Commonsense reasons why Jesus returns before 2040

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Jesus returns very soon. Here are just eleven commonsense reasons unique to our generation that indicate Jesus returns before 2040.

1.  We can know that Jesus returns before 2040 because mankind is planning to put a human colony on Mars by 2030.

Space X led by multi Billionaire Elon Musk has a very aggressive program to put people on Mars by the middle of the 2020’s. NASA and the European Space Agency are also planning Mars missions that should put people on Mars before 2030. I think China will also have a program to put people on Mars or the Moon. These programs could be delayed a few years but barring the great tribulation humans will have a colony on Mars or the Moon before 2040. I do not believe God will allow the colonization of Mars or the Moon to happen. Souls of humans that die either go to be with the Lord or they descend to Sheol to await the great judgment. Souls of humans are not going to be bound to another planet.

Ob 1:4 Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.

The tribulation will come to try all that dwell upon the earth (Rev 3:10). Wealthy people are not going to escape the great trial on earth by colonizing Mars. Therefore, conditions on earth are not going to allow the space program to continue forward as Elon Musk and others project. The programs to put man on Mars before 2030 will not happen. They will be interrupted by events on earth spoken about in chapters 4 through 19 of Revelation.

2.  Advances in artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are indicators that Jesus returns before 2040. If the Lord does not come soon, humans would become various kinds of hybrids. Not only will the AI/chimera/synthetic biology hybrids be something that God never created, the mistakes made by those playing God probably would destroy all life on earth. God is not going to allow either to happen.

3.  God said the general lifespan of humans during this present age would be 70 or 80 years (Ps 90:10). Scientists say they will soon make humans live decades longer than that. Lifespans beyond 80 will not become the norm on earth before the millennial reign of Jesus. The fact that mankind very well could achieve longer lifespans than Psalm 90 suggests is a sign that we must be very near the end of this age.

4.  Harvests take place when the crop is at its peak. God is not going to delay the Lord’s coming beyond the harvest time of the just and the wicked on earth. The wheat is already being choked out by the tares (weeds) in many nations on earth (Mt 13:30 39, Rev 14:15). Also, the number of total humans on earth is near peaking. The end time harvest will occur right on schedule at the end of the 6000 year growing season determined for God’s wheat. Then the earth is reaped, the tares are burned and the saved enter the thousand-year Sabbath rest.

5.  Many Jews are back in their promised land. Some unbelieving Jews had to be brought back to Israel to fulfill Bible prophecy. Even so, most Jews that returned have not sought God or repented of their evils. For example, 79 percent in Israel support homosexual marriage or homosexual civil union. Israel is a very secular humanist nation. God is not going to be blessing Israel for supporting even worse perversions than when they were cast out.

The leadership of Israel continually displays that their real trust is in their weapons and their alliances with strong nations. They do not trust in their God. The nations around Israel want to destroy Israel. Therefore, Israel will soon make a covenant with the Antichrist for a promise of peace and security. The Bible said all these things would happen at the end of the age. Only a third of the Jews in Israel will survive the refining fire of the tribulation (Zec 13:9). The fulfillment of the prophecies about Israel occurring at the end of the age could start any day now.

6.  Human government is now hostile toward the biblical God and is antichrist almost everywhere on earth. As the God hating socialists gain power, the gospel truth becomes outlawed. The godless socialists plan to have governance over all on earth by 2030. The fifth seal of Revelation tells about there being great persecution of believers on earth. That would occur if the Marxists get control over the globe. Those persecuting God’s people will reap God’s judgment.

7.  Islam will bring hell on earth long before 2040. When the green horse of Revelation rides it will bring death and hell over one-quarter of the earth (Rev 6:8). Islam rules over one-fourth of the earth today and Muslims are one-quarter of the earth’s population. The flags of most Muslim nations contain green most other nations do not, is that just coincidence, or a hint about the people reaping the prophecy? (By the way, most Muslim nations flags contain green because it is said to be Mohammad’s favorite color.)

