Globalism will fail until the Beast/Antichrist

With the Brexit vote some might think that globalism is failing and they would be correct. Contrary to what many think, globalism will fail because you cannot not have global unity when the world is totally divided over so many issues.

The world is actually creating more nation states, not less. There were 79 countries in the world in 1900 but today there are about 200 with more nations being created just about every year.

All historical efforts to unite the world have failed. Some have tried to unite the world by conquest but that always has failed. Some are trying to unite the world with utopian idealism but that also has failed and will fail again. Nations are not arming to the teeth because they think global utopianism is now about to suddenly become reality.

Daniel chapter 7 says the fourth beast would break the whole world in pieces. The fourth Beast was the Roman Empire. There is no fifth beast so the Roman Empire is still ruling the Gentile nations according to the prophecy given to Daniel. Why is that? It is because the Roman Empire never ceased to exist. It expanded east and then progressed worldwide. It broke the whole world into nation states just like the passage says.

Dan 7:23  Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

That fourth kingdom is still carrying out the agenda that the angelic messenger explained. It is treading down the earth and breaking it into nation states. Even so, the little horn that becomes the son of perdition cannot appear in the Roman Empire until the restrainer is taken out-of-the-way (2Th 2:3).

Any globalism effort will fail before God allows it. The restrainer will not allow it to happen until after the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled. Ever since the nations were divided at Babel all globalization efforts have failed. That is because the only Gentile global government in Bible prophecy is the counterfeit Kingdom of God that God identifies as Babylon and the Beast. It only occurs as the end of the age just prior to the Lord’s coming to set up His kingdom. The satanic counterfeit cannot come as long as it is being restrained.

The first three kingdoms were identified with a human king and so is the fourth beast. The first was Nebuchadnezzar, the second was Cyrus and the third was Alexander the Great. I do not have a clue who the fourth Beast could be identified with. We may not be able to determine that king because God does not want the world to know.

Revelation tells us that five of the seven kings of the known world around the Mediterranean lived and died prior to the revelation given to John. The sixth was ruling when John wrote Revelation. I believe the seventh king comes after the Church Age is completed.

Revelation also tells us that the eighth king will be one of previous seven. Which one we do not know for sure. However, the most likely candidate would be the seventh king. It seems that the seventh becomes incarnated by a supernatural being out of the abyss and then is identified as the eighth. He is the Beast/Antichrist figure that goes into perdition (Rev 17 :11).

There is a final king coming from the fourth beast (Roman Empire) that will become the Beast/Antichrist. I think that the seventh king that is yet to come pulls the Roman Empire together again and it once again becomes an identifiable Roman Empire.

I believe he will be a satanically possessed human leader that will be assassinated but becomes incarnated by a fallen spiritual being and he becomes a trans-human. At that time, a lying spirit will also be put in the mouth of a false prophet to deceive all those that rejected the truth.

His body was that of the seventh king but a spirit rises from the abyss (Apollonian) and incarnates the body and it somehow becomes a trans-human supernatural being. At that time, he becomes the eighth king. He also will be the son of perdition. God identifies him as a Beast rather than a descendant of Adam.

When people take the mark of the Beast, there probably also is some genetic manipulation going on here that creates trans-humans. That is why those that take the mark cannot be saved. Jesus did not pay the price for the sins of trans-humans. He came to redeemed the fallen Adamic race.

We do not see the ten kings or the little horn in the world yet, so this is still sometime in the future. All these will come out of the fourth Beast that was identified in Daniel (the Roman Empire). From history we know that all four of these Gentile kingdoms opposed or oppressed Israel and were anti YHWH. They had their own gods.

My point is that all efforts at globalism will fail before the seventh and especially the eight king puts it together. He will be able to achieve globalism only because the restrainer was removed and because he will have satanic powers to set up this counterfeit kingdom of God.

Jesus clearly said that wars and rumors of wars would continue until the end. There is no prince of peace without the Prince of peace. In fact, Jesus says when the people of the world think that they have come to the point where they can declare peace and safety sudden destruction will come upon them like birth pains on a woman (1Th 5:3). They will not escape.

Therefore, I would not get too excited one way or another about the current globalist efforts. Globalism has been the goal since Nimrod but Globalism will fail until the Beast. It can only happen in God’s timing. When globalism does come about through the satanic powers of a king that is not God’s Messiah, God will deal with it.

I think we are now entering a time of increasing nationalism and more regional and world war and not idealistic globalism. If my timing of around 2030 for the Antichrist is correct, we should expect one more cycle of nationalism and nationalistic wars that makes people want to have a strongman in charge of the world to prevent these things. The Antichrist will then rise but only if the restrainer has also been removed.

