First the Rapture or the demise of America?

Those expecting anyone to make America great again simply have no concept of tnhe prophetic years that we live in. First the Rapture before 2030, after that, the end time prophetic events take place over at least 7 years. 10.5 years is my best guess but it could be more or less. Therefore, there simply is not enough time left to make America great again even if the people of America were to suddenly change directions and seek God and obey Him.

Nevertheless, look around….Most Americans are not accepting the true gospel and are not repenting of their sins.

Good is quite often said to be evil in America and evil is now quite often said to be good. Americans say they have become enlightened but they have become blinded by their love of sin. They say they have evolved on just about everything but they really have devolved to act like brute beasts. Many in this country have already been given over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1).

The demise of America is now unstoppable because many in it choose to love evil. The Rapture will occur long before any great positive moral changes can possibly change our path. I would love to be wrong, but I think The demise of America certainly cannot be stopped by anyone saying that they want to make America great again..

Those “Christians” claiming there will be some great revival in America usually are into some form of prosperity, Word of Faith, or Dominion Theology. They deny that there will be any Rapture or literal fulfillment of end time prophecies or Revelation. Their delusion gives them plenty of time in their mind to believe American can change and become great again. Even so, the time to change America does not exist because the Rapture is at the door. It will occur. within 10 to 15 years.

When the bride of Christ is removed what happens to America greatness is rather irrelevant. She is not in Bible prophecy and she won’t be leading the restored Jewish kingdom either. That is biblical truth for you left behind Mormons. After the second coming, Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem Israel and Mormons will not be ruling it.

How do you make America great again in a decade when it takes more than a decade to rebuild a military and an economy that has spent so far beyond its means that national default or hyperinflation becomes inevitable? How do you make America great again in a decade when communists have brainwashed Americans for a century through the public fool system and the media. The majority of people in America no longer believe anything that God said in His word that they would not personally agree with.

Secular humanism is the law of the land and America’s spirituality is now a Christianized version of New Age Pantheism. God is a force that can be anything they want Him to be.

Their God speaks to them mystically because studying God’s word takes spiritual rebirth, personal discipline and study. The Bible also does not tell those looking for new knowledge what they want to hear. The God neo-Gnostics hear are either demonic voices or the God they made in their own mind. America is not going to be made great again in its rebellion againt

the God of the Bible. The next major positive event for true Christians in America is the Rapture of the Church. The only question in my mind is what comes first, the Rapture or the fall of America into turmoil and oblivion.

Without true Christians as a buffer, Americans have the weapons and the mindset to start killing each other like no other nation on earth can. Without true Christians every faction in America would be against every other faction. The killing fields of Cambodia would be a mild example of what would take place in America after true believers are removed.

The elite of the world fully intend to have globalism in place by 2030. The Pope also is pushing hard for globalism before 2030. They know that the earth is a tinderbox. They know that you either have globalism or world war between nations will destroy civilization on earth. I have news. We soon will have both.

The military of Russia is rapidly gearing up for the Ezekiel 38 and 39 end time war. Russia is an ally of Iran. Bible prophecy says Persia (Iran and Turkey) come with Russia in the Ezekiel war. Russia opposes Sunni sponsored terrorism and aggression. It now looks like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will be under the control of the Iranian Shiite banner. The Saudis, Jordan, and Egypt are majority Sunni nations that now oppose Iran and they apparently do not come against the land of Israel with Russia. The last piece of the puzzle is why majority Sunni Turkey comes with Russia? Perhaps Turkey’s government becomes secular again and its professional led military joins with the northern forces. The prophetic stage is now being set although exactly how it all plays out it debatable.

Europe is heading for a disastrous civil war and/or a total police state within a decade. London is now 40 percent foreign-born. Who could have predicted such a rapid change in just a few decades?  Islam is now the religion of 1/4 of the people living in Brussels, and other European cities are rapidly heading toward that same point of no return.

Allowing Muslims into secular nations that retain Jihad and Sharia law has been a very short-sighted idealistic foolish policy. Populist strong men will now arise in Europe because of the threat that immigration and Islam brings. Strong men of their era have tried to recreate the Roman Empire since it fell. Islam and the violence it brings against native Europeans is the dire threat that will make it happen.

The world is heading toward situations that cannot be resolved peacefully. For dozens of reasons, I simply do not see prophetic end time events about the end of the age being delayed beyond the 2030’s. If that is true, the Rapture is somewhat sooner. Almost certainly the Rapture will occur before the late 2020’s.

That means there is about a decade before the true Church is removed. It might not even be that long. Will America have a great awaking in just one decade that would make America great again? What would be the purpose of such a restored America?  She would be restored by God to lead the world only to go into the great trial that is coming on all that dwell upon the earth (Rev 3:10)? That is not logical.

One reason that God allowed America to become great was so that His people could send missionaries to the world to give them the gospel. Now America is exporting its sins to the world. The blind are leading the blind everywhere in America, even in many of our churches. Americans would rather believe doctrines of demons than the word of God.

The most prominent churches in America seem to be more like the Harlot of Revelation 17 than any part of the bride of Christ. After the Rapture of the true Church, the churches of America will not even miss the Bible believers. They will go on teaching social justice, prosperity, positive confession and receiving mystical experiences until the ten kings that rule the earth turn on that Harlot and burn her with fire in the great tribulation (Rev 17:16).

This is the fate of Christendom in the West in about one decade. And yet, many want to bet on narcissistic people making America great again? Fat chance of that happening!

If you are one of those that want to believe that you will be fighting the return of the Nephelium from Planet X or some alternative Hornology found on Sky Watch TV and the Internet, it could even happen. However, if you are still around to witnesses the casting out of the fallen Angels unto the earth you have also missed the taking away of the blood bought Bride of Christ. You will then have to pay with your own blood when the forces of the Beast and his False prophet tell you to worship the Beast or take part in their new realty show, “Taking Selfies While Watching Your Own Heads Roll”.

If you do not believe in first the Rapture, don’t shoot the messenger. I think I give reasonable Bible believing people ample proof of a pretribulation Rapture in my article. If you still do not want to believe in the pretribulation Rapture, that will not make America great again. America will continue on its current demise because the people choose to love evil. Even so, the Bible teaches first the Rapture to remove the faithful Christians. Only after the faithful bride of Christ is taken out of the world will the tribulation trial take place to try all that dwell upon the earth (Rev 3:10).


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First the Rapture or the demise of America? — 89 Comments

  1. Don,

    Beautiful! Loved this article. Yes Sir! 10 years is what I think maybe less. Tomorrow I want to read again but take my time & comment better but awesome article Don.

  2. If the rapture were to come before the downfall / demise / destruction of America, that would be great, but I am not banking on that.

    Don – somewhere on your site (I think it is a time-line page) that you place the rapture after the removal of America.

    I presume you are still of that mindset?

