Obama: twelfth greatest President or greatest un-American President?

I have had a long dialogue with someone emailing me. He was hostile toward me because of my views on Obama on my blogs. In the course of the dialogue, points were brought up that I addressed. This is not everything said. That would be too long. My comments are in bold.  The abbreviated statements from the other person begin with an *.

*I gave you proof in links.

Cherry picking articles is not proof of anything to me. I could find articles in support of what I said, but I know it would be a waste of time. You say your links were unbiased but most of them are to leftist sites. You say you are not a liberal or whatever but I think a man can be known by the company he keeps.

*What has Obama done to you PERSONALLY that has affected your life negatively”? I don’t mean some vague trade agreement. But YOU as an INDIVIDUAL. Are your loved ones vanishing? Does the police kick in your door at will?

What Obama did to me personally can only be seen in the course that he set this nation on. I suppose you will tell me that the possible future nuclear EMP by Iran and North Korea would not affect me personally or that allowing radical Muslim terrorists and gangsters into this country will not ever affect me personally. Or that the breakdown of the family that Obama helped promote will not affect crime and that will not ever affect me personally? I suppose you think the 10 trillion in additional debt does not affect me personally? Abortion of millions of babies here and abroad will not affect me personally? The far-left war against Christianity would not affect me personally? Obama’s Arab Spring actions that destabilized the Middle East will not affect me personally? Obama disregard for the law and the Constitution will not ever affect me personally? It goes on and on. I suppose you also think the war he is ramping up against Donald Trump and conservatives will not affect me personally. If Obama got all of what he wanted in the past or if gets what he wants in the future, it would certainly affect me and most Americans but you think we should not say anything because it is not yet impacting most of us. Obama’s agenda unrestrained would affect Americans much the same as Chavez’s socialistic agenda is now affecting the people of Venezuela. Your question is purposely misdirected, the nation is not just about me.

By the way, I only empathize Obama because he has been the President for the last 8 years. The Democratic Party that Obama leads was taken over by far left radicals that are working toward socialist globalism. Some of the Republican are also involved. Trump won because he is against globalism controlled by elitists. If Hillary Clinton would have won, I would be saying much the same about her. However, probably not for long, because Hillary would have encouraged the Internet elite to censor speech that is against the leftist agenda. I was no fan of her husband either.  It is not about race to me, the Marxist worldview is the antithesis of a Christian worldview.

*The historians rate Obama as the 12th best President. Do you think he brainwashed them?

I do not think that Obama brainwashed the historians. Education institutions and peer pressure influenced their ranking. There are very few conservatives in the soft sciences. The globalist elite promote and honor people that think like them. Obama even got a Nobel Peace Prize from Fabian socialists in Norway before he did anything. Obama has done nothing positive to get a 12th ranking. I think he got it because those ranking him are of the left or because they are afraid to honestly rate the first black American president. It is a little soon for historical opinions anyway. The people behind this push to rank him are people with a leftist agenda.

*How is the nation divided? And just HOW is Obama to blame? Was there a Klan before Obama? Was there a Nation of Islam before Obama? Were there Republicans and Democrats before Obama? If you think ONE man can FORCE you to be a racist or to stop being a racist you’re crazy. That is something PERSONAL. The only person that can TRULY change a racist is Jesus. Not you, me or Obama. PLEASE ANSWER THIS. Also this isn’t something that can be quantified.

How is the nation divided?  Do you listen to the news? We are as close to civil war as we were in the days before the last civil war. In fact, some are already calling what the far-left is fermenting against conservatives a shadow government and civil war.  Some on the far-left even want an American Spring with all the violence it produced in the Middle East.

It is not black versus white as you seem to see everything. It is far-left agitators using the indoctrinated of the system to rebel against anything traditional, biblical, moral or American. Far-left Marxist collectivists are warring against conservatives, individualists, critical thinkers and biblical Christians. The battle is between people given over to reprobate minds and people that believe what God said in the Bible.  The battle is really about good and evil. It is hard to believe that a true Christian could take the other side.  Even so, this generation calling themselves Christians is who 2 Peter 2 talked about.

