Perspectives on 2016: A world full of crisis.

In spite of Obama’s rosy State of the Union message, from my perspective 2016 will be a year of crisis for the United States and the world in a world full of crisis. Instead of Obama ending his term gloating about his accomplishments, he may end his term with dung on his face when everything falls apart before he leaves office. The fall of Obama might be much like the fall of George Bush on steroids…or laxatives.

Economic crisis in a world full of crisis:

One world crisis that is looking increasing likely in 2016 is an economic downturn. There are indicators that already point to a recession in the United States. For example, rail traffic is way down and the stock market and commodities are tanking. Economies that are now crashing around the world will also have a negative effect on the American economy.

China is way overbuilt because greedy crony’s of that fascist government borrowed way too much from shadow banks to keep the building projects going. Now China has too many factories, too much production and too many homes that are not affordable – they even have ghost cities. China will now pay the price of having too much private debt and more production than the world can buy.

China will devalue their currency to try to keep market share and the resultant falling prices will negatively impact production in other nations of the world. America already runs a half trillion-dollar trade imbalance with China each year. It will only get worse if China further devalues their currency. Trading with China by China’s rigged rules are killing American businesses. However, if America tries to level the playing field, China will have to further devalue their currency or their economy will collapse.

The economies of Brazil and Canada are crashing. Oil nations are living on their cash reserves if they have any. The economies of Europe, Japan and the United States are stagnant.The central bankers have kicked the can down the road for about as long as they can with their debt restructuring and zero interest rates.

Those zero interest rates enticed underdeveloped nations to borrow, but those cheap loans will have to be refinanced with more expensive currency at higher interest rates. Underdeveloped nations will not be able to afford that. Thus, these nations will also have to devalue their currencies in some effort to increase market share of their products or else they will default on their loans (defaults could cause major banks to fail).

All this tells me that a race to the bottom is shaping up. Another term for that is a world depression.

The feeble U.S. expansion that Obama flaunts mostly occurred as a result of more borrowing from the future. The prosperity delusion in America will disappear as the stock and bond markets crash.

One thing people should be learning from this is that government interventions are the main cause of world economic crisis. If market forces were not being manipulated by the policies of national governments and all its borrowing from the future, there would be no world economic crisis.

Political crisis in a world full of crisis:

Let’s be honest. No President is going to make America great again if the people remain so divided and depraved.

Trump is a pragmatic nationalist. I believe he is sincere and he may be fun to watch, but I don’t believe he will be able to carry out most of his election promises as advertised. Trump is pragmatic, after failure to get his ideas passed through congress and the courts, I think Trump will compromise with the progressive establishment. Trump knows that making great deals means compromise.

Cruz is the best hope for conservative change in America but not before the civil war. The godless left that now control this nation would do everything they could to bring about social unrest and they would succeed.

Rubio’s foreign policy could get us into a war with Russia and other nations.

I do not believe the other republican candidates have much chance being nominated at this point. I frankly think Trump sowed up the nomination in the Jan 14th debate when Cruz comments about NY lost him the Northeast. In any case, a lot of what happens in 2017 depends upon what party controls the Senate.

Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Warren or any of the other Democrats, would insure hundreds of armed insurrections against federal government tyranny. The Oregon standoff is just a feeble foreshadow of the hundreds of insurrections that would follow if the Progressive erosion of the Constitution continues.

I believe that Hillary Clinton will step down from the 2016 presidential race due to “health reasons” and then endorse Joe Biden. In turn, I think Obama will pardon her from all crimes committed during her years as Secretary of State. She will not do any jail time.

I think Europe will see several large terrorist attacks in 2016. One or more will be coordinated to hit a number of cities and nations at the same time. If those attacks happen, I think the nationalist right-wing will take over Europe by 2017. Then Katy-bar-the-door. It looks like civil war.

The U.S. will also see more terrorism in 2016 and Obama will continue to do nothing about the Islamic cause. Keep in mind, that Obama really wants to run the world. I have said for years that Obama plans to run for Secretary General of the UN. International socialism is what really drives all of Obama’s politics. Israel knows about Obama’s UN agenda. They are so concerned that they have already taken the position that they will oppose Obama’s run for Secretary General and they are trying to convince others to do likewise.

Obama needs leaders of the Muslim nations and the underdeveloped world to vote for him to get elected to the UN. Obama appeals to these socialistic leaders like a black Muslim Jimmy Carter giving free handouts from a supercharged golf cart.

I am not saying that Obama will be elected to head the UN in 2017, but I believe he does want that job. There are rumors that Obama might relocate to New York City after he leaves the White House. Obama might even get elected in some future five-year term instead of the one coming up in 2017.

