2016 election and perspectives until “Democracy Spring”

The 2016 election promises not to be dull. Will America get a Marxist criminal on the Democratic Party ticket, an unindicted Marxist law-breaker, or just a godless Marxist Fascist? Actually they could get all three in one candidate. And on the Republican ticket will America get a populist and nationalist, or a Bible believing Christian and strict Constitutionalist, or will dirty tricks from the Republican establishment take away any such choice that their voters made?

Did you know that the primary voting in the parties are just advisory? The National Committees are not legally bound by the voters or the laws of any of the states. The delegates at the convention can do anything before the Presidential candidate vote that the parties agrees to floor and the majority of seated delegates vote on and pass.

Obviously, if a candidate has most of the delegates, it would be about impossible to pass any rule change at the convention to try to block a candidate. The rules committee could do it before the convention but the delegates still could overrule them. However, if the election is close, they might attempt to stack the deck at the last-minute. I would put nothing past the establishment power brokers. Do people really think that if a scandal broke right before the election that they would still make that person their nominee? How about a criminal indictment?

Even before the convention the Republican establishment is doing all it can to try to manipulate the result. Kasich is staying in the Republican race for one reason. That is to stop anyone from getting enough delegates to win before the convention. He is the establishment hope for an open contested brokered convention.

With Kasich in the race, Cruz will have almost an impossible task to get the 1237 delegates needed to get the nomination. Cruz might be able to do that in a two person race, because Trump thus far has never exceeded 50 percent of the vote in any state. Many establishment Republicans are suddenly supporting Cruz to stop Trump from getting the 1237 needed. However, If it looked like Cruz could get the 1237 they would suddenly like Trump. Kasick is the establishment trump card to make sure that Cruz does not get over 1000. Their whole goal is to keep anyone from getting anywhere near 1237.

The establishment hopes that Trump will come up short and only have about 1100 of the 1237 needed. Would they then pick Trump because he has the most delegates? I think not. Don’t bet on them picking Cruz either just because he would be in second place.

The rule that says that a candidate needs to win 8 states was a temporary rule for the 2012 election. It was put in place to stop Ron Paul from being an embarrassment to Romney at the convention. They can change that to any number before or during the convention. They can even remove the requirement entirely and allow someone who did not even run for President to be nominated.

I hope Trump and Cruz realized that only they have the combined power to stop the Republican National Committee from throwing any last-minute curve balls. If Trump comes up short, and Cruz is a hundred delegates behind him, will Cruz do what it takes to stop the establishment, or will Cruz be delusional enough to believe that he would become the presidential choice because he has the second most delegates? More likely than not, neither would get enough votes and the RNC would then push a vote on an establishment compromise candidate.

A Trump/Cruz pact can stop the establishment cold. Both candidates are running against the Republican establishment that is not responsive to its base. If Cruz does not get more delegates than Trump, he needs to accept a Vice President position with Trump to stop the establishment or he very likely will be hitting the streets with Rubio.

Some journalists have said that Trump could offer Cruz a Supreme Court position. That is loony. It is illegal to offer someone a judgeship for a political deal. In addition, Cruz has many enemies in the Senate within His own party and He certainly would not get votes from the Democrats. Daffy Duck would have a better chance of being approved with the present Senate than would Cruz.

A Vice President position for Cruz would put him in the catbird seat for President in 2020 or 2024 if Trump even lasts that long. If the two leaders combine their delegates, the Republican establishment will not be able to trump them with someone like Ryan, Romney or Kasich.

If they do try something like that, Republicans will revolt and the Democrats will win in 2016. The only good thing about Paul Ryan being the nominee would be that it would take him out of the Speaker of the House position.

I can’t see Cruz getting to the 1237 mark before the convention. However, if Cruz actually got more delegates than Trump he probably could win because he would also get most of Rubio’s delegates and many unbound delegates. He would not have to offer Trump anything. But, like I said, Kasich is in to make sure a Cruz win does not happen. If the establishment and Romney really wanted Cruz to beat Trump, they would tell Kasich to get out. The faux support is really all about getting to a brokered convention.

