Putting Jesus Christ back in Christmas

Jesus is the reason for the season. Who would have even thought of such a concept where the Creator of everything would enter His creation in order to save the human race from its bondage to sin, death and the Devil?

The prophet Isaiah said this world happen.

Isa 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

The name Immanuel means “God with us”. The name Jesus means “Jehovah is salvation” and Christ means “anointed one”. So, Jesus Christ means the anointed one who is the salvation of Jehovah.

Mass means “celebration” so Christ “mass” means the celebration of the anointed one. Christians celebrate the Son of God being born into the world on December 25th.

Jesus probably was actually born in the fall but tradition says December 25th. That may not be all wrong if we consider that Jesus may have been conceived in Mary around that date.

Christmas is a good time to ponder about why Jesus was given by God to deliver us. Ever since the fall of Adam, mankind was subject to sin and death. Nobody escaped. We were all born into the sinful flesh nature that Adam fell into.

Mankind was created in the image of God. We were to become imagers of God. We would reflect God on earth as Jesus/Jehovah our Creator reflects the Father to all of creation.

God told Adam that he must not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he would surly die. Eve was deceived and ate of that tree. Adam was not deceived and most likely ate of the tree to save Eve. Adam could have been the first savior type in the Bible. He trusted that God would provide a redeemer.

From the time that Adam disobeyed until Jesus rose from the dead, all the predestined sons of God were mortal beings living in the hope that they would receive salvation from a righteous God, but living and dying under the condemnation the Devil. The kinsman redeemer the predestined of God hoped for is Jesus.

Jesus was born into the nature of Adam’s sinful flesh but His father was God. He had no sin. Jesus was the second Adam. This Adam could not be corrupted because this image of God was God. When the Devil killed this sinless God/man he defeated himself. This second Adam rose from the dead and gives spiritual life (1Co 15:45) to all the predestined drawn to Him by the Father.

By one man’s disobedience sin and death came into the world, and by one man’s obedience to be a sinless sacrifice, the predestined sons of God are made righteous.

Rom 5:18 Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.
19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

God is giving the sons and daughters of Adam a free gift of salvation and all we have to do is receive it. This gift is not something that we can earn. God did it all.

It makes sense to me that a righteous God would provide a way for our salvation. After all, we are not responsible for our fallen sinful human nature. We really had no say in the matter.

To escape sin and death we have to be born from above into the spiritual body of Christ. We must receive God’s gift (Jesus) and His Holy Spirit will be come to us.

Until we receive Christ, all living according to their flesh nature are under condemnation. The Ten Commandments were given to show us our sin nature. The commandments were given to teach us that we need God’s savior. Those predestined to become sons of God will take the free gift of God (Jesus) and be saved from their fallen flesh nature. The tares that the Devil sowed in the world will not.

The tares in a sense are Adamic race lookalike’s with limited freewill. The software (mind/soul) these humanoids run on did not come from God. It came from their father the Devil. That is why tares that even claim to believe the gospel will soon depart from it. Their programing does not allow for belief in salvation by a righteous God. Like the Devil, they think they become like God through their own effort and self will. They cannot trust in God for salvation because they are not of God. Tares are not in the book of life. Their destination is the same as the Devil. They will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

As we approach the end days the tares have matured, become global and organized. They are the people that want to remove the knowledge of God from the planet. They are the people that want to enslave everyone under religion or the collective state. They do not believe in inalienable rights given by the Creator. They will not tolerate free will. These lost souls believe the humanistic decrees of the perverted collective must be forced on everyone.

The tares will prevail on earth until the angels gather them to be burned at the end of the age. Apparently angels can determine the difference. As we near the end of the age, these counterfeits should also be increasing evident to Christians.

God knew that Adam would do what he did, but He created mankind anyway. That really means the buck stops with God. It was all factored in as part of the plan to defeat Satan. God knew how He would redeem mankind before He created him a freewill creature. All things work together for good for those called according to His purpose.

The Devil thought he defeated God’s plan for mankind by deceiving Eve and by killing the Kinsman Redeemer but he defeated himself. Those predestined to become sons and daughter of God did believe and they received Jesus the Christ. I hope all the sons and daughters of God have a Merry Christmas! I know those programmed by Satan will just find the usual reasons to say bah humbug!

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Putting Jesus Christ back in Christmas — 30 Comments

  1. Don,
    Wishing you are yours a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for this article and all the others throughout this past year. I always look forward to learning from you and all your followers on this site.

  2. The problem is not the gift giving. Those that want to celibate Christmas but do all they can to take Christ out of Christmas miss the reason for the celebration.

  3. It is interesting that the tares have become more and more apparent, as never before. Excellent article and food for thought. May we all continue to watch, pray, and occupy until He comes again! Merry Christmas!

  4. The Holy Roman Mass of Christ is a perversion, a mixture of The Holy and profane, a celebration for followers of pagan Jesus and not a celebration of bible Jesus. Right up there with Easter and Good Friday. May all true born again children of God recognise this fact and may all seekers of truth not be turned off by it and yet find The Lord Jesus as he is the way the truth and the life!

