Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017

I will go out on a limb and say that Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017.  Rubio best reflects the values and opinions of the majority in America. That is why I think he will be elected. I am not saying that Rubio is going to save America from itself.

I only see four electable candidates running for president of The United States at this time. Michael Bloomberg might jump in but I do not think a third-party candidate is electable. And with his gun control and New York values he would hurt the Democrats. If Clinton falters and Bloomburg somehow makes a deal to run as a Democrat he would become electable, as would Joe Biden.

The six candidates that still have some following but are not electable are:

  • Sanders – Most Americans still are not socialists
  • Bush – America has no interest in electing another Bush to be President
  • Kasich – A moderate technocratic governor is not going to connect with conservative Republicans
  • Christie – An eastern establishment big government moderate and anti-gun wind-bag is just not going to fly well in heartland Republican America
  • Fiorina – Really is only still running to get a cabinet position in a Republican administration
  • Carson – Just does not come across as Presidential material

I think most of these six will drop out before or just after Super Tuesday (March 1st).

The still electable candidates are Clinton, Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

Clinton – will be very fortunate to stay out of prison. I don’t think most Americans would vote for a national security criminal and liar that would also attempt to disarm them. However, strange things have happened before. Who would have believed that a black radical from the Chicago political syndicate would be elected to become President twice?

If Clinton becomes President of the United States in 2017, we will have government persecution of Bible believing Christians and patriotic Americans. We also will have a real revolution against government coming from some on the Right.

I think more Americans will learn that Hillary Clinton is deranged before the November election. Her support should fall as more information comes out. However, so many Americans have become so brainwashed, brain-dead and godless that even electing someone as evil as Hillary Clinton becomes possible.

Putting Hillary Clinton in the White House would end the Constitutional Republic. I do not think the majority of Americans when given the facts are crazy enough to elect her, but we shall soon see.

Trump – probably has already jumped the shark. The real reason that he would not attended the Fox News debate is that he knew they had video tapes of him that would have exposed his liberal statements of the recent past. Trump never was and is not now conservative.

As people find out about the real Donald Trump his numbers will fall. Trump already is blaming everyone else for his loss in Iowa. Cruz may have damaged Carson a bit by the deception coming out of Cruz’s camp but Trump would have remained at 24 percent and 24 percent support throughout the heartland states is not going to get Trump nominated.

Trump needs to have an overwhelming victory in New Hampshire to remain credible. He probably will in that state. However, Trump really does not have the ground organization necessary to be successful in a fifty state campaign. He might not even have the liquid assets necessary to self-fund his campaign for the long haul. What if Trump had to declare bankruptcy again right before the election against Hillary? If equities keep falling and properties tank because we go back into a recession, that is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Trump will need about 60 percent of the elected delegates to win the nomination outright. That is because 168 delegates are not decided through the state elections. Three come from the Republican establishment of each of the fifty states and the remainder are prominent national Republican leaders. If Trump does not win outright on the first vote, the delegates keep voting until they come up with someone. After a deadlock on the first round the delegates will not be dealing Trump cards.

Trump would have to win most of the major states to get 60 percent of the delegates but with his poor showing in Iowa I doubt that Trump will get anywhere near 60 percent. He could be a kingmaker at the convention but who would Trump endorse? Probably not Ted Cruz.

Trump also has the worst showing in the polls against Clinton. He loses bad to Hillary. That is because Trump has higher negative ratings than anyone running — even Hillary Clinton. As this race progresses I think Republicans will vote for someone who can beat Clinton. She is the common enemy of all patriots in this Republic.

I also think some people are beginning to get the message that Trump is blowing smoke. He says he will deport all illegals, but then he says he will let most of them back in again. He says that he will stop Muslims from coming here and deport the one’s that Obama let in, but he does not say how that deportation could possibly be accomplished. He says he could make a better deal with Iran, but he would not nullify the deal that Obama made. He says Obamacare is a disaster, but he says he wants a one payer system like Canada or Great Britain (government controlled health care). He says he is against abortion, but he says he is not against the choice to have one. He says he is conservative, but he thinks a pro-choice liberal like his sister would make a good Supreme Court Justice, etc, etc.

Trump says he will make America great again but talk does not make that happen. Trump just says the things that he thinks Republicans want to hear. Trump is good at itching ears. Trump never was a conservative and he never could be a conservative with his liberal New York values. Don’t bet on Trump being President of The United States in 2017.

Cruz – on the record Cruz is the most conservative person running. He is my choice and I still believe he would be the best choice for America and conservative Christians. However, his flaws tell me that he will not end up as America’s choice for President of The United States in 2017.

