When Progressive federal government persecutes Christians

We have a presidential election next month so Christians need to be ready for the worse case scenario. If Hillary is elected, she certainly will continue the Progressive agenda. That agenda is antichrist. Progressives will seek to persecute true Christians who oppose their Godless programs.

Progressives like Obama and Hillary give lip service to God but everything they say and the programs that they support prove that they are antichrist. They do not know God but they do know and promote godless global socialism.

Read the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Compare it to where Progressives have already taken America. They will continue to take America down that path if they are allowed to stay in power.

I should not have to warn Christians that the Supreme Court will be totally controlled by socialist Progressives if a Democrat wins the upcoming presidential election. I hope Christians understand what a Far Left SCOTUS means for them. It will mean nothing less than persecution of true bible believers.

Progressive judges will continue to redefine the Constitution. This Progressive federal government does not even follow the Constitution now when they can get away with it. If Americans give Progressives the SCOTUS, they will make America a socialist ward of the U.N. The global plan is already in place for all nations in the world. It is called U.N. Agenda 2030.

The soft tyranny that is occurring now will turn into hard tyranny as Progressive judges legislate their antichrist agenda from the bench. Christians and conservatives will be removed from the media and Americans will be forced to comply with the Fascist/Marxist agenda much like do the people of Red China. If you want to know what will happen here under someone like Clinton, just look over there.

The Chinese are creating a total surveillance society. Their tyrannical government intends to have total control over everyone. The only religion approved in China is the godless religions of the state. They do not allow true Christianity to be expressed and they will arrest those practicing it. This also will be coming to America if Progressives get their way.

Americans need to keep in mind that forms of socialism persecuted and killed over one hundred million people in the 20th century. Such genocide can happen here if guns are taken away.

If Hillary gets elected, it means that the Progressives already control the minds of more than half the voters in America. That percentage is only going to increase as they progress their brainwashing and open borders agenda. Therefore, the Progressive globalist socialist agenda is not something likely to be overturned in any future national elections.

If Progressives become the majority, you also will not find enough popular support to pass laws or constitutional amendments to check the Progressive tyranny against conservatives and Christians.

The conservative media will be taken down, so those voices will not even be heard. When was the last time you ever heard of Christian views or any views that oppose the socialist government agenda of China coming from the media of China? With Hillary and ilk that will happen here. I think she made that much clear.

There will no longer be national voices on radio and the Internet giving sound Christian doctrine and information. Christians are going to have to depend on their own knowledge of scripture (that is a scary thought) and local Christian leadership (trick-or-treat).

When Christians are accused of breaking some politically correct thought crime or hate crime law, no national voices will even exist to bring up your case before the people.

The Progressives in America have literally lost their minds. They have no knowledge of God’s natural order or they reject it. They have no common sense. Their hard drives have been acid washed much like Hillary Clinton’s email server. Their minds have been written over with a collective defective program.

These Borg like creatures that get all instruction from fellow travelers seen and heard on portable video devices are not capable of rational independent thought. However, they are capable of walking into a brick wall or off of a cliff. And so they will.

So what are the options left for true Christians and conservatives if Hillary gets elected and the  Progressive federal government antichrist agenda is forced upon Americans from government agencies and agents of the federal government?

The first option to federal government persecution of Christians would be state nullification.

This could only occur in states that have a large conservative majority. Even in conservative states, state nullification would prove to be a very difficult thing. Opposing a tyrannical federal government can mean anything that ranges from lawsuits that the state cannot win to a civil war that the state cannot win.

Don’t put all your eggs in the Texas secession basket either. Texas is more Progressive than most people think. That is partly because the Baptists that run Texas are less Christian than one might think. I think after the Supreme Court rules, the politicians of the state of Texas will just do what they are told.

The second option to federal government persecution of Christians would be local government nullification.

Sheriffs, prosecutors, and other officials in some of the more rural counties and towns might simply not enforce certain federal laws. They might even oppose federal enforcement within their jurisdiction. I think that is bound to happen in some very conservative counties because these officials are locally elected.

