Trump will change America because rational veterans voted for Donald

America just averted an evil spell cast from the wicked witch of the East. Trump’s victory will change America. “Progressive” policies will be stopped or reversed. The media rats of the far left are now on deck and they are squealing loudly because their pirate ship just took a devastating torpedo.

Who would have thought that Donald Trump could win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to secure the 2016 election? A crossover from Democrats only made that possible. Many blue-collar men voted for the radical change of direction that only Donald Trump could bring.

Go to most taverns or VFW’s in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere and you will find a lot of men for Donald Trump. They are fed up with the “progressive” fixed system that was running down America and that did not give a damn about the working men of America. These are the Sarah Palin people who still cling to patriotism their guns and their religion. Many of these manly men for Trump are also veterans of foreign wars. America was saved by its military veterans once again. We should keep that in mind on this Veterans Day.

If the election were not rigged, Donald Trump would have won by a landslide. Hillary Clinton won mostly the counties that include sanctuary cities. It was the big cities against the more rural areas of America. Trump got 82 percent of the vote in my rural Missouri county and probably over 90 percent of the men and probably 100 percent of the Veterans.

Some think Trump will not change America because they believe the “progressive” agenda of the bureaucrats is firmly entrenched. They do not understand how things work in government. Military and government employees primary career agenda is to get promoted to the next rank or pay grade. To do that they have to please their superiors. That goes all the way up the line to the highest level. When you put people with an agenda at the top levels, the levels under them will fall all over themselves to push that agenda. Likewise, when the head is rotten the whole government becomes rotten. To change government you just have to change the top leaders. Trump will do that.

Trump is going to put some very good people at the top levels of government. Most of those that have anything to do with national security will be rational veterans. The PC progressive agenda is going to fall out of favor quickly. Much of the “progressive” agenda does not even meet the common sense test for rational people. And Trump will put rational people in charge.

That is why the “progressives” in media are in panic mode. They know that change is now inevitable. They hate the thought that Americans rejected their socialistic globalism by electing Donald Trump. That was not supposed to happen. The MSM “progressive” media rats are now squealing loudly as their pirate ships sink.

The hard left will now promote civil disobedience. That might not work for long. Most of the police are with Trump. They are only going to let things go so far. And few people want to be in the streets when it gets cold. Even so, anything can happen on the Marijuana Coast. People there love to prove that insanity rules.

Change is coming to America. You can bet on that. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch. They will soon control the Judicial Branch. Conservative alternative media is also rising rapidly. The politicians now know that Americans will now hold them accountable.

The Trump victory will Change America:

  • The weakening and the feminization of the military will end.
  • The Supreme Court will become more conservative.
  • The government war on Christianity will end.
  • The IRS will be reigned in.
  • Taxes will be lowered for most, it will promote job growth.
  • Tax policy will entice corporations to move back to America.
  • The government agenda against conservative media will cease.
  • Legislation will be enacted to clean up corruption in Washington.
  • Illegals will be discouraged from coming here and some will leave – illegal criminals will promptly be deported.
  • Immigration laws will be enforced – mass illegal immigration will stop.
  • Any federal funding for sanctuary cities will end.
  • Muslims will be vetted before they are allowed to immigrate here.
  • The war on radical Islam will be called a war on radical Islam.
  • Obamacare will be replaced with something better.
  • The Common Core agenda will end. Education will be mostly controlled by state and local government.
  • Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders will be rescinded.
  • No trade agreements that sign away our jobs and sovereignty to globalists will be passed.
  • The phony UN global warming agenda will not be funded.
  • UN Agenda 21 and 2030 will not be pushed by federal government.
  • Policies that favor all kinds of energy development will be enacted.

Trump also has a good chance for a Russian reset. The policy to surround and isolate Russia was plain crazy. It was an agenda for a nuclear war. You don’t surround and poke a wounded bear. Russia is near an economic disaster because of the low oil prices, its gangster oligarchy and its lack of diversification. Russians tend toward the paranoid anyway because of World War II and recent history. It would not take much more poking to make the wounded Russian bear lash out with nuclear teeth. Russia has the means to depopulate most of America.

Change is coming to America. Most military people must be jubilant about a President that honors their service. The White House staff and the secret service must be elated that the Clinton’s will not return. There will be no more gangster rappers and the sleaze balls that the Obama’s invited to the White House either. The Trump’s will restore elegance and dignity to the White House. Can you imagine a National Press Secretary that actually tells the media the truth and answers the questions instead of spinning the lies? That alone will change America.

I am optimistic that the Trump revolution could be better than the Reagan Revolution. History may record that the two best Presidents of our era were actors and not career politicians. You see, good actors that love America and want to keep her free are better than the bad actors of Washington that want to put everyone else under their tyranny. Trump should get a Nobel Peace Prize for the agenda that he is proposing. The alternative agenda may have led to civil war or nuclear war.

Do keep in mind that the globalists are now only left with two options. They can decide to retreat and lick their wounds for a while, or they can attack now and try to bring about an economic collapse or world war. They wanted to bring America down before the Muslim violence in Europe brought about police state powers and a superstate there. Will they now try to bring about world economic collapse to continue their globalist agenda? I do not rule that out. The hanging ropes need to be visible. We need to put the fear of God in them.

In any case, Trump’s victory will change America. What do you think?

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Trump will change America because rational veterans voted for Donald — 87 Comments

  1. Don, I am so happy Trump won. I feel so much better about our country and the things ahead. I tried to convince people what Hillary was going to do but people didn’t want to listen. I fought hard to get the word out and vote for Trump. The only defense people had was, “he’s a racist! ” or a bully. I am so thankful for Trump and Mark Pence. Trump and his team will not allow the Agenda 21 to push forward. Thanks Don for this post! And you gave me some good argument points when I would try to make my case to vote for him. So excited for the new administration, we were headed down a dark path.