A Christian should not resort to deception to advance himself. Cruz’s campaign used dirty tricks to win the Iowa election. They sent out official looking flyers that told people they would be in election violation if they did not come out and vote. Then at the caucuses people in the Cruz campaign spread the false rumor that Ben Carson had dropped out so they should vote for Cruz. Cruz apologized to Carson for his people doing that, but thus far he has taken no action to clean his own house. When Carson drops out of the race you can be sure he is not going to be telling his supporters to vote for Ted Cruz.

I find it ironic that someone who thinks that he was anointed to become President would then allow such sleazy methods to be used to try to achieve that end. Adherence to the United States Constitution and conservatism are not the only things that reveals someone’s character. The least Cruz can do is clean up his own house. He has until the Republican debate on Feb 6th to do that or he will be on the defensive.

Cruz won the most votes in Iowa. However, with the facts coming out about how he played dirty ball to win in Iowa, it is hard to see out that translates into momentum for Cruz in future elections. Keep in mind, that the person that won the election in Iowa has not won the Republican nomination in recent previous elections.

South Carolina is very important for Cruz but I don’t see him winning it. Trump will probably win South Carolina even on his way down and Cruz will come in second. Macro Rubio could even catch Cruz on his way up.

Cruz certainly will get a substantial amount of the delegates before the convention, but not enough to win outright. If there is a deadlocked convention, Cruz is not likely to be the person selected.

Cruz appears like some Lone Ranger that is on a crusade to reestablish truth, justice and the American way.  However, the only real friends that the Lone Ranger had was Tonto and Trigger. And Superman only had Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Cruz has made many enemies in the Republican establishment and most would even take Trump before him.

Ted Cruz is not liked by other politicians nor by the press. They actually do have influence in America. Someone like Cruz is not going to get elected in a post Christian America that believes more in American Pie than American Christian Dominionism.

And the three men I admire most
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
They caught the last train for the coast

The Puritan Christian dominion train has long left the station. It cannot be reestablished without a moral revolution. Most Americans are not going to buy into Cruz’s vision for America. In fact, there will be violent upheaval against his administration in big cities of America if Cruz was President of The United States in 2017.

Rubio – I now will explain why I believe Marco Rubio will become President of The United States in 2017.

Rubio is a conservative that is acceptable to the Republican establishment and he is liked by the majority of Americans. His major negative was the amnesty bill that he cosponsored in 2013. Rubio has since backed off amnesty completely. He says the borders have to be made secure and immigration laws need to be enforced before America can decide what to do about the people who are already here. Americans have short memories anyway, in fact, many are brain-dead and have no memories on political issues at all.

Rubio can unite the Republican Party because he is acceptable to all major factions of the party.

Rubio has much experience in politics for his young age. He even was Speaker of the House in Florida for two years. He also is sure to get much of the Hispanic vote and Rubio would win Florida. This swing state has been a must win state for Republicans in recent elections.

Rubio appears to debate as well as Cruz and he has a more friendly and acceptable physical appearance, personality, and voice. If you think that does not matter in America, you are being naive.

Rubio by far gets the highest percentages in the polls when matched against Hillary Clinton. Rubio is the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare.

Rubio got 23 percent of the vote in Iowa. He almost beat Trump and he got the same number of delegates as Trump. He was not supposed to be anywhere in that ballpark. That will give Rubio momentum in future races along with increasing endorsements and big dollar donors.

Rubio will rapidly become the establishment pick when Bush, Kasich or Christi do not beat him in New Hampshire. The very latest polls now puts Rubio in second place in New Hampshire behind Trump. He is even ahead of Cruz. Rubio will probably keep his momentum and do well on Super Tuesday.

Even if Rubio comes in third place with total delegate count at the Republican convention, he still would probably end up with the nomination if the first vote does not produce a winner. Rubio would get quite a few establishment votes and Tea Party votes. Keep in mind, that Rubio was Tea Party backed when he ran against former Governor Crist for that Florida senate seat.

Rubio is the American success story. He came from Cuban immigrants that were common working class people. He got a football scholarship to attend College. He distinguished himself in higher education and in politics. He married his school sweetheart who was a Miami Dolphin cheerleader. They are raising four children. He is younger than any of the candidates but he has political experience beyond his years. Rubio never got rich from politics. He is the poorest of all the candidates. That tells Americans that he has not been selling political favors.

Rubio is a Catholic but he also regularly attends the tenth largest Protestant evangelical mega church in the nation. His wife hosts a home Bible study. In his personal statements about his faith he actually gets salvation theology correct. He will get votes from people in all spectrum’s of Christendom. Whereas, Cruz will be limited to mostly conservative evangelical support.