Progressives are doing local nullification in cities when they make cities sanctuary cities. They get away with it because the Progressive federal government allows them to do that. That is not likely to be the case when the local government agenda opposes the federal government Progressive programs.

I can see federal marshals coming in to remove elected officials from offices and then replacing them with Progressive puppets. Therefore, any local nullification is not likely to last long. For example, just look at what went on with the local resistance to the same-sex marriage agenda and the transgender agenda.

The third option to federal government persecution of Christians is “we the people” nullification.

The conservative and Christian people of America can make it very difficult for the government to carry out its Progressive Marxist agenda. There are many ways that they can do this. The options range from passive resistance to full-out rebellion. The latter could bring down the nation.

The last option to escape Progressive federal government persecution is for true Christians to go underground.

Christians are underground in many nations of the world. Even where Christianity was the state religion, true Christianity often had to meet underground.

This would not happen in America in the way some might think. One day pastors around America are not going to all just all say we need to go underground to practice true Christianity. Most hireling pastors in our churches will totally comply with whatever the Progressive federal government dictates.

The Harlot church is not going to go underground. The state has no reason to persecute the Harlot at this point. The destruction of the Harlot will not occur until the time of the Antichrist.

Christians mostly will be persecuted individually. Christian people who take any biblical stand will be fired from their jobs. Christians and Biblical churches would be sued and have their property confiscated. That includes Christian businesses. Those that say certain things in public will be arrested. They will be forced to pay large fines or they will serve time. That is already happening in other western nations where the Progressives rule.

Most in Christianity will not have any problem attending their politically correct churches because most attending are actually pseudo Christians. Those attending these churches do not know the difference between a hireling and a pastor and a true teacher and false teacher right now or they would not be there. These watered down churches have nothing to fear from Progressive federal government. They will just become state approved churches.

Any true Christians will come out of the Harlot because fornication with government and other religions will become more and more evident to true believers. They will have to carefully find other true Christians to fellowship with. They will meet in private places. This will be the underground Church.

I hope that you do not help enable Progressives to persecuted true Christians in America through your vote for a Progressive liar. She has an agenda that is antichrist. Even so, if Progressive federal government starts widespread persecution of true Christians in America, I hope that you will also consider the other options that remain.

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When Progressive federal government persecutes Christians — 43 Comments

  1. I guess it goes without saying that those “churches” that do not comply with the P.C. church will lose their 501(c)(3) exempt status fairly quickly.

    Well, maybe this article is a prelude to where some of those who need to be “re-educated” might wind up…like in some of those FEMA camps that to my knowledge are still mostly not occupied at this time.

    At the very least, I do hope that the ‘underground church’ will have some quality and accurate Gospel teaching Pastors.

    Of course, if/when these things do come about as written in this article…by itself, it will do a great job of weeding out the true Christians versus the Sunday strollers who have no foundation and true belief in The True Church.

    John 14:6
    Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    I am sure that those who proclaim the above (John 14:6) will be regarded as those who incite hate speech.

  2. Hi all,

    I was reading at Joel Rosenberg’s blog the last couple days, and he sees the writing on the wall too. (Yes, he is well known author) But, a Messianic Jew as well. That means he is a follower if Christ. I’ve never been able to pin him to one group or another, but, he prays for a national, (world) revival, which most of us know, will not come until after Jesus takes over. He may just be in denial, who knows. Anyways, I quote this from a recent article because it is what we are living through these days.

    ” But as darkness falls over America, as it is falling over so much of the world, I am growing weary. As the rich and powerful and corrupt seem to gain more riches and more power and grow more corrupt, I am growing weary. As I see injustice spreading like a cancer, and as I see so many people abandoning the faith and ignoring the Word of God and doing whatever is right in their own eyes, I am growing weary.

    It is all foretold, of course. The ancient prophecies are coming to pass — all the apostasy, the corruption, the persecution and darkness that the Lord Jesus and the Apostles and the Hebrew prophets foretold about the “last days” — we’re seeing it all play out, just as the Word warned us ahead of time.