8.  Lawlessness and violence in the world is making governments more and more authoritarian. The elite who are running Europe and globalist organizations intend to make the EU an authoritarian superstate like China. Social unrest in Europe is being orchestrated. They bring in Muslims because they want more violence. The elite are confident that the people of Europe will give up liberty for the promise of security. After the authoritarians gain control of Europe again, they will deal with Islam. What we see taking place in Europe leads to the revival of an authoritarian Roman Empire. This superstate in Europe is necessary to fulfill end time Bible prophecy.

9.  The world is going cashless. The buy/sell system of Revelation 13 was not possible before our time. Computer chips and worldwide communication technologies have now made a cashless economic system inevitable. The bankers of the world are planning a cashless world in less than a decade. The debt burden of almost all nations insures that a crash of the present system will occur by the 2020’s or even sooner. After that, all that is needed to fulfill Bible prophecy is the implementation of a worldwide cashless system and the decree of the False Prophet.

10.  The destruction of the family will bring chaos on the earth long before 2040. The anti family and sexual confusion agenda is being pushed by godless statist Marxists. They intend to destroy the family so the state has birth to death control over everyone’s mind.

The sexual revolution perversion and destruction of the family unit did not come about naturally.  This insanity was only made possible through the Marxist dominated education system and media. The sexual revolution and destruction of the family is a Marxist means to a statist end. The motto is “order out of chaos”. What they mean by that motto is that luciferian world order comes after they destroy all Bible based world order. That is what the destruction of the family and all the sexual confusion is shaped to do.

11. The 1.4 trillion dollar silk road project pushed by China will put the infrastructure in place for the two hundred million man army from the East (Rev 9:16). This silk road project is projected to involve 66 nations. It also will help the armies of those nations to come against Israel. The Bible talks about a highway that is walked on to bring believers back to Israel. This could be the foundation of the highway spoken about in Isa 11:16, 19:23 and 35:8.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Jesus returns before 2040. I am sure that you also can think of some commonsense reasons why Jesus returns before 2040.

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Commonsense reasons why Jesus returns before 2040 — 31 Comments

  1. Don great topic. I’ve already linked it via text to some family members. You know I do not remember reading the 70-80 year age reference from Psalm 90 until today. Glad you posted it. The only age range I had heard of, besides this one now, was the 120 year reference in Genesis. Is that considered a true generation? I know there are different theories. Anyway thanks again.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Most people think that the 120 year reference in Genesis is the years until the flood. People in the time of Noah and even centuries after the flood lived much longer than 120 years. Of course God could have also been talking about dealing with fallen mankind for 120 Jubilee cycles or 6000 years before He pours out His spirit on all flesh at the start of the Millennial reign.

  3. This is a very comprehensive, well-formulated article, which makes me want to cry…because I know in my heart it’s all true. Even so, Maranatha!

  4. Don: You have done it again. Your Silk Road insight is fascinating. I will be thinking about that for weeks. Now that you put it out there, it seems so obvious and I look for others to write books or make movies about it for profit.

    Like you, one of my great concerns is artificial intelligence. It is much more serious that most people realize. Through artificial intelligence, the antichrist will have Godlike power and be able to see everything happening throughout the world (he will essentially know where everyone is and what they are doing at all times). He will have complex computer programs controlling robot armies, drones, driverless cars, and his cashless society. And reporting back to him.

    Robots are going to put so many out of work. Robots will make most factory goods and their “labor” will be taxed so that the unemployed can sit at home on some type of government entitlement. At that point drug addiction and alcoholism may be the norm.

    But the type of power to bring about true artificial intelligence on a global scale is the quantum computer . . . which still just theoretical, although I think the Chinese had a breakthrough the other day. The quantum computer is going to be so powerful and fast that there will be no such things as passwords or encryption anymore . . . because the quantum computer could crack them almost instantly in most cases.

    The first group of people on planet Earth to harness the quantum computer wins. At that point it is game over and they control the Earth. So I think the quantum computer is the thing that hastens the Lord’s return. I am trying to keep my eye on progress in the quantum computer development (as much as it is made public).

  5. That means we are caught up much before this timeline which I think your being generous by 5 to 10 years so that’s a good 10 point spread I would take that bet.

    Obadiah 1:4 fly’s in the face of all of these efforts about space travel and Mars talk. I’m going to start bringing Obadiah 1:4 up every time I see or hear of space travel. Thanks for the article.

    The 120 Jubilee always made more sense once I learned it that way. It just fits.

