is going. He is grieved by Israel’s rebellion against the Lord. They want an earthly king, someone tall and strong and decisive — rather than the Lord — to govern them, lead them, protect them and solve their problems. Samuel goes to the Lord with great anguish to protest, but the Lord tells him three times to “listen to the voice of the people.” The Lord even directs Samuel to publicly anoint and bless a seriously flawed and woefully inexperienced man named Saul to be the king. The Lord does this even though He knows that Saul will fail the people and need to be replaced. But the Lord gives Samuel one further directive: Make sure the people understand what they are doing, and how urgently they need to turn back to the Lord – not to a man – to see their nation blessed and saved. “Now then, listen to their voice,” said the Lord. “However, you shall [also] solemnly warn them.” Did God tell Samuel to support a flawed man for the highest position of leadership in the nation even though it went directly against Samuel’s conscience? Yes, He did. But Samuel was never to stop calling the nation back to the Lord until the day he died. Now I am not Samuel, and Mr. Trump is not Saul. The details are different. But the principle is intriguing, and it has been helpful to me’.

    How very appropriate.

  11. Julie,

    I completely disagree with your last comment and that line of thinking. Why are Christians suddenly so hung up about voting for Trump? We are not appointing a pastor here. Hillary Clinton is an evil corrupt liar of the highest order. Trump is an angel compared to her. Nothing bothers me more than Christians not being able to decide if Trump is better than Hillary. I can understand not voting (still think its very stupid idea though). We are not Israel and never will have the same relationship with God that the old testament Jews did. I have never seen such reservation from the Christian community in voting until the two most dangerous candidates of all time ( Obama and Hillary) were running. Of all the times to not vote it cannot be now.

  12. The Lord appoints rulers and removes them. Dan_2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:

    Countries get the leaders they deserve. We deserved a leader like obama. A fake person. Obama is king of the fakers. a man born in Kenya who is a closeted homosexual and a devout muslim. Notice during his 8 years how many things have been shown to be fraudulent.

    Now since God has showed us how truly fake we are as a nation he will show our criminal deeds next. Who better then a criminal at the helm like hillary. Yes ,America has been very instrumental is the globalization of the world and it’s hands in everything that is related to darkness. End times Babylon would not be possible without USA. obama like hillary are useful idiots for satan, nothing more. We are heading into a time unparalleled in human history.

    I love my God, Yeshua. I love his book the Bible. I also love his plan. His plan is perfect. God allows the satanists to construct their entire system which they are doing right now. Right after they complete it he steps and says, I don’t think so and enforces his rule. He doesn’t have to reclaim anything since he never gave up ownership. The satanists are merely squatters who get evicted. Remember what Lord says, Be of Good Cheer for I have overcame the world.

  13. In the end, most #nevertrump people will ultimately vote for him. They will just close their eyes, & vote straight Republican ticket, and hope for the best. The whole movement was an effort to try and replace Trump through a number of efforts. Namely a third party candidate, or have him resign, or other ways. Having failed, they have no real choices now but to vote for him. The polls could very likely not show this hidden minority because they don’t want to be on record for voting for him. But in the end, they most all will.

    It’s going to be a nail bitter on election night. I’m sick just thinking about it. After these last 8 years, the prospect of more corruption into the foreseeable future is just depressing. May God have mercy on us all.

  14. I agree america has indeed turn its back to GOD i never in my wildest night mares thought that the USA would support a sickning disgustingly hipoccritical charlatan as OBAMA but it all did start with clowns as bush the drunken moron also how can one conceive that a so called democratic nation allows 7 JUDGES to decide on fundamental issues that impact not only america but the rest of the world i always have been an optimist i thought of the USA as a land of justice and fairness no more i think DON you are correct in your assesment whereupon you affirm that THE USA has reached the point of no return regardless of what outcome this election has it is over for AMERICA THE ONCE BEAUTIFUL. How can it not be when a SCUMBAG as obama is elected in the first place i still cannot help wondering how on earth did the USA got to this point so rapidly so unflingchinly it is as if it were bent on a self inflicted choice to go straight to HELL a deathwish if you will. UNFATHOMABLE DON your thoughts will be apppreciated by myself BLESS YOU!!! Helmer

  15. I really appreciate what Klaus wrote November 5 @ 10:59am.

    My personal view is much the same.

