Satan’s Progressive Control Freaks Create Babylon 2.0

Satan’s Progressive Control Freaks will soon create Babylon 2.0 on earth. After that will come God’s Judgment. Progressives think that if they have total control they will create heaven on earth or paradise lost. They literally will create hell on earth instead. To understand where Satan’s progressives want to take mankind we have to go back to Genesis.

Scripture translations say that God said, let “us” make man (Adam) in our own image. That is true. Nevertheless, a careful parsing of the scriptures suggests that the most high God (YHWH) was talking to the Elohim (plural). They already were sons of God of the unseen realm. God declared to the Elohim that Adam would also be made a son of God.

Man apparently was created to be a free will being that would image YHWH on earth as do the Elohim (sons of God) in the mostly unseen realm that these divine created beings occupy.

Adam was created a being that would represent God on earth. In His creation God works through the beings that He created. These beings are reflecting or imaging His light if they are not in darkness. We know that Eve was deceived and Adam sinned so Adam could not be an imager of God in his fallen state. That problem had to be remedied if man was to become like the Elohim.

The being that deceived Eve was the “Nachash”. Eve was not deceived by a snake. The ancient Hebrew probably means a shining serpentine like being. The being was actually the top being in YHWH’s creation. Later the scriptures calls him Lucifer (light bearer or shining one), Satan (the adversary), the Devil (the slanderer or adversary) and the Dragon (a great fearsome serpentine being).

According to Revelation 20:2 all four names represent the same being. This being wants to be like the most high God and he wants to be worshiped as God (Isa 14 13-14, 2Th 2:4).

Satan’s agenda since man was created was to put and keep humankind under his bondage (Heb 2:15). Satan is a total control freak. He did not want mankind ruling in his realm. He intends to be God on earth and to rule over everything on earth.

Everything revealed by God is counterfeited by the Devil to keep him in that role. The Devil is the number one control freak in the universe and his followers image him (black light Mt 6:23). God created mankind to have free will and to have liberty but the sons of Satan are control freaks that want everyone to submit to their own will. Jesus called such people sons of their father the Devil.

Is there any wonder why the Satanic religion called “Islam” literally means “submission to god”. Is there any wonder why Catholics are told they must submit to their church and its Pope to be saved. These two control freak world religions alone keep almost half the world in bondage.

The story of how Satan has progressed his agenda on earth and how God defeats his every attempt is told in the scriptures. That is a long story but a few key chapters in the story is the fall of man into sin and how God redeems mankind through a human being that is without sin.

One chapter is where Satan and the Elohim that followed Satan corrupted human flesh so the kinsman redeemer of the Adamic race could not come. God stops that satanic agenda by wiping out corrupted flesh with the great flood. God starts over with a small remnant that was not yet genetically corrupted. The kinsman redeemer would still come from the descendants of Adam.

Another chapter in the story is what happened at Babylon 1.0. Mankind was told to spread all over the earth but a satanic Nimrod led the effort to build a great ziggurat that would contain a temple at the top that would be the footstool of the gods (Elohim). Fallen Elohim probably were involved in Nimrod’s effort.

Mankind thought that they could bring the gods down to their location on earth if they built them a place to be worshiped. Later examples of this are found on many places on earth. Building the ziggurat was the first works based religion. Man thought his own efforts could bring down the gods and that they could be enticed to restore paradise lost. Babylon 1.0 is also the start of pagan religion. Mankind started worshiping fallen Elohim that were part of the creation in place of the Creator.

At the start, people were not so stupid that they actually thought the works of their hands would become gods. They knew that the gods were real divine beings. They thought idols made in likeness of some deity and the worship before it would appeal to the vanity of that god. They believed this would get that god to visit with them and bless them.

The most high God YHWH was not pleased with the fallen Elohim. He had different plans to redeem mankind and restore paradise lost. He would have his footstool built at Jerusalem not at Babylon. The common language at that time was divided. It probably was divided according to the number of these fallen Elohim (70 or maybe 72). They became nations probably before and after the time that the earth was divided in the days of Peleg (1Ch 1:19). I think before that time there was only one big landmass on earth.

After that the nations started worshiping territorial Elohim as if they were Gods. Psalm 82 tells the story about how God was very displeased with the Elohim ruling over the nations. They did not rule justly. They were not imaging YHWH at all they were imaging the Devil. You can try to figure that gem out for yourself, but keep in mind that YHWH through Asaph is talking to Elohim in Psalm 82. He is not talking to humans.

I like best how it reads in the Septuagint.

Psa 82:1  A Psalm for Asaph. God stands in the assembly of gods; and in the midst of them will judge gods.
Psa 82:2  How long will ye judge unrighteously, and accept the persons of sinners? Pause.
Psa 82:3  Judge the orphan and poor: do justice to the low and needy.
Psa 82:4  Rescue the needy, and deliver the poor out of the hand of the sinner.
Psa 82:5  They know not, nor understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth shall be shaken.
Psa 82:6  I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you children of the Most High.
Psa 82:7  But ye die as men, and fall as one of the princes.
Psa 82:8  Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

God was displeased with the nations and those fallen Elohim that lorded over the nations so he called Abraham out of the nations to be the father of a great people who by faith would worship Him alone. Through Abraham’s seed all the nations would be blessed. Many in the nations would again learn to worship the Creator rather than territorial created spiritual beings that the New Testament calls authorities, powers and wicked rulers in high places (Eph 6:12).

The Apostle Paul actually went to all the nations mentioned in Genesis ten to proclaim the good news to the Gentiles. The nations were in bondage to these territorial beings but Paul was announcing liberty in Christ within the territories of these fallen Elohim.

From the seed of Abraham a nation of priests would be raised that would represent YHWH to the nations and free those in the nations that were held in bondage by Satan. Through Israel God sent His own Son to be born from a virgin from the tribe of Judah. He would defeat all the powers in the unseen realm. As the kinsman redeemer of the Adamic race Jesus would complete God’s plan for the creation of Adam.

Satan offered Jesus the world if Jesus would just worship him as God. However, Jesus could not be deceived by a counterfeit of Himself. Jesus was killed on the cross and the rulers of this world were condemned themselves because their demonic offspring killed a sinless man. Only those that had sin were to reap death. Had the rulers of this world known God’s plan to defeat them by the death of Jesus on the cross they never would have crucified the Lord of Glory (1Co 2:8 ).

