Western women and society are complicit in the sex abuse

There is no excuse for the way some men in the western world treat women, but after Pandora’s Box was opened by the godless cultural Marxists we should have known the demons let out would attack our women.

When men no longer answer to God, and a permissive society says most anything goes, many men will just do anything that they want.

This all started in the 1960’s, before that time most men including this one put women on pedestals. Women were held in high esteem. Men protected women. We treated them like mothers and sisters. We even watched our mouth when a lady was present and made sure others did likewise.

How things have changed in just 50 years. Most ladies no longer even want to be treated like ladies even if they still claim to be one. Western permissive society now has women that look like whores, talk like whores and act like whores. The leftist permissive society and the people that embraced it enabled what is being displayed today.

With the cultural Marxist movement came the feminists and sex liberation. Women no longer wanted to be under the authority of men. They wanted positions of power. Some started acting like men on steroids. The more attractive ones began using their sex appeal to climb the ladder to positions of power.

Many women now dress like whores and flirt with men toward their own end but complain when some men treat them like the loose woman that they act like. Most of these women know what they are getting into.

Along with cultural Marxism, came permissive media and now with electronic media, porn is everywhere. Over 75 percent of men in America watch perfectly legal porn in America at least once a month. Over half of women do likewise. I am not even speaking of the soft porn on the media. That is about impossible to avoid. Why would any sane person think all this porn and public sex display would not impact people negatively?

The left teaches people that they are evolutionary animals. They indoctrinate people to act like animals but then deny they are complicit in the predatory behavior of those acting like animals.

Any man in a position of power knows that there are women out there that will try to hit on him. If they succeed, that man will be in a world of hurt. And if not rebuffed carefully, that woman could turn into a vindictive enemy.

Women can become tools of Satan to bring powerful men down. It was Eve that brought down Adam. Balaam knew the stumbling block for the sons of Israel would come through pagan women. That is why wise Christian men do not allow themselves to be alone with a woman who is not his wife. Many church pastors now keep the door to their office open for good reason. Some learned that lesson the hard way.

King David was an esteemed man of God. His troubles started with an attractive woman. A casual reading of the story always puts the blame on King David but I think Bathsheba was complicit. Did she know that she could be seen by King David while bathing on the roof? Why did she go into the King? She could have refused. Bathsheba knew that David got her husband killed so why did she marry the guy? Bathsheba probably had eyes for King David all along. Women love powerful men.

Predatory sexual behavior has gone on forever but now permissive western culture and electronic media amplifies the problem enormously.   It is easy for men to be seduced by an attractive woman. Men are gullible and they have testosterone issues. That is why the Bible warns men against such women. Women are very good at seducing men but after they do, their wanderlust often goes elsewhere.

The sex seduction game is playing out in Hollywood, Washington and everywhere else in America today. And no wonder, people are told not to get married until they’re thirty and they are told by western society that it is perfectly acceptable to try many before they buy. That is not what God says in scripture.

I have news for our culture, people were designed to get married in their teens. Now in our western culture people experiment with different partners for more than a decade and then think both will suddenly become monogamous just because they say “I do”.  People act contrary to nature and it produces the dysfunctional society that we see.

You have to wonder about all the sudden revelations. Why now? Many knew about these people for a long time. Why all the revelations at a time when males are under attack like never before? Is this just piling on by those that want to emasculate men?

These men in the news did not become like they are overnight. There is a reason for some of their infantile behavior. Many men no longer have a clue about how to act around women. Especially women that look, walk and talk like whores. That is probably the reason for all the sexual displays and the prodding.

Loose women were complicit in the creation of these beasts but now they want a hunting trip to destroy men. Soon, those that even look at the bodies that women are flaunting could be in danger. And you better not accidentally touch one of them.

The war on men is getting bad and these revelations are not helping our cause any. It is bad enough that testosterone levels in the west are falling like a rock. It seems that estrogen producing chemicals in our environment are feminizing men. Men are more and more looking and acting like women. Men on TV no longer act like men unless they produce the trash.

The media war on men started with “All in the Family” fifty years ago. Now nobody gets married and most that do, do not stay married. Children are not being brought up by fathers, they are being brought up by the Marxist indoctrination system. Nobody even knows what sex they are anymore and nobody better say differently! It is all part of the godless globalist socialist plot to destroy everything that God set up.

The bottom line is that godless humanistic leftist ideologies created the environment for the sexual predators running amok in our societies. People can only change it by returning to biblical morality.