Globalism is not going to rise through bureaucratic pencil neck geeks of the EU or the UN. When the world situation looks much like it did in the days of world war II, but even much worse, people will look for leaders with answers. And when they find one that provides the solutions they will make him king of the world.

The coming Antichrist will not be a person set up by some hostile takeover of the world through bankers, politicians, corporate heads, religious leaders, or world bureaucrats. He will come having all the answers. Most of the people of the world will want him to take charge. This leader for a short time is going to be the most popular figure that ever walked the earth. He will be their God.

Those nations that stay strong and look after their own national interests rather than wanting to fight for any NWO utopian pipe dream will probably escape the worst of the next round of world wars on earth.  As I have been implying, those looking for the Antichrist now have it wrong. They think the enemy is the globalization efforts. They think that as soon as it is established the Antichrist will come on the scene. They have the cart before the horse.

This man centered Globalism will fail like all previous attempts failed. After it fails, there will be more war. After or during that time, the restrainer will be removed so Satan will actually be able to allow the man that he anoints to deceive the world. When most people in the world want this man’s rule to go worldwide and when they support his agenda is when globalism will happen.

I think hooks are now being set in the jaws of powerful nations. When the elite pull the strings some might dance to the utopian globalism pipe dream, but it will not play out as scripted. It never does. Those that dance will reduce their nations to ashes and other nations will rise until God’s timing for the end of the age is fulfilled. Only then will you see a Satanic led united world effort to try to stop God’s coming kingdom and His Son’s globalism.

Those looking for the Antichrist now because elitists are trying to bring in world government before it is popular are going to find out that they were wrong. When globalism fails, they will think that we got through this globalism effort and the end is not yet. That is when the Day of Christ will come suddenly with the Rapture. The Day of the Lord with the Antichrist deception will then soon follow. It will be totally unexpected by most in the world.

Yes, all the latest technical creations of mankind are leading the world towards globalism. The time obviously is growing short. However, how globalism actually gets established so that all kindreds, tongues, and nations accept it is another matter (Rev 13:7). It will not be like most think. Globalism will not come through a hostile takeover by the elite. It will be what the people on earth demand because they don’t want the alternative. God will give them what they want. Those in the world that welcome the Antichrist get deceived by him because they did not want to believe the truth (2Th 2:10).

In a nutshell, just keep in mind that cycles on earth reoccur. There is nothing new under the sun. With the breakup of the present EU the world could be moving away from globalism for the rest of this decade. That will almost certainly bring great wars on earth during the next. The elite want globalism mainly because they fear just that. The coming wars will once again bring about strongman figures. One of those would be successful next time in bringing in globalism but only if the restrainer is removed. At that time, supernatural events would play out as the abyss to the unseen world is opened.

In other words, globalism will fail until the Beast/Antichrist. Don’t get caught up in the media Bible prophecy hype where some are claiming that globalism will not fail because it will bring in the Antichrist and that time has now arrived. It really is the other way around. The time does not arrive until the restrainer is removed and the son of perdition is revealed and takes charge.

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Globalism will fail until the Beast/Antichrist — 61 Comments

  1. Don,

    Since this topic is in regard to Globalization, I think this would be the correct time to ask about Pope Francis.

    Pope Francis is clearly promoting acceptance, tolerance, and unity for most, if not all of the world religions…even defying and coming under criticism of many in the Catholic Church hierchy.

    Many popular Bible Prophecy teachers are quickly jumping on the bandwagon that pope Francis IS The One to bring about One World Religion…or is at least promoting One World Religion doctrine that is to work in parallel with the New World Order…Globalization ?

    Pope Francis, from seeing national news, is clearly working with Islam at least verbally…as he continues to meet with Islamic imams.

    Is it just too early to say that Francis could be the one to bring this about ???…or is it more likely that Francis is just laying the ground work for the future.

    Pope Francis is not the first pope to embrace world religion acceptance as we even saw Pope John Paul II kissing the Koran.

    What say you sir ?

  2. I always thought that globalism would succeed. I read Revelation and automatically assumed that there would be a one world government already in place but when I went back and looked for it, there isn’t any reference to a one world government until the AC. I think many people automatically assume that with the revived Roman Empire, that there would be one ruler but we forget about the ten kings.

    I thought that was a very interesting idea about the mark of the Beast making people trans-human. I never thought of it that way. The Bible tells us that the Mark of the Beast will be IN the forehead or IN the hand. I’m wondering if it’s more than technology but more along the lines of chemical to transform a human. Maybe genetics? Maybe a vaccine? I’m wondering if the Church will be witnessing these things from Heaven as they occur before we return with Jesus.