If Obama is elected, and the UN is moved to Europe and later Babylon, Obama could qualify as the Antichrist figure. I tend to think that this Pope is too old to be the False Prophet of Revelation but I guess that is possible. He already is a false prophet that thinks that all major religion leads to the same god. He is correct. The god of world religion is Satan. It is intriguing that Obama and this Pope seem to have the same worldview and both have pushed Agenda 2030 at the UN.

Agenda 2030 is global governance by 2030. Whoever is running the UN in 2030 quite likely will be running the world.

Putin will continue to grow in power and influence in East Europe and the Middle East in 2016. I don’t see Putin starting any major war this year. China will try to stay out of trouble in 2016 as well, but all bets are off if someone gets in a pissing contest with the Chinese in the South China Sea.

North Korea is on the ropes. This could be the year that the Kim dynasty ends. Even China knows that Kim Yong-un is totally insane and so dangerous that he needs to be taken out. China does not want to give Japan more reason to go nuclear.

Iran will continue their nuclear program as they wish in 2016. They will not be testing any atomic bombs this year. With some of the $150 billion they are going to receive for the nuclear deal, Iran will step up support for Shiite revolution and Shiite terrorism. Israel and Hezbollah and Hamas might go at it again. Israel will not attack Iran as long as Obama is President.

I think ISIS will continue to lose ground in Syria in 2016 but they will gain much more of a following in many other places in the world.

If nothing else I said actually happens, the statement that we will continue to see a world full of crisis in 2016 is a no brainer.


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Perspectives on 2016: A world full of crisis. — 25 Comments

  1. Just a couple of questions. How can you think Cruz is the lesser of the other evils? All you have to do is look no further than his wife. How did that work out for Solomon the wisest man? King Ahab? And many more. Just a thought. Also, why isn’t anyone looking at the men who are so called in charge of Israel. Who funded the gov of Israel? Why is there a rock with the mason symbols in front of Supreme Court? Why doesn’t any president of the USA not acknowledge Jerusalem as Capital? Or the PM of Israel? How about the Pope trying to internationalize Jerusalem? There are so many tentacles intertwined, as a Jesus loving daughter, how can I vote for any of these presidents who could not thrive under this octopus society if they were not someway corrupt? These are honest questions and in no way combative to anyone. Also, Cruz is not a citizen of US, so no more constitution? Rules of our voting system? Thank you for all you do.

  2. I pray you’re right about Hillary stepping down due to poor Health. I don’t see that happening. She’ll probably win the 2016 presidential election.

  3. Great article!
    Amber – I am pretty sure Cruz and Rubio are both natural born citizens of the USA. Its
    the media that is making a mountain out of a mole hill. The constitution is clear.

  4. Amber,

    Cruz has displayed his Christianity throughout his whole life. That is how I can believe he is the real deal.

    These may be honest questions on your part but it seems to me that you have been reading too many conspiracy websites and buying into everything said on them as if it were truth. I am not going to waste my time commenting on insinuations that presents various suppositions as if they were fact. By the way, a word of caution, antisemitic innuendo will get you banned here.

  5. Interesting thoughts, reading your insights is always thought provoking. Regarding the “Cruz Birther” issue I would offer the following observations. Due to a perversion of the 14th amendment, any child born in America to a non-citizen is deemed to be a citizen of the United States and therefore qualified to run for President,even though the national loyalties of the parents are unknown. Following the logic of the “Birther” movement, a loyal citizen of the United States can give birth while temporarily out of the country,and that child, while a citizen, is not qualified to run for President. This is faulty logic and is an illustration of why the original intent of the authors of the Constitution must be considered when attempting to interpret it.

  6. Hi Dave,

    I think the Supreme Court needs to once and for all define exactly what a natural born citizen is and is not. Some now even question Rubio because his parents were not born here. Just like Cruz pointed out that Trump’s mother was not born here so Trump would not qualify under his own insinuation about Cruz. It is getting ridiculous, it is time for the top constitutional scholars in this land to make the arguments before the Surpreme Court and then they should rule and put this to rest. If we do not like what they rule, we can define who is qualified to be president through a constitutional amendment. I see someone just sued Rubio in federal court saying he does no qualify as a natural born citizen so maybe that process will soon play out.

  7. You have to wonder about the possibility of The Manchurian/Muslim/Communist candidate running for head of the U.N. If he actually got it, I FIRMLY believe we have the winner of Antichrist. I have been convinced of this possibility for the past several years. Evidently, so did the late Jack Kelly, because he wrote of several prophecies of a “light skinned thin black man from the West” a couple of years ago. In my opinion, if Obummer actually got the leadership of the U.N., NOBODY else would fit the bill.

  8. Don,

    Regarding Hillary…

    I believe the DNC ( and the Powers That Be ) have firmly entrenched Hillary to be the next President of the United States.