  5. Daniel,

    That can be true, but for believers celebrating Jesus, Christmas has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Mass or paganism. If the Holy Spirit is drawing people to Jesus, they are going to come to know the truth no matter if we celebrate Christmas or not.

  6. Merry Christmas Don and all,

    I was pleased that our President Trump said Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I don’t know what it means to him personally but I’m still pleased he made the proclamation publicly.

  7. Thank you Don for the good article. We all need reminding of the great and wonderful salvation and hope provided by the arrival, death, and return of our savior. May you have a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

  8. Merry Christmas to all as well!

    In regards to Adam eating of the tree to save Eve, what was God expecting Adam to do? Did God expect him to not eat and move on and leave Eve? I understand God would not want Adam to have disobeyed and sinned. Maybe God would have made another woman for Adam?

  9. Hi Don,

    Good article, as always. I have nothing much to add except to wish you and all here on your forum a very Merry Christmas and blessings for the new year.

  10. Merry Christmas Jim,

    Nah, God knew that Eve would be deceived before He made her. He also knew that Adam would join her. Where was Adam in Eve’s encounter with the shining serpent? Perhaps Adam was not performing the husband’s priestly duties and it led to her encounter with this supernatural being. So maybe Adam felt responsible and joined her in her fate.

  11. Don,

    “Where was Adam in Eve’s encounter with the shining serpent? Perhaps Adam was not performing the husband’s priestly duties and it led to her encounter with this supernatural being.”

    Your statement just jumped out at me and I winced at how the evil one has corrupted so many in my sphere away from this godly, husbandly care. I know none of this is new in a fallen world, but it tears at me. I grew up in a broken home completely unprotected from Satan’s influence. When I was saved, the ones who should have protected me fought me every step of the way.

    Poor me! Ha! No, I’m as rotten as they come without anyone’s help. But that idea of godly protection of a father! A lot of men have deep wounds from fathers caving to the insatiable demands of godless Woman. Would to God there were more strong Fathers, holding the feminine wiles in check!

    The very idea sounds stupid to modern ears, we are so thoroughly corrupted.

  12. Hi John,

    In this fallen world we have all been by shaped to various degrees by things we had no control over. That is one reason why salvation has nothing to do with us.

  13. Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a blessed New year. Praise and glory to God on High for this free gift of Salvation. Praise God for the hope he has given us in the name of Jesus Christ.

  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you Don for all you do here on your blog. It is such a blessing to have a place to connect with others by discussing end times topics.

  15. Hi Don & all,

    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
    And has a safe New Years.

    Don wrote:
    “the tares have matured, become global and organized.”

    My thoughts about this, several years ago, was that the tares were being bundled together, in and outside the institutional churches. That we, the believing body of Christ were now on the outside looking in.

    I’m referencing, Matthew 13:30

    “Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”

    This verse always struck me as having to do with the end times Harlot church, and the rapture. That the tares would be burned after gathering the wheat (believers) in the barn (heaven)(rapture). So picture if you will, a vast field, where the tares outnumbered the wheat overwhelmingly, and after they have been bundled, leaving small clusters of wheat spread far and wide all over the world, seems to be how the true body of Christ exist in these days. The Apostasy or falling away, has been fulfilled in these last days. Some interpret the parable as referring to the end of the age, and as
    Matthew 30:39 does say so, I think it has a duel fulfillment, as there are many such instances in the Bible, and more specifically, prophecy. And Matthew 31-33 helps explain the condition of the church and world. Some think that Jesus is referencing only the Kingdom, and that the Leaven is the pervading influence of the Christianity, but I like many others, think that it has always had a negative connotation, like the law instructing the Jew’s to get ride of every speck during certain festival times. I think that the Leaven and the birds that nest in the mustard tree and overwhelm it, are another reference to tares. There will be tares before and after Jesus 1000 year reign on Earth. Believers have always been a remnant. Tares have been, always will be the majority. Until the end of the age, when they are cast into the lake of fire. Only then, will the the Kingdom be pure believers.

  16. Hi David L,

    That was Chuck Smith’s position. I do not know if it is correct.

    I am doubtful that all present unbelievers should be identified as tares. Weeds cannot turn into wheat. The tares appear to be satanic plants they cannot ever come to the truth and be saved. Tares were most of the religious leaders of Jesus’ time. Many of the common people became believers. In the end times it is the tares that will take the Mark of the Beast and follow him.

    Many if not most on earth will be converted to Christ in the great tribulation. That is how we get a number nobody can count around the throne. I also do not think that there will be tares on earth while Jesus reigns on earth. Satan is bound. Maybe shortly after the thousand years the satanic plants spring up again.

  17. Hi,

    If the timing is what we’re thinking (circa 20 years), that means the converts primarily consist of the “millennials” (depending on how you want to define them) — today, they are as nasty and evil and wicked as they can be, and so they enter the tribulation (if they don’t die first, like here in America).

    Or something to that effect.