    Consider just this passage and ask yourself if this doesn’t describe American culture and politics today? “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; avoid such men as these.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    The worse it gets, the more I find myself saying, “Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus!” ”


    Joel’s blog, and his books (mostly fiction) are very interesting, and he does write extensively about the Middle East, so, for information you are not likely to hear anywhere else, I recommend his work. (Feel free to edit this Don, I won’t mind) May God look out for each of you, and you find comfort in him.

  3. Don, nice topic. I was just speaking with my brother about the topic of armed rebellion and its chances of success.

    I believe we would be forced underground simply because armed rebellion would lead to sacrifices many would not have the stomach for today.

    Maybe if it were organized again through a collective secession of states, but where would funding come from? Who would we borrow from? The Chinese? Russia maybe?

    I suppose anything is possible though. It would take most veterans and or current state national guardsmen to organize such a rebellion along with local or state government in my opinion. But again people are so immersed in their day to day lives of IPhones and football that I have my doubts. I guess when people eventually lose everything, then anything is possible.

  4. Have you seen the short video of Soros stating Trump’s popular landslide victory but an electoral win for Clinton? I wrote the following for my FB timeline.

    In his pre-AMBLE Soros (spokesman for the ‘Elite’) tells us they (presumably the ‘elite’) have discovered the Achilles’ heel of Western Civilisation…

    I.e. that we westerners know there is “no alternative except terrorism”, and that we can only blame ourselves because our western culture is a breeding ground for terrorism. “We are doing the work of ISIS”, conservatives are doing the work of ISIS.

    The video becomes a little broken, but that seems to be because of Soros’ inability to articulate.

    But this inarticulate yet ‘Oh so clever’ man was able to resist the appeal of the conservatives and sees the real picture and the needs of the world… therefore the US popular vote will be set to nought by a paid up Electoral College, which a small minority of extremists control (presumably the elitists).

    (Listen to him and tell me if I am wrong in my take of the interview)

    If I am correct we can now know the game-plan of the elitists. The Islamists are to be used to divide so that the elite might conquer with its New World Order.

    I have believed this to be the case, but I believe we now have it from the horses??? mouth.

  5. Soros may be the spokesman for the Satanic elite but things never quite work out as Satan plans.

    I do not think a landslide for Trump can produce an electoral College victory for Clinton. Now if its really close that is another matter. If there is a conspiratorial coup, there will be a counter coup.

  6. My ignorance of your voting system leaves me a ‘little in the dark’ Don so thanks… It is not so cut and dried as he suggests? Twill be interesting days. I certainly pray for you all over there.

  7. I think what will help Hillary win mainly is conservatives and/or Christians who refuse to get out and vote for Trump for self-righteous reasons *and* major voter fraud on the left.
    Most of America I can see enabling the left because they are roped in by now, but I do not see most of them liking Hillary and going out to vote for her. They do not like her personally.

    Don, do you think, as many seem to, that when the rapture happens it will be this huge disturbance in America? Because if the road to life is narrow, and “few” find it….and there seems to be so many ‘pseudo-Christians’ over here, as you put it, how could it be that much of a deal?

  8. It gets off topic so I will be brief. It not the number of people that leave in the Rapture that will be the big issue. I think the Rapture will be a big deal because of the lies people believe that will explain the Rapture.

    The effect on America presumes that there will be a thriving America to even have an effect on. I am dubious that this will turn out to be the case.

  9. Very good topic. I’ve been saying for years that American Democracy fails because of the two party system. Benjamin Franklin warned us about this but it has happened. If we truly want to change the system we must reject it and revolt against it. I’m glad you mentioned this option because people need to be aware of this. However, I believe that the US to too progressive already and people will not revolt. It should have happened already and it hasn’t so I doubt it will ever. However, I’ll be the first Christian to openly revolt and rebel against this Satanic system!

    In the past, I voted for Bush, McCain, and Romney because I genuinely believed them. I can’t say I believe anything in politics now. I can’t and won’t support either candidate. It’s an atrocity that the system came to this. If we want real change, we need a better system. I’m not sure what color horse either candidate is riding. I’m being figurative, not literal.