    Take care, greetings to all.

  3. Hi Craig,

    I don’t know since the Rapture can occur at anytime but I do not doubt that America could destruct before the Rapture. Just one threat is the threat of an a nuclear EMP. It could end America as we know it and remove America from the world equation in a flash.

  4. So Don,

    You don’t think Hillary (and Bill, AGAIN) can make America Great Again ?…hah, right.

    Don, to be honest, this article feels like something I’d write…I strongly hold the position you wrote in this article…even the time frame and the players currently setting themselves up in the near future theatre, I strongly agree with.

    What you wrote here is what I have been attempting to tell others for quite awhile now.

  5. “Make America Great Again” or “Make America Strong Again.” It means the same but it doesn’t matter what the campaign slogan is. I’m not deceived, I know it won’t happen but I don’t believe in doing nothing. If I did I wouldn’t vote.

    Seems like we’re all looking for someone to rescue us whether through a change in government or the Rapture. While we wait for the Lord to call us out of here I see no reason not to try to improve our current situation. People still need jobs, we still need boarders, we still have to fight terrorism, and we still need to keep Hillary out of the White House. And, we have a candidate who knows his life is on the line but still he continues to defy globalism.

    I belong to a political discussion group and although only about 1/4 are true believers almost all identify with Christian morality. We’re the voices the media doesn’t report on.

    The false teachings that have infiltrated the Church is overwhelming. A lot and I mean a lot of people wouldn’t support Cruz because of his dominionist beliefs and Glenn Beck’s crazy preaching. I think Beck hurt Cruz’s campaign.

    These are personal observations and I’m braced for the backlash.

  6. Hi Don

    I think the current wars is going to play out soon or by 2020. Then Israel is going to live peacefully without wals. And then Russia Turkey Iraq and Iran will try again! Of course this will play out by 2030 for JESUS to come around 2033 as your table that you penned down from various authors. For me all the English countries is part of the holy roman empire which spread out to far countries. Yours is the Eagles that wait upon the LORD and missioned and cared for many! Thank GOD for that!

  7. Freddie,

    Who says we have 14 years? The Rapture could happen tomorrow. Even if we had 14 years this Eagle is diving into the pit and she is not about to reverse course because we elect someone that is a nationalist. Where would we even get missionaries for a huge world harvest from? From America’s false churches of Domination Theology and Word of Faith? That would be a false revival. In fact, that false revival is already happening in some third world nations.

    Why would any Christian pray for an unbeliever to be their leader? Do you think an unbeliever is God’s will to lead Christians? And why one unbeliever over another? And does anyone in their right mind think that Donald Trump is going to promote true Christianity in America with his history? The reason we have such bad choices is because unbelieving materialistic Americans deserve such leaders. There is no good outcome for America. She has been given over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1).

    Yes, the Roman Empire never ceased. There are only four kingdoms identified from Daniel. I wrote about that.

    The great harvest will happen in the tribulation and it will happen because God will send two witnesses and the 144,000. It is not going to happen because America becomes great again. By the way, America is not the only country that is identified with the Eagle. Babylon and Germany come to mind.

  8. I would be very suprised if the 6000 year “theory” of mankind’s self rule is not true. Too many things are pointing to the return of Christ in the next 15 or so years. As you said before Don, the death of Jesus was probably the end of the fourth day which puts the millennium in the 2030s. It’s almost unreal that we have a chance of this coming to pass before our eyes.

  9. Dear brother koenig please share your view on the islamic london mayor just elected thank you!!!professor helmer

  10. Don,

    Thank you again for this article, I think you bottom line nailed The Core Foundations of what is to come in so many respects…and you even addressed our nation America, very accurately in my opinion.

    I was thinking about this article in depth yesterday and today…it is strongly inline with the way I think and what is to come…I do try to convey this type of thinking verbally to others but most in even Chrsitendumb don’t want to hear this.

    I do try, mostly unsuccessfully, to get people to come here to you blog.

    Also, to Caitlan Lane in your above comment May 12 10:28pm…I like what you said and agree with you.

    There are some really good regular commentators here.

  11. Hi Helmer,

    I think most British are now sheeple. They are totally brainwashed and afraid not to be politically correct. In fact, being politically incorrect can be illegal in Britain. Most have rings in their noses and the go where they are led. The election of a Muslim mayor just proves that they are still trying to appease Islam. Maybe a dirty bomb will shock them into reality.

  12. Love your pragmatism Don. It has kept your mind focused on reality whilst so many others rely on wishful thinking (me included at times).

    Great article by the way.

  13. Hello Don,

    Just a comment about what I am seeing in the field of Mental Health. My old graduate school, when I was there in the late 90’s, had a requirement of half your classes theology, the other half psychology. To give you a well rounded perspective. That is over. Now, it’s all psychology, and the Bible is taught to be simply allegory, and not to be taken literally. The entire field of psychology has completely sold out among academia. There are individual providers who work in private practice like myself who have refused to follow the herd, but we are few. This can be seen in the new diagnostic manual, and clinical practice. Problems that are spiritual are explained away as simply psychotic. The field of psychology is crawling sheepishly in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. It is quite shameful.

    This was a great article! Thank you for posting, and giving us the blessing of your insight. It is greatly appreciated.

    Rod in Oregon… Where God was replaced by a green leafy plant.

  14. As I’m already skating on thin ice here—

    The Right wants a president who represents only them and the Left wants a president who represents only them.

    Isn’t the president’s 1st priority to uphold the constitution? The Bill of Rights “guarantees” religious liberty so should a president promote one religion over another as Obama has done with Islam?

    Trump said he will protect Christians.

    I never once have prayed for God to tell me who to vote for.

    Don, you said yourself that this isn’t a Christian country, at least not in the past 200 years. It’s somewhere on the old blog. ( I remember everything you’ve ever said that I’ve read.) So it isn’t surprising that Americans weren’t looking for a president who fits into our category of true believer.

    If America has been given over to a reprobate mind then so has the rest of the world.

    Where were the Church leaders who were responsible for removing false teachings from the church? If women took over that role it was the men’s fault for letting them. They let us down.

    And good for everyone who is prepared to survive an EMP. I’m not. My money is gone and my family is far away.

    So Don, are you going to vote in the general election or do you think there’s no use in it?

  15. Don, I have been following your blog for about 8 years, and I have to say that for the most part, you have been pretty accurate in your assessments. That being said, I have to say that lately I really started believing that America most definitely can or will see either a Hugh catastrophe or obliteration this side of the Rapture, rendering us inconsequential in End time activities. Mind you, I don’t mean THE Tribulation, as I still hold firmly to PreTrib. I wish I could remember who it was, but there was an author on the Paul McGuire T.V. show who pointed out that when Wormwood hits Earth, 1/3rd of the Earth is wiped out. Asia and Russia are still mentioned, but good old North,Central, and South America seems to have technical difficulties. Gee, that kind of says something contrary to the concept of making America great again.