    Well said !

  16. This election has shown me the true colors of some of those i’d call “close friends”, and it terrifies me, how people can feel that Hillary will do a good job being the leader of this country is utterly baffling to me. It also makes me sick to my stomach, because I thought I understood some of these people…

  17. All of these top level people in government in our nation and the rest of the world are Freemasons. They are all controlled by the Jesuits and we now have a Jesuit Pope. More and more church leaders are saying we should join with the Catholic Church. Satan has so infiltrated the church and no one is seeing it because he comes as an angel of light.

    I do believe that the generation that is alive at the time when Israel became a state in 48 is the one that Jesus said would not pass away until the fulfillment of the end of the church age. I read the other day that Prince Charles of Wales fits 27 of the prophesies of the antichrist.

    Go to you tube and type in Freemasonry. I may be full of beans, but you need to look for yourself.33rd degree masons are worshiping Lucifer and are committed to Him more than any other God. It is all Satanic. There is a site that gives all of the leaders that are 33rd degree Masons which is the stone that the builders rejected. The antichrist has to be a descendent of David in order to deceive the nation of Israel. All of Masonry is to bring in one world order and religion. I believe these are descendent’s of the Pharisees and the worshipers of the Gods of Egypt. It shows up in their Idols. Prince Charles wife Diana ended in a strange death.

    There is a whole lot going on that we do not know about. Prince Charles was born the year that Israel went back in to there home land in 48 and His name in the Hebrew alphabet is 666.

    Check it out.

  18. Don and All,

    I don’t think you all are seeing the great “benefits” that Hillary as POTUS could bring to our nation.

    Here are 3 great benefits as such…

    #1…Hillary will decrease the prison population….she will continue upon Obama’s agenda and further un-crowd our prison population by further releasing serious and dangerous federal inmates for no apparent reason.
    Many presidents have done this before leaving office, but Hillary could radically impact our prison population like never before…hey, as a criminal herself, I’d expect no less.

    #2…Hillary could promote a new shopping experience for all women.
    What woman doesn’t like to shop ?
    With her anti-Christian, pro-Islamic stance….Hillary could promote burqua and even burquini shopping for those “fun times” at the beach on hot sunny summer days.

    #3…Most everyone in the U.S. could save on electricity bills…as Hillary will likely embolden Putin and other nations to EMP us.

    So, see ya’ll, it’s all about perspective ; (

  19. It appears that Hillary is surrounded by pedophiles. We have Bill, Podesta, and Weiner, and that’s just what we know about.

    Anyway, I feel that God is teaching us a lesson no matter the outcome. If Trump wins, then it was undoubtedly God who did it as the odds of someone pulling off what Trump did is unprecedented. How many people in the US could self fund their campaign if need be, have name recognition, have relatively no skeletons in their closet, be able to withstand the media onslaught, withstand the GOP treachery, and be a moderate nationalist all at the same time?
    Maybe like 5 people in the entire US could do this? If he wins I think he will have some role to play in setting up world events for the end times.
    If he loses, I think it’s a sign as well. If someone who had all of the above qualifications STILL cannot beat the evil called Hillary Clinton then nothing will. We would have to stop putting our trust in men and rely in God like we never have before. Either outcome teaches us a lesson.

  20. Don and All,

    What I wrote above was just my personal attempt at hyperbole humor, I have not read anything like that on the iNET or anywhere else. I will try to refrain from humor on your blog Don, my apologies.

    On a much more serious note…

    Is it just me, or does the Reno attempt supposedly against Trump’s safety look like a staged event ?

    No, I have not read anything like this on the Internet, this is just from my own viewing….however, Trump sure did know what was coming. It all looks very convenient and contrived to me likely to show Trumps resolve as he came back out minutes later.

    Today is Sunday, November 6….and again Hillary has evaded the law and justice according to FBI Director James Comey….all this seems too little, way too late, 2 days before election anyway.

    Don, from everything I have put together personally, Hillary is destined and chosen by the “powers that be” to be POTUS…there is just no way Hillary or anyone of her character should even be in the running for POTUS, much like Obama.

