Catching Up On A Few Major Issues In The Age Of Depravity

A lot has happened since I stopped blogging about a year ago. I will just document six major issues in this age of depravity post. Keep in mind that any complete discussion on these six issues in this age of depravity could not be accomplished in any reasonably sized article.


1. Trumping up the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump for president? Ha ha ha ha. Who would have thought his present poll numbers were even remotely possible? After what the Obama administration did, and the Republican Congress has failed to do, I do understand why American’s are fed up with politicians.

Conservatives are so pissed off with the Republican establishment that they might send Trump to Washington to play Samson. First he will entertain them and then he will kick out the pillars and bring the roof down on all their heads.

Trump is not a conservative, nor does he give me reason to believe that he is a true Christian. Trump is an American nationalist. The establishment socialist globalists will go all out to take out Trump.

I know there are true Christian conservatives running on the Republican ticket. However, it is hard to see how any of them could be elected President because the regressive “progressive” media will crucify them.

I guess there might be a chance that Trump would rise to the occasion and grow in office, but more likely the globalists will see to it that Trump would be removed from office. If Trump picked someone like Carson or Cruz as his running mate that might be the only way a true conservative could ascend to the presidency.

Don’t be under the delusion that Trump would get the support that he would need from Congress and the Supreme Court to actually carry out his illegal immigration plan or most of his other plans.

Trump will do nothing to stop abortion or to stop the anti-Christian agenda of the homosexual mafia. However, Trump would not kiss up to Islam and probably also would not veto bills that a Republican Congress might pass if the bills even got through the Senate.

The Republican establishment fix was in for Jeb Bush from the start. They changed the primary rules to help elect Bush. He also has over $100 million in establishment super PAC money. If support for Bush does not pick up, there is a good chance the establishment will want Mitt Romney to jump in.

Even if that does not happen, if three or more top candidates split the vote so that no candidate has enough delegates by the Republican convention the establishment very well could broker Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate. That could bring about the end of the two-party system.

It is critical that any of the Republican candidates be elected over a Democrat. Otherwise, there will be a leftist Supreme Court for at least a decade and we have already had a big taste of what that would bring.

People are finally finding out about some of the Clinton’s crimes. Hillary is falling in the polls so it looks like Crazy Joe will be getting in. The main other alternative that is running is a socialist that actually admits to being a socialist. Bernie Sanders is not even a Democrat. I don’t see the Democrat establishment allowing Sanders to be their candidate.

If the fall of Hillary is inevitable, we very well might see other red diaper babies run on the jack-ass ticket. Examples might be Governor-Moon-Beam, The-Ice-Is-Melting-Bore, and Karry-Thy-Enemies-John. A debate among all these loony tunes might appropriately be held at Fantasyland.

Sanders might run as an Independent if the Democrat establishment does not treat him fairly. I also would not rule out Trump running on a separate ticket if the Republicans screw him over. If that happens, other well-known figures might see enough support for a third-party run (Cruz, Paul). And if Trump wins the Republican nomination, Bloomburg might run as an Independent and get the full backing of the Republican establishment.

I will do a critique on the Republican candidates that have any chance at all in a separate article.


2. Blood Moons and Shemitahs? I don’t mean to be unkind, however some Christians need to get real. Some of you are promoting loons. They are all over the Christian airwaves. I guess my discerning and documenting the age of depravity must also include documenting depravity within Christendom.

Shemitahs are seven-year cycles. Israel was supposed to let the land rest on the seventh Sabbath year. They never did and they were sent into captivity for 70 years because of their disobedience.

Instruction given to ancient Israel as God’s covenant nation does not apply to this nation or the Gentile world. It does not even apply to Israel again until the Gog invasion. At that time the God of Israel will intervene for His own name sake and become known to the whole world through His supernatural intervention for Israel.

No matter what happens in the next year or two, these authors are going to claim that they were correct. They will declare that something significant happened so that means that God is following the stuff that they write about.

I have news. Even atheists can look at conditions in the world and the stock market and be correct in saying that something significant will happen within the next year or two. The stock market rally is already long in the tooth and overvalued. If it were so easy to predict stock markets crashes based on seven-year cycles everyone would already be aware of that fact and that would nullify any benefit of even knowing.

If the stock market crashes this year, that does not mean naturally occurring blood moons or Shemitahs from 9/11 had anything to do with it. It just means that overvalued markets do eventually crash.