  16. Hi Caitlin,

    For the most part I do not disagree with what you said.

    What candidates say when running for office can be the opposite of what really happens when they get in office. Its called the “Read My Lips Law”.

    Trump does not even know what a Christian is. He identifies with Peale, Paula white and Word of Faith TV preachers. He might protect the Harlot but will he protect the true Church from lawsuits and bureaucratic actions? What happens when a Fundamental Bible teacher criticizes something that Trump supports? Does he attack them? Trump is a loose cannon, nobody knows.

    America is not alone. Much of the world has been given over to a reprobate mind. That is pretty clear. However, that fact does not make for an argument that supports that America could now be made great again.

    I did not say that Americans should or would look for a true believer to elect to be President but we should try to elect someone that has been consistent on moral and constitutional issues.

    I do not know who I will vote for or if I will even vote. I certainly will not vote for Hillary. I still have doubts that either Hillary or Trump will actually be the candidates. Many things can happen before November and Obama is still President until 2017. I think people better make sure that they elect conservatives to Congress. Congress is the body that is supposed to make the laws and keep the President in check.

    I sort of agree with the last post of Michaelangelo. Not that Wormwood could destroy the America’s before the tribulation because Wormwood falls in the tribulation. However, I think we have been very foolish and I think something else that I talk about in my Imminent Danger Series will happen before the tribulation.

    The way you prepare for an EMP is that you elect leaders that will do something about our vulnerability to an EMP. That is where the people have failed since the threat was identified. Maine and Texas are now doing something on their own since the Federal government does nothing. What individuals do or do not do to prepare for an EMP is not going to change the fact that 50 to 90 percent of the people in America will die if one is carried out successfully before we protect our critical infrastructures.

  17. I thought I heard somewhere that when asked why he ran as a republican, Trump said it was simply because he thought it would be easier for him to win. Trump is no conservative but I had my concerns about Cruz as well. I do think Trump would be better than that old corrupt hag Hillary however.

    I am absolutely astounded that the far left progressives are getting away with their agenda without even an ounce of opposition by the GOP, churches or conservatives by and large.

  18. If you told the world in 2002 a black man named Hussein Obama would be the POTUS in 2008 you would have been declared delusional. God’s providence is involved in these last days and Trump could easily be another cog in the wheel to His return. Trump reminds me of Samson with his ego, gambling (robes & clothing) murdering 30 men to pay of his debts, many women, was famous for his hair and did not have a relationship with God. Trump might be used to bring disaster onto the USA but God showed us that he will use wicked men for His purposes (His ways or not our ways). Jesus tells us several times that the Rapture will occur at night (Matthew 25:6, Luke 12:38; 17:34, Mark 13:35), Don I would appreciate your discernment on Luke 17: 31-33, I understand not to return home for worldly materials but I wonder where we should go or should we just pray and worship until His return. Maybe we should contact everyone possible to evangelize. Thank you for spending you time and money to fellowship with us, I have a feeling those of us who post on your site have very few others we can discuss topics like these without being thought of as foolish (might be a scripture on that). We need a Don excursion to Israel for posters to meet and fellowship or maybe a less expensive local in the USA.

  19. Stephen

    I do not have my Bible available right now but if you are referring to the passage that I believe you are, it is talking to those living in Israel. This happens at the mid point of the last seven years. The true Church was taken years before this time. By the way, the Rapture cannot occur everywhere on earth at night. And the passages that you listed are not talking about the Rapture anyway.

  20. Don & All,

    I found this article from Fox News quite disturbing, but not shocking at this point in our history.

    Really ? Our once great Air Force has to scrounge aircraft boneyards for parts ?..and is so under-manned that its on life support.

    Some of our very own news reporting agencies say the U.S. desperately needs to rebuild militarily, which as we know would be a very long and expensive process as our military is so extremely gutted at this point under this administration.

    It’s getting easier by the day to see why America is not any sort of factor in “the end of the age.”

    Make America Great Again ?

    More like, can America survive another year again ?

  21. ‘re End Times clarification. The books of Amos and Isaiah state that the Jewish peoples will return to their homeland Israel never to be removed again. I hear commentary that the Jewish will all be killed or that they aren’t the REAL Jews anyway. I find that unsettling as I take Holy Scripture at ITS WORD. Could you point me in the right direction. Shalom.

  22. Dorrene,

    The Bible says that 2/3 in the land of Israel will be cut off and one third will be refined through the fire. God knows who His people are. We Gentiles should not be to smug about that. Probably more than 2/3rds of Gentiles will die during the tribulation. I think Gentiles left behind will receive double trouble. In other words, only 1/6th of gentiles will live through the tribulation and many of those will not survive the sheep goat judgment where the Lord rules who is worthy to enter the Kingdom on earth.

  23. Very informative article. It opened my mind up. Before I naively thought the rapture would come and take us away from all suffering. I think that was an American viewpoint because we have little suffering here right now. If I understand correctly – if America is attacked before the rapture then many believers will suffer and not make it to the Blessed Hope (if I am using that correctly). Those who survive will face terrible suffering before the rapture – but all true believers will escape the tribulation which will be far worse. I now see why there is a need to prepare ourselves with basic survival kits.

    Also, it only takes 2 remaining people to populate a nation which happens quicker than a lot of people realize.

  24. Yes, but keep in mind that America does not have to be attacked from without, she is already being attacked from within. We could soon see civil breakdown as a result.

  25. I don’t think it’s difficult to see in so many respects that the U.S. is already…and will continue to be, attacked from within.

    The list on why is very long.

    Heck, did anyone even notice that the United States CIA Chief is a converted Muslim, John Brennan ?

    Labeled as a typical “Islamic moderate”…are these moderate Muslims in high places going to put Islam to justice against their world caliphate vision ? I think we know the answer to that, in the long run.

    It is said that some of these people in high U.S. office don’t necessarily share world caliphate visions…really ?…then what kind of Muslims are they and what will they do to prevent Islamic terror ?

    Hillary has already hired at least one Islamic person, as her aide, Huma Abedin (who is married to Anthony Weiner)…Mrs. Abedin has been shown to have very strong ties to the Muslm Brotherhood.

    I am not saying that these people in high places are necessarily terrorists…but these Islamic people in high places of decision making are very unlikely to aggressively seek out and stop dangers in our nation.

    Maybe I’m just an idiot and being paranoid, but hiring the enemies sympathizers to high places seems like a very bad policy to me…we’ve already seen what hiring an entire administration to disable America has brought us.

    Worst of all, the Islamic dangers to our nation may not even be the worst danger we are facing…are the violent American people protesting in our streets against and/or for Trump even more of a danger than Islam at this point ?