A Trump/Kasick ticket might be acceptable to the establishment and it might even get Donald the nomination. That is only because they do not believe Trump would survive his term. I think they would believe that they will get their own man in without even getting him elected. I hope Trump realizes that, and picks Cruz if Trump is leading in delegates..

I know I am contradicting myself, but I no longer think Marco Rubio will be the compromise candidate choice. Rubio brought about his own demise when he froze during a debate and then acted totally out of character with juvenile attacks on Trump during his following debate. Rubio did not even finish close in his critical home state of Florida. Maybe Rubio will get a good position with Cruz if he gives his support to Cruz and Cruz wins the Presidential election. Otherwise, he might become another talking head on TV and/or run on the told-you-so ticket in 2020.

I agree with Trump that there will be riots if he has the most delegates but the establishment gives the nomination to someone other than Trump or Cruz. Trump and his supporters will walk away from the Party as will Cruz. It would be the straw that broke the Elephant’s back.

The Republican establishment needs to get the message that Trump and Cruz would not even be running if they had done what grass root Republicans asked them to do since Ronald Reagan departed. How do they think this will play out if they now kick sand in the face of the 80 percent of Republicans that voted for Trump and Cruz to stop the Republican establishment sell out? Tar and Feathers might be getting off easy.

Forming a new party would be the only alternative for Conservatives and some Libertarians if the Republican establishment ignores the majority within their own Party. They should not underestimate the anger of the American people. I think a Conservative Party would rise swiftly. The GOP would go the way of the Whigs. Of course that might be after the civil war if Hillary gets into office.

If Trump wins the nomination, there is now talk by some in the Republican establishment about running a third-party ticket with Rick Perry. To stop Trump some in the Republican establishment would hand the election to Hillary Clinton (They believe Rick Perry would take Texas. Trump could not win without Texas). That just shows that many of the Republican power brokers are really closet international socialists. They would sell their soul to Jezebel to stop a nationalist from winning.


Speaking about riots and unrest. The Hard Left globalist socialists are planning to fan the flames to start civil disobedience that they know will lead to riots. It will start in early April. They are calling what they are planning the “Democracy Spring“. That might even be an appropriate name for those that believe in mob rule during the Spring. It really is an anti Trump Spring because Trump is the presidential threat not buying into open borders and global socialism.

George Soros with scores of anti-American Far Left affiliates are funding the Democracy Spring plan. They are paying professional agitators to get this movement going. The demonstrators will be screaming about billionaires like Donald Trump controlling American politics. What is wrong with that picture??

It is billionaires like George Soros with Hard Left Fascist politics and tactics that have controlled American politics for the last eight years. They hope to use the brainwashed millennials as their Brownshirt pawns. I am sure the Far Left agitators will find enough useful idiots among American youths to make the Democracy Spring movement become a real threat to the Republic. They say it will be the largest civil disobedience event of this century and I believe them.

The Far Left loves to call Trump a Fascist but that is just an Alinsky projection tactic. They are the real Fascists. They plan to have a march down the East Coast to Washington. Then they plan to occupy government offices in Washington. They are planning for hundreds to be arrested every day for civic disobedience. They even have lined up leftist pro bono lawyers that will hand out get out of jail free cards. Maybe we should give them one way fares to Venezuela so they can live out their socialist Utopia dream in real time?

The Democracy Spring will continue all spring and then occupy the Republican Convention this summer. Cleveland is already gearing up for riots. What the Far Left radicals are planning will make 1968 and the more recent occupy movement look like love fests. They will do this in the name of Democracy, but the real goal is to end the American Republic.

We might be seeing the start of civil war if these Brownshirts try to trump the election. When you get a whiff of the radical smelly outfits behind this Democracy Spring it should be obvious that 1960’s commies and their red diaper babies are nostalgic for a rewind of the 60’s counterculture movement. This time they really really want to destroy our Republican system of government and replace it with mob rule under the control of Far Left radicals. Will Obama, Hillary, Sanders and Biden be supporting them? You can bet your life on it!