We are also told that a super Shemitah will hit us around 2017. That is based on 7 x 7 years since Israel took Jerusalem in 1967. In reality, if that is how God is timing things, then 2017 would be a Jubilee year. I am sure Jesus will announce a Jubilee after He brings in His kingdom on earth but we are not going to see His kingdom come to earth in 2017. We would have to be in the great tribulation already for that to happen.

A Jubilee was supposed to be a year of celebration and the start of a new cycle – not a time of judgement. If God was counting Jubilees from the day that Jerusalem was in the hand of the Jews, then the next Jubilee would now not be possible until around 2067.  With the condition of our world, the Lord’s kingdom certainly will have to come on earth before 2067 or no flesh would be saved.

Many that really should know better are promoting Johnathan Cahn as America’s prophet. That is nuts. Cahn is not a prophet. This stuff that Cahn writes about comes from figments of Cahn’s own imagination. The nonsense became so promoted by those on the fringe that his fantasy book took on a life of its own and became a best seller. This is not coming from God. Many Christians now hang on every word of those that were already on theological fringe before they fell off.

Mark Blitz is a pastor in the Hebrew Roots heresy. Cahn is a hyper-charismatic Christian that loves being a Rabbi. John Haggai supports World of Faith heretics and he has documented heretical doctrine in his writings.

Their books have become a huge diversion for Christians always looking for signs. Many evangelical Christians are claiming things that cannot be found in any normal sane reading of the biblical text. That is dangerous!

These authors interpret Old Testament scripture meant for Israel and then apply meaning to our nation and our time. They see signs in naturally occurring lunar and solar cycles that no prophet in the Bible ever suggests. This is inexcusable.

Still, those in Christian media promote it because it makes them money and Christians fall for it because they want to believe the end has arrived. Christian discernment today seems to be about an inch deep. Few study scripture and even fewer use scripture with any regard to its proper context. Dave James debunks Cahn’s nonsense. I suggest that people go to his site for more information.


3. I believe Iran already has one or more nukes. Iran has been working on obtaining nukes for thirty years. The Iranians also are working with North Korea and the North Koreans have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. If Iran does not already have nukes, they would have to about the stupidest people on the planet. However, Iranians are very smart educated people. The Iranians are very good at hard sciences and physics. We have Iranian professors teaching physics in our own universities.

Even Iraq almost had nukes by the early 1980’s. That is why Israel bombed their reactor in 1981. The fear that they were still developing weapons of mass destruction is what led to the second Iraq war. We have a long history of bad intelligence on the nuclear weapons development of other nations. We were blindsided by the nuclear development in Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea and now Iran.

The Iranians bargained with the P5+1 to get rid of the sanctions and to get the sequestered $150 billion that banks are holding. They also want more time to miniaturize, to develop warheads, and to develop their ICBM capability .

They want to develop enough break-out capability to be able to produce many nuclear weapons within months of making that decision. It would happen so fast that there would not be enough time to gather international action to stop them.

The nuclear deal that Obama and Karry made with Iran in this age of depravity could bring about the death of our own nation from an EMP attack. God will protect Israel because no nuclear destruction of Israel’s population will take place before the great tribulation.


4. Five of the nine justices on the Supreme Court ruled that the states must allow and recognize homosexual marriage, but God has already defined marriage and the U.S Supreme Court cannot overrule Him.

God claims that marriage occurs when a man and a woman consummate an unbreakable covenant with each other. The five justices that voted for homosexual marriage are practical atheists so their godless lawlessness in our age of depravity should not surprise true believers.

The Supreme Court is no more infallible or moral than the rest of our “justice system”. Two of the five justices that voted for homosexual marriage violated legal ethics by not recusing themselves. They demonstrating personal bias in the outcome of this case. These two justices officiated or were advocates for same-sex ‘marriage but then still ruled on the case in violation of 28 U.S.C 455. They unethical voted to force homosexual marriage on the states that were opposing it. They should be disbarred and impeached.

Those that say this travesty of justice makes homosexual marriage the law of the land are clueless. Laws are created by Congress. The Supreme Court just interprets the constitutionality of laws. The Constitution and our national laws say nothing about homosexual marriage. The founding fathers would be appalled by any such concept as homosexual marriage. They would also be appalled by the judicial tyranny of the federal courts.

The tenth amendment to the Constitution is clear, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”. This was an issue for the people of each state to decide. And many states did decide to outlaw homosexual marriage before these five humanistic ideologues decided to impose judicial tyranny over the people of states opposing it.