Rubio is the obvious favorite of Fox news. Rupert Murdock and Megan Kelly like him. Even Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity like him.

And last but not least. Gambling bookmakers say that bets indicate that Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017. Those that put their money where their mouth is should not be discounted.

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Marco Rubio will be President of The United States in 2017 — 27 Comments

  1. I think you may be right Don. I am not a big Rubio fan . . . yet, but what the Cruz team allegedly did to Ben Carson has left a bit of a bad taste. I still think Trump is a force to reckon with, and a President Trump is a scary thought. If indeed Rubio does win the nomination, do you have a feel for who his running mate might be? I have a hard time thinking it will be any of the current candidates, although a Rubio/Fiorina ticket would be interesting.

  2. Hi Don,

    Yes I have the same question ? Who will be the running mates of the top candidates, conservatives and republicans ?

  3. Hi Doug,

    Rubio would try to get someone from a big state that would help that state to be nudged into the Republican column. John Kasick seems likely to me. John will get some delegates and have some influence over who gets the nomination in a deadlocked convention. Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania also comes to mind. He just dropped out and is endorsing Rubio on the big media. Anyway that probably is what Rick is hoping for by enthusiastically endorsing Rubio.

  4. Freddie,

    Trump would probably pick whoever comes in second, Cruz or Rubio. He might also pick Carson.
    Cruz, might pick Rubio if he feels he cannot win Florida without him. Otherwise he will pick someone like Walker

  5. I got the feeling Rubio is the best bet. We need to tilt the scales back the other way with the supreme justice nominations. Start getting people who BELIEVE in the Constitution! Constitution is based on Biblical ground that’s why liberals hate it.

    Remember Robert Bork? Ronald Reagan’s nomination to become an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme court, in 1987. The radical left feared him, Judge Bork was known for one thing more than anything else: believing in the Constitution. He was one of the most brilliant constitutional lawyers this land has produced! He was considered “a pioneer in constitutional thinking devoted to the text and original meaning of the Constitution,” . He was known as a constitutional “originalist” or “constructionist” who believed in judicial restraint. That’s why they hated him! The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, much of it based on biblical principles.

    Everything radically changed from that time on & this countries been going down hill sense. Whats behind all this? While Satan of course.

    My two cents.


  6. I forgot to mention, his name was smeared so bad it was ridicules and he didn’t get the nomination. They re-coined the name “pork” to “Bork” it was so bad but had a different meaning.. To get “Borked” meant to get discredited falsely.

    Signs of the times.

  7. Has anyone read Donald Trump’s book “Crippled America?”

    On page 72 he says “The world has changed, I’ve changed. I don’t think a single payer system makes sense anymore.” It was 15 years ago he said a single payer system might work.

    I either have to believe what Donald Trump says about Donald Trump or what the ant-Trump media says about him. He is conservative.

    He is against the supreme court making ‘social justice’ laws; he is against common core and federal run education and political correctness. He understands our infrastructure is falling down and needs to be fixed-that includes our grid. He’s against wasteful government spending, the climate change agenda and the EPA.

    He is for a strong military, taking care of our veterans, Israel and Christians.

    He has a tax plan that would give American businesses an incentive to bring business back to America. He is for the XL pipeline going through.

    And of course secure boarders and our right to bear arms.

    He does explain his ideas for accomplishing the task of rebuilding America in the book.

    If Rubio or any of the other candidates are elected we aren’t going to see much change. They will continue to introduce legislation and talk, talk, talk and the progressives will still be running our country.

    Donald Trump is the only one of these candidates who has what it takes to get America up and running again.

    Just an aside; I’m not one who thinks Rubio is good looking. lol

  8. Caitlin,

    Trump said just a few months ago that he would replace Obamacare with a single payer system and pointed out the systems in Canada and Great Britain as examples.

    Once Trump nominates people like his sister to the Supreme Court it does not matter what Donald thinks about judges legislating from the bench. They will do it anyway. Anyway, legislating from the bench is in the eye of the beholder if you believe in a living Constitution like do the Progressives.

    Sure we need to fix many things in this country and we need a strong military but you cannot just do that by just saying you want it. You have to get Congress to pass bills and find ways to pay for it. We are already bankrupt so how do we pay for all that?