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Western women and society are complicit in the sex abuse — 18 Comments

  1. “People can only change it by returning to biblical morality” is absolutely correct Don… too bad people have no desire to change though, because they are “earth dwellers”…

    A sad result of the promiscuity that you speak of in this blog post is the fact that there are over 100K children currently on the waiting list to be adopted in the USA, and in addition to that, there are over 600K unborn babies which end up getting aborted in the USA every year… This is absolutely appalling and completely contradicts God’s intended purpose for procreation.

  2. I also think its rather strange that all these sexual allegations are suddenly coming out now. People have known about them for years so why now? I would like to see if the same lawyers are behind this. They’ve been protecting these prople for so long so something obviously changed.

  3. Don,
    The. “women’s march” and I type this in lower case, because that’s what it was, or better yet “low class” , was the epitome of vulgarity, shamefulness, embarrassment and stupidity, and it was the most disgusting behavior that women could exhibit. There was nothing about being a “respectable lady” that was exhibited in any of their behavior. I had an aunt who died at 85, and the one thing I remember and talked about her was that she was a lady. She was a lovely, modest woman who epitomized the word “Lady”. What is happening today with so many women is they literally sell their souls for a chance for fame and fortune. Trump was right in what he said in the tape recording that got him in hot water. A lot of women will let men do whatever they want if it means they get fame, money and power. Don’t think they won’t. Proverbs in the Bible warns against the seductive, destructive power of women. It also talks of the beauty and love of a good woman. Women today think they have carte blanche on virtue just because they’re women. There was a time when women were accorded that right. Unfortunately a lot of women have abdicated that right. They want to be like men and in turn destroy the men in their lives. It’s become an upside down world to the detriment of all. Everyone is suffering because of the loss of the gentle hand of a kind and sweet and loving woman who has respect for the men in their lives and in turn the men in their lives respects them. I say all this as a woman who laments the loss of all that was once good between men and women, when I knew a man would defend and protect and love me and in turn I would love and honor him. Nothing complicated, but it meant all.

  4. Hi Don Sir,
    Absolutely agree with you, Satan has been long using women to get men to rebel against GOD. It all started in the Garden of Eden, and GOD had to Judge Noah’s Generation, because of few women who began to cohabit with the Fallen Supernatural World. Apostle Peter would have been finished of the women who claimed he was with Jesus Christ, thanks to all seeing of the Lord Jesus, he began preaching to the Gentiles. And today, things are not much different. As in the days of Noah so shall the days of the Son of Man. Though Women today do not cohabit with the Supernatural today, they are increasingly involved with the Demonic, Witchcraft & Sorcery have become the art of the day, and their dependence on the Demonic would increase in these last days, as the world would soon become hell on earth. In these Last Days, not just women, but Men and children also are involved with these Bible Forbidding Things. Rev 9: v20,21. Only the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus will wipe all this out, and the process has begun. Jesus Christ is returning soon. Until then, while there is still hope, For GOD so Loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth (Men, Women, children, et…. in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. For the Wages of Sin is Death, but the Gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD. ¶ And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his
    right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not ; I am the first and
    the last :
    I am he that liveth, and was dead ; and, behold, I am alive for
    evermore, Amen ; and have the keys of hell and of death.
    Even So, Come Lord Jesus…

  5. Adriana, couldn’t have said it any better myself. Thanks for hitting that nail right square on the head! If a woman wants to be treated properly, then she should act properly. I have no sympathy for these women who have “come forward” years later to accuse these men. If they allowed themselves to be abused and didn’t say anything in order to further their careers, if they thought they wouldn’t get this part or that promotion if they didn’t allow the abuse, then they should just suck it up and live with it. Long ago, a coworker tried to kiss me on the elevator. I shoved him away and made sure I never got on an elevator with him ever again. Men will treat women the way women allow themselves to be treated.

  6. Any believer who spends time in God’s Word knows that women are capable of great evil. Jezebel–po’ li’l innocent Hillary’s icon–lurked behind Ahab’s throne and fed him diabolical suggestions. When the eventual consequences were explained to him from the LORD, he humbled himself. There is some debate as to whether or not his repentance was “sincere”, but the fact is that GOD noticed it!

    Jezebel? Oh, no. When she saw her end approaching she dolled herself up, stiffened her neck and taunted. Then she got one of the goriest ends ever delivered by GOD.

    GOD is no respecter of persons, male or female. This game being played today is for the unbelieving who are trapped in their own delusions. Naivete about women is for fools. Wisdom from GOD on the matter is freely available to any who want it.

  7. People, in the church and out of it but especially in, gave my husband and I a bad time for getting married at 19 & 21 years of age in 1999. We are still married now when many of our peers are many times divorced or never married and lived with multiple partners. I’m glad we were married young and agree with you that the delay in age of marriage creates sexual problems in society.