What homosexuals and others claim is “gay marriage” is neither gay nor is it any kind of God defined marriage. The whole concept just proves that God has given many in this nation and the world over to a reprobate mind (Romans one).

Homosexuals are not generally gay. It is time to take the American English Language back from those that want to redefine the meaning of words to advance their own digressive depravity.

Those living contrary to God’s natural law will reap miserable consequences. We might call these homosexual unions “miserable bondage” instead of “gay marriage”. I am sure the promiscuous homosexuals putting themselves under this legal bondage will live or die to regret it before very long.

One might think that male homosexuals living ten or twenty year shorter lifespans than heterosexuals might tell people something. Legalizing perversion does not trump medical fact or what God said would happen in the bodies of homosexuals (Romans one). If you have a problem with Romans one, take it up with God. He just declared what would happen to those that choose to reject the natural order that He created.

My telling homosexuals what God declares does not make me a hater of those bound in this sexual bondage. The same truth applies if someone is bound in other bondage’s of the flesh like porno, drugs, alcohol, greed, gluttony, etc. We all can be set free of our bondage by trusting in God’s Messiah – the Christ.

Also, let’s face the facts, many if not most of those claiming to be homosexual also have sex with women. They will not keep the diseases that they spread confined to those that identify with the homosexual community. We saw that with AIDS and we now see it happening with other diseases like MRSA, syphilis and hepatitis. What plague might they spread next?

Now that health care comes from group plans or is paid by the state, we all pay for the medical costs of those making unhealthy life choices. With that in mind, along with world history, and the opposition by religion, how long do you think homosexual lifestyles will remain acceptable to general society? I think the unnatural homosexual marriage craze will be short-lived (no pun intended).


5. ISIS: The “Junior Varsity” terrorist group, as named by Obama, kills thousands and million invade Europe. We could have defeated ISIS by now. I wrote about how we could have done that on my World and Church Trends Blog. Instead, Obama and the West have taken minimal action and now we see that Europe and the Middle East will reap the consequences.

The millions invading Europe are Muslims and 75 percent of them are fighting age men. What do you think that says about future stability in Europe? One might wonder why all these millions of Muslim males would suddenly flee from thirty thousand ISIS rather than fight against them? Are they all cowards, or is there another agenda here?

Eighty percent of this latest surge of “refugees” are not even Syrians. This sudden invasion of Europe all seems to be orchestrated to me. At least some of it is being orchestrated by Turkey.

I have said for fifteen years that the violence the Muslims will bring to Europe will result in a civil war when the European native nationalists get fed up with all the violence. That now is inevitable.

Maybe the real motive of those baiting Muslims to come to Europe it that all the upheaval it will bring will require a strong central government. The rich western states are now even forcing the eastern poor states to take refugees against their will. Watch for a strongman to once again rise in Europe in this age of depravity..

Europeans should be discouraging these people from coming. They should set up semi-permanent refugee camps in defined desolate places. After the Muslim world becomes more stable the refugees should be sent back to where they came from. We already know that these Muslims will not assimilate with white pseudo Christian Europeans so whats the real agenda of those denying the facts.


6. The Pope and Obama: Many people are wondering who or what this Pope is all about. This Pope is a Jesuit that is into Liberation Theology – (Marxism). The Catholic Church rejected Liberation Theology but this Pope seems to be totally out of step with beliefs of Christianity and even some of the beliefs of Catholicism.

I wrote about Pope Francis in 2013. The name of the article Is Jesuit Pope Francis the Antichrist or the False Prophet? It is the second most hit on article on that blog and it is the most downloaded article since I posted it.

I knew this Pope would become very controversial. Pope Francis wants world government and a world religion.

Is it any wonder why the Pope and Obama hit it off. Obama was brought up a Marxist and he spent 20 years in a church that taught Black Liberation Theology – (Marxism). A Jesuit priest initially helped Obama in the primary that put him on the path to be elected. Now Obama cannot resist disrespecting conservative Catholics in this age of depravity by inviting the sexually confused to meet the Pope. Obama is always pushing his own perverted agenda on everyone.

This Jesuit Pope and Obama are doing all they can to destroy Capitalism so the world will be controlled by socialist world government and a world harlot religion. Obama and the Pope are really all about establishing world government. That is what the UN 2030 agenda is all about and that is what the global warming lies the Pope and Obama promote is about.