  2. Don you make perfect sense the white rural america the FORGOTTEN ONES will GOD WILLING find IN PRESIDENT TRUMP AN ALLY fot all these decades of neglect and rejection from the sickning politically HYPOCRITE democrats my only concern is the issue of same sex marriage if he reverts it they may try to assasinate him I pray however that PRESIDENT TRUMP does revert the same sex marriage NATIONWIDE with no loopholes it must be stopped IT MUST END unlike europe the USA was founded on GODLY PRINCIPLES so PRESIDENT TRUMP MUST ABOLISH THAT SATANIC LAW IMPOSED BY the supreme court that is my only reservation will he muster THE WILL AND COURAGE TO ADDRESS THAT your feedback will be appreciated helmer

  3. I hope you are right. I, like most of your readers, I suspect, certainly said some prayers going into this election. One of the prayers was that the vote fixing would not prevail. Due to the polling, I do not think the liberals falsified as many votes as they could have but only what they thought they would need. I think enough decent people were moved to vote to swamp the rigged machines. I am not sure that I have enough confidence that some of our congressional republicans to say that the republican congress will not undercut him.

  4. AMEN! and amen amen !

    The garden of mercy was just presented to us. I am so relieved of the people coming out to cast their vote to save America and yes America is Great again even though she was slipping away by the hands of Obama & their One World agenda.

    Watching msnbc & cnn they were in total shock those liberal pukes and I so much enjoy switching over to see their puffy eye’s from crying so hard lol They so thought they had it.

    Look at Rachel Maddow today or any of them the make up can’t hide those puffy eye’s. I love seeing arrogance get smacked down.

    These protesters are the cuddle generation they got participation trophy’s growing up never learned to handle losing.

    I love this guy Trey Smith..

    Awesome article of truth Don! Praise God!!!

    ps. They rigged votes but only by enough so not to make it obvious it was their under valuing the Trump turn out is why they couldn’t actually steal it. And God had His hand in it mostly.

  5. As for those of us genuine Saints, we also need to do our part, namely offer ourselves to the Lord (Matt 22:37): to love the lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind.

  6. Trump cannot change same sex marriage or overrule the Supreme Court. We do not have dictators in America. It will be done through the courts if it is done at all. Trump can nominate conservative judges when there are vacancies in the Supreme Court but they still have to be approved by the Senate. I think the best we can hope for in the near term is that the Court decides that it should be a states right issue. In other words each of the 50 states would determine the issue for their own state.

  7. I think you are right on target. Every bullet point is easily achievable. Realistic expectations that the voters are expecting at a minimum. Once the administration gets up to speed, they will expand on those points above, and developer more over time.

    I think, if the leftist in Congress know what’s good for themselves, they will not be too much, the obstructionists. Mid-term elections will come faster than they are prepared for. But, the MSM need to feel some heat, and for once, they will be on the defensive, or I certainly hope so. Because, Trump DID win over many, many, former democrats. They are mad as hell, and aren’t going to put up with business as usual. Not to mention, a largely unified Republican electorate now.

    Time will tell, but if there’s one thing I believe about Trump, is when he said “We” as a country, and government, “Need” to be smart, and have “Toughness” I take him at his word. I believe he will put people in place who won’t put up with any BS. Which ties in with what you said Don, about the underlings falling all over themselves to please the leadership. The only thing that could screw this plan up, is if Trump puts Donors and family and friends in positions where they have no knowledge and or experience to run things. Hugh Hewitt talked about Reagan’s mistakes in that area. So, for all our collective sakes, I hope & pray, he avoids that pitfall.

  8. Amen to all of the above and I add that Trump will move the US Embassy to Jerusalem!
    Spit in the face of the UN and I hope he makes them get out of New York!

  9. I think the two most important things that we need to do is to overhaul our immigration system and to hold the MSM accountable for their lies and treachery.

    We need a border wall
    We need to defund sancuary cities
    We need to deport all criminal illegals
    We need to stop importing H1B visas
    We need to end birthright citizenship
    We need harsh penalties for hiring illegals

  10. Don may you be so kind as to expand on the possible establisment of A US EMBASSY in ISRAEL your perspective on this and its implications for the state of ISRAEL also Don does PRESIDENT TRUMP favor the so called two state solution I always have thought it a huge mistake for ISRAEL to allow gaza land to be taken by arab muslims as no such thing as palestine ever existed your wise perspective and information i appreciated ps i do profoundly regret that according to you PRESIDENT TRUMP cannot overturn and REPEAL same sex marriage as it is an abomination biblically speaking and I am skeptical that individual states would do it as long as that is not addressed GOD will not be pleased with the american mindset

  11. Don correction I meant JERUSALEM as a location for THE UNITED STATES is this a fact?

  12. Trump said he would move the embassy to Jerusalem. We have had an embassy in Israel since 1948. I also think that Trump will agree with anything that Israel agrees with.

    You are wrong, most of the conservative states would disagree with same sex marriage. God is not pleased with any worldly mindset but He also knows that fallen men choose evil. People must be born of the Spirit to understand the difference between good and evil. Americans are not uniquely deceived like you seem to think. In fact, we have a much higher percentage of Christians than most countries.

    I do not know what you mean by Jerusalem being a location in the United States. Nobody believes that other than Mormons. It seems to me that you do not have the facts about America but you make presumptions based on reading the loons of Internet misinformation.