    I see no way she will be held accountable for her past transgressions…rinse, repeat as it was for her husband.

    Pinning the Clintons for their criminal actions has proven to be like trying to nail a fart to a wall…can’t be done, from what we’ve seen to this point.

    Who are these “Powers That Be” ?…I have no clue as we don’t know what happens behind closed doors in the hierchy, but I do know we somehow have a 2-term Kenyan born President at this time who has reaked havoc in our nation as your articles have clearly defined…how has all this been swept under the rug ?…it doesn’t make sense that this could happen from a sane and ethical standpoint.

    For Hillary to bow out of the race and even worse for that party, promote/endorse Biden would almost guarantee a loss for the Leftists in the election.

    Oh, I would love to see Hillary and her clan go down in flames, it would give us Americans a sense of justice, if nothing else.

    Don, perhaps you have some Intel or a better sense of likely happenings than I do, which is very possible…and I hope that is the case.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong and what you said about her bowing out comes to fruition.

  9. ~David

    The Democratic Party is run by statist socialists, if Clinton becomes a liability to the cause they will throw her under the bus. Obama proved that Hillery can be beaten. The Democrats can elect anyone they want if the other party does not show up. Hillery does have serious medical issues so her using that as excuse to step down so that she will not be prosecuted for crimes is not as far fetched as one might think.

  10. Don:

    I have been thinking the past few days that there may be a black swan event (financial, terrorist, natural disaster, etc.) and Hillary will use that distraction as the perfect moment to bow out due to health reasons. The news cycle will not be focused on her then, and when it finally is, the news about her bowing out will be old. I don’t think Biden will be the one to pardon her because I don’t think he will be president. I do think, however, that she has so much dirt on Obama and such a hate for him that the two parties will have to come to some agreement to keep her mouth shut.

    Have you ever met a Christian who would mistakenly say, “My Muslim faith” when being interviewed as Obama did years ago? I just cannot construct the scenario whereby a Christian would accidently say that. Valarie Jarett, as you know, was born in Iran. Some say she wears the pants in the White House and has been our president for seven years now. We free up $150 billion for Iran and recently apologized to them. And as a diversion, Obama talks about gun control to get American blood boiling about a different issue.

    It just gets darker by the day. I understand that most democrats are scared to death about the releasing of all the bad guys in Guantanamo. It is just a matter of time. Perhaps their release is the set up for the black swan. Clearly even Obama sees by now that Muslims do not respect anything but power and the projection of strength. Yet he continues along his path of appeasement for the sake of some dark agenda. At this point, I will be surprised if 2016-2017 pass without some major bummers. I will just have to wait and see what happens and how bad it is.

    Thanks for your articles and for providing the forum for folks to share.

  11. Hello Don,

    Sort of reminds me of that Mad Magazine cover from the 70’s.. Alfred E. Newman on the cover, a nuclear explosion in the background, and the headline “What? Me worry?”…. The deception machine is running full steam, and people seem to feel the unease, but are to distracted by the red herring’s. Great synopsis.. Appears things are going exactly the direction you have talked about.

    Rod in Oregon

  12. I think Obama will use the indictment of Hillary to endorse Secretary Kerry for president. He will tout this Iran nuke deal as Kerry’s crown jewel and throw Netanyahu under the bus again claiming Kerry had a peace agreement all worked out except for the prime minister’s refusal. Kerry has proven that he will carry out the President’s agenda and with Obama at the United Nations the sky’s the limit on the destruction they can implement on a global scale. Obama seems too confident for someone that could have all his so called accomplishments reversed by a republican president. Obama has something up his sleeve and we will get to find out in just a few short months.

  13. Hi Don-3 comments I hope are relevant to this blog. (I have new e-mail acct)
    1) I am glad to find your postings again, although I seldom comment. You provide the most rational synopsis of current happenings in the world that bring my feet back to earth when I try to hurry Jesus return in my life and thinking.
    2) Thanks for referencing ‘Rapture Ready’, as in your absence I found their daily updates and some of their articles as reminders of the slow progression to biblical prophecy fulfillment. Particularly, I would like your input about Jim Fletcher’s “Israel Watch” on that site, if you would be so inclined.
    3) Joel Richardson describes ISIS as micro whereas Iran has a macro approach way to assist the final days return of the Mahdi. I would love to hear your take on this as it seems like roadmap to biblical prophecy. (Usage of micro and macro are mine). Now I can see how oil brings Russia into the Ezekiel and Revelations prophecy-not necessarily physical control of oil but control the pricing and supply of oil, which will help fix the Russian economy and meet policy goals overall “as well as correct dumb Middle Eastern ones” that is destroying those respective economies.
    — thanks again Don for your timely insight

  14. Hi ceSmith,

    Welcome to the new blog.

