Where are the God-fearing American men?

Americans have allowed depraved Marxist’s and depraved racist radicals to rise to power in government, educational institutions and most media. These people hate traditional Christian America and they are doing everything they can to destroy the nation built by the mostly white Christian builders. Bringing in millions of darker skinned migrants is part of their racist plan to change America. Where are the God-fearing American men that will stand against them?

These haters with influence in our nation also want to change America by bringing in more people who hate Christianity. I do not know why Americans cannot see that bringing in Muslims is just part of the hateful agenda to destroy Christianity in America.

Obama,  Holder,  Sharpton, Jackson, and ilk, are Marxist racists that deflect their own racism by constantly accusing white people of being racists. This is right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” play book. Obama even taught that radical course at Harvard. You might think that Obama going to a Marxist black racist church for 20 years would give Americans a clue that Obama was a Marxist and racist but they elected him anyway.

Those that Obama appoints to key positions tend to be Marxists or  racists just like him. I do not know why Americans don’t see what these hateful Marxist racists are doing to this nation? Where are the God-fearing American men and woman to oppose them?

Muslim Syrians are now being brought in because many of them hate Christians. Muslim Syrians have been welcomed but Christian Syrians have been deported. This administration will not secure the borders because they want America to be overrun by socialistic brown-skinned people and Muslims. It is obvious what they are doing. I do not know why Americans don’t see what these hateful Marxist racists are doing? Where are the God-fearing American men that will stand up to this hateful evil tyranny?

Think about it. The far left that now controls America has taken Christianity out of the schools and public square. They promote homosexuals because Christianity teaches against it. They love homosexual marriage because they know that it will destroy the God ordained family. They force Christians to accommodate sin or be persecuted. They hate free market capitalism. They love big government tyranny. They enable drug use, crime, and a welfare state, because they want to destabilize and bankrupt the nation. They hate individual liberties. They do not want free speech, they are replacing it with Orwellian politically correct group think. They want to take away guns to make sure that no one will have any defense against the tyranny of the all-powerful state. All this is Marxism 101 folks. I do not know why Americans cannot see what these hateful Marxist’s are doing to our nation? Where are the God-fearing American men that will stand up to this anti-Christ Marxist takeover with the indoctrination of our young?

The reason these cultural Marxists support Islam is because Islam hates Christians. Islam is just another means to an end the Left uses to achieve the destruction of Bible believing Christianity. When Marxists control a nation they always persecute Christians. I do not know why Americans cannot see what these hateful Marxist racists are doing? Where are the God-fearing American men taking a stand against this Marxist tyranny?

It should be obviously that the change Obama was talking about was a change to radically altering the demographics of America and a change toward Marxism. It uses divisions like race and anti-Christ Islam to advance its own demonic agenda. These hateful racist leaders are actually fostering future Islamic attacks on American soil. They favor radicals in Islam because Islamic supremacists are socialist fascists that war against the white Christian people that Obama and ilk hate.

ISIS attacks on America are coming, and I think Obama enables them. Even a fool should know that if you bring in Muslims at this time, a significance percentage of them will be coming here to wage Jihad against Christians and Jews. Why do the left-wing radicals want attacks? Because it is a means to an end. It will bring in more authoritarian government.

Just look at France. Because of the terrorist attacks nobody has constitutional rights for at least 90 days. They also want to change their constitution to take away certain freedoms permanently. Yet, leaders in the EU still want to bring in millions of more Muslims to ensure that the whole EU becomes a fascist police state.

Consciously or unconsciously those running things in America want that to happen here as well. How do you get rid of the Bill of Rights? You declare a national emergency where security trumps constitutional rights. Then you start kicking down doors like they are now doing in France. Why is Obama not destroying ISIS in Syria and Iraq? My conclusion is that he really does not want to destroy them.

Thanks to our complicit leaders, it is just a matter of time before ISIS carries out major attacks on American soil. ISIS will intend to kill hundreds or even thousands of our people in just one day.  I believe the cell groups are already being established. I think attacks will take place before Obama is out of office. And I think he will use any attacks that do come, to help further his hateful racist Marxist agenda. Where are the God-fearing American men that will say enough to the enablers of evil?