  6. So events or things happening that indicate where close to the close of this age. mmmh

    I somewhere heard that there was a theory that this is the last Pope before the end

    Any thoughts on this theory?
    I can not remember but supposely their was a prophecy given (not a Bible one I think prophecy by someone long time ago in the catholic church) about their only being a certian number of popes left and this one we have now is the last one.

    Also the fact that Russia (Gog) is now powerful again is interesting

    There is most likely over 100 plus every interesting things happening today that has not happen in any other time period that make this possible. Israel, technology, Russia, rise of Islam, rise of church unity (all churches can get along with catholic leading), travel to and from on the earth, our knoweldge speed increased, etc. Tooo many to list.

    Woe into the World
    Come Lord come for us….

  7. Bill,

    Before you throw that passage in peoples faces. I hope you do realize that Obadiah was talking about ancient Edom. Some of them lived in high caves in the mountains. Of course this could be a duel reference and that is why I included it. Maybe its more important to explain to people why you think humans will not be allowed to die and have their bodies remain on other planets.

  8. Hi Jeremy,

    I wrote on the St Malachy prophecy.

    I also wrote on Pope Francis. That article is still the second most download article on my previous blog.

    I think it will be a decade or more before Russia can fulfill the Gog prophecy. There is no way that Russia can put together the army mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and come against Israel any time soon.

  9. Don,

    I have been thinking a lot about this article since I first read it yesterday.

    At first, I thought the 2040 timeline for Jesus Christ 2nd Coming is too far out with the rapid decline of the world we live in, however, it is most certainly not…in my way of thinking anyhow.

    I cannot fathom that The King Of The Universe isn’t going to put forth some very significant Prophecy Events in accordance to Jesus Christs Resurrection that appears to be around 2030, give or take 3 or so years before or after that year…there is a lot of theory on the exact year which I believe shows humanity really doesn’t know with any certainty.

    Also, it appears to some that THAT YEAR, whatever it is, will be the start of the 7000th year from His Creation, the 7th day as some define it.

    One thing we all have seen in Scripture is The Lord God Almighty is pinpoint accurate and exacting with numbers…with special affinity for the number 7…along with other numbers like 3, 12, 40 for example. I am not a numerologist, just something I believe God Almighty shows in His Character through Scripture.

    So, if The Rapture were to happen, likely sometime before Year 2033, then say the start of the Tribulation at about Year 2033, that would put Jesus’ Return at the Mount of Olives to thwart Armageddon right at about 2040.

    This conjecture could be way off, just something I was thinking about today.

  10. Okay Don good stuff.

    I realize that most people in common circles are clueless anyways especially in spiritual matters so I suspect that if I bring up Obadiah 1:4 in regards to Mars missions I would get a blank look from them. Then if I can get out the next point before they clamp up their ears that would be good.

    I wouldn’t throw any truth’s in their face I was just saying that passage fly’s in NASA’s face. Here’s another way to put it: If the astronauts on the International Space Station were to die up there they are still bound to earth and God’s providence. No matter how far away they can get from earth.

  11. Hi David,

    I don’t know where you come up with this Jesus will come 7000 years from creation? Jesus probably will come 6000 years from creation. Then there is a thousand year sabbath rest reign by Jesus that will complete the 7000 year biblical week. After that there will be a new heaven and earth and eternity.

    I think 2040 is too far out. That was the point. Jesus will return before 2040 and I am not meaning the Rapture. That could occur at any time.

  12. i dont know what else to add.. you covered it all don . great artice, makes 100% sense

  13. Don,

    I said the start of the 7000th year…meaning, the day AFTER the 6000th year from Creation begins the 7000th year…the beginning of the 7th day. Making Jesus’ Return at the 6000 year point.

    Which is the only point in history that the beginning of the 3rd Day, 2000 years from the biggest event in history, Jesus’ Resurrection….AND 6000 Years from Creation, the beginning of the 7000th year, the 7th day….this is the only time in history this could possibly happen.

  14. “Who’s on first.”
    “What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third-”
    Is this off topic? 😉

    Another interesting article, Don. I think/hope/pray 2040 is too far out.