Now all can be set free from the bondage of Satan through the sinless One that paid the price for our sins. With His death He redeems mankind from the bondage of sin and death. For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous (Ro 5:19).

This second Adam from God perfectly imaged God (Heb 1:3). The Sons of God born into the body of Christ will also image God as God intended with the creation of Adam. That is the heritage for those in Christ.

That is the short story of what happened, but the story is still playing out on earth. In the beginning God created man to live, to be able to reason, and to have free will, even though wrong choices lead to wrong decisions. The alternative was to create robots. What would be the point of that? Robots without free will could not be imagers of God because God has free will. Contrary to what many teach, even in Christianity, God is not a control freak.

Satan, wants human beings to be enslaved to him. His human agents on earth today commonly like to call themselves progressives. Progressives are control freaks that have an agenda of enslavement to the state or some satanic belief system. The state, world government and world religious are ultimately controlled by Satan. Progressive control freaks lead to Satanic control of humanity. God, on the other hand, gives humans free will and liberty. You get to choose whom you will follow.

All end time scripture and the different theories derived from them have a similar theme. Satan will set up a world system where there is total control through force. Liberty of the individual is taken away. Only the satanic progressive control freaks are allowed to make decisions for everyone else. If you do not conform to the Satanic agenda you will be killed. Of course Satan will not succeed in this for very long because God has different plans.

None of this is a narrative that you will hear in Sunday School. They must stay in the traditional modern, post postmodern and now neo-Gnostic box they want to put God in. Ancient literature of Judaism, the early Church fathers, and ancient text historians do lend support for my hypothesis.

Babylon 2.0

Babylon 2.0 is the Utopia that progressives dream of, believe it or not. Babylon 2.0 is the Utopia of all world religions. In Revelation, God is the one that identifies this end time satanic world system as Babylon. It is a false counterfeit Kingdom of God where there is only bondage to Satan. There is no liberty and there is no free will for those in Babylon 2.0. God tells His people to come out of her.

Babylon 2.0 is already being set up by control freak progressives that now control most of the world. They want all people to conform to satanic group think. Lies are said to be truth. Everything that God said in scripture is denied or the scriptures are twisted to mean the opposite of what He said. Those that believe in YHWH and the real Jesus of the Bible will be the enemy in Babylon 2.0. In fact, the Lord Himself will be the enemy. They will fight against YHWH when they are gathered by the Beast and the False prophet to Armageddon.

In Gnosticism (a system of satanically led cosmic lies) YHWH is a lessor god who created humans to torment and enslave them. In neo-Gnosticism (New Age), YHWH is a lessor god and tyrannical control freak. Lucifer is the good being that will come to earth to protect humans from the tyrannical YHWH of Israel. Now you know why Satan will succeed in deceiving all nations to fight against Israel and against the Lord at His coming. The old Gnostic lies and the New Age lies from Satan will become widely accepted by all that hate the love of the truth.

In case you are not aware of it, this world is rapidly becoming post post-modern. Truth is becoming the Old Gnostic lies that God is in all and is all. Pantheism is the rage with those that claim to be spiritual and even Christian. Christendom is rapidly buying into these old heresies. Babylon 2.0 has arrived. The neo-Gnostics claim the divine spark is given to all humans so we are all of God. Collectively we are God. All religions are just different aspects of that “truth”.

They say we all must unify on that knowledge and they will belittle Bible believing Christians as narrow-minded hinderers of unity when we claim that the only way to God is through the Biblical Jesus. Some calling themselves Christians become unequally yoked with unbelievers for the sake of a false unity. She in reality is the Harlot of Revelation 17.

There is not much difference in getting into an altered state of consciousness and seeking some Jesus conjured up in your own mind and then contemplating on what you think your made-up Jesus is saying to you than there was with the pagans that went into altered states to conjure up messages from the fallen spirits (Babylon 2.0).

There is not much difference between believing that God is a force that you can manipulate by false faith in your own words than in believing that God can be brought down through mystical arts (Babylon 2.0).

There is not much difference between believing that God can be influenced through chanting rote prayers than in belief in sorcery (Babylon 2.0).

There is not much difference between believing in works theology than believing building a man-made tower could somehow get God to come down to visit. This also applies to man-made buildings that some call “sanctuaries” today. (Babylon 2.0).

There is not much difference between believing all religions worship the same God as in believing that worshiping a false god or one of the fallen Elohim is actually worshiping YHWH or His Son (Babylon 2.0).

There is not much difference in man creating trans-humans and chimeras, than there was in the days before the flood judgment when fleshly beings were corrupted by fallen Elohim. Those that think they can evolve themselves to be like God will die like men in the coming judgment.

There is no difference between a one world order where people have a common but counterfeit god to worship and a common satanically controlled central government and a common economic system of bondage than what God identifies as Babylon in Revelation. All not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life worship the Beast in Babylon 2.0 (Rev 13:8).

Progressive control freaks that try to force everyone to conform to their concept of God and their NWO Utopia delusion where everyone is controlled by the state are being deceived by the Devil. If they do not repent in the great tribulation, their eternal utopia will be with their father the Devil in a place that God calls the Lake of Fire (Rev 20 10-15).

Babylon 2.0 is the Beast Antichrist system that all the evil in the world are progressing toward. The evil of it should not surprise you because God said it would happen. The Satanic progressive control freaks of the world are leading the effort to achieve that Satanic end. Christians should have no part in Satan’s agenda other than to oppose it and expose it.

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Satan’s Progressive Control Freaks Create Babylon 2.0 — 74 Comments

  1. There is so much to take in with this post, Don, that I am going to print it out and read it over a few times.
    One question, if you don’t mind – I sometimes use the term Elohim in prayer as I believed I was addressing the Trinity with the proper Hebrew term. From what you’ve written, though, the term applies to any “god” (small g). Is this right or am I just misinterpreting what you’ve written?

    Thanks for this post, Don, it is very comprehensive and detailed. We do not have adult Sunday School here (in Australia) but I certainly agree with you that this teaching is not a narrative that most will hear at church. You are one of only a few (all online) teachers that even go near these subjects.

  2. Hi Christina,

    YHWW is a Elohim but the Elohim are not YHWH. There is only one most high God. There are about four different uses for the world Elohim in Hebrew if I remember correctly. The context always determines the meaning. For example Elohim can mean the most high God or it can be talking about the gods that the Gentile nations worshiped. It really is not a proper name for God it is a spiritual class of divine beings. It might not be wrong to call the Elohim the heavenly host/or the divine counsel.