If our government allows in all these Muslims, and does not secure our borders, they are simply asking for an attack. Except for lone wolves, any organized Islamic supremacist attack will not be on just one target. It could involve several cells all hitting different targets at the same time. The goal of ISIS will be to achieve maximum media coverage. They plan to use sensational terrorist attacks to recruit more converts. What they will be telling Muslims is that when the backlash against Muslims comes because of ISIS attacks, your only security will be to join up with us. The Islamic supremacists are actually trying to start a world war against the West. They think it will bring in their Mahdi savior.

Also keep in mind that defeating ISIS in Syria and elsewhere is not going to stop Islamic terrorism. Killing infidels is the ideology of Islam. It is not a religion of peace it is a satanic fascist like conquest to put the whole world under depraved pathological control freaks.

If gun carrying Americans do not stop the terrorist attacks cold, the terrorists could be very successful at achieving their goals. For that reason, I recommend that Americans to do whatever it takes to carry weapons of self-defense. The best prevention from the coming Jihad attacks would have been not to allow these people to come to our nation in the first place, but this administration obviously has different plans. Do not expect the police or the government to be there to prevent the mass murders. They cannot respond that fast.

If civilian gun carrying Americans do not stop the terrorists, the slaughters could be far worse than the recent slaughter in France. Even in that horrendous attack, they intended to kill hundreds more people than they did. Some of their attack did not go as planned. They will learn from their mistakes.

I find it interesting that the Mafia in New York said they could protect the city from ISIS, if they were asked, and they will certainly protect their own neighborhoods from ISIS. Syrian migrants are not going to parts of Italy that are controlled by the Mafia. There is something to be learned here. Organized Islamic attacks requires a base of operation where the population supports or turns a blind eye to them.

We know from polls that about 15 percent of migrants coming from Syria and elsewhere agree with the Islamic supremacist terrorist agenda. A much higher percentage will take no action to stop them. Terrorists are quite aware that Muslim enclaves are the best place to plan their attacks. They will not dare plan an attack where there is any kind of local civil enforcement that is hostile toward their Jehad cause.

Since our government is not doing what it should to protect citizens, Americans, need to learn a lesson from the Mafia. We need to have means of self-enforcement. There should be armed neighborhood organizations forming to oppose any such threats. They should be watching local areas and they should be trained in small arms to take down gangsters and terrorists.

Local churches should get involved. They also should be prepared. The next attack very well could take place at Sunday church services. They could hit several churches at the same time. Islamic terrorists will only attack venues where they believe there will be little or no resistance. So why give them easy targets? In fact, if even 10 percent of American carried firearms there probably would be no attacks in the United States at all. The Islamic supremacists will look for an European or North African sucker fish pond to shoot up instead of shooting Americans.

We are the only nation in the world where half of the civilian homes have guns. We can defeat any armed enemy if we are prepared to use the means we already have for self-defense. Terrorists can only have much success in gun free zones and in big cities and states with oppressive gun laws. The citizens of those cities and states need to demand their 2nd Amendment rights.

White Christian Americans can become victims of these Marxist racists and Islamic supremacists or they can do something about it themselves. Only a grass-roots effort of self-defense will protect lives and constitutional rights. I simply do not know why most Americans cannot see the hateful demonic Marxist racist agenda that they helped enable?

Then again, perhaps I do see why Americans allow this evil in their land. They cower from evil or they have become evil themselves. Where are the God-fearing America men? When will they take a stand against evil in this nation? Think about that when you celebrate Christian Thanksgiving with your family and friends, or is it just called “Turkey Day” by the people that you associate with? If so, a following Black Friday event might be God’s seasonable and reasonable response to American thanklessness.

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About Don Koenig

Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


Where are the God-fearing American men? — 31 Comments

  1. Wow, you hit it out of the park with this article. Every word you wrote is “right on”. I believe that the most people do not want these immigrants but the government no longer listens to or cares what we think or want. Arming ourselves is the only thing that will keep us from enslavement. I’m hoping that the rapture will happen soon but who knows.

