The Portent continues The Facade

Dr. Michael S. Heiser has been brought up a number of times on this blog so I think a book review of his latest novel is past due. Fourteen years after The Facade was published Heiser wrote a sequel in 2014 named The Portent. I can understand the long delay. When one writes about how Satan and his Antichrist might go about deceiving the world, just regurgitating what is already widely taught is not going to add much to the debate. The Portent is loaded with new insights that could only be written about after they were first found.

In The Facade, Heiser generally went with the cutting edge conjectures being taught on Bible prophecy and UFO forums around the turn of the century. Fallen angels returning as aliens was pretty big back then and so were return of Nephilim theories. In The Portent, Dr. Brian Scott (Heiser) considers and dismisses a lot of that and comes up with his own unique theory. Dr. Brian’s revelation comes with the help of his acquaintances but especially with his conversations with the villain of the novel. He is the same evil Colonel of The Facade. It is not my intention to be a book spoiler so I will be limiting what I disclose here.

The Portent is 446 pages with 80 short chapters. It is an interesting and easy read. It is a hard book to put down because the story line makes for a pretty good thriller and the historical truths, insights and conjectures are off the chart good stuff. About the only thing that slows the reading is thinking about the thought-provoking stuff that is being brought up. There is a lot of that. As the cover of the book states, “ EVERY OFFICIAL DOCUMENT IN THE PORTENT EXISTS – EVERY ANCIENT TEXT IN THE PORTENT IS AUTHENTIC – EVERY HISTORICAL FIGURE IN THE PORTENT IS REAL”.

When Heiser wrote The Facade he was not very well-known, he was still a student working on his doctorate. Today Michael S. Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. He holds an MA and a PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages and an MA in ancient history. Dr. Heiser is becoming widely known through his teachings on the Internet and his appearances at Bible prophecy and UFO forums. It was partly his expertise on the ancient languages that opened up the debate about the fallen sons of gods of Genesis 6 and their Nephilim offspring.

I have heard many of Heiser’s more formal teachings on YouTube and have read his book The Unseen Realm. This novel brings together much of Heiser latest thoughts on various topics in story form. Some of the historical facts in this book are quite shocking because some of these things have been covered up by our government and a lot of what is now known has not been given due press. For example, did you know that both Germany and Japan had the nuclear bomb near the end of World War II? They just could not deliver it at that point. The book is worth the read just for the documentation of things going on in World War II and the post war era.

One frustrating thing about the book is that it falls short on delivering on some things that you might hope will be revealed. For example, there is a big section that pinpoints the date of the Lord’s birth to Tishri 1, 3 BC. It is based on the astrological alignments mentioned in Revelation 12 among other things. The book builds a pretty strong case for that date. The story then suggests that when these alignments happen again something else might occur such as the coming of the counterfeit called the Antichrist. The frustrating thing is that the story does not say when that alignment will happen again. It just says the alignments of Revelation 12 occur more than once and additional astrological factors also have to be correct for it to be a duplicate fulfillment.

I happen to know from other sources that a very good astrological alignment in the heavens will occur again on Tishri 3, 2017 (Sept 23). That would not be the same as what Heiser claims is the Lord’s birth date but I also found out that these alignments are exceedingly rare. They only occurred a couple of times in the last 6000 years and according to my source two of the three alignments did not perfectly display what was told in Revelation 12.

There was an alignment on Tishri 1, 3BC but it did not fulfill the whole picture given in Revelation 12. My source says, “there is no crown of twelve stars, the moon is very far away, and she is not giving birth to a “male child”. There was a 70 AD alignment but my source says,” Jupiter and Venus are so close together it makes them hard to distinguish. The sun and moon are in place, but she has no “male child”.  The womb is completely empty. You could also argue that the moon is below her knees, not her feet.”