    I think those in the Trinity should be addressed as God or Lord in English. Yahwah in Hebrew is probably the correct pronunciation for any of the divine persons in the Trinity. The biblical texts even have YHWH talking to YHWH.

  3. Hi Don,

    I began reading this and said to myself, “Self, this sounds awful familiar. I’ll bet Don got the same book for Christmas as I got!” 😉 Of course, I’m referring to Michael Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm. If you have not read it, I recommend it – although in places I felt as if he was grasping to make his point. Your theory, Don, runs uncannily close to his. (Great minds?) I found his and your Elohim/elohim distinction fascinating. This is something I’ve not run across before. Also, when one views the elohim as being part of God’s divine spiritual council, then that event at the Tower in Babylon where God divided the nations according to the Sons of God begins to make sense. I never could understand why He’d do the division according to the numbers of the Israelites, as some translations have it, especially since Israel didn’t even exist back then. As for your reference to the Tower of Babel, I’m leaning toward the notion that the Tower was some sort of Gateway into the Spiritual/Unseen Realm. Some say that Mount Graham is also a Gateway??? (I know, sounds like Tom Horn). What’s your take on this? I appreciated Heiser’s attempt to guide the reader back through the years and put him into the mindset of the ancient peoples of the time the Biblical manuscripts were written. Also, his discussion on the Gates of Hell was most helpful.

    Thanks for bringing this discussion to light. It seems we as Christians tend to eschew a truly supernatural world view. Is that because we want to look sophisticated in the eyes of a sinful world?

  4. Hi Doug,

    I have not read Dr. Heiser’s “Unseen Realm” but I have heard some lectures of his on YouTube. I do intend to get it. I became aware of some of Heiser’s views 15 years ago in his novel called “The Facade”. Now 15 years later and Heiser being a lot more wiser about ancient writings I see that Heiser teaches many things that you will never hear in Sunday school.

    I think his explanations do not have to be all true but I also know that a lot of what Christendom has been teaching on what happend in ancient days certainly is not true.

    I have read some of Tom Horn. I even critiqued two of his books on my previous blog. I have not read his latest book but I need to get that as well. The problem is finding the time to read all this stuff.

    Tom Horn theories are also based on ancient research but I think he does not quite get things right. With his date setting he has painted himself in a corner that he cleverly has got out of until now. Remember he wrote Apollonian Rising 2012 and claimed the tribulation or great tribulation would start that year. In his new book he is claiming that the fallen ones will rise out of the abyss and take over this year. I do not see how he will get out of that corner.

    I think Horn could be correct on some things about what may happen in the future but I think his dating is off by at least a decade.

    Dr. Lake is another one that says some interesting things but I have not read his book either. He claims the Antichrist will be Nimrod. I think that seems unlikely but I have not heard his arguments yet.

    All these people probably shed some light on what the ancients knew and the deception that is coming again from the unseen realm.

    I do not believe that Heiser buys into the theories of Horn and Lake but he does believe the end time events will include a war between fallen beings from the unseen realm and humans that follow them and the supernatural beings and humans that follow YHWH. I believe he is now writing a new novel that will include those concepts. Even so, Heiser does not major on Bible prophecy or its timing.

    Heiser’s is a well trained ancient text scholar the others cannot read the ancient texts. Heiser also is solid on the essential truths of Christianity. He also exposed Zecharia Sitchin as a fraud. He claims what Sitchin claimed the ancient texts say do not support what he claims. He also debunked the Da Vinci code.

    I would say Heiser knows what he is talking about but his speculations are still conjectures that are based on what he knows. That does not mean that his unseen realm theories are fact.

    Heiser does say if you read his book you will never look at the Bible quite the same it will become much more interesting. I will agree with that.

  5. “Heiser does say if you read his book you will never look at the Bible quite the same it will become much more interesting. I will agree with that.”

    Yes, Don, this is true. His book does open your eyes to what might be going on in the spiritual realm. I’ve always believed the real conflict is not here but there. Dr. Heiser cracks open that spiritual door to give a tantalizing peek into that other realm.

    Tom Horn, sometime with Chris Putnam, writes interesting books, but you’re correct about timing. I get the feeling Tom seeks out the sensational story de jour and tries to capitalize on it. Their 2012 book was later revised to 2016. Even so, I’m not disparaging that. The research they bring to the table is very interesting, very comprehensive, and it really does feed my imagination.

    I’ve heard of the Nimrod theory, that someone in Egypt(?) found his body and has recovered his DNA, and intends to clone him. If true, that would reinforce Jesus’ statement, “As it was in the days of Noah,” for I believe genetic manipulation was being used back then in the creation of the Nephilim and chimeras. This has been a long-time interest of mine — enough so that I wrote and published a fictionalized trilogy on the subject back in 2005.

  6. If Babylon 2 is the satanic world system is there also a rebuilt Babylon city where Satan establishes his headquarters during the end of the great tribulation?

    Don and Doug, Your exchange about Heiser interested me so I went to you tube and started watching his videos. Some fascinating stuff.

    The Nachash is a new concept to me. I’ve suspected for a long time that we’ve been reading the Bible the way we’ve been taught and not for what it really says; in a lot of cases.

  7. WOW, I am so thrilled to be alive in these very challenging times. I am so very humbled that my Sacred Christ sent his Holy Spirit to keep urging me to DROP the wet, hot, wool blanket of pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization and to TRUST ABBA FATHER. Now I can work and read daily to let go of this fearful, dreadful world.
    Thank you Don for helping to heal and expand our stubborn minds and spirits!

  8. Caitlin,

    Babylon 2.0 will be a city but it also will be an empire. Just as Rome was a literal city and an empire. It also will be a world religious, political and economic system of total control through the Beast and False prophet and their followers. It really is a counterfeit Kingdom of God. The objective is stop YWHW from setting up the promised Jewish kingdom on earth from Jerusalem.

    Many on the earth will welcome it because they did not want to believe what the two prophets of God had to say about the coming kingdom of God on earth ruled by Jews. (Because they did not want to believe the love of the truth God will send them a strong delusion so that they will believe a lie. 2Th 2:11.). They will believe that Satan is the most high God and that he can defeat YHWH.