  13. I beg your pardon i do know JERUSALEM IS LOCATED IN ISRAEL AS FOR YOUR ASSRETION THAT I MAKE PRESUMPTIONS OF ANY NATURE I D BEG TO DIFFER I BASE MY OPINIONS ON SOUND KNOWLEDGE OR ADVISE AND MOST OF ALL I ABIDE BY GODS WORD AND WE SHALL SEE IF GOD WILL INDEED FAVOR OR NOT AMERICA OR THE WORLD i always have addressed you with the utmost respect and i di not care for the manner in which you replied to my querie i would like to take the opportunity that besides holding a phd in linguistics i in no shape or form an ignoramus and america HAS A VERY LONG WAY TO GO TO EVEN APPROACH A GODLY STANCE MR DON KOENIG

  14. And i would also wish to note that to me it is outrageous and utterly incomprehensible that the USA calls itself a DEMOCRACY whlie at the same time as a nation it allows seven judges to decide on crucial matters involving ethics and CHRISTIAN values i do nt call that a democracy where 7 godless individuals have the power to imposse on a people their mores and beliefs if there is as you state such a great number of true CHRISTIANS how can you ratiobally explain the reection of obama their complicit silence when all those laws subverting basic CHRISTIAN TENETS were passed and made into LAWS! In the grand scheme of things what you and i or anybody else thinks in regards to MR TRUMPS presidency is irrelevant GOD WILL NEVER BE FOOLED and i do nt place my faith or well being in any human being period my faith is In JESUSCHRIST and judgement of the USA and the world will take place sooner than later

  15. Since you like to shout. I REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR QUALIFICATIONS. Your the one asking me the questions here. Don’t blame me if you have a PHD in linguistics but still cannot adequately communicate in English or know the political realities in the United States.

    As if your Island or any other nation has a godly stance Mr Rodreiguez?

  16. you know what i will not ever bother to either opine or enter into your site your rufedeness and arrogant manner speak volumes about your true ignorant character and spirit for awhile you managed to deceive me as a man of GOD as for my island as you disrespecfully referred to my present residence let me tell you something mr my true COUNTRY AND DWELLING IS HEAVEN not this earth which will perish eventually i am happy that you demonstratred your true character displaying condescion and boastfulness how dare you think that i would stand for your so very evident bigotry and prejudice ONCE AGAIN I thank you for revealing your insolent and utterly nasty character. THE BIBLE STATES DO NOT THROW PEARLS TO THE SWINE I WILL ABIDE BY THAT TENET IN REGARDS TO YOU MR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS

  17. What do I think? I think the same of Trump as I have over the past year. He and we who supported him took a verbal beating like I’ve never heard before; but we won. We told the Democratic Ruling Party to take a hike.

    Trump just replaced the head of his transition team from Gov. Christie to Mike Pence. Christie is still on the committee but our wonderful VP elect is heading it so those 4000 jobs to be filled will certainly be filled with the very best conservative people available.

    I think it was Laura Ingram who said “Obama has been defanged but is still dangerous.” He may try to make a move against Israel or bring in as many more unvetted Muslims as he can. There was one other thing I can’t think of at the moment but that was Laura Ingram’s take on the situation.

    Liberal media, of course, is still trying to spin it their way. Trump is not going to repeal Obamacare. False. He said he liked the part about not being uninsured because of a preexisting condition. Does the MSM believe Trump will give away all his battle plans to the enemy?

    I was very encouraged by this write up of Don’s. Very hopeful now and ever so grateful that America has a chance to change direction.

  18. Don, I am very grateful to God that he has won. It shows that we as a nation are not completely dead. We are very divided however, as shown by they almost even split in the vote count.

    My main concern is with Congress. I just hope that they do not try to thwart Trump every step of the way.

  19. Oh…darn! your leaving us. What bigotry and boastfulness was found in what I said? Are you sure you really understand English? What pearls do you have that I do not also have? By the way, calling Christians swine because they correct something is not Christian behavior.

    After that temper tantrum can you explain to us where your comments are welcomed so that people here can follow your shouting and Christian discernment?

  20. What has been the power behind the worst part of the Democratic party over the last couple of decades? Satan. So, Satan went down on this 2016 Presidential vote BUT he still has significant influence over many of those 50%+ of the US that voted Democratic (that is OVER 60 million adults).

    Obama over the last 8 years has also loaded up the Federal government with a huge number of liberal Democrats/Progressives. Almost none of those will be immediately replaced by Trump – and that will cause real administrative problems (I have seen this first hand at the state level). The Devil is definitely found in the details of our excessive regulations.

    The media – whom donated 96% of their contributions to Clinton – they will continue their hated of any agenda that gets close to a Christian one – including abortion, homosexuality, etc. They are quite powerful and they were NOT voted out of office.

    The school system, certainly including the upper levels, will continue to indoctrinate our youth and young adults with garbage. Much of this corruption is difficult for the Feds to address well.

    There is little doubt in my mind that the biggest attack on America will be coming from the (most likely) 2017 start of a multi year global great depression. This will be one of the most major attacks from the third horseman – the black one – of Revelation. He has been attacking the world for many centuries but this last and most major attack leads into the end of our age.

    Overall Trump will be a major reason why we can hold off the barbarians at the gates for the next four years. The Supreme Court is his best avenue for really changing the direction of the country. I sincerely pray that he stays his announced conservative course on that most important situation. However, this will be no cake walk for him or any us faithful to God – it will be a daily fight for the next four years.


  21. America has not repented and there will be those that continue to push the social agenda for sure.

    However, as I explained in the article. Replace the top people in federal government that push your agenda and the others in government will fall in line. That is how it works if you want to ever get promoted.

    I also think we will have to see the first and second horsemen ride before we will get to the black one.

  22. I am still pinching myself each morning on the election of Mr. Trump. I stayed up until after his speech at 3am and would not bed down until they announced he won. I am still wary of the left and once the shell shock subsides, they will plot their evil responses to what happened Tuesday night. They will not allow the progress made in the last 8 years toward globalism and the destruction of the Christian conservative establishment to be reversed. Soros is already funding protests/riots and I would expect this to keep expanding as these are paid players and not real protesters. I find it hard to believe that this election will lead to repentance, revival and a new religious America as the Bible is very clear on the world growing exceedingly more evil until the Lord’s return. Maybe we will get a Josiah reprieve before the grand finally like Judah. It is sad that the brow beating we have received over the last 8 years makes it impossible to believe that real justice is attainable in this world. I keep repeating do not expect justice in this world but never fail to give it. Most things that seem too good to be true usually are and I would expect the evil one to bring this euphoria crashing down very soon. I will continue to look up for my hope, peace and guidance and not get too excited over these worldly events that will snare you every time.