  8. Hi,

    I think it was yesterday or the day before I was skimming the headlines over at brietbart and rapture-ready and I saw two articles that caught my attention.

    One was a bitcoin miner that was hacked for 64M and the other was a porn star who committed suicide over social media bullying or something to that effect. I guess morbid curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on both of them.

    If I recall from a NewsMax program I saw about the wild west, I think prostitute suicide rates were well above 50% maybe much higher.

    Right now, speculators are going from the stock market over to bitcoin.

    In both situations, you have people who are willing to be godless and sell souls and bodies for a quick payout without regard for the price to be paid.

    Signs of the times. People need to dispense with the hours they spend on social media or elsewhere (hint) and get back to productive utility of their time, skills and temples.

  9. Hi Don great read and very timely I am a truck driver and make deliveries at warehouses a couple of weeks ago I saw two women (not ladies) in their late forties or early fifties and they were talking to each other using the fxxx word several times just as casual as can be I am not saying I have never said it but it has been years when I was a young man but the one thing I will tell you is most women that I knew didn’t use that kind of language especially mature women it seems like women and men have descended not ascended in other words I don’t think we as a people are getting better I think we’re getting worse in fact if you look at history I think you will find that to be so women used to be held in high esteem and I think they should be God made them in my opinion special but because of women’s lib and the sexual Revolution we see what that has led to so women it seems like have gotten what they wanted they wanted to be treated equal or not any different than men such a shame I think somewhere in the Bible it says men will be like women and women will be like men in the last days I know one thing it sure seems that way seems like a lot of feminization of men and the women sure seem to act like a man well anyways keep the faith keep looking up our Lord and savior should come quickly

  10. Don,

    What a great article. I can certainly relate with the experience I’ve had in dating before I married my wife. Not to mention the workforce. Many women are in direct competition with men and they want everyone to know it. In fact don’t cross their path or you will be reprimanded or ridiculed.

    I am a police officer and there have been female supervisors of mine that should not have been promoted to such a position. I feel it is probably the same with the military. In my mind, what woman wants to be in a profession surrounded by men? I’ll tell you, the kind that want attention. These women will sleep with anyone, married or not, just to get to the top. I apologize if I have offended any of the women on this board. I know there are some women who serve that have a genuine desire to better themselves and their country. But many I have come across are what I have described.

  11. I’m not going to defend the feminists or the accusers, especially those accusing Roy Moore, but I’m going to give you the flip side.
    Something happened to me when I was 17 and had just started my senior year in high school. After the police took down the report I gave them they accused me of lying and told my parents I was lying. The only two people on the planet who believed me were my two best friends so I stopped talking about it. I stopped talking about it for twenty years. Then one day I heard a talk that touched home and I cried for the first and only time.
    That thing that happened changed the course of my life. I had to drop out of high school although I went back the next year and graduated.
    I was accused by my own family of having brought it on by what I was wearing. Black jeans, a turtleneck sweater and a jacket over that.

    So maybe that’s why after so many years the floodgates opened and women started talking about it. I just did.

  12. Hi Caitlin,

    Sorry you had such an experience. In those days people did not want to believe such things even happened. Today they know they happen and many even enable it.

  13. Thank you Don,

    I agree about the enablers. I was also thinking about some of the other things you wrote. Why did women decide they didn’t want to be under the authority of men? And from the comments I get the impression that ‘what a woman should be’varies from person to person.

    You picked a hot topic.

  14. Hi Caitlin,

    The rise of humanistic philosophies and the departure from scripture led to radical feminism in the western culture.

    It is obvious that western thinking on how men and women should conduct themselves has become corrupted. Christians need to believe what God said and not buy into the claims of the evolutionary atheists corrupting the world.

  15. While on the subject of societal corruption and gender issues, as I read headlines on rapture-ready and brietbart, sure enough if female judges are routinely laying down decisions that are not just wicked and purely evil, but completely insane.

  16. Hi Don I hope this isn’t off topic but when I was a young boy about 12 years old a man tried to molest me I stopped him I told my mom nothing was ever done about it of course this was over 40 years ago back then nobody would have thought of suing someone in a civil case and their in lies some of the problem today a lot of women and Men are bringing up things that happened years and years ago and it seems like when the man gets money or notoriety that’s when all of a sudden they have trauma or say this is been bothering them for years and then they go after him which seems odd not to diminish what happened to Caitlin I can understand how some people didn’t bring it up when it happened but it just seems suspicious the way they’re all are coming out of the woodwork it did bother me every now and then I think about it but it’s rare Now that I’m saved by the blood of our Lord Jesus I should say a prayer for him I think I will I hope nobody thinks I’m making light of the situation because at the time for me it was really traumatic why anyways that’s my thoughts

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