    It’s ironic that you wrote about true Christian’s going underground. I’ve been reading a lot about data encryption and I’ve started to encrypt my emails using a public and private key to make sure people can’t read my emails. Not that I have anything to hide, I’m pretty boring, but I can see this happening among true believers, especially during the Tribulation.

  10. In spite of your rational I think you need to vote Republican because if the Democrats win, the appointments to the courts will make true Christians criminals.

  11. You know what makes me the most angry?
    The fact that all these so called republicans and conservatives in Congress stabbed the American people in the back. They are the Brutus’s of our time. After railing against the Democrats and promising change they betray us when it really counts. I mean attacking their own candidate and saying they will vote for that evil witch instead of Trump is unforgivable. I knew we had a one party system but the level of treachery by the GOP is hard to fathom. if I was in charge I would arrest 90% of Congress on try them for treason.
    As for the fate of true Christians if Hillary wins? Just look at Europe. We will see fines, harrassment, and jail time for speaking out.

  12. I agree completely with Don. Gotta go with Trump. He’s not a godly man and he does not claim to be one, so we should not be surprised by his sins or flaws.

    Many of our leaders have been just as sinful and flawed, but just haven’t been caught on video. If you were a citizen of the old Roman Empire and given a choice between two ungodly emperors, you wouldn’t expect them to be godly. You would just go with the one who would preserve Christian freedoms better. That leader is Trump, hands down. Please go vote.

  13. I think the effects / potential impact of the godless right is either not mentioned / talked about, or underestimated. (just bringing this up, not criticizing or looking to start an argument). I do wonder, though.

  14. That is because my article is about Progressives (globalist communists) with their antichrist anti Christian and anti American agenda.

    I would write about the godless right when godless people on the right actually take control and implement the above agenda.

  15. I think for now, the religious right, falls mostly into these two verses.

    KJV Luke ch.9
    ” 49And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. 50And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us. ”

    It’s the ideology of the leftist progressives that is corrosive to a moral society. They are the ones who want to control EVERYTHING including speech, thought, and actions. And eventually they will briefly achieve it, but it won’t be the Utopia they think it’ll be. They lack self-awareness, which blinds them to all the harm they do, and plan to do.

  16. In Response To David L’s last paragraph;

    David L, I think you expressed a lot of profound wisdom in your last paragraph.

    I believe, since the dawn of humanity, every King or Ruler, whether they be deemed as tyrannical or just by human standards has invoked what they believed would be some sort of “Utopian Society” by their own frail and faulty judgment.

    The ideals by these Kings and Rulers has always been temporary…until a new generation came along with differing ideologies.

    At the end of all historical times and ages, humanity has proven over and over again that it cannot govern itself effectively and righteously.

    I think the elitist that want to control all the peoples speech, actions, and thoughts are in no way doing so to create a Utopian Society as far as the people are concerned…it might be more accurately described as Utopian Control, more so than anything.

    There has been and still continues to be one who can AND WILL govern humanity justly and righteously…and that, of course, is none other than Jesus Christ.

    Humanities attempts in our present age to kick The Living God out of nations is nothing short of folly that will surely lead us to The End Of The Age as it is written in God’s infallible Word….and as we are presently seeing in world events.

  17. more leaks are coming out saying Hillary is against Christians and she wants to make us dissapear

  18. I just don’t think this ends well for us. If Hillary wins we look like France in 8 years. Of Trump wins Obama will crash the econo.y and probably start a war with Russia on his way out.

  19. i honestly believe the next 8 years will have a huge effect on end times if Hillary wins with wars and attacks on faith etc.

  20. I have to hold out hope that some of the state representatives/governors will resist egregious abuse by the Federal Govt. I know Obama has gotten away with pretty much any and everything he wants, but if it comes to outright persecution there has to be a line.

    I think I would rather fight than be forced into hiding though. Even if the chance for success is small. I do not want to live in a Russian/Sino Communistic society. Anyway, God’s will be done.