  9. @ Doug
    The trilogy you wrote wasn’t the “Christ Clone” trilogy was it? Those books are actually what got me to look closer at bible prophecy and indirectly lead to me accepting Christ.

  10. I have to confess I’m a little alarmed at the positive spin Dr. Heiser is getting in the comments here — his interpretation of scripture to support some kind of Divine Council sounds heretical to me. I know that he has been connected to the Dominionist movement (Bickle, Engle, etc.) as well as to Horn, which does not bode well either. I’m worried that Heiser is an intelligent deception.
    I very much enjoying coming here to read Don’s posts and the comments, and have learned a lot. I pray that we all tread carefully.

  11. Vic,

    Since you say you know Dr. Heiser has been connected with the Dominionist movement? Can you document for us where Dr. Heiser is connected to the Dominionist movement or is in agreement with the likes of heretics like Bickle, Engle, etc?

    I have heard many lectures from Dr. Heiser and I do not get that impression at all.

    Heiser may not believe in Dispensational Theology the way that classical dispensationists believe in it, but that does not make him heretical. Besides, we are not talking about his Bible prophecy conjectures, if we could even define his views. My take is that Heiser is not sure about such things other than these fallen spirits and neo-Gnosticsm will some how play into the great end time deception that is coming.

    Heiser has appeared in one or more seminars that also hosted Tom Horn. Heiser has even appeared at UFO’s seminars to debunk some of the teaching. And Horn has allowed Heiser on his Skywatch TV to promote his book. So what? Dr. Thomas Ice also has appeared there. Heiser cannot get his message out on mainstream Christian media because they do not want their apple carts upset.

    We do have to be careful with guilt by association. For example, do you think Lindsey’s theology is heretical because he appears on TBN? How about Ray Comfort because he will preach his message of salvation on questionable Christian media platforms, etc. etc.?

    I also do not see where what Heiser is saying is heretical. How do you come to that conclusion? He is just giving an explanation for events that explains things that are not clear in any surface reading. He does not deny any of the essentials of the faith. And his explanations are based on his knowledge of ancient Hebrew and ancient texts and top scholarship that is not usually available to students at the undergraduate levels in seminary or in the churches that gets their graduates. They hardly even teach the Bible in most institutions today. Yet, discern what it says in the original language and context.

    By the way, the divine counsel is just a name that Heiser gives to a group of spiritual beings that YHWH (the most high God) is talking to. YHWH and These Elohim are in scripture.

  12. Don,
    When I said I know that Heiser has been associated with those in the dominionist camp, I meant that others have observed connections between his ideas/writing and those in that sphere – not that he has associated himself with them personally, although that may be true. I don’t know. I periodically encounter his name online, frequently with a concern attached to it, which is where my caution comes from. I know you don’t like to be given things to read in your comments, and I don’t have the time to do a search for everything I’ve read, but here’s one link that does connect Horn, Heiser, and the Latter Rain/Domionists, etc.

    I personally am always on guard when anyone claims to have extra “lost” or overlooked insight to scripture (as well as when people claim to have “new revelations”. (Out of curiosity, what do you make of his assertions that Adam and Eve were not the first human “parents”? )

    In answer to your other question about associations — I don’t write a teacher/writer off because of their associations, but it does make me pay extra attention to what they’re teaching. It’s been my experience that prolonged associations with apostasy tends to drag solid teachers into error, rather than the other way around. This is particularly true in today’s ecumenical undertow.

    My comment was meant as an expression of spiritual wariness, not criticism. I appreciate your detailed response, and the work you put into your blog.

  13. Vic,

    That was a good article and I agree with much of it but Heiser is not even quoted in the article except to say that he also believes that the nations were divided according to the number of the sons of God.

    The article suggests the ESV version of Det 32:8 is wrong and it should say according to the children or sons of Israel because that is what is in most versions. The problem with that logic is that the writers of these versions come from Hebrew texts of the second century AD. The texts in the ESV are different because they took into account what the Hebrew of the 2nd century BC Dead Sea Scrolls said. The Septuagint translation of the 2nd century also agrees with the Dead Sea Scrolls. So what is more correct 2nd century AD Hebrew or 2nd century BC Hebrew?

    Also, Israel was not in existence at the time the nations were divided so why would the nations be divided according to the sons of Israel? By the way, I thought Israel only had 12 sons. I believe there are about 70 nations mentioned in the Genesis 10 identification of them from Noah.

    This article wants to explain away all ancient writings as made up myth but I have never bought into that. It makes the ancients total idiots and that is nonsense. I do think that Horn and the dominionists take this way to far. They build conjecture on conjecture. Even so, the battle in the unseen realm is clearly taught in scripture.

    I am not aware that Heiser teaches that Adam and Eve were not the first human parents. You want to document that? I know that he does not believe in the gap theory. However, he might believe that the earth is old like does Hugh Ross. I do not suggest that all the teaching of Heiser is inerrant. I do not know of any such teacher. I think we should check out all things according to the scriptures.

    I see subjective errors in what the article you quoted says also. The authors make their own leaps of logic about many things.

  14. One other thing that I would like to point out is that the real problem with Dominion Theology is that they think we can create that Dominion ourselves right now before the King returns. They believe that we are already equal to the Elohim. That is not going to happen until we are changed to be like Jesus. The Bible does teach that the Church will take Dominion over the earth but that will occur in the millennial reign

  15. Wow, talk about tossing ones preconceived notions into a dust bin. 😉 I read your link with interest, Don, but didn’t follow Dr. Heiser’s links in the article. Will go back to it later. I guess the question that needs to be answered now is, is his rendering — this “Plain reading” of Gen 1-3 — consistent with Scripture, or is it directly contradicted elsewhere? I have no trouble discarding traditions so long as the new premise can be supported Biblically. I think much of the the Christian mythos comes from imperfect exegesis. That said, I’m not embracing his theory, but it has piqued my curiosity.

    But for now, however, I believe we’ve drifted off your initial topic. Enough said from me.

    @Mustard. No, those are not the novels I wrote.

  16. I have a problem with the dogmatic traditional interpretations that don’t answer the questions. When I was reading the link from Heiser’s naked bible view I was asking questions that were answered before I ever got to them. I don’t have to accept anything but I can say “Hum, is there something to that or not? Is it worth more research through scripture?”