In the mob, the most obnoxious people and the people with the biggest mouths will teach the others how to disrespect authority and tell everyone else how they should live. They will increasingly be calling the police “PIGS” just like their lawless mentors did in the late 1960’s. Mark my words.

I suppose that there will be a lot of brainwashed people coming out of the socialist public fool system that will join with the Democracy Spring mob. Many of these are fatherless malcontents and misfits that were brought up by godless Marxists, feminists, perverts, addicts, government and gangs. They think everyone else owes them a living. Their code of morality is lawlessness, narcissism, covetousness, selfishness, intimidation, drugs, sexual promiscuity, hate and violence. They will not earn a living, but they will run their gutter mouth off endlessly and cause discord and spread disease wherever they go.

All I can say, is that this Soros sponsored Democracy Spring movement better stay in the gutters of their own sanctuary cites, because if the Fascist brain-dead zombies Brownshirts goose-step into heartland America they might get a rude awaking.

How did the Soros supported Democracy Spring work out in Egypt, Libya and Syria? How is Soros open borders globalism and the welfare state working out in Europe? How is the Democracy Spring working out in Fascist countries like China, North Korea and Iran?

Democracy Spring?? Are young people in America really that gullible? I hope not, but I believe that many are totally brainwashed. There is no true democracy in the world, nor can there be for very long. Mobs do not rule. The elite have always ruled on earth. If nations did not have an elite leader, they would soon demand one. Just as Israelite’s told God, “give us a king like all the other nations”.


It looks like I will not be available until May to write new articles. My relocation efforts will take most of my time between now and the end of April. I am still living on the old property with the dogs but I now need to get situated at the new place. Now that spring is here, the old property needs work done to get it sold. Some relatives may also show up in April for a visit, that means I will have to be available. In addition, I need to get minor surgery taken care of sometime within this same period.

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2016 election and perspectives until “Democracy Spring” — 9 Comments

  1. Well good luck with all your things you need to get done Don. I really enjoy your blog and will be waiting for your next post in May. I’m sure much will transpire during the next month that you will be eager to write about.
    With that said, I think we are in for a wild ride to the election and we will see things we never expected could be possible in America. The globalist marxists will stop at nothing to gain control. You are 100% correct on a Trump/Cruz ticket being the best option, but I fear it won’t happen for many reasons. I think Hillary has very good chances to win now that the GOPe is in bed with the democrat socialist party. I’m afraid only a civil war will stop this madness now.

  2. This article is spot on, Don. And I agree with what Jim has said. Good luck on your surgery and selling that house. I know it’s been a long ordeal. See you in May.

  3. Thanks for your insight on reading the Tea Leaves it sounds pretty spot on w/ the Globalist agenda. The selfie entitlement narcissist generation will be all in on the movement trust me.

    There’s also been a movement taking place for some time to deceive the public in order to explain away the rapture & it’s now right out blatant thus dulling the senses. The lie about time travel. It’s been in our commercials from ‘a December to remember’ ‘Doritos’ commercial many others but in a commercial I seen for the first time last night does this fake disclaimer that “Time travel may be dangerous to your health”

    A little off subject but not really because it leads to a deeper agenda that the globalist are behind, this thing is layered.

    Good luck w/ your surgery and fixing up the place and most of all with the in laws and out laws, Take care Don.


  4. Thanks for the heads up. I hope April proofs to be a healthy and productive month for you.
    Great article! I especially liked the last paragraph about the elite controlling our society.
    For those who think they are only controlling the liberals should watch the movie The
    Big Short.

  5. Oh so glad you are commenting again..and I find you just as you are taking another break! Argh! The breakneck speed of change makes it imperative to stay close to Jesus with prayer and study..you always make me think.that is just…good! Thanks and God Bless.

  6. Any speculations on what will happen next now that we have our nominee or do we
    need to wait until the running mate is chosen?

  7. Hey Don,
    Had a question off this subject but didn’t want it all over the blogs. Its about salvation. Thanks for your time!

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