The  best alignment according to the same source occurred Aug 5th  3915 BC. The source says, “Everything matches on this date.  In fact it is such a close match that it has been speculated that this could have been the date of the Fall of Mankind when God spoke these eerily relevant words to the devil and to Eve in Genesis 3:15-16: ”

There is a lot of good information in that article that I provided a link to above. The information there might not be totally correct but Heiser does not have it all correct in the book either. One could do quite a study on this if it tickles their fancy. There are many articles on this Revelation 12 alignment available on the Internet.

I am not fond of how Heiser makes Jesuit priests the foremost hero’s against evil in his novels. The Jesuits are agents of deception themselves. Perhaps Heiser is trying to appease big tent Christianity with his Jesuit selection? I also think the solution to one crisis near the end of the book might be doing the same thing. A long-haired mystical Christian guru type that hears directly from God forbids the villain from doing something in Jesus name and the villain is stopped cold. If it were that simple, why not defeat the villain in the name of Jesus throughout the story? Of course, if that was done there would not be much of a story and there would be no need for a sequel. Was this just put in the book to appease the Charismatic faction in the tent? Will the next book have Hearing From God seminars led by Beth to equip the characters so that they can be defeating the Colonel?

In the novel, Dr. Scott (Heiser) comes down hard on some contemporary theories found on the Internet and Bible prophecy circuits. He basically calls them baptized Blavatsky (the founder of theosophy and the author of The Secret Doctrine). Heiser implies that the return and disclosure theories are not well thought out, have no textual support from the Bible and they never would be convincing enough to deceive the masses. I generally agree, but Heiser’s theory is even more far-fetched and there is not a bit of his synthetic biology theory to be found in the Bible.

I have thought before that the Antichrist deception could in part come from what people think is Jesus. Would people believe that a cloned Jesus is Jesus? That is food for thought. If they could find genetic material believed to be from Jesus, they might attempt to clone Jesus. The book suggests that bone fragments could be used from what some believe is the family grave of Jesus. Even so, few believe that any of these bone fragments actually come from Jesus so nothing like cloning would even be attempted. On the other hand, if they could actually find genetic material from Jesus they might attempt something like that. The question remains, where would they get the genetic material since the Lord took His body with Him? Perhaps it could be from His blood or the shroud? Most people believe the shroud is authentic. I have recently read one article that even said that they hope to get genetic material from Jesus from the shroud.

Yikes, I just thought of something else. Don’t Catholics say the actual body and blood of Jesus is in the Eucharist? It could give the worship of the Eucharistic Jesus a whole new meaning.

In spite of Heiser fascination with Jesuits, mystics and red-haired green-eyed women, there is a lot of worthwhile stuff to be found in this book. Heiser apparently could not help himself on the Rapture issue. In the book he had to take his shot against Rapture believers. He says those that believe in the Rapture are splitters and those that just believe in one coming are joiners. He obviously is using his splitter joiner expression for maximum effect. He spins it as follows: Those that believe in the Rapture put the passages about the Lord’s coming in two piles where one pile is about the Rapture and the other pile is about the second coming. Those that believe in just one coming at the end of the age put all the passages in one pile but they do not think everything said has to be fulfilled in some exact literal sense. Here is the rub, Heiser then says that Bible believing Christians do not split anything else in the Bible into two piles. He implies that those that believe in the Rapture are driven by preconceived theology and not what is in the text.

What kind of argument is that? Show me even one other issue besides the two comings where Bible believing Christians could split the scriptures into two separate events? Arguing from a negative is not going to win debate points. The splitting works because it is the only way that God is not double talking about His coming. The scriptures teach one coming for the Lord to get His bride before the wrath of God falls, and one coming of the Lord with His saints at the end of the great tribulation. It is not splitting, it is properly discerning the word of God. Everything written about the Lord’s coming was not talking about His coming for the Church. Some scriptures are written to Israel. One must properly discern the scriptures about the Lord’s coming and not just throw them into one big pile that tends to leach out allegory. On the other hand, most in Christendom will not be going in any Rapture anyway, so I guess you can say that most in big tent Christendom have it right about themselves.