    The border issue, Trump says “build a wall”…Hillary and John Kerry are heavily promoting “NO wall, no borders”.

    It’s seems blatantly obvious to me that a nation divided to the extreme we see today cannot stand.

  26. Good point about being attacked within. I could easily see this happening.

  27. Globalism vs. Donald Trump

    If, and a BIG IF, Donald Trump was somehow elected to President of the United States of America…what is the reality if that were to happen ?

    Donald Trumps campaign speeches are what some Americans want to hear…however, they are just that, ‘Campaign Speeches’.

    “Make America Great Again”, a nice slogan for those who long for the USA of old, however, this is an impossible reality for our nations future.

    Even if Donald Trump as President were to attempt to put his campaign speech rhetoric into reality…he would find out very quickly that the Globalist Agenda is far more powerful than an attempt of building a proposed wall on our southern borders.

    The vary attempt of building this proposed wall would cause great anarchy and civil unrest in our streets of America.

    Hollywood alone, with their commercials in between American Idol, etc, would convince the American populous to march against Washington and even encourage civil unrest…in the name of “tolerance”.

    How much money and power would people like George Soros and the Globalist elite put together to trump Trump ?

    The Globalist One World Inspired Pope Francis himself has already spoke against the Donald Trump proposed ‘Great Wall’.

    And think about this, there would have to be an American Military presence protecting those actual hands-on builders on this Great Wall on the borders…the American people who have already bought into Globalism would riot against these builders, not to mention, on Mexico’s side…we likely would see Mexico at least attempting to thwart all progress.

    After a few events of these builders having rocks and who knows what thrown at them…and a deadly game of chutes and ladders, who would take this “build the wall” contract ?

    Then there will be the sabotage after a day’s work from both sides…against these builders.

    YES, something that the people of Mexico and the USA can agree on…”TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” !!!

    Yeah, this vary attempt at building this wall could lead to more civil unrest and internal war than the wall is worth.

    Hey, I’m just a commentator at Don’s blog here…I could be way off here…this is just an opinion of mine.

    Am I way off and way out there Don ?

  28. ~David

    The scenario you said is probably more likely than not if Trump actually gets to be President and does not somehow appease the no border progressive globalists. Keep in mind that what Trump is proposing is called touch back amnesty. He is still going to allow in millions legally whether conservative Americans like it or not.

    We have heard that Congress would build the wall before but it did not happen. They won’t fund most of the wall with Trump either. Then, If Trump tries to build a wall by executive order without Congress approving it he would likely be removed from office. Unlike Obama, there will be the votes in the House and the Senate to remove Trump if he goes beyond existing law. That is why I say who Trump selects for Vice President is most critical.

  29. I’m not going to keep agitating everyone about Trump but I would like everyone to know that he has a website. I haven’t been completely through it as it’s quite large but anyone should be able to find what they want to know with a little searching.

    Positions: Touch back amnesty is no longer part of his immigration plan.

    The mandate has been removed from his health care plan.

    Issues: Strongly disagrees with same sex marriage.

    Is anti abortion.

    Wants to keep God in the forefront of America.

    These are just a few things I thought might pique some interest.

    Donald Trump Website: Worth taking a look at.

    I guess Ann Graham Lotz has written “The Daniel Prayer Book” that’s popping up on social media. She is saying that God is about to leave America. It is the end of human history, but, if we will pray for our nation the way Daniel prayed for his our prayers can save America. She includes 2 Chronicles 7:14 in those directives.

    Please don’t shoot me, I’m only telling you what Mrs. Lotz said.

  30. Caitlin,

    I am not going to shoot you. I just do not believe that Trump will do what he says. He has changed positions too many times for me. In fact, he very recently said that what he said previously are only suggestions. In other words, Trump like most running for President will tell people what he thinks they want to hear in order to get elected. If or when he gets in office your going to find a very pragmatic progressive Donald Trump that will claim that he never literally meant to do what some claim he said he would do. He would not have the power to do most of what he said he would do anyway.

    Mrs. Lotz is wrong. Who is we? 2 Chron 7:14 has nothing to do with America. There are no Daniels in America to pray for America. Even if there were, God did not restore Israel because Daniel prayed.

  31. Hi Don,

    I greatly appreciate your insights on current events. There are many Americans in the Trans-Humanist field and its visionaries’ goals (i.e., immortality) lead me to connect Trans-Humanism to the Anti-Christ. Perhaps, America’s fate is connected to him.

  32. I think the Antichrist might offer something like that with the Mark. Maybe the Antichrist will claim that if people take the mark that immortality can be achieved while man is still in his flesh. People would then fall all over themselves to get the Mark.

  33. “Maybe the Antichrist will claim that if people take the mark that immortality can be achieved while man is still in his flesh.”

    Hi Don, & all,

    I read somewhere that the mark could have something to do w/ DNA technology, where it can take out the unhealthy genes w/ a drove of other ‘benefits’ including living for 500 years & eventually a thousand years.

    I’ll see if I can find that piece of article this week & post it.

    But it definitely points to our subject here, people would line up for miles.. CNN would be all over it. They are already doing DNA experimenting w/ mosquito’s, fruit fly’s. They have a kit that the public can buy & do experiments on their own.

  34. Here’s a interesting take on why Donald Trump could take the white house. It’s connected to States that lost manufacturing income sense 2007.

    My money’s on Trump. Here’s an insert of article.

    (But there is an extremely high probability that Trump will pick up some of these 19 negative manufacturing income states that voted Democrat in the 2012 election.)

  35. Frankly, I am sick of hearing about Trump, but I will say it’s a little miraculous he got this far.

    First, how many people in America can fund most of their own campaign and not be a complete tool of their donors? Maybe 1%? Now of that 1% how many are pro American nationalists like Trump? Half maybe? Now we are at 0.5%.
    Next, how many of these people could withstand the media onslaught and keep pushing forward? Not many…

    If you keep going down the requirement list it seems that Trump may have been one of, if not THEE only person that could of pulled this off.
    Maybe a Trump administration is somehow used to help set the stage for the approaching end of the age.

  36. Jim I said a little while back that he could be the last Trump. The Lord give’s different signs & the state of everything world wide matches as we all know & agree that we are in the last days or end of the age. Like some one just recently posted here, we probably all have people in our circles that we fight on this end of the age subject but despite we keep going on w/ the truth. At least we all are of the same mind in that regard, that’s why we gather here because Don’s a breath of fresh air that keeps things in it’s Biblical perspective.

    The whole political thing is pretty tiring for sure, especially Trump.

  37. The Demise Of America TODAY…

    Harvard professor: Start treating Christian conservatives like Nazis

    Anti-Semitism Erupts at Chicago Public School with ‘Jew Incinerator’ Game

    Christian ‘Extremists’ Opposing Gay Marriage May Be Criminalised By Radical Islam Bill

    So just like in the school system in Islamic countries in the Middle East, we are seeing the United States public school system calling for radicalization against Christians and Jew alike by the professors themselves.