  3. ~ David,

    I wrote about Pope Francis in the second most downloaded post on my previous blog.

    I really don’t have much more to add than what was said there other than he seems to be fulling the role that many expected him to take.

    We do have to keep in mind that the religion of the Harlot of Revelation 17 and the worship of the Beast are two separate things. Any one world religion of the Harlot would not be the world religion established by the False Prophet who claims the Beast/Antichrist is God.

    If Pope Frances is the head of the Harlot, he could not be the False Prophet unless he has a conversion. In fact, Revelation says the Harlot will be persecuted and burned with fire by the ten kings that give their power to the Beast.

    I tend to think that Pope Francis is actively setting up the world Harlot. Whether or not he will complete that task during his reign I do not know.

    I know that many think the Pope is the False Prophet. That has been the historical position of most of the Protestant Church since the Reformation. He is a false prophet. However, he is not the False Prophet of Revelation who demands worship of the Beast unless he becomes the leader of Beast worship.

    I suppose such a conversion is possible, but he would be getting a bit old to be the False Prophet in the 2030’s. Anyway, that is my timeline for the Antichrist and his false prophet.

  4. And I presuppose that America is in the “dance” category (i.e, nation reduced to ashes).

  5. i just read that france and germany have proposed a document forming a super europe state instead of a european union and only the strong nations will be in it with one army and so on. mixture of iron and clay anyone?

  6. that would be it doug i just dont know how true it is, but don is totally right i think europe is gonna struggle up until the antichrist is revealed then the old roman empire is gonna form out of nowhere real fast.

  7. I suggest there will be a revived Roman Empire in the area of the old Roman Empire before the Antichrist even appears and sets up his counterfeit kingdom. So the EU/MU will become a superstate before the Antichrist. That is not the same as global government at that point.

  8. Hi Don,

    You may want to look at the last sentence,third paragraph from the end. You wrote: “Those in the world that welcome the Antichrist get deceived by him because they did want to believe the truth (2Th 2:10).” Looks like (not) was missed. Just thought you might like to fix it.

    And this article is about the EU wanting to push for a more unified SUPERSTATE now, and just after Brexit too. Just shows how out of touch the elite in Brussels really are, and how close Britain came to loosing any chance at Independence. Surely all the countries leaders knew of this, but Poland seems to be quite surprised. Personally I look for more to leave,rather than consolidate taxes,military, and a host of other things to eliminate any nationalism.

  9. Don, I have always heard the key to eschatology is Israel. But I am not sure how Israel works into the globalism you have so wonderfully expounded upon. Can you give some insight here?

    thank you

  10. Thanks David L, I inserted “not”

    I have doubts if Britain will actually get out. They have not invoked article 50 yet and even if they do this exit could takes years. A lot can happen between now and then. This whole process could stretch out into the next decade and then we will be getting into the general timeline of the rise of the ten horns.

  11. Jon,

    Israel joins the revived Roman superstate along with other near east nations (EU/MU) and that is why there is a covenant with many and why Israel is feeling secure. (Israel was part of the Roman Empire in the days of Jesus.) Then the Roman prince breaks the covenant enters the rebuilt Temple and claims to be God and the Beast system goes worldwide. Israel is told to flee to the mountains of Jordan at that time. This article of mine might shed some light.

  12. Don,
    I too fear that Brexit/any other exits, will lead to another war in Europe. Maybe Europe being in shambles is why no one comes to help Israel when Gog invades. In any event it seems we are in for a bumpy ride. Thanks.

  13. Another great article Don, some folks I know are already getting a little overexcited, they feel that this whole Brexit thing is speeding up prophecy (not to mention the fact that Turkey just apologized to Russia).

    I personally am not sure, but I don’t think some of them saying Ezekiel 38 is now imminent are quite right yet. As you’ve mentioned several times on your previous articles. Apologies if that was off topic.

  14. Jedidiah,

    Its not at all off topic. And as I have been saying, Ezekiel 38 is not now imminent. For one thing Russia still does not have the army to pull it off and Russia has no reason to even try to come against Israel to take a spoil. And for another thing, just think how long it would take Russia to assemble the armies from Iran, Turkey, East Europe, and Africa to fulfill the tribes that come with them in that prophecy. Some of these could not even assemble enough troops to have a boy scout jamboree. (Maybe transgender would be more PC?)

  15. Don,

    Thank you so much, so helpful as always. You are a watchman that I look to for help during these wonderful and dreadful times.

  16. Hi Bill,

    It of course is a bit off topic but I will respond.

    A week ago I got an email that I reply to on Matthew 24.