  23. I wish to weigh in on this discussion… Firstly, I am a born again Christian, a Kenyan and I reside in Africa.

    My English and Outlook of all these may be limited but I hope you will bear with me and hear my two penn’orth 🙂
    Probably Don, you will help clarify my point of view and even rebuke me… I am willing to learn.

    I have been praying for the United States and Israel for quite a long while using the scripture in Numbers 6:24 – 27..I maybe off context. I have been worried when I read of America decline or military decline and loss of lives of service men or when sukhoi jets fly feets over the America destroyer.

    I also believe leadership is from God however terrible. The heart of the King is in the hand of God and we as Christians are mandated to pray for the leaders or people in Authority.

    I am sometimes confused when Christians – born again are profane towards leadership. I am a believer that the world will know we are his(Jesus) disciple by us loving one another and not causing strife and “fighting for our rights”. This will convert people and turn hearts to Jesus. Christian use very terrible words on fellow human beings is sad. I know there’s righteous anger but goodness, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

    In 2002, in my country we had an election that to me, I believed would bring the so needed change in our lives. There was optimisim and hope but eight years later we killed and fought each other literally and there was sharp divison.

    I later learned that, putting or having faith in man and his system is a flawed way of thinking. I believe there’s a scripture that says when Jesus comes he will make everything right… He is the only King that will make all the earth great again.

    I believe every King or leader is elected into office and picked by God to fulfill his purpose and it’s all about Jesus. It’s all to put in place and set us up for the rapture and his second coming…

    I learned that America decline is something that is bound to happen and maybe I have been wishing that it is not the case. I am looking at Mr. Trump election as an opportunity for Christian or people to turn to God. it is like a lull before a storm. I am worried Christians risk complacency.

    I also believe the immigration case in Europe by the Muslim can be an opening for some to be exposed to the Gospel.God I believe has a remnant, like in the case of Elijah he thought he is the only prophet left after being pursued by Jezebel but God told him he has thousands (sic) more who have not bowed down to Baal.

    So there is a remnant in Europe…so I think we as Christians need to look at the world events through the lens of Jesus return and that will cause us to focus in the main thing which is to get folks saved… Thank you… 🙂

  24. It is the lull before the storm. We might not even get out of the present Marxist storm that is still beating America down. The globalists could soon bring about a world depression. The Rapture could even take place and cut the Trump program short.

  25. Hi, I’ve been thinking along the same lines in terms of the Rapture cutting things short. The reason I think that is because I don’t think this election result changes the overall timeline to Jesus’ return.

  26. Remember Al Gore’s VP if he would of won? Lieberman.

    If Gore would of won w/ Lieberman as VP prior to 911 happening that would of made the Middle East much more volatile bc of the Arab conspiracy of Jews wanting to take over the world. That is a very big deal over there.

    God is sovereign and He wasn’t ready for a complete all out world war yet w/ having a Jewish vice pres retaliating 911 attacks which would of fed into their narrative of the Jews. Don’t know how that would of worked out but I believe it would of been more complicated.

    God is always in control even when we cant see it at the time so If Hillary some how would of stole the election or won it fair & square I have to some how have faith God knows what He is doing.

    I just figured God’s allowing us to spiral out towards the end much quicker if she did win. The Lord’s permitted some Grace towards us as a Nation.

    We need to all get out real hard 2 years from now and ensure a republican house & senate it’s not over the battle just begun.

  27. This has been a year of truths. truth about the media, the politicians, even trump faced harsh truths. Now we see the truth of the sentiment, the spirit, behind liberalism, kill maim destroy well we know who was a murderer and a liar from the beginning..In that vein, do you think..the Amish voting, your veterans voting in blue states, etc was a mistake? we prayed we wept, and God granted us a brief respite.Possibly simply as support for Israel, possibly to move us to the next an authentic christian, saved believer life in contrast to the false prophet, money based,false miracle laced and dying churches all too common in this country,I’m just saying with have been schooled for eight years, so let’s not lose this closeness to God! More is a coming…but today I dance and sing and praise God.

  28. Since the left will always be the left, I see now that Hillary is getting up a petition to get states to change there electoral votes for Her. As said, Hillary and the left did not cheat enough to get them. Now they are in attack mode again.

    The other thing I see is that since many voted for trump who are conservatives but not Christians, it may be easier for ecumenical’s to join together in the church. It will be easier for people like Rick Warren to say that we should now join with our friends in the Catholic church since they voted with us. This could even go so far as joining with the Mormons and Jehovah Witness so called church. They all believe in high moral principals.

    It seems like when ever good comes, there is always evil with it. We just need to be on guard against the apostasy in the church that is already there. Many churches are now preaching another gospel than the one Paul preached. Truth with error is still error.

    When ever we get away from the all sufficiency of Christ to save sinners, we are believing another gospel. Jesus said when He comes back will He find faith on the earth. Faith in Christ leads us to righteousness. Righteousness does not lead us to faith. Good works can not save us, but are the result of salvation by grace.

    To many have the religion of Cain, the works of his own hands, instead of the righteousness of Abel who gave a blood sacrifice for his sin. Abel was confessing he was a sinner by faith.

    I am glad that Trump won, as much for getting the witch and her brood out of the way. I also believe it will bring in some sanity to our nation that would never have been if Hillary had won. Since I do believe it was Gods intervention and providence, I can only hope that things will go well for Trump. I will trust God that it will go according to His plan.

  29. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again–God had a reason for granting us this victory.
    My personal opinion is that Trump will have a role to play in stabilizing the Middle East. If we are really 15-20 years away from Christ’s return the radical islamists must be stopped very soon to allow for relative peace in the area. Maybe this will be the time where Israel lives without walls and is unaware of the magog invasion.
    The second reason is because I think Hillary and her cabal were truly evil satanic people. I think God just is not ready for Satan to have such control over us so he slapped him down.