    These are not just isolated instances, it is widespread all over our nation. Search it yourself.

    And just how close are we to seeing us Christians persecuted to the point of prison or worse for declaring our faith.

    We are being promoted and perceived as “the enemy of the state”, and much more of a threat than Islam or any terrorist activity.

    We Christ loving people are not allowed to have an opinion if it is against the status quo or we will potentially be subject to harsh punishment.

    But hey, at least our government has things in the proper perspective as they are now Gender Potty Training our nation !

  38. Wow…. all I can say is, look up because our redemption is drawing nigh. That’s the good news!

  39. one of the awesome signs of these last days is the ‘knowledge shall be increased’, i mean just look what happened to technology after the 1950’s it increased steadily until it started increasing rapidly until this day even to the point where it is predicted that humans will merge with machines by 2050 and god will never allow that a machine can control a human. So we really are living in the knowledge shall be increased generation.

  40. Hello 126Cardinal,

    Technology is and has been advancing exponentially for quite some time now.

    If we remember, it took from 1980 (the IBM Compatible 8088 CPU chip debuted at 4.77 MHz) to roughly 1995 to see what many thought was the pinnacle at the time, the 100MHz CPU.

    Now, over about the last 5 years from 2016, we have reached the point to where silicon has roughly maxed out in its single core speed capability, which is why we see multi-threaded, dual, tri, and quad core single processors now.

    Of course, multi quad core processors can be and are coupled together now…to go along with graphical & physics processors.

    I know and remember this because this was my course of study and my profession earlier in life.

    Now, we are looking at a completely new frontier where in a few very short years, it is predicted that Virtual Reality will completely take over the mindshare of many people, especially the youth…it is predicted that many people will opt for artificial realities instead of dealing with hard reality…as we are seeing in a much smaller extent already from smartphones (Facebook, texting, etc.).

    Human interactions are diminishing with Facebook and texting technologies alone.

    People are not looking into each other’s eyes as they once did, because people are so preoccupied at looking into their smartphone screen whether it be walking, driving, or whatever…I’m sure many reading this can relate.

    Many are worried that Virtual Reality will be such a great vehicle for escapism, that our already non-thinking society will become even more drone like.

    Of course, VR will be an at home experience to begin with…so, it will not have the same impact of smartphones in society quite yet.

    Virtual Reality can be a great learning tool, and it can also program the subconscious mind with relative ease, to literally program people’s behavior…according to journals I read.

    So yes, we are entering a very high tech era.

    I think that God Almighty will only let this go so far as many will be lost to this mind manipulating technology.

    20 years ago, I was very excited about the potential future of Virtual Reality, but now, I fear that it will be a big contributor to a societies downfall.

  41. hey david,

    i agree with everything you said, i remember reading about it all few years ago. The antichrist will have an easy time with this technology a decade from now. Technology in 2030 will make today’s computers and processors look like stone age material.

  42. DNA Processors, Holographic Projectors, Real Artificial Intelligence are hot topics of the future right now.

    By “2030”, I think many if not all of us at Don’s Blog here, will be with Our Lord Jesus.

  43. Don,

    You have written in-depth articles about an EMP.

    I don’t know what would happen if America or any nation was EMP’d…but I would imagine that if / when that time comes that the the focus of the entire world would change greatly.

    I would imagine there would be a great focus on technology for weapons and weapon defense, not so much for public entertainment and happy, happy, joy, joy smart devices as we see today.

    We have come to understand that N. Korea and whomever else has EMP capable satellites hovering over our hemisphere, my big question is will we have the capability to EMP those who have EMP’d us ?…I think you stated that some of our military is hardened against an EMP attack, but not the public electrical grids…if I understand that correctly.

    I would imagine that Vladi and his gang would take an EMP in the United States as an opportunity to invade us, the United States people with their personal weapons are unlikely to be any match for a professional army, assuming we still have them after or during a proposed Hillary Presidency, I could be way off on that, just a thought.

    I have also read that Texas and some other states operate on some of their own state powered grids, I don’t know if it is hardened for EMP or not…but if it were, I would imagine a great influx to these states for survival…then again, how would those outside of Texas or wherever even know with no communications.

    The “Jericho” (TV Series) reality…wow.

  44. ~David,

    A nuclear EMP would not do much good against countries like N. Korea that have little advanced infrastructure to take out. I also understand that not all areas of the world are the same. An EMP would have much more impact in some parts of the world than others, do to the earth’s magnetic fields. I think areas in certain latitudes are most effected. We just happen to be in an area of the world where an EMP would do the greatest damage. You might look that up.

    I find it laughable that some people think that Russia will invade the United States. Certain people have been claiming that for decades. It is all nonsense. It is like thinking that we could take Russia by just dropping in some America troupes. We have far greater transport capabilities that anyone else in the world and we cannot even take Afghanistan, neither could the Russians.

    How do the Russians get here by snow mobile in the dead of winter? I hope they have a lot of sled dogs to pull their professional weapons. Keep in mind that the Taliban has no high tech weapons and they still kick our butt when our patrols get away from the bases and air support. A Russia invasion of the US could be defeated by the Disabled American Vets alone. Me thinks that you are buying into loony tunes stuff coming from the false prophets and Neo-Gnostics often promoted from pseudo-Christian loony TV channels and the Internet.

    Hillary is not going to take our weapons. Some of the states would not allow that to happen. Ten states have some sort of constitutional carry right now and Missouri has such a bill on the Governors desk. It is veto proof.

    Much of Texas has its own grid and they announced plans to make it less vulnerable to be taken down. That will not happen overnight. The only other state that I am aware of that is doing something about the grid danger is Maine. Most everyone else other than some isolated areas are dependent on the main grid. If there were an EMP and the grid failed, but it did not fail in Texas, I do not think Texans would be allowing all those starving desperate people from the North to just walk into their state.

  45. Speaking of an EMP, this morning while I was putting on my make up all the power suddenly went out. My first thought was, “Is this it, did it happen?” I finished putting on my make up from the light coming in through the window. Whatever I had to deal with I wasn’t going to deal with it without make up. So the next thing I did was check my cell phone and it was on and I could hear some traffic in the distance. It turned out that someone hit a pole at Walmart and knocked out a transformer that powers this part of town but I started thinking of everything I didn’t have enough of. I figured I might be good for a month if that. Not good.

    You’re right about Texas, Don. That’s where I am and walk-ins won’t be welcomed.

    I know Ann Graham Lotz is wrong. I printed your piece on 2 Chronicles 7 a long time ago but no one listens so I finally just gave up on trying to tell them. My name against the Graham name carries no weight. I even referred some to your website but I don’t know whether anyone checked it out.