  2. Hi Don,

    That talking idol that runs 24/7 in most american homes tells them everything they need to know and believe. The bible they own is no longer for instruction but for show. Unfortunately the scales have tipped to the darkness. I know you know all this, I get so frustated with people who only want to talk about fantasy football or the latest hollywood dung.
    I don’t think our military generals take the oath literally to protect it’s citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. Thus the constitution is trashed and twisted on a daily basis in our courts.
    You get rid of God you get the devil.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. “I get so frustrated with people who only want to talk about fantasy football or the latest hollywood dung.”

    Yeah Jeff,

    And that’s the Christians! The latest claim I heard is that only 3 percent of Christians actually read through the Bible even once. I can certainly believe that, the biblical illiteracy in our churches even among the leadership is astounding. They get words from Jesus by looking inside their self as they contemplate their navel.

  4. I recently bought a 1/2 dozen bibles on cd for those I’m concerned for and asked them to start listening. Christians are fasting from the word of God. Maybe it ill fan the flame.

  5. Don, I am in full agreement with you. We are living in a disgusting time.
    I do have my concealed weapons permit and I think it is time for me to carry as a normal practice. This world is so far beyond civil. It is time for Him to take us all away. Come Lord Jesus.

  6. Again, Don,
    I have been listening to Chuck Missler Bible commentaries since 1990! I have listened to everything he has put out at least once and some several times.
    I am currently listening to the book of Zechariah… I love His word.
    Come Lord Jesus!

  7. Hi Don Palmer,

    That is good, but also study the Bible for yourself. Even Missler will tell you to check him out with scripture. I have listened to a lot of his teaching and enjoy them very much. However, he does not get everything correct. None of us do. My problem with Missler is that some of what he has been teaching since he first supported the Bible Codes is loony. Missler now appears with heretics and agrees with them. Some of the conjectures that he promotes is silly stuff. Much of what is said, cannot be supported by scripture. Use later Missler with caution.

  8. There aren’t that many God-fearing men, american or otherwise, or so it seems.

    The balance challenge is knowing the times and the appropriate preparation or contemplated action(s) to take for the dangers / threats. In past posts, Don mentioned that we (Christians) aren’t going to win skirmishes with troops. In other words, what matters do we take into our own hands? All that aside…

    I was just thinking yesterday (before reading this post), considering various headlines such as taking arms away from local police (isn’t that a violation of the constitution?) and the denial of immigrants just because they are Christian – that Satan is taking over with a vengeance and the slide to depravity / insanity is going so fast that we (Christian men) can’t even keep up with events.

    With that said, I am not exactly sure what I should be doing, outside the usual (read, watch, pray, witness, support missionary, rational prep, develop useful skill set, etc.).

  9. Hi Craig,

    The correct balance is that we fight for what is right and moral in our culture or we will lose it. We can take a stand against godless covetousness Marxism. We can do that by turning off Marxist media. We can take our children out of Marxist indoctrination centers called schools. We can elect leaders that oppose cultural Marxism. There are many such things that Christians can do.

    We also have to identify the enemy that wish to kill us. Violence against Christians today comes mainly from Islamist supremacists. We should not be deceived by the politically correct appeasement of Islam that prevails from the Left. The Islamic threat to Christian Americans is obvious, it is demonstrated every day in various parts of the world.

    The terrorists are already here and more are coming through insane left wing immigration policies. Many of these do want to kill us and we can either let them or take action to try to prevent them from doing that. We need to make it clear that we have the means and the right to use self-defense against Islamic murderers. When Haman wanted to kill all the Jews, Esther convinced the king to allow Jews to get arms to defend themselves. They did. Those that will not provide for and protect their own loved ones are worse than infidels.

  10. I was wondering if I was the only man that thought exactly the way you have written your blog. I know up here in the Great White North, we do have gun laws, however it has not stopped me from purchasing weapons and ammo, which I have enough to defend myself for quite some time. We live in a time when no one seems to be standing up for our freedoms, and why we have those freedoms and liberties. My father in law fought for those freedoms, and he tells me that the color of freedom is Red, from the blood of the young men who fought for those liberties which we have today. As you said they are being taken from us one by one, just as an insidious plague is covering North America. I do think that there are enough Godly Men who will very soon stand up and say “Enough is enough”. Perhaps our so called correct political leaders may have to have a taste of their own medicine, which I do not think would go over very well. Keep writing, this article inspired me, and my family. God is still in control.