The agenda of the far-left is really the same as what happened in Russia, China and Cambodia, except here and in Europe the far-left thus far has been trying to establish global Marxism through Fabian Socialism rather than through violent revolution. History repeats itself with Marxism. Once they gain control heads will roll like they always do. Christians are the first target. In fact, people like Bill Ayers say 20 million or more people in the United States must die. Those that downplay history might be doomed to repeat it.

* You claim Obama is responsible for a weaker military? I sent specific info to the CONTRARY.

You quote NPR. They are a leftist outfit that twists the truth all the time – that is what they do. The military is much weaker than when Obama took office. The navy is the smallest it has been since 1917. Half the aircraft in the military are not currently air-worthy.  Only 3 of the Army’s 58 Brigade Combat Teams are rated combat ready. The U.S. military forces have been cut severely and they also have been feminized. The overall fighting ability was greatly reduced under Obama.

*You clam there is a socialistic education system that indoctrinates people rather than educates them? How many times does a child have to “learn” about Washington and his ilk? Of course I’m pretty sure you will say I am anti-education. No, I am PRO education, but PRAGMATIC education. Math, advanced math, economics, a foreign language (Spanish) basic computer skills and a few others. History is important but life skills are MORE important

I wish they actually taught the things that you mention as well as history. History and other subjects take a backseat to sex education and other social engineering indoctrination. You also know what they say about people that do not learn from history.

Most come out of high school not prepared for college and many cannot even fill out a job application form or speak the language. If you want proof just look at the test scores or ask employers.

*You claim the existence of a socialistic media system that brainwashes people? Do you know how difficult it is to “brainwash” someone? If you are talking about multimedia, yeah, people can be INFLUENCED. But brainwashing is something COMPLETELY different. So how is Obama behind this one?

Proof of brainwashing comes via observation.  Brainwashing is not as difficult as you seem to think. Many people are trapped by brainwashing cults. For example, The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest cult in the world.  In our schools children are indoctrinated by a leftist worldview five days a week. After that the media finishes the job. Conservatives are saying that liberals act like they are in a cult for good reason. They act like programmed robots. They do not even know the issues or care about the truth. They just follow their indoctrination and rant mindless slogans. Those taking to the streets are looking like they should be committed to an insane asylum. Maybe its just their sugar diet or not having been brought up by a real father or maybe it also is the programing they receive each day.

Obama was the man behind the curtain. He wanted far-left directed education programs for everyone except his own two kids.

*You say there is sexual confusion and debauchery everywhere? How is Obama behind this? Wasn’t Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed because of sexual immorality. Guess Obama time travels now.

Oh, come on… Obama said he was for the Defense of Marriage Act before he turned against it. Obama pushed the homosexual agenda. He even lit up the White House with rainbow colors. Such sin has always existed, but when nations embrace, flaunt and promote such sin they are asking for judgment. Marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman and God. Obama obviously promotes sexual confusion and debauchery.

Name one thing Obama has done that is good for our country? (One of my questions to him.)

*This is all the answer I will need. Because no matter what he has done, the hate you and others like you have for him will NEVER give him credit. I bet if it was the Bush admin or Trump who killed bin Laden you couldn’t shut up about it. As stated before, MEN give credit where it’s due. Even to an adversary. Is your heart really the heart of a Christian? What happened to Romans 13: 1-14? Guess that’s for every president EXCEPT Obama. Wow. Well this will make your day. It made mine. For all the HATE (and you can call it “patriotism” or WHATEVER, maybe some of those young guys will believe you. Me? I’m almost 45 and I’ve seen and heard all the smokescreens. The Klan claims to be “Christian” as well) you and others have for the man he was ranked the 12th BEST president. Lemme guess? He brainwashed em? There. A nice long RATIONAL email. So please answer the questions I have asked. Since you danced around the last email

That is the only answer you can come up with because Obama has not passed anything good worth mentioning.

You do not even know if Obama had Bin Laden killed. The government lies when it wants. This conveniently happened six months before the election. Where is the evidence? Where is the body? Bin Laden was a sick man and may have been dead for years. You might want to check into it.