I obviously do not agree with everything Heiser says, but I actually liked The Portent very much. The story line is riveting and I think Christians will find the information in the book very thought-provoking. Heiser left us hanging again. The saga about Brian and Melissa encounters with the dark side at Dream World (Area 51) and beyond are far from over. I will be looking forward to the next novel in the facade saga. I do not have a clue where Heiser will be going with this in his next novel. He probably does not entirely know that himself. He probably went fishing for new information right after he completed this addition.

Michael Heiser ends the book with a postscript and a puzzle that readers can take part in. He says correct solutions to the riddle might get your name in the next novel. Heiser offers a handbook to The Portent on

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The Portent continues The Facade — 35 Comments

  1. This article is posted from McDonald’s. My Internet service (CenturyLink) is still not up. They keep lying, saying that my outage ticket will be worked on today but it never is. The lies have been going on now for two weeks and the Internet has been down since April 27. I wish there was another Internet option but where I live nothing else is available.

  2. Too bad Heiser cannot be contacted in some way to explain his views on the date he believes the 2nd coming will occur. The book seems very interesting. I just don’t understand how those who disagree with the pre trib rapture justify their position. The doctrine of imminence and eternal security seem discredit it. Also there are biblical passages that show how God will not destroy the righteous with the sinners (see Lot and his family).

  3. Thanks for the review, Don. Does the The Portent stand alone, or do we need to read The Facade first? Hope you get your Internet back soon. It’s not wonderful for your heart, your A1C, and your waistline to be spending so much time in a McDonalds. 😉

  4. Hi Don,

    Wow deep stuff. yea I would say Jesus bone pieces are not left anywhere they would of resurrected with Him and I bet all of His DNA for that matter.

    Just like when the dead in Christ will rise first they could be spread like ashes & dispersed everywhere including deep in the sea and on that Day all of the dead in Christ will be resurrected like Jesus Christ was and probably won’t be any DNA left behind.

  5. HI,

    A couple of months ago I watched Heiser’s video “When was Jesus Born?” It’s probably the same information that’s in the book. Turned out to be an interesting date by our calendar but I suppose that was coincidental.

    I’ve heard something phenomenal is going to happen in Sept. I’ll just throw it out even though it’s weird because it relates to the topic.
    Using CERN to open the abyss and bring out Nimrod’s body to resurrect him. His head is at the vatican so scientists already have his DNA and they need the body. I don’t know how “they” can be sure that was Nimrod’s grave and head that was found but there ya go.

    I would like to read The Portent. There’s a lot of covered up history that I’m just finding out about and it’s something I’m interested in learning more of; plus prophetical revelations.

  6. Hi Doug,

    It would be helpful to read the Facade first. I went over the last couple of chapters of the Facade again to refresh my memory before I got into The Portent. I don’t think it is essential to read The Facade, there is some overlap about what happened in the Facade in the first chapters.

    My Internet service is now back up. While it was down, I only went to McDonald’s two or three times a week for an hour or two. Of course it was an hour drive each way. Most of my responses were from my cell phone but I could not post new blogs using just the phone.

  7. Thanks for the review and going the extra miles to post it. I enjoyed it.

  8. Hi Jim,

    Heiser can be contacted from his websites but he is not going to give you any date on the 2nd coming. Don’t know why you think he would? He does not set dates.

    People that disagree with the Rapture, pre trib or not, have their own set of arguments. All you have to to do is read or listen to what they teach.

    For example, many would disagree with imminence and eternal security. They would also say that God can protect Christians through any tribulation. You also need to remember that most Christians do not believe there will be a literal fulfillment of what is said in Revelation and elsewhere. They will spiritualize the passages. Read up on what amillennial, post millennial and preterists believe. They happen to be the vast majority in Christendom.