    Here is what was said in the email.

    “Hello Don,

    I read your article titled “Proofs for Pre-Tribulational Rapture”. I was blessed by it. I teach Bible studies at my local Church.

    I’d appreciate it if you could clarify something for me regarding Matthew 24.

    As you know, one of the main arguments of the post-tribulation teachers is that Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 24 is about the rapture, and they cite Matthew 24: 29-30 which says: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    Because the above scripture says “Immediately after the tribulation of those days, …then shall there appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven…”. the post-tribulation teachers say this verse supports their view that the rapture will take place after the tribulation. But pre-tribulation teachers contend that this passage in Matthew 24 is not about the rapture but about the Second Coming of Christ.

    However, there are two specific verses in Matthew 24 that appear to suggest that the Rapture (not the Second Coming) is what Jesus is talking about in this passage. If indeed it is the case that Matthew 24 is speaking about the rapture, then it becomes difficult to defend the pre-tribulation theology since Matt. 24 specifically says, “Immediately after the tribulation ..shall appear the sign of the Son on man on heaven.” The case for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture can only be sustained on the premise that the discourse in Matthew 24 is not about the rapture.

    I do believe in pre-tribulation rapture, but I have a very hard time reconciling these two verses in Matthew 24 with the Pre-Tribulation theology. I would be very grateful if you could help me better understand these two verses. These two specific verses (see below) appear to suggest that the rapture rather than the Second Coming was what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 24.

    The two verses are:

    1) Verse 36 which seems to suggest that the rapture and not the second coming was what Jesus was talking about in this passage. Matthew 24:36 says, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

    The fact that verse 36 says no man, no angel and possibly not even Jesus Christ Himself but the Father alone knows the time the event in Matt. 24 will happen seems to suggest that this passage is referring to the rapture, since the timeline for the Second Coming can easily be calculated from the onset of the tribulation or from the mid-tribulation (the information provided by Daniel in Daniel 9 is enough to make this calculation). While the Second Coming could possibly be calculated once we know the onset of the Tribulation, there is no way at all to know when the Rapture is going to take place, which makes Matthew 24:36 more likely to be talking about the Rapture. And if verse 36 is referring to the Rapture, it means the entire chapter is talking about the rapture. What do you think?

    2) Verse 40 of Matthew 24 also appears to suggest the rapture because it says ‘two people shall be in the field, one shall be taken and the other left’. These Scriptures describe what appears to be like a rapture-like event. Two people will be going about their normal business and one of them is taken suddenly apparently without warning. This seems to be more consistent with the rapture, suggesting that the discourse in Matthew 24 is about the rapture and not about the Second Coming.

    What do you have to say about these issues I have raised? I would very much appreciate your help. I need an explanation for the above two verses of Matthew 24 that fits in with the teaching that Matthew 24 is about the Second Coming (rather than the Rapture) and thus, does not contradict the pre-tribulation view of the rapture.


    Here is my reply.

    “Here is my present understanding but It is not necessarily the only explanation.

    Prior to verse 32 Jesus is talking about events in the great tribulation. It even says after the tribulation of those days His coming would take place. That make it obvious that He is talking about the second coming in glory here.

    There is a break or second statement that starts at verse 32 where Jesus gives more information about His coming. This part is a mystery because the New Covenant Church did not exist yet. That is why at verse 32 Jesus tells them to learn the parable of the fig tree and tells them when they observe the things that He had previous expressed that same generation would see everything fulfilled.

    Jesus then explains the details of that day that would be coming that would start with the Rapture of believers. That day is also called the Day of Christ. That term is mentioned in Php 1:10, Php 2:16 and 2Th 2:2. In other words, in verse 36 Jesus starts talking about how it will be just before the Rapture. The day of Christ is a mystery and it will come unexpectedly, the Day of the Lord is not. The Day of the Lord starts with the desecration of the temple as told by Daniel.

    The whole chapter should not be taken sequentially there are different revelations here. One was already revealed by Daniel and the Prophets and the other would be revealed by Paul when he says I show you a mystery in 1Co 15:51. Paul further expounds upon this mystery in 1 Th 5.”

    Its good to see that Valles is pretty much teaching the same interpretation although with a number of additional arguments.

  17. Hello Don,

    Phenomenal prophecy teachers of the same mind of understanding.

    Hey u nailed it only a week ago. See, the Lord must of wanted u to share that email.

    I just came across that web site today & it did clear that whole issue up for me. Thanks.

    How do I place a picture in place of the default image? I found a cool pic of the White house w/ dark clouds over it.