    Interesting observation about the “tares.” I wasn’t thinking along those lines (although I was thinking more along the lines of conversion from tare to wheat, but your concept of “tares cannot become wheat” brings a different notion that I hadn’t contemplated).

    I had a rough December (car accident, dealing with bone cancer in my dog), so I’ve sort of pulled out of “watching” and we didn’t bother with the usual Christmas activities – very few gifts, if any really, very quiet), and I’m not exactly looking forward to 2018.

    Dr. Vernon McGee had a good Christmas message (i.e., “no room for Christ”).

    Blessings… // Craig

  18. Hi Craig,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. You remind us that we should all count the blessings that we do have because things can rapidly change. We all live in an age of many troubles. Even so, it is sure to come to an end relatively soon.

  19. What a wonderful article. Thank you so much, Don, for all you do for the Kingdom of the Lord

  20. Don,

    When you say: “I am beginning to believe that President Trump has crossed over.”

    Can you expand on that?

    I have heard him called a “Baby Christian” by Dr. James Dobson. I hope it’s true, I have prayed for him.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and everyone!

  21. Craig P,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your travails. We lost our Staffordshire Terrier of 13yrs last yr. It’s hard, I know, and one regret was, I should have taken a few more pictures. The best advice I’ve ever received, is when things seem too large to handle, break it down into smaller things to accomplish. I’ll be praying for you and yours. May God comfort you in trying times, in the name of Jesus, amen.


    I looked up Smith’s commentary on Matthew ch 13.and you are correct, we largely agree. I’ve never read, or listened to any of his resources. The whole of the parables are a rebuke of the Pharisees. Those on the other side of this for example,
    John MacArthur, who I have read extensively, I just could not see it his way.

    For those interested in Chuck Smith’s material, this site has both audio and written commentary.

    This is for: Matthew ch.13

  22. Hi David L,

    Here is food for thought about the 7 kingdom parables that were included in my Revelation Commentary.

    Chuck Missler gives us a small taste of this design and correlation in his teaching on Revelation:

    The Seven Kingdom parables:

    “The Sower Ephesus: The apostolic Church

    The Tares Smyrna: The persecuted Church

    Mustard Seed Pergamos: Marriage to the World

    Women/Leaven Thyatira: The Papacy in the Medieval World

    The Field Sardis: Denominational/Dead Orthodoxy

    The Pearl Philadelphia: The Rebirth of the Missionary

    The Dragnet Laodicea: The apostate Church”

    The seven churches and how they relate to the churches that Paul wrote to:

    “Ephesus: Ephesians

    Smyrna: Philippians (joy through suffering)

    Pergamos: Corinthians (married to the world)

    Thyatira: Galatians (call out of religious externalism)

    Sardis: Romans (Salvation by faith)

    Philadelphia: Thessalonians (the rapture)

    Laodicea: Colossians (told to exchange letters with Laodicea)”

    *The seven epistles to individuals are “John, Peter, Jude, James, Titus, Timothy, and Philemon (Missler suggests the reader should figure out how these epistles correlate to each of the seven Revelation churches.)

    *The seven parable suggestions, seven church suggestions and seven epistles above are from The Book of Revelation, supplemental notes page 60, Koinonia House Inc., 1995

  23. As usual, a down to earth commentary by Don. Always a refreshing viewpoint to be found here. I have included it under January’s blog at rapturenotes dot com.


  24. Hi Don,

    I came across your website several years ago and from then on I am an ardent follower of your blogs. I am a believer from Bangalore, India.

    Can you elaborate on your comment:

    “The tares in a sense are Adamic race lookalike’s with limited freewill. The software (mind/soul) these humanoids run on did not come from God. It came from their father the Devil.”

    “As we approach the end days the tares have matured, become global and organized. They are the people that want to remove the knowledge of God from the planet.”

    I thought these were killed / destroyed in Noah’s flood.


  25. Hi John,

    The enemies of God were killed in the flood but obviously humans that survived had some offspring that reject God. The tares that grew up with the wheat have matured on earth and are now using modern mass media to become well organized and push the godless agenda (luciferian socialism). Their agenda is to defeat God’s people and establishing luciferian control on earth.

    They are soulless people without any conscience. Whether they were born that way or lost their soul along the way is debatable.

    I am not saying that all people that have not yet come to Jesus can be called Tares. I think Tares are those blinded by the Devil because their Father is the Devil. They will never comes to the truth to be saved.

    Think of tares as psychopaths and sociopaths. They simply do not have a conscience. I am not saying that all labeled as psychopaths and sociopaths are tares either.

    I think the mistake Christians make is thinking that tares can be saved. They will never accept the true gospel. Another mistake is thinking that those that are not Christians are all Tares. There is hope for all people but there is no hope for the demonic tares. Tares cannot be converted to wheat. They are only good to be gathered by the angels and burned at the day of the Lord. Prime examples of tares in the scripture is the high priests that Knew that Jesus was the Messiah but rejected Him anyway. Another is Judas. More modern examples would be Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Alinsky,the Clintons and Obama.

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