  11. Don, after reading this article today I felt so aghast…notice how cavalier the whole thing sounds …..
    “Oh this school is so good letting me have my dietary, prayer and two weeks off for religious purposes…” This from an alleged student at clock boy’s school. Even without firing a shot, the enemy will keep pushing and draining our will. That’s what I see. We will die of psychic plunder, our souls sucked dry. Even the very elect must now shelter in place, under the wing of the LORD.
    I have somewhat prepped, I vote and I pray, but because the “Godly men” are few and far between ad mostly taken, I as a woman, must ca pace into all this by myself. Some days it’s all I can do to motivate myself to A. Care, and B. Do what must be done so I can eat and stand forth. Nope it ain’t easy…..

    If you do get time to read the article I’d appreciate your feedback.


  12. Thanks Don,
    for your unusual clarity. Most of the population of the US is getting their information from the Main Stream Media (MSM) and do not realize it is propaganda. Some of the people with a secular world view already know it, but they do not understand their answers would come from a biblical world view, and so they feel around in the dark looking for answers i.e. zerohedge. It is so very important for us to “watch” and to evaluate how to prepare for what is coming. As for a guy who lives in Texas and studied God’s Word for 30+ years, I think it is pretty clear what is going on with the powers behind the scene pulling the strings of the POTUS and many others.
    Even though some of my family look at me as if I have two heads when I try to educate them, I still prepare for me and them. Yes, I have some extra food, a few guns (with laser sites), ammo and such.
    The others things I am doing are teaching our church small group where to go online to study the Bible (with correct doctrine) and where to get their news outside of the MSM. I am in the process of getting a family membership to a shooting range and all of us are going to school. Our church has established a security team at our church. We are packing CHL, we are at every door, in the parking lot, and in the crowd. I know this post is a bit long. I wanted you to know, here in East Texas we are standing up and wanted to encourage your bloggers to do the same.

  13. I hope the jihadists know that American women carry too and we’re prepared to shoot. I’ve read several times that they fear being killed by a woman because Allah won’t let them into heaven.
    About 16 family members went out to eat last night and I wouldn’t even try to count the legs under the table that had guns strapped to them. I don’t think we’re immune here in Texas but I think we’re better prepared than people in gun free zones like Chicago.
    Trying to warn some people about the dangers of letting in refugees is like banging my head on a rock. They think I’m unchristian, un-American and racist. Trying to convince them that Marxism/socialism isn’t the way to go is another head-banging experience.
    I like the idea of churches and neighborhoods organizing.

  14. Wayne Young, I couldn’t agree more with you if I tried to. Thank God there actually ARE more people who see the truth.

  15. Hey Don, posted this on your last article but just read the above and find it more fitting. Sorry for the double post.
    Obama was advised leaving Iraq would create the vacuum to be filled by extremist and his actions created Isis. The majority of Isis weaponry is made in the USA and Benghazi was used to transfer many of these weapons to so called Syrian resistance groups. We know Obama has refused to kill Isis with many opportunities of their parades in the desert would have been shooting monkeys in a barrel. France struck Isis command and control center within days of the Paris attacks, we did not. Isis brings in over 1 mil each day from oil sales which we are told Obama did not bomb for environmental reasons. With all these facts I find it hard to believe Obama is not going to use Isis to attack the United States and enact the many executive orders he signed to declare martial law which he can shut down cell phones, the internet and cancel the election retaining his power. I am not a black helicopter fanatic but the actions (inactions) make it hard to believe that this is not maleficence on our dear leader’s part.

  16. Hi Stephen,

    No problem. Your comment fits both articles.

    I agree with most of what you said, but I think it would be about impossible for Obama to declare martial law and call off the elections. Even to delay them would take an act of congress. Besides, Obama wants to run the UN.

  17. The God fearing men of America were the confederates of the “lost cause” of the War between the States.These men and woman gave all they had to protect our way of life and religious freedom. They were United against the government tyranny that we have today. I will not get into the specifics of it, but will say, it’s the same ole, same ole of massive government interference by corrupt,evil and greedy people in high places that do not hold the constitution in high regards for the sake of the people that they are supposed to represent in this country.To make it short, the Lord is in control and we have to endure until He Comes whatever it takes!