  30. trump is trying to make the ultimate peace deal between israel and palestine hmmm interesting

  31. I always believed Ronald Reagan’s success was his affable personality and the conservative people he gathered around him. I really can’t see a great deal of difference with Donald Trump. He is probably a less affable person but garners a great deal of respect from those who know him, AND it would seem he intends to surround himself with strong conservative people.

    Satan’s agenda may have been set back awhile. More in keeping with a 2030’s end to the Church age 🙂 🙂

  32. I think that this is the proverbial calm before the storm. America will NEVER truly be great again. There are way to many liberals that have been trained, like Pavlov’s dog, to believe the lies they have been fed for so long. Conservative Christians are the enemy because if we disagree that has to mean that we hate.

    I believe that the conservatives are a dying breed, quite literally. Nowadays most professing Christians are followers of heretics (not all). Most of the people that believe in our great country are an older and passing generation. I am not “old” but I am old enough to remember my grandma saying that Jesus is coming soon and I remember when a 20 foot phone cord meant that you could roam the house while on the phone. Generational change has destroyed moral compass and the voices of reason will not be around much longer to coach they younger generations on Truth. Most of the youth today believe the lies over the truth, seems like I have read that somewhere…

    I could be wrong, it has happened before and will happen again.

    I think that this in itself is prophetic, not in a written sense, but in a change is coming sense. Yes, we have just become a Republican govt. but is this just an opportunity to open a few more eyes OR is it a chance for a greater resistance and uprising? I don’t know… I am just guessing. I pray that it will be an opportunity for my son (who is 17 and graduating boot camp next week) to serve our country under a president that wants to uphold the things that separate our country from ALL others.

    In essence, this election was the difference between voting for the bad or the worse…

    I don’t pretend to know when that trumpet will blow, but I will always be praying to hear it soon and I will always be listening.

  33. If his nomination holds, I too believe God has given us at least a few more years. Maybe Trump helps the Jews build their temple as I read in an article somewhere. Maybe he plays a role in ME peace as was stated in a previous comment.

    I do know this, the international community is in upheaval. Even our allies, namely Britain,are worried about potential US-Russia cooperation against ISIS.

    I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to support for a potential Russian-US alliance of sorts. While I do have some admiration for the man, I cannot help but think we are being duped by KGB Putin. Then there is his Iranian ally of sorts, so I am a bit weary.

    Regardless, things are going to get very interesting in the next year or less. I am cautiously optimistic about our future near term anyway. I’d say the economy is what we should most be worried about at this point, but anything can happen. I just hope Obama doesn’t do anything “shady” before Trump takes over.

  34. Do you think the Temple will be rebuilt under Trump according to the article the other comment talks about? Or are there too many obsticles at the moment?

  35. I think Bobbie-Jo is right that we’ll never be great again much as we’d like it to be so. The young have truly been brainwashed and know so little of God. The liberals are so deeply entrenched in their warped mind set that they’re actually dangerous. I had an encounter with a friend over the weekend, or who I thought was a friend, regarding Trump. She’s very liberal and became quite angry with me about voting for Trump. I wasn’t even going to bring him up but she started in on him right away. I tried everything to change the tone of the conversation. Even humor didn’t work. Actually she had no sense of humor at all. No matter what facts there are in regards to Clinton, she didn’t believe any of it. I saw first hand in my so called friend, how the Nazis were able to come into power so easily. She is the type of person, and there are millions of them out there, who would turn in family and friends to the “authorities” to get their way. It was a very disheartening and depressing interaction. I’m thrilled Trump won, but I’m under no illusion that this will really change us. We abandoned God a long time ago, and I fear the hour is late now. We may get a reprieve, but the writing is on the wall I believe.

  36. Hi Don, I live near Portland Oregon… Quite the adult like behavior going on over here in the West. In my family, we are very happy Trump won. I am looking forward to seeing him cleanse the military of it’s politically correct social engineering garbage. The adults will be put back in charge.


  37. One of the best things about this election, is that now we will support Israel again. The country that blesses Israel will be blessed. Then, hopefully Trump will put in some supreme court judges that are true conservatives. Those two things along with getting rid of Obama care would be a real blessing. But who really knows what is going to happen. The libs are in attack and destroy mode. They will do what ever it takes to get back to their global agenda.

    Talk about poking a wounded bear, Trump has beat the dickens out the libs. Trump is a huge thorn in their side right now. The days ahead will be interesting to say the least.

  38. What do you think of that article Don..i wonder if that’s just wishful thinking on their part

  39. Steve and Donovan, their request is probably valid but the Sanhedrin are of a minority Orthodox religious sect in Israel. They do not speak for the state of Israel or the majority of Jews in Israel.

    It could be almost equated to the Mormons asking Trump and Putin to allow them to build their millennial Temple on Capitol Hill. Mormons do not speak for our government and I do not think Putin and Trump would pay any attention to requests from a minority religious sect of any nation.

    I think that a watered down universal world religion will come first. I also think that will not happen before the war against Islam and all other fundamental religion. In other words, the Harlot of Revelation 17 makes the building of the Temple possible.

  40. Just a thought for today. Today is the first time we have had a super moon since 1948 when Israel became a state. We are having three super moons, One in October, The largest one today, and another in December. It will not happen again until 2034.

    Trump is being sworn in on the 21st of January, and He will be 70 years 7 months, and 7 days old. In the Jewish calendar this year is 5777. If it is clear when the moon comes up tonight you will be able to see this super duper moon just as it comes up it will seem huge.

    Saw this all in you tube under the super moon. Just so you know it did not originate with me. There is more info in the video.

  41. Well James, those dates sure are interesting. Sets the little hairs on the back of my neck to tingling. I’m not reading anything into Trumps numbers, but the 1948, Now 2016, and what I hope is a date very near the Lords return, 2034. Too much of a coincidence, maybe, & maybe not. Thanks for posting.

  42. We had all those blood moons in 2014-15 everyone was fussing about and they had no significance.

  43. I agree about the blood moons, but this is the first time since 1948 that the moon has been this close to the earth. May or may not have significance, but is a fact. Trumps swearing in is on the 20th so guess that is only a coincidence.