I never said or implied that Christians should not be praying for Obama as its leader. If more had, maybe he would have come to see things differently. Then again maybe nothing would have changed. True Christians can be a good influence in any nation.  Even so, Christians do not determine the outcome for any nation. Nations generally get the leaders that they deserve.

Black racists like to identify all white people with slanders like the Klan. Mostly white Republican Christian people dealt with slavery and later with the Klan. The Klan came from the southern democrats. It is ironic that black people now support a party full of racists that want to keep people of color on the government plantation. The majority of blacks might choose freedom and liberty instead of blindly following white hating race baiters. The race baiters make a  pretty good living keeping black people down.

On another issue that you addressed. Obama doubled the national debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion in just 8 years. I do not blame only Obama for this debt disaster, he had a lot of help. You listed declining deficits but the damage is already done and the deficits are projected to rise again as well. The day is rapidly approaching when even the interest on that debt cannot be paid.  The only thing that has kept things going this far was artificially low interest rates. That will not be the case much longer.  Even a historically low five percent interest on twenty trillion that will soon become thirty trillion under Trump would be 1.5 trillion a year in interest alone. Interest on our debt could easily take half the budget within 10 years. The only solution is huge growth in the GDP without inflation. Will Trump be able to accomplish that? We shall see.

Much more was said, especially by my critic but this post is well over 2000 words as it is. If any readers want to give their own views of Obama’s Presidency here is your chance.

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Obama: twelfth greatest President or greatest un-American President? — 33 Comments

  1. I can’t believe you even took the time to argue with him. If the last 8 years didn’t change their minds nothing will. I’ve dealt with people like that before and found that it’s best to ignore them or else they drive you mad.

    Not sure how much more I can add to what you already said about Obama. Notice how quiet BLM has been now that Obama left office? It’s obvious he was a major contributor. Now he secretly undermines Trump from his home in DC. Essentially Obama and those like him can all be put in the category of godless collectivists. Just ask yourself what agenda a godless collectivist would persue and all your questions will be answered.

  2. Personally, I think that you should just block this person. I believe that God allows everyone to make a choice in this life. The type and level of comments are those of one who has made choice and is only attempting to attack you. My response to this person would have been simple, look at the fruit of Obama’s works. Hate between races, great support for abortion, encouraging Islam.
    Everything he touched, he turned to evil. Like many believers I prayed for our country, I even prayed for Obama. As time progressed and it became clear that Obama had made his choice for evil, I prayed the verse in Psalms, Psalms 109:8 “Let his days be few; and let another take his office”. During this past election, I doubt that I prayed specifically for Trump, I, along with many Americans, did pray for American leadership that supports Israel. I believe Trump may be that answer. God will take care of blessing the country.

  3. Don: Enjoying watching all the wildlife as the snow melts. The past 2 days we’ve been visited by ~ 25 BEAUTIFUL WILD TURKEYS of various ages. I feel honored!
    Anyway, how would you have designed an affordable health care program in this country?? Note: I lost my 401k, IRA ETC thanks to Blue Cross manipulations. I never smoked no alcohol etc for 37 years, not overweight, ran a few marathons &~ 200 other races….so a good risk. Fortunately I didn’t have to file for bankruptcy. But starting over at 66 is difficult. Yet US health insurance & big pharma ARE PROBABLY TRILLIONAIRES while they BANKRUPT we the people/TAXPAYER!
    So what is the answer?
    Until I came to your site I wasn’t certain I even knew a Marxist or that they existed. I usually tune out when republicans start accusing and calling folks communists cause the KOCH DYNASTY CALLED PRESIDENT DWIGHT EISENHOWER that till he died because Eisenhower gave We the People/TAXPAYERs heads up ‘re the SHADOW GOVERNMENT & THE INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX!
    If you would share your data/observations, I’d appreciate it!!!