  18. George,

    If I recall correctly there were God fearing men on both sides of the war between the States, both thinking they were fighting for God and country.

  19. “And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the Word, And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the Word, and it becometh unfruitful.” Mark 4:18-19

    That’s where I think most God-fearing men are today; on their smart-phones and watching TV.

  20. Hello Don,
    Great article! Again, welcome back. In your article, you mention the almost promotion of drug abuse. As you know, I work in the field of addiction treatment. What I have seen over the last 10 years is this movement to make drug abuse a “mental health” problem. By doing this, 2 things are achieved. First, it removes personal responsibility of the individual and justification for more extensive services often provided by state run programs (especially with the affordable care act), and second, allows for mental health medications which have the potential for more pharmaceutical control. Addiction treatment is becoming less tolerated because we promote a relationship with God for recovery… MH programs do not. I believe the drug problems we are seeing play right into the letftist government agenda.


  21. Hi Rod,

    Good to see you back.

    It is the progressive liberal story that everyone is a victim of white and Christian civilization. Just let all the victims out of jails and the mental institutions. Then Christian white bigots should pay them restitution.

    Oh…yeah, they already let the psychotics out and use drugs to control them, and they are on income disability.

    The “progressives” then become mentally unhinged by the mass shootings of people that are a direct result of their progressive cure.

    Oh…yeah, the solution to the shootings is to take away guns from everyone but the criminally insane.

    In all your training, I suppose they never taught you that secular humanists have a mental disease. The only God they think they know is themselves or government. Secular humanist liberalism has created a civilization full of delusional narcissists and control freaks. They even think they can control climate change. Ha ha. I guess I am preaching to the choir. You and most reading this already know all that.

  22. Don said, “Oh—yeah, they already let the psychotics out and use drugs to control them, and they are on income disability.”
    It reminds me of the ADHD craze. If you can’t control your kid it’s because he/she has ADHD; medicate them. There seems to be way too much of this than what should be a legitimate diagnosis.

    It’s my opinion that drug abuse/misuse is promoted by the medical profession. There is a drug for everything and side effects for every drug. A lot of those side effects cause more problems than the original problem.

    Re Islam: Bridgett Gabriel says there are 150 Islamic organizations already operating in the U.S. and 5 are in the District of Columbia. Those are just the ones we know about. She also said Muslims have more organizations operating on college campuses and universities than either republicans or democrats have.

    Breitbart and Drudge both reported this evening that some of the GOP will throw their support to Hillary if it looks like Trump is going to get the nomination.

  23. Hi Don,

    Here is the answer from your questioning title:

    King James Bible
    Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

    There is a remnant to be sure,but we are few and far flung. Although we know this,it is still only human to ask. And don’t forget the hundred prophets hidden away.

    We do what we can,but it seems too little in the face of the onslaughts from the Enemy!

  24. Hi David L,

    Welcome back.

    I think there are millions in America that have not bowed their knee to Baal, but very few of those millions are taking part in any effort to oppose the demonic agendas. That is the real problem for America.

  25. Hi Don, This was on Breitbart this evening. I thought you would like it.
    A gun range owner, Geof Peabody, in Placerville, Ca. said he has trained 500 ministers and church security teams to shoot and carry guns. Other church members were also showing up to learn and get their conceal and carry permits.
    The headline, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.”

  26. If you allow refugees to stay over in the middle East, that gives them more people to convert over to Islamic extremist. Steve Job adaptive parents were refugees as well. If we had stopped immigrants from coming to America back then, there may very well never had been Apple devices. From iPod, iPhone, to OS X. Would you want to raise your children in a war-torn city? The Pilgrims were refugees as well. You remember Columbine? That was an attack done by an natural born American citizen. The movie theater shooting as well. A lot of mass shootings are not carried out by Muslims.

  27. Michael,

    Almost everyone in America are refugees or descendants of refugees. We are still letting in one million legal refuges in America each year and many more are coming on Visas. What compounds the problem is that there are also millions of illegal aliens coming in that are mostly being supported by our tax dollars. Many of these illegals have no interest in becoming productive Americans or assimilating into our society.