    We are just going to have to see how all this plays out. It is for sure we will know in the days ahead. Satan’s new world order and global religion is not going to be put off for ever. It just may be that the Lord has raised up Trump for this time in history. If He has I believe He will protect him.

  44. The moon cycles are not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Blood moons or full moons appearing larger than usual on earth means nothing. The fulfillment in Joel and elsewhere is more than just that. When that fulfillment happens it is not just about blood moons or larger full moons than normal. It is a darkened sun and the seas roaring and people’s heart failing for what they see coming upon the earth. People will hide in holes in the ground. It will be a cataclysmic event, not naturally occurring lunar and solar cycles. It is something like a huge comet approaching the earth or even the 1500 hundred mile diameter Holy City.

    Those that see signs fulling Bible prophecy in natural moon cycles or America’s Presidents are literally kind of loony (pun intended).

    Satan’s world order of the Antichrist or Son of Perdition will be put off until the restrainer is removed.

  45. Why can’t it be like this:
    From ages past God has known everything that would ever happen and he has taken it into account and worked it into his plan and purpose? I’m not one who believes God “plays it by ear.”

    One thing that has disturbed me throughout this presidential race is “Make America Great Again.” What does that mean, exactly? It was Donald Trump’s campaign slogan so it has to mean what he intended it to mean and that intent is reflected in his policies/positions.

    Don Koenig listed those positions above under the heading: A Trump victory will Change America. Those are the complete opposite of the positions that have weakened America under the control of the Democrat Progressives.

    It does not mean “Make America Christian Again” because it wasn’t Christian in the first place. I’ve read the article and the comments three times and I can’t understand why this victory would not set us on the road to being great again.

    I’m not counting the “what ifs.” Anything could happen so I’m speaking from a perspective of what if nothing happens to interrupt the Trump presidency.

    A side note. I read earlier that two names have come up for secretary of state. Rudy Guiliani and John Bolten. As much as I like Rudy my personal opinion is John Bolten would be an excellent choice. Of course it’s just speculation at this time. (Kermit the frog would be better than John Kerry.)

  46. Don

    The four horsemen – white (false god – the anti-Christ in modern times); red (war); black (famine/economy) & green (false religion – Islam in modern times) – have been riding their steeds for almost 6,000 years now. These are the main tools that Satan has used for centuries tp build false religions everywhere while spreading disbelief in the true God. After all, there were anti-Christs on the earth during the writing phase of the New Testament. There has been war ever since civilization had two areas to complete. Famine / economics have been a favorite tool of the evil ones (brought to near perfection by the Chinese for centuries now). False religion – in the form of Islam in particular – has been Christianity’s top enemy for about 14 centuries now.

    It is my opinion that the next time one of the four tools gets used by Satan – it will be against the way overvalued stock market of the USA. This will be Trump’s first challenge from these four weapons, probably not his last.


  47. I see there were three posts while I was working on my above comment and i want to say something about trying to fulfill bible prophecy with America’s presidents. Loony, yes.

    Thank you Don for finally saying something about that.

  48. It seems you have a historist interpretation of Revelation. I hold the dispensational view. There also are progressive dispensationists that believe that the seals have been in the works but think the greater fulfillment of the seals is still in the future. I do not think the historist view fits the literal details given in Revelation. It therefore is an allegorical interpretation. You can make Revelation say just about anything through allegorical interpretations but the warning given at the end of this prophecy is put there for a reason.

  49. Thank you for your last comment Don. I agree as I hold a dispensational view as well. The 4 horesmen of Revelation are coming events… I believe after the rapture.
    Blessings to you.

  50. Mike Pence says he is an evangelical Catholic. Kind of straddling the fence as he and his wife still go to Mass. He says he made a commitment to Christ. I wonder if he ever trusted him as his savior. it does say he attends a mega church some, or did, but no one seems to know where. Can anyone shed a little more light on him? He does stand for Christian values, but that doesn’t make anyone a born again Christian. Lots of people stand for Christian values. Guess we can only take him at his word.

  51. Thanks Don. I tried to find what you posted but could not. Sounds like He is the real deal. I will continue to pray for both of them.

  52. Caitlin

    Taking the longer view, North America was probably at its greatest in God’s eyes in 1900 when there were 79 million Christians – 97% of our population. (The electorate in 2016 claimed to be 75% Christian.) The attacks of Satan upon Christianity in the 20th century was VERY effective, especially in Europe but also in the USA. I see this last century as part of the great apostasy.

    The activities of our population today would blow the eyes out of the heads of our population in 1900. Don’t think we humans will be able to move this country back to being the real kind of great again either.

  53. Don

    I don’t follow any of the theories about Revelation that devotedly; allowing the Bible to speak for itself makes me mostly a futurist, but that is another topic. On this topic of the election, Pew put out some interesting data from exit polls on religious voting for 2016 (as compared to 2012).

    Romney & Trump each got 30% of the overall vote from Protestant/other Christians. They both got 12% of the overall vote from Catholics. They both got 1% of the overall vote from Jews. They each also got 2% of the overall vote from other faiths. Trump beat Romney 4% to 3% of the vote from the religiously unaffiliated. (Approximate numbers of Romney with 48% and Trump with 49% of the popular vote.)

    So, Trump didn’t pick up ground from any religious grouping except for 1% more from the ATHEISTS & AGNOSTICS of the religiously unaffiliated. That means that It was really in shifting his votes to come from other jurisdictions (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. that he won). The truth is very interesting..

  54. Even in 1900 there were mostly pesudo Christians in America. So I do not see how North America was greatest in God’s eyes back then. Besides,historically the greatness of a nation or kingdom on earth had nothing to do with the number of Christians or believers. God makes nations great for His own purposes. For example, He made nations around Israel great to chastise Israel among other reasons.

  55. I don’t understand the comment about mostly pseudo Christians in America in 1900.If not in America , then where were the true Christians? Just curious because I don’t know. Trying to learn .