  18. For some reason it never really “clicked” with me how Israel would join a new Roman empire in the last days. Now that Europe may very well become a superstate with probably a few more countries it makes perfect sense. Like Don said, this is why Israel feels secure, because an attack on one member state would be an attack on them all.

  19. “Moving away from globalism brings great wars on the earth.” Don, do you mean civil wars against Islam? What other kinds of wars would there be if the world moved away from globalism?

  20. Hi Caitlin,

    Islam is the big threat to Europe and elsewhere but nationalism can also be a big threat for other reasons beside just Islam. Look at what is going on in the Ukraine. That could happen in many nations of East Europe. Chinese nationalism is a big threat in the East. There are nationalistic divisions all over the world that can lead to wars and civil wars.

  21. Another great read Don. It has been very interesting to hear some of the post Brexit talk going around. It would seem that rebellion is being fomented in the hearts of more and more in the world once again. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the tables turned on the “elite” in a wave of a popular uprising (not what I am arguing for by any means). “Freedom” has become one of the biggest idols of the day; the right not to have anyone telling you what to do (including God), and I would not be surprised if the enemy would sacrifice the entire system he seems to have been building in order to fan the flames of “freedom” in the hearts of the citizens of the west if not the world.

    Regarding Matthew 24, surely some here are familiar with this view already, but I had come to understand that the second half, concerning the sign of the Son of Man and the gathering of the elect, the hour and the day no one knows, and those taken and left was referring to the judgement of the sheep and the goats. Luke 17:35 also talks about those taken and left, but when they ask “Where Lord?”, the answer is “Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather”. It would seem that someone here was either taken or left in judgement, either way, it seems to fit the judgement of the sheep and goats and serves the chronological purpose of gathering the elect one way or another. Admittedly I have not read the article posted above yet (and plan to soon), but are there things in there that deals with this interpetation and come to better conclusions? Thanks!

  22. Watched the video (not an article). Lot of great things to consider there, very interesting breakup of the text. I will have to go back and re-read for myself and compare.

  23. Hi Brentson,

    That is one interpretation of the sheep and goat judgment. However, I believe that interpretation is wrong. There are other things involved here, like the sudden unexpected appearing of the Lord and the ten bridesmaids illustration.

    For one thing, the Bible indicates that all that survive will give account to the Lord at the sheep and goat judgment according to how they treated His brothers. Those that do not help or hinder those preaching about the coming Kingdom will be cut off from it.

    In the “one is taken one is left” passage there is no such determination. They are gathered by angels to wherever. The sheep goat judgment is not implied. This gathering is probably before the sheep/goat judgment. It probably is the gathering of the elect to Israel before God’s wrath is poured out on his enemies (but it is not the Rapture).

  24. Not knowing when the Rapture will occur; anytime from this minute to a decade later, seems our options are risky. Choose to live under the control of the globalists which is not good for anyone except them or choose to suffer the possible price of freedom through nationalism.

    Hum. I strongly believe in the sovereignty of nations so I guess I’m choosing nationalism. Freedom never has been free.

    I just read today that some in the European media are calling for a ban on old people being able to vote. The majority of the 65+ crowd voted for Brexit. 18-24 year olds voted to remain, however most of them didn’t vote at all. So the media journalists say the old people are ruining the young people.

    I can certainly see that younger generation screaming for the anti-christ leader in a decade.

  25. The problem with younger people is that conservatives do not appear to be “cool” to them. there is tremendous pressure on them by peers, professors, and their media idols to hate Christian conservatives. Also the leftist agenda is appealing to young, not fully developed minds, as FAIRNESS seems like a good thing at first glance. If people could find a way to effectively market conservative values to these kids things would be a bit different. If course a lot of this has to be taught by parents…

  26. I do really wonder if Ultimate Power is what drives the Globalists…or is it, in their minds, the only way that humanity can survive over the long term ?

    I think truth be told, it is hidden underlying evil that is really behind these ideologies in progress.

    It is obvious of course, that those pulling the strings to make Globalization a reality are not seeing that this path will lead to destruction as they do not adhere to or believe in Biblical Prophecy…though, of course, it does not matter, the Globalization, One world Government/Religion will happen as foretold in Scripture…so, there is really nothing that can stop it…I guess the best we can hope for is delaying the inevitable ???…but why ???…The Christian Right, as we know has their ultimate hope for The Rapture and Eternity with Our Lord, Jesus.

    Delaying the inevitable is also a silly thing for me to say as it will happen at Gods appointed time, regardless.

    The young are being deceived and fed liberal socialism from early ages in public schools and are adamant and even violent, especially versus conservative Christian beliefs, to make their point for every deviant behavior and liberal ideology.