  9. Jim:

    I think many people are amillennial because that’s what many denominational churches believe and those people don’t open up their minds (and Bibles) and study the issue for themselves. They choose to remain ignorant. I’m only 26, so I have a long way to go in gaining biblical knowledge, but I used to have amillennial beliefs, and only believed there was one final coming at the end of the world because that’s what I was taught and I didn’t know any better. But after I came across this website, I decided to compare the arguments from both sides and see who was making more convincing arguments.. Don Koenig and others or my WELS denominational church.. After studying the Bible for myself at home, I’ve come to believe that this topic isn’t to be “spirtualized”, but rather to be taken literally like all other past bible prophecies. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that a pre-tribulation rapture is what the Bible says will happen, even though I was raised to believe in a single amillennial final coming (and raised to believe that Revelations is spirtualized and the other things that Don already noted above)

    In short, I think people need to study these things for themselves because there are many things about many topics in the Bible that churches (my church included) are ignoring and not teaching correctly. The Rapture is certainly one of those things. Chuck Missler’s 24 Hour Bible Study has been very helpful in opening my eyes to other Biblical knowledge as well. I only have the final three hours to go yet before I most likely watch it all over again.

  10. Don,

    I’m refering to the star alignments you mentioned that may happen on significant biblical dates. Since Heiser is post trib perhaps he believes a certain alignment will happen at that time. Star positions can be determined years in advance. That is why I ask.

  11. Jim,

    Heiser does not suggest anywhere that the alignments of Revelation 12 have anything to do with the second coming. Actually, the best information about the Revelation 12 alignment that I know of is in the link that I provided in the article. Among other things the source of the link suggests is that it could be a sign for the Rapture. I personally don’t think there is any sign for the Rapture. Any sign fulfillment would be to Israel. So watch Israel this fall.

  12. Don,

    I have been wondering what your take is on Sept. 23rd, 2017 date and the sign of Revelation 12. A lot of speculation out there that this is the literal fulfilment of this sign and even more speculation on what might happen.

    Quite a few things happening in 2017…120 years since the First Zionist Congress, 70 years since U.N. Partition Plan, 50 years since recapture of Jerusalem.

    The U.S. eclipse on Aug. 21st that splits the country in two with a second eclipse coming seven years later in 2024 that splits the country in two the other way is also interesting. Just seems like a lot of Genesis 1:14 “and let them be for signs” is happening.

  13. Hi Nathan,

    Eclipses always happen because they are a natural occurrence. They mean nothing nothing because God is not giving signs about the United States.

    The Revelation 12 sign was given in prophecy and is about Israel. The child born that was caught up to heaven was the Messiah and whither the Church is included in the Revelation 12 narrative or not is debatable. If she is included then some might see a Rapture fulfillment. I don’t.

    The sign only means something if it fits the narrative given in the prophecy. It seems too soon for the great tribulation to start where Satan would persecute Israel and she would be fleeing into the wilderness. Therefore, prophetically the sign in heaven on Sept 23 probably means nothing. Maybe it is just a reminder.

    Having said that, the political alignment of prophecy seems to be coming together rapidly and I do expect something significant to happen 70 years after Israel became a nation in 1948. Perhaps, it will be another war or perhaps it could be the start of that peace and security covenant that would later be confirmed by the Antichrist.

  14. Hi Don ,
    Glad to hear your internet is working again . I find the my source link you included in the article to be be very useful . Thank You .

  15. Caitlin,
    You made mention of hearing something is going to happen in September. On this blog Don provides some links , one of those , has some interesting comments by Daymond Duck. I find them interesting although I think trying to set dates can be foolish .There is some interesting information there by Mr. Duck

  16. Hello Don Fritts.

    I don’t really know how advanced the dark side of science really is. I just threw out the Nimrod comment because the claim is that the abyss is poised to be opened in Sept. to bring Nimrod out. Even some “Christians” are promoting the Nimrod/anti christ theory.

    Admittedly I’m attracted to the unconventional and unusual but that doesn’t mean I believe it. If you say something extreme you find out what other people think about it. Oh wait, That’s the Art of The Deal, lol.

    I’ll check out Mr. Duck and see what he has to say. Thanks.