    This is off topic but I didn’t bring it up first and I just want to make a comment. There must be several versions of the gap theory but I’ve only read up on one. I didn’t find it to contradict scripture at all. After listening to Heiser’s video on The Book of Genesis and learning the way the Hebrew text reads compared to the English translation the Hebrew could fit. (Heiser wasn’t promoting the gap theory)

    I am not someone who jumps on any weird theory wagon that comes rolling by. I am someone who has been seeking “What does God say in scripture, not what do traditions say God says.”

  17. Don,
    I was just about to link to Dr. Heiser’s post, but I see from above that you’ve already come across it. Much of his interpretation of scripture reads as eisegesis to me. I’m worried that, while he may be very well learned in ancient languages and documents, he is in danger of intellectualizing in the same way those who adhere to Higher Criticism have and do, and risks losing the clarity and simplicity of the Gospel message in scripture. This has its roots in pride, as does the Dominionist movement (what else can it be when they teach that Jesus cannot come back to Earth until Christians have taken control for Him?)

    I agree to a point when you say that we should not discount the ancients as idiots and all myth as made up — we do, as a society, tend to overestimate modern understanding. However, the issue remains, how do we know which myths are not made up? Many likely are. Some are versions of the same story (such as the many Flood accounts in cultures around the world). Some may be deliberate counterfeits intended by Satan to discount the biblical accounts. For instance, Nimrod and Semiramis, a counterfeit “type” of mother and Son story, which many believe has helped to spawn the Mary worship inherent in the Catholic church. Ultimately, that issue has to remain speculation this side of heaven. Interesting, but dangerous if it takes our focus off the sovereignty of God.

    Thank you for discussing this with me — again, I’m grateful that you and your readers are here, watching and thinking. It’s a rare thing these days.

  18. Hi Vic,

    It seems that Heiser hit on a few things but now thinks he should teach on all the doctrines that denominations have split over through what he has learned from modern scholars. Is A Heiser Bible Commentary in the making? I hope not. There is no one that gets everything correct.

    I think there is a common story in the ancient texts about fallen gods and a great flood and these demonic gods were in many different ancient cultures but were called by different names. They actually predated Israel. It seems just one reason the scripture was given through Israel was to set the record straight.

    Semiramis and her child Tammuz were actually worshiped in ancient times. God warns about worshiping the Queen of Heaven a number of times in scripture. He gives no indication that these demonic beings were just myths.

    It actually was the Roman Cathodic church that brought this mother child worship back in the Church. They just replaced Tammuz with Baby Jesus and the Queen of Heaven (Semiramis) with Mary. In other words, Rome brought Babylon gods back into the Roman Catholic Church under Christian names. Catholics today still worship these figures. They certainly are not Jesus and Mary but people do pray to them and do claim to get mystical experiences and indulgences from sin through them. There is nothing new under the sun.

  19. I can say I don’t quite understand everything Heiser is saying but wouldn’t his theory make
    more sense if Noah’s flood wiped out all of humanity (G1 and G2). This leaving only the
    lineage of Adam which was important for mankind?
    I am not sure the difference between angels and Elohim?

  20. Hi Caitlin,

    Seems my software thought that you were spam for some reason and that caused the delay of your comment.

    I have not read much on Dr. Heiser’s view on Genesis 1 1-3 yet other than the link I gave. It seems to me that Heiser thinks that there were two creations of humans. One the natural that may have come by God directed evolution and one where he put Adam in Eden and from which Adam fell.

    I do not know how much you can read into what is not said in Genesis and still be biblical? I think Heiser is somewhat like Hugh Ross that tries to explain what was said in Genesis by what science thinks it knows. I am not sure that science knows much of anything. I would not interpret the Bible through modern scientific scholarship.

  21. donni,

    That is not Heiser’s theory. So what he is saying cannot make more sense if he never said it. I do not even think Heiser believes in a universal flood. He tends to think it was local.

    Angels are messengers of God. They are ministering spirits that can also take on the form of men. They are Elohim because the word Elohim just means beings of the unseen supernatural realm. That does not mean that all beings in that realm are angels. The word Elohim is also used for satanic beings and for the most high God Himself (YHWH).

  22. Thanks! Great explanation and I forgot to say how much I am enjoying this article.

  23. Great article. We are learning all about this in the church that I attend. We studied Genesis 11 tonight and have been studying about Noah and the flood. It’s a shame pastors aren’t teaching truth to their congregations. I brought up the Nephilim and sons of God to a fellow believer that goes to a different church and they looked at me like I was out of my mind, and quickly changed the subject. These are not fables, or far out stories, this is the Truth, the Word of the Living God. He magnifies His Word above His Name. Thanks for your diligent study and for communicating it. Blessings.

  24. Hi Pam,

    It happened to me at one Babtist Church that I was attending a number of years ago. I brought the issue up in a Bible study and challenged the pastor to research the issue. He did and he came to the conclusion that the Sons of Seth theory that is taught has no foundation. He did not last long in that Church.

  25. A mix of what I had read here and elsewhere had convinced me a while ago that what you have put down here is the case. An atheist friend down the block from me noted recently that he “…wasn’t all that different from me, he just believes in one less God than I do.” I turned right around and said, “Actually that is completely different, I believe in all those gods as well, just in a different way then the people that worshiped them did.”

    In looking at the development of the Mesopotamian Pantheon, it is interesting to note that each city seemed to have its own patron deity. While the capital city’s god was the head of the pantheon, the collection itself was seemingly comprised of the deities of the different cities (at least that is my understanding from the limited research that I had done). It makes a HECK of a lot more sense that all those things were real in one way or another, then that people just made them up and then carved something to represent it. Daniel tells us about the Princes of Persia and Greece (fallen angels) as well as the Prince of Israel (Michael), and Paul and Peter speak of principalities, authorities and powers that seem to fit into an angelic hierarchy.

    All these fallen angels were/are doing is trying to be worshiped themselves, just like Satan himself.

    I had a question for you about Psalm 82 (which I actually had not read completely before and find it fascinating, something I will have to look into more). It definately seems to be saying something more about angels, but I was first introduced to it while studying John, when Jesus quoted v.6 in John 10:34. There he seems to be saying (at least in that part of the psalm?) that it refers to men. Amy thoughts there? A possible dual understanding of sons of God (men and angels?). Thanks again for the great blog!