  4. Barrack Obama by his own actions left little doubt in my mind that he is a closet Muslin. His treatment of Israel confirms that for me. Obama did everything he could do to weaken America in every way he could. His endorsement of transgender bathrooms is the ultimate in being STUPID. You are either male or female , there is no IT gender . I would like to ask Obama if he would be ok with some guy who feels female today following his daughters into a public restroom .My reply to the individual in the e – mail exchange with Mr. Koenig is that you are so uninformed on the actual facts you should maybe go back to school and become educated on the facts. Opinions are not facts. I will agree with you the the racist Klan is NOT Christian , racism is NOT Christian , read Revelation , Chapter 7 , verse 9 . Obama and his supporters always use the race cards for political purposes. Tell me ,what did Obama do to help black people in this country. Are black people better off than they were before Obama was elected ? Chicago is a result of people like Obama and Rahm Emanuel being elected., same with Detroit , governance by liberals causes more problems and solves nothing. Obama , Hillary , Trump, take your pick , none of them are the answer , Jesus and Jesus Alone is the answer. Christianity starts with a fact , not an opinion , it;s called THE RESURRECTION , check it out !!!!!!!!

  5. Proverbs 18:1-2 (NLT)

    18 Unfriendly people care only about themselves;
    they lash out at common sense.
    2 Fools have no interest in understanding;
    they only want to air their own opinions.

  6. I watched a show this weekend out of curiosity bc it looked futuristic in a way the far left globalist envision a world as they would love it to be.

    It’s set up after a nuclear blast then they place people in controlled factions in camps they then trained a special elite faction by brain washing them for killing innocent families. The theme is about a rebel group fighting against this new world order after they realize what’s really going on.

    The average person watches something like this and it’s purely entertainment for them without understanding that their actually being conditioned as their entertained. It’s sort of like the elites are so bold about their intentions that they are making movies right in your face about it. lol

    This is probably Obama’s favorite movie. http://lionsgateathome.com/allegiant

    Timeless is another ‘get you conditioned’ movie for when Cern breaks open that portal they’ve been working on. Which is setting up for Daniel 9 with satan being able to change time for a season. Which may be how even the elect will be deceived.

    Who knows? Something’s in the air. 😉 it will be us via rapture..

  7. Don , Your critic probably reads the comments on your blog so I will say this to him, IF Obama is ranked as the 12th best President ever , that would only be rational if we had only had 12 Presidents and Obama would be 13th on the list. The critic also mentions Sodom and Gomorrah ,so if he’s paying attention he should understand God’s attitude towards the LGBT agenda which Obama endorsed and supported , IF Hillary had won the election ,she would be 13th and Obama 14th on the above referenced list . I did take the time to read the entire post .The critic also mentions Jesus. He should read The Gospel of John carefully to understand who Jesus is and pay close attention to the seven I AM statements Jesus makes about himself..

  8. Don, I think you took “what’s his name” to the woodshed pretty good! I don’t know where he got his information on Obama being the 12th BEST president, but if he saw it in the lamestream media, it can’t be believed. They are notorious for televising their “polls” to show this or that – the last one was 39% DISAPPROVAL of Trump, while all other polls show better than 50% APPROVAL. Gee, I guess it depends on WHO you ask, doesn’t it? Of course, these are the same pollsters who assured us Hillary would definitely win. HaHa. If someone like your adversary can’t use his “almost 45-year-old” intelligence to stand back and objectively see what’s happened to this country under Obama, then HE is the brainwashed one. I simply cannot believe how any true believer can have anything but disdain and disgust for the last eight years under Obama. Your adversary also likes to quote Romans 13, but has little understanding of it – like it somehow holds Obama blameless for everything he has done because God puts leaders in power. God uses leaders to destroy as well as build up, and a country usually gets the leader it deserves. Too bad that “Mr. almost 45-year-old, I have seen it all and therefore I know it all, and you and all the people like you who don’t agree with me are stupid” can’t stand back from himself and see how utterly stupid he is. BTW, I love Stephen’s reference to Proverbs 18:1-2. Kind of hits this idiot’s nail right on the head.

  9. I see brainwashing on a global scale, which is beyond obvious by the statements in asterisk made by the hostile e-mails.

    Obama is a precursor to the anti-christ. That is beyond obvious.

    How does satan affect anyone individually and everyone collectively in a negative way? Simple, hindrance to the salvation of lost souls.