  56. Most so called Christians then and now are not really Christians. Christianity is just the religion that most were born into because it was the culture of the nation and the West.

    Most thought and most still think that if their good works outweigh their evil God will save them. Half think they will be saved through confession of their sins to a priest, penance, eating a wafer that they think is the body of Christ and by going through the fires of Purgatory in order to pay for their own sins.

    They have a gospel of earning their own salvation that is not the gospel of salvation at all. They just have Christian identity. They were never born of the Spirit. They do not have Jesus Christ.

    True Christians are in most if not all nations, but they are not necessary the same as those in institutional Christianity.

  57. It seems to me that your line of thinking is that most of America at that time was mostly Catholic. My understanding is mostly protestant was the most predominant . At least from the very deep south where I’m from.Either way most early settlers were saved in their day according to their true faith in the Lord according to their understandings for the Times that they lived. I may be wrong but it seems to me that the most people believed in Jesus as their saviour at that time. Please correct if I’m wrong.

  58. I was not at all suggesting that in 1900 the majority were Catholics. Many Protestants were as blind as the Catholics. Most in what is called Christendom have learned to say that Jesus is the savior. However, if they actually believed that, they would not believe that their own works determine their salvation. Even in 1900 many Protestants were apostate concerning the faith.

    Prior to the late 1960’s there was a higher percentage of true Christians in America but no where near the 97 percent as stated by Font. You also should know that 1900 is not the same era as the early settlers.

    This is all off the post topic. So that will have to be the end of this diversion.

  59. Fount,

    Your analysis of the voting statistics is very interesting and quite disturbing at the same time. The fact that Trump picked up almost no significant new votes from Christians or minorities is unbelievable really. It really was just vote shifting.
    Here we had a man who espoused America first policies running against a woman who is the antithesis of everything America once stood for, and he barely beat her. It should of been 80/20 Trump imo.
    What is your analysis on this? Maybe the never trump movement was bigger than we thought, or perhaps more illegals voted than we anticipated? We know most Americans are political imbeciles who lack critical thinking skills but I’m just disappointed I guess.
    I see this as just a brief window of victory as those numbers don’t look good for future conservative politicians.

  60. I will put my two cents in here. It means that most “Christians” in America do not have Christian values because they do not know Christian doctrine or do not believe Christian doctrine. That is also true of those calling themselves evangelicals. Those that deny the faith by promoting obvious antichrists and worldly satanic agendas are not Christians. Where is their Holy Spirit given discernment?

    Even so, the astute already knew that. How else could would we explain the election of Obama twice? How else does anyone explain that most “Christians” that these “Christians” follow incorporate every worldly thing in their churches but take out biblical doctrine? How can these “Christian” people allow their children to be indoctrinated by antichrist public schools. They have denied the faith.

    The explanation is that their has been an apostasy from the true faith. Most of Christianity in the West is now better defined as the Harlot of Revelation 17.

  61. Don,

    I am the first to say that I was dead wrong on my projection for the Presidency.

    I did not think our nation had it in them to NOT choose Hillary Clinton.

    I had zero faith for the majority in our nation.

    That being said, I still do not see the bright future for our nation, the U.S.A., and the world as being told to us by conservatives now….the sigh of relief that I’m now hearing from even pastors, I think they should be careful.

    Since the Trump election, look at the news….

    We have had a tech CEO from San Diego, California threaten to sniper kill Trump (which I thought was against the law, but Trump is still an incumbent to the White House and not yet the actual President).

    We’ve had numerous reports of Universities doing things like giving their students ” Coloring Books and Play-Doh” to cope with the disaster they see as Trump….comfort dogs to soothe the pain for these minds of mush…etc, etc.

    These are the young who will be infiltrating the workplace and all other facets of society very soon…scary, if you ask me.

    I view the Anyone BUT Hillary as a possible short reprieve for our nation.

    Obviously, I was very wrong about this election so perhaps I’m wrong now.

    Perhaps President Trump can and will surprise us and do a good job for our nation, a lot of that depends on whom he appoints to critical positions in his administration, which is under way and appears to be off to a good start at the point of me writing this.

    Whatever the case, I do firmly believe that we are living in the season of the “End of the Age”, and though I am reading a lot of optimism from conservatives for our nations future, I remain leery

  62. Don is correct in saying that the veterans were a big plus for Trump. They probably voted 2 to 1 for him over her. At almost 22 million people, this is a large voting block – but I have seen no numbers on how many actually voted.

    As the numbers continue to trickle in, Trump has now received more popular votes than McCain or Romney. He is only about 500,000 from the largest number a Republican ever received (Bush at 62 million in 2004). So there was a slight increase on the Republican / conservative side.

    For Hillary, her numbers put her 1.3 million MORE than Trump (as Don says – this does not count absentee military, so this margin would shrink but probably not go away if they were counted). However she is still 3.1 million below Obama’s last run (2012) & a whopping 6.6 million BELOW the Obama swamp of 2008. So, there was a SUBSTANTIAL decrease on the Democratic / liberal side.

    More properly stated, Trump’s people DID support him strongly but the Obama coalition ABANDONED Hillary enough for the liberals to loose (was it suppressed enough by God because of the multitude of prayers God’s people earnestly prayed?) .


  63. Don,

    Did you know that a couple liberal states allow online voter registration where you don’t have to prove citizenship? Basically it just says please don’t register if you arent a citizen because it’s a crime you could potentially be prosecuted for. That’s it! The officials in these states should be arrested.

    With that said, now that I know about the voting statistics I think we are worse off then I thought. Even if twice the veterans voted for Trump thats still bad. It should of be much higher imo. It seems more and more that this was an act of God. Based on the number of illegals voting, Obama’s numbers on his first election, and other factors, the democrats had a much higher chance of winning.

  64. Don, one source says 3 million illegals voted. I am sure that Trump will allow a real dig into what happened over this and the last couple of election cycles. I can’t wait to find out the truth.