    I only read Jim Fletcher’s first two articles under “Israel Watch” on Rapture Ready and I think he hits the nail on the head.

    The religious Harlot of Revelation 17 is Christendom. She is evident everywhere and she increasingly rules in our once Evangelical Churches, Christian Media and in Christian higher education. You can identify the Harlot by her hatred of Israel and her love for man-made religions among other things.

    Fleacher’s website is I will have to read more of his website and put up a link if it is as good as I think it is.

    I guess Richardson is suggesting that ISIS wants to bring about a world war right now to bring in the Mahdi and Iran wants to wait until it is a nuclear power before it starts a world war and the Mahdi returns to help them. In either case, the only supernatural human figures that are coming is the Antichrist and Jesus. I do not believe the Antichrist will be a Muslim. I think he will overthrow Islam if it even still exist as a religion when He rises to power.

    If Russia was coming down after oil in Ezekiel 38 the target would be Arabia not Israel. I think Gog comes down against Israel for the reason said. To take away cattle and goods and a great spoil. I believe there will be a climactic disaster in the world and it will not be caused by global warming. It will be caused by global cooling. That could come from a solar minimum or because of volcanic smoke or a nuclear winter. I wrote an article on this.

  15. Stephen,

    Russia cannot carry off gas in the ground. The wording in Ezekiel 38 and 39 suggests that they come down to carry off cattle and goods, gold and silver, and to carry off a great spoil. I think people claiming oil and gas are just grasping at straws to try to explain why Gog comes down. Almost 50 years ago Hal Lindsey suggested that Gog might come down after the minerals in the Dead Sea. I Don’t think so.

    I have been hearing about oil and gas finds in Israel for decades. They have found some but they are very minor deposits compared to what already exists in the gulf states or what exist in Russia. I simply do not see why Russia would come down to take over oil and gas wells in Israel.

  16. I have been reading Jim Fletcher’s weekly blog on Rapture Ready for a couple years now (about the time when Don stopped writing his articles here) – I never miss a read. That and “Nearing Midnight”.

    On an aside, I have to say I just laugh at that ridiculous “Rapture Index” – that is a source of self inspired sarcasm for me.

  17. You don’t see Russia starting any major wars this year…what about the syria thing? There are talks of ww3 or is that all, well….talk lol?

  18. “What about the Syria thing?”

    Talk of World War 3 starting in 2016 over Syria is nothing but BS. The US is not about to get in a major war in that area under Obama. Europe is too weak and Putin is just trying to stop the overthrow of Assad. He is not trying to start world war 3.

  19. Hello Don,
    I live in the UK where we are currently moving toward a referendum on the question of should the UK be IN/OUT of the EU? Wondering what your perspective is on this?

  20. Hi Chris,

    Join the EU only if you don’t mind losing national sovereignty to a European Oligarchy of the power elite. Europe is already telling Britts what they should do.

  21. I heard an analogy from a Christian source that said, who are we going to see as President in this election Jezebel (Hillary) or Ahab (Trump)…interesting.

    I read something Glenn Beck made in news statements recently, he’s addressing the pagan worship (Baal & Moloch) in news statements that is happening and has been happening in our nation…then I thought, wait a second, he’s a practicing Mormon…so Beck is condemning pagan worship, yet he’s a practicing apostate worshipper with Mormonism.

    I can’t help but wonder if Pope Francis at some point, through his infallible nonsense, will authorize the demonic worship of Baal & Moloch…as Pope John Paul did kissing the Qur’an for appeasement, “All Paths”, and furthering the one world religion agenda.

    The violent protests involving Trump are concerning, yet, when interviewed…these ANTI-Trump supporters can’t tell us why they hate Trump so much, it’s like they are just looking for a reason to show hate and engage in riotous type behavior without any self convicted reasoning.

    Meanwhile, the American people that I talk to, don’t want to address such issues or think about such things…as we, by majority, still have a…”if it doesn’t effect me in my personal life, I don’t care” attitude.

    The analysts that I listen to or read about, whether they be Christian, Atheists, Humanists , or whatever discipline…all unanimously believe a very severe world economic crash and deadly rioting are imminent to The United States and the world at large.

    The horrible senseless murders I read about daily in our national news, even parents killing their children…I find this horrifying.

    Maybe all this stems from a humanity that has lost any hope…proving that hope in the creation instead of “The Creator” always leads to anarchy.

    For those of us who have our hopes in The Creator Jesus Christ, we have a Blessed Hope.

  22. Hi ~David,

    The world is in rebellion against the Creator in Heaven and His Son. They are looking for pagan substitutes and they will collectively find them. There is nothing new under the sun. There is a time for rebellion and war under the sun and that time has arrived.

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