    Everytime Obama and a Democrat and the media open their mouths, they lie. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. The hostile liars are the ones committing unadulterated hatred – by bearing false witness. They are willingly ignorant.

  10. I agree with Donovan!
    I would like to comment on the last sentence in your article. As much as Obama did in destroying our nation and creating this civil war – I am not sure he would of succeeded to the extent he did if it were not for the media.
    They were instructed to pound hard and fast. The last 8 years you could not disagree with the left on anything. The name calling- if you didn’t like what BO was doing you are a racist/ a bigot/ a homophobic/ a muslim hater/a KKK lover/ all Christians think a lot – the list is endless. When
    BO was campaigning for Hillary he looked right into the camera and said “I want the media to knock it off – this love fest you have going on with Trump is inexcusable” – he also said that anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary was an anti feminist. Now it seems the media is instructed once again. Pound hard and fast and be relentless on Trump. Before he even took office they were talking of impeachment. Everyone is aware of the daily insults – the newest being he is mentally incompetent.
    My point is I think the media along with BO is very responsible for what is happening. I don’t believe in censorship but isn’t there a difference between entertainment and journalism? Can’t journalist be held accountable for their actions? When national security secrets are printed – shouldn’t they legally have to name their source? The media seems to have an endless supply of sources. (lol)
    Also, BO hasn’t stopped destroying our nation. Organizing for Action is a group founded by BO
    that is distributing a training manual for protesting Trump.

  11. Such continued ignorance as your correspondent displays is indicative of a TOTAL lack of Biblical discernment.

    I wonder who his pastor teacher is or was? Perhaps he, like so many others have done, has buried God’s provision of Pastor and Teacher (Ephesians 4:11 and on) under an assumption the Holy Spirit will teach him directly.

    I believe so much ignorant subjectivity can be laid directly at the door of this Pentecostal assumption.

  12. Hi Don,
    I enjoyed reading your response to this person. I once again have to fall back on “reprobate mind”.
    I do not see how any person that is of sound mind and body could think of Obama as being a good president. He did anything and everything in his power to bring our nation down.
    I am glad you have the stamina to respond to this. But… in the long run… for this individual, it is probably useless. I think you know what I mean.
    God Bless you…
    Come Lord Jesus!

  13. I wanted to know why Obama was rated #12 on the C-Span poll of 90 historians, writers and journalists.

    Half of those ranking the presidents leaned liberal, 25% were moderates and 25% were conservatives.

    Presidents were ranked in 10 categories. Obama was ranked 3rd in “Equal Justice” for all, 7th in “Moral Authority” and 8th in “Economic Management.”

    The facts would prove otherwise.

    No one has mentioned Obama’s Iran Deal or his friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood: both sponsors of terrorists.

  14. Hi Caitlin

    Actually those that say they are moderates today are liberals that vote for leftists and even some that say they are conservatives are not conservative.

  15. All this reminds me of the days when Tony Blair then Gordon Brown were Prime Minister here in Britain. Anybody who disagreed with their politics was branded a racist, everyone would start a sentence with ‘I’m not a racist but’. Thankfully that died down when David Cameron came into office and is being obliterated now that Theresa May is PM. Nowadays in Britain if you accuse someone of being a racist you’ll get laughed out the room and there is little racism about; people of different colour and religious beliefs can get along just fine thank you. I would hope that America will go the same way but I must admit, the left wingers are far more vicious nowadays.

  16. To Don & All,

    I tend to see life and humanity through a very myopic perspective.

    I see the grand scheme of it ALL between….


    Choosing The Way, The Truth, and The Life Through Jesus Christ or choosing earthly humanism.

    I think Barak Obama did exactly what he was trained and intended on doing as President.

    Barak Obama’s job intent from the beginning was to bring down the United States with the intent of furthering The New World Order Agenda, through a means that seemed to unite the nations through an intended “parity”.

    Henry Kissinger said of Obama, “Obama is primed to bring about a New World Order”.

    Really, to be fair, Obama largely failed….though causing great damage to our nation overall.