    If Trump were somehow to be elected, because he is an Elitist Nationalist, who does not do as “the powers that be” intend, he will not make it 4 years whether by corruption against him or death.

    These are just my thoughts/opinions and in no way are they statements or facts that I have read anywhere.

    Perhaps I am wrong on all accounts, I hope so.

  21. Mike Pence is Trump’s backup and insurance policy. Pence is a true Christian Conservative.

    It looks to me like pressure was put on James Comey to reopen the investigate but then the “Justice” department devised a plan to make Hillary look good just before the election. That of course could of been the intentions from the start. They exposed key senior people leaking information to the public. I understand that some of these in the FBI have been told to retire. I think that will put fear into the rest and I doubt that anyone in the NYPD will now dare doing anything about Hillary either.

    It now is up to the people on Tuesday. If Hillary wins, the nationalist movement will be shut down until the war.

    Does America deserve a real Witch to finish off the nation. We will soon find out.

  22. Don,

    Personally, I think very highly of Mike Pence, in fact, I prefer him much more than Trump…it’s a package deal, I get that.

    On what you said in your 2nd paragraph, those are the types of things that make me question the integrity of this election and everyone involved on both sides.

  23. What war Don? Conservatives are too responsible and nice to quit their jobs, leave their family, and start a bloody revolution. Protests will not accomplish anything. These people must be physically removed from power but the corrupt leaders in the police and military will not allow a coupe. We are just getting what we collectively deserve as a country.
    millions of illegals will be granted voting rights which will turn Texas blue in about 8 years imo. After that no Republican will win in 100 years. Trump was a once in a lifetime fluke that we prob won’t see again for many years (refer to my previous post).

  24. You are assuming that things will remain as they are now. God will judge the whole nation if Americans choose a wicked Jezebel to lead the nation and the world. Hillary is likely to get us in a nuclear war with Russia. Civil upheaval here will be caused by economic collapse and by oppressive tyrannical government. A grid down situation that could destroy America within weeks is getting very likely.

    Keep in mind that the globalist elite want to take America down. Unless The Church acts like Jonah and the nation actually hears and repents, I do not think America has more than a few years left as a world power.

    Further, there are many veterans that will not bow their knee to Jezebel tyranny. The first American Revolution was fought by less than two percent.

  25. As far as elections go. I always think of a quote by Josef Stalin, “Its not the person voting that matters, it’s the person who counts the votes that is important.” Hillarys fix is in. Soros is connected to voting machines in multiple states. These same machines were a concern to Venezuelan officials after elections showed either huge wins or landslide defeats.

    Do you really think beast system working behind the scenes will lose and relinquished the momentum they possess. Joh 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.
    We come closer to night. World is fallen and falls faster..

  26. Klaus, I think you hit the nail on the head (re: Stalin quote)….EXACTLY !!!

    Jim….8 years ?…100 years ?
    I question whether our nation has much shelf life left, especially with Hillary as POTUS, let alone 8 – 100 years.

    In 8 years, if our nation is still a significant nation at all, I’d suspect that any head of the U.S. would be heavily influenced by the UN or whatever will be leading the One World Governance agenda…just my opinion.

    I, of course, hope to be Raptured and be spending eternity with Jesus within 8 years.

  27. Janet Reno died today and is now a hot topic in more ways than one. Of course the libs will praise her for her good work.

    Just thinking out loud, but if a miracle happens and Trump wins. the dem’s will not try to impeach him because then they will get Pence who they know is a devout Christian. But I am not holding my breath. It will be a miracle of Trump wins. Most of the country has drank the cool aid that has been taught in our public fool system and will vote for what they think they are going to get rather than what they are going to get.

    At least we are on the winning side. Our hope is in Christ, not on government. So many are deceived. I do agree we are headed for disaster. We are to far in debt to borrow our way out. Printing money will continue till inflation kills us if nothing else.

  28. Don,

    If I may, I have heard some of the pastors I listen to bring up an interesting point about The Christian Church.

    In more than one occasion lately, I have heard pastors say that throughout Church history, that when the Church has been under severe persecution, the Church has become stronger as a unit and that it has been an effective way of weeding out the Christians “in name only”…the lukewarm Christians, that is.