    We need to slow all immigration down some until we can economically handle all these people. America is not the near empty land that needed people like it was in its past. What level of population is ever too much? Is China importing large numbers of people, is Japan, is Mexico, is Russia are any of the 60 Muslim nations? Is anyone outside of Europe and America importing large numbers of refugees?

    In case you do not know it, America is dead broke, We live on funds borrowed from our children. We have no ability to pay off our debts and over 100 trillion in entitlements are coming due. We simply cannot afford to pay for a lot more people that cannot or will not be self supporting.

    Steve Jobs and other tech billion are certainly not American role models that I think Americans should want to emulate. They do not put America first. Most are all godless socialists and globalists. All they care about is money and control.

    As for attacks, We get some mass killers in America mainly because we have too many people on mind altering drugs. However, when we allow in Jihadists that say they want to kill us they indeed will set out to kill us at some point.

    I think there is a difference between letting in legitimate immigrants and letting in enemies of our nation. If you import a civil war, many are going to wind up dead. Europe will find that out shortly. We need to sort this out here and identify the enemy before we find ourselves in the same sinking boat. If we do not stop enabling people to come here that will carry out Islamic attacks, everyone in America will soon be living in a police state. That is where all this leads you know!

  28. I’m just curious. You’re opening sentences got my attention, that’s the reason for my reply to you back in November of 2015. You asked where are the God fearing men of America? I said,”the God fearing men of America were the confederates of the lost cause of the war between the States. With that being said, do you believe the south was right? This is not a constitutional question or a religious question only but also a hindsighted question of where the country is today with the concern of government encroachment. Am I making any sense or is history repeating itself again? Seriously?

  29. George,

    There were God fearing men on both sides during the civil war. The Southern states thought that they had constitutional reasons to fight for their own Union but the North obvious thought they did not.

    Is history repeating itself? It usually does but never in exactly the same way. At some point Government tyranny either leads to war or enslavement of its citizens. Most of the world is under the latter right now. At some point in the future the whole world becomes enslaved through a tyrannical world government.

  30. Where are the God-fearing men? You should know that very few exist. The Marxist agenda is far broader than “a war on white Christians”, don’t you think? There may be a partial ironic agenda to “darken” White America, but the primary human anti-USA desire is to strip America of its freedoms. All “Christians” are not white, and all whites are not “Christians”. Further, “Christians” cannot be identified by sight. Is it not easier to identify and attack Americans than “Christians”? Although by news accounts, “Christians” in other countries are being persecuted, do they claim biblical views, papal system views, or other views? The same can be said of Americans. Were the victims of the racist SC church massacre “Christians”? Was not the killer baptized as “Christian”? There’s so many flavors of “Christian”. Some are obedient followers, some are not. This country is viewed by many as overly liberal, unconscientious, decadent, arrogant and hedonistic. The “target” is America and all defenders of this country…regardless of race. Although I’m interested in seeing who will be next as POTUS, I’m mindful that he (hopefully not she) will be the choice of the Sovereign in keeping with His own plans, regardless of our personal opinions, views and biases. I consider the will of the Most High pursuant to Eccl 1:9 and Daniel 4:17. We say we believe He’s in control, but do we really? David acknowledged and “respected” messy Saul as the Sovereign’s choice for king, not his own. We should be prepared for national disaster, knowing from history the wages of sin (Jer 49:32, etc). America also has earned untrustworthy/base leaders, and will not repent. We loathe accountability as a nation. We should not be waving the American Christianity flag when we have much for which to atone…past and present. We are prideful and far from being humble and contrite. That’s the real root of the issue.

  31. am glad to hear from you bro to introduce me to this ministry brother thank in Gods namehe balance challenge is knowing the times and the appropriate preparation or contemplated action(s) to take for the dangers / threats. In past posts, Don mentioned that we (Christians) aren’t going to win skirmishes with troops. In other words, what matters do we take into our own hands? All that aside…

    I was just thinking yesterday (before reading this post), considering various headlines such as taking arms away from local police (isn’t that a violation of the constitution?) and the denial of immigrants just because they are Christian – that Satan is taking over with a vengeance and the slide to depravity / insanity is going so fast that we (Christian men) can’t even keep up with events.

    With that said, I am not exactly sure what I should be doing, outside the usual (read, watch, pray, witness, support missionary, rational prep, develop useful skill set, etc.).

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