Obama just signed an executive order that will limit methane and particulates through EPA enforcement. Its aim is to stop more natural gas development in this country. They are trying to destroy America by making energy so costly here that jobs will go to third world countries.

The whole Roman Catholic priesthood has been told to forgive the sin of abortion next year. Like anyone can forgive sin other than God? When I consider the Pope the Harlot of Revelation chapter 17 comes to my mind.


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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Catching Up On A Few Major Issues In The Age Of Depravity — 41 Comments

  1. Hello Don,

    Welcome back, I have missed your well grounded discernment of our times and your knowledge of the Bible. I feel there are too Believers that are “seeking sign after sign” through non-Bible based sources and in doing so, many have lost their Biblical “situational awareness” of our times.

    Also of interest, the issues (or in-fighting) within the GOP between the Conservatives and RINO’s is also reflected here in Australia with our political system. With a Conservative Prime Minister being dumped through a party room vote, because the Media Classes didn’t like him (aka rigged the opinion polls against him) To be replaced by a Conservative In Name Only Prime Minister, who is now loved by the Media classes.

    Our new PM supports Gay Marriage, believes in Climate Change, and soft on National Security issues.



  2. Dale,

    Your old Prime Minister was one of the few leaders in the western world that was not drinking all the PC Kool-Aid of the globalists. Using God given common sense is now outlawed in western nations.

  3. Don, reading a comment elsewhere on Israel ‘being at peace’, brought Putin’s recent strong arm tactics to mind. It is just a thought but his present actions could bring some stability to the area. It would be ironic if it were to be the case seeing he (?) will lead a coalition against Israel when she thinks herself to be at peace.

  4. Hi Brian,

    It looks like Russia and Iran will be successful in their domination of the Shiite nations. I don’t see this leading to stability. More likely is will lead to a world war or at least proxy wars. With Shiite and Russia on one side and Sunni and the Western nations on the other side. It could be that the Gog invasion is the very end phase of a long drawn out low level war that leaves Russia and her allies militarily strong but economically broke. In Ezekiel it is Sunni Arabia and the young lions descendants of the British commonwealth that question the Gog invasion.

    The peace may only come in the first half of the last seven years under the domination of the Prince of the revived Roman Empire. The Gog war could occur before that.

  5. This looks like the right place for my comment. Franklin Graham said on his face book post that the Syrian government protected Christians and now that Putin was getting involved maybe he would be the one to save them since Obama wasn’t. Ok, then Russia made some air strikes and was accused of not hitting IS targets so Kerry said Russia couldn’t be involved if they were protecting Assad.
    The U.S. is supporting the rebels, right? So what’s going on? Is Graham right or is Kerry right? No, I don’t like Kerry I’m just trying to sort this out in my mind.

  6. Hi Caitlin,

    Franklin Graham is correct. Assad allows Christians in Syria to live in peace. If Assad survives the Christians under his dominion won’t be persecuted but if he is overthrown they will.

    What John Kerry says means little to Russia or Putin. They are not afraid of Obama. They do not believe that Obama would take any meaningful action to stop them. Russia is stepping in because Obama would not do the job. Of course Russia also wants to keep Assad in power so that they can have bases there, but that is not bad for Christians living in that area.

    Russia also is concerned that ISIS will spread its poison to the Islamic areas of Russia. So Russia intends to provide air support to all the Shiite forces in the area so that they can crush ISIS and all resistance against Assad. Putin might even send in Muslim volunteers from Chechnya.

  7. Can’t wait for the critique on Republicans who have a chance to win.
    My choice has always been Cruz. He’s always on the right side of the issues but he doesn’t have the support he needs. He’s even trailing behind Fiorina. I don’t keep up with her; there’s just something about her I don’t want as POTUS. Maybe I’m wrong??? I’m back and forth on Trump but I understand his popularity. I like his gun plan. No bans. Now that Obama is hinting about gun confiscation I’m wondering how hard he will try to get this done since he only has about a year left to pull it off.
    Biden said there were still some homophobes left and they were all running on the GOP.
    I agree with you, Don, that one of the Republican candidates has got to beat the Democratic candidate. We’ll be toast if they don’t.

  8. Welcome back Don! So glad you are back, especially with everything that is going on. We are definitely living in interesting times. With Russia and Iran now in Syria, do you believe that this is the precursor to the “psalm 83” war?

  9. Nathan,

    The Psalm 83 scenario can only be fulfilled literally when the Arab nations mentioned conspire with each other to cut off Israel from being a nation. I don’t see that happening as long as civil wars are going on in the Arab world.