  46. Hi Caitlin,

    What you said reminds me of an article I wrote 7 years ago. We have become slaves to the God of forces (electrical forces).

    I have printed out my article on 2 Ch 7:14 and handed it to church leaders that were suggesting that the Church could fix America if Christians would only follow what was written in 2 Ch 7:14. Doing that was just a waste of paper and ink. Pastors, Teachers and church leaders do not want what they hear on “Christian” TV and repeat like mindless robots to be criticized. Sound exegeses to them is what they hear from the TV hucksters.

  47. Don,

    Maybe Russia or any nation invading us after an EMP is a foolish notion on my part.

    We would probably destroy ourselves from within in short order for the reasons you have said in your previous EMP articles so what’s the point of an invasion ?

    My thought on a U.S. invasion is from my own pondering mind, not from anything I’ve heard or read.

    I’ll count this ideal as an uneducated, paranoid dillusion on my part.

    As far as Government taking our guns, I would say, what Constitution ?

    We have seen during our current administration how little the Constitution has meant to those who are intent on taking away American Freedoms and destroying all that this nation has represented in modern times.

    Look at what has happened with the twisted version of ‘Separation of Church and State’ being enforced by the Supreme Court, and being obeyed in mindshare by most people in our nation.
    People who don’t even understand what the intent of ‘Separation of Church and State’ was originally about, readily quote ‘IT’ if anything Christian takes place publicly…even in Nativity Scenes during Christmas time.

    Look at what has happened with “Freedom of Speech and Assembly” ?
    This current administration is calling Christian “Extremists” (those who proclaim Jesus is the ONLY way to Salvation) as hostile, up to being in the same camp as terrorists…and the majority of people in government and society are accepting this.

    In fact, there is increasing hostility towards Christianity by society in our nation thanks to our governments push for “tolerance”…but don’t “tolerate” those evil Chrisitans.

    Take our guns ?

    I believe that once the mindshare campaigns against guns start, it will only be a matter of time before those who never knew what America was about, (the youth now in its midlife in the mainstream) are all too willing to follow the yellow brick road for a false sense of safety.

    Could anyone 5 years ago foresee that our nation would be facing this, coming to all cities/states near you, ridiculous gender bathroom bill ? No way possible that this would have been taken seriously 5 years ago, it sounds like a sick joke.

    Did anyone notice the college kids in North Carolina standing up in assembly against North Carolina’s stance AGAINST ‘the gender bathroom bill’ ?

    I think we all know what is going to happen when little girls are molested by adult males, the outcry from parents, then the prosecution to those who oppose or try to thwart this gender bathroom bill.
    One adult male already choked and was attempting to molest one little girl in a female restroom, in the news a few days ago. Hey, initially, he was not in violation of any wrong doing as HE was only exercising his rights as a transgender, by choice at that time, entering a female restroom.

    There is already talk in the mainstream news for prosecuting parents or charging them financial tax penalties who take their kids out of school and choose to homeschool them.

    Take our guns ?…oh yes, at the very least, I am sure that it will be attempted with great mindshare tactics and likely even force.

    Hey, I am not a prophet nor am I correct all the time either…hopefully, I am just way off base here.

  48. Well Cailtlin Lane,

    I am sure glad to hear that no matter how dire a catastrophic crisis might be, that you have your makeup on : )

  49. If the left remain in power, they certainly will try to take away guns from Americans but it is not going to be successful because there would be a civil war if they even try to remove guns from rural Americans.

    History shows us that there always are backlashes against government overreach and corruption. Look at what is going on in South America and Europe right now. Strong men like Trump are now rising to power in many places in the world. People can only be pushed so far.

    There have always been revolutions and wars in the world. We Americans are pretty stupid if we cannot see the possibility of that happening here when it is so obvious that divisions have already increased to the boiling point.

    And any backlash counter revolution from the “Christian” right will not even be positive in the long term because it is very likely that the Harlot of Revelation 17 would then take over much of the world before the Antichrist even appears. The Pendulum will keep on swinging to the far left and the far right until Jesus returns.

    No political action committee from the left or the right is going to stop depraved human nature. There really is no sense in us Christians fretting about it, we are not going to change a Satanic world system where all worldly paths lead to the kingdom of the Devil.

  50. Don, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say in this article.

    For months I have had the sense that God is finished with this nation. Since the SCOTUS debacle in declaring same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the constitution, I’ve been immersed in righteous indignation. That finally came to a head when corporations like PayPal and Target took the lead in the “potty policies”. This nation is corrupt and depraved and beyond repair. Anything goes! Everything is being orchestrated by Satan’s minions. It won’t make much difference who is elected POTUS – we are too far gone. I’m even starting to think I won’t even vote in November. Maybe you have some comments on that?

    After suffering a near-total meltdown over the bathroom business, I’ve decided the only answer for us true-believing Christians is to immerse ourselves in, and take comfort in, the Word of God and put on the full armor of God in order to endure the persecution that is coming our way soon. I think from 2017 on that Christians will be fair game (even worse than they are now) and “they” are going to try to stamp us out.

    I’m hoping (and my gut tells me) the Rapture is even closer than we think because things seem to be happening so quickly now. The word “exponentially” comes to mind.

    So, you are right when you say there is no sense in us Christians fretting about it. We’ve read the Book and we know how it ends! Maranatha – Even so, Lord Jesus, please come!

  51. Linda, you said it. I couldn’t of said it better.

    Sure we may not know the hour but we do know the season and we definitely are there. When we try to explain this to people u get accused of judging them or let God sort it out. I hear that one a lot.

    Here’s an interesting video…

  52. Bill,

    That guy just makes stuff up as he goes along. His exegesis on scriptures and Revelation passages is pitiful. He obvious never learned Hermeneutics. He takes passages that are talking about tribulation saints and applies them to the Rapture of the Church and then he throws in Jonathan Cahn’s nonsense to try to make his silly case sound sensiable.

    He claims to get direct special revelation from God and thinks all the conjecture loons are prophets. He picked the spring of 2016 as the start of the 7 year tribulation and Spring 2017 as the start of the Great Tribulation.

    The guy has conjecture that is just plain loony and he is making claims for God that have nothing to do with anything that God ever said. He believes in the Rapture but then tells People they have to prepare for the great tribulation. Don’t put your eggs in his self woven conjecture basket. The guy thinks America fulfills Bible prophecy about Babylon. The guy is simply a false prophet and a false teacher. He is just another huckster trying to make a name for himself based on what other false teachers and false prophets taught.

    He even quotes Rick Wiles and Steve Quayle as if they are prophets. So when the spring of 2017 comes and goes and none of what these people say happens, will you people finally stop listing to these false prophet loons? Or will you say that are still learning to hear from God until they get it correct?