    I understand that nobody wants to be persecuted, not a pleasant thought.

    Of course, we are seeing severe and extreme Chrisitan persecution all over the world at this point, but it hasn’t hit the U.S. to that measure quite yet.

    I get the feeling that pastors saying such things are preparing us in the event of a Clinton Presidency.

    What sayest thou ?

  29. There are churches and there is the Church. More than half of the pastors in America are not in the Church. For this reason and for others I do not think you can make a blanket statement as to the reason why some pastors say such things. Even so, the Church continues in nations even when there is persecution of Christians.

  30. Right now the US Presidential election has started on the East coast already. According to the Real Clear Politics average polls, their no toss up map shows Hillary winning 272 to 266 (electoral votes).

    However, New Hampshire has 4 electoral votes and Clinton is only up 0.6% in the RCP average for NH. Given that about 700,000 people voted in the 2012 Presidential election in New Hampshire we see a 11/7/2016 Trump “shortfall” of about 4,200 votes. So, Trump picks up another 4,201 votes overnight & tomorrow in New Hampshire – he is President elect on 11/8. Given that Trump was up 1.6% only yesterday in New Hampshire – it seems that Trump is really the average polling predicted winner for tomorrow. (Plus the momentum of the Senate races all shifting to the Republicans show positive overall Republican momentum despite what the reports gains of Hillary nationwide.)

    In reality, I believe that a Trump win is a direct reflection of how much of America has properly repented for its myriad of sinful behavior. As in ancient Israel – it probably doesn’t have to be a majority of people repenting – but just enough repentance for God to decide to continue to shield us from the true forces of evil for another four years (which is not really that much longer).

    Prayers for God’s protection and guidance in this very critical election are needed and requested. Amen!

  31. I read Romans 1 as God dealing with people in this age of Grace of the church… not nations. God will deal with nations in the near future. So many people incorrectly cite 2 Chronicles 7:14 as it’s “America’s Verse”… if you read it in context… it’s for Israel. Since they don’t have a temple at the moment, it’s not even applicable to them right now. But, that day is coming soon in the near future. It is indeed amazing to read Romans 1 and have it read straight out of the headlines for today’s news… wow… just wow! Don, thank you again for a reminder that God’s Word is 100% Truth!

  32. Spirit Cooking……………………….. In the White House, the United States is now in terminal decline and the landing will be very rough.

    So for my nation Australia, we are completely ignorant of the geopolitics spinning around us and we have this strange idea that a Hillary victory will a good outcome, because of “free trade”.

  33. You think enough of America has repented? I don’t see how that is possible. How do unbelievers repent without believing the word of God? God will allow Americans to vote in the leader deserved. Neither one will be a David but one will be a Jezebel.

  34. Don, I think we could have a war with either candidate being elected. Hillary probably means conflict at home and or with Russia directly or by proxy. Trump could still mean war with Russia, just much less likely.

    I think war/conflict with China is more likely with Trump in power, as someone over there was quoted as saying when referencing US return to isolationism. Civil unrest from BLM and the social justice peoples will undoubtedly occur with a Trump nomination as well.

    I also believe Trump’s nomination may usher in a severe recession or depression much sooner than a Hillary nomination like I believe you stated. A depression will probably cause riots in the streets if the government assistance is lessened or canceled entirely.

    Just remember that God works for good to those who love him, and indeed we are wise to the things that are here and coming. God bless you all and stay safe.

  35. A short term recession probably will happen before Trump’s policies even take place. He may not even get his policies through Congress without a recession. Trump’s tax cut suggestions will expand the economy in the medium term like Reagan’s did. Nothing looks good in the long term because of the national debt.

    Trump is not going to be isolationist. Congress would not allow that to happen. I am sure wars will come no matter who is elected. I do not think China wants to risk a major war now. Their economy and military would be destroyed and they would have revolution in their country. Even so, there could be a scrimmage and a lot of noise over the China sea.

  36. It’s looking like a Trump win with a Republican majority in the house currently, I didn’t even think this was plausible with so many people blinded by the lies of the Progressive Dems.