    The growing anti-Christian hatred is worldwide and is growing rapidly right here in the USA.

    As Jim said above, it seems to the young as a fairness issue and really freedom that they see as opposition by “evil” Conservatives.

    How is it happening that even this coming 4th of July is being so strongly opposed by some liberalism opposing USA American flag flying patriots as being some sort of radical terrorist ?…people, as I’ve recently read in the news are being forced by court order to comply and take down their USA flags from their own front yard.

    In the end, those that are fighting so hard for liberal ideologies, rights for deviant behaviors, fighting for Islamic “fairness” and equality, and the deceptions for Globalism will get what they want…but they will not like it when it comes to pass.

  27. I do not think fatalism is the answer for anything. I think mankind was created with free will. Mankind can choose another course even through God foreknew that unregenerate mankind of flesh will choose evil and their evil will wax worse toward the end of the age.

    We believers are told to occupy until the Lord comes. That means more than just sitting on our hands and saying world government is inevitable and that world government has to be evil.

    Like I said in the article, Satan cannot even take over the world until the restrainer is removed. Until that time those in the Spiritual Kingdom of God are to occupy and be salt and light to all that are being blinded by Satan.

    By the way, Christians were always hated by most of the world. This is not unique to our generation. The difference in America is that most of America does not want to retain the knowledge this nation once had about God and thus has been given over to a reprobate mind (Romans one).

  28. As I said many times now, everything Obama does and says is part of his agenda to be elected Secretary General of the UN. That is why he will not offend Muslim nations, they happen to be the largest voting bloc of nations at the UN. It does not matter what Obama or anyone else thinks, all prior efforts at globalism have failed and it will fail until until God allows it. Even the globalism of the Beast will fail after a few years.

  29. Don, I heard quite some time ago that Obama was campaigning to be the next Secretary General of the UN. And since, as you say, he does not want to offend Muslims because they are the largest voting bloc of nations, how then do we rationalize Obama’s apparent need to advance the LGBT agenda all over the world? I just read this blurp this morning: “This is the time when Obama and his staff of legacy-shapers, nature redefiners and fundamental transformers are looking to hammer out his legacy for the ages,” Kengor told WND. “And the legacy they seem to most cherish is his legacy of fundamental transformation on the cultural-sexual-gender front.” How will that set with the Muslim nations when it comes time to vote for him? Hope I’m not off topic with this.

    Thanks for pointing out that globalism will fail until God finally allows it. I had actually not been thinking of it in that way. I’ve come to rely on your biblical knowledge of prophecy to provide practical analyses of events that are occurring every day.

  30. Linda

    The leaders of the Muslim nations are not the ones against the LGBT agenda. Many of these leaders are perverts themselves. Most of them do not actually know what the Quran teaches or care. They are simply appeasing the people that do know what the Quran teaches.

    Actually, a case can be made that perverted sex is the norm in Islam. When the world has to deal with the conflict between these groups either the LGBT will be put on the alter or those that actually enforce what the Quran says will. It could even be both.

    In the history of the world the demonic always degrade God’s natural order. There were temple prostitutes in ancient pagan worship and even in Israel (male and female and and whatever). Obama is a big pusher of this agenda because he was raised by such people and he identifies with them. He might even be one of them along with the spouse.

  31. Progressive thinking baffles me. They promote flooding the western nations with Muslim migrants and support same sex relationships; yet when Muslims throw gays off buildings and sodomize young boys they wear blinders.

    Globalism will fail until God allows it. I believe that but I don’t know how to use it in a practical application. We’ve been living under Obama’s globalist policies for almost 8 years. Now that Hillary won’t be indicted we could get another 4 years of globalist policies. That isn’t a one world government but it sure hurts us. Voting against it is all I know to do for the time being.

    I don’t know if this fits the topic. I’ve heard about the Michael Obama thing. I don’t know whether it’s true or not true. If it is it’s just another sign of our “leaders” evil and reprobate mind.

    Someone posted an article on face book that Turkey will destroy Damascus and is also the one known as Gog who will lead the Ezekiel 38-39 war. It’s next on their timeline and implied it will be soon. I’ve learned not to get into word wars about prophecy with others. I’m only mentioning it here because I hadn’t heard the Turkey theory before.

  32. Caitlin,

    Some think its Turkey because Meshech and Tubal settled in the area. It really does not matter because Turkey comes with Gog anyway. The Ezekiel 38 war is always on everyone’s Bible prophecy PC list. I do not see it happening this decade.

    People just don’t get it, a large assembly of allied armies takes a long time to put together and there is now no reason for anyone to come against Israel for the purpose of taking a spoil.