  21. If Progressive federal government starts widespread persecution of true Christians in America, which option would you choose? Just curious. I enjoyed the article and mostly agree. Thanks

  22. If you couldn’t pay the fine for a biblical stance against them, would you be willing to go to prison for who knows how long? The reason I’m asking is because I think this is serious for the future of us. Personally I would rather be dead and be with the Lord than to be imprisoned. I have witnessed the prison life from the outside and it ain’t good at all. We may have to make some very tough decisions before it’s over with. Hopefully the rapture will take place before to much longer.

  23. From reading this article and the comments, I have to wonder, if severe Christian Persecution did come about nationwide in the United States and elsewhere in the near future….how many among us would be willing to travel down a similar road that Paul, The Apostle endured ?

    I tell myself “Yes”, however, I have not had to enter into that road as of yet so I can sit here and say “Yes” easily…following through with that “Yes”, of course, would certainly be a tough pill to swallow.

    Then again, would a road like that of which Paul traveled be required of us…and would we be called upon to do such a thing ?

    I guess I should hone up on my tent making skills if that were to come about…as I could see where it might be possible, I’d be living in one.

  24. I would much rather be living in a tent rather than be in a prison . Its easy to say if you haven’t experienced prison life. Its a living hell. And a lot of them that are their are innocent. Dont get me wrong , I’m a full blown conservative. I am asking if you are willing to go to prison for your beliefs as a Christian? Maybe for life. Or would you rather be with the Lord forever?

  25. I don’t think it is a either or question. Nobody wants to go to prison and all true Christians will soon be with the Lord forever no matter. In whatever God allows to happen to each of His children, they endure not by their own power but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Even so, the Progressives are not likely to put many Christians in prison in the United States. There is no room. More likely they will fine, bully, try to reeducate and just eliminate those that cannot be changed. This is what the Fascist/Marxists socialists always do. On the other hand, they should not assume that Christians in this nation will not fight back if they do not give up their means to fight back.

  26. The problem with resistance is that it has to be organized and well thought out. A few people here and there getting into firefights with law enforcement will not work and will end badly. I think either you have to bug out and live self sufficiently in the sticks or have conservatives band together and pick a state to all move to. If 20 million conservatives moved to Texas and changed its demographics we might get somewhere. Of course the feds would try to attack us if we defied them. I guess civil war may be the only alternative.

  27. I don’t think Texans would even allow twenty million people to move to their state.

    The biggest danger to America is a nuclear war or a grid down situation and I do not think it is out of realm of possibilities that it would come as a result of a globalist conspiracy. At that time, just surviving in America would be the primary focus of everyone.

    Most modern revolutions actually take place when a certain percentage of the people of that nation march in the street against the tyranny. A recent example was Egypt.

    The military rank and file will eventually be with the majority people. The reason people like Obama and Hillary will not go too far now is because the military is still too conservative. That is why they are doing everything they can to degrade the military.

  28. Don… the results of an EMP on the US (conspiracy or act of war) would be of such magnitude as to be eschatalogical rather than ‘wars and rumours’ don’t you think? More in the keeping with Noah’s flood or the destruction of Sodom etc.?

  29. I am thinking more Isiaiah 18 rather than “rumours of wars”.

    Then again, who says a war is necessary for an EMP attack.

  30. Personally, i would probably move to the most conservative state and just live on a self sufficient farm in a conservative community. As a software guy All I need is an internet connection and I can work from home. Thsts prob more realistic than a full blown civil war. Plus if the grid goes down you are self sufficient and away from big cities.

  31. I really don’t want to live there but the state that could escape most of what may be coming to America would be Alaska.

    Internet connections on self sufficient farms are rather limited. Also if the grid goes down on the mainland it will hit rural areas as well as cities and there will be no elective employment.

  32. Anchorage area might not be too bad. No way could I live in northern Alaska. I suppose you could buy land for cheap but what could you really do with it? Not much.

  33. I read somewhere that if Russia were to invade America (just to distract America from something else, not really to occupy) Alaska would be the most logical place for them to attack first since it is the most accessible to them and least defended. They wouldnt have to stay or they could even make a feint then leave right away. Still, Alaska can be vulnerable.