  26. Hi Brentson,

    I don’t see where Psalm 82 is talking to men at all. In John 10:34 they were accusing Jesus as making Himself out to be a god. Jesus response is Psalm 82. He being in the form of a man is a god. After all, Jesus was the top Elohim in Psalm 82.

    For more on this google Heiser Psalm 82 and you probably will find some lectures or blog post where he teaches on this.

    I regret something I said in a previous comment. After listening to 40 hours of Heiser on YouTube I actually do hope that he writes a complete Bible commentary. It would be the only one in existence that explains scriptures from the view of the people that received it at the time it was written.

    Dr. Heiser obviously spends almost all his time studying the scriptures. Nobody is better qualified to comment on the scriptures than someone that puts in the hours to learn what it says by studying the best texts and the views of the most qualified teachers. I might not agree with everything Heiser says but that is true of any teacher. He usually also give alternative possibilities if you cannot accept the view that he leans toward.

  27. Certainly some deep stuff here. I’m going to have to print this out & reflect on it. I am glad that God is in control. Imagine our ability to fully understand all things after our Savior returns.

    Off topic some here but effects all of us if u have a 401K or stocks.

    Britain votes tonight whether to stay in the EU or not. Referred to as the Brexit vote. 70/30 they stay. Britain’s hedge fund traders are allowed to trade U.S. market today, that’s a good sign. IF IT GOES the OTHER WAY it will be very bad for the world markets. As caution it is advised to go to cash. Margins are going up 200% just in case.

    I hope u don’t mind Don going off topic I just want to let people here to know this has never happened before & implication will be very serious. It could be the straw as they say. Look out.

  28. Hi Bill,

    It is not off topic. Satan’s progressive control freaks are manipulating the people of Europe. I think the timely killing of the British MP that was against Brexit was demonically conspired to change the tide against Brexit. The polls indicated that the Brits would vote to get out before that murder happened. If Britain does not get out, a superstate and revived Roman Empire becomes very close to reality.

  29. Hi Don,

    Good I wasn’t off subject. So that’s the underlying implication huh.. didn’t think of it like that. I was concerned about my margin going up. I’m just trying to make a buck hoping they stay.

    My mind is embedded in trading right now w/ my emotions following my profit factor as I write to kinda distract myself. This was an awesome article though. Your a smart guy no doubt u got more knowledge in your left pinky then most people acquire in their whole life’s. lol

    Here’s to making the right bet.. cheers.

  30. No… lol

    I just mean I wasn’t looking at it that way. The truth is the markets will reside after an initial reaction and margins will go back to normal. 75% of the time the gap gets filled that same day from previous close to next morning’s open. Trying to keep my lights on, that’s all.

    From what I’m hearing, I’m no expert but they say if they depart markets will get slammed, recover and then we will be in a bear market long term. A flip flop. If they get out SELL! Stocks 401’s get back in later. Don’t think it will be just a pull back. If ur retiring soon get ur $$ out. IF they pull out.

    That was my initial warning incase someone out there think it’s business as usual. That’s all.

    God speed

  31. If I had a million I would help u to get the ministry out. That’s no lie.

    I’ve been trying to make a go of it just staying even the more I go broke the better I get. I’m always just turning the corner, I tithe more then 10% not counting alms. believe me I am not making a lot of money. I’ve just recently figured out the gap trade and man, does that ever work!

    If I do make a million dollars I’m looking to use it for saving souls. If I can make that say within two years God willing I’ll do something w/ ya. I’m not taking it to heaven spend it here on stuff that matters. I can’t think of anything better then saving one soul if not many.

    Doesn’t have to be a million either a million would do more, though. Come up w/ a plan and I will get serious making money over the next year & I’ll stop clowning around & see where I’m at and I’ll make my first installment to save a soul thru your talented works.

    I just felt inspired as I was writing here. What do u say? Give me a reason to get aggressive. In the name of Jesus.

  32. Bill,

    I think you missed the point. And if you read the article you should know that I do not take installments. But now I have gotten this off topic so I will cease.

  33. Don,

    Your right I didn’t read it but I did this time. It was pretty funny. You got a good sense of humor. No installments just cash. No more on this subject it’s ceased. Don’t have to respond.

  34. whats the big deal if britain stays in eu or leaves?? it looks like its staying in the eu.

  35. Europe and North Africa and the near East in one form or another will turn into the revived Roman Empire from which the Prince that Daniel mentions will come to confirm a seven year covenant with many.

    The EU is an elitist driven prototype for all other regional governments in the world and the coming one world government. The elite of the EU do intend to have ten world zones. Those are the ten kings mentioned in Daniel and Revelation.

    Other nations are also considering leaving the EU and they are watching Britain. Either the powers in the EU hold it together now or it will fall apart and it will not come together again until after a major upheaval in this area.

    The big deal for Bible prophecy students is what path will be taken to form the revived Roman Empire. We know that time is close and that it will rise in the area of the old Roman Empire but we don’t know the details.

    There are satanic powers behind this whole thing pulling the strings so they will influence it the way they want it to turn out. Of course, God could have different plans if this is not in His timing.

  36. I came here directly from my discussion group where we were holding our breath hoping the UK would leave. We weren’t thinking about the prophetic implications and I doubt any of us have a market investment, I sure don’t. We’re just the common people of the US supporting the common people of the UK against the elitists. The control freaks are going to eventually win-for a time-but I guess we don’t have to help them.

    The stays were gaining on the leaves the last time I looked. Sounds like it’s going to be a mess either way it goes, it’s just a matter of timing.

  37. Wow! The UK voted to leave the EU, I can only wonder what this will lead to other than a bit more economic chaos.

  38. Stunned and thrilled – I can’t quite believe they did it. The silent majority speaks and the “intellectual elite” can’t process it. Just like the Berlin wall coming down, the status quo just evaporated.

    Which domino will be next? And what will the UK do with their new “freedom”? It’s one less government off their backs though.

    This happened because of the arrogance of the leadership of the European project, (I can’t pronounce most of their names), the decision they made to kick the Greeks in the teeth & let the immigrants from N. Africa and the Middle East flood in. In the millions into Europe. People revolted against the immigration, they couldn’t stomach people flooding into Europe w/ out paper work looking for a free ride. The people said NO.

    Yea were going to see the European project fall apart this is just the beginning. The silent majority spoke & that’s what is going to happen here w/ Donald Trump. Trump’s not perfect but he speaks common sense the bubble heads just don’t get it, they didn’t see this thing coming & they certainly don’t see what’s next either.

