Making America great again or just the last hurrah?

How can a nation be great when half the people in it are given over to a reprobate mind (Romans One people) and half the others are following them into their follies? It seems to me that braggadocio about America returning to greatness will just turn out to be her last hurrah. Pride goes before a fall.

Over fifty years ago Americans started replacing Christian teaching with the lies of satanic evolutionary humanists. These satanic inspired humanists taught doctrines of demons. The demons just happen to be disembodied spirits of Nephilim who brought judgment on their own heads in the days of Noah.

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Two prophets become focus of entire world prior to Antichrist

Little is taught by Bible prophecy teachers about the role of the two witnesses of Revelation 17. They arrive on the scene sometime after the Rapture and they witnesses from Jerusalem for 1260 days.

Bible prophecy teachers correctly point out that the last seven years starts with Israel signing a covenant but they seem to overlook the fact that the ministry of these two prophets also marks the beginning of the last seven years. The great tribulation is the result of the world’s rebellion against the message that His anointed prophets bring. Had the world repented and received their message they would have received God’s kingdom.

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Memo on FISC abuse by DOJ and FBI is just the beginning

It is important to keep in mind that the release of the memo is only the beginning of the disclosure of illegal government activities. This memo only deals with the way a few Trump hating bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI deceived Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judges to allow spying on Donald Trump and associates.

This memo is very important because of what it implies. The DOJ, FBI, DNC and the Clinton campaign were conspiring to deceive the court so they could get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign to try to keep him from being elected. Then after he was elected, top government officials conspired to try to keep President elect Trump from taking office and later to remove him from office.

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Believers can expect the Rapture before 2025

We are a unique generation. For almost two thousand years Christians have waited for Jesus to return but most alive today will actually see that fulfillment. We Christians can and should see the signs of the times. I think all will be fulfilled by the 2030’s (I erred on the side of caution in that 2050 article.)

The Rapture occurs at least seven years sooner than the second coming. There probably is also a gap of a few years between the Rapture and the signing of the covenant that starts the final week of years for Israel. So let’s assume the time between the Rapture and second coming is only ten years.

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Leftist press becomes domestic enemy of freedom

The fourth estate in America was once one of the pillars of the free republic but the “free” press is now controlled by a half-dozen corporations and a few dozen billionaires that mostly have a Marxist ideology. They spew socialist propaganda and hammer and sickle the truth 24/7.

Our forefathers could not have foreseen the press becoming so powerful and so controlled by enemies of our nation so there is nothing in our Constitution that puts checks and balances on the fourth estate. There are laws that could be used against revolutionized media but politicians and government bureaucrats fear taking on the all-powerful press.

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President Oprah Winfrey rides the Beast in 2021?

Oprah Winfrey is back in the news again as a possible candidate for President in 2020. Oprah is a very popular black woman billionaire with a secret spiritual message. If she ran, how could she lose? Frankly, more than half of America deserves her. Even most evangelical Christians would vote for her thinking that they are voting for one of their own.

I do not have a high regard for so-called Evangelicals in America. Most of them cannot properly discern the scriptures and their ignorance of the scriptures allows them to support humanist programs and people. Others know the truth but they will not oppose evil.

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2018 perspectives – Another unpredictable year

I will make only one prediction for 2018 and that is that most predictions about 2018 will turn out to be wrong. There are too many variables to forecast the future with any accuracy. Even trend forecasting has a record no better than long-range weather forecasting.

In 2018 there are things that we do need to keep an eye on. The agenda to globalize will continue. The globalists are luciferians. They have a global agenda and they have the power of the devil behind them. They can only be hindered where God’s people resist.

An information war is raging for control of America.

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Putting Jesus Christ back in Christmas

Jesus is the reason for the season. Who would have even thought of such a concept where the Creator of everything would enter His creation in order to save the human race from its bondage to sin, death and the Devil?

The prophet Isaiah said this world happen.

Isa 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

The name Immanuel means “God with us”. The name Jesus means “Jehovah is salvation” and Christ means “anointed one”. So, Jesus Christ means the anointed one who is the salvation of Jehovah.

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Prophetic implications of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

President Trump recently announced that America recognizes that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Some Bible prophecy update teachers suggest that this will now become the catalyst for Muslims to launch an out war against Israel. They are quoting the first verses of Zec 12-14. They seem to ignore the full context of the three chapters. These prophetic events occur at the end of the great tribulation.

This passage is not talking about Muslim nations coming against Jerusalem. It is about all nations coming against Jerusalem. This prophecy occurs when the Beast and the False Prophet deceive the nations and bring all nations to war against YHWH at Jerusalem.

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Western women and society are complicit in the sex abuse

There is no excuse for the way some men in the western world treat women, but after Pandora’s Box was opened by the godless cultural Marxists we should have known the demons let out would attack our women.

When men no longer answer to God, and a permissive society says most anything goes, many men will just do anything that they want.

This all started in the 1960’s, before that time most men including this one put women on pedestals. Women were held in high esteem. Men protected women. We treated them like mothers and sisters. We even watched our mouth when a lady was present and made sure others did likewise.

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