  37. I have always been impressed by your pragmatism Don. Your ongoing comments in this thread are another example. Among them is this gem “Don’t buy into everything you read on the Internet and don’t just repeat some of that nonsense here.” I would only add ‘or anywhere’.

    Oh by the way I am unable to access your Revelation commentary at the moment.

  38. I’m stunned and amazed that Trump pulled this off. Surely God had his hand on Trump to get him through impossible odds. I see this as a calm before a storm though. It will get better for some time before it gets much worse. God threw a wrench in the globalists one world government plans.

  39. I expected that Hillary would win , but I was not shocked that Trump won. To me he was the lesser of 2 bad choices . I do really like Mike Pence as VP though. The election proved to me there are still many good decent people in our country. Maybe some of the globalists and political elites will figure that God really is in control. Yes , America is ripe for judgment, but God will determine when and how
    that happens . Obama has deliberately done all he can to weaken the country , Trump will be an improvement . Praise Jesus , King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  40. Don your thoughts on whether it does not matter at this point Trumps victory in regards to the state of affairs of the USA and EUROPE following your previous statements affirming that the state of depravity and reprobate mindset of both the USA and EUROPE has reached such levels of sinful behaviour that coupled with OBAMAS 8 YEARS in office it renders this almost as a moot point OBAMA had an evil and sinister agenda and he did accomplished it with AMERICAS support EUROPE as the USA has embraced same sex marriage and abortion the POPE is on a mission to DIVIDE JERUSALEM I respect you very much so I would like your thoughts and feedback on this subject your humble servant HELMER still debating whether i should stay in PR or leave for Spain I AWAIT YOUR ALWAYS BRILLIANT PERSPECTIVE WITH THE UTMOST ELATION MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!

  41. Helmer,

    The judgment of nations are in God’s timing. I can’t tell you if Trump will change the timing any or if he will even be President for very long. I can tell you that baring the Rapture the advance of the Republican platform will probably delay the hard persecution of Christians in America for five years or so.

    As for Europe, I think it is all downhill until the civil war. There are very few real Christians in Europe and Muslims are going to continue their violent Jihad.

  42. We just got back from a long drive thru all the rust belt states to Boston then back to Michigan.

    I was so encouraged seeing Trump signs everywhere w/ only 3 Hillary signs & that included going thru some odd town.

    I did state to u all that we had nothing to worry about the polls were stacked & Trump would win w/ a 87% certainty via the primary model and pendulum swing model that goes back 200 yrs. And social media #’s overwhelmingly supported Trump as I stated not to mention the actual head count at Trumps rally’s compared to hers.

    Do u honestly really think that Hillary got the popular vote? By 200+ thousand.

    There was, I also promise, some artificially generated votes cast but they under estimated how many they would need in order to out perform true trump votes. They I’m sure succeeded in cheating but not by enough.

    On election night despite my confidence I pulled myself away to the living room to pray on my knees repenting for myself & my country I fought for pleading to Jesus that He would over ride any effort of cheating & the ignorant voting for evil.

    Bc if Hillary had won we would much faster become Sodom & Gomorra and go down a much different path in the last days. This great country of ours has been the center point for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world & I believe God will allow this country to remain the pivotal point for His Gospel going into these last days agree w/ me or not.

    Trump has a 90% chance of being re-elected too btw if were not raptured by then. There is and will be a mass awaking in this county. Isaiah 45 and the 45th POTUS there is a correlation..

    The last Trump will be during the Trumpet administration is my guess but what do I know?

  43. Bill i think you are deluded the usa is already sodom and gomorrah and frankly i agree with don that irrespective of present circumstances america did make a choice starting with having a muslim president for 8 years and embracing abortion and same gender marriage TRUMP will not materially alter the path of decadence betrayal of israel ect that the USA CHOSE!!

  44. One more comment america is no longer the eminent empire politically or otherwise that is in THE PAST and as being in GODS favor no i think not it willfully rejected GODS TENETS ages ago THE decisions america made will have long lasting repercussions beyond our comprehenson THE PARTY IS OVER

  45. So u really think we are Sodom & Gomorrah right now? My friend were not exactly there yet it looks bad I agree but were not there just yet.

    I could insult u too but I wont.