    Barak Obama does NOT and never had Christian values, he showed through his entire presidency that he is at least an Islamic sympathizer (and possibly an authentic Muslim, which I do not know for certain) that we have not seen since the days of Jimmy Carter.

    The way he treated Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu with Resolution 2334 on his way out the door further proved the sinister and despicable acts of a very Anti-Semitic Obama that I’m sure made Jimmy Carter smile.

    Barack Obama is also a far left humanist as far as I could tell, he is for every aberrant non-Biblical behavior that the far left could hope for….then promoted it as “tolerance”.

    Abortion, pro-homosexuality tactics, unconstitutional edicts that led to divisions, and anarchy are just a few of the promotions of Mr. Obama.

    The elites, like Obama, do not consider themselves likely to suffer the consequences of his decisions impacting a nation…because they themselves are regarded as “The Elites” and by their own positions of power probably believe that they will fare well, even among total national chaos or even national collapse, whether economically or militarily.

    As Christians, we see it quite differently.

    Our Eternal Hope and Love is for The Lord Jesus and His Promises…not for our short temporal time on earth regardless of the devastating results that are imminent.

    As far as the approval rating of President Obama on the All-Time Greatest #12…

    If one asked C.A.I.R., Planned Parenthood, The NAACP, or the minds of mush in our Universities, Obama would no doubt be rated as one of the greatest Presidents of All-Time.

    If True Bible believing Christians were asked to rate Obama’s among the Presidents of All-Time, he would likely fare among the absolute worst of All-Time.

    This is just my perspective on your conversation versus Mr. X.

  17. MAYBE OBAMA ls the 12th IMAM. When the UN, the EU, the AU and the Eastern Block joins OBAMA will be the LEADER with Nato and others being His Army!

  18. Obama as the 12th IMAM ?

    I do have to wonder if Obama would say, “Death to America, Death to Israel”….just how many “students” at UC Berkely would give him a standing ovation.

  19. Obama is not the 12th IMAN , he is probably a Muslin , a member of the Muslim brotherhood , and if the TRUTH came out guilty of TREASON . Cal Berkley should change it’s name to satan university.

  20. Don, found this link today giving credence to the Obama Army.


    I believe it would take much more than 30-40k agitators, but I could be wrong. The writer makes a good point about no one stepping up to Obama while he was in office and therefore no one would now. Who knows. I think Trump has the military/police with him like you said and these agitators would not stand a chance.

    Anyways, maybe your pen pal will take into serious consideration the responses you gave and come to his or her senses. As always, thanks for your site.

  21. Steven,

    The 30 thousand are only the community agitators. They want to get 3 million people in Washington for their May Day protest. A lot depends on what happens between now and then.

  22. Hi=listened to a radical Muslim turned Christian, and he said that Common Core was financial supported by at least the Saudi’s=Is this based on any truth? Thanks PS hope this is not too off topic-sorry.

  23. Wondering why and how all these leaks are happening from the white house?

    It’s Obama’s doing that’s why. Just days before he left office Obama expanded access to classified information by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. Obama knows what he’s doing.

    “Procedures for the Availability or Dissemination of Raw Signals Intelligence Information by the National Security Agency Under Section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333.” In turn, on January 3, 2017, then-Attorney General Lynch approved these new procedures.


  24. Arguing with a liberal is like trying to teach a pig to sing – it’s a waste of time, and it annoys the pig!!

  25. Tim,

    It might not be possible to teach a pig to sing, however, pigs are quite intelligent creatures.

    Comparing pigs to liberals is an insult to pigs me thinks ; )

  26. Cute David but very true. I got into discussion last week with a retired teacher from Iowa and to her every thing was Dick Chaney’s fault. She said such things as Democrats never controlled Congress, bipartisan passage of Obamacare, and no Democrats supported the Iraq war. The discussion would increase several octaves if any criticism about Bill, Hillary, or Obama.
    I showed her by calling up statistics on the internet to support my statements about votes for Obamacare, control of Congress, and Iraq votes and guess what ‘You cannot believe the internet, they lie to help the Republicans’. And she was “educated” and recently had been teaching our children. Yes to compare her to pigs would be an insult to the pigs.

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