  53. Hey Don,

    Oh yea, I take stuff w/ a grain of salt, especially on dates but he didn’t exactly give a date but his estimation of year for it to began, tribulation & so forth of course the rapture has to take place before that. As I think about it, how can anyone predict when tribulation will happen sense rapture has to happen first?

    I got caught up in his talk a little and then read Linda’s post about how we got to be getting close w/ all that’s going on lately in this country and I was feeling what she was saying, that’s all.

    Thanks for keeping me straight though..

  54. Hi Don, I have just found your blog and am binge reading your articles !
    I have believed in the Bible for as long as I can remember, but never grasped what it meant to be saved until the past few months. I’m so happy to say Jesus is my savior.

    I have a question, what are your thoughts on voting third party ?
    I have been eyeing the libertarian candidate Austin Petersen lately.. He is not my ideal guy for president but certainly better than Trump or Hillary.
    If enough people who are never Trump or Hillary rallied against them I think someone third party could gain momentum. Although the chances are slim…
    I will be turning 18 soon and be able to vote for the first time.. I’ve always looked forward to finally being able to vote, but now with Trump I dread it and I don’t want to associate myself with this ‘new republican party’ as Trump calls it.

  55. Hi Lisa,

    Welcome to the Body of Christ and this blog. As a Christian you are free to do what you believe is right. Even so, I think voting third party can be a waste of your vote if that person has no path to victory. I think Christians need to be wise and try to use their votes to influence politicians that can win. However, keep in mind that true Christians are a minority in a fallen depraved world. Our influence is limited.

  56. I know that most likely before the rapture the world moral code gets turned around.
    Is this the reason for this transgender issue? I really don’t understand it unless there is
    some unknown reason behind it. Can’t they just rename the bathrooms (vagina and penis)
    or (women parts and mens parts)?
    Sometimes Obama likes to distract the public opinion away from what he is really doing?
    Also, If by some slim chance Oklahoma succeeded in their impeachment – would that
    allow Biden to have first right to the ticket?

    Lisa – I admire that you found the truth at such an early age.

  57. donni,

    The reason for all the society issues coming from the far left is to destroy the family unit that God set up and to destroy all individualism. They want all to be run by the collective. They want a centeralized government running everyone and everything.

    The godless elite think we are nothing but evolved animals and they believe the more evolved should rule over the weak. The centralized satanic society that they want is like the robotic Borg of Star Trek. They really want a collective ant farm run by the queen elite.

    Look at China to get a picture of where they intend to take us. Chrina will have a total surveillance society in place by 2020 and everyone’s worth will be rated according to their value to the state. “Smile your on candid camera”. This progressive mental illness is really just human depravity displayed.

    it is much to late to impeach Obama and he knows it. The only way he would get removed is if he don’t leave on schedule. But Obama really wants the UN Security General position and if he don’t get it for the 2017 term he will wait for the 2025 term. Biden is probably hoping that Hilary will have to step down or that she will give him some more active position in her administration.

  58. Don,

    It seems to me that the satanic Borg system looks to be on track to dominate and decimate earth.

    The earth also seems to have an enemy entity closely resembling that of the Klingons that are bound and determined to destroy all those who do not submit to them, they even are willing to die a martyrs death in honor of their star-base…this species worships a crescent moon and a star.

    We have an evil entity who is perceived by some species to be that ‘of good’ and claims he wants to unify all the differing species from his home planet but really his end game is destruction and his true alliances are that of ultimate evil, his star-base is in the Vatican-Mass-Cluster.

    We have an evil emperor who diplomatically and secretly supports those Klingon like species and hates those who were given a covenant promise a long time ago, far, far away.
    This evil emperor is also confusing all planets by promoting Mars and Venus to use the same immediate star-base…when it is obvious that Mars and Venus should be shown the respect they have had since the dawn of humanity…the Mars and Venus personal and private star-bases are not being respected and are being confused with one another…and of their natural born planetary differences. This is known as an ObamaNation.

    Then there is a powerful skywalker who some believe will turn extremely evil if given the power to do so…it is rumored that this skywalker will stop at nothing to bring destruction if given the power to do so, but for now, this potential evil entity is just known as the ClintonEffect.

  59. ~David,

    That was pretty good, I see you figured it all out. When does the movie come out. Oh…I forgot, this is a live ongoing reality show.

  60. Don,

    Have u ever come across ?

    As I sit here running my market simulator waiting for setups I read their material. I think it’s really good. I also get a monthly magazine updated w/ current events as it relates to Bible prophecy.

    Here’s their library link…

  61. I believe The Trumpet mag used to be called The Plain Truth back before Herbert W and Garner Ted had their falling out. Back then it was published by The World Wide Church of God.

  62. Bill, I was very much interested in the church back in the 1960s and 70s. The radio voice you heard back then was Garner Ted Armstrong, and he had a great voice and engaging delivery. At one point I considered joining the church, but did the research and felt uncomfortable doing so. They have their roots in the Seventh Day Adventist religion. They heavily promoted British Israelism, and that the 10 lost tribes became rulers in England and then moved to the US. Therefore, they are/were into replacement theology. They worshiped on Saturday (nothing wrong with that) and held to all the Jewish feasts (No problem there either unless you peg your salvation to it). They were strict tithers and that’s how they supported the ministry. In the beginning they denied the Trinity, although later the church rescinded on that doctrine and now believe in the Trinity. Like most churches, there was scandal and division, and some effort to bring the church into more main stream. I haven’t followed the church in over 30 years now, and I am pulling this all from memory, so do you due diligence. Here is an interesting timeline:

  63. Doug & Don,

    Ya, that goes to show u why u need to keep on your toes w/ this stuff. I don’t doubt it at all. I googled some research earlier today & read how Armstrong’s kid was on Heeha, I remember that. Along w/ a lot of other stuff. Their article’s are still very good especially regarding current world events that are viable to the subjects we have here about … u name it. EMP’s over the united states to Obama’s agenda, and the Pope! That stuff’s right on. There really good articles.

    Keep me straight though, looking out for one another.

  64. They do have some good articles but just remember that historically that is how they sucked people into their cult. They never told people the plain truth about the theology of the World Wide Church of God until you were already sucked in and brainwashed. 99 percent plain truth and one percent poison is still deadly. I suggest anyone thinking about following these Armstrong offshoots first check out their theology. Some offshoots are worse than others but don’t promote any of them on my site.

  65. Don, you are absolutely correct about the Armstrong business. I almost got sucked in myself, but that was before I studied the Bible enough that I finally started to recognize what was doctrinally unsound for myself. The one thing that did it for me was when I got to the part where supposedly the royal family of England is the the line which will sit on David’s throne. So, I quit reading anything this outfit had to say. There are too many other Bible teachers who stay strictly with the Word of God (Jack Kelley, rest his soul, is one of them) to waste time on the kooks. You just have to know your Bible and search them out.