    But we do.

    We know how Bible prophecy lines up and we have Don to explain quite well to kind of put the scattered pieces into place Biblically.

  39. Keep in mind that it will take 2 years for Britain to free itself from the EU and the progressive elite control freaks of the EU will define the terms of the exit. There may even be another vote in Britain on accepting or rejecting those terms. What happens if the people reject the terms? Do they then stay in the EU or does it come to blows? Other nations that vote to exit the EU would have the same issues. Every wonder why three horns (kings) are pulled out by the root at the rise of the little horn? Who knows?

  40. Hi Don,

    It’s interesting and exciting too to see, wow huh.. the 3 horns. Mmm then we should see 2 more kings (horns) fall or break away from the EU.?

    I would say the people revolting against the machine basically would be the cause (surface) for the horn’s to be rooted up & out.

    Nice to be living right at the end of the age.. God bless Go to work Lord. Hey I’m just glad we have some one who understand the pieces enough to surmise things.

  41. Two more horns falling still leaves a lot more “kings” than the ten configuration talked about. I don’t think the EU is the 10 king confederation. I think it has to fall first, and then a reorganization of some sort takes place.

  42. Right, that configuration probably will be some kind of uniting once it looks like more are leaving via 2 more horns, then a effort to keep more from leaving they create a sweet deal to unite the rest of the countries into 10 nations.

    Maybe something like that?

    It’s like guessing what play the Patriots will run next, until they run it it’s guessing.

  43. Yep, its all a guessing game. I just threw that out as food for thought. We have not seen the 10 kings yet or the little horn that comes up among them but maybe something like three of them wanting to get out is the reason why they get themselves uprooted.

    Half of Great Britain was not even in the Roman Empire in the days of Jesus. Now it is looking likely that Great Britain will also break up.

    As you know, if you have been reading what I write is that I think Europe is heading for a war and a civil war because of Islam. After that they will be playing in a whole new ball park.

    I don’t expect Obama to be one of the owners but who knows? He could become Secretary General and the UN team could be moved to Rome. I do expect the new ball park to look much like the ancient Roman Empire in the time of Jesus.

  44. seems like it guys.. this could be the beginning of the breaking apart of the eu and forming the 10 nations instead

  45. More likely ten zones. The elite want to break down national borders. I believe they want ten zones in the EU and they are planning ten zones for the world.

  46. Don,

    You make it sound like you think the 3 kings that are uprooted by the little horn are simply 3 of 10 nations in a revived Roman/Mediterranean empire, and not a worldwide 10 zone empire. Is that what you meant by your last comment?

    I bring it up because for awhile now I have been reconsidering the idea that the antichrist has total control over the entire earth population. When the bible says ALL people maybe it means all people in his sphere of influence. I just don’t see remote self sufficient jungle tribes needing to take the mark. Also, why would nations resisting him take his mark? Isn’t Babylon destroyed by resisting countries?

  47. Yep.. I think we got some good prognosticating…

    (Wow I actually spelled that word w/out spell check, surprised myself!)

    … going on here. As the Brits like to say “Something’s a foot”

  48. Don, that was my idea, 10 zones, however, I wonder if the 10 zones are global, as Jim suggests, instead of restricted to the European region? The false prophet might come from one of those zones that encompasses the ancient Roman Empire? Also, I’ve had thoughts like Jim where the whole world doesn’t mean the Antichrist’s influence covers every single country or location, only those areas under his control. After all, in Mary and Joesph’s day there was a census of the “whole world”, but that didn’t literally mean the WHOLE WORLD.

  49. I think they are ten zones of the New Roman empire or ten zones of the world or even both. The Antichrist first rises in Europe and then when he claims to be God he moves his headquarters to Babylon and then there will be ten zones in the world government. One is a prototype for the other.

    Nobody has to take the mark. They just do not get to buy or sell without it because the world economic system requires having it.

    The great trial of Revelation 3:10 is said to come upon all that dwell on earth, so it must be universal. It is a universal judgment like the flood judgment. The fact that the Beast controls the whole world through the ten kings tells me that they control ten world zones.

    Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

    Keep in mind that supernatural beings are involved in both the enlightenment of the whole world by the two prophets and the 144,000 and the later deception by the Beast and his false prophet. The Beast only has total authority over the earth for 3.5 years. The fall of Babylon happens because of a judgment of God at the end of that period.

    As for jungle tribes, what makes you think that the world government will allow anyone to live in the wildernesses without having total control in those wildernesses? Under agenda 21 and agenda 2030 they are already managing those areas and they are forcing people out of wilderness areas.

  50. Don, when do we get new bodies? At the judgment seat? I’m ready to turn this one in.

  51. Hey Don, since you understand all this so much better than a simple person like myself, are there any major prophetical ramifications of the UK’s potential leaving of the EU (Seeing as they still have to divorce over a 2 year period), from my limited understanding, would this overall slow down the globalization efforts? Or is this going to make the now 27 member EU go into meltdown and try to control more?

    God Bless.

  52. Probably no prophetic ramifications other than Scotland and Ireland were not in the Roman Empire. They might decided to seceded from Great Britain and stay in the EU. They voted to stay in the referendum and I believe in Scotland it was a 2 to 1 vote.

    I don’t see any globalization efforts succeeding before the Antichrist. That is the jist of my next post but I can’t finish it this weekend because i have to work at my other property. No more internet over there either.

    As I said in a previous comment. I think the EU nations are heading into war and civil war with Islam. The present configuration does not mean much. I also think many of the Eastern nations will go back under the influence of Russia. In other words the borders of the revived Roman Empire will look much like the old Roman Empire. Look the borders up on Google.

  53. Thank you for the swift answer Don, I hope your property work goes well and your weekend goes smoothly! Eagerly awaiting your next post.

    I’ll look up those borders as well, I do like history, but its been awhile since I’ve done Roman history, so while I’m somewhat familiar with their old time borders a reminder will certainly help.


  54. I know your away from internet for awhile, hope it’s going good.

    The judgment seat of Christ happens before we return w/ Him in the clouds.. Right? It happens all the while the tribulation is going on here on earth. That’s my understanding.

    I thought I already knew but then I question myself.