    When there is a world famine because of world war, economic collapse or because of the climate there might be good reason for the invasion. There is not even a hint in Ezekiel 38 and 39 that Gog comes down for religious reasons.

  33. It seems to me that things are starting to move at warp speed. The decision by the FBI director to not indict Clinton is beyond the pale. He’s telling the American people that she can get away with what she did, but that we could never get away with it. This was “in your face” saying “we will do what we want to do, when we want to do it and how we want to do it, and you hoi polloi can sit down and shut up”. This country was built on the rule of law and that was broken yesterday. It was literally torn apart. To me this is further proof of what’s to come. It felt like a shift away from reality yesterday. Had to pray long and hard to get some solace. It was another nail in the coffin that was once America. Thanks for helping us understand the events to come. While we know what our future will be with the Lord, the things that are happening now are so very painful to watch. It’s enough to make you cry.

  34. It is common practise in Pakistan for men to indulge in gay sex before marriage as they have no access to girls. It is not considered homosexuality and as long as it’s done in private nobody is bothered. Once married, the men must stop this practise as they would then be considered homosexual. Those that are openly gay are persuaded to have gender reassignment as Pakistani society considers this to be the cure.

    I read only Richard’s Watch and The Prophecy Years now, too much falsehood flying about.

  35. Yeah, nobody is bothered except the the kids that are destroyed by these perverted pedophiles. Did you know that porn is now a huge problem in Pakistan? Maybe one thing leads to the other. Perhaps we should ship those men obsessed with sex some boards with knot holes.

    I took out the link to that site you promoted. Such claims by self appointed prophets that tell people what they want to hear have nothing to do with messages from God or the truth.

  36. Article is insightful. Did not consider the mark being genetic in nature, changinging people who accept it. Fits with the writings of Enoch. Interesting.

    Rediscovered your blog. Always provokes thought. Thanks for sharing. Yes I am a christian.

  37. How did you come up with the year 2030? You shouldn’t date set. No one knows the time of Christ’s coming except God (Mark 12:32). If no one knows that, then we won’t know when the Beast (Apollyon by the way, which is Greek for “Abaddon”–King of the Bottomless Pit found in Rev. 17:8) will rise either. The ONLY indicator Jesus gave our generation is found in: Matthew 24:37 or as “the times appear as they did in the Days of Noah (Noe), so shall it be before the coming of the Son of Man.” WE ARE IN THE DAYS OF NOAH. Not just the eating and drinking and marrying, but there is something more deeper and darker to that meaning…the Nephilim or angels chained in darkness (Jude 6) will be released. In the Days of Noah the Nephilim already corrupted the human race–only Noah’s bloodline or genealogy was “perfect in his GENERATION” (Genesis 6:9). A race of giants were existent among the men of Noah’s time period. As it was in the Days of Noe is a generation–we have scientists trying to open portals to other dimensions (There’s only heaven and hell, period.) such as CERN and Chinese super-labs. I believe when this occurs, the “angels chained in darkness” (Jude 6) will be released to parallel their existence during Noah’s generation (their fleshly bodies were destroyed by the Flood, but not all–Joshua and Caleb feared not the “giants of the land” or sons of Anak (Numbers 13:33) when the 10 spies brought back reports of Nephilim in Canaan) to represent the generation that Jesus referenced (“Days of Noe”–sin, homosexuality, complacency AND widespread demonic activities such as possessions, idol worship and demonically-infused human hybridization. Pretty much–it’s like one big circle…Days of Noe, times were evil and strange with demon-human hybrids residing with people; in our time, times are evil and will again, become strange, with these creatures who are currently chained in darkness in Tartarus (Abyss), will be freed either supernaturally or through man’s ignorance (Satan is the author of confusion and deception and would manipulate humans to free these spiritual beings through overriding energy fields using a high-velocity dematerialization device known as the Hadron Collider) to possess unsaved humans and possibly cloned humans (which are soulless–but that’s another topic and genre of research altogether). Interesting stuff, but is it true? I believe it. Scary? No–God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Just be ready when it happens! Jesus will return like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2-4). God bless!

  38. Hi B.W.

    Learn to put in paragraphs or nobody will read what you have to say.

    I am not setting a 2030 AD date of the Lord’s return. I do think the most likely time by looking at what we see taking place in the world is between 2030 and 2040.

    I see you read Tom Horn and Michael Lake. I guess some things could turn out the way they conjecture. I disagree with their near timeline.

  39. The league of Nations was launched after world war 1. The united nations was launched after World war 2.

    The United Federation of Countries/Nations will be launched after world war 3.