  66. Well, Don, I read some of your comments in the 2011 post “David Wilkerson’s Prophecy of Run on American Banks”. Why is it that it is the lukewarm Christians, or so-called Christians that truly are not abiding in CHRIST that have these types of blogs or posts, spreading nonsense about the end times. You commented “I don’t know since the Rapture can occur at anytime but I do not doubt that America could destruct before the Rapture. Just one threat is the threat of an a nuclear EMP. It could end America as we know it and remove America from the world equation in a flash.” Don, there is not going to be a pre-tribulation rapture, you must thing LORD JESUS is an idiot to allow that to occur. You have no earthily idea who JESUS CHRIST is, just like many lukewarm Christians. MY JESUS, did say that HE will spew people like yourself out of his mouth. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:16, KJV). It is because of “tares” like yourself why GOD needs to allow for Christians to go through the tribulation. It is to separate the “wheat” from the “tares”, and you are definitely a tare. If CHRIST does not take your life before getting the mark of the beast becomes mandatory, you will get it. The mark of the beast is right above the horizon. All of that nonsensical rhetoric that you were spewing about Wilkerson and his prophecies, don’t worry, buddy, you’ll get your economic collapse by the end of the year. I apologize it took so long to occur, in order for you to want to take him seriously.

  67. So I do not know if sps is more hateful because I believe what the Bible says about the Rapture or because I do not believe David Wilkerson was a true prophet? In any case, the Lord is not going to first beat up His blood bought bride before He takes her.

    You can misapply Rev 3:16 by damning me but you cannot understand Rev 3:10! No wonder people like you that have nothing but Christian identity and condemnation for others will never see the Rapture.

    Apparently the blood of Jesus does not cover this person’s sins so he has to work to become acceptable to the Lord in the tribulation through his own self-righteous resistance. That is not the Christian doctrine that Paul taught.

    This is a classic example of someone looking forward to meeting the Antichrist not Jesus Christ.

    By the way, there always are economic collapses in the world. They happen like clockwork. When it happens that does not make someone that claimed direct revelation about it happening a prophet.

    How many decades have to pass before people give up on the false prophets of hyper-Pentecostalism? Some people just will not give up on those that tickled their ears with their claims. Most of the old preppers that believed Wilkerson’s prophecies have died and those still alive have pretty moldy rations.

  68. Hello Don,

    In regard to what sps said in his comment.

    To me, it is another case of where is he coming from ?…and what kind of Christian would say that to another ?

    I see no fruits of the spirit in sps comment, but a lot of hostility, anger, and condemnation.

    He (sps), has already even determined in that comment that you (Don) would take the mark…wow, quite the prophet.

    I wonder why all the anger….he obviously feels very strongly about being a post toastie….I guess that is quite upsetting…but it’s not Biblical reality.

    Are some people so entrenched in their religious rhetoric that they go around condemning those that don’t conform to their religious ideologies.

    I would think that people like sps give the ‘separation of church and state’ people ammunition for their cause.

  69. Normally I would not post an attack like that and I say just that in my comment polices rules.

    I just thought it was fitting for people on this blog to know that people like sps are out there. I do not make stuff up when I talk about the hatred from so called Christians that is growing against those that preach a Pre trib Rapture. Or that dare to call their self-appointed anointed prophets presumptions people that never got any direct revelation from God.

  70. Good artcle.

    No plans yet for updating your projection table for the 2nd Coming? You last updated it in February 2015

  71. I was born into a Christian household, went to church and Sunday schooling, read the Bible with my mother every night, and prayed together every night. At a young age I began to feel as though my prayers were just words, and I guess you could say that I fell from the graces of God. For almost two decades since, I have tried to re establish that relationship with God, and to attain the feeling I once had of a connection with the Holy Spirit. I see many events today and understand the parallels that they have to the end times that are spoken of in the Biblical texts. I am a sinner as we all are, and despite my attempts to be right in the eyes of the creator, I feel that I will never be able to. There appears to be no redemption for me. Are there those of us that simply cannot be saved no matter what?

  72. Jamie K.

    I understand the way you feel. If you have read the stories on the ‘Christians experience the para normal’ thread that is currently running you will see my story, part of it anyway. I debated whether to even tell it because it was so un Christian.

    I also grew up in a Christian bible believing home. We were in church every time the doors opened. At the age of 16 I started to depart. I never stopped believing but I just ignored it and began a lifestyle of sin and I was good at it.

    God has forgiven me but He didn’t erase my memories and I am still plagued with remorse. There is no righteousness in me. When God looks at me He sees the righteousness of Jesus. I don’t depend on myself to be saved or to get myself into heaven; I depend on Jesus because He said He would save me and give me eternal life with Him if I believed.

    It’s all very simple really. I didn’t read the link Don sent you but I know you can trust it.

    I just wanted you to know you aren’t alone with your fear because I traveled that road once myself. I was sure I had blown it and it was too late for me. Not so for me and not so for you.

  73. Jamie K, you are not alone. There are many of us that took years and years to finally understand what God has done for us. I was raised in church, accepted Christ at 16 and was baptized. I’ve wondered many times if I was truly saved, because I went on to “live my life” exactly the way I wanted to and I did not have a personal relationship with Christ. It took me a very long time to come back to the Lord, but I finally did. I floundered for years, looking for a church to belong to, but something was always missing. What I found out is that the something missing was the Word of God. I had never read the Bible in total. I finally did, and something extraordinary happened. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. I quit reading fiction books and started reading anything having to do mainly with Bible Prophecy. The Holy Spirit lead me to a wonderful small church in the rural area I live in that was truly filled with the Holy Spirit because He was in all the people there. And, what I finally realized is that I had been saved at 16, and all those years the Holy Spirit traveled with me having to participate in the sins I committed. But now I know I was always “forgiven”. You are saved by what you believe, not by how you behave. The one person who finally explained “once saved-always saved” to me so I could understand it was Jack Kelley at his Grace Through Faith website. I would advise you to visit it and partake of the many Bible studies he has done which explain so many things. Yes, you can be saved, or maybe you are and it’s the lack of the Word of God and a personal relationship with Christ that makes you think you are lost. God Bless You.

  74. I looked up Jack Kelley looks pretty good.

    Jamie K. Satan’s whispering to u that’s probably why your feeling the way u do. Shut him off & get one on one w/ the Father. Block everything else out & focus on Him.

    I’ll pray for you okay..

  75. Another great “heads up” article. Thanks Don. I enjoy reading them and I consider them a great blessing for me to profit from.

  76. I am Jon. I love to open the eyes of everybody who thinks what we heard is wright and that there is no progress in path of truth.I am telling about RAPTURE. Please study scripture carefully,then everyone will find that RAPTURE is utterly wrong. There is no RAPTURE at all. Pl read Mathew 24 : 43 and discern.Please find a eye opening article about this in by J L Haynes.

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