    Jim, if Hillary had known how steady Trump was really doing, they simply would have done more illegal maneuvers. This is also why I see God as having played the decisive role.

  65. Donovan, I do not think Trump has any control over the UN. However, he does not have to go along with their global governance agenda. What he will actually do is unknown.

  66. I personally don’t think he will go along with that. He’s more about keeping America #1….bit the same as the rest.

  67. I will say that with regards to Trump, actions will speak louder than his words if that is possible. I am a bit leery with some of the names floating around for key positions in his cabinet as well. Maybe that is good so as to avoid group think, but it will be interesting to see who he chooses.

  68. If Trump stays true to what he has been saying, it will change the way we have been doing business. He says we are a sovereign nation and has already made Germany mad at him. He has pretty much said that we go by the constitution, and if others don’t like it they can always leave. He said that the right to bare arms was before the constitution was written and we have a right to do just that.

    But, like all politicians, they tend to say one thing and do another. So we can only wait and see. I will give him the benefit of the doubt right now. At least we do not have the wicked witch of the west as president of the US. I do not believe God was going to allow a women to hold that position by any means. And for sure not the queen of heaven. She ain’t the antichrist, but she sure is inti Christ.

  69. He’s talking to Romney this weekend about Secretary of State. Good choice? Surely he’d be better than Hillary Clinton in that position

  70. The President Donald Trump saga is well under way, and how…

    Apparently, from reports I’ve listened to and read (Correct me where I’m in error)…

    *President Trump will not attempt to overturn Homosexual Marriage…he considers it a “legally done deal”

    *President Trump WILL appoint Pro-Life justices to the Supreme Court which might end up in a challenge to Roe v. Wade…I’m sure that would be an uphill battle and if left up to the individual states, what would prevent a women to traveling to another state for an abortion ?

    And Wow, Most Paramount….

    Jerusalem, a burdensome stone….indeed.

    “The Palestinian Authority threatened to respond by “unleashing all of our weapons” if United States President-elect Donald Trump were to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.”

    President Trump looks to very prominently recognize and be an ally to Israel….I have to say, I’m very happy to see this, personally.

    Could this end up in a very serious war ?

    I think, of course…Islam and its proxies will be very upset and possibly act if and when their world caliphate ambitions come to not…and I think we know that Islam will not stop until Israel is wiped off the face of the map (NOT going to happen) and the U.S. is destroyed (Stay Tuned)…or when Islam is defeated (Inevitable).

  71. The morning of the gen. election, I spiritually discerned the Voice of the Lord saying, “The wicked witch is dead.” I knew immediately that Trump was going to become Pres. Yes, you are right, the wicked witch of the East is dead. But I do not agree with your discernment and high hopes for the Trump Administration nor the Republican Party in general. Like all your previous writings in which you declared there would be NO REVIVAL coming–it seems to me now you want to declare a ‘change’ coming under the leadership of a Political Party…yet, such change has nothing to do with the National Repentance from manifold sins. You say the MEN got out the vote–the very same men who are heavy laden by various sins of the flesh, having given themselves over to covetousness. It’s JOBS, stupid…goes the saying.

    So much for the teachings of the Prophetic Want-a-Be’s — I’m personally holding you responsible for writing about how great the Trump legacy will be for America–let’s see 4 years from now what will happen. All will know the Truth by then, Don–whether you have shown Discernment or Folly. Boasting is for those who have been in the battle, captured the enemy, and taken off their armour.

  72. Susan,

    You are saying that I said things that I never said.

    First of all you did not hear from the Lord saying that the wicked witch is dead. That thought obviously came from your own mind.

    I do not think there will be a revival. Nations are not built on Christianity anyway. Show me one Christian nation in the world. Great nations are built upon keeping natural law.

    You also should not assume that I think Trump will make America great again. I never said that. I suggest that it will be a change of direction from where Hillary would have taken this nation but I am not under any illusion that America will get through the next four years without major problems.

    I do think the election of Trump bought Christians some time to try to turn things around. If Hillary got elected, Christians would be under more and more persecution and there could have been world war and civil war. This mostly likely will be put on hold under Trump’s leadership.

    I think our vets are the nation’s finest. They proved it time and again. Most of these men voted for Trump even though the majority of them are Democrats. Many of these men hate what they see happening to America, that is why they voted for Trump. Its not about party, it is about natural law and its about values and it is about the sovereignty of America. Sure it is also about jobs, it always is.

    I have news for you, people have always been laden down by various sins of the flesh. It is not just men either, the women can be every bit as sinful as the men. And its not just this generation. A nation of laws helps prevent debauchery. Natural law enforcement did not happen under the Democratic Party leadership. Under Trump any remaining rule of Law will be enforced.

    You can’t hold me responsible for writing about how great the Trump legacy will be because I never claimed any such thing. I also did not boast. Under Hillary there would be nothing at all to boast about. America might not have existed under 4 years of Hillary, Under Trump it might.

    It seems you have an axe to grind with men and with anyone who sees some hope for a change in direction from a mostly Christian Trump team as opposed to the satanic party that still is controlling this nation. You paint with a very broad brush. Not all men or Republicans are guilty of the sins that you suggest.

    In other words, give me a break!

  73. Susan,

    Clean up your filthy mouth. You do not exhibit the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Grow up. Get on your knees and humble your haughtiness.

  74. Craig, some might be wondering what you are talking about. So I will explain.

    I gave Susan the benefit of the doubt by allowing her first comment on my blog but whenever I do that I usually find that critical people looking for a soapbox are pushing their own agenda that is often hateful. They will add nothing good here. I cannot fix defective brains. Jesus can, but they must come to hate their fleshly ways.

    I have no patience with people that use such foul language on my blog and are here to sow discord. Susan Jull is therefore banned and her last two comments were removed.

    I guess Susan will have to comment on places where she learned how to trash talk if her mouth is not already banned there. Congratulations Susan, there are only a couple of people on my ban list but you managed to achieved it in just two comments. That is almost unprecedented.

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