    I am saying though there are still many many Christians and even non Christians who will not accept any kind of Tyranny and we are still sufficient in number to meaningfully oppose whatever they plan to pull.
    Not paying taxes is one very valid means of civil disobedience.
    There are creative ways to really pull down these so called public servants without being violent.

  34. If the Russians invaded Alaska, they could use polar bears as hostages because this President certainly would never order a strike on fluffy.

    Seriously, the Alaskans could handle any Russian invasion all by themselves. The logistics of getting Russian troupes into Alaska and supplying them makes that scenario about unbelievable. The only real danger to America from Russia is a nuke strike and/or Russia taking down our grid.

    By the way Jim, land is not cheap around Anchorage. Nothing is cheap in Alaska. And if you did own land around Anchorage you can do about anything with that land that you could in many of the lower 48 states.

  35. Don, I thought I heard they were just about giving away land as there is do much of it and not too much demand? Maybe this is just for the more remote areas? I was just saying that it’s so cold up there and the growing season is short.

  36. I saw the other day on you-tube where Obama’s spokesman was now saying that anyone who was against abortion is now considered a terrorist. It can only get worse. I hope Trump gets in just to confuse the globalists and defy their agenda they have put so much money and effort in to. If it is not in Gods timing for the liberals, He alone can throw a monkey wrench in to their plans.

    Many have tried to put the Roman Empire back together, but always failed. It will be done but when God says it will be done and not until. God still has control over all the earth and His agenda will be the one that will be in His timing.

    I am like you and believe that most in our churches are not saved and are trying to justify themselves before God by works instead of faith. They do many good works even more than most believers do, but have never trusted Jesus blood sacrifice for their sin. They want to be justified by works instead of faith and then they have something to boast in. I have nothing to boast in as Jesus saved me by grace through faith without works. Now I do good works because I love Him for what he has done for me and it adds nothing to my salvation.

    I wish these self righteousness Christians would read First John 1-8 If you say you have no sin, you are a liar and do not the truth. Takes the pride right out when you learn that there is no way in the world any one could live up to Gods holiness.

  37. Some of these people have no need of Jesus and believe they can walk to heaven barefoot. Most are trusting in their own righteousness to save themselves by keeping from sin and doing good works. Thank God for grace, and the righteousness that comes by faith. Because my righteousness does not compare with the righteousness that comes by faith.

    If we could have lived a holy life, then there would have been no reason for Jesus. We are saved by the law of faith, not by works or keeping the law. Jesus either paid for all our sin, or we have a debt we can not pay. Paul said, even when we do good there is evil present with us. Most are preaching another gospel than the one Paul preached.

    But only God knows hearts. The sheep and the goats will be separated at some point. Probably when we come before the Lord and tell Him about all our good works that we thought would Justify us and He tells us, depart from me I never knew you.

  38. I do not think pseudo Christians do more good works than real Christians. Good works with God are works led by the Holy Spirit.

    In proper context the sheep and goat judgment is about how people that survived the the tribulation treated Jews. Probably the 144,000 Jews that brought the gospel of the kingdom as a witnesses to the whole world. How they treated the Jews giving the gospel of the kingdom to all on earth will determine which people will be allowed to live in that kingdom on earth.

    Phony Christians will be judged at the great white throne judgment over a thousand years later. There will be degrees of punishment just as there are degrees of rewards for Christians at the Bema Judgment.

  39. I don’t think they do either Don. It is just that they think they do and only bring glory to themselves instead of God. As you say, it is only those works of the Spirit in us that glorify God. The flesh is still the flesh and the Spirit the Spirit. We all have a tendency to do good works in the flesh to bring glory to ourselves.

    I also saw the other day where Rick Warren and other Christian leaders were meeting with the Pope. They said if you do not love this Pope, then you can not love Jesus. Satan has for sure infiltrated the church. When the Church is embracing the Pope I think we are in worse apostasy than we think.

    Trump may be a little rough and crass, but maybe that is just what we need right now. If Hillary gets in we will continue toward globalism and the down fall of America. If you get a chance, go to you tube and watch Obama’s speech to the UN a few days ago. It is scary to say the least.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. If they turn over the internet to the UN like they want, sites like this will no longer be up, and considered hate speech.

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