  46. Yes america is where sodom and gomorrah left i base this on americas ploicies in regards to abortion same sex marriage and betrayal of israel while embracing the islamic world GODS wrath is over the united states and that is a fact

  47. You have it wrong. Trump is pro Israel and he is pro life. And if he picks conservative judges for the Supreme Court like he says he will, the same sex marriage issue will be overturned or left to the respective states. Trump is not embracing the Islamic world either.

  48. But you said in one of your past posts that america was doomed regardless of who becomes president so are you stating that america will regain its world status as it were therfore contradicting yourself from past posts of yours where you affirmed americas route into oblivion and chaos due to its generalized reprobate mindset i would like very much if you kindly clarify your present position in regards to past statements whereupon you established your conviction that americas future spiritually was dire and dark whereas now i infer that you see trump as the turning point for the us and the world i personally think that we are living in a dark time and perhaps the preamble to a global crisis i do not see trumps election overturning thse dark apocaliptic times perhaps you care to comment on this

  49. America is doomed as a nation if she does not turn toward God but the timing for her destruction is up to God. Niveveh was a Gentile leader of nations but was given an additional 150 years after Jonah’s prophecy. All great nations fall.

    I am under no delusion. America will be judged someday but the fact that Trump was elected could mean that the judgment of America will not occur as soon as some think. Almost certainly the persecution of Christians will be put off.

    You sound as if you want to see America destroyed. Believe me that would turn out to be your worst nightmare. America is the nation that has been holding the world together for a long time.

    Keep in mind, that America is occupied by two different peoples. In general they are the people of the cities that generally have been given over to a reprobate mind and the people of the rural areas that still have mostly Christian values. The cities are more in danger of destruction than the rural areas. America is not unique. Europe and China are worse in some ways.

    See the article that I will post tomorrow.

    The world has been in dark times for a very long time. Every generation sees its own troubles. I don’t think that will change. God however is merciful.

  50. I pray in the precious name of Jesus that He protect the incoming President and Vice President (Trump and Pence) from harm and strengthen their resolve to lead through the will and spirit of the creator.

  51. Honestly, I expected Trump to lose the election. As I mentioned before, a Trump win to me shows that God’s hand was directly involved and gave me hope that our nation’s people are not completely dead. Praise the Lord!

    Now no one really knows what Trump will ultimately do, but I believe he was put into power by God for a specific reason. We shall see what that reason is. I just thank God that the liberal establishment has been crushed, at least for now.

    Trump hopefully will not let up. I really do not want to see him reach across the aisle to the liberals. They are poison as should all be in prison.

  52. Don

    I now do believe that enough of America repented to save the rest of America. To my understanding this time around there were many more churches (really the Christians in those churches) who were intentionally praying for the Godly outcome. Evangelicals came out this time around at 81% for Trump, and he won, despite the popular vote loss.

    I agree that America is NOT a Christian country, so how can we have repented? Do remember back to the Old Testament when the King or a select few would repent and God would pass on the judgment He was about to deliver. Of course, in almost every case, the masses would continue to sin and God would deliver the judgment some time (usually years) later.

    This is exactly where America is today. We did not elect a Savior (or even a Pastor) but we have a man who at least sounds like he will work to keep America from further self destruction over the next four years. As I said earlier, continuing daily prayers of the faithful are necessary for our country and our world – these are the “borrowed” years we have been blessed with to reach as many lost for Christ as we can.


  53. I do not think that Trump actually lost the popular vote. The absentee ballots will not be counted unless the absentee ballots are more than the vote difference in that state. Since most of absentee ballots are military and their spouse they would have went mostly to Trump.


    By the way those absentee ballots are over 4 million votes. Do the math. 4 million with 2/3 for Trump = about 1.3 million more absentee votes than for Hillary. If that is the way it works out, Trump would win the popular vote by almost a million votes. You will not hear this on MSM.