  15. Don,

    Your posts are always so encouraging and help me remain focused on doing His will. Thank you as always. I especially appreciate your use of biblical support for your points, like your Obadiah reference.

  16. Another reason might be that the coming one-world religion seems to be fast approaching. And it is going to obviously water down the truths that Bible-believing Christians would currently die for. I think the Pope basically approves of the Koran. And more and more we hear lukewarm Christian personalities accepting other paths (Buddhism, Islam, etc.) as being viable alternatives.

    This ties into your point #4: “Harvests take place when the crop is at its peak.” -and- “The wheat is already being choked out by the tares (weeds) in many nations on earth.”

    So I think as the Lord looks around he sees hostile forces killing Christians but he also sees that the coming one-world religion is going to “kill” (condemn) the souls of people that would otherwise be true Christians. True Christian numbers are being reduced through multiple satanic methods (outright murder and false doctrine).

    Is there going to be a revival at some point in the next few years? I think so. And after that it may be time for the harvest.

  17. Don,

    I remember when I was in college taking a sociology course and the professor presented a graph on human advancement through the ages. Of course I knew intuitively that man had advanced greatly from then, but when I saw the graph it really hit me. I remembered the passage from Daniel when the man in white linen (Jesus?) told Daniel about knowledge and travel increases. Here is a similar graph.

  18. If Jesus was born Sept. 11, 3 BC and was about 30 years old when he began his ministry and it lasted for 3 years and he was cut off on the 4th day then 2030-2033 would be a probable time for his return. I’m using our solar year calendar to calculate.

  19. Caitlin,

    yea thats my opinion on the rough estimate of the 2nd coming too. I think anywhere from 2028 to 2035 is very likely.

  20. i actually think the 2nd coming will tarry a little bit because trump will try to break the elites globalist plans so this might move the prophecies further into the future.

  21. Good article Don. I happen to agree with your dates, but actually hope the Rapture occurs soon and some of us can get together for a while and watch how the aftermath plays out from afar.

  22. Absolutely wonderfully compiled list. Another angle to ponder is that God always raises a standard (Isaiah 59:19) against evil. Given the foothold we know that evil will be given in this world, I am constantly expectantly waiting to see what God uncovers, or raises up as his standard.

    The stronger evil gets, the clearer the choice will become for people to choose between – right up to and including sealing their fate by accepting the beast’s mark. I wonder what God will choose to reveal to man regarding His existence. Noah’s Ark finally irrefutably located? Perhaps the Ark of the Covenant in an incontrovertible location and completion of the biblical narrative?

    I 100% agree with you, that we are fast approaching year 6,000! I think the coming year, especially the coming few months will be very eventful. Yellow Stone acting up, USA’s eclipse(s), The Revelation Sign of the Heavens on a major Fall Feast Day. Very exciting! Thank you for the article.

  23. I have just discovered this site and I am devouring it.

    Became a Born Again Christian at 43 in 93 when God put his mirror up to my face and wouldn’t let me look away.

    Retired in 15, at 65 and decided to try to figure out if I really was Pre-Trib (as everyone in my church was but it was never taught in detail) and I ended up after about 18 months leaning towards Pre-Wrath but not dogmatic.

    Like I opened with, I have just discovered this site and I am devouring it.

    Thank you! Much to contemplate and study and pray about!!!

    God pour out his blessings on you all.

  24. mark you came to the right place, this is the best end times site u’ll find around.. stick around and enjoy till the rapture takes us.

  25. Don,

    Thanks Don, I enjoy your direct lean language and obvious wide and deep Biblical knowledge.

    Thanks 126cardina! I’m in!

  26. Welcome Mark Manney,

    I’ve been reading Don’s articles for about six years and they’ve been a priceless source of knowledge.

    I’ve made some goofy comments over time so let me warn you: Don isn’t shy about correcting us. It’s one of the benefits of being a blogger here.

  27. Hi Caitlin and thank you for welcome I appreciate it…it is a fascinating blog.

    I have no problem with being schooled (by anyone) if my opinions have veered off out of the truth lane…I am a voracious reader/student of scripture and here to learn!

    Its interesting I was weighing opinions from another blog and that night in prayer I fervently asked for some answers…and wandered here first thing the next morning.

    This article and it title and content immediately captured me!

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