  55. i wonder what the raptured saints are gonna be doing up there for 7 years during the tribulation. Heavenly picnics maybe? another dimension in paradise somewhere in space? all this is too confusing for me

  56. I am your article,Don,and by what is happening.every time we think we have the all the answers,the.picture shifts.thanks be to God,who.will not allow the one until it is.time.I’m on my phone so forgive the typos.

    Let us.pray that the.message,the be preached a be going to suffering.and help.keep.our,Don.

    Ps.found a new church.songs out of for.the out of the young man got.baptized.last.week….and.i.just.felt..possibly.we have found home


  57. Gee whiz, Faith, that sounds just like my church – only it’s been 2-3 weeks since we baptized anyone. Our church is truly a “Family of God.” People need churches like these in order to gird themselves with the Armor of God through reading the Word of God so that we can withstand the demonically controlled secular society in which we find ourselves immersed. The events of the last 7 1/2 years in this country sicken me and to me it seems we are being led by an demonically inspired antichrist – who knows, maybe it will turn out that he is the Antichrist….?

  58. Last week I was mowing my lawn the same time my Christian neighbor was and a Jehovah witness girl came up to us asking for donations to their college & had pamphlets, I politely blew her off then neighbor did too.

    Then we started talking a little bit & we were on the same accord about the Holy Spirit and prayer then I mentioned the rapture, we both agreed no one knows the day or hour but I proceeded to say but we may know the season..

    Everyone says the ‘no man knows’, right. And he started w/ the .. well? I don’t know stuff.

    So my neighbor doesn’t think the condition the worlds in right now has no bearing on His return & it could happen in another 200 yrs or 1,000 yet. Just keep loving everyone tolerate one another I suppose.

    I think in the 7 yrs that we are up there after the rapture that it will be like a wedding feast, seeing each other eating drinking (non alcoholic maybe) seeing generational families. & of course seeing what we can do w/ our new & improved bodies.

    I’m telling u guy’s that’s the thing that keeps me going, the rest is just nonsense. Your lucky that u have a good church, that’s a lot.

    PS. We won’t know yet but if Obama isn’t then he is a close 2nd.

  59. bill, ur right thats the thing that keeps me going through the day knowing how close we are, i just wanna get away from this demonic nonsense world. I think it will be an amazing experience being up there beyond our imagination with perfect bodies. The place has to be some kind of paradise or a golden massive city i mean where else could we spend 7 years in heaven.

  60. This reply is to all that are doing it. I do not know why I have to keep reminding you guys and girls that this is not a chat board. Stay on the post topic please. Otherwise, on every post the comment section soon becomes a chat session about the current views of chatty regulars.

    When we get to that point nobody new that comes to this blog to get information on the topic will bother reading the comments at all. If you think I am wrong, just check out other blogs that allow comments and see what happens there. Do you keep reading them? Or do you soon give up because the comments have nothing to do with the topic?

    It seems that the latest post is always where you people decide to do your chatting and soon the comments sections of every new post becomes your sounding board for whatever is on your mind today.

    If you people want to chat with each other and it has nothing to do with the topic then send each other your email address. I will allow you to post them.

    I don’t want to cut too fine of a line on commenting but I am seeing a trend on all of my latest posts. Read the commenting policy and abide by it. I could start deleting comments if this continues. I would rather have just a few comments on the topic that people will read than hundreds that have nothing to do with the topic and only a few regulars will read.

    One more thing. The place to ask me questions that are off the post topic is my email address. Not the Blog. You can find my email address from the top bar of this blog or the website homepage.

  61. Don,

    Remind me of your theory for the MU. Is it possible he revived Roman Empire could become an amalgamation of a poor Medeteranian Union in the south and a strong European Union, (mainly France and Germany) to the north? Hence the feet of iron and clay….

    As you pointed out, The Romans never occupied more than the southern end of the isle. And as I understand history, the modern Brits are largely of Germanic origins (the Anglos and the Saxons). So these people were never really part of the Empire to begin with.

    Is it possible the Brexit is setting the stage for England to join her Children in some form of anAmerican Union (not unlike Air Strip One in “1984”?) Yes, I am aware of the geography here, but the world gets smaller everyday. Also, consider that Charles Degaulle blocked Britian from joining the European Common Market, because he feared the UK would act as a back door through which American influence would be peddled.

    And these 10 “kingdoms”, or regions… I have always interpreted them to be geographic; but what if they’re economic? The United States and Canada could, for lack of a better phrase, merge with the British Commonwealth of Nations. Maybe Tarshish will gather her young lions and ask the Russian bear why he has come to take spoils at some point in the reasonably near future.

    This is obviously just conjecture, but the progressives have to boil the frog that is the people slowly, lest they hop out of the pot. Britian has more in common with the US and Canada than Mexico does. Maybe Mexico joins with her southern cousins.

  62. Hi Mustard,

    I think the MU proposal is how it could all shake out after the EU is replaced or absorbed. perhaps there will be 5 northern zones and five southern zones. People have been saying that there needs to be two different currencies because the southern nations are so much poorer than the northern ones.

    I think it is likely that Tarshish and the young lions mentioned in Ezekiel are English commonwealth nations and nations that had founational roots to England. One of the problems in Ezekiel is that we do not know if the young lions are just asking the invading Gog army questions or if they will actually intervene. I think they will not need to get into a military conflict because God will intervene for Israel.

    I see no reason at all to think that the ten kingdoms are talking about ten economic zones although there will be economics in each of the horns. The horns are clearly kings that do not have a kingdom yet when it was written. That is what it says.

  63. Hey Don,

    Regarding the economic zones vs. kingdoms… I should have been more clear, my apologies… Yes I agree it has to be kingdoms, but I am questioning how the borders will be determined. Will they be geographic, or more ethnic/economic? Like Alaska is part of the US, but it outside of our borders so to speak. I was trying to imply a similar set up w/ the ten kingdoms. In other words, (and very over simplified) the British Commonwealth of Nations + the United States and Canada = 1 of the 10 kingdoms.

    Your reply indicates you seem to lean toward ten kingdoms within the Roman Empire. I vassilate back and for between that thought and ten kingdoms of global control.

  64. I think it could be either or both. I lean toward ten world zones being the final configuration. It is possible that the MU/EU will be a prototype of the latter. Yes, the ten world zones would have a common economy. That is probably the main point in having them. The club of Rome has already broken the world into ten zones. I do not know how much weight they carry in the scheme of things. I am sure the Beast/Antichrist will have his own agenda.

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