  40. I have been studying this for a long time. The 4th beast of Daniel world system is already here fully intact. Its just not out in the open yet. Just like an octopus its tentacles are in everything. We are witnessing the end of an age. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled right under our noses. Look for mosul and damascus to be destroyed soon, fulfilling Isiah 17 and Nahum 3. Mosul is ancient Nineveh.
    The Lord is coming soon. Have oil in your lamps or suffer the fate of the foolish virgins.

  41. The fourth Beast mentioned in Daniel has been in the world since the Roman Empire. It has morphed but it has not gone away.

    Daniel clearly indicates that there would only be four Gentile world kingdoms ruling over Israel. It started with the Jewish exile to Babylon. Some may think Israel is an independent Jewish nation today but is it really? Israel is still under the control of the fourth Beast. Without the support of the fourth beast the state of Israel would not exist. The Satanic power behind the fourth beast is allowing Jews back in the land for one reason. It wants to get all Jews in one small location on earth so it can eliminated them there.

  42. Hello Don, long time no convo.

    I really hate to bother you with an old topic and please forgive me if I do. Back in 2011 you helped me tremendously understand that the End Times Beast will not come from Islam.

    However I came across a person’s comment last year regarding Daniel 2:40 and I was wondering if you could help me out with this verse he quotes in his article:

    According to his article Daniel 2:40 proves that the Antichrist will come from Islam and not Rome, since Rome did not CRUSH those she conquered but still allowed their lands, languages and religions to flourish unlike Islam. Just wondering how you would respond to that.

    Blessing in Christ,


  43. The Hebrew or the Septuagint does not say the fourth beast will crush those she conjured. The passage suggests the fourth beast will subdue the others and break them in pieces. Daniel 7:23 supports this.

    I love these people that strain gnats to try to prove everyone else wrong by playing with the meaning that they do not understand themselves. Daniel 2 is not the only prophecy about the Antichrist in the Book of Daniel or elsewhere in the Bible.

    It is quite obvious to everyone but some Muslim Antichrist proponents that Rome was the fourth beast.

  44. Thank you Don for your explanation. The fourth Beast in it identical to the 8th King (i.e. the beast) in Revelation 17:10-11?

  45. And if I remember correctly that would be the seventh king of Revelation 17? Since I do recall you telling me that the seventh king is the revival of the Roman Empire.

  46. Don, I was reading some of your Revelation commentary, namely chapters 17-18 about Babylon and Mystery Babylon. I know the Bible mentions the mortal wound to the revived empire, and the three kings that are no more. I believe you alluded to three nations breaking away from the empire in an internal revolution.

    Do you think if we witness two more nations leaving the EU we can point to this event as a fulfillment of this prophecy? Especially if we witness the reorganization of the remaining members? Maybe my timing is off some?

    Also, when you say that the antichrist could be one of the previous seven kings does this mean that say Alexander the Great could be resurrected or am I missing something? Thanks.

  47. Ten kings rule together when the little horn arises among the ten. Three nations breaking away from the EU will not fulfill the prophecy. The little horn pulls 3 of the first ten out by the roots. The kings and their kingdoms will not exist on earth anymore.

    As for the 8th that is of the seven, there are many theories. I do not believe there will be a literal resurrection. More likely a spirit from the Abyss that possessed one of the seven will also possess or incarnate the eighth. It could be Apollonian. He could have possessed Nimrod.

  48. Also if I recall correctly Don, I think you told me before that the future AntiChrist does not become the AntiChrist until he dies and a spirit from the Abyss possesses his body or something like that.

    Its been a long time we have our email conversation on this, so do forgive me if I get you wrong anywhere or wrong entirely.

  49. Along with the spirit that ascends from the abyss does the killed person’s (i.e. the future AntiChrist that gets killed) spirit also go back to his body as well as? or is the spirit that comes from the Abyss the same as the spirit of the killed future AntiChrist?

  50. Did Jesus have His own natural spirit and the Holy spirit? Thus, the Antichrist could have his own natural spirit and an evil spirit. Also, keep in mind that some believe the spirit of a person and the soul of the person are the same. Anyway, this issue is not going to be solved here. And this line of questioning about the Antichrist is really getting off the post topic.

  51. have you seen the videos by bro. james key,angel white,and others about trump tower and thing about trump that fit the antichrist?

  52. Hi Ed,

    I have not seen them and really am not interested in such nonsense. Many over the years have come up with reasons why some world leader would be the Antichrist. They were all wrong. Trump will not be the Antichrist he is not even anti Christ. The Antichrist will be a very popular figure in the world. Trumps needs to worry about even finishing his term as President.

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