    All of these guys rely on growth projections that will never take place with our debt load, entitlement load and the aging of our people. Cutting taxes and bringing corporations and money back to the United States might temporarily help but it will increase the national debt for awhile and it probably would start currency devaluations or tariffs from other nations. There would be another round of world deflation and negative interest rates. If nations cannot keep their economies going they will not be able to pay off their debts and global banks will fail. Think that would not crash our own banks? Nothing is so simple as people think. All major economies are now tied together. If we wanted to stop world trade the time to do that was decades ago when we had all the production. It now cannot be stopped without a world financial collapse. That is why most of the Republicans are fast tracking TPP.

    Trump also was for more gun control before he flipped. How do we know that Trump is not going to flip again after the next major shootings. How do we know that Trump is not going to flip on many issues when he is President? He does not have the conservative roots to sustain him.

    Trump now talks about secure borders but before that he was all for more Visas and immigration.

    As for the XL pipeline, that is old news. It is not going to be built when Canada cannot produce tar sand oil for less than $80 a barrel. That price is not likely again for a decade. Canada is in a depression.

    We have already bought into a global economic system. If we do not play by the rules our country will soon be put in a depression by the globalists. If we pulled out the whole economic system of the world would collapse, so how does that solve our problems?

    If you want to take a chance on Trump that is up to you. He may or may not do some of what he says. However Cruz is the candidate that actually will attempt to do what he says. As far as I am considered Trump is like the Word-of-Faith preachers that he so admires. He tickles ears and then he will blame you when his claims do not translate into your reality. You never really had faith in America or it would be great. Sure!

    It is not Rubio that makes the laws, Congress does. So elect the right people to Congress. The president just signs or veto the bills and carries out the laws. I do not think any of the Republicans running are going to veto a major Republican bill but Congress does have to pass them first.

    I think Trump will piss off so many people and nations that we will have more problems then we have now. I also think Trump will make deals and all his deals will not all turn out to be good deals. They might even put the nation in a major depression or a major war.

    Donald Trump is not going to make America great again. Only God can do that, and most Americans have no interest in doing what is required to make America great again.

    By the way, Marco is already going bald. Time for hair transplants. But Cruz is really aging badly, he needs to get in a gym and work out some.

  9. The republican establishment likes Rubio….I think that’s all that has to be said for me to not support him. Anyways, IMO the massive influx of refugees, immigrants, and H1B visas is the biggest issue. If we don’t get a handle on the borders and immigration everything else is a moot point.

  10. Thank you for your response, Don. I can see I can’t change your mind by quoting what Donald Trump said in his book.

    Most of the candidates have flipped on issues. Cruz and Rubio both on amnesty and Cruz on the TTP. I really have no faith in our politicians at all.

    Everything is nuts now. Does Cruz believe he is anointed by God to be president? If he does that’s nuts; and Franklin Graham’s telling Christians to ask God to forgive the sins of the nation is nuts. He’s added that to his 11 Chronicles 7: 14 spiel.

    Where do we go to find some sanity? I come to this website then you tell me I’m nuts. (Just kidding) Seriously, I’m scared for my country, Don. I hate watching it die.

  11. Great insight. At this point, I’m for anyone other than Hillary or Sanders. Interestingly, Cruz’ Father is a preacher who believes that God is getting ready to ‘take the wealth out of the hands of sinners and give it to the Christians’. This is Dominion Theology. These Kingdom Now Christians believe God is mandating believers to infiltrate all areas of society in order to Christianize the World for Christ so Jesus can return. Cruz’ Father believes his Son carries the mantle of anointing to get the job done. If Ted Cruz also believes this, this makes him a dangerous man…IMO

  12. Don,

    Great article at a great time.

    I do think for the vary reasons you listed, Hillary, despite her legal, ethical, and anti-Constitutional agendas is very electable.

    Sure, if Americans were paying attention and were steadfast in their convictions to truly do what is best for our nation, Hillary would not have a chance…bottom line, as you’ve said, too many Americans bought into Obama’s destruction, not once but twice.

    I’m sorry to say, me thinks Hillary being a national security criminal and liar seems unlikely to have a baring on the election unless somehow she is actually convicted, thrown under the bus, and it’s hard wired into the majority of Americans brains who watch CNN and other nonsensical networks that she is indeed a criminal, liar, and has evil agendas. How many Americans would actually buy into her obvious and abundant treachery at this time and how many uninformed Americans even know the trouble she is facing ?

    I agree wholeheartedly on what you’ve said in this article about Trump and Cruz…thank you for educating us further on the bare bones facts.

    As far as the meat of this article, Marco Rubio, I do hope you’re correct Don.

    You pointed out some things I did not know in this article about Mr Rubio.

    It sounds like Rubio is our Nations best hope versus the other candidates and a truly electable candidate.