  17. Hello Caitlin ,
    I have not heard about Nimrod coming out of the abyss in September . There are as I’m sure you know many websites dealing with prophecy. There has been a lot of chatter about the constellations of Virgo and Leo on September 22nd and 23rd as related to Revelation 12. As far the dark side of science I read recently that Chinese scientists were experimenting with crossing animal DNA in a human embryo . Whenever anyone changes what God designed it can only end up as something ( or someone ) you cannot control .. BLESSINGS

  18. I heard the same thing about Nimrod, Caitlin. Don’t recall where, but wouldn’t be surprised if I’d heard it on ” A View From the Bunker”, or read it in one of Tom Horn’s books. Like you, I’m intrigued by the esoteric. I don’t believe it all, but I do find it mentally stimulating.

  19. Jim, Don, & all,

    If you are interested in a real good study of the astronomical signs that may have accompanied the birth of Christ, and the day & night of the crucifixion, then you can either read the study by clicking the menu for each section, which has footnotes at the end, and or watch the video, about an hour & 4min. Here is the link to the main website:

    PS. Don, I know you are not a fan of Larson’s work, but have you ever really given it a fair shake? You can read it instead of viewing the video, as the sections are generally short, you’ll save data 😁

  20. Why are we looking for an astronomical phenomenon to explain the star that signaled Jesus’ birth? According to the text, the “star” appeared to the Magi, who had been looking for a sign — probably because of something Daniel (the hag-mag, the head Magi) had explained to them hundreds of years earlier. And then, it seems, the “star” disappears. Why? It’s not needed any longer because the Magi knew that the Messiah was to be born some place in the land of Judah (Daniel likely told them this too), so that’s where they go. When they finally arrive after traveling several months, not knowing where to find the Messiah, they logically inquired of the ruling authority — Herod. It is only after this that the “star” reappears, and moves over to Bethlehem, and hovers above the house where Jesus is living. This does not sound like an astronomical event. It does sound like the intelligent activity of an angel. Scripture calls angels “stars”, doesn’t it?

  21. Hi David L,

    Who is Larson? You are not talking about that nut case are you? None of your links here seem to have any Larson. I also cannot find him in the who’s who of Bible prophecy.

    As for the the star of Bethlehem. There are dozens of theories. That theory is old news and obviously most are not buying into it. I only mention the one in The Portent because the claim was made in the book that the Revelation 12 alignment happened on 1 Tishri 3 BC and it does fit what is said in Revelation 12. It is of special interest now because the alignment is happening again this year on Sept 23rd.

  22. Hi Doug,

    Heiser explains in the book what he believes the star they followed was, and why it disappeared and re-appeared. And what was said is all in conjunction with the Revelation 12 alignment.

  23. Don,

    Larson is the author of the website and gives the presentation in the video produced in the mid to late 00.

    Sorry about wrong link for video. Here is correction.

    And Larson is not a nut job, he is a Christian, and Lawyer, (a contradiction?) But did thorough research on the subject. There are solid astronomical data in his presentation, which anyone can check. All I’m saying, is his theory is as good as any others I’ve heard over the last decade. And to discount him out of hand is a bit harsh, don’t you think?

    Now, if you scroll to bottom, in small print you will find the copyright by FA Larson. Who is CA layman, but did a sound exegesis of scripture. As well as the astronomical data research.

  24. David L,

    The nut job Larson that I thought you might be referring to is Bob Larson. The only connection I could see to this topic is that he thinks demons are fallen angels.

    I think Heiser uses the same data as this Larson in The Portent. I personally always thought it was brighter than just Jupiter in conjunction with a star. I have always leaned toward the star being a comet. In any case, it is what it is. I think fitting this conjunction wihin the Revelation 12 sign gives it much more credibility.

  25. Thanks Don, for finally taking a look at material. Although I hold two different views on a birth date, (due to possible conflicts in calendars) I have never settled this issue for myself.

    You can delete the links in my comment for first video link, that were wrong if you like.

  26. Missler brought out that in Revelation 12:5 it says caught up, which is the word harpazo. This is also a jubilee year for Israel. 50 years since they won the six day war in 67, their year 5777. The only thing we know for sure is the rapture of the church is going to happen, and I believe before the 7 year tribulation. The tribulation saints are all together different than the church.