  10. It has been suggested that the 1948 and 67 wars were just that, a number of Arab nations conspiring to destroy Israel and thus fulfilling Psalm 83. If memory serves me right the belief, from the same source, was that what we see now is an Arabic rabble, of no real concern to Israel, who because of their economic and military superiority are feeling themselves secure (from the Arab world at least). I can’t quite see this because ISIS must be a concern to everyone.

  11. Brian,

    I heard certain teachers say that as well. However, I am not convinced that any of that fulfilled Psalm 83. That would imply that God was laughing at the Arabs and protecting Israel as a nation but He chose not to make this known to Israel at the time. So then what is the point of anyone being aware of the Psalm?

    Israel certainly is not feeling secure with nobody to make them afraid like Ezekiel indicates will be the case before the Gog invasion. Iran is threatening Israel and Israel has fences to keep terrorists out. That is not what Ezekiel pictures at the time of the Gog invasion.

    Obviously something radical has to happen to make Israel feel secure. It could be a guarantee of protection by the prince to come. I suggest the EU and much of the middle east and north African nations will all be under the control of this northern superpower prince just like that area was under Roman control in the days of Jesus.

    Or else it could be the two Israeli prophets that send judgments on the nations as often as they wish makes Israel feel secure for the 1260 days of their testimony. It even could be both.

  12. Welcome back Don. I’ve kept you in my prayers and am so glad you’ve resumed your blog. Your sound, biblical perspective is sorely needed and appreciated!

  13. Great to see you back online Don! Hope you get your old place sold soon so that you can relax along the lazy river.

    Looks like Putin is putting the heat on ISIS, and making good headway. It sort of makes Obama look like he’s playing in the “Junior Varsity” team. I agree that this sudden stream of refugees may be a way to infiltrate Europe, and the US if we allow them in here.

    The government has been moving assets back into Cheyenne Mountain. One of the reasons I heard for doing so is because of its ability to withstand an EMP. Somebody must be taking the threat seriously, although you rarely hear it spoken about in the MSM.

  14. Hi Doug and J.,

    I don’t think Obama could even make the Junior Varsity Team. The EMP threat is very real. The military knows that but the ruling class foolishly thinks that appeasing those that want to destroy America will prevent that from happening.

    I would love to get on our bluff on the river and maybe I will soon, but it is a wild and scenic river not a lazy type river. it goes from one extreme to another but that’s what makes it interesting. We even have bald eagles nesting on our property.

  15. Hi Don,
    I am new to your blog, but I do enjoy what you have to say and I look forward to following this blog. We certainly are living in a world where radical changes could happen literally overnight. I am lifting up my head and looking up. Waiting for that crown and for the experiential Righteousness of Christ.

  16. Don, i’m seriously starting to think that the russian invasion in syria is just a cover-up to attack israel and take their newly discovered oil field. hook in the jaw?

  17. Cardinal,

    They would first have to build a more formidable army and put together a coalition of nations to join them in this invasion. This could be setting the stage for that, but anything like that is at least a decade off. Ezekiel says they come to take a spoil and names cattle and goods at a time when Israel is feeling secure with none to make they afraid. It seems more likely to me that the world is in a condition of famine. Maybe caused by the judgments of the two prophets, or even global cooling (-:

  18. Well, I think that is possible, but I am expecting the Psalms 83 conflict prior to the “hook in the jaw”. It definitely is moving forward in Bible prophecy!

  19. Thanks for clearing that up for me, it is just exciting to see russia joining the wars in middle east, bible prophecy is really getting heated up it seems .

  20. I recall your article Don. I tend to read everything I can find about the event, even though I’ve not done anything yet to personally prepare for it.

  21. Thanks Don……for sharing your wisdom and discernment…we look forward to all of your articles and comments.

  22. Cardinal,

    I do not pay much attention to the views of Rabbis, If they could discern scripture they would have already accepted that Jesus is the Messiah. Damascus might be destroyed during the Gog invasion but all said by this Rabbi is nothing more than conjecture.

  23. Re: Governor-Moon-Beam — Chuckle. I had to live “under” / endure 8 years of depravity-rule a la Governor-Moon-Beam. It was brutal. The new blog is aptly named for this “Age of Depravity.” I heard that “Governor-Moon-Beam” raised our tolls and taxes (including taxing “rain” ???) for his “war chest”? I don’t know where all that money went, frankly.