  54. It DOES NOT MATTER what We the People want or think! It’s what the 17 intelligence agencies that are mostly staffed by contractors for Booz Allan Hamilton (Edward Snowden) and David Petraeus’ new employer wants! The Deep or Dark Government runs the show.
    Our budget will never be balanced when We the Taxpayer are stuck with mistake like the 1.7 TRILLION $$$$$ F-35 JET.
    Trump decided yesterday to compensate the HUNDREDS++++ of people ripped off by the Trump University. Trump will have a JFK experience if he doesn’t behave.These intelligence people are far more ruthless and INTELLIGENT than he is. Kennedy was killed because he softened his stance with the Soviets!
    “”I hope we shall CRUSHin it’s BIRTH the ARISTOCRACY of our MONEYED CORPORATIONS which DARE already to CHALLENGE our GOVERNMENT to trial of strength and bid DEFIANCE to the LAWS of OUR COUNTRY!!”” Thomas Jefferson. 1812


  55. Don,

    Do u think it would be possible for Trump to bring back the gold standard for our nation? I know the world banks the banksters will go all out to try to stop him.

    I wonder if it would it be possible to have gold back our dollar again?

  56. No. That would have to come from Congress.

    I don’t see it happening. Our government could not and would not pay off in a panic anyway. People can buy gold now and use that as a form of currency if they want. In more recent times when our dollar was backed by gold there were restrictions on owning the real stuff. There would be again because there is not enough gold in the world for all governments to have sufficient reserves to back their currencies in gold.

  57. That would be something though. Imagine how that would sky rocked the price of gold thru the roof even suggesting it by Trump would make it rally lol

    Kadafi wanted to do something like that, I have to look at my notes, that’s why he was killed. he wanted to change the world standard. I’ll come back w/ it. I hafta dig up some old notes.

  58. Who wants the price of gold to go through the roof other than those that hoard it?

    That would not help those that own gold to get more wealthy either because if you were put on a gold standard, everything would rise with the price of gold. Even a short term rise from a shortage speculation would not see you get rich. They would cap the price for a period or forbid you from owning it like they did in much of the 20th century. Those that think they can get wealthy by hording gold are delusional.

    Gold has three purposes. It is a useful metal. It looks and feels good. It is fairly rare and is difficult to mine so in times of economic problems gold will hold its value in relation to everything else.

    That is not why Qaddafi was killed. He had no power to change any such thing. You are buying into too much conspiracy nonsense again.

  59. Kaddafi was presenting the dinar w/ other countries like Africa to become the river of currency bc it was backed by gold. The U.S. dollar is the river of currency world wide NOT backed by gold but other key countries do have gold reserves. We back it w/ a printing machine.. nice huh?

    There’s a pecking order aligning itself inside the inner makings of the one world order and basically Kaddafi was made an example of to the rest of the crew if u will for trying to push his way but the world stage wasn’t ready then they needed gold to be about $3,000 an ounce. They thought by now they would be there but their not. Now they have to deal w/ Trump even if he does initiate a gold standard which would bring prices up to where they need it.

    Gold would go to $2500 pretty fast.

    The NWO needs the USA to collapse but we will become strong and strongest w/ a gold standard the complete opposite what nwo desires & needs. Bringing back gold as our standard would literally kick NWO in their teeth.

    “Bringing back the gold standard would be wonderful. We’d have a standard on which to base our money.” — Donald Trump

    Interesting how events are unfolding continue to watch in amusement. Yes, It’s prophetically interesting how Trumps 70 on inauguration day & these moons.

  60. I suppose you were in attendance for these NWO meetings and that is why we should believe all this? 🙄

    You still don’t get it. If gold prices went to $2500 the dollar would soon buy about a third of what a dollar buys now. An ounce of Gold buys one good suit. That has not changed over the long run and it is not going to change. You don’t get rich by hording gold. It is simply a hedge for a currency collapse. People might feel more secure owning some gold because the dollar might crash but converting dollars into gold is not going to make people wealthy. In fact, it can make you poorer just because gold conversions costs money and are taxed.

    Also, there is nothing prophetically interesting about big full moons or Trump being 70 years 7 months and 7 days old when he takes office. It might be interesting for those into numerology but it has nothing at all to do with anything in Bible prophecy.

  61. Right, the dollar would crash actually. Be much weaker. But if it happens gradually the $ could keep pace. Level off.

    Gold jumped up from a 40 yr low back 17 yrs ago to $370 a ounce which was crazy at the time and the dollar sustained the rally. The same thing would happen today.

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