    When Christ comes for the church, we meet him in the clouds, when He comes at the second coming He comes to the earth. First Thessalonians 4:15-18 First Corinthians 15:51-53.

    I do believe we are very close to the end of the church age because of all of he apostasy in the organized church. In Galatians 1:8-9 Paul warned those that pervert the gospel of all grace and preach salvation by works. Ephesians 2:8-9 Jesus said the same thing in Matthew 7:15-23.

    Those that have the oil in their lamps, Ephesians 1:13, will go at the rapture.

  27. Interesting insight, thank you. Here are a couple thoughts that you spurred.

    Jesus’ blood. I’m not sure if you’re at all familiar with Ron Wyatt’s alleged discovery of the ark of the covenant back in the early 80’s? Michael Rood adds an intriguing theory about Solomon’s temple which bolsters Wyatt’s claims. In brief, the two men’s work claim they have found the crucifixion sight of Jesus, complete with cracked rock through the chipped post hole. Wyatt claims while excavating below the site, he found a series of tunnels in a cave system and low and behold, he found an area with the temple implements, including the ark of the covenant in a cracked open stone case. On the right side of the ark, there was a brownish substance which had apparently dripped down from the ceiling, upon closer inspection, it appeared to be from a crack in the ceiling which corresponded with the crack running through the post hole he’d discovered up above. It appeared as though the rock had cracked open, and shortly later had shifted back closed – which would be consistent with the two earthquakes occurring during this period. The idea is that at the fall of the first temple, the Ark and implements were hidden below the in the cave system, and 500 years-ish later Jesus’ sacrifice and the spilling of his blood and water seeped down into the ground (bearing witness) and falling upon the East of the mercy seat, sealing the new covenant. Supposedly he was guided by angels on the processes and ran tests on the blood, and it contained only half the number of chromosomes expected, etc… He apparently notified the Jews, and they are currently holding the site for the proper time of excavation – likely to be the building of the 3rd temple.

    All of this to say, in accordance with the theory of Jesus’ DNA and cloning… if this is true, this could be a source.

    Separate note of the rapture discussion (which I hope and pray is the case in accordance with my understanding of scripture!) It occurred to me that in the Old Testament God saved both Noah and Lot’s family from the large tribulations, though in the New Testament, Christ’s disciples are generally called to endure the pain on earth as a testament to their faith to glorify Christ, knowing their eternal spirit was secure. Heck, of the Apostles only John was spared an unnatural death. Just fodder for thought, or discussion. For what it’s worth, it Does feel like something is building up… with the sign in the heaven’s lining up with the Feast of Trumpets this fall and all of this turmoil… one has to be intrigued. Prepare your homes! God Bless you folks!

  28. Hi David G,

    Ron Wyatt made a lot of claims that turned out to be bogus. The Internet is full of information about his scams. Here are just two informative articles on Wyatt.

    As for the Rapture, the scripture is clear that believers will not go through the day of God’s wrath appointed for unbelievers on earth. Tribulation that believers receive from the world and Satan is not the same thing.

  29. The Tent maker site believes that everyone will be saved regardless of whether they accept Jesus as the only way to be saved or not. I do not believe the bible teaches that salvation is universal like they claim or their would be no reason for hell.

    Jesus did come to save sinners, but only if they accept Him as the only way through His payment for all our sin. First Corinthians 15:1-4 Those that have the spirit through faith in Christ alone, Ephesians 1:13, are saved and have eternal life through Him who saved us by grace.

    They say God draws all men to be saved, and that is true, but not all men become believers. He says He is not willing that any should perish, but all should come to the knowledge of the truth.

    Having said that, they may be right about Ron Wyatt.

  30. James,

    I was pointing out that there is information on the Internet about Ron Wyatt and his claims. I was not suggesting that any of these sites had correct theology. That really is not the issue.

  31. Vincent my email address can be found under author on this blog or on the home page of this website.

    This Tech stuff is just proof that the second coming will be sooner than they can create these things. God is not going to allow humans to be anything other than humans. Jesus did not die to save Transhumans.

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