  24. Don, you’ve been sorely missed…just came here to see if you’ve been here & I am very happy to see you are back!

  25. Greetings,Don! I’m new to your site – just kind of “stumbled” upon it. Although, I think it was the Lord’s doing. Originally from Canada, I live in a beach town on Costa Rica’s beautiful Pacific coast. There are many ex-pats here from N.America and Europe. Big mission field! I wanted to write to say how much I appreciate this site. You have helped me to get “up to speed” on various issues impacting evangelical Christians in the world today. I share your Classic Dispensationalism but I’ve been challenged (locally here) by those in the Reformed/Replacement theology camp – both English and Spanish speakers. I realized that I needed to check my own theology to be sure it was Biblically sound – a good think, right?! So I started searching Dispensational websites to check what I really believed and why. This is how I came about encountering your site. After lots of Reading (and prayer) I have been fortified in my Dispensational convictions! I really can’t see how some Christians can think that God has replaced His covenant people (Israel) with the Church. I try to point out to these Reformed people that God still loves His ancient People (as should every born-again Christian)and that He isn’t thru with them yet!
    For many years I’ve been a reader of the Berean Call and I can see that God has given you (along with the B.C.) the courage to stand for His truth. There’s a country-góspel song with a line like “…preacher, tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear…” Thanks again, Don and God bless! Kevin

  26. Hi Kevin,

    Welcome. The way things are going here I hope you will save me a place down there. I am sure it is going to get even more nuts than it already is in the States.

    I would not say that 90 percent of Christians would take the mark of the Beast though. Those that would are not Christians at all but maybe as much as 90 percent of people that identify with Christianity in the West will take the Mark.

  27. Don- You have a brilliant mind and I appreciate that you are willing to share it with us. I have
    read many of your articles including the ones on the upcoming wars. Please correct me if I am wrong about your theory: The Ezekiel wars will probably happen in 2022 and 3 1/2 years later
    will start tribulation. The Psalms war will start before the Ezekiel wars setting up peace and
    security. I am a little confused as when you think the Psalms war will start and does this
    war in Syria a setting up stage for the Psalms war? Know one can be sure about the Rapture but I think I read where your theory is the Psalms war will happen before the Rapture but the
    Ezekiel war will be after. Like I said please correct my thought process. Thanks again for
    all your information.

  28. Hi Donni,

    Nothing that I ever say about the timing of these wars should be set in concrete. There simply are too many possibilities to be dogmatic.

    I don’t believe I ever said the Gog invasion will take place in 2022. I guess it could, but I think that is still a bit soon. I also am not sure that this war will occur before the tribulation. Opposing issues can be raised for any of the theories about when this war will occur. I tend to think it occurs before the tribulation but who really knows for sure?

    The fact that even the best students of Bible prophecy disagree on the timing of the Gog invasion should be a clue that the Bible does not give us enough information to be dogmatic about the timing. The same can be said about the timing of the fulfillment of Psalm 83. The Psalm 83 war does not have to occur before the Gog invasion but that view is rational.

    Yes, I think the stage is being set for both the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 and 39 but the set on the stage keeps changing. The stage setting we see today is not the final stage configuration. I do not see where Iran is mentioned in Psalm 83. Psalm 83 mentions Arab nations and Iran is not Arab. If Psalm 83 is next, Iran needs to be removed from the picture somehow until the time of the Gog invasion.

    I also have no idea when the Rapture happens in all this. I believe it does occur before the last seven years. It could occur any number of years sooner. I do say I think it could be 10 1/2 years because seven years after the Rapture when many in the world might be thinking that some type of Christ is due to appear they could receive the Antichrist.

  29. Don,
    Glad to see you are back. There have been several times in the last year I have wondered what your thoughts would be. This article answers most of that. Will enjoy reading, and the regular commentors I remember from the old blog.

  30. This is exactly the type of article I have been waiting a year to read again! You have a gift for seeing the big picture in all its detail and distilling it down to some meaningful and memorable sentences. Furthermore, the Muslim droves pouring into Europe . . . something is going to boil over, just like you have said for a long time; it seems like you felt it coming a good while back.

  31. Don,
    Welcome back, I have been studying you website for over ten years along with Lambert Dolphin, Terry James. With the passing of Jack Kinsella and now Jack Kelly. I have been concerned about there being someone to fill the gap. It appears God has answered my payers for this and for you. Sorry, it took ten years to make a post. I thank you and look forward to meeting you on the other side. Thank You!

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