    What we really need is a Don Koenig caliber President who would be pragmatic and realistic…but would one Don Koenig caliber President be electable in a nation that would elect Obama twice and consider Hillary ?

  13. Hi Don, your article is quite interesting. As a Canadian I did not know that we were in a depression. Having said that I don’t think it will be long until we are, the oil industry is on the brink, and here in Alberta if the Federal Gov’t does not do something to promote a new pipeline to our eastern provinces, this province will be done. I have one son that works in the oil industry and he thinks were are going to be in big trouble if our Governments at both levels don’t react and soon, it’s going to be worse than the 30’s. In so far as your election, yes I think Rubio has a chance, it sure is interesting to watch.

  14. Hi Don,

    Thanks for your answer.
    Who will be the running mates of the Democrats ?
    Or shall I say demoncracies !

  15. I don’t think Rubio’s poor performance last night will mean much in the long haul. He still probably will come in second or third in New Hampshire. It might help Trump some and it could put Kasich in third or forth place in New Hampshire. However, next comes South Carolina and establishment people are not going to do well there. It could help Cruz in South Carolina but it is going to take more much more than just a second place place finish in South Carolina to win the nomination. Also, Christie will soon probably give it up and the attack dog will be back in his own New Jersey junk yard.

  16. In this day and age it’s hard to believe or trust anyone, let alone politicians whom most have been self serving. Rubio is a typical politician who goes wherever the wind blows. Have people forgotten his 2010 speech about illegal immigration and border controls only to be part of the Gang of 8? I don’t have a good feeling about any of the candidates and am still undecided. One cannot expect a perfect candidate that agrees with everyone’s viewpoints or issues.

  17. I think the most important issues for Christians and constitutionalists for the the 2017-2021 period are the candidates position on Islamic Jihad, illegal immigration/border security, and who they will nominate to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court goes liberal, there goes the bill of rights. That’s why I am for Cruz, he is solid on all three. Trump is solid on the first two but he might make the fatal mistake of putting more progressives on the Supreme Court. Christians and Conservatives need to make Trump state his position on the type of people he will nominate to the Supreme Court before they vote for him. Rubio is solid on one and three but he is not trustworthy on immigration/border security. However, congress can keep Rubio accountable if the Republicans maintain control.

    The Demorats take the wrong position on all three.

  18. All we are is spectators with one vote and I’m happy when it turns out right but the whole system as a whole is not right until our good Lord returns and He establishes His thrown.

    On that note I was happy for Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl but the commercials were for crap.

    P.S. There is something to be said about not being beholden to big donors… & stop the corporate welfare especially to oil companies! But on the other hand small oil co.’s in the U.S. are hurting w/ low prices which are from the Saudis flooding market to drive prices down in order to re-gain world oil supremacy. Our guys might need that $4 billion a yr subsidy here in U.S. soon ?

  19. Hi Bill,

    I agree,
    I would argue that we need to have an oil price floor in this country that will keep the energy exploration going to prevent what Saudi Arabia is doing to shut it down. I am not sure about the best way to do that but I think it can be done. Maybe there should be a guaranteed price of let’s say $55 a barrel. This is not the first time that Saudi Arabia and OPEC has done this to kill off oil development in this country. They have a regular cycle of bankrupting small energy development operators and making those that take risks to invest in American energy independence a losing proposition.

  20. This article by to Tyler Durden lays out some logical worries that seem to support your broad outline in the Middle East. Not saying this is THE way but he does use current events to outline a logical timeline of events on a secular basis that follows what the biblical prophetic scenario is.
    If interested go to
    It pertains to Turkey as well and delves deeper into political subterfuge then my mind could deduct but totally within realm of possibilities. Maybe you or one of your readers could speculate on how this is or not biblically outlined as way to war and destruction.

  21. Hi CE,

    I suppose it could work out somewhat like that if the House of Saud fell but then we invaded and occupied it after the fall to keep it out of the hands of Iran and to put a pro Western leader in power. Keep in mind that we probably will have a Republican President in 2017 that will take a hard line position against Iran.

    Any Iranian/Russian takeover of Saudi Arabia does not seem to fit Bible prophecy. Arabia and the young lions are the ones that question the Gog invasion of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Apparently Saudi Arabia is still aligned with the West at that time but why? Maybe someone like Trump actually does invade to keep Russia/Iran out of Arabia and takes some of their oil to pay for it.

  22. Yep. I went out on a limb on that one. Can’t win them all. Just after I wrote this article Rubio showed himself to be a phony conservative and he was thrown back in the pond. Had he taken the route of Ted Cruz he could have won but he moved left of Cruz and lost much of the evangelical support.

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